Ted Cruz’s Father: Son is ‘Destined’ by God for Greatness, ‘Send Obama Back to Kenya’

rafaelcruzTed Cruz hasn’t been a United States Senator very long, but he’s quickly rushed to the top of my list as the Republican politician I despise most.  Every time I see his face, or hear his sniveling voice, my skin crawls.

So when someone sent me a link titled “Look at what Ted Cruz’s father said,” I knew I was in for a mind-numbing bit of stupidity.

See, I’m well aware Cruz’s father is a bit of a crackpot.  So when I watched the video where he said his son was “destined by God for greatness,” I wasn’t completely surprised.  After all, the man is a radical right-wing pastor.

Almost any time you mix radical right-wing conservatism and religion you’re going to get someone who’s clearly not of this reality.

But Cruz’s father went even further.  In a showcase of “true Christian values,” the Texas senator’s father went “full birther” by saying he’d like to “send Obama back to Kenya.”

These remarks were made during Ted Cruz’s senate campaign last year when Cruz’s father often was used as a surrogate to speak for the then candidate Ted Cruz.  Though, Ted Cruz’s “official” response to this story was that the elder Cruz doesn’t speak for the senator.  Even though Cruz’s father did often speak for his son during his campaign.

But the elder Cruz didn’t stop at just those remarks.  He went on to claim that the United States is indeed a “Christian nation.”  In fact, he said that, “The United States of America was formed to honor the word of God.”

Funny, I thought our First Amendment said we had the freedom of religion.  Oh, and the Treaty of Tripoli says, right at the beginning, “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..”

But let’s not let these facts dissuade Ted Cruz’s father’s beliefs that this nation was founded on Christianity – an argument I find baffling.

I always like to ask these people, “Why, if our nation was based on Christianity, did the Founding Fathers just not put that in our Constitution?  Why does the Treaty of Tripoli clearly say the United States is not, in any sense, found on the Christian religion?”

I’m sure most people reading this would not be at all surprised that when I do ask these questions, I rarely get any kind of answer that even remotely makes sense.  In fact, I usually just get something absurd along the lines of, “Well, they assumed people would just be Christians so they didn’t feel the need to put that in there.”

Or another fun one to ask these people is which version of the Christian religion were we founded on?  Because, as most people are well aware of, there’s a huge difference in how many denominations of Christianity practice their religion.  A country built by Catholics would be much different than one built by Baptists.

But after watching the video of the speech Ted Cruz’s father gave last year, it’s easy to see where Senator Cruz gets his right-wing radicalism from.  I’m just ashamed that he represents my state.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • themoroney

    It is likely to be that “great” is used when what is meant is “infamous.” A language issue I guess… sending him back to Cuba, or even Canada might be appropriate (as long as he takes his son with him).

    • regressive rightwing trash

      read my post u will see my lateral agreement 2 ur usage of GREAT :))

  • Lyola M Roeske Shafer

    Writing in stone that I will never again embrace any religion. It is the embrace of death to the mind.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      aaaaaa-men !!

  • leatherstocking20

    His father and Pat Robertson need to get a room at the Creedmoor Hotel! They can bring a cot in for Ted.

  • Cargapalitos

    And he left Cuba to come and fix our country…right. Still thinks he’s in Cuba.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      oh yeah???
      I live in south FLA and ma HATING certain countries offal deposit ( yes; offal is spelled correctly)

  • Can’tStandTheIdocyAnymore

    Nothing is scarier than someone saying they are “destined by God” to do anything.

    • I Once Was Andrew

      Except the Blues Brothers.

      • theyak47

        Blues Brothers never claimed destiny, just ‘on a mission for God’.

      • Greg Reed

        That’s true…it was fun!

  • Pat

    Like crazy father, like crazy son!

  • JamieHaman

    Let’s send Papa back to Cuba, and Teddy back to Canada. Love to see him leave Texas!

    • Doug

      Hey, we don’t want Teddy back thank you!

      • LL11

        We have enough crazies; you have to keep yours. Come on, be fair.

    • Adam

      I wouldn’t wish that form of torture on my worst enemy,

    • duckey

      Sorry, DON’T send him to Canada. We have enough so-called politicians here!

  • Meg Faunce

    ugh…that man is too repugnant to be in a sewer

  • Mike Williams

    I think Obama should take one for the team….
    As long we get to send Cruz back to Canuba…

    *GOP Disclaimer~ There is no country known as Canuba.

    It’s a joke. Much like your political party and politicized
    religion .

  • Pipercat

    Yep, a chip off the old crock…

  • Jill Grayson

    And why don’t the Cruz boys go back to wherever they came from. Of all of the Tea Bagger assholes, it is amzing to me that one NOT born here himself is jumping on the birther bandwagon. BUT, I forget that hypocrisy is one of the main building blocks of the Republican party…

  • JVS

    Pastors should not talk like that, it isn’t a christian way. God would not approve of his prejudice after all God made ALL people not just the Cruz family. How can he even call himself a Pastor? There is nothing humble or Christ like about him. He needs to go back to where HE came from. The President was born in Hawaii not Kenya. Ignorance!

    • regressive rightwing trash

      wasnt Hawaii a Kenyan province that month? 🙂

  • diannkirby

    It’s amazing to me how this father and son duo, neither of which were born in America, have the gall to question the birthplace of our President !!!

  • F1nn3as

    Ted Cruz’ father fought along side Fidel Castro. Wonder if he has had an honest job since. Now he is a just another money grubbing preacher.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    allow me to impart some GREATNESS: stalin was GREAT—-john C holmes was “GREAT”,,,,,,the depression in the 1930’s was GREAT,,,,,, this clown and his 3rd world beggar father are also riding that egregious greatness

  • Mr. Gonzalez

    I’m 46 and I was born in NJ. My father came from cuba in 1956, 3 years before castro came to power. My father came to the USA for a better life, he didn’t come to this country for political reasons. For me it’s embarrassing to say, I’m cuban when a moron like Ted Cruz’s father makes an ass clown of himself with his ignorant comment about Obama.

  • Alan Foxman

    Can we ship HIM back to Canada?

  • FD Brian

    So if Obama can’t be POTUS because the right thinks he was born in Kenya, then Cruze can’t be POTUS because he was factual he was born in Canada right?

  • Wayne Bassett

    Has anyone noticed that the trolls have been somewhat quiet in these latest articles? Or am I not giving it enough time?

  • Al Simmons

    He’s a POS just like his dad.

  • becca

    Two functioning psychopaths…end of story.

  • Rosegarten

    He is in the wrong country. If he has greatness in him it must be for Canada.

  • Greg Reed

    The “greatness” that the mentally ill Rafael has preached in his sermons is that Canadian Teddy is the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse “destined” to bring their great “Lake of Fire” over the planet…because “God told me so.”

    When people hear voices…it ain’t any “god”…it’s mental illness.

    But, the TEAvangelical Jihadists want the Second Horseman Teddy to get his hands on the Football and the Nuclear Launch Codes…so he can fulfill his “destiny of greatness.”

    Yeah…let’s give mentally deranged sociopaths who hear voices in their addled brains…

    The complete authority over our nuclear arsenal.

    Yeah…let’s do that!

  • stxflyer

    Why don’t you call refael by his real name. Remind the teabillies he is Hispanic and see how long he stays around.