Ted Nugent Is Right, He Shouldn’t Own Guns

nugentIsn’t that what he’s advocated?

Let me clarify.  Ted Nugent has stated, more than once, that guns aren’t the problem—mental health is the problem.

And to some extent that’s true.  But I’m not going to break down that argument here, I’ve already done that.  What I do want to do is put on display the ignorance of Mr. Nugent himself.

So he believes guns have nothing to do with gun violence, and that it’s simply all mental health.

Everyone, please raise your hand if you’ve avoided military service, by way of a military deferment, that labeled you mentally incompetent to serve…

Oh, Mr. Nugent, you should be raising your hand.

You see, Ted Nugent (by his own words) decided he didn’t want to fight in Vietnam.  So what did he do?  He refused to bathe for weeks, didn’t shave, shit his pants then did drugs just before his military interview to avoid being eligible for military service.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, the man who seems to never shut up about his love of our country (and especially our Second Amendment)—was too chicken shit to go fight in Vietnam.

So, should an individual that was too mentally unstable to serve in our military be allowed to own dangerous weapons?  Wouldn’t that define him as someone who suffers from mental illness?

But if that doesn’t convince you, let’s take a look at some of the more outrageous comments from Ted Nugent:

  • “You mean to say that when an imbecile walks into a church, office, day care center, or school, stumbling about, almost zombie-like, with gun-filled hands at his side, blabbering incoherently to his next victim, the reaction of grown men and women is to run, cry, whimper, and hide under a desk or pew?  The sheeping of America is nearly complete.”
  • “The war is coming to the streets of America and if you are not keeping and bearing and practicing with your arms then you will be helpless and you will be the victim of evil.”
  • “I’m not in the leftist controlled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of my political views, primarily my lifelong militant support of the NRA, the Second Amendment, and my belief that the only good bad guy is a dead bad guy.”
  • “I have busted more hippies’ noses than all the narcs in the free world.”
  • “I am the Great White Buffalo and I play an American-made Gibson guitar that can blow your head clean off at 100 paces.”
  • “War is good when good survives and evil is crushed. If you don’t crush evil then evil will get you.”
  • “To my mind it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incapable of preventing violence, injury, crime, and death. How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessness. How unnatural. How cheap. How cowardly. How pathetic.”
  • “I think that Barack Hussein Obama should be put in jail. It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama is a communistMao Tse Tung lives and his name is Barack Hussein Obama. This country should be ashamed. I wanna throw up.”
  • “Obama, he’s a piece of shit.  I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary (while holding two assault rifles), you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.”
  • “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters have a president to destroy America.  What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birthcontrol abortions & lives.”
  • “My name is Ted Nugent and because of Pam Anderson and because of Bill Maher and because of Paul McCartney, whenever I hear the word animal or rights in the same paragraph, I’m killing an extra hundred of something this year.  I’m stymied to come up with anything funnier than people who think animals have rights. Just stick an arrow through their lungs.”

I’m going to stop there, though there are more.

Can any sane person read these quotes and feel the person who said them is mentally stable?  Especially when you pair that with the deferment during Vietnam that deemed him too mentally unstable for military service.

Now, I already know what’s coming, “But Nugent isn’t a criminal!”  Well, neither were the shooters in Colorado or Connecticut (I refuse to mention their names) before they decided to commit these mass murders.

Besides, how would it make any sense to only restrict the rights of the mentally unstable after they commit a crime?  That isn’t Ted Nugent’s argument anyway.

In fact, his argument–from his own words to Piers Morgan:

“Go after the nut jobs, go after the murderers, because I don’t know any.  We need to lock up the bad guys and when people show dangerous, murderous intent, which everyone one of these mass murderers showed — all their neighbors, their family, their teachers, their fellow students, they all knew they were crazy but, Piers, we didn’t stop them because we’re worried about hurting their feelings. We have a mad man problem in America.”

Basically if you just show dangerous intent, Mr. Nugent feels you should be locked up.  Talk about a giant violation of our Bill of Rights.  “Yes judge, though I have no evidence of a crime, I would like to lock up Mr. Smith—he seems  like someone who might kill one day.”  What is this, the movie Minority Report?  Where judgements are based on crimes we think  someone might commit.

Well Teddy, I think you  are a mad man.  Hell, millions of people agree with me.  You’re insane.  You’re radical.  You’re unstable.  That’s what I think, and that’s what millions of others think as well.

So, if millions of Americans think you’re crazy, shouldn’t that preclude you from owning guns?  Shouldn’t we lock you up?  Because while these other mass murderers might have seemed strange to many who knew them, they never publicly told the President of the United States to suck on their machine guns.

In fact, numerous studies have linked animal cruelty to psychopaths.  So, when you laugh at those who fight for animal rights, wouldn’t you fall into a category many psychologists might find—dangerous?  It’s one thing to hunt, it’s quite another to almost enjoy the death of another living thing.

But there you sit, owner of over 200 guns.  Someone who’s seen as dangerous, radical and insane by millions.  Someone who shows no respect for life, and a complete hypocrisy for patriotism by your actions to literally defecate on yourself to avoid fighting for your own country.

But you’re right Teddy, the mentally ill shouldn’t own guns….

So please, hand yours over.


Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Ted Nugent achieved success and fame as a singer but he certainly should not be considered a paradigm or role model for proponents of American gun safety.
    Ban ALL military type assault weapons AND oversized magazines for civilian use, other than legitimate government law enforcement, and save the lives of innocent Americans and American children. THERE ARE NO OTHER LEGITIMATE CIVILIAN USES FOR MILITARY TYPE ASSAULT WEAPONS AND oversized magazines !
    Ed Rudy

  • adam

    Hav you ever been in the armed forces if not pleas kindly shut your mouth no one knows what they will do in face of danger untell put there as far as i can see you are a chicken shit and dont have a gun or know how to use one much less a degree that makes you a dr to sit here and aske questions about sum ones mentel helth so untell you do please feal free to kiss my ass

    • Travis

      Did you type this with your eyes closed, or with your gun in your hand?

      Education. Get one.

      • Derelict of Doodie

        Haha! Now that is funny. Pencils don’t misspell words but that fool with the gun does.

    • Melania Gulley

      Adam until you learn how to spell and put an actual sentence together and prove you are sane.. shut the hell up

    • Darin

      “Hav you ever been in the armed forces if not pleas kindly shut your mouth”

      That illiterately-structured sentence would be a great one to deliver to the Nuge, himself.
      If only he would “pleas kindly shut [his] mouth.”
      Instead he kindly shit his pants. Such a patriot. Such a soldier.

    • Lee

      Adam, first let me state that when you are unable to spell, your argument loses its veracity.

      Now, to the more important response…it is pretty clear that you are a fan of Mr. Nugent (your inability to speak in complete sentences or to construct any coherence whatsoever were my clues), which makes me ask…were you ever in the military? If so, I thank you for your service but gladly tell you that a person’s ability to respond to danger has nothing to do with prior military experience (ask Mr. Nugent…his response to danger was to turn tail and run the other way). You won’t be surprised to know that I don’t own any guns…it isn’t a liberal choice (I am one) but a safety choice. I have a curious child in the house and don’t even want the temptation of a firearm near any of us. However, I am fully trained and have carried the earned title of “marksman, first class” from the NRA for several years now.

      The author’s point is, and it’s a fair one, that if Mr. Nugent is going to speak on behalf of gun ownership, then he shouldn’t sound like the very psychos he believes should be denied gun ownership. Threats to the President? Threats to the (at the time) former Senator and Presidential Candidate and future Secretary of State? The man is unstable and he should contain his comments to something that isn’t so, well, psycho sounding.

    • Gerrit

      adam, wut are yew, liik five yeers old? if you are not you are literally to stupid to even fill out the forms to own a gun, shown by your illiteracy. also it seems you are implying that you’ve been in the armed forces, now THAT’S a scary thought and it seems your mental state should be in question.

    • Sherry

      Adam, I only want to tell you that your post on this article is so bad that I can’t even tell which side you were taking…

  • Karen Brown

    Thank you, Adam, for your well considered and thought out rebuttal. BTW, by that standard, Ted Nugent shouldn’t open his yap either, because he was never in the armed forces either. The only ‘danger’ he ever faced was that he might be drafted. In fact, he dodged the draft by deliberately urinating and defecating on himself and not bathing in order to be declared unfit for service. His mental unfitness was an official designation by the US Military.

    So, either he admits he defrauded the US Government in the effort to avoid patriotic military service, or he hands over his gun, as he is psychologically unfit for gun ownership.

    Oh, and btw, Adam, I DID serve in the military.

  • Nemesis

    Excellent article. Makes sense.
    Adam needs to shut the hell up and go back to grade school to learn how to spell simple words and work on his grammar. 😛

  • You’re an idiot.

  • Monkeybone

    Amen! He is a crackpot! Possible one of the most psychotic, unstable, dangerously well armed humans in the history of ANYTHING! This country has become sadly pathetic and cowardly to allow people like this and Wayne LaPiere make the rules.

    • What’s hard to fathom is that he and Chuck Norris can sit at a board meeting with Wayne, and not pull their guns out and shoot him. He blamed them, as part of the entertainment industry, for things like Sandy Hook and Aurora. “There exists in this country a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells, and sows, violence against its own people… and a thousand music videos that portray life as a joke and murder as a way of life. And then they have the nerve to call it “entertainment.”” (Ted: “got you in a stranglehold baby, and then I crushed your face”). I mean, really, wasn’t that just a little bit awkward for them?

      I for one, would be willing (almost) to just go and push Ted’s buttons to see how long it takes for him to pull his guns out and shoot me. Except that I like living. I guess that makes me a purveyor of porn, right Wayne? (Wayne: “Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography?”)

  • Sherry

    From the moment I realized that people were actually listening to what Ted Nugent had to say, I predicted that he would end up in jail, and I still do. He should NOT have guns, and he is a perfect example of why we should have background checks before someone should be allowed to purchase guns. He’s trying to pick a fight with the government and just daring someone to try to take his weapons away. I say we should accomadate him.

  • Mike

    What you are calling military type guns are really just semi automatic rifles that just look different than a hunting rifle. Do you know how long it takes to drop a magazine and pop another one in? Banning high capacity mags just means someone with bad intent will just carry more mags, no big deal. Bad people will always be able to get guns and do bad things no matter how many laws they pass, look at Chicago. They already do background checks before you buy a gun from a licensed gun dealer. What they are trying to pass is background checks on private sales.

  • Steve

    Lets stir this up a bit. Without poking fun at how certain people misuse “to” while laughing at other people’s spelling, lets see who whines first. The sheep comment that Ted was making fits here. Most people I have seen posting here have no concept of what the NRA (of which I am NOT a member) is fighting for. Why are they putting up a fight over something as simple as back ground checks? It is this simple: When you give in on the smallest of freedoms, you will continue to lose more freedoms. Everyone feeds into the psycho babble this current collection of elected officials doles out. Just like sheep, people follow and do as they are told. Quick history lesson here for the flock (and if anyone cares enough to check my facts, FBI website, Uniform Crime Report)( lest anyone think I am just another gun nut regurgitating something I heard) The state of Florida passed concealed carry in 1987, at the time the population was about 12 million. They had 123,000 violent crimes that year. Within 3 years the violent crime rate had dropped below the national average, and has not gone above it since. The last available numbers for Florida: Population 19 million with 99,000 violent crimes. The population increased by 7 million, and violent crimes dropped 24,000. The only thing that changed: more people with guns. As far as all the sheep thinking more laws will decrease crime, there are over 10,000 federal gun laws on the books. The nutjob in Newtown, Conn. violated over 40 laws when he shot up the school. A couple things to wrap the sheep minds around: Ever hear of a mass shooting at a gun show? Ever wonder why Obama was never brought up on charges for allowing a sting operation to continue (gun smuggling into Mexico “Fast and Furious”) that led to the murder of over 100 people, of which 3 were American citizens (and that includes a border agent)?

    • Dar Norris

      It cracks me up Stevie that right wingers like yourself have glommed on to using the word sheep or sheeple. You think that you’re not?!! Give me a break. You’re just as much a sheep as anyone you call a sheep just by the fact that you think you’re being clever by using a word the rest of your flock has decided was clever.

      • Steve

        Not quite sure I am what you call a right winger, unless it fits into this description: I am tired of people being rewarded with taxes, I have paid, for sitting on their collective butts, while seniors who worked their entire lives are stripped of their social security. I am tired of polititians, on both sides, trampling all over the Constitution, and people just sit back and watch. I think Uncle Ted is one twisted individual, but do I think he would ever harm an innocent person, not in this lifetime. I am tired of the “lets not hurt anyones feelings” jibberish, if you are a confirmed whack-job with violent actions, you should be locked away for the better protection of society. Look at all these scumbags pulling these mass killings, poster children for why there were once asylums, and why there should be today. People thinking that more gun laws will make a difference, thats just funny. By the way, I do not own one high capacity magazine or what all the gun grabbers love to call assault weapons. My referrence to “sheep”, is all these people who think that more gun laws will make a difference. Not too long ago it was illegal to own a gun in Chicago, and they had one of the highest murder rates in the world. The Supreme Court explained that Chicago was violating rights and the ban was illegal, when they scrapped it, the murder rates fell. Same thing happened in Washington D.C. The statistics are there, but do people take the time to look at them? No. They just buy into the B.S. So, if this makes me a right winger, then I guess I am one.

    • Lee

      Seriously, Steve? You think that the benevolent NRA is really out to protect your rights? They are really working hard to make sure that the good ol’ boys of the YOUnited States of Murrica don’t lose any more rights? Really? If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale and it’s all yours!

      Steve, the NRA is a business advocacy group…they exist to make sure that the sellers of guns – purveyors of an $11 Billion annual industry – can continue to sell guns and make money on the blood of innocent victims. They annually spend nearly $20 million on elections (with a 0% effective rate in the most recent cycle…none of the candidates they backed won and none of the candidates they opposed lost). And the government is complicit because they stand to earn $700 million is taxes on gun/ammo sales and license costs.

      So don’t tell me this is about rights. It is as much about rights as the Civil War (or as you people like to say, “The War Between the States”) was about slavery.

    • Generally, when someone spews psychobabble about sheep, I stop reading because I know they have nothing of value to say – especially when the word sheep appears multiple times.

  • Hilmaar N.

    As a progressive (former) American born and raised in Texas, I’ve got some advice for those of you hoping that
    something good in the way of serious restrictions on firearms will come of this ridiculous circular reference of a debate between your politicians and the NRA: don’t be afraid to walk out on your country if you have the means to do so. I did it about 20 years ago, and recently became a citizen of a very safe, prosperous, and beautiful country in the heart of Europe. America will never solve this problem due in large part to the vast inequalities that run rampant through its society, but also because of the hate and mistrust among its citizens of various races and ethnicities. It’s not a melting pot problem, but, instead, a colossal ignorant asshole problem that persists among a good deal of the population. So if you’re a progressive and you’re fed up with all the nonsense there (in the U.S.), I would encourage you to find another home- take advantage of the greatest freedom America offers you and leave it for a better place, for it will never change. These problems are imbedded deep in the DNA, and you’ll never be able to change them.

  • Jay

    If what you wrote is true then Mr. Nugent should be considered a poster boy and hero for NOT going to Nam. As you Liberal, Socialist, military hating, Commie loving scum bags, dope smoking, crack smoking, coke snorting, heroin shooting Progressive idiots love to associate, mingle and party with these types of individuals.

    • Jack

      Huh? Maybe you should be the poster boy of a grade school drop out. Srsly.

    • Cthulhu0818

      Nugent didn’t avoid the draft because he opposed the war. He did it because he was a fucking coward, who, in his own words, “Didn’t want to get his Michigan ass blown off in VietNam.”
      After he was safe from any risk of military service, of course, he expounds loudly on what a badass he WOULD have been, had he gone.
      Classic Chickenhawk,.