Ted Cruz Tells Hate Group: Only Way to Save U.S. is by Turning it into a Theocracy (Video)

ted-cruz-afaIn my opinion, Sen. Ted Cruz is easily the worst person in all of Congress. I’ve reached the point where I really can’t stand to listen to him for more than a minute or two before I can start to taste the vomit coming up.

Well, while speaking to the American Family Association (a known anti-gay hate group), Cruz said that the only way this country can be saved is for evangelicals to rise up and vote for politicians who’ll pass legislation based upon Biblical principles.

“Nothing is more important in the next 18 months than that the body of Christ rise up and that Christians stand up, that pastors stand up and lead,” Cruz said. “In this last election, 54 million evangelical Christians stayed home. If we can simply bring Christians to the polls – is it any wonder we have the government we have – we have the leaders we have if believers stay home and leave electing our leaders to unbelievers. We get exactly what we deserve and nothing is more important that having people of faith stand up and just vote our values, vote biblical values and that’s how we turn the country around.”

In other words, he wants millions of evangelical Christians to go and vote for politicians who would basically turn this country into a theocracy.

Furthermore, let me emphasize how “classy” it is for a presidential candidate to happily speak to an organization which is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s also interesting Mr. “Pro-Israel” Ted Cruz would speak to an organization whose members have been linked to anti-Jew rhetoric, such as that by Sandy Rios who once said in reference to her belief that the ACLU is out to remove God and destroy America:

I know that there are powerful Jewish forces behind the ACLU.

Then again, the Republican defense of Israel is really more about pandering to evangelical conservative Christians who view it as the “Holy Land” more so than actual concern or support for the Jewish people. It’s always made me laugh how “pro-Israel” Republicans claim to be, yet American Jews tend to vote for Democrats.

While this rhetoric is nothing new from Cruz, it’s just another example of just how little many Republicans actually understand about our Constitution – a document that literally doesn’t have a single reference to Christianity written anywhere in it. One would think that if our Founding Fathers meant for this nation to be built and controlled by “biblical values” they would have at least included a couple of references to the Bible in our Constitution.

Yet there’s not a single one. 

Thankfully, Ted Cruz stands absolutely no shot at winning his own party’s nomination, let alone becoming president. Trust me, we’ll never have to worry about this buffoon leading this nation.

Watch his comments below via Right Wing Watch:

Allen Clifton

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