Ted Cruz Compares Americans Fighting for Constitutional Rights to Islamic Radicals (Video)

ted-cruz-sadAt an event on Thursday in Iowa, GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said those of us fighting for the Constitutional rights of gay Americans are waging a “jihad” against those who are continually trying to legalize discrimination and unconstitutionally deny millions of Americans their rights.

“You look at the jihad that is being waged right now in Indiana and Arkansas, going after people of faith who respect the biblical teaching that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” Cruz said.

There’s nothing quite like using a term often used to describe the horrific acts of violence carried out by Islamic radicals to describe the beliefs of the majority of Americans who support gay rights and the legalization of same-sex marriage. It’s always nice to know that someone who wants to become President of the United States isn’t beneath comparing over half of the country to terrorists.

Someone might want to inform Cruz that the Bible also allows for stoning of women, so does he support that as well? You know, because it’s in the Bible?

But Cruz wasn’t the only clown at this circus. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was also eager to show off his ignorance by claiming that Hollywood and corporate America are out to “trample” the religious rights of Americans.

“We saw a very unusual alliance this week,” Jindal said. “We saw an alliance between Hollywood elites and corporate America assaulting the right of Christians who don’t want to choose between our faith, our sincerely held beliefs, and our ability to run our businesses.”

“We need to remind these elites, America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created the United States of America,” he continued.

Actually, what Jindal described is known as capitalism – that whole “consumer power” thing his party often claims is all we need to regulate business. Ironic, isn’t it? Republicans like Jindal will often champion “letting the free market decide,” yet there he was very upset that the “market” has decided that it will reject these continued attempts by his party to try to legalize discrimination.

But he is right about religious liberty being a big part of the United States. It’s why our First Amendment prohibits laws from being based on religion – so that the beliefs of one person can’t trample the rights or beliefs of another. That is the great thing about this country: Once same-sex marriage is legalized (which is about to happen) the only people it will impact are those gay Americans who want to get married. Legalizing same-sex marriage has absolutely zero impact on the private lives of anyone else outside of those homosexuals who choose to marry. Nobody will be forced into a same-sex marriage, nor will anyone be allowed to prevent someone from marrying someone of the same sex – it will be true liberty, free from religious persecution.

It is why our Founding Fathers were so wise as to not put a single mention of Christianity anywhere in our Constitution. They knew them that our government and our laws should be based on the Constitution, not religion.

Because the bottom line is, our Constitution doesn’t have even a single reference to Christianity anywhere in it. And it’s not because our Founding Fathers simply forgot to put one in there, or because they assumed people would just know they meant for Christianity to be the only religion covered under the First Amendment, but it’s because they knew religion had no place in government.

And it’s time the GOP realizes it.

Watch the comments below via Right Wing Watch:

Allen Clifton

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