Ted Cruz Tells Hate Group: Only Way to Save U.S. is by Turning it into a Theocracy (Video)

ted-cruz-afaIn my opinion, Sen. Ted Cruz is easily the worst person in all of Congress. I’ve reached the point where I really can’t stand to listen to him for more than a minute or two before I can start to taste the vomit coming up.

Well, while speaking to the American Family Association (a known anti-gay hate group), Cruz said that the only way this country can be saved is for evangelicals to rise up and vote for politicians who’ll pass legislation based upon Biblical principles.

“Nothing is more important in the next 18 months than that the body of Christ rise up and that Christians stand up, that pastors stand up and lead,” Cruz said. “In this last election, 54 million evangelical Christians stayed home. If we can simply bring Christians to the polls – is it any wonder we have the government we have – we have the leaders we have if believers stay home and leave electing our leaders to unbelievers. We get exactly what we deserve and nothing is more important that having people of faith stand up and just vote our values, vote biblical values and that’s how we turn the country around.”

In other words, he wants millions of evangelical Christians to go and vote for politicians who would basically turn this country into a theocracy.

Furthermore, let me emphasize how “classy” it is for a presidential candidate to happily speak to an organization which is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s also interesting Mr. “Pro-Israel” Ted Cruz would speak to an organization whose members have been linked to anti-Jew rhetoric, such as that by Sandy Rios who once said in reference to her belief that the ACLU is out to remove God and destroy America:

I know that there are powerful Jewish forces behind the ACLU.

Then again, the Republican defense of Israel is really more about pandering to evangelical conservative Christians who view it as the “Holy Land” more so than actual concern or support for the Jewish people. It’s always made me laugh how “pro-Israel” Republicans claim to be, yet American Jews tend to vote for Democrats.

While this rhetoric is nothing new from Cruz, it’s just another example of just how little many Republicans actually understand about our Constitution – a document that literally doesn’t have a single reference to Christianity written anywhere in it. One would think that if our Founding Fathers meant for this nation to be built and controlled by “biblical values” they would have at least included a couple of references to the Bible in our Constitution.

Yet there’s not a single one. 

Thankfully, Ted Cruz stands absolutely no shot at winning his own party’s nomination, let alone becoming president. Trust me, we’ll never have to worry about this buffoon leading this nation.

Watch his comments below via Right Wing Watch:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Liberals might want to be careful about which GOP candidates the seek to destroy. Fiorina could quickly rise to the top of the pack and pull the more intelligent of those female voters who would like to see a woman president away from Hillary.

    • MacDoodle

      They have already found two Top Secret emails on Hillary’s private server.She lied and said she never used it for classified emails.She is going to prison where she belongs.

      • Jim Bean

        I hope you’re correct. However, the investigators and prosecutors are under the control of the Democratic Party. That they will engage in a good-faith pursuit of justice where Hillary is concerned is unlikely. It is more likely they contain to engage in the obstruction of justice.

      • OMGface

        You get what you EARN; YOU earn nothing beyond simplistic programming by low IQ, emotionally damaged replicants. U wanna settle for that, be our guest and go on paying the prices..

      • Jim Bean

        What prices? The ire of a bunch of hate filled, knuckle dragging, emotionally scarred, pot/Xanax impaired recluses who hang out on this site looking for the opportunity to make fun of someone?

        Believe me, sweet-cheeks, your rants may excite your brethren here on this site but you ain’t causin’ me no ‘motional distress wassoever.

      • OMGface

        Your emotional distress was gestated very long ago.
        That it remains unaddressed is the issue.

      • Captain Sarcasm

        Nothing that you predicted in your thousand posts on this thread came to pass. Not one thing. No women flocking over to Fiorina, no Hillary being carried away in chains, no dismantling of the consitution… none of it.

        Are you a big enough man to come back and admit that all your chicken little/bar-room philosopher BS was wrong, or a troll we’ll never hear from again?

        Score one for the emotionally scarred, pot/Xanax impaired recluses. They certainly made you look foolish!

      • Jim Bean

        had his hands up, more oil on the market will not decrease gasoline prices, Science
        would prove fracking too risky, Obamacare will reduce ER visits, Walker will
        lose the recall, logging is killing the spotted owl, the Duke Lacrosse players committed
        rape, the Bundy standoff will be a blood bath, OWS is the biggest civil
        uprising since the civil war, science will prove XL to environmentally risky,
        you can keep your plan, Jackie was gang-raped at UVA, it would take a century
        to recover from the Horizon oil spill, Romney paid no taxes, science would
        prove the XL Pipeline too risky, Trump would be laughed out of the race,
        Hillary turned over all the emails, Pubs won’t take the Senate, Trump pulling
        out of the Fox debate would cost Fox a fortune in lost ratings.

      • Captain Sarcasm

        Guy named after his favorite beverage (which he can’t spell) makes straw man argument on internet, Millions placed into FEMA concentration camps as result of Operation Jade Helm, Guns seized via bloody coup by Communist controlled government, Group of Colorado youths self-styled “Wolverines” go survivalist in woods and single-handedly save America, People who drop out of school in freshman year claim to know more than 99% of world’s scientists about their own fields, South unable to “rise again” due to aggressive political correctness campaign, “Liberal media” keeps Trump from getting nomination by not airing his antics 24/7, Right wing establishment ignores will of “We the People” and nominates Romney/Ryan/Cruz instead, White race all but eradicated by identity politics, Jim Bean mans up and admits he was wrong.

      • Jim Bean

        None of those are things I said and some are the opposite of what I said. None of those are things I’ve heard ANYBODY say, for that matter. You do have an active imagination.

      • paul123454321

        Except the information in the emails was not classified when the emails were sent. It did not get classified until later.

      • Nancy Snead


      • OMGface

        He’s far too miserable self hating every minute to care about truth. Pity him..

      • OMGface

        Paul., not to confuse him and threaten his sick investments with facts.

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        Really??? How are you privy to such information? Wow! You must really be an important person in our country! I am SO impressed with your knowledge!!

      • .
        Being able to access “classified” information has nothing to do with one’s supposed “importance” (think Manning, or is it Womanning?).

        And if they weren’t classified to begin with, then anyone might know of them.

      • .
        “Top Secret” only has to be sent through government email servers, if I recall the synopsis of the “rules”, but can be composed on, received, and stored elsewhere, so just finding an email means nothing, since the timing of classifications and the ownership have yet to be established, for instance, if Clinton did right, but a lab tech took rotating backups off site, or original and replacement drives cascaded through different security regimens … digital files can only tell what they have been programmed to tell, emails cannot even confirm if they have been sent, and if they were, through what routes and intermediate servers is not part of their contents.

      • Dan Childers

        And Bernie wins!

      • Barbara S. Van Dyck

        Oh please she turned over thousands of pages of email and she missed two big deal

      • OMGface

        The desperately tunnel visioned/truncated, are just that. Often SO unwell their windows are all crazy glued shut. I know, wicked pathetic.
        (Is that a Basset hound?)

      • Mary Shew


    • Nancy Snead


      • Jim Bean


      • Nancy Snead

        jim I don’t drink anything but water cokes juice

      • Jim Bean

        Alcoholics live longer than non-drinkers and moderate drinkers live longer than alcoholics. A wise Nancy Snead would put a little rum in that coke.

      • OMGface

        Not really true.

    • OMGface

      Nevah. She’s cold as ice, self-deluded in what she’s capable of, happy
      to throw most under the bus for the enrichment of a very few….which is why HP cut her LOOSE. She fired 30k HP workers to put another few bucks on the balance sheet.

      And, she’s against paid leave……something even most members of the GOP are for. Not to mention her ghastly face lift. Sorry, it means something that she couldn’t unearth someone better to do some work. I do feel bad for her she had the double mastectomy; I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    • DisentAgain

      Not a problem. Fiorina is a radically unqualified non-entity who could not begin to mobilize republican voters, let alone garner support from the middle. She would hand the election to the D’s by simply accepting the nomination.

      More – Liberals don’t “destroy” GOP candidates, the GOP candidates do that for themselves. Bad ideas destroy the GOP from within. It’s that simple. They are no longer conservatives – they are simply flailing at random concepts and panicking themselves into oblivion.

      Look at this foaming buffoon Cruz for example – listen to that insane interview again. Irrational ranting like this destroyed Cruz. The “left” didn’t need to lift a finger. Cruz torpedoed his own campaign by being a nutjob with no relevance.

      Fiorina is in the same boat. Her ideas destroyed her campaign before it got off the ground. If the right wants to ever be taken seriously again, they need better ideas.

      • Jim Bean

        What do you see as Hillary’s strongest qualifications and accomplishments?

      • wendy

        she isnt delusional

      • OMGface

        COPY THAT CUTENESS!!!! xxoo

      • DisentAgain

        I’m not voting for her. But, since you ask – her *best* quality is that she’s not from the GOP.

        She’s a right leaning, pro-capitalist, pro-corporate, private industry war-hawk. Frankly I’m surprised the right in this country are not fawning all over her. Hillary is a textbook centrist conservative, and anywhere else on the planet she’d be so far *right* as to be nearly radical.

        But the right here has gone barking mad – and can’t recognize conservatism any more. So she looks like a flaming liberal next to those kooks.

        Her best quality? Not GOP.

      • OMGface

        OMG….I am not supporting her either…..rabidly ambitious, damaged from childhood, decent worker bee, all scripted by the outside (unlike Obama), polar opposite of a passionate, independent visionary. But, if she gets the nomination, I will have to vote for her for obvious reasons.

        I think just of the future of the High Court and that alone mitigates my nausea at the prospect.

      • DisentAgain

        Because of the two-party equilibrium and our insane first-past-the-post voting system, we have to vote strategically here. The only option is to vote against *against* the party that threatens our prosperity, well-being, and liberty the most. Currently, that’s the GOP.

      • OMGface

        Obviously. Again, I evolved the trick, I shared when the prospect of her candidacy presents and generates SADNESS: simply thinking of the future of the High Court mitigates the sadness.

      • Jim Bean

        I respect that answer. Its overflows with objectivity and sincerity – rare as diamonds on this site.

        Why the GOP can’t let go of they gay and abortion stuff is beyond me.

      • DisentAgain

        I suspect they can’t let go of it, because their actual policies have been proven to not work.

        Every stable functioning economy on the planet that results in happier, healthier, and more prosperous people than ours has moved firmly to a mixed economy and strong social democracy. Look at any prosperity index. Where are the conservative ideals working? Nowhere.

        So that leaves them in a box. They can either look at the evidence and change their position, as rational humans – or they can refuse to improve their platform with things known to work and double down on the differentiation – and that just leaves scapegoating the poor, the gays, the “others”, and talking about mythical Christian persecution as if it were real.

        That’s the trouble with opposition and scapegoat politics – especially those that lock you into irrational and unsupportable ideologies. You can really energize your base and foment hate for the opponents easily – but then it leaves you utterly unable to actually govern.

        The GOP desperately need to change their platform, but have painted themselves into the crazy corner – so they can’t.

      • Jim Bean

        Its a bit deeper I think. Gayness and abortion aside, they center their campaigns on strategies to fix our big problems – debts, immigration, social security, slow growth, etc.

        Democrats, on the other hand, simply show up with a big bag they claims is filled with sweet treats and promise to enrich everyone who votes for them. It doesn’t matter that they can’t and never deliver, the average voter will cast his vote out of hope that this time will be different.

        Pubs could win if they’d just forget the other stuff, listen to what the Dems are promising, and just promise 15% more.

      • DisentAgain

        That would be true – Except that list isn’t actually a list of problems – but just scapegoat tactics. “debts, immigration, social security, slow growth, etc.” None of those are real issues.

        Public debt is how a country works. It’s not a household, and it’s not a for-profit venture. Our debt is not some burden, it’s proportional to our actual economy. Could we reduce it? Sure. Is it a top priority from an actual economics point of view? Not even a little bit. More importantly – the data tells us republican administrations are responsible for *more* debt increases than any other party. Collectively, they have given us more debt than the dems – so the “GOP=anti-debt” narrative is clearly wrong, as well as largely irrelevant.If you hate debt, you’d avoid the GOP like the plague.

        Immigration is *good* for the economy, we have a *minor* issue with illegal immigration – caused by a lack of visas being issued to those south of the border – we don’t let enough in legally, so they sneak in. It’s an easily fixed problem – we simply have to make it easier, safer, and more desirable to come in legally. It’s a simple visa management issue and all countries face it, not a wall-building panic inducer. Better laws solve a problem that is being caused by bad laws.

        Social security simply needs to be expanded, and better funded. Any issues with it are related to disconnected ideological concerns, not actual policy objections. We know it works, and we know it’s good for our society. This slow choking is because of irrational opposition to the *idea*, not the impact. It struggles only because it’s a half-measure.

        Slow growth is not a problem either. 1) we are not growing slowly, and 2) even if we were, unlimited growth is not an actual possibility or a desirable goal. It’s an unsustainable concept – and cannot work. Economics 101 tells us we need a better plan.

        This is my point. They use these issues as clubs to blame the poor, blame the immigrants, blame the liberals… they are panic buttons, not actual issues. It’s scapegoating, not actual policy.

        The dems are not offering “sweet treats” – they are offering bare-minimum populist concessions that put them just right of center and give the appearance at least that we could move closer to an actual working social democracy. They still favor private industry and capitalism… for example: No free college – which is proven to work, but reduced loans. No free healthcare – which is proven to work, but regulated private insurance. No basic income guarantee or other proven income floor ideas – but limping along with food-stamps and a crippled social security. etc…

        The dems are winning not because of giveaways, but because they are *starting* to emulate ideas we know to be working to make this a better country with happier and more prosperous people. Because they are not driven as much by inflexible ideology and will at least consider doing what we know to be working in the real world.

        If the GOP wants to win, they need to jettison the idea that strong social programs and centrally managed cost reduction is somehow the devil. It’s not. It’s what needs to happen, and we know it works.

      • Jim Bean

        According to you, we have more than enough money to not only solve everything that appears to be problem but we should have no reservations about creating additional costly problems. Expand everything. Invite MORE people to the table.

        Greece is your destination.

      • MyLovelyNose

        Now you’ve moved completely out of the circle of rational, intelligent debate and have just gone to unsupported assertions and whining. Also, it’s a straw-man argument to say that she’s claiming we have “more than enough money to not only solve everything,” blah blah blah. Try intelligent debate instead of whining and spewing senseless garbage. Sorry, I’m not polite to stupid people.

      • Popgunne

        I’d put in more “likes” if I could!

      • juanjo54

        Back before Reagan we had an immigration policy which basically ignored the folks who would sneak across to work in the fields. The fact was, it was a win/win situation. Americans would no longer do that work because the pay was very low. The pay was low because Americans do not want to pay high prices for food. Politicians, Republicans and Democrats understood that high food costs would get them turned out of office as fast as you could say “let them eat cake”.

        So thousands of Mexicans and Central Americans would come across and work the season. At the end of the season they would go home only to return the next year. But starting in the late Carter years some politicians started screaming about “illegals” as if this was a new problem. So the government started tightening up border security and by the time Reagan came into office it was really tightened up and other restrictions were placed on use of social security cards, divers’ licenses etc.

        The result was that where before one simply ran for the other side of the border, now men had to pay 500.00 or more to use coyotes to cross. But they still had families in Mexico or wherever they came from so this meant they had to stay longer and work more to recover the costs. So instead of going home at the end of the season they would stay for a few years.

        As it became more difficult to cross, they simply stayed. This caused a separate problem. Now the ones who wanted to do so, would save money and bring the wife and maybe the older kids. Others simply abandoned the wife and started a new family here. So now what had been a very migratory pattern of people coming and working for a few months a year became a permanent situation.

        They had children who were born here and/or who grew up here. For those kids this was home. Mexico, Guatemala, or wherever was not home. Those kids had no intention of going back to the village where grandma lives and staying there. They were Americanized.

        Add to that the civil wars in Central America, assisted by or outright supported by our government and even more people started coming here to escape the war and misery in their homes. They too settled and raised families. Their kids became Americans.

        So here we are 40 years later and we have a rapidly growing group of people here – hard working, family oriented, veru industrious in starting small businesses and actually pretty socially conservative. One would think they were the Republican wet dream. But the minor problem is that they are the wrong color and they are competing now economically with the other group the Republicans want to control – the working class white American worker.

        So now the Republicans have made their choice and screwed themselves. Look at who their base is among Latinos – the Cuban-Americans. A group which is made up of anti-Castro, former supporters of Batista regime and/or people who had a falling out with Castro after the Revolution [like Cruz’s father]. They are elitist, despise the working class Mexican, Central American and Caribbean Latins. And they hate the Democrats because Kennedy did not support the Bay of PIgs and assist them in invading Cuba and throwing out Castro.

      • Judith A. Rehder

        They don’t even mention those issues in the debates because they know it loses them votes. It is basic red meat for the hater audiences though; I guess they think most people will never hear this stuff because all they do on FB is send pictures of their food to friends.

      • plusaf

        … but That IS the “theocratic” part’s influence, despite all the protestations on their part! If the Source Of All Truth is ANY bible.. or koran or scripture or scroll, you’re talking to a Theocrat, no matter how much or how many times they try to deny it!

      • juanjo54

        The one thing I have pointed out repeatedly to present day Republicans is that Hillary as well as Obama are exactly what an Eisenhower Republican looked like. Strong on national defense, strong on business and very centralist on everything else. Bernie is the classic old FDR Democrat.

        This current batch of Republican candidates however remind me of the old time John Birch Society hangers-on. I fully expect one of them to start spouting any day about how fluoridation is a commie plot to weaken Americans.

      • It isn’t?? *snicker* Actually, it DOES cause a lot of illnesses and neurological impairments, but our city water sucks anyway, so I just drink bottled water and recycle a lot. Stupid county…never EEEEEEE-VEN THOUGHT to build a reservoir before the 2002-2008 subdivision explosions and now a lot of empty houses and river water that SUCKS when it doesn’t rain, cuz then they’re stuck cleaning toilet water, chlorinating the heck out of it, (maybe worse than fluoride, who knows?) and feeding it back to us. Not Flint MI by any means, but still gag-inducing…

      • OMGface

        I LUUUUUUV U!!!!! Copy that on all count!!!! Total hallucination, all of it, that most of them are actually RUNNING…..tho, not as much as most of them can generate any supporters at all!

      • MyLovelyNose

        Her outright lies, more like. She doesn’t have ideas, except the strange idea that she’s qualified to be President.

    • msaxie

      I do not want to destroy anyone but some of the Republican Candidates are saying they will ignore our constitution and do exactly what they want to do, regardless of our constitution. I don’t want anyone to dismantle our constitution. That is what they want. They want a government who provides only the military. If that happened, I guess we would have a military government, now wouldn’t WE?

      • Jim Bean

        You constitution was dismantled when Obama took it upon himself to revoke laws duly passed by Congress such as the immigration laws, and when he made appointments to the NLRB without Senate approval, when he made ‘recess’ appointments, etc.

        But your point has merit in that Obama has set a precedent for abuse of executive powers that future Presidents, regardless of party, may decide to cash in on. Like you, I don’t want anyone to dismantle our constitution.

      • Mary Shew

        They all have executive power and when he had a do nothing congress he did what all other president have done, nothing new here, Jimmy.

      • Jim Bean

        Congress did exactly what they were elected to do -represent the wishes of the people. With Obama, who so frequently was acting contrary to the wishes of the people, that meant trying to obstruct him. That’s their job. They are not the kings court like the Left thinks.

      • OMGface

        You are a silly putty dunce and hostage.

      • Defender_of_the_Underdogs

        In reality, and also statistically, congress represents the will of the people only about 30% of the time.

      • svizzerams

        Congress more often than not represents the wishes of their corporate overlords.

      • OMGface

        NOTHIN BUT NET…AND how ignorant is the Beam bigot/parrot? Typically ignorant and blindly invested…and so, WORTHLESS…and so, perfect fodder for the unendowed, pitiable losers on FOX news to exploit.

      • Judith A. Rehder

        And still, he has sent out FAR fewer executive orders than any of his predecessors. Google executive orders by president. 33. Fewer than any president since Grover Cleveland.

      • Defender_of_the_Underdogs

        He did not “revoke” any immigration laws. If fact, more illegals have been deported during his administration than previous administrations. All he wanted to do was refine the deportation strategy by not giving grandmothers who’s visa has expired top priority in their limited enforcement resources. It’s literally impossible to deport the millions of illegals that are in this country. Obama simply acknowledged that fact and came up with a plan-b. That’s what true leadership is all about. It’s not about obstructionism constantly promoted by the GOP regardless of what’s good for the country.

      • Jim Bean
      • Defender_of_the_Underdogs

        You’re link proves nothing more than this: “perhaps” he didn’t deport more than others, but he DID deport a lot, just the same. My main point was he did NOT revoke any laws, he just came up with a more efficient plan to deal with the existing laws. Why do some people constantly want to take away credit or find fault where none actually exists?

      • Jim Bean
      • Defender_of_the_Underdogs

        Where did that come from. It makes no sense at all. What are you talking about?

      • Jim Bean

        It doesn’t make sense to you that his releasing of criminal illegal aliens who then go out and kill some of us might not be ‘a more efficient plan?’

      • Defender_of_the_Underdogs

        He hasn’t released any criminal illegal aliens. Where did you get that from?

      • Jim Bean
      • Defender_of_the_Underdogs

        At best, it’s only “HALF TRUE – The statement is partially accurate but leaves out important details or takes things out of context.” In other words…it’s a friggin lie!

      • Justin Cherlet

        all the right has are lies and distortions

      • Louis Brown

        A true Foxbot I see. You need to check your stats on the executive order scene cause you got it bassackwards. How many times did you vote for the worst president in history, G. Bush?

      • OMGface

        Or an oligarchy, theocracy or any of the related entities out Founders, in their collective, luminous brilliance evolved. Outstanding rhetorical re yr offering!

    • bigdog

      Intelligent female voters wouldn’t vote for Fiorina.

      • OMGface

        Bingo! Anyone reduced to allegiance via some puerile gender investment, I do not wanna know.

      • Jim Bean

        Says a flag bearer of the Party that is sure they would vote for Hillary despite the stench around her.

    • Captain Sarcasm

      No woman I know supports Fiorina. From either party. Not one.

  • What a fucking cunt. We will never become a Christian Saudi Arabia.

    • .
      You insult one of the most beautiful things in the world by associating it with Ted Cruze.

      Please stop using … that word as if it could possibly be an insult, it’s not even slang.

      Please respect and venerate at least your own physical origins — your own mother’s ….

      We have to rise up and stop denigrating one person by denigrating women in the process.

      Just acurately describe and assess Cruze — his behavior is self-damning enough.


      • OMGface

        OUTSTANDING and elegant! Another reminder, the High Road/elegance can neither be bought nkor emulated…..it’s factory loaded. Or not.

      • Captain Sarcasm

        Maybe we could stop associating a cunt with a cooze, then we could still use it as an insult and not cheapen our mothers’ blessed twats? Just an idea.

      • .
        Cooze and twat are slang; cunt is not, it is the original word, the root of other words, such as … Cuniform, “cunt-formed, queen-formed, the one with a cunt”, or the writing invented by the queen ~5,000 years ago … Kundalini and it’s many forms of energy … the life-flow of River ‘Kennet’ in Wiltshire … endless.

        It’s time we stopped thinking women are disgusting, and that calling someone “that” part of a woman is insulting … to anyone except the speaker themselves: self insult.

        What are we, idiots?

        Do we think a stork delivered us to a cabbage patch, and that we are not talking about our own mothers here?

        I may have subsequent battles with my mum, but NOT with that part of her … or any women … ever.

      • AikiDavid

        Wow! Get over your hangup about body parts, it’s not misogynistic to use that term as an insult. We also called shitheads “dicks,” does that mean we are “men haters” too? Also we use the term “fuck you” when we really mean we want something terrible to happen to a person, not that we want them to get laid and have a great night!!!

      • .
        “Dick”, “shit”, and “fuck” are slang, “cunt” is not.

        All are disrespectful of the speaker more than anything else.

        @aikidavid:disqus, please correlate “dick”, “shit”, and “fuck” with demoting men to second class citizenship, and to violence against men.

        If you have a respect problem, starting with yourself, please don’t perpetuate it, instead, take advantage of this thread to try something you might not otherwise try — growing up, and representing yourself well, and connecting well with people, even those you may not at first consider compatriots.

        We all could post darts here as if the other folks are the target.

        Or we could play well together, all get along, and learn something …

        … and make new, online acquaintances with the same energy we probably would like to be considered in person in our own neighborhood right at home.

      • Judith A. Rehder


    • noah vail

      By associating Ted (really, i’m not gay) Cruz thusly you do a disservice to cunts everywhere

  • OMGface

    Jefferson is rotating at 1M RPMs in his grave. ALL our founders are!

  • noah vail


    • Barbara S. Van Dyck

      Isn’t that the truth

    • jck

      AMEN…and please save us from the RELIGIOUS REICH!

    • Dear God;

      I admire and respect you, it’s your fan club I can’t stand. Could you please send another flyer around explaining your stance on the various across-the-board mistakes these fans are promoting? That would go a long way towards reestablishing good relations between society and these over-the-top fanatics. Please lean heavily on the “Thou shalt not judge” part as it applies to the many and lovely genders you created for humans to explore and enjoy. (In the world’s terms, “gays” and “queers”, etc.) That would be awesome! TIA.

      Yours, truly,

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    The republicans are SO against big government and government interference and the horrible ways of living in the middle east with the religious radicals running the show and yet they put up with and ACCEPT these ideas from the kooks like Cruz and think they sound like a great plan. I honestly think he is delusional and it’s a scary thing.

    • Ulysses Gaze

      Ideologically he’s as fanatical as ISIS. He outdoes Joe McCarthy by far.

    • Robin518

      The difference is Jesus, not Allah. He’s got the “right” god.

    • OMGface

      He is INDEED clinically DELUSIONAL…..even worse, someone who actually feels entitled to foist his sickness on others!!! Evangelical walking pathology books trying to emulate humans. It’s staggering, that such robotic simpletons are among us.

  • DisentAgain

    Another authoritarian kook for Jeezzus. He renders himself more irrelevant every time he opens his face.

    • OMGface

      Nevah leave this board, please!!!! Someone on cable news who is NOT FAUST NEEDS to address the difference between being authoritative and authoritarian!!!!!

      With the hope springs eternal premise, more members of the electorate are sufficiently intact to GET IT.

      • DisentAgain

        Yeah – they oppose regulation. Unless it’s brown people, or non-Christians, or foreigners… or other scary “other” stuff. Then they are all for regulation. The more the better. Big government is *exactly* what they want – as long as it’s not pointed at them.

        It’s what exceptionalism and supremacy is all about. Cry about regulation, but only when it’s regulating you. Otherwise, break out the authoritarian jackboots.

      • OMGface

        OMG, what did I do without you?????? Tho I am only small OUTSIDE, I need PEEPS.
        There is nothing more terrifying than humans—all seriously compromised cowards by definition— who have abrogated their brains and become relegated to the prison of simplistic dogma of any kind.

      • Judith A. Rehder

        I’m with you, girl.

  • Tracy DeVore

    Southern poverty law center says everyone is a hate group. They need to be disbanded. Nobody talks about the constitution which is the best thing for this country. Islam government is a theocracy not a democracy

    • ohpaleasegivemeabreak

      Cruz wants a theocracy.

      He wants the same thing the Taliban and ISIS want.

      Only the names of the irrational religions are different.

  • Pontificate

    Choke on a dick and die, Cruz.

  • Trevor Clarke

    So take away millions of people’s insurance, throw social policy back a couple centuries, take us to war and send more of our people to die, completely violate the consitution by just saying “fuck the establishment clause” and violate the diverse religious beliefs of the entire country.

    Damn you’re quite the guy. And thankfully you’re not high in the approval ratings.

  • Sam Mulvey

    “Listening to Ted Cruz makes me want to vomit. Here’s two and a half minutes of him talking!”

  • Dominic Milan

    Please give us a list of the executive orders you intend to reverse. Without knowing which ones you are referring to you are just blowing smoke.

  • Kenneth Rogers

    Cruz waxes against the theocracy of Iran while advocating for a theocracy in the U.S. which is prohibited by the constitution. Cruz is manipulating the right wing radical base that believes in a civil religion expressed by a American flag lapel in on the one side an a Jesus First pin on the other. His Islamophobia and homophobia are indications of his incompetency to wannabee POTUS.

  • Stephen Gray

    As a bunch of chest thumpers proclaiming ” I support the Constitution (unlike Obama)”, they surely forget the about religious test being prohibited for obtaining office and the first saying”no shall be enacted prohibiting one’ religion…”

  • nitro624

    Surely he grsduated from clown college I mean assclown hischool

  • ranfran

    Please! He is NOT following any of Jesus’ teachings!

    • Popgunne

      And that’s the good news!

  • Joshua Kricker

    The Constitution, in fact, was explicit about keeping religion OUT of our government. The Establishment Clause is clear on it’s face. It also requires no religious test to hold office. Cruz simply doesn’t understand, nor respect, one of the primary founding documents of our democracy.

    • thinkingperson

      Remember, he’s a TeaBagger.

      • Joshua Kricker

        Actually from whaI understand he’s actually quite the Constitutional scholar, which rather than making him an ignorant buffoon, means he’s a dangerous sociopath.

      • Dusty

        I am glad I am not the only one that thinks this.

  • juanjo54

    Cruz and his father are associated with a sect of Christians loosely described as Dominionists. That means they follow a religious belief that it is paramount that the secular government be subordinate to their version of religious law based on their interpretations of the Bible. In their world there are no public schools, all religious sins [as they define them] are punished in accord to Biblical requirements [stoning adulterers to death for example] and women are not allowed any rights but are completely subordinate to the whims of their husbands or fathers.

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    What a cunt.

  • Greg

    if all you who don’t want Cruz to go anywhere should vote for Paul – He has an understanding of the Constitution but he’s not trying to turn the nation into a theocracy.

  • C J Dport

    Have none of you ever read the Constitution or the Federalist papers or the letters of Thomas Jefferson? We are guaranteed that there can be no established religion,i.e., no theocracy! No religion can be mandated including Islamic theocracy and Sharia law. Evangelicals have a long history of persecution for their beliefs and because they resisted mandated religion, many of them were “imported” to the colonies. Or don’t you know who evangelicals are? Wait, I’m asking “progressives” to educated themselves. It will never happen. You just beat the drum and take the easy way.

    • Captain Sarcasm

      Where in the US has Islamic theocracy or Sharia law been mandated? Wait, I’m asking a conservative bonehead to try basing his paranoid tirades on actual facts. It will never happen.

  • Bob Pattinson

    A theocracy will mean more prisons and more gibbets.