Ted Cruz Completely Embarrasses Himself After Making Asinine Comment About Net Neutrality

ted-cruz-sadAfter reading Ted Cruz’s tweet about net neutrality, I’m not sure if he either has no idea what it means or he’s literally just that stupid. Honestly, it could be both with this clown.

Well, following President Obama publicly putting his support behind keeping net neutrality and preventing giant internet providers from screwing over tens of millions of Americans, Ted Cruz decided to take to Twitter to claim that net neutrality is the “Obamacare” of the internet.

Here’s the tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.45.16 AM

To be honest, I have no idea how to respond to that. Net neutrality literally has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act, nor does it really have anything to do with the government at all. If anything, President Obama put his support behind a push that would ensure that the internet remains what it has been essentially since it went mainstream.

Pretty much the way you’ve been using the internet now is how it’s always been. You connect some kind of device to the internet and you’re able to access nearly all of the content that exists on the World Wide Web.

But if Ted Cruz’s comments here are to be taken at their word, then he wants to put an end to that. He supports the right for companies like Comcast to charge you for a certain speed of internet access – while also being allowed to throttle the access to websites you might want to visit if those particular sites don’t pay premiums to these internet providers.

In theory, if we killed net neutrality and no websites paid for this premium access, a company like Comcast could charge consumers for 30 mbps speeds at $50 per month, while throttling access to every website on the internet down to dialup speeds because none of these websites chose to pay the fees Comcast demanded.

In other words, you’d be paying $50 per month for 30 mbps access to websites that were only coming to you at speeds most people haven’t experienced since the days of dialup internet, because Comcast wants these websites to pay for access to these higher speeds.

And that’s what Ted Cruz wants.

But what Cruz is really doing is trying to use the hatred conservatives have for “Obamacare” to channel that toward net neutrality, because I can pretty much guarantee that the vast majority of people who read that tweet and agree with it have no damn clue what net neutrality is.

All they now know is:

Barack Hussein Obama wants more government with this liberal net neutrality Obamacare nonsense? It must be anti-American! Kill net neutrality! Oppose the Obama agenda!

That’s if Cruz even knows what it is. For all I know, his biggest issue with net neutrality is that President Obama came out in support of it.

But no matter why he said what he did, there’s one thing that’s for certain: He absolutely embarrassed himself making such an asinine comment.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • lindylou

    We should expect this kind of grandstanding from that big-mouth ass. If “Hussein” Obama came out in favor of breathing Cruz would find something wrong about it.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      pleeeeeeeeeeeze ted ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PLEASE! be THE regressive GOP presidential candidate in 2016

      • Nathaniel Miller

        haha, yes he would lose… but… he was not born in america so couldn’t run if he wanted to

      • Geoff Elliott

        Yes he can. You do not have to be born in the US, just a natural born citizen. His mother was a US citizen, which means he was a citizen at birth and is eligible.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        correct,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so lets hope he runs

      • Nathaniel Miller

        if that is the case then why did they make such a huge issue over Obama’s birth certificate? even if he was born in Kenya, his mother was born in Kansas making it legal for him to run

      • Geoff Elliott

        Because they tend to ignore facts that don’t support their beliefs. It’s part of their cognitive dissonance.

      • Paul Williams

        Good point

      • howie

        Because of the mothers age and how long they were in the US affected the rules. The fine print made Obama’s citizenship in question.

      • wendy

        Because it was Obama

      • Bombpop

        No, natural born does not mean your parent was born here. It means YOU were born here. They had to make a special allowance for John McCain cause he was born in Panama, before the allowance for military posts was inacted. Hillary and Obama both signed the measure as Senators. Cruz is not eligible.

      • Patricia Simms Williamson

        He thinks he’s eligible; even his supporters think he’s eligible.

      • AlengGiam

        You’re praying for rain in the desert.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        happens occasionally !

    • Jimmy Jaz

      Fat Girl?

  • Pipercat

    … and Alan Dershowitz called this buffoon, “off the charts, brilliant.”

    • Alice Olson

      That says a whole lot more about what’s happened to Alan Dershowitz over the years than it does about Ted Cruz. Sad.

    • christianh

      Ina hateful, twisted carpetbagger sense he is… Unfortunately he came in on the part where we ALWAYS get to P in hurricanes and droughts are common…

      That’s their problem.. They think the Earth will always cover up their blood…

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    Remember: This guy is the face of the Republican party.

  • Garibaldi

    I think this article misses the point. It matters greatly that Sen. Cruz is conflating Obamacare and Net Neutrality. Sen. Cruz is brilliantly playing his audience by making untrue statements that resonate with people who have a less than stellar comprehension of the issue at hand. Also, to those who think Sen. Cruz doesn’t live up to Alan Dershowitz’s characterization of being “off the charts, brilliant,” I’d point out that he (Sen. Cruz) is the darling of those people who will be critical to any future political success. He’s no dummy.

  • Warner W. Johnston

    “Eating yellow snow is bad for you” B. Obama

    • tick tack

      lol wtf

  • Rolle Diaz

    Why is this Canadian terrorist still allowed to talk is beyond comprehension.

    • christianh

      Those who listen don’t know what comprehension is…

  • Dianne Smith-Harper

    I am embarrassed both for him and by him, being a fellow Texan. I doubt he is embarrassed, though, because I don’t think he was born with an embarrassment gene.

    • Beartx

      Absolutely no self-awareness in that man at all.

      • Clematis

        Or conscience. You can’t embarrass a sociopath. They just don’t care.

      • Rob Bailey

        Nailed it.

  • Garrett Galloway

    At this point, it has been joked that Obama needs to come out in support of breathing so that the Republicans will denounce it. I’m beginning to see more truth than humor in this now.
    “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” – Professor Farnsworth

    • christianh

      “I don’t want them to live on this planet anymore…”

  • Bill Baylis

    Cruz,Palin, Bachman, Rubio,Walker, Scott, the list goes on and on and now there is a whole new crop of Koch Bros puppets who only parrot what they are told to say

    • christianh

      And they all think they can breathe soot and drink money…

  • deedee2die4

    I D I O T

  • RoughRugger

    Cruz’s only problem with net neutrality is that Comcast paid him to be against it.

  • ML

    I WISH President Obama would give a speech encouraging all Americans to breathe, then the Republicans would refuse to do so.

    • Stephen Barlow


    • wendy

      Good 1… Lol

  • Frank Pupo

    He didn’t “embarrass” himself at all. This was brilliant propaganda. As was the mapping of “Obamacare” to something bad. Liberals keep underestimating these folks and we, as a country, are paying for that. Liberals have got to step up the messaging and get ahead of this..

    • Jaim-o

      Obama advisor Jonathan Gruber admitted they had to lie and deceive to get ACA passed, that Americans are too stupid to know what’s good for them. That non-transparency was a good thing.

      This is why Dems got their asses handed to them. When Americans get their bills for health care next year, the bloodbath will continue into 2016. When you lie, people don’t trust you.

      • Mrs_oatmeal

        You are a bit dilution all. The Dems didn’t bother to show up to vote, that’s why the Repubs won. If it was based on spewing lies and deceit, the GOP would have been in the crapper 8 years ago…

      • Jaim-o

        They were in the crapper 8 years ago, Mrs_oatmeal.

        Dem voters know Obama lied to get it passed. It’s still unpopular, so much so that in many cases, Dem candidates for Congress had to disavow themselves from Obama and his policies. It was a horrible situation for them. It’s no wonder their voters stayed home.

      • The word “Obamacare” is indeed unpopular. But the policies in the ACA are very popular. Americans support by wide margins: being able to keep their kids on their plans until age 26, no discrimination for pre-existing conditions, the expansion of Medicaid, subsidies for healthcare for low income Americans, etc. The folks lying about Obamacare are the Republicans. Mitch McConnell, for example, staunchly defended Kynect, while promising to repeal Obamacare. Kynect is the name Kentucky gave to its Obamacare program. Kentucky voters re-elected McConnell. Why, I have no idea…

      • Mybarkingdog

        The right is terrible on policy and even worse on governing but they have “messaging” down to a science.

      • Open-minded Husker

        This ^^ is absolutely true. Fox News is proof of it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        77% either LIKE it or want to make minor adjustments to it.

        only 22% want it REPEALED. so WHY are the REDS NOT representing the constituency? For the same reason they voted AGAINST 80% of America on Universal Backround checks?

      • eric

        Im a libertarian, so fyi democrats AND republicans piss me off.

        Anyways, both of your parties love lying, and while its sad that we even accept polls as fact when we know how easily manipulated they are, putting that aside, people liking policies doesnt mean the policies are good. I love the idea of no pre existing conditions and all that, but with the system as it is, all that means is that insurance companies are going to have to collect more money one way or the other to offset the cost of insuring everyone.

        What we have, and had even before Obama, is the worst parts of socialism and the free market mixed together.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        funny how RIGHTWING FOX “news” eagerly wants libertarians on THEIR show– seems to me that your party is embraced by the repubs U claim to hate; eh?

      • eric

        Not quite. Theres a lot you would have to learn to understand the dynamic between libertarians and republicans.

        First off, to understand anything you have to go back to the 2012 election. Up until that year, libertarians generally ran as their own party with no success whatsoever, so for the 2012 primaries Ron Paul decided to run as a republican, and many libertarians followed to create a ground game. Now while this wasnt widely reported, in a bid to get enough delegates, libertarians got active and filled on the ground republican positions across the country. Because of this Ron Paul actually ended up close to the nomination, but due to a highly contested vote that was literally scripted, be was muscled out.

        The thing is, the libertarians still had their gains and thus influence, which is why now people are saying things about “a civil war in the republican party.” Its the classis establishment republicans vs the infiltrating libertarians, not to be confused with tea partiers.

        So when you say we’re being “embraced” by the republicans, you couldnt be more wrong. Theyre trying as hard as they can to co-op and astroterf the movement with jokes like Ted Cruz.

        The only real libertarians on FOX are Stossel and Napolitano, but if you must know, CNN has SE Cupp as well.

        And lets not forget either that FOX loves to have whipping boys on their show to appear “fair amd balanced”. Remember Colmes? Or how about Juan Williams.

        Thats their game.

      • Baby Blue

        don’t forget Bob

      • regressive teaparty trash

        not a bad reply; Williams is cool; colmes is their punching bag as he always has that blonde knucklehead opposite him when he is on oreillys show. TH big guy on the 5 is also a whippet; but he occasionally fights back
        but– why no libertarians on msnbc?
        (note: napolitano is a scumbag; stossel is ok)

      • eric

        Napolitano isnt a scumbag. He has his moments, but he doesn’t have half the vitriol as the other angry gorillas on FOX.

        As for why MSNBC doesnt have any libertarians, for one its because its not a threat to them. Libertarians have some sway with republicans, but none with most contemporary liberals. I also think its because they generally stick to liberal hosts if im not mistaken. The best “opposing view” as far as I know is Scarborough, but hes a republican like Will Mcavoy is a republican.

        The thing is that we can twist a republicans arm to lay off drug laws and gay marriage, while they go along fairly easy with our economic views. Liberals on the other hand may automatically agree with us on social issues, but bringing them to our economic views is like pushing a boulder up a hill. So thats both why we push our cause on the republican side as well as why FOX and establishment republicans want to get in front of our points.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        I like reading your posts,,,,,,,,,balanced!
        Judge pirro I want 2 punch-

      • eric

        No joke. I dont believe in hurting women, but theres an exception to every rule.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        I don’t do this; im being metaphoric-
        exceptions? well; if some zany chic comes at me with a knife– and there are witnesses– I will do my best to make her quite sore ( if U get my PG rated ‘drift’)
        that being said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rush Limbaugh and sean Hannity and mike savage and ted nugent would be welcomed in my presence alone — Im not at all violent; but to quote the correct aphorism u convey above,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        “theres (an) exception 2 every rule”

      • christianh

        It was the “black guy” thing… They didn’t stand up for the South… Mary Landrieu understands somewhat… But Obama has NEVER HAD an empty seat at his speeches, whether he’s “campaigning” or not…

        DEMs didn’t have to put him up with Tea Partiers…

      • Stephen Barlow

        But not as GLORIOUSLY as Bush lied to MURDER 10,000 Americans An 110,000 Iraqis! The Afghans… no one knows…

      • regressive teaparty trash

        jaim o is a new profile; thus a former troll who was banished and is back again

      • Suzanne Longo

        The only people the ACA is unpopular with are the people who didn’t need it. So, you approve of taking affordable health insurance away from 8 million people? You approve of kicking young people off their parent’s health insurance? Why don’t you take a look at all the Republicans who still have their kids on the health insurance? What are they supposed to do? Go to the emergency room when they are sick and get a bill they can never pay? We pay for it. That’s what you want?

      • regressive teaparty trash

        jaim o is a new profile; thus a troll who was banished b4 and now has new profile==

      • Sharon O’Connell-Holzschuh

        I really detest ignorance, and I do not trust people who exhibit that trait. You do exhibit that trait, Jaim-o.

      • wendy

        People can’t help being ignorant. Just a shame they r ignorant to their own ignorance

      • Stephen Barlow

        That will only be a bad thing IF SCOTUS makes 5 votes undermining the FEDERAL APPEALS COURT about 2 sentences one of 11,000 pages of law.

        ONLY THEN will capitalism broach the Hippocratic Oath once and for all time in America.

        I guess the REDS are banking on ALL 20 million AMericans (by the time open enrollment is over in 2015) being poor, Black or Latino and too lazy to vote their OUTRAGE!

        Guess again. the biggest consumers of PPACA are in RED states that have all bus CRIMINALIZED being NOT WHITE!

      • Frank Pupo

        Lied about what?

      • regressive teaparty trash

        u have a brand new profile; with no avatar———ergo: U are a troll with a new profile as U got banished before
        NOTE: this midterm election had the LOWEST voter turnout (36%) since 1942,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1942————–
        ………………….. and u regressive clowns view this as a ” mandate”
        lets see how the repub ” majority” governs; what they will do for ALL America; not just aging hetero male religious white trash………………………

      • Stephen Barlow

        Wanna play “Guess the TROLL!”

        Come on DOOWWWWNNNNN!

      • regressive teaparty trash

        could he be OY HUMID?

      • Stephen Barlow

        On Quaaludes maybe.

      • ichthyic

        “lets see how the repub ” majority” governs; what they will do for
        ALL America; not just aging hetero male religious white trash..”

        hell, they don’t actually even do anything for aging cis male xian whites, for that matter.

        seriously. if you fit the description, name ONE thing the GoP has done that has demonstrably worked to help you personally in the last 20 years.

        seriously. just one thing, but you have to show your work. did they lower your personal taxes? give you a subsidy for your business?

        ’cause I fit this description, and I can’t name anything.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        im not certain but it seems 2 me that U view me as SUPPORTING the regressive repubs———— I can assure You I am NOT- I agree totally with what U just ^^^ wrote

      • wendy

        Easiest prediction ever: the next 2 yrs. will be gridlock as was the last 2 yes.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        correct— why make democrat administration “look good” when the repubs are desperate for the white house in 2016,,,,,,,,,,,,repubs WANT a bad war and/or depression

      • Wendy Goff-Hawkes

        They take credit when anything good happens and blame Potus when they go bad. Convenient strategy

      • ichthyic

        “Obama advisor Jonathan Gruber admitted they had to lie and deceive to
        get ACA passed, that Americans are too stupid to know what’s good for
        them. That non-transparency was a good thing.”

        uh, when they admit to using deception, that is the very definition of transparency.

        And they’re absolutely right. They needed to “deceive” morons like yourself in order to do something for your own damn good, and the rest of the country, in spite of yourselves.

        go put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Bombpop

        yeah thats why the GOP lost so badly in 2006, 2008 and 2012. Actually voter turnout was the lowest in 2014 than it was for the last 72 years–thats why the GOP won–when a large number of people vote–they always lose.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        100% correct with your stats here– I salute you: but the regressive will simply vanish again as he is a troll

      • Jaim-o

        Dems spent almost a billion dollars to get their base out. It’s their fault nobody showed up. Cling bitterly to that statistic if you wish, but it only proves how butt-hurt you are and ineffectual your party is. Dems lost where Clintons campaigned. Obama only showed up where Dems were a shoe-in in the bluest of states. It’s a party in disarray and exposed as lying liars and mired in scandals. It’s no wonder they got their asses handed to them and their base turned their backs on them.

        Please keep wailing.

      • Antsy Kuhnwisse

        My response to one of the dozens of messages I received every day for a year before the election, mostly asking for $3. Don’t know if anybody reads replies.

        To: info
        Sent: Wed, Oct 22, 2014 4:59 pm
        Subject: Re: heartbreaking disappointment

        Three dollars pays for nine lunches (ramen noodles). It pays for four days of coffee (made at home from a can and taken to work in a thermos).

        If millionaires supported public services instead of making the rest of us pay for them, maybe I’d have three dollars to throw around.

        But six years ago, a naïve president and spineless legislators tried to hold hands with the fanatics, to sing Kumbaya and live in harmony. The Republicans took your hands and dragged you all to the right. Broke unions and reneged on pension agreements. Made the gun nuts seem like the majority. Had more success demonizing feminism than Rush Limbaugh did in ten years of hate speech. Put the blame for the middle east mess on Barack Obama …

        Ha, even blamed the government for a *private hospital’s* mistakes with a dangerous, highly contagious disease. And you let ’em get away with it all!

        You’re afraid you’ll be filled with regret on election night? You should be filled with regret already.

        I’m very sad and worried about what has happened in the past 14 years, and what is yet to come, but I’m pretty sure my three dollars won’t change all that — it didn’t seem to do much good back when I did donate. I’d better save it for my lunches — I’m gonna need it.

      • Mino Re

        great response. Good enough to save for possible future use, if alright with you!

    • Stephen Barlow

      True enough. BUZZWORDS are what sells to the Base.

      I am just waiting to see what the OTHER 2/3’s of America will say with their VOTE in 2016!!

    • ichthyic

      The problem is, it’s 10 times easier to tell a lie, than it is to debunk it.

      the dems spent too much time trying to debunk right wing lies. An honest mistake.

      they have to control the lie machine themselves. It sounds disgusting, but it’s a simple fact. There is no other way to win this fight by the numbers.

      • Antsy Kuhnwisse

        They did? I never heard them try to debunk the lies. I thought I was paying attention.

    • Shane Rumsey

      At first I didn’t agree with your statement…then I let it sink in for a moment…it occurred to me that you’re 100% right.

    • wendy

      If stupidity isn’t embarrassing, then I guess he was on the mark. Lol

  • KyleZombie

    I hate Pepsi. Pepsi is the Obamacare of the soda industry! I wasn’t a fan of the Transformers movies. Transformers are the Obamacare of the movie industry! I prefer Samsung to Apple. Apple is the Obamacare of the cell phone industry!

    • M D Reese

      That’s about it, too.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Condoms are the Patriot Act of the Porn business!

  • RosemaryPeppercorn

    It worked for Common Core, it could work for net neutrality… (Republicans making a non-issue into a conservative/liberal debate.)

    They do this because they can’t find enough to complain about the Democrats, so they make things up.

  • Joe DiPuccio

    If you were to take $1.00 away from Ted every tine he said something STUPID , he would owe the Government at the end of the year !

    • Stephen Barlow

      Between Cruz and Gohmert could pay off the DEBT with it all!

  • blackgreywhite

    He doesn’t misunderstand net neutrality. As a capitalist he believes everyone can have access to the Internet at a snail’s pace, but people who pay are entitled to get faster service. Like Priority Check-In at the airport. The same speed for everyone? Heresy.

    • Stephen Barlow

      But ONLY on the HEELS of something Obama said. He NEVER would have even thought about it unless a reporter asked him with a live camera.

    • christianh

      Except that the plane can’t leave until the poor people in coach get on…

  • tick tack

    Ted Cruz actually said. “I’m a communist and I want to censor the internet, because the First Amendment has no place in America. . Don’t vote me in for president, I will be worst then Obama could ever have dreamed of being.”

    • Stephen Barlow

      Damn Straight!

  • Skyhollower

    I honestly don’t understand the second part of the tweet. “The internet should not operate at the speed of Government”…what the hell does that mean? The internet cannot possibly get any slower then the government. How can you get slower then 0, unless you are moving backwards and the speed then becomes a negative factor.

    • Stephen Barlow

      The internet should not be as SLOW as a REPUBLICAN. Which is contrary to his ZEAL to slow the internet down through Commercialization of the Web.

  • Stephen Barlow

    We’ve known this is the most IGNORANT, spiteful, almost SATINIC in his Obamahate (this coming from a minority!!!) Harvard Graduate I can EVER remember.

    But i am SURE he doesn’t understand anything his Father didn’t teach him.

    • frettadafrog

      He thinks he’s the “annointed king” because his daddy said so.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Wasn’t that hilarious to watch?? There is a youtube of his ‘coronation!’

  • gordo

    Let’s face it; If the President said the sky is blue, Ted Cruz would be trying to figure out how to put a negative spin on it. He is the epitome of an obstructionist ass

  • dave W

    Ted Cruz is a Comcast sponsored idiot

  • christianh

    Why are so many politicians lawyers…? You don’t need ideas just retention of the ideas of others…

  • Ron Skurat

    I believe this falls into the category known as “not even wrong” – meaning it pretends to address the issue but in fact is competely off-topic.

  • Please…. Please…. Please…. Please…. Someone please let him drive the clown car for awhile…….

  • Leaning Blue

    Ted Cruz is a f****g idiot and the people that voted for him should be ashamed of themselves. Every time this guy opens his mouth it almost makes me ashamed to say I’m from Texas!

    • wildwildwest

      Cruz is anything but an idiot. He is brilliant when it comes to politics. You, my friend, are just where he wants you. Like his fellow Rethugs, they have learned very well how to get poor people to vote for them and against their own best interests. Ever hear of the 4Gs? (Gays, guns, god, and gynecology). Most of them could not give two shits about any of them, but the issues do work very well on low-information voters.

    • wendy

      That’s OK. You just redeemed yourself. Lol

  • eric

    Republicans are the democrats greatest allies. Theres actually some pretty good ideas behind the GOP, the keyword being “behind”.

    Republicans generally stand in front of some legitimately good ideas, its just that they act so damn stupid no one wants to come close and accepts the left by default.

    Without republicans, people would start to realize that democrat ideas were short sighted and heavily funded as well.

  • DaltonOriginal

    America MUST STOP electing greedy idiots for public offices. All these republican goons are the same, they have no answers to our problems they only do things that bring a steady flow of cash to them! Why people in this country do not see this I will never understand!

    • wendy

      Ikr? :/

  • JoseAmerica

    You can’t shame the shameless.

    Cruz did exactly what his donors wanted. He’s not embarrassed in the least.

  • Patrick James Bayham

    why is this sperm drip opening his mouth?
    what should be stuffed into it to stop him doing it again?
    and finally… why are americans listening to this foreigner?

  • Bill Grant

    Have Obama come out in favor of Ted Cruz…..conservatives will vote Cruz out of office so quickly he won’t know what happened.

  • Ben Weston

    A remarkably well done, accessible explanation of what Net Neutrality is and means.

  • deb1ryan

    Once again Ted proves just how stupid he is. Shame on Texas for even voting for this idiot!!!!!!