Ted Cruz Is Raising Money For A Gun Group With Ties To White Supremacists

prattNearly everyone knows what the NRA (National Rifle Association) is, and Senator Ted Cruz is no exception. The most powerful gun lobbying group in the United States, the NRA enjoys the support of conservative politicians like Ted Cruz, and even some moderate Democrats in red states. At any gun show you go to, you’ll find them recruiting members, and any hunting or fishing website will likely show you ads from the NRA as well.

While the NRA is the organization most people think of when the subject of guns and gun lobbyists come up, there is another one which is even more extreme than the NRA – and Senator Ted Cruz is helping them with fundraising efforts. This isn’t an isolated incident, either. Ted Cruz has a documented history of working with Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America.

If you haven’t heard of Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America before, let’s take a look at their organization and why it is so concerning that a serious presidential candidate is fundraising for them.

Via Right Wing Watch:

GOA is, in the words of the Southern Poverty Law Center, “a more radical alternative to the National Rifle Association,” which through an absolutist stance against any and all gun regulation has helped to push both the NRA and the gun debate to the right and away from any possible compromise.

But what’s most troubling about GOA is the radicalism of its executive director, Larry Pratt, who has ties to white supremacists and the militia movement and whose insurrectionist view of the Second Amendment is bolstered by a steady stream of conspiracy theories, many of them directed at President Obama. Just this weekend, for instance, Pratt speculated that although the president has tried to remove “pro-American” officers from the military, he has not gotten all of them, so if he were to try to commandeer the military as his own private defense force he would likely meet with a violent insurrection. (Source)

Larry Pratt has previously stated that President Obama was like Hitler and wanted to take away everyone’s guns. He later followed up that statement by claiming the Second Amendment was intended for use against people like President Obama.

White supremacist groups have been cheering Donald Trump’s increasingly xenophobic rhetoric, but the right-wing patriot movement’s true hero is Ted Cruz who has been carefully following behind Trump, just waiting for his campaign to finally sputter out. It’s a strategy that has paid off as Ted Cruz has capitalized on the free-fall of Dr. Ben Carson to jump ahead of Trump in some Iowa polls.

The chances are very real that Ted Cruz will end up being the Republican nominee. He has the money and the campaign staff around the country to make it happen, better than any other candidate. He has tapped the chairman of GOA to lead his campaign’s “Second Amendment Coalition” which removes all doubt that there is clear coordination between the white supremacist-friendly Gun Owners of America and Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump will eventually fade away or run third party, which is why I am not overly concerned with him. The quiet networking between Ted Cruz and the most radical members of the far-right is what should scare the hell out of everyone.


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