Ted Cruz’s Latest Pathetic Comments on Gay Rights Prove His Hypocrisy Once Again

texas-ted-cruzIt’s not really “breaking news” that Ted Cruz has taken up another key right-wing talking point – opposition to same-sex marriage.  It goes along perfectly with my theory that he’s nothing more than a shill for the tea party.  He figures that the only way he stands any chance at winning the nomination is to take up every single ignorant talking point the tea party uses in the hopes that will be just enough to make him the GOP presidential candidate in 2016.

Well now he’s taken his blithering idiocy to another level by saying his “heart weeps” at the thought of traditional marriage being “damaged.”

Cruz said during a radio interview with Washington Week:

“Our heart weeps for the damage to traditional marriage that has been done.”

“We need to stand up I believe, and defend traditional marriage and especially do everything we can to prevent the federal government from forcing a different definition of marriage that is contrary to the views of the citizens of each state.”

Let’s make something clear here – the Supreme Court (and most other courts as well) have deemed DOMA and other laws preventing gay marriage to be an unconstitutional violation of civil rights for gay Americans.

All the federal government has done is recognized these marriages based on these rulings which have nearly all said that preventing same-sex couples from getting married is unconstitutional.

But Cruz says that the Obama Administration recognizing these rulings on the federal level (even after DOMA was essentially struck down) is his attempt to, “lock this in quickly hoping that it cannot be reversed,” and represents a “broader pattern of abuse of power and lawlessness.”

Cruz might want to face reality (though I know that’s hard for him to do) but there’s no going back when it comes to same-sex marriage.  It’s not a matter of if same-sex marriage will become legal all across the United States, but when.  

It’s amazing to me the absolute ignorance of these people who somehow think giving Americans rights is somehow a violation of the rights for those Americans trying to deny other people their rights.

This is basically the same argument people used against ending segregation, “It’s a violation of states rights to force states to give people their equal rights that we’re trying to continue to deny those individuals within our state.”

It’s absolutely stupid.

Then should we go ahead and discuss how divorce has been destroying “traditional marriage” for years and years?  If we want to get “biblical” about this, divorce isn’t allowed either.

So does Ted Cruz think we should outlaw divorce?  After all, the Bible speaks out strongly against divorce and it’s the biggest culprit ruining “traditional marriage” that the institution of marriage has ever seen.

But, as always, the party of “small government” strikes again.  See, people like Ted Cruz are pathetic hypocrites.  They talk about “constitutional values” until the Constitution doesn’t support their ideology, then suddenly it’s back to the argument racists and bigots have used for decades, “You’re violating our states rights!”

And that’s just the truth of it.  Our history is littered with battles trying to give Americans their equal rights and people claiming that doing so is a violation of “states rights.”  It’s the argument they used during the Civil War, giving women the right to vote, ending segregation and during the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Now it’s the argument these states are using to deny homosexuals their right to marry the person they love.

It’s like the saying goes, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Well, it appears conservatives refuse to learn from history, so they’re doomed to repeat it.  Meaning they’ll claim “states rights” as their defense for denying homosexuals their equal rights, then they’ll eventually lose the battle, and history will look back on these people as the epitome of ignorance, bigotry and hate.

Just as it does towards those who supported slavery, tried to deny women the right to vote, fought to keep segregation legal and opposed the Civil Rights Act.

It’s the ignorant side of history Ted Cruz – and many other conservatives – seem determined to be the face of.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Artos

    that and they federal government might have deemed DOMA unconstitutional but they arent forcing every state to recognize gay marriage. i think they are just letting it sweep across the nation at the state level which will be a more effective plan i think.

  • Kevin Daugherty

    I would remind the author Mr. Clifton that Cruz cant be nominated because he was born in Canada. And thank God,not that he could win over Hillary anyway.

    • Gary Menten

      That isn’t quite correct. Your rule only applies to black Democratic candidates who were allegedly born in Kenya and Indonesia at the same time as they were born in Hawaii.

      Cruz’s parents were American citizens when he was born, which makes him American at birth. George Romney, (Mitt’s father,) was born in Mexico to an American father. No-one in the GOP tried to stop him from running. John McCain was born in Panama. No-one stopped him from running.

      I would really hope Cruz does get the nomination and picks someone equally stupid to be his running mate: Rick Santorum or Rand Paul for instance. This would be the DNC’s dream ticket for the GOP to run against Mrs. Clinton or any other Democrat. It won’t happen because Karl Rove will make sure some Romneyesque rich white guy who can fool at least some centrist voters into voting for him gets the nomination.

      • Edward Krebbs

        I agree with your point on IOKIYAR. But a slight clarification – I believe that Ted Cruz’s father hadn’t become a citizen yet when Cruz was born in Canada.

      • Kevin Daugherty

        Well now I’m thoroughly confused. Is he eligible to run or not ?

      • Gary Menten

        I’m sure he is. I just don’t think the GOP establishment is will let him get close to the nomination. Karl Rove will make sure to steer PAC money and big time donors to a candidate he thinks is more electable.

      • Gary Menten

        I stand corrected.

      • Jo Clark

        Just to correct a few of your inaccuracies here. Cruz’s father did not get his citizenship until 2005. His mother, however, was born in Delaware.

        And it doesn’t matter where John McCain was born because he was born to military parents stationed there. That infers automatic citizenship. That’s how it works in the military.

      • Gary Menten

        I stand corrected on Cruz’s father, the reason it doesn’t matter where he was born is because his parents were American, not because they were in the military. My point is that there is a double standard.

    • Kara

      Cruz’s father was born in Cuba, went to Canada after fighting with Castro’s regime, became a Canadian citizen, now is an American citizen. His mother was an American. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he is considered American, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GOP, nominate him! That ass whipping would be historically epic!

      • Kevin Daugherty

        Good point Kara Hillary would take him to the woodshed for sure. But any old GOP candidate will do. I dont think she can be defeated. BTW thanks for clarifying the Cruz citizenship deal. I got an education.

      • Aloanstar

        It’s funny how that didn’t matter when it came to Obama. His mom was American and he could have been born in Kenya or anywhere, but he still has groups demanding his birth certificate. Hypocrisy yet again

  • SmartyPants

    One day, I want to be able to tell Ted Cruz or anyone else that says either “abuse of power” or “lawlessness” in regards to issues such as equal rights the following:

    “Those words… I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • Sandy Greer

    When gays were still closeted ‘Traditional Marriage’ was being ‘destroyed’ from within…by divorce. And a good thing, too, if folks don’t stay married so long they actually hate each other.

    Gays wanting to be married BELIEVE in marriage. It may not be ‘traditional’ but they believe. Maybe even more than those of us in ‘traditional marriages’…simply for theirs being harder to attain.

    It’s Bigotry, plain and simple. What they’re really mad about is that gays are out of the closet, and in their face.

    ‘Crazy’ got ahold of the GOP and WON’T LET GO. Vote ’em the Hell outta Dodge!

  • Nick Kavanagh

    And just this week he was saying the exact opposite about marijuana legalization, imploring the Federal government to step in and enforce marijuana prohibition in opposition to states rights. Hypocretin.!

    • crabjack

      …and here he’s saying that the state government should be able to step in and tell people they can’t get married.

  • Cemetery Girl

    I’m tired of this BS about it is hurting traditional marriage. I’ve been happily married for 14 years. The only people that can harm my marriage are my husband and myself. That’s it. As for the sanctity of marriage in general, I think marriages that last less than a year are far more damaging than a homosexual couple that have built a life together and just want to be recognized legally. Any damage to taking marriage as a serious commitment has more to do with people (I can think of half a dozen celebs off the top of my head) that marry and divorce just a few months later, and that’s if they even make it that long!

  • L Daniel Roberta

    They say they want a smaller government, with less restrictions. Now it seems as if they want front row seats in our bedrooms…The Republicans have become nothing more than bent on the destruction of fundamental human rights in this country, No School Lunches for Kids who are poor, basically reversing a woman’s right over her body, and the want to watch the peep show in your bedroom every night . The GOP’s have become a bunch of SOB’s

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “We need to stand up I believe, and defend traditional marriage and especially do everything we can to prevent the federal government from forcing a different definition of marriage that is contrary to the views of the citizens of each state.”

    So… Wait… Allowing gays to marry each other means opposite-sex marriages are automatically negated?

    That’s a new one on me.

  • Steven Pasillas

    I find it equally ignorant and hypocritical of you to rail against Christianity ,and against Conservatives (Tea Party, whatever )because of their perspective . People of the LGBT think that their rights are absolute and they expect to have special rights that entitle them to deny others their civil rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion (as a Christian sharing Jesus with another with pros and cons included) and in doing so the action itself is considered criminal harassment . I am not “new” to this world . I struggled with “same-sex attraction” , lived in the gay lifestyle more years than I care to remember and subsequently became a Christian and I don’t discriminate against anyone LGBT , I have many friends still (that talk to me) . I still struggle with it , but after 10 years of being a Christian things are a little easier , and the changes in my life were not made overnight . Receiving salvation from God is NOT to have automatically become perfect . I retain the right to share the downside of not knowing Christ and accepting His Free gift of salvation because I love people and their blood will be upon my head if I don’t share . What kind of love would that be if I said : “well I got a ticket to heaven , too bad you aren’t going to end up there as well “. No way! Love suggests a warning , and if you don’t want to hear the message , no sweat , I made the attempt and am not guilty of your end . But I have the right to share about myself in the same way LGBT have their “pride” and it is a two-way street . Don’t step all over my rights while you demand yours . That… is hypocritical . We have to learn to do more than tolerate each other. We share the same air-space….. at least for now . I believe that God loves gays , because he loves me . I want gay people to learn about Jesus , no one who is realistic will judge you in church , if they do, they don’t belong there . Christianity is a process. Jesus does all the heavy lifting because he is the Author and finisher of our Faith , he doesn’t want you carrying that burden , and neither do I . I Love all of you …..ALL .

    • First if all, the right to marry isnt a special right, its just a right. And, no one is denying you the right to free speech or your religion. You are simply delusional. Turn off Fox News and see the real world for awhile.

      • Steven Pasillas

        Why don’t you try that clever response to God when he judges you for living life with your eyes and ears closed to what his design was meant to be and what was not . He will determine your judgement , not me . Your must live life with blinders on . Christians are considered by this Liberal Administration to be “Terrorists” . We are denied access in the military because prayer is no longer allowed , and bibles are not allowed . When do you remember such a thing happening . I didn’t get this information from Fox News , it is readily available on CNN and MSNBC or any media period . Our way of life as Christians is challenged at every front , in hotels that are no longer allowed to have a bible in the rooms as they have been for more than 70 years or in courtrooms where even the 10 Commandments used to be the very laws that we lived by …. apparently NOT by everyone . You may pretend there is no God , but you and everyone else on this earth will meet him personally one day and all will answer directly to him for making light of free gift he made available to you and everyone because not one of us is without sin and no one is perfect, otherwise we wouldn’t need Jesus . That is your reality , and I don’t need Fox or anyone else in this world to tell me anything useful that I don’t already know myself.

      • Wow…what a judgemental little man you are….it really must be a sad, lonesome life you lead. Pity you

      • Steven Pasillas

        I’m afraid you have me confused with yourself little man . Your pathetic closed mind has only one speed and it would seem that it is stuck on slow. You aren’t even capable of staying on the subject so you have to invent my personality to make yourself a bigger man. You are to be pitied of all men . I am a very happy , contented and peace loving guy ,but I tend to invest my time with knowing the truth which makes me free of encumberances and distances me from the likes of you my friend . You seem to prefer anything liberal no matter how truthless the foundation it sits on . When an earthquake comes , all of your liberal foundation will crumble because it is built on a foundation of lies…… kind of like your friend OBAMA , your hero , the worst POTUS ever , even Jimmy Carter looks good next to him .

      • David Shaw Jr

        The worst? How many wars has he lied us in to? How many people have died from terrorist attacks on US soil during his term?

  • republic84

    So… Wasn’t this wacko born in Canada, how’s he planning on running for president? You know they say people who are outlandishly homophobic are usually trying to cover up their very own homosexuality.