Ted Cruz’s Father: “There’s Nothing Scientific About Evolution,” “Communism, Evolution Go Hand in Hand”

rafael-cruzThere are certain times in my life when I see something that absolutely stuns me.  That after reading (or watching) it, I sit there for a moment unable to really understand what exactly it was that I just saw.

That’s what happened when I watched the recently surfaced video of Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, speaking at some kind of religious function back in June.

Here, just watch the video first:


Now remember that this is the father of a United States Senator.  These are the values by which Ted Cruz was raised.  A man who has aspirations to become President of the United States and is the current face of tea party Republicans.

The comments made by Cruz’s father, to me, are those of someone who’s completely insane.

“There’s nothing scientific about evolution!”  Are you nuts?  He’d have to be bonkers to honestly believe there’s no science behind evolution.  Something that’s supported by the vast majority of the world’s scientists.

Cruz’s father claims that fighting for the right of homosexuals to marry has nothing to do with equal rights for the gay community?  Wow, really?  That’s not why I — and millions of others — support same-sex marriage?  I’m sure glad I have this raving lunatic to clear that up for me because I thought for sure that securing equal rights for the homosexual community was exactly why I support gay marriage.

But according to Ted Cruz’s father, liberals really couldn’t care less about equal rights for homosexuals.  According to him, allowing homosexuals to marry is a direct attack on the traditional family in some elaborate scheme to destroy—hell, who knows.  I honestly cant even wrap my mind around his incoherent babbling.

To really believe that the push to allow same-sex marriage is a carefully orchestrated attack on family values is honestly the ravings of someone who should be in some kind of mental institution.

And of course, in true paranoid irrational conservative logic, all of this ties into communism or socialism.  But doesn’t it always?

I do like how he uses communism and socialism interchangeably as if they’re not completely different economic models.  That shows just how ignorant this buffoon is.  Communism and socialism are not the same.  Saying that they can simply be interchanged with one another only proves that he has absolutely no idea what the hell he’s talking about.

This man suffers from a level of stupidity I simply cannot grasp.  For someone to stand there and try to tie together communism, socialism, Marxism, gay rights, same-sex marriage and evolution really escalates the conservative crazy train to a whole new level of insanity rarely ever witnessed — aside from when somebody like, oh I don’t know, Ted Cruz decides to try to sound smart.

But this nonsense is exactly what Rafael Cruz said and I’m assuming it’s what he actually believes.  These are the types of values Ted Cruz brings with him to the United States Senate and would love to bring to the White House in 2016.

Yet still, after watching that video at least ten times, I can’t believe Rafael Cruz (or Ted Cruz for that matter) is an individual anyone would ever take seriously.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • grwurown

    His words say one thing but his message is cleverly disquised to say something else. To someone that may be lead by what he says I would think that the message they hear is “homosexuality =communism” “evolution =communism”. And it is that exact message that will drive the religious extremests in this country to blindly fight for a christian rulebook to be followed by all. This man and ANYONE that heads his words is extremely dangerous to this country and its constitution.

  • surfjac

    The man is an idiot.

  • Amy Darnell-Fuchs

    It sounds like he was making shit up as he went along. It made zero sense.

    • Pipercat

      The block where the chip came off of…

      • Jacqueline Jones

        I’mma call ted cruz chip from now on. (^;

  • Bambu Utila

    It is a very scary thought that some people really believe this dribble

  • Learn$listen

    Wow…that is one angry confused man.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      if the spawn of YOUR loins looked like T cruz U might be pissed also

      • Don Rockwell Coffee

        too late for abortion…….sigh

  • yes

    Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Peanut Butter and Jelly, You know whatever you want to call it.

  • Ram Garcia

    Before the shut-down, I had posted that Ted Cruz was a Cuban communist agent… Sent here to destroy our economy and bring it down to the level in Cuba…It seems like both , father and son, are Fidel Castro agents….Instead of being thankful for having the freedom that our country provides, he preaches communism…Obviously, his marriage was for convenience.. If it fact he legally came into our country…. He should be investigated by Immigration and if found lacking in proper papers, he then becomes an illegal alien and should be deported back to Cuba and he can do us a favor and take he jackass son with him…..

    • Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka

      According to some reports the father was close friends with Fidel Castro prior to “fleeing” Cuba for Canada.

  • Ken

    3 words are all thats needed. BAT SHIT CRAZY! If I didn’t like saying Bat Shit Crazy so much it wouldnt be worth typing a comment about this moron.

  • Sue Roediger

    The really sad thing is there are a whole lot of people who will eat this up with a spoon……………………

  • Angel Rivera

    I guess that Ted Cruz is hi father’s son…

  • Gary Menten

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree in this case. Unfortunately, evolution IS science, and so says EVERY reputable scientist in the world. Also, EVOLUTION IS FACT, and so says every reputable scientist in the world. It has NOTHING to do with communism or politics and everything to do with BIOLOGY. Biology is completely apolitical, as is every genus, every species of living organism on the planet, save one.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      c’ept Christians………………… they are a morph

  • Jordan

    Another American that thinks Socialism and Marxism and Communism are the same thing. It’s like saying “Well it’s the USA, Mexico or Canada call it what you want.”

    • Chris H

      He is not american…..he is Cuban. They are a happy, friendly, good looking people but have no place in politics as they are as corrupt as anyone can possibly get. They believe that lying and stealing in the USA is a good thing because it goes against the government and the government they are trying to go against is communist. Cubans have their own agenda and that is to take over this country. Just go to Miami and they will tell this you right to your face.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        I live in ft.lauderdale,,,,, all my life— these bugarito espanol island cockroaches are filthy

      • Ben Strik

        “trash” is the right name for you.

      • Dave

        They can’t even take over Dade County, where they are the majority.

  • suzytalk

    He is a powerful speaker, and many people will believe his words because of his passion. History is full of eloquent speakers with hidden agendas.

    • ErrolKuhn

      Yep! Like Hitler!

  • Diane Henry

    This is Orwellian theory gone mad! Heck you could even argue that with the way these nuts are eating this rhetoric up, that it really doesn’t matter what the dictionary definitions of these words are (communism, socialism etc.) because it does such a job rallying the base like no other. Education is not needed for these people as long as they have fear and stupidity to fall back on. It is truly sad! It makes me worry greatly about human kind.

  • karenbrown65

    This is the man who not only raised Ted Cruz, but apparently thinks that his son is somehow divinely ordained to lead the US. And probably raised him to think THAT, too. What’s scarier than those who think they rule by divine sanction? If God wants me to run, then what I want to do must be what God wants done. And anyone who doesn’t want what I want? They aren’t just against me, they’re against GOD.

    And THAT is why we separate religion and government.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    I like how jeeeesus lets him shave his head down the middle to let fresh air at his batista/castro brain

  • vwbtl99

    All we have to see here is that this guy is a republican and a cuban. Both are synonymous with LIAR!

  • Kojo

    I love him. He’s the best “Vote Democrat” poster since Palin. Keep sending the nuggets God.

  • Sean Hannity

    Jew nigger homosexual communists are destroying the human race

    • Don Rockwell Coffee

      you must be feeling pretty lonely about now, bless your heart……maybe you need a bro-hug……c’mon now…..how about that hug?

    • Tamarack

      I wonder just how many of them there are?

    • white trash religious teaparty

      white trash Christians have small dicks and smaller brains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, their jealousy permeates
      I like sean hannity : he is overweight

  • Patrice Sidoione

    Augh…but people more than I realize do in fact take this as FACT…i.e. very seriously…So to be surprised about it in this socio-political climate is somewhat amazing…
    Sadly, I too think the focus on the gay marriage same sex marriage is a smoke screen for the much worse economic, environmental & social scandals being perpetrated …By smoke screen I mean we are arguing about nothing! As a human being our Constitution has already established the right to life, liberty & pursuit of Happiness…so it is a no brainer issue…BUT emotionally charged from the religious right as some sort a devaluation of humanity…AND that my friend is strategic divide & conquer!!!

  • John1966

    Everything he said is factually and historically accurate. Your head is in the sand.

    • Thatsit

      LOL! Good one.

    • ErrolKuhn

      Your JOKING, right?

  • Sean Guerin

    why even give this man any time on this site? nut jobs belong in the nut house, not on this site , not even news your just giving him air time

  • Rowdy

    A nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • 5thApe


  • Edward Krebbs

    And don’t forget that Ted Cruz is a specially appointed anointed one of Jesus.

  • Altreg01

    I have a feeling this clown is also Sarah Palin’s secret birth father. Can anybody confirm that she was in fact adopted??

    • James M. Locke

      FOR SURE! Lol and thanks!

  • Brad Welch

    Fortunately, Ted Cruz is ineligible to be President as he was born in Canada.

  • Bob Dobalina

    I think I understand the conservative/evangelical/fundamentalist/Far-Reich dilemma. When one has a foundation in Christianity (allegedly) yet lives their lives in intolerance, condemnation, greed, etc., (rather like an anti-Christ), then there HAS to be some level of Schizophrenia involved. It seems inevitable. I think many of the posters here just pass it off as “bat-shit-crazy”, but I think it is real mental disease.

  • quakerninja

    we come from apes not monkeys

  • Jeff McCoy

    Well, it’s important to understand the rarified atmosphere in which these delusional people live. They actually believe that their simple-minded, deluded, illogical thoughts carry the same weight as peer-reviewed, proven, and evidence-supported science do. “My ignorance is just as valid as your science.” I don’t think so. Checkmate, stupids.