Ted Cruz Looks Like an Absolute Idiot Discussing Ebola During CNN Interview (Video)

ted-cruz-ebola-1Texas Sen. Ted Cruz epitomizes pretty much everything that’s wrong with politicians. He has no ethics and almost everything he says is nothing more than his attempt to pander to voters hoping it will advance his own personal agenda. I’ve said numerous times that I fully believe the only reason why Cruz became a senator was to put him in a better position to run for president. During his time in office he’s done nothing but pander to the tea party, while making almost no effort to actually form a cohesive government that might accomplish something for this country.

So it should come as absolutely no surprise that he’s exploited the Ebola situation to once again ignore reality and bash the Obama administration.

Because we wouldn’t want to have anything happen in this country without Republicans like Ted Cruz blaming the president.

During an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, Cruz continued to ratchet up the Ebola fear machine as much as possible by saying that we shouldn’t trust medical experts – because they’re all working for President Obama.

When asked by Crowley to defend his push for a travel ban, despite the fact that it’s near unanimous among medical experts that a travel ban would make the situation worse, Cruz said, “The doctors and experts that are saying this are working for the administration and are repeating the administration talking points. Their arguments don’t make sense.”

Hold the presses! This just in: Scientific facts are no longer valid unless they make sense to Ted Cruz.

So, now we shouldn’t listen to medical experts because they’re saying the same things as the Obama administration. Hmm. Maybe the reason the scientific community and President Obama are both saying the same thing is because it’s the truth. 

Let’s look at a few quick facts, shall we? Despite all this fear-mongering people like Cruz have tried to push these last few weeks, what’s happened?

Two nurses who were in close contact with Thomas Duncan contracted Ebola – two. 

Yet not a single person Duncan was in contact with before he was quarantined, nor anyone these two nurses were in contact with (including a plane filled with people), have shown signs of having the virus. And while there’s still a window of concern for those people who were in contact with both nurses, Duncan’s friends and family have all now emerged from quarantine without a single person having caught it.

So it would seem to me that these medical experts, who’ve been saying since the very beginning that we shouldn’t panic about Ebola, have been right this whole time. We haven’t seen any kind of pandemic break out here in the United States. And the two who did catch it from Duncan while treating him were people that were directly involved in handling his infected bodily fluids during his last days. So they’re not some random strangers who caught it by some sort of incidental contact.

In other words, there is no Ebola outbreak. The medical experts, who President Obama agrees with (because they’re, you know, medical experts) have been right this entire time. And while there have been mistakes made along the way, that doesn’t change the fact that, for the most part, everything these various experts have been saying has been true.

For people like Cruz, the facts aren’t supporting the misinformation and fear-mongering nonsense they’re trying to spread. So the only thing that’s left for someone like Cruz to do is try to discredit the experts and push their propaganda as long as possible. Even if reality isn’t supporting anything that he’s saying.

Then again, when have reality or facts ever stopped Republicans from believing their own delusions?

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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