Ted Cruz Pledges Support For Constitutional Amendment Banning Birth Control

mike-huckabee-ted-cruzWhile everyone is still transfixed by the outrage reality show that is the Trump campaign, other candidates like Ted Cruz have been scrambling behind the scenes trying to gather support wherever they can. When the Trump bubble finally pops and the whole thing goes down in flames, the most likely people to court his current supporters are Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz. (Bobby Jindal may even be further right than those two, but despite all of his desperate attempts to outdo Donald Trump and get attention, he is less popular than Hillary Clinton, in his own state of Louisiana.)

The biggest prize for 2016 GOP presidential candidates is the evangelical conservatives who are adamantly against abortion for any reason, as well as some popular forms of birth control like the IUD which they also consider to be abortion. They believe that once a sperm fertilizes an egg, anything that prevents that egg from turning into a fetus, is the same thing as abortion. I know this sounds strange to some of us, but this is actually what they think, and I can confirm that the anti-choice activists in my family subscribe to this mindset.

So that’s where Ted Cruz comes in. Cruz pledged last week to the extreme anti-choice Georgia Right to Life group that he would support a personhood amendment that would declare fertilized eggs to be human beings.

Georgia Right to Life, one of the most outspoken proponents of the movement to grant legal “personhood” to fertilized eggs and fetuses, has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president after he signed their candidate pledge promising to “support a personhood amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

GRTL’s pledge, which the group says Cruz signed, asks candidates to affirm that “a continuum of human life and personhood begins at the moment of fertilization” and promise to protect “the civil rights of the pre-born at an embryonic or fetal level.” In practice, personhood would not only criminalize all abortions, it could also endanger some common forms of birth control and put women who have suffered miscarriages at risk of prosecution.

The Georgia group’s advocacy of sweeping personhood measures to ban abortion is so radical that it caused it to split from the National Right to Life Committee. (Source)

Yes, these people were too radical for the already extreme National Right to Life Committee, and that was just fine with Ted Cruz. Not content just to defund Planned Parenthood or place serious restrictions on a woman’s right to choose, they also want to ban certain types of birth control which would prevent the need for an abortion in the first place.

Ted Cruz isn’t the only Republican candidate who holds extreme anti-abortion beliefs, but he is the one who stands to benefit the most once the Trump campaign eventually fizzles out due to his other extreme views. While other candidates have attacked Trump, Cruz has made it a point to get into his good graces, an advantageous position to be in once the inevitable happens.

There’s no bones about it, if Ted Cruz were to secure the GOP nomination and somehow win the White House, we would have the most radically conservative, anti-choice president in American history. Unlike some of the other Republican contenders, Ted Cruz has a very good shot at winning the nomination due to his cozy relationship with the Koch brothers and their super PACs, as well as his strong support from the religious right. These anti-choice extremists don’t just want to ban abortion, they want to take away birth control as well, and that’s exactly what Ted Cruz has pledged to do.


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