Ted Cruz Pledges Support For Constitutional Amendment Banning Birth Control

mike-huckabee-ted-cruzWhile everyone is still transfixed by the outrage reality show that is the Trump campaign, other candidates like Ted Cruz have been scrambling behind the scenes trying to gather support wherever they can. When the Trump bubble finally pops and the whole thing goes down in flames, the most likely people to court his current supporters are Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz. (Bobby Jindal may even be further right than those two, but despite all of his desperate attempts to outdo Donald Trump and get attention, he is less popular than Hillary Clinton, in his own state of Louisiana.)

The biggest prize for 2016 GOP presidential candidates is the evangelical conservatives who are adamantly against abortion for any reason, as well as some popular forms of birth control like the IUD which they also consider to be abortion. They believe that once a sperm fertilizes an egg, anything that prevents that egg from turning into a fetus, is the same thing as abortion. I know this sounds strange to some of us, but this is actually what they think, and I can confirm that the anti-choice activists in my family subscribe to this mindset.

So that’s where Ted Cruz comes in. Cruz pledged last week to the extreme anti-choice Georgia Right to Life group that he would support a personhood amendment that would declare fertilized eggs to be human beings.

Georgia Right to Life, one of the most outspoken proponents of the movement to grant legal “personhood” to fertilized eggs and fetuses, has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president after he signed their candidate pledge promising to “support a personhood amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

GRTL’s pledge, which the group says Cruz signed, asks candidates to affirm that “a continuum of human life and personhood begins at the moment of fertilization” and promise to protect “the civil rights of the pre-born at an embryonic or fetal level.” In practice, personhood would not only criminalize all abortions, it could also endanger some common forms of birth control and put women who have suffered miscarriages at risk of prosecution.

The Georgia group’s advocacy of sweeping personhood measures to ban abortion is so radical that it caused it to split from the National Right to Life Committee. (Source)

Yes, these people were too radical for the already extreme National Right to Life Committee, and that was just fine with Ted Cruz. Not content just to defund Planned Parenthood or place serious restrictions on a woman’s right to choose, they also want to ban certain types of birth control which would prevent the need for an abortion in the first place.

Ted Cruz isn’t the only Republican candidate who holds extreme anti-abortion beliefs, but he is the one who stands to benefit the most once the Trump campaign eventually fizzles out due to his other extreme views. While other candidates have attacked Trump, Cruz has made it a point to get into his good graces, an advantageous position to be in once the inevitable happens.

There’s no bones about it, if Ted Cruz were to secure the GOP nomination and somehow win the White House, we would have the most radically conservative, anti-choice president in American history. Unlike some of the other Republican contenders, Ted Cruz has a very good shot at winning the nomination due to his cozy relationship with the Koch brothers and their super PACs, as well as his strong support from the religious right. These anti-choice extremists don’t just want to ban abortion, they want to take away birth control as well, and that’s exactly what Ted Cruz has pledged to do.


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  • Cemetery Girl

    A fertilized egg being considered a person won’t happen (can you imagine the chaos if people wanted to claim fertilized eggs as dependents on taxes?) Still, this shows that a cell or group of cells is more important to some people than women. Birth control pills and other hormonal methods (which can interfere with implant) are used to help treat actual medical problems. If a woman has an ectopic pregnancy she would not be able to receive the care she needs. If a woman has a D & C because of miscarriage, well she probably wouldn’t be able to have it. (All because there are too many people on the planet now that don’t understand it.)

    • polliwogg

      I’d REALLY like to see what happens in the scenario of infertility treatment when there are more embryos created than used. Can the parents claim a deduction for every embryo in cold storage? If the marriage ends, can the wife file for child support for each one? Indefinitely?

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        All good ethical questions – to which there are no real answers. There should be. This debate should be also about the “what ifs” – because the decision has an impact on many things in the future…..Where are all those embryos going to be stored? What happens if they are never claimed? Who is going to gestate them? Too many questions.

    • CT14

      Actually, nothing interferes with implantation, not even the IUD.

      Scientists used to think that might be how the IUD works, and the couldn’t rule it out as a possibility for a long time, but now we can.

      Birth control works by preventing ovulation or by a barrier to sperm and fertilization.

      This is one reason the decision in Hobby Lobby was so insidious. The Greens have a “sincerely held belief” that BC causes “abortion”. They are factually incorrect, both in what the term “abortion” means and about BCPs preventing implantation. Alito said that the facts are irrelevant when a ‘sincerely held belief’ is in play.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Many hormonal birth controls also prevent the lining of the uterus from thickening, which is better for implantation. A thin lining doesn’t prevent implantation, but makes it less likely.

    • Sherri G

      Up to 80% of all embryos, er, I mean “babies”, fail to implant in a uterine lining within a favorable window of 6 to 12 days, are flushed from sexually active women, and go Whoosh!, PLOP!, into the toilet, or onto tampons and pads (Drs. Michael Sandel, John Opitz, President’s Council on Bioethics). Half of those lost embryos, er, I mean “babies”, are perfectly viable and could have developed into healthy fetuses had they imbedded (Michael Sandel, President’s Council on Bioethics). March of Dimes estimates that half of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion. Abortion, therefore, is a natural process in a woman’s body–implanted as well as unimplanted embryos, er, I mean “babies”, are routinely shed. But to a certain segment of the population, when a woman chooses to abort at the same gestational stage as a natural abortion, it suddenly becomes ‘murder most foul’! Gasp! A woman has reproductive control of her body!

      • Ann Parker Crawford

        I have no words on the awesomeness of your reply!

      • Sherri G

        Feel free to share

      • Len Silva

        So God is the main abortionist.

      • Barbara Warrum

        So glad to find someone who knows biology. 🙂 Thank you, Sherri. Even when women have been pregnant long enough to realize they actually are pregnant, about 50% of the embryos are rejected and discarded by the body. When foetal tissue testing is performed, a great many of the foetuses were significantly malformed, and possibly could not survive. The body has a quality control process, it seems. Doesn’t always work, but when it does, it is ruthless. The body discards defective embryos, probably to save resources and time that could be spent producing a latter, viable foetus.

  • GimmeSomeTruth

    It appears to me that Teddy supports a dictatorial theocracy similar, if not the same, as the one practiced in the Middle East, including Sharia Law. His father preaches hatred and intolerance in his so call “church”. But the scary part is not that, the scary part is those who believe in this bull-chitterling. And they vote accordingly…

  • Angela Monger

    You know I’m getting about tired of these damn perverts constantly worrying about sex and who is screwing who and who is pregnant. When did it become socially acceptable for politicians to sit around discussing the sex lives and pregnancies of their constituents? This man is a pervert. He needs to mind his own wife’s uterus and stop obsessing on other women.

    • Earl Rogerson

      He’s too Busy Out Cruising for Boys.

    • VoiceofReason

      It isn’t socially acceptable, BUT IT’S SOCIALLY ALLOWABLE when non-voting Democrats sit on their butts and don’t vote in every election AND ALL THE WAY DOWN BALLOT. I’m tired of people telling me their vote doesn’t count.. well if you add up all the ones that say this, think this and do it.. it would be enough to get rid of TRASH like Ted Cruz (aka Ded Crupe).

  • FD Brian

    If that happens do you need to call the coroner when you have a spontaneous miscarriage? Will the police be involved? Will you get arrested, will you have to post bail, will the courts be over burdened?

    • There are some states where legislation is being proposed to do just that. If a woman is pregnant, then loses the pregnancy through a natural miscarriage, they want to have a police investigation and possibly charge her with murder. Never mind that many, many pregnancies end this way, even when they are wanted. These knuckle-draggers assume all women want abortions and would get one if not for their holy interference.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        I know in one state, there was a lady in jail who found she was pregnant & wanted an abortion. The DA & a judge took custody of the fetus so she couldn’t get one.

      • Alierias
      • Suz M

        Well he better be raising it on his own, then, and I certainly hope he loses his job and spouse so he can figure all that part out and tell the rest of us how to do it.

      • Hare Butler

        That’s right.

      • Hare Butler

        That’s horse shit.her body.like I said in an earlier post.an egg is an egg.5 months is a child.

      • Suz M

        Is this a new disgusting way to keep those private prisons filled, then, or what? Ted Turner still on the let’s get so many people off the planet campaign, or what? Sickening

      • Celeste Lawler

        Ted Turner?

      • Suz M

        Celeste, I do not know his current stance on the topic, but at the time it seemed a bit alarming- https://www.pop.org/content/turner-his-own-words

      • AileenCheetham

        Cruz the crazy Ted.

      • Hare Butler

        That’s right, didn’t think of the private prisons.chances are come big company is already getting ready to get theres up n running.That could be one reason these Wallmart plumbing problems are occurring.They have been purchased for that reason.Arrest for miscarriage. . Ugh,horrible thought

      • FD Brian


      • Hare Butler

        Retarded.murder charges and investigations on miscarriages.??? The courts are so overloaded now all that would do is cost taxpayers even MORE MONEY to house these people arrested while they fight their cases if they can’t make bail.I would like to see advances done with stem cell research and I believe in god as well but an egg is an egg.5 months,come on ,that’s a child..you follow

      • Maggie Jones

        “Knuckle-draggers” is indeed what they are. If Ted Cruz gets into the Whitehouse our American way of life will be over. He wants America to be a Theocracy and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

    • JEinSJ


    • Ann Parker Crawford

      Good questions. I think women should start calling the cops every time we menstruate. I haven’t had a period since February (menopause) but I may start wishing for one!

      • Hare Butler

        You better be able to account for all those missing eggs !! They had the opportunity to become fertile !! LoL

      • Mary Hall

        Better yet call Cruz or your representative

    • HH

      About ten years ago Virginia considered a state law that would have required women who had miscarriages to report to a hospital, doctor, police station or even a FIRE STATION. Thank God it was defeated.

      I had six miscarriages and having to stand up and justify this to some strange man would have sent my husband and I over the edge. We were already grieving.

  • Arthur Adams

    Okay, it’s a real stretch to turn this into supports amending the Constitution.

    Spinning signing a pledge from an obscure group — something Cruz probably didn’t even look at, he just signed what a staffer handed to him, then arguing it could lead to horrible situations is ridiculous. It’s the type of BS tactics the right uses against Obama. There’s enough that Cruz really believes that’s objectionable; don’t make crap up!

    • TJ Miller

      Gotta agree here, even though I am definitely not a progressive in political outlook. While “don’t make crap up” is a bit crude, it is a rather accurate and reasonable demand.

    • Ann Parker Crawford

      So it’s acceptable that a man running for President just signs whatever a staffer puts in front of him?? That idea MAY make this worse.

      • Arthur Adams

        If a major Presidential candidate had to study every document that requires his signature, he’d spend his days behind a desk. That’s why he has staff — to look over stuff like. It was one of thousands of groups that might endorse candidates, and not one of any real significance. They probably said, “Senator, Georhia Right-to-life, personhood amendment” and he said. “I’ll sign, what’s next?”

      • angie497

        You can try to spin it however you like, but it still comes down to the same thing – either he read it and agreed with it, or he didn’t bother to read it and signed it anyway.

  • Jim Jones

    Since rich women can always go to Canada and get whatever they want the god news for Cruz is that only poor women will be ground into the dirt by his perversions.

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      Exactly like the 50s. It has always been thus. The rich in the 50s before Roe V Wade, went on vacation & came back not pregnant or with a “small relation” in tow that the parents ‘adopted’ to care for. Poor women had another mouth to feed or they had a choice for a back alley abortion that might leave them either infertile, or dead.

      I am sorry that I had to live to see a time when women again had to fight for their right to make their own health decisions. Give the THEM this & next they will want to take away our rights to vote or hold office. They probably would like to go back to victorian England when women could only think what their fathers taught & then were subject to only what their husbands thought.

      • Leannie

        The back alley abortion issue is exactly why I become so rabid about the importance of Roe vs Wade…My mother was a victim of such an experience which nearly killed her. Funny thing is that if it did kill her, I would never have been born…So I ask the anti-abortion community…would my mother have deserved to die AND what value does my life have?

      • Suz M

        It’s hard to believe so many in my baby boomer age group have conveniently forgotten that Roe v. Wade was applauded by EVERYONE because it helped put a stop to back alley, coat hanger abortions. That was before the poor lil ol’ group who were desperate for votes decided to warp that into a shameless fake “moral majority”

  • Ellen H.

    If I wanted to live in a Roman Catholic theocracy, I’d invent a time machine and travel back to Europe circa 1500.

    • Howard Sands

      Or, you could vote for this POS or most of the Republican candidates, who would negate the need of going back in time.

  • OMGface

    Knuckle dragging, Stone Age, true believer brainless replicant! DELETE HIM.

  • Lee Hostettler

    Come on Manny, are you serious ..Cruz has no chance of winning the nomination ..

  • At least they believe in human rights, health care, minimum wages, and quality schooling for those foetus’ once they’re born, right? Right?

  • yourmom

    How is an IUD inconvenient? Worry about your birth control every 5-10 years as opposed to every day (pill), or once a month (ring), or once a week (patch), or every few months (shot)? Women get pap smears every year anyway, the IUD takes an extra minute to insert/remove during that procedure. (I’ve had one, and it seems as if you haven’t had that opportunity.) No additional waits each month, no driving to the pharmacy or clinic and waiting and paying for refills. It is cheaper and more time-efficient than any other method of birth control, and closest to surgical sterilization as for efficacy (because there is no room for user error, no chance of forgetting or becoming unable to afford your prescription or getting sick and vomiting up your pill -I’ve got a baby through that method- or having your patch/ring fall off/out). Yes, it can have side effects, but so can ALL birth control methods, other medications, and pregnancy for that matter. Each woman has the right to decide what she wants to use for her body, what works best for her.

    • TJ Miller

      The whole implantation thing makes it inconvenient, depending on brand, type, etc.

  • tracey marie

    cruz is a catholic dominist

  • HH

    I had six miscarriages. My husband and I were already grieving, and having to stand in front of strange men and “justify” why would have sent us over the edge.

  • HH

    I suggest we make male masturbation a felony offense. Think of those thousands of unborn babies who end up in a kleenex in a trash can.

  • xaldx

    How about if men just recuse ourselves from the debate?
    Leave it up to the women. If a majority of women in Kentucky want to actually go medieval, then run the underground railroad.
    Women already have 100% control over reproduction, starting with their choice on sperm donor. Men do not have any veto power over a woman’s decision to keep or terminate a viable pregnancy.
    To be fair, men whose sperm has been “chosen” should gain the right to opt out of parenthood. “Enjoyment of sex” applies to both genders, so that is no excuse to chase down biological fathers.
    We can hope that people will pair up and raise kids, but as long as women have 100% control over reproduction, the onus is on their shoulders.
    If they do not choose wisely, they will end up on welfare.
    Pretty much how it is now, but liberating sperm donors from the clutches of the law, as we liberate women from any men trying to control their bodies.

  • Hillary the Barking Dog

    Ted Cruz is one sick puppy.