Tennessee Republican Lawmakers Freak Out Because Adults Want to Talk About Sex With Other Adults

stacey-campfieldEven in 2014, the topic of sex is one that can make otherwise normal people sometimes behave abnormally.  So you can just imagine what it does to right-wing radicals who somehow think not talking about sex will make it go away.

Well, for a great example of how right-wing radicals behave in the face of “dirty sex talk” look no further than Tennessee.  It seems a group of Republican lawmakers is fighting to remove Sex Week from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville campus.

I can almost understand the controversy with middle schools or high schools teaching sex to minors.  If a parent’s personal feelings are against that (even though I think that’s pretty foolish) it’s their children and I can respect that.  Those children are still minors, so hey – I’ll “give” a little bit when it comes to saying that they at least have a basis for argument.

But when you’re talking about adults talking with other adults about sex, on a college campus, that’s a whole different issue.  Why would anyone oppose this?  Are conservatives at such a ridiculous level of anti-sex rhetoric that now we don’t want adults discussing sex with other adults in an adult atmosphere?

What these lawmakers are essentially trying to do is pass legislation which will change how funds are distributed (as Sex Week is funded by student fees) in an attempt to prevent Sex Week from being able to be held on campus.

What is Sex Week, you ask?  Well, it’s a series of lectures discussing sexuality and sexual health, sexual violence, dance classes, a drag show, an art show and a poetry slam.

Oh, it even has an abstinence seminar organized by the largest Christian group on campus.

See, these lawmakers really can’t just come out trying to ban the week-long event.  After all, it’s a college campus filled with adults.

So what they’re trying to do is pass rules on funding so that holding the event wouldn’t be possible.  It’s a tactic you see with abortion rights.  They can’t come out and ban abortions.  So what Republicans do is pass laws which target the process for getting an abortion in an attempt to essentially make abortions all but non-existent, as it would be nearly impossible to meet these new “guidelines.”

It’s ridiculous.  If this were called “Christian values week” with the same amount of funding going toward it, these Republicans wouldn’t have any problem with the event.

But because it deals with sex, they’re doing everything in their power to shut it down.

Again, this is adults talking about sex with other adults.  And let’s not forget that sex on college campuses is a very big deal.  More education about the subject should actually be encouraged.

Susan Lynn, the sponsor of the bill seeking to control how funds are distributed on campus, said:

“Sex Week merely brought to light the inequity with the current system for distributing the wealth of the student activity fees.  Our legislation will ensure a socially just dispersion, as well as educational and political equality for the use of the funds for all of the groups on campus.”

I’m sorry, and please excuse my language, but that’s complete and total bullshit.  That’s what you call good “political speak” by a politician who’s trying to find some kind of loophole in legislation to put an end to something they don’t want going on.

It’s the same nonsense being pushed by State Senator Stacey Campfield who also wants to put an end to Sex Week.  Campfield was the mastermind behind the “Don’t Say Gay” proposal for Tennessee’s public schools.  That alone shows you the kind of mentality these people operate with.

Like I said earlier, the funding for these events comes from student fees.  Which means they’re not using tax dollars.  So there’s absolutely no reason why legislators should have any say about how these funds are dispersed.

Brianna Rader, one of the events organizers said of the attempts to put an end to Sex Week, “[They] don’t care if I went out and privately fundraised $20,000 by myself, they don’t want the event held on campus.”

Which is exactly right.  These proposals having nothing to do with funding and everything to do with right-wing conservatives not wanting Sex Week on campus.

This is a college campus meant to education and inform.  The students vote on fees, the students determine what happens on campus and the students have no problem with the money being spent on this event.

So what the hell is the problem?

That answer is easy: right-wing conservatives are the problem. 

It’s a week-long event discussing sex.  And you damn sure know we can’t have that.  Because if we just don’t talk about sex then people will stop having it.  Especially on college campuses, right?

That’s basically the Republican platform on sex: If we don’t talk about it, or educate people on the topic, then everyone will just wait until marriage!

But this is just another example of the party of “small government” proving itself to be nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites.  A college campus, and its student body, decides to fund and host an event on campus with student funds (not tax dollars) that the students approve – and its now facing backlash by Republican lawmakers who are trying to put an end to that.

Conservative hypocrisy at its finest.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Alan Burnham

    Good science based sex education is a must, starting in elementary school and continuing through high school.

    • Rocky J. Tellier

      Yeah, but they don’t “believe” in science, either. SMH

  • thesquire1

    The real sad fact is that in TN and other like States people have been brainwashed and brought up through decades of Bible indoctrination.

    People like Ken Ham really are destroying the minds of young people.
    I watched his favourite answer to the presence of Fossils – “were you there” and yet nobody responds with the same question regarding the writing of the bible.
    Every time I see news like this it show how much damage the Bible has done to the people of America – no wonder the founders did so much to keep it out !

    • LL11

      Don’t blame the book…. it’s the mentality of the people, I read the Bible and know it’s parables and allegories. You can believe in God and not believe he created the Earth in 6 days just 6000 years ago.

      • thesquire1

        Its not a question of blaming the book or denying the existence of God – the point is that the book was written by MEN – the very same sort that claim to believe everything in it.
        What better situation can there be for some men when they write a book full of their own views and then claim it is the word of God – they have been saying that since the first word was written. “Obey the Laws” – except they wrote the laws – even Jesus turned that upside down on them so they rewrote it !

      • Bert Sierra

        I must agree with LL11 on this. I’m an atheist who has studied The Bible extensively and I don’t consider it a dangerous book or something to be dismissed as ‘false’. There’s a lot that is true and beautiful in it.

        What is dangerous is religious dogma: when you take a simple point (such as sex must be ONLY for procreation) to an illogical extreme. Every step of your apparent ‘logic’ will make sense to you and you won’t be able to understand how anyone would challenge it. You can become so entrenched in your viewpoint that you’ll fail to see a flaw in your core assumptions, and that ultimately your standpoint is a precarious house of cards.

      • SluttyMary

        If the bible were a movie, it’d be rated X.

      • Mike Minyen

        Actually if it’s about the Old Testament it would be an X rated horror story.

      • imalwaysright

        What part of a story book makes you believe in something that has all power over you… Be scientific and ask why or how god has control and your will not need a silly old re written to please a king book ever…their is a probability of a “god” influence on the universe but some book a bunch of drugged up desert dwellers came up ain’t gonna be the answer you are looking for

    • TaxPaying American Voter

      Keep religion OUT of public education.If you want to teach your child that it is ok to rape children (like priests), steal, lie and spew non-scientific remarks. PAY FOR that education with YOUR money in little buildings called “churches”. That way the rest of the children can learn that this behavior is NOT acceptabl, praying for forgiveness does not make it right. This kind of thinking is POISON for young minds.

  • roooth

    They don’t know how to govern. they haven’t a clue. So, they think bullying and telling people what to do – micromanaging our privacy, is governing. It is not.

    • Pipercat

      A feeble attempt at mind control. This subterfuge is an attempt to deny even the notion of a pertinent discussion. Despicable is the word that comes to my mind.

    • Sandy Greer

      Government just small enough to fit into my panties.

      And invasive enough to control my every thought.

  • Oak Cliff Townie

    Like they aren’t as Sexually adventurous as the rest of US …

  • BenTheGuy

    Seems like not paying for this non-academic event is more in line with small government conservatism than otherwise.

    • Rocky J. Tellier

      The government is not paying for it.

  • republic84

    Remember these are Republicans were talking about. All you need to know about sex is God told them that cooking and babies is all women are good for.

    Since teenage pregnancy, STDs, and the like are unheard of in this country, I don’t see why anyone bothers talking about sex educationally. Just tell them babies come from storks and move on to something with a more firm factual basis…like bible studies.

  • Jack Hoft

    the question of why is easy. conservatives believe that everything one needs to know about sex is in the bible…
    they are of course, lunatics.

    • Rocky J. Tellier

      And conveniently forget the part where Abraham has a child with Hagar who is not his wife. Or the part where Lot’s two daughters get him drunk so they can get pregnant by him.
      I don’t think they really want to delve too deep into sex in the Bible, either.

  • rossbro

    Hey ! Ohio !!!! Elect people with brains.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    2 SIDES to this argument ! 1. Kids do need to know how to protect themselves and learn how the human body works. 2. Kids have become prey for Adults so they can not be allowed to remain innocents for long !!!

    • AuroraMoon

      Agreed… do it slowly, teach it little by little in ways that are suitable to their age without scarring them. for instance in first grade you tell them that adults make babies by “embracing and kissing at once”. Gloss over sex, but also teach them about inappropriate touching. That nobody, not even an adult, has the right to touch them in places that their bathing suits covers without their permission

      … and that if anybody did that then you should tell many adults as you can so that whoever did it will stop it. Talk about how some people might try to prevent that by bluffing about how they’ll harm their family or something… but that most likely they will never go though with hurting loved ones. So therefore they have nothing to worry about if they tell on those who touched them inappropriately.

  • deedee2die4

    I don’t talk about it, I don’t even touch it. I never take showers, only baths. Water being sprayed on my naked body is like having anonymous glory stall, bukkake action, and I want no part in that!

  • Groucho Marxx

    Its the bible belt, what else can you expect from them.

  • langranny

    Boy the RWNJ’s sure have a fixation on sex. Probably because they don’t get very much…