Ted Cruz Says Syria and Obamacare Are “Tied Together” — Uh, What?

cruz1I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  I absolutely cannot stand the guy.  He’s a sycophant that will do whatever it takes to pander to whatever group of people he feels will put him in the best position to get what he wants—and what he wants is to become President.  In fact, I feel that’s the only reason he ran for Senator, to put him in the position to run for President.

But he’s absolutely fantastic for the business that I’m in.  As a political commentator, you almost have to love these politicians who seem to go out of their way to say completely asinine things every other day.

And in his brief time in Congress, Ted Cruz has said plenty.

Well the “distinguished” Texas Senator decided to prove he’s a legitimate, and respectable, public servant by talking with the equally “distinguished” and “well respected” right-wing media personality Rush Limbaugh.

In a continuation of his mentally unhealthy and obsessive attack on the Affordable Care Act, he decided to take it a step further by claiming that possible intervention in Syria is “tied together” with the health care law known to Republicans as “Obamacare.”

Yes, he actually said this with a straight face.

He claims “the administration’s arrogance” is the underlying issue here and you continually see that with the decisions they make.  And I guess just for soundbite’s sake he decided to throw immigration reform and guns into this as well.

Because, you know, all four issues are extremely related.

But this “arrogance” of which Ted Cruz speaks is just another fictional reality he’s created in his delusional mind.  I once believed this guy to actually be intelligent, though the more I hear him talk, the less I think he actually knows how our government works.

His continued push for a government shutdown to try and defund the Affordable Care Act (something many Republicans have called “dumb”) is a prime example.  Shutting down the government for a few weeks will serve absolutely no purpose as it relates to the Affordable Care Act—-none.  This is a fact other Republicans have pointed to as well.  But no, that doesn’t stop Cruz from continuing to try and push this idea in speeches he’s been giving around the country.

Then he seems unaware that the Affordable Care Act was Constitutionally upheld.  Where’s the arrogance?  Congress passed a bill, the President signed it into law, the Supreme Court ruled it Constitutional.

Not to mention the American people overwhelmingly re-elected that same President and gave more power back to the party that supports the Affordable Care Act.  

If he wants to talk about arrogance, he defines arrogance.  A pompous freshman Senator who thinks catering to the fringes of his party’s voters is going to get him into the White House.

As for Syria, the civil war has been going on for almost three years; had a Republican been President we would have already been involved long ago.  Hell, both McCain and Mitt Romney made veiled threats against Iran during their campaigns.  An indication that had they become President, that was a war they would have probably gotten us involved in.

Now I’m not endorsing whether or not we should or shouldn’t intervene, I’m just saying to call Obama’s consideration of possible military action “arrogant” is absurd.

Especially when your party started both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

But what this boils down to is just another pathetic example of Ted Cruz pandering to the right-wing(nuts) of his political party.  A completely asinine comparison trying to lump together Syria, Obamacare, guns and immigration reform.  You know, all the “talking points” of the Republican party.

And while his words might make Republican voters stand up and cheer, they simply don’t make any sense.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    Well, at least he’s graduated from simple red herrings to full-fledged straw men!

  • rue2u2

    love this piece it is right on regarding the pompous little Ted Cruz.

  • Debi Mitchell

    Cruz is a puppet.

  • Alexis Betancourt

    And now he has his father, Rafael Cruz on the stomp, badmouthing our government and The Affordable Care Act. If you really listen to Cruz’s father, you can distinguish the communist streak in him he brought from Fidel Castro and Cuba. Really listen to him next time you see a clip with him.

  • Charlie Hertel

    Idiot was born in Canada and thinks he can be POTUS.

    • Will

      I’m certainly no Cruz fan — I despise him and much of what he stands for — but I’m pretty sure he’s a US citizen despite being born in Canada, and has renounced his Canadian citizenship, and is eligible. You may be born abroad and still be considered native-born, and thus eligible for President.

      • Donnie

        Last time I actually read the constitution, the only exception is if at least one of the parents was a US citizen at the time of birth. It’s been a while though and there may be more?

      • Will

        His mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth. Again, I loathe the man, but think it’s not just factually incorrect but unwise to challenge his candidacy on that basis.

      • motorfingaz

        I will be POTUS before he will.

      • strayaway

        Please cite where that information is found in the Constitution.

      • gailillly

        Yes he claims he is a U.S. citizen because his mother was American born, but he has not yet renounced his Canadian citizenship. And another thing, a copy of his birth record should be in the Texas City Hall in the city he lives in. My kids were born out of state, and yet my local city hall has a copy of their birth record. AND I WAN TO SEE THE LONG FORM, JUST LIKE OBAMA HAD DO SHOW.

      • Karen Christie

        If Obama born in the US of an American mother and a Kenyan father casts doubt on the legitimacy of his presidency, how can someone born OUTSIDE the US of an American mother and a Cuban father become POTUS?

  • James

    What this idiot does not realize is the roll out for Obamcare already has the money and he would be stopping nothing. Someone I know who works in HHS has told me the funds are already secure and they are ready for Oct.1.

  • motorfingaz

    Ted is a sad pathetic excuse for a piece of trash.

  • Kizzle

    You’re all fooled by the silly games of politics. You’re all distracted by big media… shit, you probably all watch fox news and think anything from the TV has to have some truth to it…. Obamacare.. the Patriot Act.. 9/11… even WWII was all part of a bigger plan to keep you lagging behind the reality. The military.. the government.. the police.. laws… regulations… none of that shit matters. Walk outside and look at where we live, people. America has become a bastardized shell of its former self and some big entity isn’t going to “fix” things… stop relying on some knight in armor to make it all better and save us from all the evil terrors of the world and help struggling countries, fix our debt issue, our edging to WW3 and the lack of implementing better energy sources for fuel…. it’s within us as individuals… and if you think that votes haven’t big rigged for the past decade or two, you’re as dumb as you’ll probably sound. I’m not sure what magnetic force causes people to belief in foolish ploys, but between religion and politics, I think most of the population over 30 is already mostly fooled, and the younger are only fooled by the illusion of having any political influence….. It’s way past that… lets just slide all “current” issues aside and assume that everything since the election is in “good faith”…. until the Federal Reserve is eliminated, we work around our sad excuse for currency and having a gold-standard, we eliminate our ungodly taxes and bring minimum wage up with the rest of all the inflation and actually put effort in to building AMERICA to it’s better potential instead of trying to control the rest of the worlds currency and fuel economy… I’m just not convinced. It’s like killing a man and then everyone complaining that a cat shit on the carpet in a different room and arguing about what to do about it…. there’s a good 30-50 people that deserve some seriously harsh prison time for what they’ve allowed happen to our country. Shame on you… all of you… quit being a tool.. quit being so gullible.. set aside your passion for debate and look at some facts that have gone completely ignored…..

    • regular movements

      I think you need more fiber in your diet

    • louis

      I agree with you, for the most part. I agree that most everyone thinks some idiot whos elected is going to do our dirty work it aint gonna happen). religion needs to go. At this point I am all for civil unrest and if necessary another civil war. Everyone is just watching the fight but no one is doing shit about it. One thing i think you nailed, people need to go to jail if no be killed for being traitors and committing crimes against humanity AKA ruining our country. oh yea, fuck ted cruz and his Canadian ass. he will never be POTUS. Too bad most Americans are pussys and are only concerned with themselves. But I guess its not totally all their fault as we were all brainwashed to be so, just for some of us the washing never took.

  • pm50x

    I think he’s preening for social media – just keep flinging anything out there to keep his numbers up and get a ‘trend’. It is unfortunate that he may succeed given the apathy of the electorate coupled with the GOP’s attempts at discouraging and even disallowing voting. Thank you for pointing out another ‘poser’ – the depths to which the government has sunk is achingly sad.

  • iwannabeapirate

    I’m always amazed how someone so stupid can breath on his own.