Ted Cruz Says He Really Didn’t Want a Government Shutdown, Audience Laughs (Video)

ted-cruz-8I honestly and truly believe Ted Cruz is insane.  Maybe not “padded room” insane, but something is clearly not right in his head.  Either he’s the biggest sellout this country has ever seen and will do anything to pander to the tea party, or he’s just completely oblivious to the facts and reality that are all around him.

It’s still unbelievable how this guy goes around trying to act as if he didn’t want the government shutdown.  The guy staged a fake 21-hour filibuster where all he did was advocate for a government shutdown.

Hell, he campaigned behind the scenes to House Republicans to specifically block the vote on the Senate’s resolution that would have kept the government open.

Yet he still continues to insist that he never wanted to shut down the government.  What the hell is wrong with him?  I guess it’s a good thing tea party Republicans (basically the only people who like him) often lack the ability to think for themselves or use common sense—otherwise he’d be screwed.

Which is why I snickered when during an interview with Chris Wallace, the audience mockingly laughed at Cruz when he said he never wanted the government shutdown.

Cruz said, “I didn’t want a shutdown.  Throughout the whole thing, I said we shouldn’t have a shutdown.”

Which then triggered laughter throughout the audience.  Here’s the video of the interview, which took place at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum yesterday:

No, he didn’t “want” the shutdown — he just pushed for demands that Democrats and President Obama said were non-negotiable.  It’s like a child saying, “I’m not touching you!” while they hold their finger a centimeter from someone’s face.  Sure, they’re not technically touching them — but they’re still meaning to annoy the hell out of somebody.

And that’s what his whole defense is — childish.  He claims he never wanted the shutdown, yet he demanded things that he knew he stood zero chance at getting, which then brought about the shutdown.

What Cruz does do well is represent the kind of mentality the tea party has.  It’s a “movement” built by people who simply don’t have a real grasp of reality and seem to lack all signs of common sense.  Cruz constantly acts as if he’s “speaking for all Americans,” while ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Americans (even many Republicans) strongly oppose what he stands for.

Which is why audiences like this one will continue to laugh at the man when he makes asinine statements like he made to Chris Wallace.  Because while Cruz might like to deny reality, most Americans are well aware of who was responsible for the pointless government shutdown last month.

That’s the funny thing about reality; it’s real whether Ted Cruz wants to believe in it or not.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • corwin02

    Yet still people will vote to let this guy keep his seat

  • Steven Sexton

    The Republicans need to get rid of these nuts if they are to win again. I support some of their ideas but they go way too far into never land for me to vote for anyone from that side until they get their house in order.

  • YankeeDoodleDandy

    Texans arent people.

  • Allan Michaud

    As a Canadian, I officially renounce all ties to this buffoon!

    • Vicki Kemp Whorton

      Same for this Texan. YUCK.

      • Pat

        Same for this American. I am tired of him saying he speaks for me. I can speak for myself quite clearly.

    • PoogieBell

      It’s good that we now have the Internet to make sure these guys are consistent in their ideology during their political careers. I sure hope people remember this video when this guy comes up for re-election. He sure won’t be president because of what he’s done. Too many people think this guy is a self-righteous idiot.

  • s s

    This man is insane. Flowers bloom (yes a moaist).

  • Camacha

    Even stranger was how he quoted Mao & said he had his little red book in his pocket.

  • Mr. Califash

    We’d like to think Cruz were the ignorant, dumb loudmouth he acts like. But never forget that he’s an Ivy-educated lawyer. He’s smart and his posturing and stupidity are just poses, designed to manipulate public opinion. He is a demagogue of the McCarthy stripe, and he’s going about his ascent to hoped-for power methodically, cleverly and covertly. His approach to public discourse is clearly modeled on Göbbels’.

    • sherry06053

      Unfortunately, I fear you are right. There are too many uninformed people out there to not be weary of him. I know he scares me!

    • Bob H

      I am not sure that you have to be smart, to be well educated.
      Money can buy a good education for somebody that isn’t smart.
      Look at President Bush. He had an ivy league education. Two ivy league schools, as a matter of fact, and he is an idiot.

    • strayaway

      Göbbels? How so? If you are referring to repeating a lie often enough that people believe it, it was the President who promised that we could keep our healthcare 23 times.

      You probably aren’t referring to Eugene McCarthy because he opposed Johnson’s war and contemporary Democratic doves like Kucinich are pushed aside like McCarthy was. You must be referring instead to Joe McCarthy who is remembered as being demagogic, reckless, as making unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character or patriotism of political opponents. Isn’t that somewhat like what you are doing? (e.g. ” ignorant, dumb loudmouth, posing , manipulating, demagogue, covert, like Göbbels) Can you find any paragraph uttered by Göbbels that has more such descriptions of his opponents?


    I have faith that the majority of Americans are smart enough to see through this megalomaniac and his self serving intentions to destroy the Federal Government with fear, lies and misinformation.

  • Kathy Gray

    his voice even sounds like a weasel

    • motherunit

      Sounds like a smarmy bible-thumping preacher to me.

  • Mr Smith

    Maybe he has been brainwashed by “The Family”.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    could someone more erudite than I pleeeeez tell me why my clenched fists are being magnetized to senor cruzs chin(s)???

  • David Bautista

    Ted Cruz espousing the views of Chaiman Mao! Lol! And they tried to say Obama was the communist! Lol!

  • Dorothy Dill

    Stop the lying Mr. Cruz. The American people are very energized and mobilized. The problem is hard headed, lying, deceitful Republicans who refuse to listen to the people and who refuse to adequately represent us. Otherwise you would be giving us gun law reform, immigration reform, you would raise the minimum wage and raise taxes on the wealthy who have been given sooooo very much from this country, you would leave the Affordable Health Care Act alone so Americans can afford healthcare, and you would keep your grubby dirty deceitful hands off our social security. Oh, and one last thing, Mr. Cruz you don’t seem to realize our President has done an AMAZING job reducing the deficit (YOU REALLY SHOULD SHOW THE MAN SOME RESPECT), but since you think our biggest problem is cutting cost, then start your fiscal cuts with the folks stealing America blind, big businesses and corrupt politicians, and perhaps you can make reductions in Farm aid so you can help veterans and poor people put food back on their table.

  • This guy’s father has more lies than David Archuleta’s father during Season Eight of “American Idol,” and people are STILL supporting him?

    • strayaway

      Because Cruz took a chance that the (un)ACA wasn’t going to work, put his reputation on the line by being the main messenger of that message, as has so far been proved correct probably beyond his own expectations. A better question is why are 39% of the people STILL supporting the President after this colossal rollout, spying, lying about lies, cronyism, continued wars, and continued high unemployment?

      • Rick Hitchings

        that’s right, keep you head firmly planted in your butt cheeks

      • strayaway

        Rick, in your last 30 posts, you have made 7 anal references. Perhaps there are other websites more aligned with your fixations.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Insane or sociopath that doesn’t know when he’s lying or such a high distain for the people he believes he is so far above them that he can tell them anything and they will believe them ? Some credence for the later from his and his father’s comments about how he is the chosen one (oddly, given In the context of a Christian service where such claims are awful close to blasphemy. If he wants Biblical Law, the punishment for blasphemy is stoning).

  • former GOP

    I get so tired of hearing “Obamacare isn’t working”. It hasn’t even STARTED yet! Give it a chance.

    • strayaway

      You got that right! Causing 4.9m Americans to lose health insurance coverage is going in the wrong direction.

  • frank

    This clown should be deported.

    • Informer

      They don’t want him back.

  • bpless

    I’ve heard so many talking heads say that Ted Cruz is very intelligent. I, however, believe he’s a narcissist idiot, son of a preacher. He knows the preaching body language and uses it. He holds his hands out in a gesture of trust. He’s one of the LAST people on earth that I’d trust or listen to.

  • Chomper Lomper Tawee

    Oh my god his voice I just couldn’t stop laughing..

    • motherunit

      And, he seems like the type of guy who really, really hates being laughed at.

  • Gary Menten

    If Washington is Broken, Cruz and his TP buddies are the ones who took the sledgehammer to it ans started slamming.

  • estfar

    The convenience of a memory lapse….then the explanation of their actions…they want a pass at every turn but they want to crucify the President for things that are not even his fault. What else is there to say? This guy is a liar, an opportunist and as corrupt a politician as the man he resembles the disgraced Senator Joseph McCarthy – and generations will remember him in the same way.

  • katherine nortonmalek

    He’s so full of himself he can’t see beyone his own nose. Egotist.