Ted Cruz Gets Slammed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Over Ridiculous Supreme Court Comments (Video)

megyn-kelly-ted-cruzNaturally, when the Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was one of the most vocal Republicans throwing a hissy fit because our Constitution didn’t support his bigotry and ignorance.

Since the decision he’s now called for a complete ripping up of a huge part of our Constitution to install a process by which Supreme Court Justices would be up for potential “removal” every eight years by the American voter. Yes, Cruz’s “logical solution” for making the court less political is to interject even more politics into the process.

Well, during an interview with Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host asked Cruz about his “plan” and what would happen if the American voters were to vote out conservative justices like Scalia, Roberts and Thomas who might then be replaced with liberals if our president were a Democrat.

Not surprisingly, Cruz pretty much avoided answering that question, instead choosing to spout off more talking points.

Seemingly befuddled by the lack of common sense Cruz was showing about this issue, Kelly quoted Alexander Hamilton, who called the current configuration of the court “essential” to our Constitution, then flat-out asked Cruz, “Now you want to rewrite the Constitution in response to a couple of decisions you don’t like?”

Cruz essentially brushed off that question as well, turning to quotes made by Justice Antonin Scalia in his dissent, claiming that the marriage ruling completely disregards our Constitution. That’s actually an argument I’ve heard made by many Republicans, that somehow our Constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman – even though there’s not a single mention of marriage anywhere in our Constitution. I’m not sure how a court can “Constitutionally redefine” something that was never “defined” by our Constitution in the first place.

Cruz then complained that the process by which we are able to hold Supreme Court Justices accountable is inadequate. You know, the process that was set up by our Founding Fathers. He literally tried to argue that the people who wrote and approved Article Three of our Constitution, and the process by which we could remove a Supreme Court Justice, would be against the very system they created. 

It’s just ridiculous.

How do you use the Founding Fathers as your defense for something by arguing against the very thing they wrote and created? This is what I mean when I say he’s delusional, because there’s no realm of logic where that even remotely makes sense.

But the best comment of the entire interview came when he said, “Who in their right mind would design a system where every major public policy issue of the day is decided not by the people, not by the Constitution, not by elected representatives but by nine elite lawyers in Washington D.C.”

Well, to answer his question as to who would design such a system: That would be our Founding Fathers.

The Supreme Court doesn’t “change” anything, they interpret laws that are already passed to determine whether or not they’re Constitutional – which is what they’re supposed to do. The Supreme Court cannot rule on anything that’s not brought to them through our judicial system. Which is exactly how same-sex marriage ultimately became legal in this country. These bans were challenged, overturned in nearly every lower court throughout our country, which then brought them to our Supreme Court where they were ultimately ruled unconstitutional by the highest court in our land.

That’s how our Constitution is supposed to work. 

All this interview equated to was Ted Cruz whining and complaining about the fact that once against our Constitution ruled on the side of freedom, liberty and equality instead of the ignorance and injustice he and many other conservatives support.

Watch the interview below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • GenerallyConfused

    While, yes, Megyn Kelly is annoyingly annoying.. I have to hand it to her, that one line “Now you want to rewrite the Constitution in response to a couple of decisions you don’t like?” is probably the most intelligent thing I think she may have ever said on air.

  • Nancy B

    Those were funny words, coming from a man who reveres the Constitution and the Founding Fathers when things are going his way. There is no doubt that it’s past time for a Constitutional convention. Even Jefferson expected it to be rewritten every generation or so, so people wouldn’t be living under laws they didn’t create. But the balance of power setup, and the appointment (vs election) of judges is one of the things that works most of the time.

  • snarky

    we should not be surprised to see these idiots pandering to their fundamentalist base. Ted cruise doesn’t believe ANY of the nonsense he’s spouting, but conservatives are now forced to whore themselves out to this lunatic constituency.

  • Nancy Graham

    And, if he is in favor of replacing the Justices every 8 years, let’s start now with the House and Senate. Some of these representatives have been in Washington so long they’re lost touch with the people who elected them. Maybe we should just pass that law which sounds a lot better to me than to replace the Justices

  • Thunder Panus

    Homosexuality is normal.Animals in the wild engage in it.

    • FD Brian

      domesticated animals do it too.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    More proof that Ted Cruz is a sociopath and a worthless partisan hack. He should know better after graduating for elite east coast universities. The Supreme Court is supposed to be insulated from politics. These guys are the biggest group of petulant babies ever.

  • Michael Weyer

    Oh, I can tell this interview is going to bite him right in the ass come the primary debates. “You want to be President and you don’t even agree with the Constitution?”

    • tracey marie

      rafael wants a theocracy for our country.