Ted Cruz Said Something So Idiotic About the Minimum Wage It Actually Left Me Speechless

In all my years following politics, few things have truly left me “speechless” or with the inability to fully comprehend something that I had just witnessed or heard. It happens, but it’s extremely rare. However, when I saw Ted Cruz basically blame corporate greed on the minimum wage, I was dumbfounded.

Before I tear into Cruz’s stupidity, here’s what he said:

“I think it’s bad policy [the minimum wage],” Cruz said. “And you know, one observation I make to folks is next time you go to a fast food restaurant and you start ordering on an iPad, you’re seeing the minimum wage.”

He also said he feels the minimum wage hurts the “most vulnerable.”

So, Ted Cruz is claiming that these companies that are using more automated means of “customer service” are doing so – because of the minimum wage? The same companies where the CEOs and other executives are making more money than at any time in history, Cruz is claiming that they’re eliminating jobs because they’re being forced to pay workers $7.25 an hour?

I can’t even fathom how stupid someone has to be to believe that.

First, technological innovations have been replacing human workers long before the advent of the minimum wage. Is Cruz really trying to claim that all these technological advancements we see in all these businesses that have replaced human workers are all linked to the pathetically low minimum wage?

I worked for Sam’s Club, which is owned by Walmart. While I was there they installed self check-outs. Why did they do this? Because the company is cheap as hell, views workers as expendable and would run the entire club via robots if they could get away with it. This wasn’t about paying people the minimum wage (Sam’s actually starts cashiers higher than the minimum wage), this was about a greedy company doing whatever it could to eliminate expenses – and workers are always an expense. The main reason why they didn’t push for more self check-outs was because a lot of people don’t want to pay full price to check themselves out when someone else should do that for them, and largely because “shrink” (aka loss) was much higher because customers would either outright steal or forget to ring something up.

Is Cruz saying that Americans should be making less than minimum wage? How, exactly, does that help “grow the economy” and “improve income inequality”? People can’t survive on $7.25 an hour now, does he think splitting that ridiculous wage in half is going to improve the lives of those earning that laughable wage? Do you realize how horrible service would be if you were paying someone around $5 an hour – or $200 a week for a full-time job? Not to mention how many people would then quickly turn to government programs like SNAP to supplement basic needs that they sure as hell couldn’t afford making $4-5 per hour.

And what about all these jobs that pay more than the minimum wage that are eliminating jobs, replacing humans with machines? Is that still because of the minimum wage?

The stupidity of Ted Cruz – and anyone who seems to think the minimum wage hurts the economy – is palpable. To this day, I’ve never once heard a single rational argument against the minimum wage. It hurts job growth? Yeah, because it’s really worth creating “twice as many jobs” by simply splitting the wage of one lousy paying job in half. That makes a whole lot of sense.

But this is what this country faces if we don’t vote blue this November, a Republican party that will wreck so much of the progress that’s literally taken us decades to achieve. It can all be undone in just a matter of less than four years.

Because while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both pushing for a much higher minimum wage, Republicans are trying to get rid of it altogether.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cemetery Girl

    Very true. If there was no minimum wage technology would still be invented to replace human workers. Machines are considered more reliable. Despite how often we hear a machine say “place the item in the bagging area” and we want to scream because it’s in the bagging area, that machine is considered more reliable. Humans do things like call off or just not show up. Sure, machines break, but while it isn’t working for a few days there are several others that are.
    Doing away with the minimum wage wouldn’t create more jobs. If Walmart could pay $1/hr do you think they would hire seven times as many employees? You would still have people wondering why there’s only 2-3 registers open. They aren’t going to have more people than they believe they need working just because the cost is less. If they spend $22 for an hour with three cashiers then they wouldn’t decide to spend $22 for an hour with twenty-two cashiers. Instead they might decide to spend $5 for an hour with five cashiers and customers would still end up happy the lines are shorter. While that would be a small increase in the number employed, it would also be an increase in the number of people that would be working for a wage insufficient to survive on.

  • joe sanford

    Profit margins will not go down because prices will increase to compensate for higher wages exactly the same as when supply or food cost increases. This is simple cost management and not rocket science.

    • pierider

      Now you think that the economy and wages are “simple”.

      The only thing simple here is you.

      • joe sanford

        You speak on about a fourth grade level yourself spunky.

    • Deanna Willson Rounds

      The cost of goods has risen hugely over the last several years while minimum wage has stagnated please explain that if one causes the other to go up.

  • Diane Pledger Ryder

    That is like saying we never would have use the cotton gin if slave labor would have been cheaper. In my lifetime I have seen the minimum wage raised several times and it only helped the economy

    • Melissa Perez

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  • clr1390

    Pretty sad, that in 1975 I bought a brand new 1975 Ford Pinto while working for 2 bucks an hour. I had my own apartment, and needed no government help. By Sept. 78 I got a job at UPS. Started out making $8.48 and 3 months down the road a dollar an hour raise. I thought I was rich. The riches that money brought was off the charts. I bought my first house at 21 years old. Sad to think many people today make less money, and are described as moochers for not making enough money. The national minimum wage is a national disgrace.

  • Amy Hernandez

    I live in California, where we are in the process of adopting a $15/hr minimum wage. That is a very good thing for a lot of people who are working their butts off and barely hanging on.
    However, to a great many people, this is ridiculous, and “burger flippers don’t deserve that!!” -and the people who are angry, are the ones who are CURRENTLY making $15/hr. Memes are all over showing the pay of police officers, fire fighters,and EMTs, and have a picture of a guy working the fryer, with the words, “and HE deserves 15/hr? Yeah right…”
    I understand the anger, but I find it very telling, that we have become so accustomed to villainizing the poor, that the anger falls on THEM. Instead of
    asking, “why do THEY deserve $15/hr?” we SHOULD be asking, “Why are our first responders being paid so little?” We gain nothing by stepping on people who are already on the bottom.

    • pierider

      Tell those people acting ridiculous that a rising tide lifts all boats. They’ll be getting raises too. If they don’t, then they should demand it!

    • diana harrell

      How about telling them to get a better education so they qualify for a better paying job. I bet every one of those burger flippers have a cell phone, Color TV, a place to live and transportation. I started out at 3.35 an hour, no phone and I walked to work. I had enough to pay my rent, a one room with a bath down the hall. I did that until I could save enough to go to school. Was it easy???????? Hell no it wasn’t, but I had determination. I never thought anyone else owed me any more than what they were offering me…A JOB!!!!!!!!!


    When paying people less becomes a competitive advantage, the race to the bottom is on. The minimum wage puts a floor on worker exploitation, for the good of society. Ted Cruz, and Republicans generally, are all about maintaining corporate profit.

  • BiteMe

    I used to work in the fast food industry and I haven’t forgotten what it was like. To say that a burger flipper doesn’t deserve a decent wage is preposterous. For the most part management would understaff the restaurant to save a couple of dollars. Sure you sometimes had time to kill but that’s with any job. For the most part you were under the gun and constantly being yelled at to go faster and faster because they didn’t want to pay another employee. You would be doing the work of 2-3 people. The fast food industry is multi billion dollar a year industry. They can afford to pay their employees a decent wage without passing the cost to their customers but they won’t do this because they want to manipulate the masses into fighting for them. They tell the public that they will have to raise the cost of a burger if they have to pay their employees a decent wage. The public then turns on the employees that aren’t even making enough to get by. Those that say burger flippers doesn’t deserve a decent wage are playing right into the trickle down (voodoo) economics BS. The economy is strong when the lower and middle class have money to spend, not the other way around. We drive the economy not the rich. They can afford to make less not the workers. Then we have the argument that if you want a higher wage then go to school. Well that’s easier said then done. The cost of a college degree is sky rocketing and only getting worse. The poor or lower middle class can’t afford it. Sure some people manage to make it happen but that opportunity isn’t there for everyone. Then we have to look at what low wage workers need on top of thier wage, government assistance in some form or another. I would bet that the same people that say burger flippers don’t deserve a decent wage are the same that appose government assistance programs. If they made a decent wage they would be reliant on government programs to get by. We are subsidizing these multi billion dollar companies by allowing them to pay sub standard wages.

    • Cemetery Girl

      And the statement of “get an education” also ignores a society need for those jobs. If it were possible for everyone to get a college degree and have employment in that field, then just who exactly is going to do all these lower paying jobs? All the high school students (which are typically, and incorrectly, brought up as the intended recipients of miminim wage jobs)? If you like grabbing a burger at lunch, then who will be making that burger? If you’ve ever run out to a store late at night, after 11, for something, then just who exactly would be working late at night so the store could be open? Telling people to get an education completely ignores our demand for these service positions. We aren’t going to stop demanding these services, so just who exactly provides these services if everyone gets a degree and “better job”?