Ted Nugent Proves His Hypocrisy With Comments on Public Lynching of Boston Bombing Suspect

tednugentIf you follow me at all, be it here at Forward Progressives, my page Right Off A Cliff or both—it’s no secret that I loath Ted Nugent.  To me this man epitomizes what it is to be a scumbag and a coward.

This is a man who champions himself a “patriot,” a “true American,” someone who wants this country to be “more Constitutional.”  But what is he really?

Well, he’s a hypocrite, a coward and draft dodger.  There are a few 4 letter words I could use too, but I’ll refrain.

But like many right-wing radicals, his love for our Constitution only extends to those rights which he chooses to agree with.  He’s mostly known for his adamant support for our Second Amendment.  However, he always seems to leave out the first part of our Second Amendment—you know that whole “well regulated” phrase.

Yet, you just knew good ol’ Teddy would have to chime in on the Boston Marathon bombings.  While I haven’t read any, because I haven’t looked, I’m sure somewhere Nugent has a comment where he spun this tragedy into some kind of support for gun rights.

You know what, let me go find out really quick…

Oh, yup, there it is.  That didn’t take long.  Nugent comparing the response of the first responders just after the bombs went off to the NRA’s stance against gun regulations.  Because that’s exactly the same thing, right?

But anyway…

Ted Nugent commented soon after the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, calling for a public hanging on the Fourth of July in Boston.  He followed that with an attack on our judicial system and a call for justice “like we had 150 years ago.”

You folks know what “justice” was like 150 years ago, right?  Slavery, the public lynchings of those slaves, the genocide of Native Americans, the denial of a woman’s right to vote— you get the idea.

But yes, that’s what Ted Nugent is calling for.  A quick, reckless trial which would see this person hung, in public, by July 4, 2013.

Mr. I Will Fight Till My Death Defending My Second Amendment Rights and for a Constitutional America, wants to basically ignore our: Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments (because apparently he doesn’t feel Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is an American citizen) by calling for a public hanging in Boston within 60 days.

I guess that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing doesn’t matter to Mr. Nugent.  Though I’m not advocating that this guy is innocent–he’s basically admitted he and his brother did it–but as a citizen he’s provided certain rights that we can not ignore simply because of the nature of this attack.

But Ted Nugent is not the only hypocritical Republican on this issue either.  Quite a few conservative politicians, and many more GOP supporters, have called for treating him as an “enemy combatant,” not an American citizen—even though he is an American citizen.

So, once again, those most vocal about protecting our Constitutional rights are often the first to seek their violation whenever a circumstance which they disagree with presents itself.

And once again, Ted Nugent proves that he’s nothing more than a babbling buffoon and a gun nut.  Someone who refused to bathe for a month (while also defecating on himself) to avoid fighting for his country in Vietnam, and someone who will gladly trample on our Constitution any time it protects someone, or something,  he disagrees with.  Such a patriot!

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Galway08

    Ted can keep his guns, but in the interest of public safety and for the good of humanity, we should confiscate all of his guitars. Because not only is he an idiot, his music is, or I should say was, horrible.

    • Heyyyyy. “Stranglehold” is a great song. The thing is–his music is the best thing about him, and he stopped making good music almost 40 years ago.

      • Finnsmom1

        he’s not even the singer of Stranglehold.

      • anarchitek

        Ted Nugent recorded the most UNMUSICAL noise ever transcribed! The only work he was a part of that wasn’t execrable was back when he was part of Amboy Dukes, and there were FOUR others contributing! Once he went out on his own, he just made NOISE, loud, atonal and not worth listen to, at all.

      • DFrye

        Hey man let’s not get crazy here. Ted Nugent is a douche and his music sucks. Let’s just agree there. However, some of my favorite bands make what could be described as “NOISE, loud, atonal” and many would say “not worth listen to”.

        Leave the metal out of this m/.

    • phukk rightwing trash

      he does have TWO good songs in 4 decades of work,,,, “journey to center of mind” and ” stranglehold”—-ONLY

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Eh, I like Cat Scratch Fever, but the Amboy Dukes was probably his best effort.

    • Actually …

      “Ted can keep his guns, but in the interest of public safety and for the
      good of humanity, we should confiscate all of his guitars. Because not
      only is he an idiot, his music is, or I should say was, horrible.”

      … the opposite is true. He should give up his guns – he’s a psychotic sociopath – and stick to doing the only thing he does well, which is play the guitar. If you say that his music is “atonal” and/or that he lacks skills, you are only confirming that you know nothing about music.

    • The worst concert I ever went to. It sounded horrible. I left before the show was half over.

    • JamesKelso

      I can’t agree with what you say about his music but he is an idiot.

  • Hyster


  • Charles

    Good thing they’re fighting Obama’s drone strikes against the potential of killing an American without legal authority… oh wait, apparently that’s not the principle anymore??

  • Geez, Theodore’s not real predictable, is he?

  • Ted Nugent can kiss my ass.

    • LateNightLarry

      Just make sure you take an couple of alcohol baths afterwards… you wouldn’t want him to pass any pathogens to you… one wouldn’t be enough to kill everything he’s carrying.

  • Schmidt Head

    He’s got to be talked about somehow…otherwise, he’d be totally unremembered because he has made no meaningful contributions to the human race. He is unworthy of being listened to at all. His brain is fried and not working properly…if it ever did. Loathsome specimen.

  • I think it really needs to be said that while attending the State University at Plattsburgh, Ted came and gave the absolute worst musical performance anyone has ever witnessed. People Boo’d and most walked out. Basically – He sucked ass. So why would I listen to him now?

  • Finnsmom1

    is this idiot still flappin’ his jaws? Lucky for us, he promised to be dead or in jail 6 months after Obama was reelected. You got one month dufuss.

    • Oh no it was two weeks ago on April 12th. He didn’t keep his promise but what would you expect from a Bigoted Piece of Trash like him. Wish he would accidentally shoot himself, or purposily I really don’t care which.

  • Dan

    I thought Ted was going to be either dead or in jail by now if Obama was reelected. How is he available to make such public comments?

    Oh, he didn’t follow through on that?

  • J.Barger

    Why are we paying attention to this moron? He’s un-newsworthy.

  • Republican will be the first in line to violate americans civil rights

  • man of the woods

    I would like to see someone snip his cowboy hat off when he is on stage some day. I don’t think he would pull out a gun and defend himself. I think he would for the second time in his life crap his pants and run away.

  • Unfortunately, this piece left me wondering, “where’s the beef?” Maybe just not enough of Nugent quoted or is Clifton making a mountain out of a molehill? Did Nugent say there should be no trial, just straight to the hanging? What exactly did he say about the first responders. There’s more, of course, but I’m sure anybody who reads this will get the gist of my comments. Kinda feeling like Clara Peller right now.

  • TheGreatEight

    Lol, probably one the most pointless articles I have ever read. Disparage a whole group of people by twisting one man’s words to reflect your opinion of him. An opinion you only have because he is a Republican. If people weren’t morons you would be out of the political commentary field pretty quickly.

  • Hmm, not sure where The Nuge states that the man shouldn’t be allowed a trial. Right to a speedy trial might be more of what he’s going for. I think the author may be jumping to conclusions and straw-manning this thing.

    However, I should add that its gross to want public hangings. Even if one thinks capital punishment is the way to go, we shouldn’t celebrate it as some sort of event. This makes us, in many ways, no better than the killer.

  • Gotta love how the cons tell any liberal leaning entertainers making political remarks to shut up, but it’s OK for Ted to flap his gums about politics every chance he gets.

  • And yet the man was not read his Miranda Rights. Hmmm. Now that is what I call standing for the Constitution.

    • OoberGoober

      Actually, he was. By the judge at his pretrial hearing yesterday. It will be interesting to see if the FBI questioning which preceded that will be contested in any fashion.

    • LateNightLarry

      There are several court approved exceptions to the Miranda decision… one of them, which the government has invoked, is in the interest of public safety… when there may be guns or explosives left laying around. That is exactly what they found in and around his brother’s apartment and possibly his dorm room.

      • Guy obviously has his FOX talking points so no need reasoning with him.

  • I know a woman married to one of Ted’s cousins. Most of his own family can’t stand him.

  • Sam

    Guess that Cat-Scratch Fever has gone on way too long unchecked. Rockers (old and new) need to stay what they are…spoiled children ranting about life’s craziness. I wish people would just ignore ignorant people. Soon, maybe, they’ll just go away.

  • kleehoff

    “Quite a few conservative politicians, and many more GOP supporters, have called for treating him as an “enemy combatant,” not an American citizen—even though he is an American citizen.” Bet it’s the same ones who pounded their chests over the audacity of using drones against known americans operating against the US in other countries.

  • Just so I understand the author here… Ted said that we ought to hang this guy in Boston on July 4th like they might have done 150 years ago and… wait for it… that is the same as him wanting to bring back slavery, lynchings of blacks, subjugation of women, and genocide of Native Americans? WTF is he talking about? Talk about a hissy fit. Nugent is an idiot, but this author makes him look like a genius with such utterly absurd and false equivalencies.

  • Can we lynch draft dodgers?

  • I believe this psychotic idiot should have been arrested, tried and convicted months ago for threats he made against the president. I don’t understand why he is still at large.

  • marty

    surprised you progressives havent called for an ban on pressure cookers and the republicans in your state that go your ideas are not from the party retread and retarded in their movements with you. You are calling the kettle black in your movement comes into mine and other citizens what to do how to do it and when. Goverment is to big out of control on all levels. with this movement and your president you have driven us right off the cliff for sure. you think only your opinion matters. I think this country was founded on a constiutional goverment regulation is not the intent of the second amendment. You lame asses keep claiming one sentence and try to say this what the amendment is about. is bull shit.. It was added because we have suffered under british rule and civil war not to mention all the people saved yearly by guns from violence calling europe more civilized than us just plan stupid. Everyone has up tick in home invasion knifeing. but not reported by piers morgan and rest of you nut jobs. remeber Dont tread on me or any of my rights as a citizen…

  • John Doe

    I think it’s funny you do the same thing as his Boston Marathon > Gun Rights comparison, in saying that colonial justice was about slavery and denial of rights. Way to be a hypocrite yourself. I may not agree with Ted or Ted’s choices, but holy hell you are some kind of stalker if everything he says you have to jump on the “shit on it” bandwagon, while doing the exact same thing you are chastising him for.

  • gmlala

    Actually, they don’t care about our constitutional rights unless someone (NRA) is paying them off.

  • Tina Komers

    Let’s hear it for gay marriage: Ted Nugent and Donald Trump. Except really they’re the same guy in different hats. Well, one s a wig.

  • Kathryn HL

    Ted Nugent is the poster child for strict background checks!!!

  • DC704

    You do not understand the meaning of “well regulated”. Your assertion that regulation refers to the government is not an accurate one and it is not hard to see why. The Bill of Rights was intended to define individual freedoms as well as telling the federal government where they cannot infringe. With that being said, to ascertain that “well regulated” was intended to give the federal government more power in a document that exists to limit the Fed’s power is incorrect.