Ted Cruz and Militia Take on Refugee Kids in Texas Border Surge

ted_cruz_4As reported here earlier, we’re finding a lot of children either crossing or trying to cross into the United States, coming from not just northern Mexico but increasingly from violence-plagued Central American states. As our means for taking care of these youth are being taxed, it is becoming clear that we are heading into a crisis for these children. But don’t worry, Ted Cruz, Texas, and the militia are here to take bakkk are country  scare children help out in this humanitarian crux point through what they’re calling a border surge.

Texas, under Rick Perry, is spending an extra $1.3 million each week through the rest of 2014 to assist US Customs and Border Patrol in finding and stopping crossings. In talking about this Texas Border Surge, state Representative Jonathan Strickland (R) called immigrants “illeg*ls” – which tells you how he thinks they should be treated: as less-than-human. As criminal-by-nature. During an interview for radio station WBUR, Strickland said migrants already receive a lot of benefits. In an effort to also aid with this surge (a military word, IJS), militia members are also organizing what they say to be 500 “militia troops” along the Arizona border as well as several others in Laredo, TX.

This can’t end well at all…

Ted Cruz is of course on board with the Texas Border Surge and is pressing the Obama administration – which he blames for the crisis – to help foot Texas’ bill.

Without a doubt, the growing humanitarian crisis at our border is a direct consequence of the Obama Administration’s refusal to secure the border. Children are pushed into the hands of criminals because the Obama Administration has made it clear to the world that any child who arrives, regardless of whether they are granted formal legal status, will be permitted to stay in the United States.

It’s odd to say that Obama is responsible for this. Among pro-immigrant communities, Obama is called the Deporter-in-Chief for the fact that official deportations and detainments have drastically risen with him in charge. The vast majority of those deportations, however, have been at the border. Cruz brings up a spike in undocumented immigrant population in the US since 2000, but I’m not sure it’s responsible to blame that on Obama. Now, note that Teddy calls this a humanitarian crisis. Because that doesn’t seem to be his focus.

Preventing people from illegally immigrating to the United States should be the primary purpose of Customs and Border Protection. And, although this critical task is primarily a federal responsibility, Texas is prepared to take action to gain control of our borders.

For Cruz, this is about the borders. But what this crisis is really about is the kids. This spike in immigrant children from Central America has been astronomically increasing since 2005, but not because of any so-called promises of amnesty. It’s because Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are now in the top five most deadly countries – with Honduras laying claim to the Murder Capitol of the World with an average of twenty slayings a day – and children are trying to escape the violence themselves. They are ending up in Belize, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and the US. They are seeking asylum and about 60% have “viable” rights to make that claim legally, according to the UN.

They come not as invaders or agents of cartels, but as refugees from war-torn countries. We should recognize them not as a threat to be returned back to their violence, but as a potential to do good in the world. We should be, if we are the greatest nation on earth, welcoming them with open arms, not with rifles pointed at their heads.

The unaccompanied minors captured by US Customs and Border Protection are given to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which places them in temporary shelters until some family members can pick them up and watch them until the deportation hearings. But that’s all becoming exponentially harder, even before this year. In a report for Mother Jones, “In fiscal 2011, ORR had 53 shelters that housed 6,560 kids. In 2012, those numbers increased to 68 and 13,625; in 2013, there were 80 shelters and 24,668 unaccompanied children.” This year, there is expected to be 90,000 unaccompanied minors arriving in the States.

How one defines the crisis is dependent on how one views the humanity of our visitors and asylum-seekers. To call them “illegals” or treat them as pawns is to diminish their humanity and merely see them as a threat or a political tool. According to Cruz, the Texas GOP, and the militia, the only humans then in need of rescue are white Americans – and that from “invading” “hordes.”

It doesn’t appear that the militia’s nor even Texas government’s purpose is to be humanitarian or really to help these children. It is to militarize the border in an effort to scare back Latin American children. Many of these groups, as Conservative Tribune points out, were present at and assisting the Bundy Ranch takeover. The racism in that episode was deeply evident long before Cliven Bundy ever opened up his mouth about people of color. Do we trust them to have these kids’ best interests at heart?

On the other hand, it may be prudent to look at what our responsibilities are – both to these children and to the countries they come from. If these militia groups really want to be humanitarian, they would help secure beds and food and clothes and financial aid for these kids. They would see to it that the children are safe. They would help provide medicine and health care.

They could also petition the US government – as we all should – to help get to root causes of this epidemic, or at least ones we are responsible for. Children are fleeing from their home states due in large part to gang culture exported from the US. Due to our War on Drugs, which enriches while weaponizing the cartels. Due to disastrous financial policies like NAFTA which have heavily hit the North American countries to the South of us (in addition to our own unions).

So, yes, we have a humanitarian crisis here, partly if not largely of our own doing. We should work towards identifying and solving the problem rather than misidentifying and aiming at kids.


When he’s not riding both his city’s public transit system and evil mayor, Jasdye teaches at a community college and writes about the intersection of equality and faith - with an occasional focus on Chicago - at the Left Cheek blog and on the Left Cheek: the Blog Facebook page. Check out more from Jasdye in his archives as well!


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    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! You know why there isn’t any other comments? Because no one else reads this progressive sack of $hit. F U and the socialist, progressive nut sack you rode in on. If you don’t like what Texas is doing, then by all means, kick Texas out of the Union. You don’t need us and our conservative ways and what better way to solve your Texas problem.
    You’re all a bunch of pathetic tools. F U!

    • Ignatz

      And there, friends, you have a perfect snapshot of the right-wing brain.

    • Ben

      I would be the first to sign on to give Texas back to Mexico where it belongs. Texas is an embarrassment to the rest of the USA.

    • You say socialist and progressive like they’re insults.

      But honestly, I like Texas. I don’t care for a number of their politicians. But then I don’t care for the majority of them in Chicago. So…

    • Me

      You seem to be more of a tool than anyone here who has compassion for others. You’re just an a$$hole who enjoys being one. So, enjoy yourself. Oh, and fuck Texas.

    • Barry

      not a bad idea… but a better one would be to kick the $hit heads out. Where would you go if you had to leave your home? Who would be there to feed and clothe you?

  • Sandy Greer

    Could be another reason for lack of posts…

    Columnists have the upper hand, writing; they’ve had their say. I liken them to hosts, throwing a party. They write a column (send out invites) we (guests) join the party.

    We post our comments, and generally – have a good time. It puts a damper on the party when a host shows a guest the door (calls him names and/or shuts him down) Even if the guest was rowdy (disagreed w/host) other guests feel constrained; wonder if they, too, can be shown the door.

    People busy minding their Ps and Qs make for very dull parties. Because, mostly, we come for each other – the other party guests.

    • I’d invite you to all my parties, Sandy. 😉

  • Ignatz

    Wonder what Cruz would say if they were coming from Cuba instead of Mexico.

    • Kaye Dyer

      It would be okay as we, the United States, have already given the Cubans the right to a path of citizenship..all they have to do is step onto dry ground. (I think it has to be both feet).

    • MLR

      We should of kept him out too.

  • Ben

    Would someone tell this Canadian that President Obama has done more sending illegals back than any president in the past?

    • “Illegals”? They’re human beings. How about “immigrants”?

      • Charles Vincent

        Put your money where your mouth is then and house, cloth and feel those immigrants in your house with your food and your finances. Start the ball rolling jasdye.

      • Already do, Chuckles.

      • Charles Vincent

        I’ll believe that when I see proof.

      • Barry

        Fortunately Charles the USA is not made of people like you… and they will pick up the tab. Enjoy your lemonade.

      • Charles Vincent

        I already help with the tab since I pay taxes and some of those taxes go to help with this.

      • johnl

        We all pick up the tab, some of us just don’t mind helping people..if you have a problem with it ,don’t look at like your taxes go to helping people . think of it like all your tax dollars go to paying for corporation welfare. That bill needs to be paid also!

      • Charles Vincent

        I don’t like either option both require force to get something and then give it to someone else.

      • Bishop

        Uh yeah I’m gonna call bs on that. You can argue, but the truth is that you know it’s bs. Your occasional money drop or handout makes you feel real nice, but try giving these people a place to sleep. Maybe your own couch. How many of them have you hired?

        I live in Oklahoma. I’m the one who hires and feeds and shelters these people. Never ceases to amaze me that the ones crying foul are the last ones to actually lend a hand up. Instead you’d rather give a handout, and preferably from MY pocketbook.

      • Ellen H.

        For all we know you are also spouting BS.

      • Barry

        High horse up there eh Bishop? You are fortunate to be able to help and to be truly involved in sharing American values with those less fortunate. It is a blessing for you not a curse.

      • Bishop

        Helping others is a blessing. I don’t feel cursed by any mission I undertake to feed hungry people.

        The problem is that a lot of people offering their two cent opinions have no experience with the individuals in question. If an issue doesn’t affect your local community you are hardly in a position to make decisions about it for those whose communities it directly and immediately affects.

        Last week I had a Mexican ask me for work. Says hes been here for 18 years. Barely speaks English. Wants $10/hr for manual labor. No interest in the local community. Plans to return to Mexico once he makes enough money.

      • Barry

        Such sweet hearts you have. Remind me never to have a breakdown in front of your houses. They are being fed and clothed in your houses. Collectively the USA still puts on a front of actually caring about foreigners. It’s citizens display arrogance and selfishness beyond and definition of humanity. These children arrive after risking their lives to come… now you kick them off your front stoop because you only have enough steak for your family? Nice… really nice. You have a chance to assist, care for and love children who came to your community and you tell them basically to F%$& off… you don’t give a good damn if they are being raped and shot and starved in their country. Nice… good job!

      • Charles Vincent

        I never said what I would do or not do that is an assumption on your part and an incorrect one.

        “These children arrive after risking their lives to come… now you kick
        them off your front stoop because you only have enough steak for your
        family? Nice… really nice.”
        My obligation is to take care of myself and my family first and others second when and if I have the ability to do so.

      • Barry

        got news for you Charles… 1. When you infer others need to put up or shut up and 2. Do you seriously believe making assumptions based on the limited exchanges herewithin is an error, a mistake. There would be nothing here except bigotry and name calling without assumptions.

        One more thing… I understand your priority taking care of yours first, then others second when you can… makes sense to me. Makes sense to the Federal Govt as well. This is why George Bush passed a law mandating people who come to our shores (or fences) must be provided basic human needs and given the knowledge of there human rights as refugees. In this was we all get to chip in a tiny bit to help without needing to sacrifice our families. Good stuff huh!

      • Charles Vincent

        “1. When you infer others need to put up or shut up”

        Never said any such thing.

        “2. Do you seriously believe making assumptions based on the limited exchanges herewithin is an error, a mistake.”

        I don’t care either way its bad form to make assumptions like you did previously.

        “There would be nothing here except bigotry and name calling without assumptions.”

        Got news for you that is already happening with or with out assumptions being made.

        “This is why George Bush passed a law mandating people who come to our shores (or fences) must be provided basic human needs and given the knowledge of there human rights as refugees. In this was we all get to chip in a tiny bit to help without needing to sacrifice our families. Good stuff huh!”

        The key is come here legally. More importantly is that those that come illegally are treated with some modicum of dignity and given the basics before being returned to their country of origin. If we are to return to the days of truly open borders like the great melting pot era we have to make some tough choices on social welfare and its place in the grand scheme of things.

      • Barry

        Charles… there is no way for a refugee to arrive at our borders with a visa in hand. Now come on… get real about this. Coming legally would mean that somewhere in the violence laden country of their birth they could sit down in an office and apply for entry into the US. No way this could ever happen… ever… so to say ‘the key is come here legally’ is to propose the impossible. It’s a catch 22… in order to receive the benefits you first need to give up ever being able to use them. Life has been terror for these people. No way you can decide to turn your backs on they and still claim to be America. So this is a catch 22 for you as well… if you refuse them you surrender the right to be true Americans. Well you can redefine the values of America if you choose. I like American values and am proud of the way we were… and believe if we do not stop trashing America to selfishly close ourselves off from the needs of the world, we will never get it back.

      • Charles Vincent

        Ok you missed what I said go back and reread what I wrote. And fixing the problem isn’t as “impossible as you and others make it out to be.

  • Victor Calvin Hoe

    Ted Curse for ‘merica

  • Ellen H.

    I guess we no longer accept the poor, the tired, or the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. You know people like Ted Cruz will scream we’re a Christian nation, yet when given the opportunity to show that, he doesn’t want to. I also find it ironic that Cruz is against Hispanic immigrants.

    • Welcoming the stranger, indeed.

    • Carla Cox

      Not Hispanic immigrants ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!
      His parents immigrated LEGALLY!
      Are you going to pay to take care of all these children?????
      Do you think money grows on trees????
      America has stretched past it’s financial limits already, 17 Trillion in debt, yet we borrow more to help other countries and IGNORE AMERICANS”!

      • Ellen H.

        I wonder what Christ would do?

  • Jasdye, are they here legally or illegally?

    • What legal work did you do to get here, Scott?

      • Oh, dang, Jasdye. Let me go hunt down my paperwork. Could I forward it to you?

      • Barry

        The answer is legally. The law provides for them as well. So now are you going to open your heart Scott?

      • Barry,

        OK, I will. But only if they crossed legally, and that’s that!


      • Barry

        they did… ‘Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) allows for children to obtain
        federal legal status in the U.S. if a state court deems they cannot be
        reunited with the parents and have suffered either abuse, abandonment,
        neglect or other similar offenses under state law. Children must also be
        unmarried, and it must be determined that it’s not in the child’s best
        interest to return to their country. SIJS is not the same as refugee or
        asylum status, which both bear very different legal tests.’ It is US law (Bush signed it) that people who cross into the USA not from Mexico nor Canada receive temporary refugee status, a place to stay, food and legal assistance.