Ted Cruz is a Complete and Absolute Fool

ted-cruz-foolPolitics is always full of a lot of hyperbole.  It’s just the nature of the business.  People say things like, “It’s literally driving me crazy” when they mean figuratively.  Someone might say a particular politician is the “dumbest person I’ve ever heard speak,” which I guess could be true.  Though I think for the vast majority of people it’s just a figure of speech rather than absolute fact.

But when I say that I think Texas Senator Ted Cruz is an absolute fool, I mean that literally.

Let’s look at the definition of fool.

Fool: A harmlessly deranged person or one lacking in common powers of understanding; a person lacking in judgment or prudence.  

Before moving on, let me be clear.  I don’t believe Ted Cruz is stupid.  His educational background and current position as United States Senator prove that at the very least he possesses some form of intelligence.

And yes, you can be both intelligent and a fool.  Though I wouldn’t call Cruz “harmlessly deranged.”  Deranged for certain, but being that he does have some power over public policy he’s far from harmless.  However, it’s clear that since the shutdown fiasco, the Republican party is making an effort to marginalize his lunacy.

When it comes to Ted Cruz, there’s no short supply of ridiculous things he’s said or done.  So for this article, let’s keep it to his most recent idiocy concerning the fact that Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling – this time without trying to hold anything hostage.

Of course before the vote happened Cruz said, “I intend to insist that it be a 60-vote threshold instead.  I think it’s an irresponsible course of conduct, to keep giving President Obama a blank check.”

Well, when all was said and done 67 Senators agreed to move on with the bill and Ted Cruz, well – his opinion on the matter didn’t make one bit of difference.

But I do love how he continues the blatant lie Republicans often use about the debt ceiling.  The, “We’re not going to keep giving President Obama a blank check!” nonsense.

Now, when a member of Congress willfully tries to perpetuate the idea that raising the debt ceiling is about new spending, either they’re blatantly lying or they’re admitting that as a member of Congress they have no idea what the debt ceiling is.  Either way, it’s troubling.

As I’ve said countless times, the debt ceiling has nothing to do with new spending.  It’s a procedural vote that simply allows our government to spend the money we’ve already agreed to spend.  It is absolutely not “giving the president a blank check.”

Why this vote on the debt ceiling was different than past Republican attempts to blackmail the president is that, shockingly, they’ve learned from history.  Each time they’ve tried to do this, the American people have overwhelmingly opposed their actions.

They oppose such actions because most Americans realize that the debt ceiling isn’t something you use as a political tool to try to blackmail your way into getting something.  Especially when you add in the hypocrisy that the Republican party had absolutely no problem raising the debt ceiling 7 times during Bush’s 8 years in office.

Then there’s always his recent remarks where he said his “heart weeped” over the thought that same-sex marriage is clearly on its way to becoming legal everywhere in the United States.

Because as much as Ted Cruz talks about “Constitutional values,” he still likes to try to use “states rights” to violate the First Amendment rights of homosexual Americans.

Then again, isn’t that historically the rallying cry of the bigots, racists and most ignorant?  Whenever they’re prevented from denying someone their Constitutional rights due to their ignorance they always claim “states rights,” as if that excuses a state from having to follow our Constitution.

Ted Cruz has made a “career” in the Senate out of doing nothing but pandering to the tea party in an effort to solidify himself as their darling, all in the hopes that their support will be enough to get him the GOP nomination in 2016.

Because that’s really what all his endless rhetoric is about.  Whether it’s “Obamacare,” the debt ceiling, same-sex marriage, the government shutdown, spending – it’s all straight from the “How to Kiss the Tea Party’s Ass” handbook.  He doesn’t have to make sense or even tell the truth, he just has to tell the tea party what they want to hear.  Which is exactly what he does.

He uses these moments, like the debt ceiling, to solidify his standing within the tea party and boost funding to various PACs he’s involved with.

You see the NRA use this tactic.  They push lies, rhetoric and propaganda, then by doing so their membership skyrockets, donations pour in and gun sales soar.  It doesn’t matter if they’re telling the truth because being “truthful” isn’t the objective.  Raising money, increasing support and growing their membership is.

It’s the same tactic Ted Cruz uses.

He doesn’t have to be factually accurate, or even make any sense.  All he has to worry about is giving the tea party exactly what they want and he knows their support will remain while the money piles in.

But by doing so, he’s ticked off just about everyone in Washington.  Of course he claims that their frustration with him is because he’s “bucking the establishment and telling the truth” (a common line of wacko conspiracy theorists who are dismissed by people who aren’t insane).  In reality, the reason why most in Washington (even most Republicans) are tired of him is because they see through his propaganda.

They’re sick and tired of him leading these charges that make absolutely no sense.  They’re tired of him using the United States Senate as his own personally campaign finance platform.  And Republicans in particular are tired of him throwing the entire party under the bus to feed his own selfish ambitions.

Politicians like Ted Cruz crack me up.  They love to bash Washington, the “establishment” and even their own party – but they sure as heck didn’t mind running under the GOP banner to get elected.  If people like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul were really “Washington outsiders” they would have ran as an Independents or under some third party to really show how they want “change in Washington.”

But no, they didn’t.  They ran as Republicans because they wanted all the fundraising and other goodies that running as a Republican would give them.

And while Ted Cruz continues to try to interject himself into the conversation, it’s clear the Republican party has grown sick and tired of dealing with his nonsense.

So I absolutely stand by my view that Ted Cruz is an absolute fool.  Then when I look at how the Republican party has seemingly gone out of their way to marginalize his influence in Congress – it’s clear that I’m not the only one who views him this way.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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