Ted Cruz’s Blatant and Deliberate Lie About “Obamacare” Gets Exposed

Ted CruzWhen it comes to the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) I stick to the simple philosophy I have with most anything — “If the truth about it is so terrible, why is there a need to lie?  Shouldn’t the truth be enough?”  And I’ve never used that phrase as much as I have when talking about Republicans and their blatant slandering of the health care law passed in 2010.

Their deliberate lies about “Obamacare” tell me two things:

  • They’re terrified of the law working and are willing to say or do anything they can to make people terrified of it.
  • They know absolutely nothing about the law and have simply bought into their own right-wing rhetoric and propaganda.

Because almost every talking point my right-wing friends mention about the Affordable Care Act is completely false.

One of those lies being that Democrats knew the bill was terrible, therefore allowed members of Congress to be exempt from the law.

Well, it’s a lie Ted Cruz decided to perpetuate this past week.

Now, when someone lies there’s two ways you can look at it.  Either they were simply misinformed and misspoke, or they blatantly lied to deceive someone or a group of people.  If the lie is a simple statement, one could argue the person who said it was simply misinformed.  But when it’s detailed and elaborate it’s often a purposeful lie said specifically for deception.

Ted Cruz’s comments were a blatant lie:

“President Obama just granted all of Congress an exception.  And he did it because Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats who passed this thing came begging and said, ‘Please, please, please let us out of Obamacare.’ This thing ain’t working.”

First, if Harry Reid would have ever said something such as this—Cruz would have never known about it.  Let alone this level of specificity.

Second, Congress isn’t exempt from the law.  They will participate in the exchange just like everyone else.

In fact Republican Senator Chuck Grassley offered an amendment to the health care law in 2009 that specifically says members of Congress must purchase their insurance through the marketplaces—which was accepted by the Senate Finance Committee without a single objection. 

Also lost in Cruz’s comments, which I’m sure he’s aware of, is the fact that many states (the states that want the Affordable Care Act to work, that is) are reporting marketplace premiums below what analysts had been predicting.

Not exactly what I’d call “the wheels coming off.”

So with Cruz’s comments about the Affordable Care Act and his depiction of Harry Reid’s comments to President Obama, he either displayed an incredible amount of ignorance about the law or, and this is much more likely, he flat out lied.

He pandered to a crowd which obviously wanted to hear how terrible the law is.  He fed into the disdain those people had about Democrats, President Obama and all things liberal (disdain which has largely been based on lies perpetuated by conservatives) because he’s aiming for a 2016 presidential run, and he’s learned quickly you don’t get there without pandering to your base.

Then with the cartoonish way in which he described with outlandish detail how Harry Reid went about getting Congress exempt from the law, it only leads me to think that this man is a borderline, if not a complete sociopath.

Which I’ve argued is the exact type of society Republicans want to create.

Because it’s one thing to lie with a straight face (and let’s be honest, all politicians do it), but to act with such callous disregard for facts as to create an elaborate depiction of events Cruz knew never happened—that’s a whole other level of mental illness.

Unfortunately for people like Ted Cruz, reality doesn’t show bias.  And individuals like him can only deny reality for so long.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jo Hargis

    But of course, it’s not REALLY mental illness. It’s corruption, pure and simple. The idea that one would do whatever it takes, no matter how illegal or unethical, to get what one wants. Nearly the entirety of the GOP is exactly like this now. They’ll cheat, lie, steal, whatever it takes, to get what they want.

    • Femfelis

      I’m not so sure of that in Cruz’s case, Jo. Did you catch his papa onstage at the last “conservative” (reactionary) confab? Rafael Cruz stuck me as at least borderline insane. I think his son may be touched by the same twisted branch. Neither of them seems to have any trouble not only choosing their own reality, but also trying to force it on everyone else.

    • Pipercat

      They’ll do all those things because they’re afraid. Not by the fear mongering but, actual fear of the future. They’ve boxed themselves into such a tight corner; to a point where they can no longer maneuver or get themselves out. Then, along comes my junior Senator who pushes the party deeper into that already tight corner. The good news, there are many who are now getting themselves out of the corner and calling out the likes of Cruz and the others like him.

    • Marc de Groot

      A corrupt mind is a diseased mind..

  • Kathy Stuart

    I want a law that will impose a $10,000 fine every time one of these asshats provably lies to their constituents. (GOP and Dems).

    • Femfelis

      That would certainly wipe out any trace of a deficit and bring us a huge surplus in record time!

    • Kenneth C. Fingeret

      Hello Kathy Stuart,

      While a $ 10,000 fine sounds good you must remember that most of the asshats are millionaires and can easily afford the fine. They also could get it from their campaign finances or as I call it begging for dollars.

      • Kathy Stuart

        I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but you have to remember that Cruz and gang lie nearly every time they open their mouths. It could add up pretty fast.

      • Jon Savage

        make it $100k for every person lied to then – ur right btw

      • Victor Fischetti

        It’s more like “selling for dollars”

      • LateNightLarry

        Okay, raise the fine to $100,000, and require that they pay it from their PERSONAL funds, not campaign funds, and definitely not from constituent donations or their corporate owners like the Koch(roach) brothers.

    • I’d prefer they wear shock collars… yep…

  • Peter Gatliff

    It’s not Fascism if we tell a lie.

    • SBryan

      Isn’t that a Quote from Hitler?

  • Sally Somes Laird

    As a liberal Texan….I am “red” faced on a daily basis. Cruz is a one issue Senator that has no interest in representing anyone but himself and furthering
    his quest for power. If you dissent on his FB page, you are blocked. Welcome to the GOP of the 21st Century.

  • LLCisyouandme

    If you cannot face reality, if cognitive dissonance makes you quiver, you make yourself feel a little better with lies. If you tell yourself lies often enough, you start to believe them. If you rely on your beliefs to gather facts and understand ideas, you disconnect yourself from reality, which seems fine and reasonable, because reality was spitting in your eye already. When you are so far disconnected from reality that further cognitive dissonance, further direct evidence that you are egregiously wrong only increases your vehemence, insistence, and belief, you are provably psychologically impaired. When you are provably psychologically impaired, you are probably a right wing conservative religious zealot nut-job. Don’t be a right wing conservative religious zealot nut-job, face reality.

  • Ben Fischer

    now a days democrats are the party of liberal progress, but we also have a streak of conservatism…we want to conserve the social security program, we want to conserve medicare, medicaid, labor unions, public schools,teachers, public hospitals,,nurses, fire firefighters police forces, communities……AMERICA

  • Diane

    I believe Cruz has forgotten to take his psychotropic meds. And then additionally he is just batshit crazy just like his old man, Fidel’s soldier.

    • vito cardone

      well the thing is diane is if cruz is mentally ill I would feel bad for him because he cant help .it,but the bottom line is he isn’t,he is just a lying cowardly scumbag,who knows the law is working and he just like all gop wackjobs don’t like Obama, so they have to spread their lies,but they will be punished by the political gods in November hopefully

  • openlyblack

    Ted Cruz’s resemblance to Joe McCarthy is more significantly more than physical.

    • LLCisyouandme

      I thought he was looking hemorrhoidal.

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello LLCisyouandme,

        I though he might have a case of quick acting but long lasting hemorrhoidial fever!

  • Marvin P James

    another crazy, weak mind texASS.

  • Beth Dalton

    Hopefully he WILL run and insulate himself with Yes Men, and be so out of touch and off base he goes down hard— Conservatives are a minority and the MAJORITY is sick of them.

    • Dee_Lemon

      Hopefully the majority is sick enough to get off their a#%&es in 2014 and 2016, to vote them out. Its not going to be easy with all the Republican shenanigans to stop people from voting.

  • GeeGee

    I know!
    It almost reminds me of when Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice AND the Mainstream Media told us that whole Benghazi thing was because of a You Tube video!
    Except .. in that ‘reality’ people were actually brutally killed.

    • Ronald Langley

      You need to change channels, listening to the Fox Puke Channel for your information is clouding your own truth! It’s OK for W to get us into 2 wars where 4000 and still counting of our people have been brutally killed.

      • GeeGee

        Bush’s wrongs do not make Obama right.

      • Ronald Langley

        Obama cannot be compared to the damage W did to our country.

      • GeeGee

        Not comparing. Wrong … is wrong.
        No matter who it is.

      • Dee_Lemon

        Thinking people: Rational discussion on any topic
        Tealiban: Benghaziiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

      • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

        It must be so nice to live in a world of absolutes.

      • John Cross

        This is what I don’t understand about the teabillies’ fascination with Benghazi. When Bush lied our way into Iraq, he caused a war and 4000+ deaths where none had been before. Lets assume for a second that Obama et al lied about Benghazi. Did the lie cause any deaths? NO numbnuts. The four people were ALREADY DEAD! IF Obama et al lied it had ZERO EFFECT on the reality on the ground. Do you understand that G-G? Why then would they lie? I have no idea. Not once has Insanity or his Fatness or any other idiot on the right ever explained how Obama is supposed to benefit from lying about what caused an attack that had already taken place. So did they lie, or were they just misinformed at the time? I suspect the latter, unless you can explain to me why they would benefit from lying. Thank you.

      • GeeGee

        Obviously, you have it ALL figured out JC.

        Wrong … is wrong. Insults won’t change that.

        FACT: The video excuse was a lie … and the Administration KNEW that fact, when they testified to the lie.
        You’ll have to ask them why. (btw .. if you get an answer please let us know .. we are still waiting.)

        The successful effect was to delay/disguise the truth about what happened during the attack … BEFORE the lie.

      • Greg Weaver

        The “video excuse” is a side effect of the 24/7 news cycle: they had to have *something* to answer, “We’re not entirely sure yet; we’re investigating” doesn’t cut it for the bleating masses. The fact of the matter is that there *were* protests in Egypt over the video–and the attackers at Benghazi rallied a bunch of people to protest in order to provide cover for their assault.

        Do you remember September 12th, 2001? Because I do. We had no idea who coordinated the attack, and we were blaming everyone from Iraq to North Korea.

      • GeeGee

        Greg, several days ago, I had posted a video clip of the opening of ABC’s 2 hr Nightline with Ted Koppel on Sept 12, 2001.
        He opened the program with where the investigation into 9/11 was leading and who we suspected was behind the attacks. It wasn’t Iraq or North Korea.

        In fact, I couldn’t find anything in this country reporting any suspicion whatsoever of either .. or any other country, on September 12th.

    • John Cross

      It reminds me of when some twat lied that Iraq was buying Yellow Cake uranium from Africa, except that in that “reality” over 5000 Americans were killed and hundreds of thousands of others due to incompetence… But that is not important b/ it was the GREAT BUSHMEISTER who did it…

    • JayBee12

      Benghazi? Really? How many times do we have to prove that there’s no cover up? How many time do you need to be reminded that it was simply a terror attack at our embassy? Also.. they thought AT FIRST, that the attack was based on that video. And they had a pretty decent reason, as there WERE protests all over the middle east based on the video that week. I know. I was in Afghanistan at the time, where they were protesting outside the gates of out FOB. But my question is… what makes this embassy attack any more brutal or tragic or special than the dozen that happened in the previous administration? Not blaming Bush… just wondering. Because when he was in office, no less than 43 people at embassies all over the world were killed in attacks… and there’s no outrage. No hearings… nothing. So what’s the difference?

      • hiatt111

        Weel JayBee12, someone probably needs to go tell National Security Adviser Susan Rice. I think she is still wondering around aimlessly believing the original lie OR they forgot to enlighten her on the “story” de jour. This administration is scary.

  • Laurie

    He needs to take advantage of any mental benefits his health policy has and STAT!

  • David

    Just to be clear, sociopathy has nothing to do with mental illness.

    Love every other part of this post, though :).

  • The grass roots of the GOP suffer from such cognitive dissonance you can tell them anything, and they’ll believe it. The GOP brass have worked very hard over the last 30 years to build a party that is anti-intellectual, kept in the dark and fed only sh_t. You might as well just call them “mushrooms.”

  • rimpy

    look how many people and groups are exempted from it. Congresspigs, congresspig aides, unions. Enough said.

    • Greg Weaver

      You’re wrong. Nobody is “exempt”; the people who are fighting for “exemption” are fighting to keep their current medium- and high- level plans that were negotiated as part of their employment contracts. The plans that are going to be the primary focus of the exchanges are low- to medium-low packages, designed to be adequate (and much better bang-for-the-buck than the plans on the current small-group and individual market).

      Speaking for myself, one of my benefits to my job (the pay is lower than comparable private-sector positions) is the fairly robust healthcare plan–that the union fought for. Hard. Being forced to give that up for a lower-tier plan (and of course, no recompense in the form of higher pay or 401(k) contributions) is the equivalent of taking a pay cut.

      I’m not “exempt” from Obamacare–I still have to carry insurance or pay the penalty.

      The whole “exemption” thing is misinformation of the highest (or is it lowest?) order. Don’t be fooled.

      • rimpy

        the obamabot media reports it

    • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

      Your reading comprehension problems should be addressed with a competent tutor, rimpy.