Ted Nugent: Native American Tribe That Canceled Concert is ‘Weak and Stupid’

Image via Ted Nugent's Facebook page

Image via Ted Nugent’s Facebook page

Perhaps many of you were duped this week by the fake story pushed by some liberal blogs about Ted Nugent calling Native Americans “unclean vermin.”

And if you didn’t happen to catch the original story, maybe you ran across the second story written by Addicting Info’s Stephen D. Foster Jr. claiming that Nugent “doubled down” on their original fabricated story.

To summarize it all, these stories were outright lies.  What these sites did was take comments Nugent made about a completely separate incident (he was just going off on one of his usual anti-liberal rants) and falsely claimed that he was talking specifically about the Native American tribe that had canceled his concert.  Why would they do this?  It’s simple – because calling Native Americans “unclean vermin” or “un-American” brings in a ton more hits to a for-profit blog than simply calling liberals or detractors in general those terms.  The truth be damned when it comes to easy money, apparently. 

Well it just so happens Nugent finally did deliver some choice words about the Native American tribe that canceled his concert.

The exchange happened last night when one of his fans left a comment on his Facebook page, saying, “Guess you pissed off the tribe in cda Idaho ….. too bad,,,, would love to see Ted in the panhandle. ….”

And wouldn’t you know it, Ted Nugent was kind enough to reply to this fan, saying, “they were weak & stupid to fall for the lies. they will learn sooner or later. I forgive them.”

I guess in Nugent’s mind it’s okay to call a Native American tribe “weak & stupid” as long as you end that statement with “I forgive them.”

Don’t you just love it?  He insults people, calling them “weak & stupid” – then says that he forgives them.  

That’s just pure delusional arrogance.

And to prove that I’m not fabricating the story, here’s the actual exchange:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 3.16.22 AM

I’m curious though, to what lies is Nugent referring?

Among the reasons this tribe cited for canceling Nugent’s concert was his history of making derogatory racial remarks, including when he referred to President Obama as a “subhuman mongrel” and wrote an op-ed defending the Washington Redskins name.

Though to be fair in that op-ed he masked his defense of the slur “Redskins” with a list of troubles plaguing Native Americans like poverty and dropout rates.  I guess that’s how he tried to “justify” his defense of a racial slur.  By saying Native Americans, and those offended by the racist name, should get over it because Native Americans have bigger problems to deal with.

So, according to Nugent, a tribe using his own words to come to the conclusion that he’s racist, makes them “weak & stupid to fall for the lies.”

What lies?  They’re using his own words.  

I love Nugent’s logic when it comes to racism.  He says something about a particular minority group, or individual, that people of that minority group consider offensive and racist – but he’s not a racist because he doesn’t think that he is.

That’s the interesting thing about racism though.  There are millions of racists, yet very few who’ll admit to being one publicly.

I’ve reached a point with Ted Nugent where he no longer offends me.  He’s a joke.  When I say he seems to be suffering from severe mental issues, I’m not saying that because I disagree with him politically.  The way in which he seems completely impervious to any kind of reality outside of whatever delusions of grandeur that float around in his twisted mind, in my opinion, aren’t the actions of someone who’s in control of all of their mental faculties.

But these real comments made by Nugent show why the other two fabricated stories were so believable.  His behavior has become so repulsive that it wasn’t inconceivable for many people to believe that Nugent would directly insult Native Americans for canceling his concert.

Which he ended up actually doing by calling the tribe who canceled his Idaho concert “weak & stupid.”

Though I’m sure if Nugent reads this, he’ll just accuse me of “spreading lies” because I dared to use his own words.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • buricco

    Sometimes you gotta call out your own… Just because they’re on the same side doesn’t mean they’ll always do the right thing, unfortunately.

  • wheldon rumproast

    “Weak and stupid”??? I do believe ol’ Ted just described himself…

    • Francesca Krieger Stangl

      Lazy Indians are weak stupid alcoholics. No wonder they lost their lands to the Americans.

  • Pipercat

    My, how magnanimous of him…

  • Sunny Ray

    Again, I like your articles when it’s about something constructive and informative, but I’m really thinking about quitting following you because that, that is not even interesting. Fighting hate with more hate? you are playing his game, and giving him more exposure which is his most powerful tool. No need to remind us, we won’t forget how brainless this guy is, just be smarter the him and stop that, there are lots more interesting stuff to talk about. Cheers.

    • Robert Scalzi

      You sir are a fucking moron, what part of vilifying a racist shitbag offends you ?? That is my question to you , why is intolerance of intolerance is so offensive to you ?? I can only think of one reason – you too could be a closeted racist shitbag

      • Sunny Ray

        You sir are the very example of what I’m trying to condemn. You are calling me names and judging me without knowing me, bravo that is what Nugent does, hate. And that is what you find in this kind of articles.
        Never said it offended me, read better before putting words on me that I didn’t use. If you want to waste your time with this kind of people good for you, perhaps you have a boring life.

  • Harry Engle

    He would hunt Injuns if he could!

  • Avatar

    Ted is just fad ignorant piss-pant POS.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Prime example of when you find yourself digging yourself into a hole, stop shoveling (that is, stop talking).

  • Altreg01

    He’s just another skid mark in the panties of America, he and Sarah Palin seem to relish the attention they bring on themselves for their bigotted racist views.

    • Francesca Krieger Stangl

      Bigoted alcoholic Indians like Supercow Daniel Higahog Rocky Yazzie are the problem. Google and facebook search his name to see for yourself.

      • Altreg01

        Racist much? Maybe let Teddy rape your under aged daughter like he’s fond of. Murica!!!!

  • Corey

    White Trash will always be white trash no matter how much money they have, who they marry, who they hang around with, where they reside, what they say, what they wear, how famous they are, what degrees they have, etc. From Sarah Palin to Ted Nuggent, and everyone in between. Always “White Trash”. It’s not a socio-economic thing, it’s just in their blood, it’s who they are and always will be!

  • Francesca Krieger Stangl

    Ted Nugent for President 2016