Ted Cruz Says Climate Change Is A Cause Of ‘Environmentalist Billionaires’ At Koch Retreat

mike-huckabee-ted-cruzConsidering that the 2016 Republican field is extremely crowded, candidates like Ted Cruz have to find a way to get noticed, especially by the billionaire donors. While they have to also throw red meat rhetoric to primary voters who tend to be evangelical Christians and Tea Party conservatives, wooing the big money donors is crucial if they don’t have millions of their own dollars to spend like Donald Trump has.

Ted Cruz wasn’t doing that well in the polls to begin with, but once Donald Trump jumped into the race with his berserker style of campaigning, Cruz has found his own right-wing message drowned out by Trump’s bullhorn. Trump doesn’t need the money, as he constantly reminds everyone, but Ted Cruz does. So, like many of the other Republicans in the field, he had to schlep on over to California to the Koch brothers retreat to try to woo some corporate fat cats.

Via The Guardian:

Cruz also criticised the new regulations, set to be unveiled by the Obama administration on Monday, to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. To the Republican presidential candidate, these new rules were a sign that the Democratic party had abandoned union members for “California environmentalist billionaires and their campaign donations”, in a clear reference to hedge fund mogul and environmentalist Tom Steyer.

In denying global warming, which Cruz saw as a Trojan horse used by liberals to impose “massive government control” on the economy, the Texas Republican distinguishes himself from many others in the GOP field. Earlier, 2016 rival Marco Rubio also attacked the new regulations, although the Florida senator was loth to address the science behind global warming. In contrast, other Republicans, like former Florida governor Jeb Bush, have acknowledged that the planet is getting warmer. (Source)

Unlike Tea Party conservatives and the Christian right, it’s safe to say that most of these billionaires probably don’t care about the social issues the candidates have to rile up the base about. I don’t think that CEOs lie awake at night worrying that gay people getting married are going to destroy the sanctity of their fifth marriage or that President Obama is going to send federal troops to invade their gated community to confiscate their guns and send them to FEMA camps.

What they do understand is making maximum profits for their shareholders and exploiting every possible loophole to get around environmental and labor regulations, as well as paying as little as possible in taxes. Ted Cruz knows that full well. Saying that climate change is part of a liberal conspiracy is a message that appeals both to the people who actually do believe that Obama wants to take away their guns and backyard BBQ grills, and the corporate interests to whom environmental regulations are an unwanted business expense.

At this same meeting, Charles Koch compared his political crusade against things like environmental and labor regulations to the cause to end slavery, the women’s suffrage movement, or Martin Luther King Jr’s civil rights movement. To these multi-billionaires and the temporarily-embarrassed millionaires who make up the voting bloc that is the Republican Party, not being able to pollute at will or pay American workers less than minimum wage is a burden too great for them to bear. Each of these candidates groveling for donations is promising to be their Martin Luther King Jr, their crusader to throw off the government regulations that are preventing that extra three cents per share dividend.

Ted Cruz wants to be the Moses to the Koch brothers Israelites, he wants to rise above the other candidates and lead the richest 1% out of the liberal’s Egypt and into a land flowing with Keystone oil and even more money than they have now. Judging by the recent $15 million donation by two Texas energy magnates to a pro-Ted Cruz super PAC, it looks like Ted Cruz’s message is working.


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