Ted Cruz is Angry that President Obama Isn’t Arresting Colorado Pot Smokers – Seriously

ted-cruz-weedHard-right conservatives love to talk about states’ rights and quote the 10th Amendment, which reads as follows: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Every single chance they get, out comes the 10th Amendment – when it comes to anything from the Affordable Care Act to even the Common Core States Standards Initiative. Yes, even setting a common educational standard for kids is an egregious act of overreach by the federal government which must be fought at all costs in their minds. After all, any time the federal government tells a state they can’t restrict the rights of someone to vote or that they can’t racially profile people, here comes every expert on the United States Constitution to talk on Fox News about activist judges and federal overreach.

So you’d think that when Colorado decides to do something as long overdue as legalizing marijuana, these same cheerleaders of states’ rights and minimal federal government would respect that decision, right? Wrong. Senator Ted Cruz criticized President Obama for not imprisoning people in Colorado for using cannabis because, while it is perfectly legal for adults over 21 there, it’s still illegal under federal law. Therefore, since it involves one of the three things the Tea Party seem to hates the most (sex, drugs and Obama), obviously the Department of Justice had better get to treading on the state of Colorado’s rights right away. Seriously, here’s what he had to say:

Cruz said the Obama administration should continue imprisoning people for using marijuana until federal law is changed.

“You can go to Congress, you can get a conversation, you could get Democrats and Republicans who would say, ‘We ought to change our drug policy in some way,’ and you could have a real conversation, you could have hearings, you could look at the problem, you could discuss commonsense changes that maybe should happen or shouldn’t happen. This president didn’t do that. He just said, ‘The laws say one thing’ — and mind you these are criminal laws, these are laws that say if you do ‘X, Y, and Z’ you will go to prison. The president announced, ‘No, you won’t.’” (Source)

Ah the GOP. The party of limited government – except when they want it all up in your ovaries, your bedroom and your local marijuana dispensary. You gotta love the hypocrisy.

At least we know Senator Cruz just alienated another segment of the voting public ahead of the 2016 election. It just never ceases to amaze me how blatantly hypocritical these “small government conservatives” can be when it suits them.


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  • debengr

    Must admit, this surprised me. Not sure why, though instant logic probably kicked in. I don’t automatically view events through the GOP/TP lens of States right supreme unless it controls women’s bodies, is drug related, or hurts Obama. Must be very limiting to have to look at these limits before a TPer responds to events instead of using a consistent logical view of the world.

    • Zachary Miller

      Oh yea, Texas, ran by republicans. Low taxes, low gas, and jobs everywhere. So how are all the blue states doing economies faring? Logic? Just look at the numbers. And read my statement above about the Cruz situation. I sure u’ll still argue and then call me names cause all liberals know how to do

    • Bine646

      DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT CRUZ SAID???? Its like a twilight zone here

  • Matthew Helm

    I disagree with you premise. I’m as liberal as they come, and believe Cruz has a point here. Obama COULD have started a conversation about our national drug laws,by eliminating them, and leaving it up for the states to decide what to do within their borders, like Colorado has done.

    • Nic Valle

      That would be the job of congress. Presidents do not write the laws.

      • Matthew Helm

        as George Streeter said – Obama has the power via executive order to reschedule marijuana to a class 3 drug, and available for OTC sales. The President also has a bully pulpit and can steer Congress to debate topics – he doesn’t need to propose any legislation.

      • Freddy

        But why? That’s not his job. That is Cruz’s job.

      • strayaway

        I’m curious. What gives Obama the power via executive orders to reschedule marijuana to a class 3 drug available for OTC sales? Isn’t changing laws, by definition, “legislation”?

      • Matthew Helm

        Perhaps executive order was an oversimplification. But the DEA, an executive cabinet agency, determines which drugs are placed in which categories, not congress. So the Obama Administration, using the DEA, could do this without Congressional approval under the Controlled Substances Act.

      • Zach Smith

        Obama doesn’t write the laws, he just ignores them.

    • bill

      Not Obama’s job…Job of congress….Cruz is a Hispanic Canadian born Tea Party Member….All facts..that should be able to speak to big scary congress by himself

      • Bine646

        If its the job of congress why didnt obama allow them the time to discuss this matter? That was Cruz’s point- there was no discussion w congress

    • gantt4life

      Have you not been listening–it has been bought up by the Pres and DOJ–but simply a conversation, Congress must act.

  • Michael Siever

    These constitutional Republicans only believe in standing up for the following states rights:

    1. Same-sex marriage bans
    2. Abortion bans
    3. Oil drilling rights for Big Oil
    4. Looser gun purchasing laws than federal standards
    5. Voting laws that are favorable to the Republican Party (Gerrymandering, Voter ID laws, mass voter purges that clearly target people who tend to vote Democratic, etc.)
    6. Employers’ rights to use discriminatory practices to hire and fire whoever they feel like, regardless of employees circumstances (disabilities, financial situations, past criminal records, sexual orientation, etc.)

    If you think these bigots care about real people, think again. And most marijuana smokers I know either do it for medical reasons (battling cancer or immune system disorders, like Hepatitis C and Lupus), or for mental health reasons (to take the stress off of work, people who have anxiety or personality disorders), and can function just fine at their jobs, because they don’t smoke it while they’re at work, and they work hard to earn the money to pay for their marijuana.

    • strayaway

      Unlike your marijuana using acquaintances, most marijuana smokers I know smoke for recreational reasons. I’m ok with that. Colorado has the right to allow marijuana use under the 10th. Amendment just as Vermont has the right to have unfettered single payer health care if that is what is decided there.The President had been busting people in California who were taking medicinal marijuana consistent with that State’s laws.

    • Zachary Miller

      Ted Cruz does not give a crap about arresting pot smokers. See Mary Jane is still illegal when it comes to federal law which means president (executive branch’s job to enforce federal law) should be taking steps to enforce the law. This is where Cruz is trying to show the idiots out there that obama just picks and chooses what laws he wants to enforce. And if he can’t get a law passed through congress like we’re supposed to) he just creates an executive order and uses the EPA, IRS, etc yo enforce them. Hell the man has already altered the affordable care law. Well the constitution gives that authority to congress, not the president. By that alone, he should really be held be held accountable (criminal charges). The constitution is the law of the land after all.

      • bill

        The constitution is NOT the law of the land. This is already spelled out in the constitution. “Congress and the president shall make no laws abridging the rights of the people or the states they live in that are not specifically granted to the federal branch as defined in the constitution!

      • ProudACLU

        And what planet do you live on and why do you hate the Constitution?

      • Shanasmiles

        What planet do you live on? He’s making a rehashed states rights argument. It’s not a secret that the constitution doesn’t cover every possible aspect of American law. Ie there is no constitutional prohibition on murder…ergo each state is able to establish their own guidelines for punishment, but murder isn’t and cannot be a federal crime. There is no constitutional prohibition of marijuana (or any other drug). This was a set of laws enacted by the federal government that superseded states rights. It can be overturned just as alcohol prohibition was overturned and in that vein, it should be much easier because there actually WAS a constitutional amendment banning alcohol whereas with marijuana no such legislation exists.

      • Bine646

        Bill pretty much contradicted himself. He stated the constitution is not the law of the land- yet at the end said “as stated in the constitution.” the definition of law is-the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties. Now there are penalties for breaking this rules, ie- stated in section 5 “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”

        As we know, the constitution must be followed by our government (for the most part) and our government rules this land- so I dont really understand what he is trying to say. Maybe he doesnt hate the constitution- he just doesnt understand it

      • Zachary Miller

        My god people. Ted Cruz does not really want to arrest all the potheads. He is trying to make a point that Obama picks and chooses what laws he wants to enforce. Yea it’s would be ridiculous if he did go after them but that’s not the point. There’s a huge problem when the leader of a country decides for himself on how he will enforce the laws of his society. And about the constitution; what gives the states all there rights? Why the constitution does. How can it not be our supreme law of the land when it’s the exact document that delegates those powers to the state?

      • it’s the job of the administration to prioritize . as long as whatever choices they make are implemented fairly and similarly for everyone, they’re doing their job

        do you know at what point the federal government would be forced to end the death penalty? if enough states end it, the federal government has to end it . same concept applies here : states are choosing to honor a person’s constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness, which includes use of cannabis for health or pleasure

        cruz is really an ignorant man . i tried listening to him last night . he intentionally stops speaking in the middle of almost every sentence, then repeatedly runs through the end of a sentence into the first half of the next sentence … confounding his listeners . throughout his lecture/speech, he lied repeatedly . outright lied . purposefully misinformed his listeners

        all this is coming from someone who absolutely doesn’t support a federal or any government half the size and scope of what we have . the cuts i would make would be to the horrible, expensive, illegal wars … which i wish people like you would be half as concerned with as you seem to be with the ‘losses’ spent by government helping assist those in need with food and access to education and health care . i would never cut regulations or the funds to enforce regulations that assure us that our air, food, water, and soil remain free of toxins

        there’s a huge problem when the people of a country allow themselves to be bamboozled by the religious right and the corporate right and left

        the dumbing down of amerikkka is almost complete . you trying to help?

    • Zachary Miller

      You never met a constitutional conservative have you? I’ll help you:
      1. Same sex marriage is half and half between us, I am for one not against it
      2.abortion, Don’t u think its a little odd that u can get prison time for destroying an eagle egg but killing an unborn baby is encouraged? And at the same time you can get tried for double homicide if you kill a pregnant woman. I don’t think we should encourage ending life by having the government subsidize abortion.
      3.drill, drill, drill. I’ve worked on offshore drilling rigs and you can’t even take a piss off the side without gettin a ticket. Even after the Transocean disaster, we still have a 98.99% rate of no mishaps. And how can you be damning drilling when practically everything is made of plastic and oil is the lifeline of our economy?
      4.Guns kill people and it is a fact that crime rate is lower where there’s more gun owners. So what’s wrong with us being pissed off about dems trying to regulate us more when they are saying nothing but bullshit.
      5.you have to present an official ID when making a purchase with ur credit card, when you enter a school, and to buy alcohol for christ’s sake. But not for voting? It’s the dems getting more votes by giving free handouts to ILLEGALS so they will turn around and vote for them. The voter I’d laws hurt republicans. What’s soooo wrong with having a law where u have to present official identification?
      6.You totally screwed this one up, we don’t think it’s any of the government’s damn business to be telling a business owner how to run his business. The laws still apply to us too. Do you really want the government breast feeding you? They can’t even run a post office.
      7. We believe it’s a persons own responsibility to take care of oneself, not the government. People are leaching off the government pulling in $44,000 a year. And the government can’t actually give anybody $$$. They have to take it from ME and all the other taxpayers. Lots of waste be use people are just flat out becoming completely dependent on the gov. And dems love that cause that’s another vote because they believe in buying their votes by giving out free handouts payed for by ME.

      • tina rowling

        Some species of eagle are endangered. Humans, on the other hand, are overpopulated.

      • ‘the government subsidize abortion’ … we are the government … every dollar ‘the government’ has comes from us . ‘the government spends my tax dollars killing already born and living kids in gaza … ‘the government’ subsidizes unnecessary drugs like viagra for men … no way the cost of an abortion is coming out of YOUR tax dollars … if it’s subsidized it’s coming out of the tax dollars the woman having the abortion already paid … or the tax dollars of folks like me, who support her decision to end a pregnancy for whatever reason she and her doctor decide

        calling humans ‘ILLEGALS’ is just plain rude . non-citizens do not vote . every recent attempt to pass new voting laws has been, as admitted to by republicans, specifically to make it more difficult for certain types of people to vote : students, low income people, etc

        your attempt to justify allowing discrimination is really disgusting . according to your policy, an employer could refuse to hire women … which would be in keeping with republican efforts to keep women pregnant and stuck at home with a pile of kids

        exactly who do you believe is ‘pulling in $44,000 a year … ? corporate welfare and military actual spending and lost money adds up to way more losses to the american people than welfare … welfare does not provide a comfortable living . even those who paid in for decades are harassed by the likes of you for collecting below poverty assistance in the form of extremely low disability payments … the government fails to force child support payments from deadbeat dads, including tens and even hundreds of thousands owed by some elected ‘officials’ … yet people like you, instead of pushing to hold fathers accountable to support children, whine about mothers receiving assistance while they raise kids

        maybe you should calculate how much of YOUR tax dollars are used to send free drones and billions in actual money to israel, to be used to murder kids and bulldoze homes in lands where palestinian people have lived for hundreds of years

        meanwhile, MY tax dollars are used to subsidize roads i can’t afford to use, oil exploration (including cleanup of massive polluting ‘spills’ and explosions), fracking and cleanup from explosions … look into corporate welfare before continuing to prove yourself completely void of knowledge

      • tiredolddad

        I would like to comment on your rant about deadbeat fathers. Most states have laws to enforce child support, check in your state. As a father of 2 who is divorced and has always paid my child support I ask you to consider this. If child support is paid to a custodial parent why is it not taxed by the custodial parent. I pay taxes on the money paid in child support even though I do not benefit from said money. Why isn’t the custodial parent required to report said money and pay the taxes on that money? Think about that before you rant about deadbeat fathers, there are deadbeat mothers as well you know!!

      • if you support your kids, you’re not a deadbeat dad, are ya? so why so sensitive? just because you (according to you) do support your kids, that doesn’t mean there are no deadbeat dads . nor does it mean the laws are enforced . there are some very prominent public servants who don’t pay child support, and aren’t arrested for it … though you and i would arrested and likely beaten for stealing a candy bar

        child support is not income . child support, like tanf or other support payments on behalf of children, is not legally income . it’s the money you’re supposed to be spending on your children … it’s not alimony

        what kind of father would try to measure whether they benefit from the money they spend supporting their children? how do we measure that, eh?

        you must be carrying some serious guilt if you thought my mention of deadbeat dads was about you, about all divorced or otherwise not living with their kids dads … that’s absurd and a very simplistic, childish reading of what i wrote

        also, do tell about ‘deadbeat mothers’ … while there are most certainly a few, there is a reason ‘deadbeat dads’ is a commonly used phrase, and ‘deadbeat mothers’ has likely never been uttered aloud

  • Zac

    Actually, it makes political sense to let a few states here and there dabble in it and let it slowly creep into the norm and expand into national consciousness before bringing it up to a hostile House of Reresentatives who would accuse him of indoctrinating the youth of Texas by making them ingest hallucinogens and having unprotected gay sex in public places with animals such as turtles and horses…

    • George Streeter

      Very sensible approach.

  • Pipercat

    My junior Senator basically threw his biggest supporting constituency under the bus with that statement. When it comes to governing, I fear my Senator still has a very tough time with tone deafness…

  • mike953

    I’m not sure why anyone really cares what Cruz thinks these days.

  • George Streeter

    I believe there is something Obama could do with an executive order. No congress needed. He could reschedule marijuana from a class 1 to a class 3 drug. That would essentially legalize it as an over the counter drug.

    Cruz does not want to be president too bad does he. Just looking at the numbers his position should lose him 12% of the vote right off the top.

    • Guest

      Pretty sure she can NEVER be president. He was born in Canada. Thank God for that!

      • Zachary Miller

        He perfectly legal to be president, but what does it matter, a Kenyan in there now

      • gantt4life

        You have proven what you are about and totally disqualified your argument. Whenever people throw in a statement that steeps in racism or intolerance you demonstrate who you are AND what your motivation is. Sad- why not stick to the facts and maintain your debate?

      • Zachary Miller

        Because I said he’s a Kenyan, I’m racist? You got to be shitting me. I don’t know how you interpreted my statement into that mess. Race immediately bought up. I stated a nationality. Maybe you’re the unqualified one. And What kind of president pays to have all his personal information disclosed from the very people he governs? The birth certificate he “presented” was never authenticated except by ONE person and she’s dead now. C’mon man, that’s some real shady stuff.

      • yo, GUEST … get a name … and quit actin’ stoooopid

      • Shanasmiles

        You’re a freaking idiot. Obama is a Kenyan in the same way that Cruz is Cuban. Their dads were foreign nationals and their moms were Americans. Both are equally legal to be president…as soon as Cruz renounces his Canadian citizenship which he has already moved to do. Afterall, Cruz wasn’t born in the US whereas Obama was.

      • Zachary Miller

        So your calling me an idiot because I believe he was born in Kenya? So in other words since I don’t agree with you I’m an idiot. Where did I say anything about his presidential legitimacy? I simply stated there’s a Kenyan in the white house. He won’t release it a birth certificate publicly and he’s refused to present them to the courts. When he finally did present it to the media, it was a closed session, the public was and is to be kept in the dark. There really is no record of this guys life cause he hides it all from the people who he supposed to be serving. We are just supposed to take he and the governments word on the subject instead of just putting it out there for the public to see. Either way, you have no evidence to prove your case and I. But I’m the idiot huh

      • Andre Machado

        yes, yes you are. Its all a scam. The NWO is watching you.

      • George Streeter

        Ya your kind of an idiot if you believe he was born in Kenya since that was disproved by the same Faux News that broke it in the first place. But I guess you did not catch the retraction.

      • y’know … these discussions are for grownups . you don’t seem to understand the constitution … which requires one to be american BORN to become president . you either accept the truth that obama is a natural born american president, or born in kenya … which would de-legitimize his presidency . can’t have it both ways

        from what other president have people like you ever demanded access to their birth certificate? none . what a joke . you truly are an idiot

      • they are not both equally legal to become president, as one must be a natural born citizen to do so

      • George Streeter

        His mother was a US citizen so he can be president. The same reason it would never have mattered if the President was borne in Kenya since his mother was a US citizen. The difference between the intellectually dishonest right and the more reasonable thinking left is no one on the left will start a birther movement against Cruz. They will address his ideology not some fake made up BS.

      • there is no question that cruz is not eligible to become president . his circumstances at birth will not allow it

    • obama should remove marijuana from classification altogether … just like chamomile, mint, and other herbal remedies

      • George Streeter

        I agree but I’m going after what I think is possible.

      • while i can hardly blame ya, that’s like fighting for only half the trees that are left after decades of old growth logging … when 80% of trees are already gone …

        we have to define our battles according to what’s right, not these compromises toward minimal success

    • Bine646

      Yes- executive order is the answer, this is not a democracy. Obama (the president) has supreme power…. Until the next president is elected

      • Shanasmiles

        I didn’t see any republicans wringing their hands over Bush’s executive orders. What’s good for the good is good for the gander. You can’t only have it your way when it is going your way.

      • Bine646

        hahaha- there is more to this country than two parties. Were you up in arms over Bush’s executive orders? I know many that were- those who were should be about these also. As we should about future presidents

      • George Streeter

        Obama has used executive order 138 times where Bush used them 291 but I bet you never once posted any complaints about Bushes use of them.

      • Bine646

        I bet I did- but you would not know that because we have never met now did we. Bush has gotten plenty of criticism from me.

        Now lets get back to using an executive order to change a law instead of using the democratic process….

      • when corporate owned republican obstructionists make ‘using the democratic process’ impossible, what do you suggest?

      • Bine646

        do these republican obstructionists (elected obstructionists) control congress? i do not think so

      • republican obstructionists in the house do control the house … yes … and have stated their goals clearly : to undermine any success by the current administration, no matter the value of that success to the people they supposedly represent

      • Bine646

        Cant name to many successes of this current administration. I remember these “obstructionists” ranting about some rollout which was not ready- delayed for businesses but not citizens- how did that work out? were they right?

      • no, bine, they weren’t right . every large bit of legislation ever passed had to go through the routine roll-out hiccups . they weren’t attempting to delay, but to use delay to dunk

        there are thousands of successes of this current regime, but still not enough for me to trust ’em at all

      • Bine646

        They weren’t right- the healthcare law was ready to be rolled out- no delay required? Where have you been? You are part of the 39% who cannot admit it huh

      • you seem to be confused

        there is a huge difference between a law and a website . i didn’t say the website opened up ready, now, did i? it’s clear that the website wasn’t ready . the website, however, wasn’t the only way in which people could access the exchange and sign up for better health insurance which would cover ‘pre-existing conditions’ … which would cover preventive care, and which protects a person from being dropped because of becoming ill … all things the insurance industry has been using as weapons against us for decades

      • Bine646

        Confused? Washington Post ran a story in September showing the law has been amended 14 times already- with Obama personally delaying parts of the law with 5 different steps. Big Business most notably received a delay in their mandates- did the citizens?

        The Healthcare law was written with the help of the Insurance companies- lets not be so naive to think this is going to be great for all of us

      • do your dang homework . every large bill that has ever been passed by congress has received the same attention … has experienced many amendments … meanwhile … the lame gop house wasted your tax dollars and mine attempting over forty times to repeal an act which the supreme court has ruled legal

        the health care law was originally written by republicans, only to become a bone of contention for one reason : a black man in the white house managed to get it passed … a man republicans have sworn an oath to undermine at every turn

        you’re right about insurance companies getting alot of what they wanted in the affordable care act : this was due to the effort of the obama administration (which i don’t remotely support, btw) agreeing to compromise and continue to allow capitalism to pollute our access to real health care

        every complaint by the gop is a bizarre lie, attempting to convince uneducated people to believe things that aren’t in the law at all … and attempting to cover the obvious history of capitalist insurance companies denying care for ridiculous reasons (getting sick or injured, for instance) for many decades

        i have to guess that you don’t know these things

        why else would you repeatedly reveal such ignorance here in this public forum?

      • Bine646

        Do my homework? Just did- read the CBO report. 2 million fewer workers bc of ACA, jeeeeeeze keeps getting worseeee

      • you did not get that from the cbo . i’ve read it

        from the cbo q & a about the report :

        ‘Q: Will 2.5 Million People Lose Their Jobs in 2024 Because of the ACA?
        A: No, we would not describe our estimates in that way.’

        instead of believing the hype of corporate news, try actually reading the report

        ‘We wrote in the report: “CBO estimates that the ACA will reduce the total number of hours worked, on net, by about 1.5 percent to 2.0 percent during the period from 2017 to 2024, almost entirely because workers will choose to supply less labor.”’

        consider this : many about whom this refers, who might ‘supply less labor’ … are currently working fifty or sixty hours per week to feed their kids . instead, they might be able to work forty, and have time to actually raise their kids . remember that concept?

        people moaning about this should listen to yourselves : simultaneously judging parents for not raising kids, while defending a system that makes it nearly impossible to both provide for and spend time with our kids

        some workers will supply less labor because they will be able, with affordable health insurance, to spend more time attending to family : children, elders, disabled relatives … how is that a bad thing?

      • Bine646

        And he delays it againnnnnnn- man this is more delays than the republicans asked for. guess Obama doesnt want the law to take full effect till after the elections- cant lose the majority to the republicans when americans see what a complete disaster the ACA is

      • you seem to have your own personal definition of ‘complete disaster’

      • Bine646

        Me and 70% of other Americans. We can admit when something is not right, to much pride in others’ ways

      • ? you and 70% of other americans have your own personal definition of ‘complete disaster’??? you seem confused

        here’s what isn’t right : republican obstructionism

        what else isn’t right? : medical insurance for profit

        what else? : decades of insurance companies refusing treatment and dropping people’s policies … only to have republicans claim fear that the aca will do that … without acknowledging that private insurers have been doing it for decades

        this plan is very much like the plan developed by willard romney

        we could, instead, return to the concept of single payer … simple … easy to understand … same rules for everyone … but republicans insisted on this convoluted bill, instead

      • show me proof, since you’re claiming numbers . meanwhile, ‘complete’ and ‘disaster’ each have a very clear definition, which the aca and it’s implementation, problematic as it was and is, does not fulfill

      • Bine646

        go look at the gallop polls

    • it should be de-scheduled completely … cruz is not a natural born u.s. citizen so can never become president

  • Scottie Freeman

    until the Democratic party gets on board with cannabis legalization they are no better than this guy. We must force our party leaders to change on this! Do not allow your leaders a ‘pass’ on this!

  • normy11

    This is an amazing attack on his base. I mean, seriously, how stoned do you have to be to vote for Ted Cruz?

    • Zachary Miller

      U don’t get it either, read what I wrote. This isn’t about Mary Jane and I’m from Texas and guess y’all aren’t used to having a congressman that stands for his people.

      • normy11

        Yes, he is standing for the people of Texas and proving himself to be a true small government Republican by demanding the feds make a move in Colorado.

      • Bine646

        Show me the exact line where he said we “need to move on colorado pot smokers and arrest them”…. Ill wait

      • Michael Siever

        “…[President Obama] just said, ‘The laws say one thing’ — and mind you these are criminal laws, these are laws that say if you do ‘X, Y, and Z’ you will go to prison. The president announced, ‘No, you won’t.’”

        It’s okay. Many of your conservative cohorts struggle with literacy problems, too.

      • Bine646

        So you are going to ignore the line right before it where Cruz said “You can go to Congress, you can get a conversation, you could get Democrats and Republicans who would say, ‘We ought to change our drug policy in some way,’ and you could have a real conversation, you could have hearings, you could look at the problem, you could discuss commonsense changes that maybe should happen or shouldn’t happen.”

      • Michael Siever

        Guess what? President Obama already tried that with universal background checks on buying firearms, and that legislation got shot down (no pun intended) by the ilk of Cruz, because over half of Congress is vehemently opposed to any idea that comes out of Obama’s mouth, regardless of how sane and logical it sounds. Let’s say we live in an alternate universe, where the President did come out before Congress and have this discussion. The right-wing would have gone nuts, saying “Marijuana today, kiddie porn tomorrow!” When your ideas get shot down by a bunch of obstinate pricks like that all the time, eventually you just give up dealing with them altogether.

      • Bine646

        hahahahahaha- what does that have to do with you butchering Cruz’s statement for your own exploits? Nothing.

        The President is not elected to be a dictator- he is elected to run the country within the constitution. If you do not like the part of the constitution where it states a congress has a say in these decisions- fight to change it or move. The country has spoken about its “gun laws.”

        If you think Congress is so bad- do not elect them next time around- that is how democracy works. This President says its ok to ignore this particular law- ok- whats stopping the next from coming in and arresting everyone on the registry bc federal law states marijuana is illegal? You are not thinking this through there Mike

      • Michael Siever

        “If you think Congress is so bad- do not elect them next time around- that is how democracy works.”

        Help! I’m a Texas Democrat, and my vote never matters!

      • Bine646

        move….or maybe run for office?

        making fun of conservatives while you butcher a statement to try and make Cruz look bad only does the opposite

      • Michael Siever

        Move where? I can’t drive and I don’t have the money to move anywhere.

      • Bine646

        explains alot

      • Michael Siever

        And what indicates that I am upset and unhappy?

      • Bine646

        1) complaints about conservatives and other aspects of Texas life 2) not be able to drive 3) not having any money

      • Michael Siever

        I didn’t say I have no money at all. I just don’t have the money to move across the country and get an apartment. Not being able to drive doesn’t make me angry at all. I’ve just been too scared to learn, since I have severe attention problems, and zone out at the worst times possible. A lot of my friends are fairly conservative and I don’t hate them for voting Republican every time. It’s the jaundiced-eyed “Hate Obama first, look for reasons to hate him later” crowd, like Cruz who bother me so much. They just are sore losers who couldn’t handle that the Republicans lost to him twice, because it really hurts their egos.

      • Bine646

        well we are far off the Cruz topic

      • Michael Siever

        Agreed. I’m done with talking to you, since nothing I say will get through to you.

      • Bine646

        yeah sorry Mike- i read the statement for myself- that is how I knew you were trying to lie. Its cool tho- this conserv can read- no literacy problems for this guy

      • Zachary Miller

        So now Hispanics can be labeled a racist for not going along with Obama? You obviously no nothing about Cruz. He hates big government and all the regulations and control that comes with it. My God I can’t believe dems are starting to pull the race card on a MINORITY.

      • Michael Siever

        Where in my posts did I attack Cruz for being Hispanic? Where in my posts did I defend Obama for being black? In fact, where did I mention white, black, Latino, etc. in any of the posts on here? You, sir, just played the race card card. You just accused me of race baiting when I didn’t even mention race or flat out accuse anybody of being racist. I merely said that conservatives/Republicans hate anything Obama supports because he’s a Democrat.

      • Freddy

        Canadians are a minority?

      • ‘he hates big government’ … while he gladly takes a paycheck as part of big government

      • cruz makes cruz look bad … by lying every time he opens his mouth . by talking like an idiot who cannot complete a sentence without taking a break in the middle

      • Zachary Miller

        This pres thinks he’s a dictator. Executive order after executive order when congress won’t pass a law he wants. And the way he goes about changing language in the obamcare law is completely unconstitutional. Only congress can do that but he just keeps on doing it without consequence….

      • look up the history of the use of executive orders … obama has made fewer than reagan, and fewer than most other presidents

      • tiredolddad

        Do your homework on executive orders by presidents before you get footinmouthitis

      • it seems you are unaware of the power of the presidency to make executive orders . obama has done so less than almost every other president in history … including reagan … this is part of the balance of powers

        talk to us about the nsa … we’ll likely agree with you … because the existence of a secret court and secret laws undoes the balance of power . using administrative power to determine law enforcement priorities, especially in light of and with respect to changing state laws is part of the job description

      • Zachary Miller

        I’m conservative and smoke EVERYDAY. And so do most of my friends and they are all conservatives. There’s dems that are opposed to legalizing it too so let’s not stereotype bud.

      • Freddy

        Really? Where? Show me some Democrats that are against legalizing.

      • after forty years of trying and being ignored, we have a better plan … fortunately for us, this administration is finally getting a few things right

      • Bine646

        Not exactly- the laws have not changed- nothing stopping the next president from enforcing them

      • we’ll see … as with the death penalty … if enough states legalize, federal law will be forced to change

      • James

        So when he stand to the Illegals to take jobs and stay in the USA it’s ok ? It’s ok they stopped Obama from Deporting more people than anytime in History ?

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        Surely you jest! Ted Cruz is only making noise so he can get his name out there (no matter how) and be elected! I think he is a blowhard that wants a lot of recognition!

  • Nic Valle

    This useless demagogue should do his job as senator and change the federal law if he doesn’t like it so much .

    • Bine646

      Hahaha that is exactly what he said in his statement- did you read it? There was no discussion about the law- Obama made a decision not to enforce it, not change it, just not enforce it…. Right now

      • Freddy

        It is not Obama’s responsibility to discuss the laws. It is Cruz’s. Obama executes laws. It is Cruz’s responsibility to make them, modify them, discuss them. Apparently, neither you nor Cruz knows the responsibilities of the executive and the legislative branches. Obama does not have any responsibility in making or changing laws. That is Cruz’s job.

      • Bine646

        I think you need a review of our government….Obama executes the laws- Only the one’s he sees fit right. So I ask you this Fred- Obama thinks he should not enforce this particular law- so he doesnt. What is going to stop the next elected President from enforcing them? Federal law says it is illegal?

      • Freddy

        Nothing is going to stop the next president from enforcing the laws. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is Cruz’s responsibility to change the law. Not Obama’s. “I think you need a review of our government.” So cite a reputable source that says the President makes the laws? Show me in the Constitution you all like waving around where it says it is the President’s responsibility to modify, initiate, or otherwise craft legislation. Can’t? I thought so. You need a review of our government.

      • Bine646

        The job of the President of the US- according to the US Constitution Article 2- ” he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” The laws which are created by Congress- shall be “faithfully executed” by the POTUS.

        So if congress says “marijuana is illegal” it is the duty of the POTUS to either- bring it up for change if he does not like it as he FAITHFULLY ENFORCES THE LAW- (like he has done with immigration, gun control, etc.) OR just faithfully enforce the law.

        It seems- simply stating he will not “enforce” this law- is unconstitutional- am I wrong?

        Cruz said- seeing as the president must enforce our laws- he must discuss with us the idea of changing them- bc they are the only body that can. However Obama did not do that, now did he- which is Cruz’s point- valid point at that

  • Addie Corn

    The only one that should be arrested is, Ted Cruz! He’s a despicable moron and has no business in our government!!!!

    • Zachary Miller

      Why? Literally tell me what he’s done wrong and also how a Princeton man is an idiot.

      • gantt4life

        LOL, ok you have proven that you are a child in an adult conversation. “Princeton man…”? LOL. So further your argument and ask how is a Harvard man/woman…Thanks for the morning laugh!

      • Zachary Miller

        An idiot doesn’t graduate from Princeton and he is a man. That’s all I was saying. If you got anything else outta that you took a trip to fantasy land.

      • gantt4life

        Again proves that you are a child. You still missed the statement. Ask your questions in Government class later today. I am sure you will get a few chuckles from our classmates.

    • Bine646

      Bc he said there should of been a discussion about enforcing or changing this federal law? I live in Colorado, Ive partaken- what he said is correct because thats how democracy works

      • Freddy

        No. Because he thinks it is Obama’s job to have the discussion. It is HIS job to start the discussion in Congress. Not the President’s.

      • Bine646

        So its the Presidents job (obama or whoever- Bush?) to make decisions as he sees fit- even if it means ignoring federal law. Interesting philosophy Freddy- bc its the presidents job to execute those laws, sooo

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “Yes, even setting a common educational standard for kids is an egregious act of overreach by the federal government which must be fought at all costs in their minds. ”

    Unless it’s “No Child Left Behind”.

    • Lorelei Lee87

      I have no problem with national standards, the question is what they will be. Some of what I’ve seen of Common Core looks silly to me, though I haven’t honestly delved into it very much.

      • Gary Smith

        Delve further, and don’t take info from right-leaning sites as fact.

  • Tim

    Do those laws apply to politicians that are caught with drugs? Why are we not testing the people who WE employ, the politicians!

    • gantt4life

      Oh Tim, don’t open a can of worms that the people who are up in arms are not ready for that argument. They wouldn’t be able to handle it if it is demonstrated in their party. Most are probably not aware that their own Rep a Tea Party Member was arrested for cocaine possession in Washington or that another was outed as a closeted gay.

  • zaidi

    When Democrats win back the majority of the Congressional House, later this year, I strongly recommend they convince Texas, through a lower export tax rate–or a SUV filled with Gold bricks, to have their immigration officers come into America and kidnap their former, deranged “son” and take him back to Canada, to be placed in a high security mental ward!

  • Freddy

    I love how they think it is the President’s job to tell Congress what to do. If Cruz wants action on drug reform in Congress, why does he need Obama to start the discussion?

    • Zachary Miller

      He’s saying Obama needs to enforce federal law like the executive branch is supposed to. Not pick and choose what law he wants to enforce. That’s what he trying to shed light on, Obama doesn’t follow the rules of the constitution.

      • gantt4life

        Interesting post Zachary. Do you even know what the Constitution is, how it works and how it is applied to the nation or are you simply stating comments you have heard?

      • Zachary Miller

        Where was I incorrect? He is part of the Executive branch and last I checked it was that branch’s job to enforce the laws and it’s the legislative branch’s job to create and alter laws, not his.

      • Freddy

        Tell me, what part of the Constitution is Obama not following now?

      • Zachary Miller

        Every time he changes language in the unaffordable care act he is performing and unconstitutional act. Only congress can change or add laws. obama is just supposed to enforce it.

      • Tyler

        He did enforce it. In California 😛 now he’s backing off. Still can’t say he didn’t enforce the law. (at some point). Pot shoulda never been illegal in the first place. Stop trying to say it’s his duty to enforce a law he probably doesn’t support, and the majority of THE PEOPLE don’t support. It’s common sense.

      • Zachary Miller

        Dude I blaze everyday. I completely agree it shouldn’t be illegal. But things need to be done the right way. As long as it’s classified as illegal, the law must be enforced whether we agree with it or not. Especially the president, that’s the primary function of the executive branch. The president basically becomes a dictator if you let him decide on his own accord whether or not to enforce the laws congress has passed. We’d be opening a Pandora’s box if we started picking and choosing only certain laws to enforce. The damn law just needs to be repeled because the majority of the people do support the legalization of it which means we got a whole congress not listening to the people. I’m in Texas so we’ll be the last to legalize it

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    ted cruz is going to live with glenn beck……

  • Wil McQueen

    Abolish the senate.

  • Burkett

    Why does his name keep getting tied in with 2016 and the presidential election? He is ineligible by constitution law to run.

    • Dave Brown

      That is incorrect, as his mother was an American citizen, when he was born. Even if he was born in Canada, he is a natural born American, by law! It does not make any difference to me, as I would never vote for the dirt bag!

  • Phil B.

    A Republican being a hypocrite? Oh say it isn’t so!

  • cruz needs to smoke a bowl

  • Steve Rodriguez

    cruz is just trying to get attention, he like all conservatives like to whine and cry about how much better they are at running the government and get poor uneducated people to go along with their bull [email protected]#t but too bad we have the internet and people are getting more informed, republican party?? whats that grandpa?

    • Bine646

      Haha thats what you got from Cruz saying there should of been a discussion? Try rereading his statement a few times

  • Matthew Reece

    This is yet another example of why philosophical libertarians look upon Tea Partiers with disdain. The cognitive dissonance of these people is staggering. They need to either become consistent in liberty and move toward anarcho-capitalism, or go back to being establishment Republican statists.

  • Harold ‘Russ’ Aylsworth

    I guess our founding father’s must have been high the day they wrote the pursuit of happiness into the constitution, but what would Ted know he wasn’t even born in this country.

  • Gary Yokel

    What a complete misrepresentation this article is. The quote of note obviously points to the fact that the one person that has sworn to uphold the laws of the country has, and I might add on way too many levels, determined to not uphold those laws, as written. This was NOT an attack on pot smokers, and more pointedly, not an attack on Colorado.

    Being able to hear/listen, read and write are requirements of a proper journalist/reporter. To fall short of these requirements leads to articles like this one who purposely attempt to deceive their audience.

    • Zachary Miller

      Wow, I didn’t think there was another person here that was educating and actually thinks for themselves. Read mine below….

    • Bine646

      Wow I am in disbelief reading some of these comments. Nice to know someone else with comprehension capabilities read Cruz’s statement. As a Colorado resident, what he said makes perfect sense and I think the basis of democracy- but cannot convince everyone of that

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Obama is the one who arrested more med-pot clinic owners than Shrud did – they’re BOTH anti-10A, anti-civil-rights, vile disgusting POS…. but admittedly of LATE, Cruz is the bigger one here on this issue – point being, as always, vote OUT the Neoconocrat Statist-Fascist Uni-party, exemplified by Cruz and Obama – vote IN freedom – the likes of Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Gary Johnson, and Mike Lee!

  • Bine646

    “Manny Schewitz is a Progressive from the Dirty South with an inclination to say it like it is.”

    Sounds like Mannie got that famous southern education

  • Bob Muenchausen

    I suppose it is fun to skewer idiots, but really, why are we even paying any attention to this maroon and his equally challenged pals when there are actual, real, and pressing NEEDS and ISSUES in the world??

    • Bine646

      only thing Mannie did was post a title which has nothing to do with Cruz’s actual statement- did you read it? Doesnt seem you did

  • Steve Janas

    Well, I do agree with Cruz in that this law needs to be changed at the Federal level; however, I’m deeply skeptical of his motivations. He doesn’t give a fig about marijuana legalization. He just sees a cudgel with which to bash Obama, and he’s gonna use it.

    • Bine646

      he sees it as another example of the president of the united states overstepping his bounds. what is going to stop the next elected president from coming in and arresting all the owners and buyers on the registry? nothing bc the federal law is not changed and obviously the president can do whatever he wants….

  • Shanasmiles

    So states rights unless a state you don’t happen to live in or represent does something you don’t like then the horrible, no good, very bad, too big to drown in a bathtub, federal government should regulate it? Hypocrisy doesn’t go far enough to describe the cognitive dissonance in the Republican Party.

    • Bine646

      thats what you got from Cruz’s statement? hahahah crazzzzzzzy

  • Brendon

    I’m as liberal as they come, and i agree the Feds shouldn’t bust pot shops anywhere. But Ted Cruz is right, Obama does need to discuss this with Congress so we can start a real conversation and un-do our current unjust drug laws. I voted for Obama 3 times, and he’s not liberal enough for me in many ways, but let’s stop our spin and agree that Ted Cruz, whether he is for or against legalization, makes a couple rational points here.

    • Bine646

      Because nothing will stop the next president from coming in and arresting everyone on the registry or owning a business

  • republicans are evil

    I agree with ted Cruz, lets decriminalize weed in all 50 states. good idea teddy.

  • Mike Minyen

    Been wondering when the GOP was going to take a stand on this issue. It’s almost as if their at the point that whatever policy or opinion a clear majority supports their obligated to go the other way. Can’t you just wait to see a group of fledgling hopeful candidates go on and on in the primary debates on this one ? Get you popcorn ready it will be comedy time.

    • Bine646

      Simply because Cruz made a valid point? Congress makes the laws- constitution says POTUS will faithfully enforce them- except Obama is choosing not to enforce this particular law- seems unconstitutional no? I mean imagine Obama is a republican for a minute

      • Mike Minyen

        It would be a valid point in a world where government actually worked for the greater good and will of the people. But lets consider for a moment if he actually did propose to decriminalize it at the federal level. You really believe the party of no would allow it to get past the congress ? I mean come on be real, it’s Obama proposing something. Under this reality he’s taking the only course available to him for allowing the states to chart their own course in this matter.

      • Bine646

        Colorado is legal, Washington will be soon, once Mass and Cali go the government will have no choice. Now, based on the constitution, it will be Congress who will make the change- so if this Congress is incompetent (we can agree on that), then we need to vote them out

  • Freddy

    Except, of course, when he is supporting states that don’t enforce federal gun laws.

    • Bine646

      what does the bill of rights say about our gun laws? Most importantly- the second one……

  • Kenneth Cowles

    Its just he doesn’t want his faMILY IN cUBA TO LOSE WHAT MONEY THEY MAKE HELPING DELIVER DRUGS TO aMERICA. hE HAS A FAMILY BUSINESS TO THINK OF. Why do you think he left Canada? Its legal there too.

  • James

    Cruz thinks it’s ok to Hire Illegals !!!!

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    So he is a big “state’s rights” advocate but thinks Obama should be arresting people that the state decided had a right to purchase pot. He also doesn’t think a president should be making laws about education?? Interesting then that former President Bush the 2nd had the “no child left behind” law and I guess it must have been ok with Cruz. I can hardly even write that screwball’s name without getting ill. Funny how these loudmouth people can pick and choose which things they want the president to have control of and which items they should let the state government take care of. Talk about hypocrisy!!