Ted Cruz’s Cockeyed Christmas Commercial Is Completely Appalling

Ted Cruz Christmas videoSenator Ted Cruz has been sneaking up on Donald Trump in the polls, and leads him in Iowa, which is the first state in the Republican primaries. As Ben Carson has repeatedly blundered, his poll numbers have dwindled rapidly – to the benefit of Ted Cruz.

On Friday, a video was uploaded to Ted Cruz’s YouTube channel. In this video, Ted Cruz and his children read a series of fake Christmas stories that bash liberals and Hillary Clinton. The stories are absurd and mean-spirited, and seem like they come from a ridiculous Rush Limbaugh radio skit.

What bothers me more than anything else is the fact that Ted Cruz is using his kids as political props, which is something that both liberals and conservatives are happy to do in order to promote their agenda. I can personally relate to this, because as a child I was used as a youthful mouthpiece for the religious right and the GOP.

Fifteen or twenty years from now, Ted Cruz’s children could very well look back on this video with embarrassment, just as I now look back at my time as a conservative prop and grimace. As a kid, I was taught to call into radio shows and write letters to the editor ranting about abortion, even though the “facts” that I repeated were completely wrong. The difference is that back then, the Internet barely existed, and YouTube hadn’t been created yet.

Politics in the United States has always been a nasty game. In 1828, Andrew Jackson’s wife had her reputation dragged through the mud, and the stress likely contributed to her death shortly before he took office. A number of other presidential candidates have had their personal morals questioned, and sometimes those accusations have been proven to be based in fact.

Can you imagine the outrage from conservatives if President Obama had made a Christmas video with his family mocking Republicans? Just think of the Fox News headlines if Malia and Sasha had made this same commercial to call Donald Trump a fascist, or warn Americans of Ted Cruz’s religious fanaticism. Imagine if Hillary Clinton used her grandchild in a campaign video to bash Ben Carson or Marco Rubio. It would be absurd and manipulative, which is exactly what this video from Ted Cruz is.

To drag people’s young children into mean-spirited political grandstanding is sadly part of our political process, but Ted Cruz has taken it to a pathetic new level.

Watch the video below via YouTube, and let me know what you think of it on my Facebook page.


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