Ted Cruz Gets Asked Hard Question by Fox News, Makes a Fool Out of Himself with his Answer

ted-cruz-foxThe Affordable Care Act, signed into law by President Obama in March of 2010, has now been the law of the land for over four years.  But even before it became law, Republicans had already spent an inordinate amount of time doing everything they could to sabotage and slander it.

Even as the marketplace had been open for a few months and millions of people began signing up for health insurance, Republicans still continued with their futile efforts to repeal the law.  They’ve voted 50 times to repeal all, or parts, of the law in the last four years.  Hell, they even shut down the government trying to “stop Obamacare.”

One of the most vocal opponents of the health care law has been Ted Cruz.  There’s really no need to listen to him talk about Obamacare because all he does is spout off every right-wing talking point Republicans have been using since day one.  Besides, almost everything he says about the health care law is an outright lie.

Well, during an interview with Fox News he was asked to provide his alternative to Obama’s signature law, but all he ended up doing is making a complete fool of himself.

Cruz led off with his usual rhetoric, saying that the Affordable Care Act is “the most profoundly unpopular law we have seen in modern times.”  A statement that’s utterly ridiculous.  Even the worst polls show nearly an even split between those who support the law and those who don’t.  But even in those polls a decent amount of those who oppose the law do so because they don’t believe that it is liberal enough.

But then he said something even more ridiculous than that, “We need to delink health insurance from employment so that if you lose your job, you don’t lose your health insurance. Just like you don’t lose your car insurance or life insurance or health insurance or your house insurance. And if you do that, then health insurance becomes personal, portable and affordable. That’s the sort of reform that empowers consumers.”

That statement is ridiculous because that’s exactly what the Affordable Care Act does.  It allows people access to health insurance outside of their employer.  If anything what his comment does is defend what Obamacare is.  It’s a means for people to purchase insurance on their own, for it to be affordable and gives consumers the power to shop around for health insurance.

It seems to me that Republicans actually love Obamacare – just as long as it’s called anything but Obamacare.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Fox also made a complete fool out of the Left with that question.

    • liberal chick

      how so?

      • mino

        It was just something to say…pointless

      • Michael Case

        Also, don’t feed the troll.

      • lindylou

        You are a perfect Tea partier, then, pointless.

    • Aloanstar

      Jim Bean, you didn’t need any help making a fool out of yourself….

    • Jim Bean

      The Left says Fox is in the tank for the Pubs but if that were the case, they would have asked him what his favorite color was, or what kind of underwear he wears, or what kind of tree he would be if he were a tree instead of a pointed, critical question.

      • DoctorButler

        They expected him to play into their rhetoric, and Ted Cruz, a person who is notorious for making career faux-pas’, hurt their own argument, because Ted Cruz is a loose cannon who can’t hold his tongue.

        Anyone who argues that Fox isn’t biases towards the right-wing is either naive, or delusional.

      • Jim Bean

        I’ve never heard anyone argue they aren’t biased towards the right. However, all the other major players are biased to the Left. If you prefer one or the other, you have those choices. However, if you want a full (TV) reporting on a story from all perspectives, its pretty much Fox or nothing for the right wing perspective. If you’re not at least weighing what Fox is saying against what the others are saying, you’re playing with half a deck.

      • Ed in Socal

        Jim, why do you think FOX went to court to “get permission” to lie to its viewers? Why do you think people who watch no news at all have a better grasp of what is happening?

      • Jim Bean

        You’re lucky they did, otherwise Reid would be in jail for “Romney paid no taxes” and Obama would be doing life x’s 100 years for “you can keep your doctor’ and all the rest. In fact, the entire Democratic Party would cease to function.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        jimbos been hitting the potato juice again

      • Jim Bean

        That’s vodka.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and U intimated that you and I do not communicate!!!

      • Randelamerican

        Some are biased to the left but being more rounded in presenting factual representation of all of the information does not mean left biased, unless you think anything not blatantly leaning right is automatically leaning left.

      • Jim Bean

        I think any failure to report heavily on the biggest issue of the day is bias – even if the biggest issue is an O administration failure.

      • Randelamerican

        And Fox gets to decide what the biggest issue of the day is for that day, right?

      • Jim Bean

        Its not a matter of deciding, its a matter of recognizing.

      • Randelamerican

        It is very much a matter of deciding. The consolidation of media ownership is troubling to me and should be to everyone.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        “failure” ,,,,,please state facts to back that up. (NOTE: your comparison model is limited to the last 25 yrs of American economic and social growth and decay)
        ,,,,,and : bringing up Clintons dramatic prosperity is welcomed here

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        pbs is on the left? cnn on the left? FOX is so far right –while claiming fair and balanced– that its the main reason I went liberal centrist with a left bias. when they get caught in lies/distortions/ mis-information they never apologize: they double down or alter the spin

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      only in the eyes of the myopic

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Delusions of grandeur, fixed delusions, paranoia, and persecutory ideations are all symptoms of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is hereditary although in some instances it skips a generation. That doesn’t appear to be the case in Teddy. Listening to his father preach hate and intolerance makes me believe that that is the case. No generation was skipped. Teddy needs a good Cognitive Behavioral Therapist if he wants to modify his behavior. No need to worry about the cost, it is covered under the ACA. What troubles me the most about the Republicans is that they don’t respect the wishes of “We the People”. It is all about them and no one else. They trash the Constitution as they please. They hide under the veil of faux Christianity to propagate hate and intolerance for those who are not the same as they are. Heck, they even hate each other if they don’t do as the Tea Party tells them to do. If we want our Nation to be governed under Marxist-Leninist principles, then vote Republican and your wishes will be granted.

    • Erin ZombieSlayer Forstner

      It is genetic, but it doesn’t “skip generations.” If you have a parent with schizophrenia, you have a 50% chance of developing it yourself. That percentage goes down for more distant family members (sibling, grandparent…) but is still higher than the general population with no familial history (which is a 1% chance for everyone, regardless of family history). If you want to disparage a population by comparing us to nutter like this guy, at least get your facts right.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Actually, Schizophrenia has skipped generations. We know so little about it we don’t even know the specific cause. In My family, it was an environmental cause. Three sisters were born to one mother who died. Father remarried and three more sisters were born. The step mother treated hers so much better than the older ones.

        The chronic resentment, being fed HALF as much and doing twice the chores by my Mother’s sisters made them all unstable. The step sisters have all led relatively healthy, stable and successful lives.

        I do NOT think Cruz is medically schizophrenic. I am sure he has been programmed to hate, to lie, to live in a delusional world, to pretend his dreams may be gifts of “god”. he grew up with daily, long winded harangues by a Fundament Evangelical preacher and he STILL believes EVERYTHING his father STILL teaches.

        He is a corrupted soul, not a mental patient.

    • Martin

      Remember that politicians are almost always lawyers. The GOP has an embedded group who have been drinking too much and turning senile for a long time. They need to resign and spend time with their grandkids.

      • Nemisis

        “politicians are almost always lawyers” I disagree.

        According to the CQ Roll Call Guide to the New Congress, in the 113th Congress, law is the dominantly declared profession of Senators, followed by public service/politics, then business; for Representatives, business is first, followed by public service/politics, then law.

        If you look at the voting history of congress you will see that the congressional makeup will determine how the congress will vote on a given subject.
        When congress is predominately corporate it will tend to vote for corporate agendas, if congress is predominately law it will tend to vote along the lines of what is actually going to help people.

        Fun fact: When a lawyer is in the white house things tend to go better for the people. When a businessman is in the white house the people tend to get screwed.

        I think the 2nd worst thing to happen to this country is when congress put term limits on presidents and not themselves as well.

      • chaserblue

        And what happens when there’s an actor in the white house? Does he just play a president on TV? 🙂

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        Reagan sucked at both,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, records prove that

      • Big Daddy

        I must disagree, Reagan’s acting performance as President of the US was outstanding! BUT… that was just it…. a performance. Nothing substantial or real. Just a performance. Somebody else was doing his job behind the scenes.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        im gonna side with big daddy here

      • Wonko The Sane

        Nancy’s astrologer was running the country

      • Nemisis

        Nope, we get 17,000 dead American service members, 7 diplomatic missions attacked, 8 government shutdowns, 2 felonies for the price of 1 (Iran-Contra), Tons of comedic material, OH and the release of hostages from Iran…shortly after that a BOGO felony.

        Reagan’s not all bad, check out his voice work in “The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse”

      • Stephen Barlow

        hehehe Funny how Truman was a businessman and he did a lot of good for people. Lincoln and FDR were lawyers, but Teddy was not.

      • Stephen Barlow

        But how do you explain Dubya? He was NEITHER. He was a CON MAN!!!

        I agree with that LAST truth!

      • Nemisis

        Dubyuh was a business man. He led business to bankruptcy, and just prior to the nation he led Texas into bankruptcy.

      • Stephen Barlow

        HAHAHA!!!!! RemindsMe of Denis miller with that set up. Shame he became a RED CASH whore. I saw his latest standup. his GAME is gone!!!

      • Nemisis

        Where you forced to watch his routine as some part of a lost bet?

      • Stephen Barlow

        I liked him until Monday Night Football. He was just the wrong man for the job. Now he’s just Mitch McConnell with a Harvard Degree in English.

        But seriously, he is in slow motion, he even pauses 2 – 3 times a sentence. He might even begetting Alzheimer’s.

      • cscf

        Dear Martin there are more Gynecologists than lawyers. Speaker Boehner not a lawyer, Mitch McConnell not a lawyer. The President Law Professor. If there were actually lawyers in Congress we would not be such a divided Country. There are over 300 millionaires in Congress and 162 of Congress are 65 years of age through 91. It is more of a retirement home for the rich and lazy.

      • Steve Broadway

        Good point cscf, maybe we should look at age limits along with term limits

    • Jim Bean

      Its interesting to see “Don’t respect the wishes of We the People”, ‘schizophrenia’, and ‘faux Christianity’, all mixed up in the same paragraph. You meant, “Don’t respect the wishes of ME the People”, didn’t you?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        im pretty certain his “faux Christianity” was 100% accurate
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the real Christians remain silent. the scumbag gay bashers/black haters/ OTHER religion erasers ( pseudo Christians) are barking like little dogs

      • Nemisis

        Right now it’s “We the people, INC.”

      • Betty J Rousey

        I’m not even sure “we” are included in this new corporate America… I know we are supposed to be…

      • bob

        No! We the people. He followed the statement up with poll results or did you read that far? Just like a republican….always ignoring the facts!

    • Kurt Luttrell

      Health insurance companies have always been heavy lobbyists, more than willing to contribute to anyone who will deregulate them further and let them offer crap coverage for insanely high prices. Before the ACA was implemented, health coverage was pathetic. Charging unbelievable prices and offering so little coverage it was actually cheaper to go to the doctor on your own dime. After you paid your huge premium, then you had an even bigger deductable, then a big co-pay, then , only then, did they pay at the most, 80% of what was left over. You wohld wind up spending like $5000, and they might pay $200. Plus you were on a term limit where you could only use that coverage so many times a a year. Thats why so many people balked ar the idea of being covered at all. They were so sickened by the corrupt system that even when the ACA showed it could clean it up, people weren’t even willing to give it a chance. Now that many are covered and spreading the word, people are willing to pay attention and get coverage. Insurance companies now are starting to have to compete for our business and that’s what this was all about . Greed. They now have to work and fight to get every dollar and they hate it. They just want to sit back and watch people scramble for each little morsel while they become billionaires. And if you didn’t like it? They dropped tour coverage because there were thousands scrambling to get it. The ACA changed that, and they hate it. Too bad so sad. One corrupt system going down. More to go.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t toss around shizophrenia like its a schoolyard insult, its a devastating illness that has the capacity to ruin lives.

    • Stephen Barlow

      He’s too old to change and there is no medication strong enough to mask his issues without being a lethal dose.

    • PGG

      Delusions of grandeur, &other symptoms you listed are also symptoms of “tertiary syphilis” in its late stages. Many leaders of old had this along with these same symptoms; such as: Hitler, Napolian, Mossalini, & Stallin.

  • surfjac

    the kock bros. want the ACA repealed. mr. cruz shills for the kock bros.
    Need I say more?

  • Martin Cobern

    Ted Cruz is making the same argument that The Heritage Foundation made when it first proposed this plan. The only thing “wrong” or different is that the ACA was a policy of Pres. Obama, and so, by their logic, it is wrong and intrinsically evil.

  • Richard Verdejo

    Yep. When you don’t know the “backstory”, straying off script can be disastrous.

    It also demonstrates that ‘living a lie’ is like a three-legged stool – doesn’t take much to make it unstable.

  • Sandy Greer

    You watch. Some time after their 75th vote to repeal and 100th attempt to defund, Republicans will notice the wind blows Left.

    They’ll stop bewailing Obamacare, and start trying to claim credit for ACA as their own idea.

    Years from now, they’ll even say they were for it all along.

    • strayaway

      From the article “They’ve voted 50 times to repeal all, or parts, of the law in the last four years. Hell, they even shut down the government trying to “stop Obamacare.”

      The article is more accurate than you have been to the point the author includes “or parts of” whereas you tend to just say that Republicans have tried to “repeal” the (un)ACA 40-50 times. There is a difference. In fact, President Obama has personally made a few major changes with his magical dictator pen and phone that Republicans had previously tried to implement. Democrats even shut down the government to prevent Republicans from implementing the same (un)ACA delays that Obama eventually, after the shutdown, imposed. I enjoy irony.

      • Sandy Greer

        The irony is you accuse ME of having ‘fantasies’ in the other Ted Cruz article.

        But here you are, with your inaccurate ‘rewrite’ of Dems behind the gov’t shutdown. Public didn’t buy it then, and we’re not buying it now.

        Keep thinking President Obama is a bad guy with a ‘magical dictator pen’, and you’re gonna need that ACA sooner than you think.

        ^^^How’s that for irony? ;D

      • strayaway

        Review. Republican House members including Cruz passed a budget requiring the end of the (un)ACA. The Democratic Senate did not pass that. The House then passed a watered down version of budget requesting only that the new (un)ACA get rid of its new tax on medical products and postpone certain mandates of the (un)ACA. The Senate sat on that and time ran out. The ball was in the Senate’s hands when the shutdown began. So after Republicans completely caved to a lack of any fiscal restraint, Obama used his magical dictatorial phone and pen (reference to the President’s quote) to postpone the same mandate that Democrats refused to give into preferring that the government shut down so they could torment the people with closed, parks, veterans venues, and even forbade some priests from saying mass for free. Fortunately, Democrats compassionately allowed the congressional gym to remain open. I agree that the public bought into the democrat talking points as propagandized by the corporate press. It is still my belief that the Emperor has no clothes whatever the sheeple say.

        Not sure what you last comment about “You’re going to need that” is about.

      • charleo1

        I remember it a little bit differently. As the time approached for Congress to vote on yet one more continuing resolution, to fund the government for another 90 days or so. House Speaker Boehner said the House would have a straight up, or down vote on the resolution. That the government would not close. Then, the T-Party wing of the House threatened a revolt. While Cruz in the Senate announced a vote by the House to fund the gov. with ACA, was a vote FOR, ObamaCare. Then took to the Senate floor for his self promoting, filibuster. (The Senate had already passed the funding resolution, including ACA,) To which Sen. Cruz had voted in the affirmative. Then, Speaker Boehner relented, and announced. “They, (T-Party,) want to have a fight over ObamaCare,” “So, we’re going to have a fight.” The House then promptly sent the Senate back the exact funding bill the Senate had already passed, minus the funding for ACA. Leader Reid immediately called the bill DOA. And resubmitted the original bill without amendments. So, as the clock ran down, and governmental offices began preparing to shut down, the House offered a 30 day extension, if the President would agree to a one year delay of the individual mandate. And something about taxes on equipment. Which was not agreed to. And the government closed to the initial delight of such luminary House members as Michelle Bachmann, head of the T-Party caucus. Who quipped, “Maybe when people see how little they actually need the gov. And how much of taxpayer’s money is saved by it’s being closed down,…” It was only when it started to turn on them, and people started rightly blaming the Republicans, did they start claiming it was the Democrats that had shut down the government. That they had tried to keep it open, but Harry Reid, and President Obama wanted the shutdown all along.
        The President, having traveled this road with the T-Party before, was unmoved. Then the House, in panic mode, started sending up to the Senate piece meal funders to keep open all those things people were going to find out they won’t miss. Like The Veterans Administration, the National Parks, or The Memorials in D.C. Of course, Sen. Ted Cruz was quick to point out to anyone who would listen that he had voted, with the Senate to pass the resolution, and to fund ObamaCare, and never wanted the President to shut down the Gov. Speaker Boehner then, in an unprecedented imitation of a real Speaker, of a real functioning House of Representatives, with a real backbone, presented the same bill to the full House, where it passed with flying colors. As it would have all along. Minus the 24 to 30 billion dollars flushed directly down the drain they figure it cost, to unnecessarily close down the Federal Government over ObamaCare. That’s how I remember it. Does it ring any bells with you?

      • strayaway

        Key point of what you wrote, “as the clock ran down, and governmental offices began preparing to shut down, the House offered a 30 day extension, if the President would agree to a one year delay of the individual mandate. Which was not agreed to. ”

        That’s my point. Later, on March 12, 2014, President Obama extended the individual mandate. Why didn’t Democrats just say ok, we will keep the government open because the President is going to do this anyway instead of letting the government shut down? Or why aren’t you just as mad at the President for delaying the individual mandates as you are at House republicans for proposing the idea?

      • charleo1

        It was quite obvious the motivation of the House in proposing a one year delay of the individual mandate, was a fall back position from their original intent to defund the law entirely, before people could sign up. Because there really is a big difference in denying people the opportunity to purchase insurance they never had. And, taking those benefits back, after they’ve already signed up, and sent in their money. And Republicans knew it. Senator Cruz even admitted as much, when he said publicly, that if we don’t stop ObamaCare here, we’re never going to be able to stop it. His words. So I’m not mad at the President for several reasons. First, there was no basis for delaying the enrollment period. Other than Senator Cruz’s And, the mandate is a part of the law that’s designed to increase the number of insured, so the numbers work. Secondly, Obama is intent on enacting the law. Not delaying it, so Republicans will have another year to figure out how to kill it. Plus there are millions who need health insurance now, not a year from now. And thirdly, Obama didn’t delay the deadline for a year. He extended the the deadline for 60 days, for some people who had a specific circumstance, like a death, birth, or loss of an employer plan. As some employers are dragging their feet on informing their employees, as to whether they’ll be offered a health plan. But for most people, the enrollment period is over until November.

      • strayaway

        Are you sure that President Obama hasn’t extended that a second time sometime into 2016?

      • charleo1

        Yes, only 60 days, for some.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        why should the president agree? the law is the law-
        I would also (politically) make the party (which loudly screamed how they wont work with him even before he took office) look stupid: politics is war.
        the tea party really looked marvelous there; as always

      • Sandy Greer

        >Not sure what you last comment about “You’re going to need that” is about.

        Quite obviously, that I DON’T think our president an Emperor with a ‘magical dictator pen’. Negative Vibes do no good; Pessimism can permeate the Subconscious and lead to Depression. Which, thankfully, is covered, under ACA.

        We had this discussion earlier, I believe. You think I suffer Stockholm Syndrome, IIRC (Google it) because I approve ACA.

        But wasn’t the govt shutdown last Fall? Oct 2013? You argue events of Mar 2014, and ask why didn’t Dems just say OK, no shutdown, since prez will extend mandate anyway.

        ^^^Do you assume it was KNOWN, 5 mos in advance, individual mandate would be extended? Because I wouldn’t leap to that conclusion.

        Then again, I’m just a ‘sheeple, propagandized’ so WTHDIK (Google that too)

      • strayaway

        Ah, depression. Well, we got past W. Bush. That wasn’t fun either. Just more of the same with Obama. The same money preselected both for us. No thanks, I don’t want to start taking handfuls of blue pills.

        -Not because you support the (un)ACA. It’s because you(not just you personally) don’t seem to grasp how we got into a situation where the (un)ACA could even be perceived as reasonable relief.

        It should have been considered a strong possibility five months in advance had there been honest communications between Senate Democrats and the President. Cruz figured out what Senate Democrats were unable to.

      • Sandy Greer

        >I don’t want to start taking handfuls of blue pills.

        Couldn’t you smoke something, instead? I hear Libertarians are good for that. Might do something for those Negative Vibes, too. 😉

        I do see the ACA as reasonable; the next best thing to Single Payer. But I think we’ll get there someday, so I’m content with baby steps.

        Don’t think it matters how we got ‘into a situation’ that’s been a long time coming and has no single answer/explanation.

        We are where we are. And I’m eminently practical.

      • strayaway

        Sandy, You are still looking for an equivalent of a Matrix blue pill to mellow people opposed to going full speed into an iceberg field irregardless of how we got into that situation. I would prefer to cautiously back out of the ice pack instead of trying to navigate through it. Once out, the first two thing I would do is allow lawyer free cost health care options and the second is to remove the federal government from its own activities that caused health costs to spiral. Outside of health care, I would impose import taxes and reduce legal and especially illegal immigration so US workers pay would go up so more Americans could afford health care even at today’s prices. Also, I’m fine with Vermont, or any other state, pursuing single payer or whatever plan they chose, without expensive federal interference.

      • Sandy Greer

        Well, you’re right about the ‘mellow’, though I don’t see the iceberg you do. Ice packs, maybe. But I’ve seen seals sunning themselves on ice floes (their refuge) so I know they can be navigated.

        I can’t/don’t disagree with anything you’ve said (save our visions of Healthcare, of course) And appreciate your furtherance of my understanding of your position.

        I just don’t see the sense in debating your ‘vision’ of Healthcare, when that is not reality. Were it reality, that would be different. But it’s not. I told you, I’m eminently practical.

        That’s where the ‘mellow’ comes in. It allows one to let go of fantasy, and choose reality, instead. 😉

      • strayaway

        Those were Sirens sunning themselves.

      • Sandy Greer

        Clever. But no.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        easy for white trash crybabies such as you to espouse………….how about the poor and elderly who don’t have any money to pay the ripoff of staying healthy when issues ( especially kids) arise? maybe they should work harder? after all; those 75 hr work weeks aren’t enough for scumbags such as you to mock many hardworking americans
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and your presidential candidate is????
        :)) :)) :)) :))

      • Don Miller

        Yeah….let’s cut through the bull shit. The ACA although not equal to the second coming of christ has helped millions of people. Do republicans actually believe all of these people that have been helped by the ACA to be lying? The facts that surround the ACA are easily found but you must at least be curious enough or concerned enough to do a little research. You have to know where your facts are coming from. It has been proven that only 8% of what Fox reports is truthful. The ACA is working better than anticipated and has touched so many lives in a positive way.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        8 %???
        oh ! yes!! those commercials on FOX “news”!! they do raise that number to 8%
        ……………… I did forget them :))

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        affordable healthcare act
        ……my girlfriend just signed up for aca
        her premiums? zeeeero
        prescriptions: zeeeero
        ,doctor visit? ( zeeeero) ,,,specialists 25.oo
        max to hospital ( er) 1500.oo
        so– pray tell: whats UN affordable here
        (NOTE: I remain a self pay as I have always paid for all my stuff- including major shoulder surgery ( 6700.oo) 7 yrs ago and ruptured quadriceps tendon(knee) 2600.oo 2 1/2 yrs ago. ( sports keep ya looking grand but kills athletes occasioanally)
        so– pray tell: whats YOUR ( and the avant garde “libertarian” ) view as to fixing this (un)deplorable aca???

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        again: and this is for 75 bonus points:
        what government branch(s) can shutdown federal govt?

        (A) supreme court
        (B) individual states working together in majority vote
        (C) house of representatives
        (D) senate
        (E) presidency
        (F) >>>> Vatican<<<<<
        and your singular answer is?

      • Tex

        “Republican House members including Cruz …” Well, there goes any iota of credibility you might have had.

      • strayaway

        You are correct. Cruz is a Senator and not a House member. Let me reword that. “Republican House members, perhaps inspired by Seantor Cruz, passed a budget requiring the end of the (un)ACA.” My point remains that Democrats are more responsible for the shutdown than was Senator Cruz. Whereas House Republicans made major compromises, Democrats made zero compromises and the government consequently shut down while the Senate sat on a compromise bill passed by the House. Whereas Clinton could work out deals with Gingrich, Obama cannot work out deals with a relatively milk toast Boehner. Obama is in most ways a failure. The outlandish kicker was that Obama, with his magical pen and phone, went ahead and delayed implementing the same things, Democrats shut down the government for when Republicans preposed the same. What a bunch of hypocrites and liars.

      • Tex

        Now you’re just delusional! You’re guano-psychotic, and I’m through. It’s pointless to try arguing with a whack-job.

      • Don Miller

        Are you just realizing how useless it is to even make an attempt to have a fact based discussion with a republican? Just read their silly shit and it becomes clear they are clueless. They can spout facts that support their narrow views but nobody else seems to be able to locate their so called facts. Then again we’re talking about people who actually believe the Flintstones was a documentary .

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        house of representatives has SOLE power to ‘shut down” GOVT
        U lose

      • Kevin Kuhn

        The irony is you think we don’t all recognize you as a paid Fox commenter.

      • strayaway

        Careful, you are revealing that you aren’t able to discern libertarianism from Fox’s neocon viewpoint.

      • AuntySocial

        There is a difference? Colour me shocked.

      • strayaway

        Based on your last two posts, you probably wouldn’t get it.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        based upon all of your posts U—as do ALL “libertarians”——- remain loosely allied with regressive tea party trash ( ergo: always ONLY on FOX “news”,,,,,,,,never on another network)

      • Sandy Greer

        From what I understand, Libertarians care more for the Constitution and individual freedom than do the Republicans and/or Neocons.

        Republicans only seem to care about the Second Amendment.

        One big difference I see is Libertarians are more Isolationist. While Neocons see the entire world as their playpen, with a God-given right to have a finger in every pie.

        You’d be hard-pressed to find a Neocon OR Republican who favors legalization/decriminalization of drugs. Libertarians put the California Marijuana Initiative on the ballot way back in 1972, and have been behind it ever since.

        Shocking; simply shocking.

      • strayaway

        In contrast to libertarians, neocons support a more powerful central government, meddling in other nations’ affairs, expanding police state powers, are ok with expanding federal debt, are liberal-lite with respect to sodial welfare, promoting corporatism, support undeclared wars especially those related to defending Israel or oil, and are more prone to legally uphold traditional morality than libertarians. Some neoconservative movement founders were former Democrats which why neocon policies are more like those of status quo Democrats.

        Libertarians are more like the Kucinich branch of the Democratic Party with respect to avoiding wars, fighting the encroaching police state, opposing corporatism, and protecting constitutional civil liberties.

      • Sandy Greer

        Agree, some Neocon founders were Dems (probably explains the lib-lite social welfare) Agree, some ‘status quo’ Dems may go there.

        But DISAGREE Neocons are more in sync with Dems than GOP, if that is what you infer. If not, no issues.

        And, of course, I disagree ENTIRELY with your premise of an ‘expanding, encroaching, police state’. It’s a popular charge, bandied about often by Haters on The Right. I suspect it has more to do with seeing a ‘bogey man’ in President Obama than anything else.

        ^^^It’s distinctly, and utterly, distasteful.

      • strayaway

        I meant instead to suggest that mainstream Democrats have more in common with neocon Republicans than either group has with libertarians and also that libertarians have more in common with the Nader/Kucinich/ Chis Hedges type Democrats than they do with neocons. Going back to 2008, for instance, Ron Paul voted with Dennis Kucinich more often than with John McCain.

        After all the Snowden revelations, Mr. Clapper lying to Congress, the seemingly more frequent videos and stories of police running amuck shooting, beatings, arresting people for taking pictures, the frequency of swat raids on houses, swat team raids on wrong houses, pictures of militarized police, and the wholesale ignoring of the 4th Amendment, I’m surprised anyone can’t recognize an ‘expanding, encroaching, police state’.

      • Sandy Greer

        Dems have little in common with GOP. Maybe ‘moderate’ Republicans, but they seem few and far between, these days.

        Snowden? I’ve said before I don’t fear my gov’t. Not until/unless Repubs seize control.

        Granted, some police depts have a ‘heavy hand’. But a ‘police state’ implies government control of ‘militarized police’ turned on its citizenry for political control. And I just don’t see that here.

        Soviet Union. Nazi Germany. North Korea. Chile and Cuba (under Pinochet and Batista)

        ^^^THOSE were (and are) ‘police states’.

        HERE, Repubs (The Right) are free to get a ‘hate on’ for President Obama. YOU are free to infer he’s a ‘dictator’.

        But for all the nasty insinuations bandied about WRT our president, NONE of you fear jack-booted thugs kicking in your door at midnight – where you vanish into the night, and are never heard from again.

        Vicious, hyperbolic, rhetoric is not The Right Thing, at all.

      • strayaway

        Mainstream Democrats have a lot in common with mainstream Republicans who are presently led by neocons. Go through the list I cited, “neocons support a more powerful central government, meddling in other nations’ affairs, expanding police state powers, are ok with expanding federal debt, are liberal-lite with respect to social welfare, promoting corporatism, support undeclared wars especially those related to defending Israel or oil.” In every case, there is a basic harmony. Sure mainstream Republicans and democrats disagree with abortion, burning flags and a bunch of other things the 1% don’t care about but they agree on the direction of the big ticket issues above because thats where they get their money from. What I’m trying to say is that libertarians and an increasingly diminished portion of Democrats often have more in common then either group has with the mainstream. Really, do you think Hillary is going to change the direction of foreign policy or challenge the mega-bankers?

        Also, I didn’t say we were a police state on a par with North Korea. I mentioned the direction in which we were going. This began before Obama although I sense it accelerating. I recommend listening to “Naomi Wolf – The End of America”. (48min.) Don’t worry, she is a liberal. You are allowed to listen to her.

      • Sandy Greer

        Oddly enough, Hillary Clinton was my immediate thought, when you spoke earlier about ‘status quo’ Dems. I agree, she’s a Hawk. But here’s the difference, and it’s a big one:

        Repubs are Haters. The Right ‘hates’: It’s what they do, and they do it better than anyone else. Obama, poor, gays, minorities…too many others. Party of No is at their ‘best’ when denying somebody (generally less fortunate, and/or ‘different’) SOMEthing.

        It’s what’s in a heart, that counts. The Right scorns ‘bleeding heart Liberals’ for a REASON: Libs CARE; GOP doesn’t. But:

        >Don’t worry, she is a liberal. You are allowed to listen to her.

        ^^^Do I detect contempt, again? Am I, once again, a ‘propagandized sheep’, in need of a good education, and you only too happy to help?

        I may be many things, but masochist is not one of them. I think we’re done here. Quite obviously, I need to bring myself up to ‘speed’ to be on your level. Begs the question, though:

        Why do you waste your time on Ignorance like mine?

      • strayaway

        Ah, but democrats have their share of haters too. Just read the things people on this site say about Cruz, Palin, Bachman, …me. They don’t like Bible thumpers, white males in some cases, or liberty for starters. Liberals like to imagine they care but but caring results in Detroit, Camden, ongoing wars, the erosion of the middle class, and continuing Bush’s policies. With CARE like that, who needs enemies?

        You aren’t ignorant. It just hasn’t hit you yet.I don’t know, for instance, how many times I read the 10th Amendment before I understood it. The reason was that when something doesn’t fit everything else, it’s very difficult to take it in. Hope you will have time to listen to Wolf. I think she is batter at making a case than I am.

      • Sandy Greer

        Cruz/Palin spoke at a TPug rally outside the White House, wherein the Confed flag was waved, proudly. And a hating, Birther bigot said our president is a Muslim, on his knees, to Allah, 5x per day. Cruz/Palin, as leaders, could have ‘led’ their followers to a better way. But they spoke not a word against the Haters, Bigots, and Birthers within TPug ranks. Either they lack Courage to speak against Hate/Bigotry, or they ‘pander’, or they agree.

        You. Yes, I see. IMO you acquit yourself well, ignoring Trolls. I see what you’re about, and I respect that – or I would not converse with you, at length, as I have (I even like some of your posts, not that you do the same w/mine, but that’s beside the point) The only ‘issue’ (since you brought it up) is in your 1st Reply to phantomreader, below: You paraphrased him, incorrectly (“So what you are saying…”) He objected; responded in kind, only worse. An escalation, which could have been averted, had your initial post been different.

        We have to agree to disagree WRT Police State. Here’s the thing: My best friend is a 9-11 Truther. He could talk me blue in the face till my eyes glaze over – if I allow it. I don’t. I’ve conversed with Birthers (an experience!) and RWNJs who think Obama the Root of All Evil. Many others, many agendas. One thing you all have in common is you are absolutely convinced you are right and I am wrong.

        The ‘mellow’ in me recognizes impasses, and knows I’m better off not beating my head against brick walls.

        So, I respect you. But I can’t go there. You be sure to have a good day. And thanx for the avatar. 😉

      • strayaway

        I remember that photo of the guy nobody seemed to know and no one bothered to interview. Do you know who he was? I was curious about that and the fact that although he appeared in every liberal publication no one was curious to find out who he really was. I am unaware of any wholesale hate on display at tea party rallies. Most prisoners are Democrats but I don’t presume that all Democrats are criminals. There is the occasional individual with a flag or hateful sign at tea party rallies and you shouldn’t similarly conclude that all tea party participants are driven by hate. I’m not a truther or birther. I’m more of an agnostic open to convincing evidence I have not yet heard.The avatar was part of the photo at the end of the roll showing background clouds that I copied, blew up, and centered. It was at the end of a roll. Some light reached and discolored the negative.

      • Sandy Greer

        Larry Klayman, of Freedom Watch. His org can give interviews if/when they want; his voice is not silenced; he doesn’t need a special platform.

        I misspoke. It was at the WW2 & Lincoln Memorials, rather than the White House (tho, I HAVE seen the Confed flag outside the White House)

        Point is, ‘leaders’ should have the Courage to speak against Hate/Bigotry – IF they care, and/or don’t wish their org be ‘tainted’. Palin/Cruz condone/pander, at the very LEAST.

        I found Tea Party interesting at first. Not to join, or even attend, but as a grass-roots effort, to see where it went. I remember the Peace-niks, and what we accomplished, WRT Vietnam.

        But TP has morphed into Ugliness precisely BECAUSE ‘leaders’ like Palin/Cruz don’t speak against Hate/Bigotry. But pander instead – if they don’t actually believe/agree themselves.

        ^^^I would not associate with that. Then again, I don’t presume “most prisoners are Democrats” simply because they vote that way.

        ^^^And offer RINOs as evidence. 😉

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey chowderhead—————- what PCT% of tea party rally patrons are NON Caucasian?

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        Just have to butt in here for a second. It’s interesting to read your posts–you and Sandy Greer. Both of you seem intelligent and knowledgeable about your subject. I just want to say what the scariest thing is to me with the republican party as it is right now and that is the extreme conservative religiousness that is happening. In this country, where people are supposed to have the freedom to choose as they believe as far as religion is concerned, we are seeing the hatred coming from the right because they think that how “we” are believing is WRONG since it’s not what THEY believe! I’m almost 75 years old and this is the first time I have ever felt this concerned with a group of men coming into power that want nothing more than to control how women are treated whether it’s pay or how they dress, why they got raped , or how they should plan their families. Ok—-I’m outta here but just had to throw this in. Thanks.

      • strayaway

        I think that your fears are a little off base for the following reasons. Neocons have and still dominate the Republican Party. They throw some scraps to religious conservatives but never really give them what they want. They cause wars and hog our nation’s wealth. The religious conservatives, and there is quite a range amongst them, never take the lead except in an occasional community. They are, much like black people in Detroit relative to the Democratic Party establishment, tagalongs who are fed promises and receive only scraps. An interesting thing in the Republican Party is the rise of libertarianism which is very tolerant, almost indifferent, toward religions , and marriage options. Libertarians are seen as a threat to establishment neocons so there is a turf war going on between aging dominant neocons and upstart younger libertarians for the soul of the Party. Libertarians offer, on the one hand, freedoms to the religious but on the other, will not promote any religion.

        The Tea Party , I think, is largely a an amorphous boogieman that can be anything anyone imagines it to be sometimes controlled by big money, sometimes characterized by an individual’s flag or poster. It is generally anti-establishment but not particularly libertarian.

        I oppose the mainstream Republican Party and prefer the more constitutional and libertarian based minority options within the Republican Party that are, unfortunately, almost non-existent in the Democratic Party at the federal level.

      • strayaway

        Two of the new Republican Senators are women. Republicans have given social conservatives very little for all their loyalty. They get strung along sort of like blacks in by Democratic Party. I’m not suggesting your concerns aren’t warranted but I think they are exaggerated by Democratic fear mongering strategy.

        My concerns about the Republican Senate takeover is that there may now be more pressure to build the Keystone Pipeline, support for EV technology will evaporate, and new Republican Senators might be more supportive of hostilities toward Iran.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and whats funniest is we giggle at the libertarian “party”
        but– you already know that

      • tonton

        Except that Kucinich doesn’t want to close vital parts of government like the FDA and the EPA, doesn’t want to end social security and medicare, doesn’t oppose a liveable minimum wage…

        Comparing Kucinich to Libertarians is asinine.

      • strayaway

        I should have written “constitutional libertarians” instead of just “libertarians” because an absolute libertarian is an anarchist and because there are some constitutional libertarians but no anarchists in the Republican Party. Libertarianism is the opposite of authoritarianism. We all place ourselves along that spectrum. The libertarian end of the spectrum doesn’t seem to be your comfort zone. What I wrote was, “Libertarians are more like the Kucinich branch of the Democratic Party with respect to avoiding wars, fighting the encroaching police state, opposing corporatism, and protecting constitutional civil liberties.” Please note that I used the qualifier “with respect to”.

        I did not include your list of agencies suggesting you misread what I wrote but, for fun, I’ll delve into those things you mentioned. I don’t know of any serious attempt to derail Social Security. Of course, Clinton shook the coins out of the Social Security piggy bank and replaced them with IOU’s but that was to “balance the budget” and not to do in Social Security during, at least, his administration. Under Obama, some federal government workers’ pension funds were similarly raided It was the biggest attack on Social Security to date. Ron Paul suggested having private alternatives but always commented that Social Security should make good its promises to everyone who paid into it. You might find some issue with Paul’s proposal but if government has a huge shortfall it was Clinton’s action rather than Paul’s proposal that will cause a Social Security funding shortfall.

        The federal government does have the power to regulate many interstate activities including pollution leaving one state and affecting another state whether under the EPA or some other agency or law. The EPA however shouldn’t, in my opinion, have the power to control all land use at the local level by leveraging water related definitions as it is proposing.

        The FDA performs a lot of worthy legitimate functions including determining the safety if imported Chinese foods and testing the viability of drugs crossing state lines. However, the FDA has exceeded its function by regulating intrastate food and drugs. Also, the FDA is too controlled by the corporatist interests of pharmaceutical and other firms such as Monsanto. Why should, for instance, Americans not be allowed to purchased the same drug from Canada for half the price?

        I think that like any Democrat, including Kucinich, and many Republicans, you choose to ignore the 10th Amendment. If a given state, for instance, wants to have legalize medical or recreational marijuana or allow dying cancer patients to use experimental drugs made in that state, what right does the FDA or any other federal agency have to come in and override such state laws? Such actions are an affront to liberty, local governance, and sometimes life.

      • Sandy Greer

        We got called back to this thread by the same person. You answered well enough for us both, I think.

        Interesting, and enlightening, reading our debate here again. A lot has changed between then and now – for me. I ‘get it’ now.

        I like, and respect, your ‘constitutional’ Libertarians. I could go there.

        What I said in 10 Questions was true. Watch your back. I probably should do the same.

        Don’t know if we’ll meet again. So taking this opportunity to express my enormous respect for you. I see what you’re about. More knowledge is always a good thing – and you have contributed more to mine than you know.

        It’s been a real pleasure, for me. Fare thee well.

      • strayaway

        You unduly flatter me but thanks. I don’t complain about what goes on here because I am here voluntarily. Mr. Clifton, or whomever is in charge here, makes this place available (thank you) and I accept it on his terms. I could always start my own similar site if I wasn’t so lazy or cared more. I can’t remember ever having anything deleted here except when I’ve tried to include links. If that is a term of the owner here, I’m fine with that. The only thing close to censorship I’ve experienced here is sometimes my posts go directly to the bottom of everyone else’s and probably not because my opinions are weighty. Again, I don’t own this site and the owner(s) should be entitled to do what they want with their property. This, after all, isn’t a lunch counter in the deep south.

        As for personal intolerance for not toeing the line, that is part of politics I think. A couple of days ago, I was called out as a liberal for saying something less than complementary about Bush on a more right wing site. I get lambasted for defending EV technology once in a while. I once set up an account on freerepublic and lost my posting privileges there after posting my first post. The moderators there were much less tolerant than here at this site.

      • tonton

        Libertarians also want to repeal or privatise basic and necessary functions of government. Doing so would lead to the same effect it had in Somalia. Mad Max.

        Radical Libertarianism is massively dangerous, and completely idiotic.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        even loser libertarians KNOW who shut it down,,,so do not flatter yourself

      • charleo1

        Well, whatever they are paying him, it’s too much.

      • AuntySocial

        Democrats don’t have enough votes in the house to shut down the government. The Republicans own the shut down.

      • strayaway

        Hey Einstein, it got stuck in the Senate no the House.

      • phantomreader42

        The Republicans publicly BRAGGED that they were going to force a shutdown. They BRAGGED about it until the instant it became inconvenient. Then they tried to rewrite history. The GOP is a pack of shameless, sociopathic liars, and anyone who believes their bullshit is dumber than the average rock.

      • strayaway

        So what you are saying is that you have no arguments except calling Republicans names to make about Senate Democrats allowing the government to shut down instead of temporarily delaying the implementation of (un)ACA mandates, which Obama went ahead and did anyway.

      • Randelamerican

        Cruz himself is on video explaining how to shut down the government and blame it on Obama before it all went down. Google it.

      • strayaway

        So Cruz controls one vote out of 100 in a Democratic dominated Senate but somehow he stopped the Senate in its tracks? Amazing!

      • Randelamerican

        You are willfully blind. If you think Cruz is looking out for you then you are duped as well. The Libertarians think that it’s an every man for himself world or wish it to be. It’s not. As for the encroaching police state, look into the other votes of Cruz and how he votes to put government in just about everything including a woman’s vagina. He is all about control and infamy. You think Obama is a dictator? What do you think Cruz would do? I shutter at the idea. Come on down to Texas and get a taste of Republican control. It has hurt a whole lot of people and disenfranchised even more.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hes a crybaby

      • strayaway

        Did I mention Cruz as being a libertarian or are you having a reading problem?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey punk,,,,meet me

      • phantomreader42

        So what you’re saying is that you will continue to falsely blame Democrats for something Republicans publicly BRAGGED they were going to do . You will continue repeating the same incredibly stupid lie, no matter how many times it’s refuted, no matter how painfully obvious it is that you never gave a flying FUCK about the truth. What you are saying is that reality is utterly irrelevant to you, and no force in all the Universe will ever convince you to even consider telling the truth. What you’re saying is that you are PROUD to be a pathological liar

      • strayaway

        You are confusing bragado with accomplishment. House Republicans only asked for two things after they compromised about 95% of the way with their second budget bill attempt. Senate Democrats refused ANY compromise. Time ran out. The Emperor has no clothes. You are a fool.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        actually the way the tea party crybaby white trash repubs blew it and shut down the govt made THEM look like “fools”
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but: Boehner is wrong there also??

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        read our charter: ONLY the house can shutdown our govt. keep crying; u infantile loser–
        NOTE: im tototally NON violent but would LUV to meet you with no witness around

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        if I “allow” an asshole driver in traffic to speed by me and get a ticket,,,,,,
        who is responsible for the ticket?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey orifice; care to wager my 50K cash against your 100 dollars as to who has sole power to shut down OUR federal govt???
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we love small dicked losers such as U who show that micropenile status

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey brainiac; which branch of govt has EXCLUSIVE power to shutdown our federal government?
        (NOTE: its laughable how U either do NOT answer these very simple inquiries or spin them differently)

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        please read my post to that FOX “news” watching–and quoting— crybaby strayaway

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        please excuuuuuse my insolence here:
        ” hey assssssssswhole” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ( yes: strayaway anal orifice) the REPUBLICAN (led) house of representatives has the ONLY F*CKING power to shut down government. now– all of us well informed DO know that anal orifice!!
        however——— we also re ignite truths by allowing the humans who can read to READ the fact: ONLY the house has the weaponry/capability to (financially) shut our federal GOVT down.
        please wipe yourself with vigor

      • Nancy Snead

        strayaway on what planet ru besides not having a brain its those repukes including teddy who shut the government down that tried to stop everything trying to abolish the health care law but ha ha it didn’t work now over 7million r on it but those repukes and t pukes so crazyand just plain dumb will not ever accept that fact[ I feel sorry for u believing liers and all in the end if u continue to believe there lies falsehoods u will loose all ur god given rights

      • strayaway

        7 million are not “on it”. The claim is that 7.1M have signed up although, the last I heard, about 15% of them have not followed through with any payments to date and that included some of the 4-5M Americans who lost their existing policies because of the (un)ACA. I laid out the case for why it would be more accurate to say that Democrats were more responsible for shutting down the government. Name calling is a poor substitute for facts Nancy. We are loosing our rights under Obama Nancy but that is a different issue.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        republicans shut down govt ( see: house of representatives having that power SOLELY) showing their fiscal prudence ( 24.1 BILLION)
        you lose

      • strayaway

        No, Democrats shut down the government. House Republicans first trie to eliminate the (un)ACA which Senate Democrats would not consider. House Republicans responded with a follow up budget bill which only would have ended the (un)ACA’s new medical equipment tax and postponed one part of the (un)ACA for one year. Senate Democrats sat on that compromise until time ran out causing government to shut down. If you are suggesting that Republicans roll over and do whatever Democrats want and that compromise does not exist while Democrats run the Senate, then you would be correct. However, since Republicans were only holding out on two issues and democrats let time run out without forwarding even a last minute compromise then Democrats are more responsible for shutting down the government. The irony is that after Democrats shut down the government, Obama postponed that same part of the (un)ACA for a year and Democrats didn’t say a word. So the only issue that separated Democrats and Republicans if Obama had been planning to legislate delays by executive order remained the tax on medical equipment which, incidentally, will be passed on to people making less than $200,000/year thus breaking that promise.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        wrong answer– the HOUSE is the ONLY legislative body allowed to ‘shut down’ our govt.
        u lose again

      • strayaway

        That must be in the Democratic Party’s make rules as you go along or whatever is most convenient playbook. The fact remains that given the President delaying parts of the (Un)ACA for a year (assuming he let some Democratic Senators know he planned to do that), the House passing a budget bill, and the Senate sitting on it letting the clock run out until the deadline, that the only thing standing in the way of the budget bill reaching the President was the Senate refusing to compromise on the medical devise tax.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        I am appreciative that at least U KNOW that the (repub led) HOUSE is the body which ONLY can shutdown GOVT.
        you win a cookie

      • bob

        how foolish do you have to be to “THINK” the democrats shut down the government, when the GOP was harping about doing it for a year! (guess you don’t read much)…

      • strayaway

        bob, You failed to make your point. Harping about something does not equal doing something. House Republicans actually did something. They submitted a compromise bill that amounted to face saving. Senate Democrats refused to compromise one bit and let the House budget bill die by letting the clock run out. Then it got even better. After Democrats shut down the government, they punished regular Americans with little thing like closing parks, closing veterans’ monuments, refusing priests to say mass even for free. Of course, essential government services like the Senate gym stayed open. There are over 195 House passed bills that died when they arrived at the Senate as of last March, thirty one of them written by Democrats. Maybe the Senate will be able to function again after todays election.

      • bob

        I see not kowtowing to an ultimatum is your idea of liability. Hmmmm…..

      • strayaway

        bob, Now that Senator Reid and his gang of obstructionists have been dealt a blow, bills will find there way all the way to the President’s desk.

    • Lee

      Originally, it WAS their idea. No take-backsies, even when the winds of approval eventually start to blow and a majority approves of the ACA.

    • Nemisis

      If you look at the voting record…the house was for it. Even Boehner and Bachmann voted for it. Along with 416 other house members.
      Every GOP in the Senate voted no.

    • Carla Stixs

      It was their idea and plan.

    • Cathryn Sykes

      Hell, they are doing that kind of thing now! I’m seeing GOPers “making nice” all over the internet, “rethinking their positions” on everything from the ACA to raising the minimum wage to gay marriage. Two words; Election Year! Don’t believe a thing these people say between now and when the polls close. Judge them on one thing alone: Their RECORD over the last six years!

  • Wingsfan81

    He also got schooled on his own facebook page when he asked on the 4 year anniversary of the law were you better off. For every no answer there are dozens of yes answers with story after story on how it has saved peoples lives, how people that could never get insurance are now covered, how after finally getting insurance and being able to go to the doctor people found out they had life threatening conditions that would have gone on unchecked until it was too late.

  • dutch163

    when he says “, “We need to delink health insurance from employment” what he is REALLY describing is single-payer…universal healthcare..as he enjoyed in Canada as a young child….

  • Life’sABitch

    Boy, if Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann had kids together, they would be the stupidest things to walk this earth.

    • Kevin Kuhn

      I always assumed they were demon spawn from a Bush/Reagan genetic mix to begin with. I’m sure there is some incest thrown in there as well, judging by their obvious lack of mental capacity.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      I don’t think his stupidity is ‘coupled’ with poor taste in women
      now— palin? I would empty my nuts in her

      • TheSotSays

        Still dreaming about getting your nuts back are you?
        Too bad they’re still laying in the parking lot in front of that queer bar where your mother slammed the truck door on them.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        ur creativity is stellar!! did U engage some 4th graders or whip that splendid epithet all on your own?
        NOTE: I will submit that your testes are used on a sometimes dual daily basis!!! internet porn be thy deity!

      • TheSotSays

        You’re too late to get your nuts back. A medium size palmetto cockroach found them laying in the parking lot and claimed them as his own, they were just the right size.


      • moe/larry & curly keys

        5th grade!
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy the liberal progression of america
        white trash cockroaches on the regressive Christian side are vanishing

      • TheSotSays

        You know the cockroach that picked up your nuts in the parking lot? It died this morning of HIV.

        Enjoy your 7760.while you can.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        up more today– did u notice what bidu and pcln and fb did today? ( rick didn’t do much ,,,,so–)
        keep crying: im investing in pampers and Kleenex as the regressive crybaby white trash republicans will be going thru a TON in the time approaching.
        stay away from isrg– I bought 5 april 375’s at 80.20 ( fucking expensive !!) but its due for a rally– 2 to 3 day and Im done
        im sorry— am I speaking an arcane language U donnnnn’ understand??
        poor white trash repub– praise jeeeesus

  • Mike Louis Tennant

    Kinda sounds like he might like Single Payer. Decouple insurance from our shitty employers entirely.

  • bailey78

    Cruz & Palin 2016 !

    • Kevin Kuhn

      That’s what parents threaten their kids with to get them to behave.

    • dljen

      That’s a sure win for the Demmies!

      • bailey78

        yep that’s what i’m thinking.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      ” im Hillary Clinton,,,,,and I approve that message”

      • bailey78

        Thank Ya Ma’am I do what I can 🙂

  • Wendy TwarDokus

    He wants government out of what happens between you and your doctor, but God help you if you are female! He is beyond reason! The Cruz clown needs to get his citizenship together and decided is he American or Canadian. Most of prefer for Canada to take him, but that isn’t fair either. Cruz just stop!

    • Highwayqueen

      NOoooooo we don’t want him back in Canada… we have enough right wing idiots here,,, namely our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper…

      • Wendy TwarDokus

        Too Funny Highwayqueen! Do ya think we can ship him to Cuba?

      • Highwayqueen

        Cuba sounds good… maybe Gitmo…

  • Eddie Krebbs

    I must differ with the article : those were rather softball questions. But agree that it is hilarious that he can’t even answer the most basic question except to say we need to do what the ACA has already done.

    • Randelamerican

      Cruz almost never answers a question but uses it to launch into his pre rehearsed rhetoric. He is not stupid and doggedly stays on message. I think that’s why people like him. He relentlessly attacks Obama at every opportunity that a mic is before him and he coddles the holy rollers. He is a fascist looking for power.

  • yewzernayme

    Such amazing critical analysis from a poly sci grad on his own webpage. You even founded your own facebook page! The cure for kool-aid poisoning is TEA.

    • Sue Roediger

      ahh ….but I do believe you tea (TEA) is laced with Koch Kool-Aid.

  • Liz Alber Johnson

    I must say, Obamacare is NOT cheap. If I lost my job I don’t think I’d be able to afford it.

    • sdsue

      Which is why it’s based on your income!

  • AuntySocial

    If they don’t like it called Obamacare they should call it by its real name Affordable Care Act or ACA. Wasn’t that easy?

  • klcommand

    I think it’s hilarious that Republican party doesn’t like the name that they gave the affordable health care act. That’s all I have to say everything else has been talked to death

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    Ted Cruz always looks like he wants to sell me a used car…..

  • MLR

    Ted Cruz is hard to look at without making me nauseous. It frightens me that people actually exist that voted for this guy and think he’s so great. And I can’t believe FOX News actually asked a hard question. Wow!

  • ez2find

    wrong, if an employer offers health insurance and the your co-pay is less than 9% of your pay, you’re are required to take it…….

  • Patricia Robertson

    When Ted Cruz came on the scene he thought he was going to be the one to take the president down, it is like a game to the republicans and teaparty. They all take turns to see who can him down that is how much they hate him,instead of working with him to get things done they would work against him aand the country. Who would have thought they would have let their hate go this far because a black man was elected president sure we knew they wouldn’t like it but we never thought they would carry on the way they are acting now. Blacks don’t act this way with all the white presidents we have had but guess that is because they are suppose to be presidents but we are a country of mix races and it is only fair that everyone deserves the chance to be president regardless of race, religious, gender lgbt. The white house belongs to all the people not just to the white race and the electing of this president proved that the american people are no longer afraid to vote for who they truly want regardless of what party they are with. That means if therepublicans have a responsible black person who should be president,vice president then they would get elected but until the republicans change their ways they will never let a republican have a miniorty republican be president, it is still not in them. So until then it look like the dem will be the ones who will be electing the miniorties, females or lgbt for president or vice president.

  • Robert W Crowley

    He will NEVER be President of the of US. He will slowly fade away.

  • msdeb

    Moron! I find it appalling that here is a guy voting on our laws and policies and he has no clue what is spewing from his mouth. How in the heck did he get elected? Surely people are not that stupid.

  • Lisa

    Cruz is a Bozo, however, I do have a question. I know ppl do support the single payor system where healthcare is divorced from employment – I do see a small upside to that, However – & this is a big however (w/out using shouty caps) the downside as I foresee it, is this si one more cost us, the regular middle class worker, who have had our wages/pay slowly degraded over the past decades – this is one more burden. If this benefit is taken away, employers will NOT make up in salary what they had been paying in benefits. Translation, more middle class workers will fall heavier in debt. I welcome a discussion about this – has anyone else thought of this? Does anyone have another view point?

  • Tamaracboy

    “YCFS _ You Can’t Fix Stupid”

  • Jan from Wisconsin

    Mr. Clifton you missed the elephant in the room, which is; as a member of ALEC, he is advocating that employers no longer pay for portions of their employees health insurance. Privatize, privatize, privatize. Lowers the tax burden for corporations, who don’t believe they should pay for anything. We, the middle class, should bear the total cost of health insurance, education, infrastructure, property taxes, utilities etc., for the privilege of having them operating and earning huge profits in our country. We need to look past this man’s sleazy persona and see the truth he is revealing to us.

  • Ted Cruz is smart enough to know that the people who listen to him are dumb enough to believe whatever lies he tells them. The fools here are ourselves. We know every dirty trick in the GOPT playbook, and yet they still get away with them.

    • Jess L Calloway

      You are onto something here. He has a lot of dummies supporting him. But, he is slick and smart. The way he frames and presents arguments are idiotic to intelligent people. But people of moderate intelligence might be convinced. Like framing Citizens United as censoring free speech on SNL. Like a travel ban on Israel, because rockets landing near airport, being an embargo. Weird arguments about religion. These slick arguments and a hatred of the president could be a vote. I think he is scum, but he does understand messaging and propaganda.

      • A stupid person’s idea of what a smart guy sounds like? It wouldn’t be a first in the GOP.

  • katherine norton malek

    This politician wannabe is in the business of building his own brand. He’s done NOTHING except put his mug in front of a mic. He rarely shows up for info sessions or votes. He’s made a nationally recognized name for himself solely by criticizing, insulting & disrespecting the Office of the POTUS. Other than that, he has not ONE accomplishment next to his name. Belongs in Hollywood, not DC.

  • Frank Hoffman

    Cruz et al. reveal time and time again that what they really hate about “Obamacare” is the “Obama” part.

    (PS: people come in numbers, not amounts.)

  • Carla Stixs

    When you say Obamacare sucks, remember that it was created by the Heritage Foundation.

    When you say Obamacare sucks, remember that it was pushed for by Newt Gingrich in the ’90’s. Individual Mandate Chuck Grassley

    When you say Obamacare sucks, remember that it was implemented at the state level by Mitt Romney. Who also wanted it to be implemented nationally. And who you then nominated to challenge President Obama just last year.

    In other words, it was YOUR PLAN. If you should be angry about anything, it should be that President Obama and the Democrats stole credit for your idea.

    When you say that Obamacare sucks, you’re saying that your plans suck. You’re saying that Republicans have terrible, horrible, disastrous ideas which should never be put into effect.

    What you’re saying, Republicans, is that shutting down the U.S. Federal Government is less damaging to America than enacting your ideas.

    What you’re saying, Republicans, is that destroying the U.S. economy and pushing the world into a global depression is less damaging to humanity than enacting your ideas.

    If that’s the message you want to keep sending, by all means…please proceed.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    They don’t even know what the ACA does. They attack it–and the President–claim that it’s everything bad, up to and including being a tool of Satan–and they don’t even know how it works! Why do we keep electing these people?

  • John Michael Hutton

    Well that sounds like what an ignorant and uninformed person would think which does descrbe Cruz, don’t you think? Deport that idiot back to Canada, oh, they don’t want him back? Well, then send him and his old man back to Cuba. A marriage made in Hell.

  • alphadeus

    The right fight against the rights of the people, they should really be called the left cos if they had their way people would be left with nothing…all the people but them and those who will employ them for $3.6m the second they get found out then voted out.

  • April

    Get rid of the ACA and replace with a true universal system.

  • cobra614

    Ted Cruz reminds me of someone who goes into a men’s store blindfolded and tries on everything until he finds something that will fit…He has no original thought or ideas…he is only here to criticize and to be a thorn in this president’s side…He represent the TeaParty which means he bows down to the Koch Bros because they fund them even though some say this is not true. His criticism of the ACA is unfounded and has been debunked..Those who are in a ongoing feud with their posting and you know who you are are also making ridiculous assertions about the implementation or the individual mandate but the fact remains, the GOP has nothing, zilch, nada, nothing to replace it. The country is about to given another chance to enroll in November..the last thing we need is more criticism from those who are presenting themselves as trolls without any answers. This country is waaaay better off since the implementation of the ACA…residents of Kentucky love their O********e which is called Kentucky Kinect..Other governors are refusing the mandate at their peril because those same governors are facing severe public scrutiny that may mean the end of their tenure…we shall see….

  • Stephen Barlow

    A) the sequester is the most unpopular law of current times

    B) the draft is the most unpopular law of the last 50 years (modern times)

    Other laws that are less popular than the PPACA

    1) the tax evasion law that allow American companies to offshore and do business in America TAX FREE.

    2) the carried interest law

    3) the Corporate tax code which allows an average business tax bill of 9.9%

    4) The Bush Executive order that allows Halliburton to poison fish and /or children with complete immunity.

    5) Citizen’s United

    6) Hobby lobby

    7) TARP

    8) The election law that allows anonymous political donations.

    9-100) … just fill in the blank with your LEAST favorites.

    The other thing is just SAYING ““We need to delink health insurance from employment so that if you lose your job, you don’t lose your health insurance. Just like you don’t lose your car insurance or life insurance or health insurance or your house insurance. And if you do that, then health insurance becomes personal, portable and affordable. That’s the sort of reform that empowers consumers.” – is NOT ANY KIND OF PLAN!!!!

    It’s a GOAL. It’s also SINGLE PAYER INSURANCE as well as what we have now. A PLAN to replace the PPACA would be VERY SPECIFIC. It would be pages and pages and NOT ONE PAGE EXISTS because NO Republican HAS A PLAN!!!

    The ONLY plan they have, is commit Sedition and Treason by sabotaging the President, and thus the Nation.

  • cestmoi

    This is totally unfair to Sen. Ted Cruz. He was a fool long before this interview.

  • Ceylon Byas

    The rethugs named it “Obamacare” Obama called it the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA). As Obama says, “Obama Cares”. Their naming is what’s got them into trouble. Thinking calling it Obamacare no one would enroll. Asswipes. And Rafael Cruz is the leader

  • Julie Hicks

    On a site like “ForwardProgressive (Read: HippieCommie), why are you still espousing virtues of the Affordable Care Act? This is something Nixon would have had a wet dream about. Poor people being forced to purchase a product from a private enterprise or be fined by the Federal Government? He may have humped his dog’s pillow about that shit.

    I also love the hypocrisy in the name “ForwardProgressive,” You’re all about political correctness, how it’s okay to be a transgender heterosexual male/female, but then you photoshop Ted Cruz’s face to make him look like he’s wearing lipstick as though that should shame him. Hilariously hypocritical.

  • TomTomA

    I watched the video of the interview at the link you provided and I didn’t see him say anything stupid or incorrect. Perhaps you were watching a different video.

  • ChiefBoardOp

    poor fella has hoof in mouth disease only curable with years of intensive closet therapy 25 years in a closed room out of any public exposure to gain maturity..

  • Paulette Huston

    He failed to realize what Green Eggs and Hams signified and now he indadvertedly spouts off support for universal health care without realizing it. Tsk, tsk, little guy. You need to go back to reading class. You really couldn’t make it as a lawyer,could you? Words and sentences have meaning

  • motorfingaz

    This guy is pure evil

  • Moose

    Creepy guy.

  • Michelle Wells

    Cruz is just so f**in stupid!