Ted Cruz Snaps, Claims Planned Parenthood Shooter Was a Liberal Activist

ted-cruz-88If there was ever any doubt that Republicans have become nothing more than radical propagandists living in a delusional world of conservative fan fiction, those doubts should be laid to rest following the tragic shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs that left three dead and several more wounded. Despite the fact that officials have confirmed Robert Lewis Dear spoke of “no more baby parts,” a direct reference to the rhetoric Republicans have been using based off the discredited anti-Planned Parenthood videos, most still refuse to admit that their party bears any responsibility for these murders.

Not surprisingly, nobody showcased their sociopathic denial of reality quite like GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. The junior senator from Texas not only denied that there’s any evidence that GOP anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric motivated this murderer (even though there’s evidence that it did), but he took it a step further by quoting a right-wing blog to suggest that Dear was actually – wait for it – a left-wing, transgender activist.

“The media promptly wants to blame him on the pro-life movement when at this point there’s very little evidence to indicate that,” Cruz said.

Very little evidence? Law enforcement officials have confirmed that he spoke of “no more baby parts” along with anti-government and other anti-abortion rhetoric, plus we have accounts from people who had met him that he had passed out anti-Obama material to them in the past within minutes of meeting them.

So, Dear is:

  • Anti-government
  • Anti-abortion
  • Apparently pro-gun
  • Anti-Obama
  • Spoke of “no more baby parts”
  • Attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic

Sounds like a radical, “pro-life” conservative to me – but according to Senator Cruz, there’s “very little evidence to indicate that.”

That’s when Cruz really went off the deep end.

“It’s also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and a transgendered leftist activist,” he added. “If that’s what he is, I don’t think it’s fair to blame on the rhetoric on the left. This is a murderer.”

First, it hasn’t “been reported” by anyone credible. Cruz’s claims are based on an article from conservative website, The Gateway Pundit, which published Dear’s voter registration card that has him registered as a woman. Going off of that one thing, they pushed the ridiculous “story” that Dear is actually transgender.

Of course, there are a couple of issues with that.

Common sense would indicate him being registered as a woman was probably a mistake. Just ask Jeb Bush who registered as “Latino” in the past; these sort of clerical errors can and do happen.

Even if he is transgender (which there’s absolutely zero evidence to support) that doesn’t automatically make him a “leftist activist.” There are plenty of gay Republicans despite the fact that the GOP clearly opposes equal rights for homosexuals. And while I’m sure there aren’t very many, I’m willing to bet there are some transgender Republicans out there, as well.

I think the biggest hypocrisy shown here by Ted Cruz is his insistence we shouldn’t blame “the left” if Dear turns out to be a “leftist activist” (he isn’t), considering he’s blamed President Obama for the death of a police officer. 

“Cops across this country are feeling the assault,” Cruz said back in September. “They’re feeling the assault from the president, from the top on down as we see, whether it’s in Ferguson or Baltimore, the response of senior officials of the president, of the attorney general, is to vilify law enforcement. That is fundamentally wrong, and it is endangering the safety and security of us all.”

To summarize, according to Cruz, it would be unfair to blame Republicans for a man committing mass murder – even though it’s been reported that he’s specifically used anti-abortion rhetoric that’s linked directly to Republican propaganda against Planned Parenthood – but he felt it was acceptable to try to blame President Obama for the death of a police officer a couple of months ago based on pure nonsense.

While Cruz’s comments don’t surprise me, they do serve as yet another example of how far Republicans will reach to continue to push their ludicrous propaganda. Even when there’s evidence from law enforcement officials linking a possible act of domestic terrorism to rhetoric taken directly from Republican talking points, they still refuse to admit that their party, and their fear-mongering rhetoric, shoulders a lot of the responsiblity for the murders committed by this monster.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • 1Smith1

    Hmmm, let’s see, the shooter is a proven anti-government idiot, a pro-gun idiot, anti-Obama idiot and anti-choice idiot, but because a mistake was made on his voter registration card and Female is marked instead of Male, that automatically makes him transgendered and a “librul activist”. Dumbass teabagger Canadian Cruz is really grasping at straws here.

    • Gary Menten

      Cruz isn’t Canadian. He’s one of yours; An American born in Canada. We take no responsibility for him.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        I wish you could find it in your heart to take him off of our hands. We want nothing to do with him.

      • Gary Menten

        I sympathize with you; I really do, though I think Cruz is a symptom, not the problem. In Canada someone with his loopy views would get no real political traction and so the problem is really the political culture that embraces jackasses like Cruz. Getting rid of Cruz would do you little good; he would be immediately replaced by another like-minded jackass.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        sadly, you are right.

      • strayaway

        Jackasses symbolize of the other party but you are otherwise partly correct. Candidates like Bush, Obama, McCain, and Romney happen because of something lacking in the political and educational culture and/or the money behind a corporatist shadow government.

      • 1Smith1

        C’mon, Gary! We’ve pretty much taken that Bieber kid off your hands. Do us a payback and take Canadian Cruz.

      • Gary Menten

        Sorry dude,

        It’s a two for the price of one sale; no refunds. It’s in the fine print of the NAFTA accords. I checked…really I did.

    • strayaway

      Fact: Mr. Dear’s voter registration lists him as unaffiliated with any party and as a female. “The Gateway Pundit, which published Mr. Dear’s voter registration card that has him registered as a woman.” It said “female” but “woman” is close enough.

      Conjecture: “Common sense would indicate him being registered as a woman was probably a mistake. Just ask Jeb Bush who registered as “Latino” in the past; these sort of clerical errors can and do happen.” Alan might be right. It could have been clerical error. “Probably” is a good qualifier because it allows other possibilities. Maybe Elizabeth Warren is an Indian too but probably not because she looks white. That misunderstanding could have been a clerical error.

      Falsehood: “a mistake was made on his voter registration card.” Since you don’t know that, you would have to prove it was a mistake or somehow know that Mr. Dear didn’t intend to communicate that information. Alan took a more sensible approach. Why not also claim that Mr. Dear is a registered Republican because another mistake was made on his voter registration that listed him as “unaffiliated” instead of Republican?

      • 1Smith1

        You do realize that Canadian Cruz and his apologists can’t prove that marking female wasn’t a mistake, right?

        Also, Canadian Cruz is a liar. He claims that the murderer was a registered “female, transgendered, liberal activist.” I’ve never seen a voter registration form that has a place where
        “transgendered” or “liberal activist” are options that can be marked. Again, the idiot is grasping at straws.

      • strayaway

        You made the claim that it was a mistake. Prove it.

        Cruz said, “If that’s what he is, I don’t think it’s fair to blame on the rhetoric on the left. This is a murderer.” Notice his first word “if”. Unlike Cruz and Alan who both allowed themselves some wiggle room, you stated unequivocally that “a mistake was made on his voter registration card”. Alan is less magnanimous than Cruz suggesting the GOP “shoulders a lot of the responsibility for the murders committed by this monster.” He bases that conjecture largely on a quote about body parts from an unknown source. If the prosecutors can’t find whomever mentioned parts, they can’t use it as evidence and it won’t help Obama take away guns.

      • Cemetery Girl

        It is a reasonable conclusion that his voter registration contained an error. It does happen. There are no other indications that he is transgender. There are no other reports of him identifying as female on other documents. There have been no reports of him going by a more feminine name. At this point the media has contacted people from his past such as his ex-wife and the realtor that he worked with when he purchased his property in Colorado, and yet know one has mentioned him having a feminine identity. It is possible that he is transgender and his only act of aligning with his feminine identity was selecting female on his voter registration, but it is far more likely that he does not feel that his true self is female and that his registration has a typo. Errors in government documents is surprisingly common, so it is a reasonable conclusion that someone marked as female in the record when they are male and have no other indications of identifying as female that it is just an error.

      • strayaway

        Perhaps his voter registration also had Mr. Deal incorrectly listed as an “unaffiliated” voter. Maybe he was actually a registered Republican. Who knows? Whatever you want to believe might be possible. All I know is what’s purported to be on Mr. Deal’s voter registration form. All else is conjecture. I would hate to go into a court room if my evidence was conjecture.

      • Cemetery Girl

        It is unlikely for his voter registration to be an element of his court case. I wouldn’t be surprised if it will end up including testimony from psychologists that have personally talked with him, but his voter registration doesn’t have any bearing. If his gender identity holds any value to the case then it is likely to be investigated further than which box is checked on his voter registration. Gender identity, especially when it differs from the person’s born sex, is complex. It goes beyond how one form is marked.

      • strayaway

        My point was that the voter registration information took its toll on the narrative that was being peddled. To make this work as an anti-gun narrative, Mr. Dear was supposed to be a stereotypical white Republican Christian. Even the information provided that he spoke of body parts is based on a nameless unknown source. I don’t see those things being brought up in court either. There is probably enough evidence to convict him without going into contortions. However, the idea of using Mr. Dear as the poster boy to sway public opinion on gun legislation has taken a hit.

        The government document claiming that Mr. Dear is female makes me wonder if he shouldn’t be entitled to frequent women’s bathrooms like a transgendered student but I’m not a liberal so I don’t tend to dwell on gender identity rights. As you suggested, it’s too complex.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        From his second wife regarding the mass shooter:

        “He claims to be a Christian and is extremely evangelistic, but does not follow the Bible in his actions,” Mescher stated in the affidavit. “He says that as long as he believes he will be saved, he can do whatever he pleases. He is obsessed with the world coming to an end.”

        Also, from divorce papers filed in 1993: he is a “controlling, abusive, womanizing man who liked to gamble but was tight with his cash when it came to supporting his family”


        He is a typical conservative. He just happened to follow the rallying cries of Ted Cruz and other GOP wackos which spurred him to action.

        The GOP is inciting domestic terrorism and are giving aid and comfort to terrorists. It is past time for them to be held accountable for their actions.

      • Cemetery Girl

        No, instead gender identity is something to be mocked.
        Each mass shooting nothing happens afterwards. The gun discussion never goes anywhere. Discussion on mental illness never goes anywhere. Do we know if this person was mentally ill? No, but he’s probably being evaluated now, so time will tell. Just like time will tell about his motivations. But why discuss anything when we can just mock gender identity?

  • Your1Friend

    Ted Cruz is apparently unable to distinguish truth from fantasy.

    In my estimation, the man is quite mad.

    • Gary Menten

      I don’t think so. He’s a Harvard Law grad, and a former clerk to a supreme court justice. Yes, I know it was Rehnquist, but that’s not the point. Cruz knows damned well what’s in the Constitution. You don’t get through Harvard Law without understanding this. I think in fact that Cruz simply knows that the average GOTP voter is much, much dumber than he is and can be easily bamboozled by clever charlatans. Cruz is exactly that; a snake-oil salesman willing to lie through his teeth to the intellectually deficient.

  • Bonta-kun

    For a man identifying as a transgendered woman, Robert Lewis (that’s ROBERT LEWIS, not ROBERTA LOUISE) Dear has a very impressive Richard-Attenborough-in-Miracle-on-34th-Street SANTA BEARD.

    Piss off. Piss RIGHT fucking off. It’s either a clerical error or he pressed the wrong gender radio button when registering.

    Any other explanation would identify him as MENTALLY. THE FUCK. ILL. And as such, THE absolute last person you would even consider giving a gun to unless it had the word NERF on the side.

  • paulsack

    There are crazies all over, and they all seem to gravitate to the new republican party(fascists).