Ted Cruz Looks Like an Absolute Idiot Discussing Ebola During CNN Interview (Video)

ted-cruz-ebola-1Texas Sen. Ted Cruz epitomizes pretty much everything that’s wrong with politicians. He has no ethics and almost everything he says is nothing more than his attempt to pander to voters hoping it will advance his own personal agenda. I’ve said numerous times that I fully believe the only reason why Cruz became a senator was to put him in a better position to run for president. During his time in office he’s done nothing but pander to the tea party, while making almost no effort to actually form a cohesive government that might accomplish something for this country.

So it should come as absolutely no surprise that he’s exploited the Ebola situation to once again ignore reality and bash the Obama administration.

Because we wouldn’t want to have anything happen in this country without Republicans like Ted Cruz blaming the president.

During an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, Cruz continued to ratchet up the Ebola fear machine as much as possible by saying that we shouldn’t trust medical experts – because they’re all working for President Obama.

When asked by Crowley to defend his push for a travel ban, despite the fact that it’s near unanimous among medical experts that a travel ban would make the situation worse, Cruz said, “The doctors and experts that are saying this are working for the administration and are repeating the administration talking points. Their arguments don’t make sense.”

Hold the presses! This just in: Scientific facts are no longer valid unless they make sense to Ted Cruz.

So, now we shouldn’t listen to medical experts because they’re saying the same things as the Obama administration. Hmm. Maybe the reason the scientific community and President Obama are both saying the same thing is because it’s the truth. 

Let’s look at a few quick facts, shall we? Despite all this fear-mongering people like Cruz have tried to push these last few weeks, what’s happened?

Two nurses who were in close contact with Thomas Duncan contracted Ebola – two. 

Yet not a single person Duncan was in contact with before he was quarantined, nor anyone these two nurses were in contact with (including a plane filled with people), have shown signs of having the virus. And while there’s still a window of concern for those people who were in contact with both nurses, Duncan’s friends and family have all now emerged from quarantine without a single person having caught it.

So it would seem to me that these medical experts, who’ve been saying since the very beginning that we shouldn’t panic about Ebola, have been right this whole time. We haven’t seen any kind of pandemic break out here in the United States. And the two who did catch it from Duncan while treating him were people that were directly involved in handling his infected bodily fluids during his last days. So they’re not some random strangers who caught it by some sort of incidental contact.

In other words, there is no Ebola outbreak. The medical experts, who President Obama agrees with (because they’re, you know, medical experts) have been right this entire time. And while there have been mistakes made along the way, that doesn’t change the fact that, for the most part, everything these various experts have been saying has been true.

For people like Cruz, the facts aren’t supporting the misinformation and fear-mongering nonsense they’re trying to spread. So the only thing that’s left for someone like Cruz to do is try to discredit the experts and push their propaganda as long as possible. Even if reality isn’t supporting anything that he’s saying.

Then again, when have reality or facts ever stopped Republicans from believing their own delusions?

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • ditomagik

    I swear! I believe big money like the Koch Brothers and the other 1%er are deliberately BUYING idiotic people like Ted Cruz into office in order to gain control of our government for $$. No, there is not an ebola outbreak in the USA, but it is a warning call, and it appears that we are doing the right things. People are recovering here. Safety issues are being identified and appropriate protocols are being adjusted and addressed. One country has already taken control of this virus, ending an ebola outbreak there, and others will will follow. Let’s not allow anyone to make it worse but constantly slamming the “panic button”.
    Ebola is one of the ten most likely “medical illnesses” to arise with “Global Warming”, and the most dangerous to humans. It’s best that we learn to deal with this now in sensible and educated ways, rather than use it for personal gains as Ted Cruz has done here.

    • Stephen Barlow

      At least RENTING them. The Koch’s are pretty savvy business guys. I doubt they would sign a lease for THAT!.

  • Nancy B

    “In other words, there is no Ebola outbreak.” Except, of course, that there is, according to CDC definition of outbreak. If you’re going to be on the side of science, please don’t muddy the waters. Otherwise, you are spot on.

    • Stephen Barlow


      [out-breyk] Spell Syllables
      Word Origin
      a sudden breaking out or occurrence; eruption:
      the outbreak of war.
      a sudden and active manifestation:
      an outbreak of hives.
      an outburst:
      an outbreak of temper.
      an insurrection, revolt, or mutiny.
      a public disturbance; riot.”

      • Nancy B

        It’s the same as WHO ‘s:

        “A disease outbreak is the occurrence of cases of disease in excess of
        what would normally be expected in a defined community, geographical
        area or season. An outbreak may occur in a restricted geographical area,
        or may extend over several countries. It may last for a few days or
        weeks, or for several years.

        A single case of a communicable disease long absent from a
        population, or caused by an agent (e.g. bacterium or virus) not
        previously recognized in that community or area, or the emergence of a
        previously unknown disease, may also constitute an outbreak and should
        be reported and investigated”

      • Stephen Barlow


        Ghee ???????????????????????

        Global warming (that doesn’t exist)

        Now (ebola) contained…


      • Stephen Barlow


        DO YOU:
        Have cottonballs shoved up your nostrils?

        Disinfected BUTT PLUGs in your OTHER orifice(s)?

        Tape over your finger prints?

        A DIAPER on so you DON’T infect the mailman?

        TY for your technicallity


      • Stephen Barlow

        ANd 310,000,996 are SAFE but nowwWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
        thanks 2U



      • Nancy B

        WTH are you smoking? You may want to cut back a bit.

  • Stephen Barlow

    A) THIS IS NOT Ted Cruz’s country!!! He is a Canadian by birth and American because his Fugitive EVILjellyHEAD father was (escaping the draft? paying taxes?) American via the SAME immigration reforms Ted OPPOSES. Renunciation of his BIRTH notwithstanding, the Maple Monkey is NOT an American in any but the most technical sense of the word. REMEMBER!!! THIS is the guy who LED the revolt to SHUTDOWN THE GOVERNMENT and then later lied about his crowning failure as a Senator.

    B) never MIND that facts, the educated professional assessments nor even the ACTUAL LIVING BREATHING EVIDENCE!!!!!

    “Hold the presses! This just in: Scientific facts are no longer valid unless they make sense to Ted Cruz.”

    C) This is not a one off error in research or judgment. This is a RITUALLY HABITUAL Deliberate Misinformation and deception AGENDA.


    • FeministInTheNorth

      Hey now. Just like we sent Bieber to you guys, so too did you get Ted Cruz. We Canadians can’t be held responsible for this idiot’s actions, and to compare him to a Maple Monkey is an insult to every Canadian Monkey everywhere.


      • Jillz

        LOL I was just going to say – and please don’t deport him back this way (Canada) – we don’t want him either!

      • Rocky Racoon

        LOL they can’t deport him, he’s not a Canadian citizen.

    • Rocky Racoon

      Hey Stephen, stop blaming Canada. Ted’s mom is an American by birth and his dad is a naturalized Cuban American. Ted was born in Canada strictly by accident when his parents both worked in Alberta for a short period. They moved back to Houston when he was a toddler and Ted was raised as an American He grew up and was educated entirely in the US. He renounced his Canadian citizenship and does not share our Canadian values. He’s as American as Apple Pie.

      • Stephen Barlow

        SO YOUOOR excuse is……
        “It’s a ‘semiTexanwhohatenigg*rs”
        let’s make him 1 of the 100 most powerful people in America.

      • Jillz

        I don’t think Rocky Racoon was making excuses for Ted. He’s just saying don’t blame us (Canadians) for the accident Ted’s parents had while they were here working 😉

      • Stephen Barlow

        How does Lilywhite Texas justify having a Latino Spokesmonkey?

  • James Thompson

    Ferret Face lies again, just as most repugnacains do. He should be deported.

  • Kingminnie

    CNN and others are constantly turning to Cruz and others like him for their opinions, thereby giving validity and credence to their blathering. Cruz is the lowest of the low, there is no depth he won’t sink to. There’s not much that disgusts me more, other than the fact that his opinions are sought out and treated as worthy. They are not.

  • Cruz looks and sounds like an absolute idiot all the time. There is nothing unpredictable about him.

  • He kinda makes sense, however all of congress should return to DC before midterms and truly debate the important stuff with Facts and Opinions from Experts and quit blaming the president

  • gordo

    Having more information, regarding peoples’ travels is the best weapon in being able to track vectors of disease. Cruz is an idiot and he is the one treating it as a political issue. He preys upon peoples’ irrational fears and is simply a poser.

    • strayaway

      But somehow one nurse flew from Dallas round trip to Cleveland and on the way back with a fever and ebola. Another Dallas hospital worker decided to take a cruise. How’s that weapon working?

  • Rick Flash

    The president needs to do something, but if he does we’ll sue him. These people are insane. If Obama supported a travel ban, they would be crying about taking away our rights to travel and big government poking its nose in our business. Never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

    • Cemetery Girl

      I was reading about the idea of banning air travel. It pointed out that commercial air travel leaves records of which people are in close proximity to others. Imagine if the nurse had drove from Texas to Ohio. Instead of exposing a plane full of people she would have exposed people at rest stops, fast food places, gas stations, and possibly a motel. Exposure that isn’t as easily tracked.
      Banning air travel isn’t going to stop people from traveling. Shutting down the interstates won’t stop it (but would drastically impact our ability to send resources.) Short of setting up check points to hinder travel, people are going to travel. We don’t want that. People will not want to have their freedom hindered by geographic isolation.

      • strayaway

        So far, Obama’s PC travel rules have resulted in two Americans getting ebola. Had the fellow who got sick in Nigeria made it to Minnesota, the number might have been higher. About 150 people a week come from three ebola infested countries to the US. This week, President Obama used his pen and phone to legislate more incentives for people from those countries to come here. Meanwhile neighboring countries like Senegal and Ivory Coast have closed their borders. They have no cases of ebola. Even Harvard University is threatening to keep anyone who travels to those countries off campus for 21 days after their return.

        91% of Americans want flight restrictions and 67% want restricted entry to the US from those countries. I hope they vote

      • WrongRealities

        The people are not informed well enough to know how to handle this correctly. Restricting, or stopping flights could cause a bigger outbreak in Africa that could then start a panic and the collapse of governments and this could repeat in other other countries.

      • strayaway

        Please explain how restricting or stopping flights could cause a bigger outbreak in Africa. That doesn’t make sense. 25 governments including neighboring countries are keeping people from ebola countries out. Most airlines have also stopped flying in and out including french, British, and Korean companies. What we do know though is that we let someone in who lied and that led to three cases in the US. It cost, depending on who I listen to, between $.5-1M to treat Mr. Duncan. He didn’t have any money so his treatment was paid for out of funds that otherwise would have been used for taking care of Americans.

      • Di Kelley

        Like I told someone else, there is likely to be *maybe* a dozen cases when all of this said and done. Should we exercise caution? Of course. But panicking and saying this is going to be some huge outbreak is just ridiculous.

      • strayaway

        We are already 25% on the way to your goal. Then what? We just disagree on what constitutes panicking. I consider keeping a high risk population out, as much as possible, as prudence rather than panic. Who said this was going to “be some huge outbreak”? It is in West Africa but if Nigeria can control it, we should also be able to. I am more concerned with the nurses health and expenditures though than supporting Obama’s dangerous PC border policies.

      • Di Kelley

        I speak of the ones talking of closing off so much that we can’t cut it off at the source. It’s obvious that despite the risks the President’s handling of it works. How? Because in Nigeria it’s now all but *gone*, and that is due to the US helping them to eliminate it. Kill Ebola at the source, no more danger of it ending up here.

      • strayaway

        I’m totally in support of eliminating the disease at its source but that is changing the subject. Tell the nurses, the hundreds of americans being monitored, taxpayers, and Americans who would otherwise have received that health care money that “the President’s handling of it works”. Bill Gates provided money for the polio control station that began monitoring ebola contacts in Nigeria and it was an American who brought ebola from Liberia to Nigeria on his way to Coon Rapids, MN if that is what you mean. Nigeria though had the sense to discontinue air service from affected countries. I wasn’t saying don’t let them back. They could be put into a 21 day quarantine or monitoring first. That’s what Harvard proposed for its students and staff. Do you even realize that Obama has changed laws so that the, at present, 150 people a day coming from in infected countries can stay here indefinitely for the duration and some will be given work permits? US citizens don’t seem to be his priority.

      • ta2t2o

        Eliminating the disease at its source isn’t changing the subject – it IS the subject. Anyone who thinks you can contain this by banning flights to the U.S. From West Africa is too dumb to realize that there are NO FLIGHTS from these infected West African countries to the U.S. So unless you plan to restrict travel to ALL countries that West African flights connect through, or any country that allows flights in from West Africa, flight bans won’t solve this. Mr. Infected Ebola man flies from Sierra Leone to Dubai. Mr. Currently Uninfected American Soldier on leave from Afghanistan is standing in line next to him in passport control. They shake hands. Mr. Now Unsymptomatic But Infected America Soldier now travels either home to the U.S.or back to Afghanistan. Mr. American Soldier on Leave now just became a carrier without ever having been to West Africa. Tell me again how a travel ban of flights to the U.S. From West Africa would have prevented that.

        Right about now you’re thinking – shit, I didn’t consider that. #Facepalm

      • strayaway

        I have already responded to this in addressing two of your other posts in which you covered the same ground.

      • strayaway

        Please explain how “restricting, or stopping flights could cause a bigger outbreak in Africa that could then start a panic”. Why would restricting transfer flights from three countries to the US create panic in Africa? All but three African nations wouldn’t be affected. What am I missing? Who exactly would panic and why? 25 other countries and most airlines already have restrictions but that hasn’t caused panic. Charter planes could still be used to bring in medical help just as the army is bringing in help. That has nothing to do with restricting the emigration of people from epidemic areas to the US.

      • plenty

        Pure Balderdash

      • stephen ramsden

        strange, those figures also indicate the percentages of people who have absolutely no credible knowledge of medical science, and those that religiously watch The Walking Dead and think that there really could be a zombie apocalypse.

      • strayaway

        According to medical science, would nurse Pham and Vinton have ebola today if Mr. Duncan had stayed in Liberia?

        The fellow who brought ebola from Liberia to Nigeria was Patrick Sawyer a naturalized American headed to Coon Rapids, MN. According to medical science, how were the 19 Nigerians who Mr. Sawyer infected with ebola better off because he flew from Liberia to Nigeria?

        Today there was good news though. Mr. Duncan’s host family were released from quarantine, a Spanish and Norwegian medical worker both recovered from Ebola, and best of all, Nigeria was declared ebola free.

      • Wonslar

        Nigeria was declared ebola-free b’cause they didn’t have dumb republicans like you and ted screaming ‘travel barn,travel barn’ and even blaming their president. They paid attention to knowledgeable experts and minded scientific procedures to rid their country of ebola.

      • strayaway

        You are absolutely wrong. Nigeria first received ebola when a US citizen flew in from Lagos. He had to attend a conference in Nigeria before continuing his trip to reunite with his family in Coon Rapids, MN. He just happened to get sick when in Nigeria leading to 8 deaths and 20 cases of ebola there. Nigeria was actually more aggressive in tracking down and isolating contacts than the US partly due to en existing structure in operation to track down polio funded by Bill Gates.

        Nigeria responded by shutting down flights of at least two airlines from ebola countries into Nigeria. Visitors from ebola counties can still come to Nigeria by land although neighboring countries have shut there borders making it more difficult to get to Nigeria.

        Senegal also had one case of ebola. treated the patient, sent him back home to Guinea, and then closed its borders with ebola countries – better safe than sorry.

        Meanwhile, our CDC is working hard to get rid of its initial sloppiness which posters like you defended. Everyone from infected counties will have to come through 5 US airports with more monitoring capabilities and CDC has proposed that they will all have to be monitored for 21 days after arriving. I think its a good public safety compromise with President Obama’s PC and immigration agenda priorities.

      • ta2t2o

        what if I’m not coming from an infected country, but I happen to be at the same Brussels airport as someone from an infected country (Meanwhile the U.S. Would be classified as an infected country)? How do you screen for that Einstein? Maybe you could dictate the U.S. Ban on the Belgians or French as well.

      • strayaway

        There is no epidemic in either France, Belgium, or the US – just the occasional case in the US that our border policies allow. Passengers originating from counties with hundreds or thousands of cases are much more likely to transmit disease than from countries where no residents have the disease. That should be obvious to you.

      • Steve Zakszewski

        CDC sloppiness? Might I remind you that the Duncan was in Texas in a private hospital under the purview of the hospital and the state of Texas, whose governor is quite vocal about keeping the federal government out of Texas. Strange that Obama gets blamed for this and not Rick Perry.

      • strayaway

        You forgot to include my adjective “initial” as in “initial sloppiness”. I welcomed CDC’s subsequent efforts to get up to speed. Mr. Duncan would not have been in Texas if the Obama administration had not allowed and incentivized his trip. Gov. Perry is busy these days raising state money to pay for the educational and other needs of illegal aliens the federal government has allowed across the border. Allowing ebola to slip across another border was just the latest federal government policy gift for Texas. Interestingly, three governors have since learned Texas’ lesson and instituted 21 day mandatory quarantines of returning medical personnel and two of them are Democrats proving that even some Democrats understand what’s at stake.

      • Steve Zakszewski

        Huh? The Obama administration “incentivized” his trip? He traveled here on a visa to visit family and friends and wasn’t a government agent or received some sort of goodies from the Administration or had his trip subsidized. He was a private citizens traveling on his own dime.

        Second, Governor Perry does not go around Texas schlepping for funds to pay for the state’s expenses. Do you think he goes to bake sales or something to finance the state’s programs? And with your crack about “illegal aliens”, you showed your bias.

        “Allowed ebola to slip across the border”? Duncan tested negative at three separate checks before boarding his flight to come to the US. He also lied about not coming into contact with anyone with ebola. And when he went to the hospital in Texas with symptoms of ebola, they’re the ones who screwed up and didn’t catch it. The CDC and Obama had nothing to do with it.

        And something I’ve harped on elsewhere. While the teatards like Cruz are whining about ebola, which has killed one person in this country, guns have killed hundreds in the same period as this ebola “pandemic”. Worse, Cruz and his ilk are whining about Obama’s ebola czar while at the same time blocking the confirmation of his nominee for Surgeon General because we can get into a panic about a disease that’s only killed one person but heaven forbid we have a health official speaking out about something that kills and maims approximately 50,000 Americans a year.

        And what’s wrong with learning from the past and adjusting accordingly? That’s the sign of intelligence.

      • strayaway

        Yes. Although residents of ebola epidemic countries already have good reasons to leave including free and better medical care in the US, President Obama further incentivized migration by (1) reducing visa costs and waiting times to obtain US visas in west African Countries. I read that he did so before the epidemic broke out but he has not since reduced such incentives. (2) He also allowed visa holders from the three counties with an epidemic to stay here longer even if they are in violation of their visas. (3) Students from those countries will now be allowed to take US jobs. In Mr. Duncans’s case, he was here to marry a US citizen which would have put him on the path to citizenship. I’m don’t know who paid for Mr. Duncan’s ticket and doubt that you do either.

        Thank you for noticing that I am biased in favor of US workers and our middle class instead of illegal aliens and their profiting employers as you suggest that you are.

        “Slip across the border” as in not being required to be in out of Liberia or in a mandatory quarantine for 21 days. I could make a similar remark about Ms. Vinton being allowed by the CDC to travel with a slight fever.

        While comparisons between apples and oranges or guns and ebola viruses are interesting, I prefer to consider what happens if instead of a smattering of infections take place brought in by travelers, what would happen if on infected traveler didn’t show up at a hospital or terrorists weaponize ebola. We would begin with a crushed economy and proceed to hundreds or tens of thousands of casualties. That would be comparing apples with more apples. Ever met a recovering alcoholic who turns every conversation into his struggles with alcohol? That’s what liberals sound like turning every conversation into gun control. Can’t Obama find another candidate for attorney general or is Obama’s agenda more important that having an attorney general again? Maybe if more emphasis was put into federal policies to keep dads in households, all these boys in gangs wouldn’t be shooting each other. It might not be so easy to brush past mom at 11 pm with a concealed weapon if dad was in the doorway.

        I agree with your last sentence and so do the governors of Illinois, New York, and New Jersey who have invoked some 21 day quarantines for medical workers (and some others?) wandering in from ebolaland. They don’t want what happened in Dallas to happen in their states.


        Rick Perry is so stupid — typical and he wants to be PRESIDENT!!

      • ta2t2o

        Not sure, but I can tell you that many Guineans – and they are actual human whether you realize it or not – were helped by Dr. Craig Spencer being able to fly there.

      • strayaway

        No one is suggesting that volunteers not be allowed to work in those countries. International aid agencies and our government could send in charter flights as necessary. In fact, charter flights have brought Americans home for treatment. I haven’t opposed President Obama’s sending thousands of US troops to Liberia, for instance, except to note that Congress should have approved that mission. Those thousands of troops didn’t transfer in Brussels. I think a problem on the left is that the left feels obligated to support the President’s policies no matter home many infected individuals wind up here. This results in black and white talking points ignoring all the other possibilities of addressing the disease while not best protecting this Country. If we did have a significant outbreak here, our concerns would be more directed to stemming the spread of the disease here and less attention would be given to caring for “people” in Africa resulting in more deaths there.

      • ta2t2o

        There is no “problem on the left” in this debate. The idea that you think this is somehow a political debate is just bizarre. It’s about actually understanding the complexities of handling an outbreak. My company has employees in Liberia and Sierra Leone. I was just there in June and July. I was also in the airport in Dubai this past week….as were many West Africans. In order to stop contact with Ebola that might come out of West Africa, you would need to put a containment dome over the entire area. Sorry – but this is real life, not a sci-fi movie.

        The emphasis is ALREADY more concerned about stemming an Outbreak here and ALREADY resulting in more deaths there.

        The fact that politicians and media are using this for political fear-mongering and to incite excessive unnecessary panic for the sake of bites and ratings is offensive.

      • strayaway

        From your tone, you must have stayed at a Holiday Inn. The polls are hurting President Obama on this . He is coming around and may propose voluntary 21 day quarantines. Governor Cuomo has already ridiculed voluntary quarantines.

      • ta2t2o

        Had you ever been to these countries, you would know that there’s no Holiday Inn there…. Although the hotel in Monrovia was quite nice. The hotel in Freetown was decent, but the hotel in Bamako wasn’t all that great. But I got your little joke. From my tone, I have a bit of experience in the region. Not sure what the polls have to do about this though. I would think that someone who has worked directly with Ebola patients would have had enough sense to self quarantine.

        Just out if curiosity, why are you so wrapped around continually making this a political issue?

      • strayaway

        Fair question. I think its a combination of things that has me railing for preventative measures. I’ve read too much about the bubonic plague, I had a grandmother who used to tell me about going to work in a streetcar and passing a cemetery where the caskets were stacked (Spanish flu 1918), I read of the extraordinary numbers of predicted cases in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea even if the world does everything it can. While the four cases we have had in the US is tolerable, the number might grow substantially if a number of things might happen. The disease has already been measured to have made 300 gene mutations in its present outbreak. So far, none have made it air born. In any case, it seems prudent to wage an intense international effort to eradicate ebola in Africa, and, in my opinion, to take almost every measure to keep it confined. One can only imagine the disaster if it spreads into Mali’s war zone.

        I see President Obama as dragging his feet responding to the threat of defending our borders from this disease. Polls show that the majority of Americans have similar views. Some Democrats are feeling the heat and distancing themselves from the President. Gov. Cuomo (D) actually did what the President wouldn’t do by instituting a mandatory 21 day quarantine on returning medical personnel. I don’t know if that begins when they arrive in the US or when they leave those three countries.

        President Obama also made it easier for people from those countries to come here prior their ebola epidemics by fast tracking their visa requests and cutting their visa expenses. He has also allowed anyone coming here on a visa including those presently here illegally to stay here for the duration and allowed some of that number work permits. In other words, he has created incentives for citizens of those three countries to come here which is insane considering that over 100,000 cases of ebola are anticipated in those three countries by December. He did all this by legislating with executive orders, a violation of his oath of office and pet peeve of mine. I can only conclude that his priorities are not my own.

        I am in the President’s corner though in insisting that Congress pass support for his troop mission in Africa and for its funding. The President shouldn’t have put himself out on a limb for a variety of reasons. That is what Congress is for although he can rally Congress to pass funding and execute their plan.

      • ta2t2o

        Dude, if we’re going to have a debate on this, you can’t fabricate details. The authorization of those staying here illegally and obtaining work permits only pertained to Dreamers. These weren’t people who recently came over on Visas – or recently arrived illegally, but rather those who have been here for 5 years, came over before they were 16, and were enrolled in school, high school graduates, or military veterans. There was no fast tracking of their Visas. The only order (EO 13597) regarding Visas has only to do with the processing times of Visas and nothing to do with the criteria or length or ability to overstay them.

        Under EO 13674, he clarified the ability to quarantine due to infectious respiratory reasons, but left intact the paragraph from EO 13295 relating to the ability to quarantine for Viral Hemmoraghic Fever to specifically include Ebola.

        I’m more than happy to have you prove me wrong on this if you can simply cite (as I have) the Executive Orders you’re talking about that allowed what you’re talking about. They are all available on the Federal Register.

        Perhaps you’re referring to the “deferred action” on deportations as I’ve cited above, which actually does nothing of what you’re saying as it applies specifically to those who had been here five years or more from June 2012 already, well prior to this Ebola outbreak earlier this year. It wouldn’t apply to anyone arriving after June 2012. See, the problem with debating people who obtain their information from right wing sources, is that the information they use to debate with (although easily verifiable) is not intellectual honest. Again, simply let me know which EO you’re talking about.

      • strayaway

        I wrote “and allowed some of that number work permits. ” Note the qualifier “some of”. What I was referring to was that some foreign students were given work permits because of hardship. Never mind that they might be taking jobs from Americans who also have to work because of hardships.

        “Ebola Outbreak-related Immigration Relief Measures to Nationals of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone Currently in the United States

        Release Date: August 15, 2014

        U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is closely monitoring the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. USCIS offers relief measures to nationals of those three countries who are currently in the United States.

        Immigration relief measures that may be available if requested include:

        Change or extension of nonimmigrant status for an individual currently in the United States, even if the request is filed after the authorized period of admission has expired;

        Extension of certain grants of parole made by USCIS;

        Expedited adjudication and approval, where possible, of requests for off-campus employment authorization for F-1 students experiencing severe economic hardship;

        Expedited processing of immigrant petitions for immediate relatives (currently in the United States) of U.S. citizens;

        Expedited adjudication of employment authorization applications, where appropriate; and

        Consideration for waiver of fees associated with USCIS benefit applications.”

      • ta2t2o

        Yeah dude – for those who were ALREADY HERE. Rather than sending them back right away so they can catch Ebola. You folks on the right really are some heartless jerks.

      • strayaway

        Try to put 2 +2 together. Make it easier to come here and then let anyone concerned know that if they or their US based relatives have the bucks to get them here, they can stay. It sounds like a no brainer to me. If I lived in Liberia, I would sure take advantage of President Obama’s new amnesty for potential ebola carriers program. Welcome to the USA potential ebola hosts! A short while ago when Mr. Duncan found his way here, there were about 5,000 active ebola cases. Now, there are an estimated 10,000. By December, there are expected to be 10,000 new cases a week . That means that if Obama policies do not change, it is considerably more likely that the average passenger from those three countries coming in without a temperature or other symptoms will be harboring the virus. To top it off, President Obama is now trying to get Governors Cuomo, Christie, and the states of Florida and Illinois to renounce their new 21 day quarantine periods. No wonder so many Democratic candidates are keeping their distance from the President. I think it’s heartless to keep allowing in individuals who might infect Americans. Sure, its a nice gesture to Liberians or health care workers but it endangers the rest of us.

      • Tug

        Ha. Where in the hell do you get 91%. Just pulled that out of your ass? Most Americans know that Cruz is nothing but vomit laden vitriol.

      • strayaway

        Tug, my swill mired friend – Google is your friend. “By more than 2 to 1, Americans backed “restricting entry to the United States by people who have been in affected countries,” a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Sunday found. By 91% to 6%, Americans supported “stricter screening” of people from those countries.” -LA Times

      • Tug

        Stricter screening does not equate to banning travel.

      • strayaway

        You wrote “Where the hell did you get 91%” in reference to my comment “91% of Americans want flight restrictions”. I did not write that 91% wanted “banning travel”. Stricter screening, which the CDC is now beginning to do, is designed to restrict entry. I would like to discourage and ban some travel though until the epidemic is over. I am, unlike many here, not tolerant of ebola.

      • ta2t2o

        Let me tell you why restricted entry from those countries and flight restrictions reflect the general ignorance of the public about air travel. First, there are no direct flights from those countries. That’s very important to note. This means that the people from those countries are flying to places like Brussels and France. Many Americans fly to Brussels and France daily without ever going to West Africa. We do meet West Africans in the airport though. We then get back on our flight in Paris and Brussells and head back to the U.S. Most of us don’t know the person next to us at passport control in Paris, or Frankfurt, or Dubai (where I spent 1.5 hours in a packed line of hundreds of international travelers this past Tuesday) and wouldn’t know if they were from West Africa or not. So unless you shut down ANY & ALL possible travel in and out of infected countries – INCLUDING THE U.S. – the idea of a flight ban is just ignorant.

      • strayaway

        Most of us are aware of the fact that there are no direct flights. That does help. For instance, Mr. Sawyer became ill while in Nigeria before he made it home to Minnesota. Nigeria has since shut down such flights after mopping up its 20 cases of ebola. In the cases of Mr. Duncan and Dr. Spencer, both became ill after arriving in the US. The CDC is playing catch-up writing 80 pages of new protocols, restricting transfer flights to 5 airports, and instituting a 21 day monitoring period states are responsible for paying for and carrying out. But there is only so much the CDC can do as long as the executive branch leaves the door open.

        Neighboring African countries have closed their borders and that has worked. A new case showed up in Mali yesterday, Mali’s first, but that was a child brought in from from infested Guinea.

        There are other options. All passengers with the dated names of ebola countries on their passports could hang out in Brussels for 21 days before boarding a US flight or stay in quarantined facilities in the US for the duration. Also, charter flights could haul medical personnel into the danger zone.

        Dr. Spencer went in for treatment within hours of developing symptoms. However the day before he was riding the subway, bowling, and riding in cars. One is not considered contagious before symptoms develop but the bowling alley has since shut down. Ms. Vinton, on the other hand, was allowed to fly with a slight fever.

      • ta2t2o

        “Neighboring African countries have closed their borders….”

        Ha ha ha ha ha. That’s rich. If you believe that, then I’ve got a few Canadian and Mexican border crossings I can sell you. You do know that Sierra Leone and Liberia are both coastal countries right? Mali is the largest country in West Africa and hardly able to “close their borders”.

        Dude, it might help if you actually go visit these countries to understand what you think they’re able to close. Is there a naval blockade? Road blockade? Did they blockade the Niger River? Seriously. We’re talking about countries with high poverty. $20 will get you someone who looks the other way. You might be able to stop direct flights, but you ain’t shutting down any borders.

        I appreciate you thinking about things that might give people a false sense of comfort. But seriously, the only way to prevent this from getting to other countries is to get resources in Africa to help fight this there.

      • strayaway

        You are correct about Mali having open borders and receiving its first case of ebola as a result two days ago. Mauritania has since closed its border with Mali. Chad, Cape Verde, Camaroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Senegal, and South Sudan have 21 day and similar bars to travel from ebola countries. There are other African countries with case by case requirements.

        I think your second paragraph makes a good case for why the US should seal its border with Mexico. I am completely in agreement with your last sentence but also want to do everything possible to keep ebola out of this Country. My hopes are up. The Governors of New York and New Jersey agreed to 21 day involuntary quarantines for any returning medical personnel. One article claimed that even President Obama was considering stricter measures. By December there will be 100,000 live cases of ebola in just these three countries so we will be lucky if none of them show up on inbound flights.

      • ta2t2o

        All flights from West Africa don’t just go to Brussels. I flew in through Brussels and out through Paris. The person I was working with flew in from Uganda and out through Senegal. Next time your on a plane, open up the in flight magazine. In the back, they show you all the flight paths that airline flies. Start with all the red dots coming in and out of West Africa to their destinations and count the number of cities you come up with. You might understand the challenge a little better.

      • strayaway

        I didn’t claim that Brussels was the only connection, I cited it as a connection. Maybe you better take your head out of the sand and chill to improve your reading comprehension.. The internet works as well here as in Dubai so you aren’t the proprietor of all knowledge. There are lists, for instance, of airlines and countries with closed borders.

      • jdubhub68

        Argument by assertion. Do you have actual evidence for any of that or are we just supposed to take your word for it?

      • strayaway

        Not sure what your adjective refers to but with regards to the 91%, if that is what you are referring to, I offered the Washington Post link. If you are referring instead to a slack border policy with ebola infested nations, the proof is two nurses, Mr. Duncan, and the doctor.

      • Marsha

        Once AGAIN a rightie who skews what they have read if infact they DID read it “91% of adults in the survey said they want “stricter screening of people entering the United States who have been in African countries affected….” WAY different from strayaway’s talking point…29% say no… Hmmm used his pen all by himself with NO forethought and conferring with experts and I ask you to tell me the H.R. number of that bill he “signed” because it would have had to come from the republican run house of reps get through the senate to his desk..If you are referring to an executive order, I as well want the title and E.O. number to it..to call you a liar again . And REALLY? You REALLY think 2 persons got it in America because of “Obama’s Travel rules”? You can’t be any more ignorant than to screw with the time line can you??? Those nurses got it because a shitty Texas hospital said they could “handle it” when they had NO idea what they were doing (obviously or 2 nurses wouldn’t have gotten it) but if they handled it properly they would be like a pig in shit with accolades and pats on the back…and THAT’s what it was all about..AT that time, you purposefully ignorant person to support your bizarre agenda, there wasn’t even TALK about travel restrictions! THEY 2 were THEE ONLY 2 to get it here in the USA. Not because of OBAMA (and you wonder why there is a meme going around with his picture saying just came by to see what i’m blamed about now lol) it was because of a hospital that lied and the nurses who OUTED them btw and the hospital at least apologized. Too little, too late since they had only given one HALF hour training and the nurses. The had more press and news confrenses showing the suits the nurses were to wear which was wholey inappropriate for the man’s care as well as telling the CDC not to come the had it under control.. The CDC apologized not for THEIR mistakes (as you may skew THAT as well) but because they didn’t go ANYWAY and monitor these ASSHATS. The nurses KNEW they were not protected but HAD to do their job. If he had made it to MN he would have been in a hospital there that hopefully would have done better than the Texas hospital and NO nurse would have been infected not because of Obama but because they were more concerned about their staff as well as the patient than getting in the lime light….So exactly what are you saying but pure lies? So I ask you HOW has ebola “spread” in USA? LOL the woman he was living with and cleaned up his excrement did not get sick, nor the neighbors he had a bbq with to celebrate his return, nor the kids who lived with the woman who cleaned up after him.SO tell me where did it spread to and who??? ……It always makes me wonder about people who “hear” what they want to hear..I just wonder if we had teachers like that how well rounded their child’s education would be??PS off campus yet not out of country… restricted entry is not a ban

      • strayaway

        Marsha calm down. Here is a quote of mine you may have missed in your perturbed state of mind, “By more than 2 to 1, Americans backed “restricting entry to the United States by people who have been in affected countries,” a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Sunday found. By 91% to 6%, Americans supported “stricter screening” of people from those countries.” -LA Times

        The President of late doesn’t need Congress because he has taken to using his pen and phone to circumvent Congress with executive order legislation and executive departments’ changing of rules.

        It was Obama’s travel rules or his departments’ rules if you want to differentiate. Can you possibly get it through you head that the nurses wouldn’t have been infected if Mr. Duncan hadn’t been allowed into the US until at least 21 days after leaving Liberia? Those were pointless infections. The nurses were thought to have been infected because their necks were uncovered although, at the time, they were wearing clothing considered ok under CDC protocols. CDC has since changed its protocols. CDC is trying but you can’t blame the hospital when it was following CDC protocols. Also, the staffers at the hospital are claiming that when asked where he was from, Mr Duncan just said Africa and claimed he only had contact with his dying child who, he said did not have ebola. That’s two more lies from Mr. Duncan who also lied to Liberian authorities. You might want to look up the Forbes article “60 Minutes’ Just Broke New Details On The Dallas Ebola Case. Here’s What They Revealed” before mindlessly spouting off. The article opines that very few hospitals in the US are equipped for ebola. It’s kind of scary readying the posts of apologists for Obama and ebola who seem to think that ebola isn’t such a big deal. You sound like a lawyer for the endangered ebola virus.

      • Marsha

        No one thinks it odd the week before ANY Ebola patient even got to the USA the news listed off hospitals that WERE equipt..but the DPH not being one of them assured the media they were capable of handling it? They gave MANY press conferences and elaborate set ups to the public showing they were capable and the nurses attire was paraded around. So this assured the city, the state, the government, the CDC they COULD handle it. YET behind the scenes all was in a tizzy. This is NOT the flu, the flu kills WAY more than ebola would in the usa. Yet will you stop flu carriers at the airports? No? But then you risk killing babies and elderly every year. And no hospitals go to the extraordinary care for them as they would an Ebola patient. The flu mutates very quickly where as we need to stop ebola from becoming flu like..Your argument is the chicken/egg argument, and it silly. So my answer to you is; If the nurses hadn’t have been born, they wouldn’t have been infected either. If he did not help that infected pregnant woman he wasn’t aware had it he would not have gotten it..OR how about he would have been ALIVE if the hospital admitted they couldn’t handle it, and ask the CDC where to send him. Both NYC and NB were on the list.the news reported,.funny they had no problems..

      • strayaway

        Comparing ebola with bubonic plague might be a better comparison than with the flu. The flu doesn’t have a fifty percent death rate. It doesn’t cost a half million dollars to treat flu victims either – money that came from coffers to pay for the health care of Americans. Ebola does mutate like the flu though. What we want to avoid at all costs is an outbreak of a disease that devastates entire families and communities. The Dallas hospital did not choose to have Mr. Duncan walk in. It followed CDC protocols. The CDC has since stiffened its protocols partly because they failed in Dallas. What exactly was the Dallas hospital supposed to do with Mr. Duncan once he was there? I didn’t see the federal government rushing in to med evac him to Atlanta. It was too bad that Mr. Duncan was allowed into the US without a 21 day quarantine. Perhaps if he hadn’t lied at the Liberian airport the system would have worked or said he was from Liberia when he first showed up at the hospital, the outcome would have been better.

        Poor President Obama. Every time he tries to foist his open borders policy on this country something goes wrong. Fast and furious blew up in his face. The Tsarnaev brothers showed up at the Boston Marathon and we found out the Tsarnaev family legally had already received $100,000 of welfare benefits , and his policies imported ebola right before an election.

      • Marsha

        Oh PS not apologizing for Obama at all because I think he chose the right thing to do and I really think you should apologize for not voting in a surgeon general so people like you don’t get all bent, and scared about issues like this. Don’t bother apologizing for a “person” like Rafael Cruz because no amount of cover up would suffice for the devil.

      • strayaway

        Obama chose the self serving political thing to do rather than promote the general welfare. When he nominated a gun control doctor, ebola wasn’t even on the table. With Obama, health takes a back seat to his agenda whether its gun control, demographic change, power, or elevating the needs of the third world above those of Americans. 42% of new Medicaid recipients, for instance, are foreigners here legally. If Obama unconstitutionally legislates amnesty by executive order, the majority of new Medicaid recipients will be non-citizens. I don’t think Medicaid was set up to address the needs of the third world and its resources will become less available for Americans as they are used by foreigners. There are many reasons America turned its back on Obama in the mid-term elections. They keep rolling in.

  • It is abundantly clear that Ted Cruz is a loony conspiracy theorist. All loony conspiracy theorists are certifiably insane, failing, as they do, to distinguish their imagination from reality. They should be forcibly admitted to a psychiatric ward for observation. I am perfectly serious about this.

    • Sunnysmom

      Pretty much describes Tea Party people.


      NOW U are showing superb writing lucidity!!!

  • Henry Avellaneda

    Cruz is a political whore trying to appeal to his followers with no basis for his fear mongering statements! He has done absolutely nothing for the country since be became a senator!

  • crabjack

    I like John Stewart’s take on Cruz’s plan; if travel bans work to contain outbreaks, then we should build a wall around Texas.

    • Cemetery Girl

      At times I wonder if they aren’t hoping to push the government into instilling some sort of strict containment measures so they can then start screaming that Obama is containing citizens, just like they’ve been saying he will do since his first campaign.
      I was watching the news last night (in Northeast Ohio, which is not a good idea right now), and they were making a big deal out of the number of people being isolated to monitor for Ebola has drastically jumped. First of all, the number went from one to either three or four, so not that drastic. Second, the number went up because Ohio started a new policy concerning monitoring people exposed which exceeds CDC recommendations. So the number being isolated and monitored has gone up because they switched from CDC policy to Ohio policy, and not an increase in people that are at a higher risk to develope the disease. This little increase of caution for public safety has freaked people out more though. (It has to do with failing to report in this story that the increase is a reflection of change is policy and not an increase in exposed people.)

  • Fernando

    Ted Cruz is a shill for his zealot evangelical father! Daddy is the guy to watch. How come we NEVER hear about mamma Cruz!

  • v2787

    Anyone who would vote for Cruz is a complete and total fool. He’s an opportunistic, self-serving, unethical sleazebag who doesn’t give a damn about his constituents or the nation.

  • LeeH

    He’s right about one thing: “This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.” — Ted Cruz, in the interview above.

  • Shea LaRoux

    What a fucking moron! They may work for the administration but they are the experts we are supposed to listen to. ?Wtf is wrong with this man?

    • Sunnysmom

      Exactly!! He may have a law degree, but there are people way smarter than him working at the CDC who aren’t puppets for the administration and actually do give a shit about public health.

  • Jess

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t for Obama. I’d like to remind the Republicans that over 100,000 people contracted AIDS with nearly 28,000 dying from it before Ronald Reagan even addressed the issue and he’s they’re go to hero!!!

    • Gerard Neumann

      Get over Reagan. Totally irrelevant response. AIDS was for the most part contracted in the bedroom, a place where libs want no interference.

      And yes, Obama will probably be damned, not for this but for condoning the slaughter of the innocents.

      • Wonslar

        Get over Reagan? His pre-alzheimer policies,stupid invasion of Granada after loosing over 300 marines in Beirut,obliviousness of his surroundings and even involvement with Berlin wall pale in comparism to Cater’s peace deal between Israel and Egypt,energy conservation pioneering and even failed rescue attempt in Iran,but you republican goons keep pushing him up there. And yes we already know its fashionable with GOP/TP bigots to criticize great Obama even as he’s fixed the economy GOP ran into the ground, improved vehicle gas milage and brought down gas prices with adequate regulations,made healthcare available to long suffering poor and seen stock market rocket to record high while killing unemployment steadily. You jealous bigots just stay constipated by Obama’s achievements!

  • Sunnysmom

    “It’s not a partisan issue”…followed by 2 minutes of monologue explaining how this is all the Obama Administration’s fault. What a douchenozzle.

  • Darkthunder

    What needs to be done, to deport this asshole from the US? Not that I’m a resident, but I am a concerned US citizen, living abroad. People like him should NOT under any circumstances, be allowed to run for President.

  • Juniper Rue

    Ted Cruz exhibits a serious psycho pathological condition. It’s called Megalomania. It’s characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and an inflated self-esteem.

    • Avatar

      Worse, Cruz thinks he is second coming of Jesus.


        jesus alou? :))

    • strayaway

      Ted Cruz was one of only 22 Senators to vote against giving anti-Assad rebels $500M a couple of weeks ago.

  • plenty

    I’m embarrassed for Teddy Cruz, a relentless panderer, much like Abbott and Perry.

  • GenerallyConfused

    Since when does Cruz sound like he honestly knows what spews out of that putrid, vitriol spewing orifice he calls a mouth?

  • Avatar

    Global warming is going to create more viruses that would make Ebola looks like Sunday school boy with millions of star stickers on his forehead for being good and obedient boy.

  • Organ Leroy

    For once Cruz is making perfect sense. Right up until he gets going about the southern borders at which point he sounds delusional. A travel ban on people coming into the USA from the affected African countries makes perfect sense. It’s no different than a medical quarantine. The various non-rational reasons I’ve been seeing for not imposing a travel ban makes me wonder what business interests are paying to insure that it doesn’t happen

    • Stephen Barlow

      and the “crunchy” devices in his cereal? YOU know…

      THe milk activated…………….
      YOu DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    VOTE REEEEEEEEEEEE–PUBLICAN!!! THEY LOVE ( white trash regressive religious ) AMERICA!!

    • Stephen Barlow

      AO WHA WHAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Let them SLEEP

  • P_Arthur

    RW fear mongering.

    • strayaway

      Two nurses are now being treated for RW fear mongering.

  • Lee Bowskee

    Cruz = a greasy Mr. Haney.

  • BoiseBoy

    As Tina Dupuy Says:

    “So far everyone with a case of Ebola in the US got it by helping people. So relax republicans, you’re in the clear.”

  • AnnieJ

    Allen Clifton … you are the biggest and dumbest twat … I have ever come across … if that is what you got from this CNN discussion … then that just goes to show how ignorant and definitively stupid you are … but by all means … sway the readers to vote democratic … as if we need another tyrant in office … you have showed your true bias in your article … we dont need opinions of jackasses … just unbias reporting about the facts … journalism is meant to be neutral … you fecking moron …
    Annie J

  • Chuck Lockwood

    Why did anyone expect any intelligent comments from Ted? He’s not a scientist, is he.

  • john simone

    All the medical experts are wrong? But Cruz who does not know which country he was born in, is right?

  • n2styx

    Gave up on the video.. way too long.


    Ted Cruz is an idiot– He wants to cull the herd– Ted Cruz EX- Canadian wants us to die. He is nothing more than a Dominionist who thinks he is the chosen one– and he wants people to die.