Ted Cruz’s Virginia Campaign Co-Chair Once Compared Women’s Health Providers to Nazi Death Camps

State Sen. Richard “Dick” Black (R-VA)

State Sen. Richard “Dick” Black (R-VA)

As Republican primary voters slowly begin to lose their fascination with Donald Trump and Ben Carson, Ted Cruz is poised to make a move toward winning Iowa and New Hampshire. The Iowa caucus is just a few weeks away, and nobody has the campaign infrastructure around the country quite like Cruz does.

While Carson and Trump have exploited their time on top of the polls, Ted Cruz has assembled an army of backers, including some of the most radical activists on the conservative fringes. In Nevada, one of his campaign leaders is Michele Fiore, a state representative who believes that cancer is a fungus you can flush out, and blamed the recent Oregon college massacre on prescription medications.

As utterly detached from reality as Michele Fiore is, there is a new member of the Cruz campaign in Virginia who makes her look like a sensible liberal in comparison. State Sen. Richard “Dick” Black was named by Ted Cruz as the state’s campaign co-chair last week, and his views are unbelievably extreme.

Here is a brief overview of Black’s history of right-wing ideology, via Right Wing Watch:

Black, who wants to ban abortion in all cases and made waves by “passing out plastic fetuses before a crucial abortion vote,” once denounced abortion rights as reminiscent of Nazi Germany and likened abortion clinics to Nazi death camps like Auschwitz.

He is also an opponent of contraceptives, calling for a law that would outlaw the morning-after pill and referring to emergency contraception as “baby pesticide” and “a toxic method of eliminating a child.”

No fan of gay rights, Black responded to the Lawrence v. Texas decision overturning state anti-sodomy bans by declaring, “If I’m the last person on the face of this Earth to vote against legalizing sodomy, I’ll do it.” (Source)

These are just a few of Richard Black’s extremist positions that have been documented, and now he is the co-chair of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Yes, Donald Trump and Ben Carson still lead in the polls, but they simply do not have the campaign organization that Ted Cruz has been slowly building while the media continues to focus on to the latest absurdities from the frontrunners.

I’m not worried about Donald Trump or Ben Carson becoming the Republican nominee, but the thought of Ted Cruz finding a way to face off against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders next November should be worrisome to us all. We should also take into consideration that this army Cruz has amassed would be used not only to potentially elect him to the White House, but to elect other candidates down the ballot that share his extreme ideology.

Look at the people he is enlisting for his campaign: anti-abortion extremists who want to ban contraception, anti-LGBT activists, and other religious fanatics. These are all individuals who will work to elect candidates as radical as themselves, and further solidify the GOP’s control of state governments across the United States.

The far-right sees this election as possibly their last chance to “take America back” and they’re mobilizing their army for a fight against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. These people are motivated and they will vote. The question is, will you?


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