Texas, 5 Other States Attempting to Prevent Members of Our Military from Receiving Benefits

national-guardIt’s not all the time I run across a story related to politics that truly enrages me.  Sure, I’ll read plenty that frustrate me or even make me angry, but it’s rare that I get a feeling of such total disgust it lingers with me for quite a while afterward.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when I read an article from the New York Times detailing the effort by Texas and 5 other states to prevent members of the National Guard who are in same-sex relationships from registering for benefits the Pentagon said they are now legally allowed to receive.

What these states are doing is forcing members National Guard to go to federal bases to register for benefits.  The particular case in this article came from Texas where Alicia Butler and her wife, Judith Chedville would be forced to drive over 70 miles to Fort Hood to do something they easily could have done at their local base, but weren’t being allowed to by the State of Texas.

The states claim that they’re not required to comply with the federal law requiring benefits be given to same-sex couples because the National Guard falls under the jurisdiction of the state.  In a pathetic attempt to act as if they’re not really trying to make it harder for members of our military to get benefits, these states claim they’re not preventing same-sex couples from getting benefits — they’re simply telling them to register on federal bases.  Something officials for these states admit might require some members of the National Guard to travel hours to do.

Which states are these, you might we wondering?  Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, West Virginia and Oklahoma — “shocking,” I know.

These states are claiming that the National Guard is a state agency and must abide by state law.  Of course, in these six states, same-sex marriage isn’t legal.

Do you see now why we need federal laws to mandate issues such as marriage equality all across the country?

The Governor of Oklahoma gave quite the pathetic response to this issue by saying their efforts to prevent same-sex couples from receiving military benefits, “protects the integrity of our state Constitution and sends a message to the federal government that they cannot simply ignore our laws or the will of the people.”

This is the same kind of bigoted reasoning used in the past by states that wished to continue slavery and segregation.  Hell, “states rights” is the argument used by nearly every idiot in our history.  And here it is, 2013, and these knuckle-dragging neanderthals are still using the same damn excuses for their ignorance that they did decades ago.

This is why when I see conservatives talk on and on about “supporting our troops” I just scoff at their bullshit.  Excuse my language, but that’s what this is — bullshit.  It reminds me during the 2012 GOP primaries when a member of our United States Army was allowed to ask a question to the Republican candidates about gays in the military, while currently serving in Iraq, and he was booed by the people in the audience because he was gay.

It’s absolutely reprehensible and disgusting.

You might oppose same-sex marriage.  You might think homosexuality is a sin.  You might even believe homosexuality is a disease.  Those are all just personal beliefs we’re allowed to have in a free country, no matter how foolish or ignorant they are.

But here’s the thing about freedom — having freedom does not give someone the right to discriminate.  History shows time and time again, every single time some group of jackasses tries to discriminate against a group of people, they always eventually lose.  Not only do they lose, but history reflects back on them as ignorant bigots that Americans should be ashamed once perpetuated such idiotic beliefs.

So when I read about these pathetic conservative parasites going out of their way to make it harder for many of our brave men and women serving in our military to register for benefits simply because they’re in a same-sex marriage, it’s inexcusable and pathetic.

When you’re deliberately making it harder on the people who volunteer to protect this country, based on such ignorance as an opposition to who they married, you should be completely ashamed of yourself.

These states are pathetic.  How dare they sit there and force brave individuals who’ve chosen to join our military to jump through hoops to get benefits just because they cling to an outdated and moronic set of beliefs about what is or isn’t “marriage.”

For these states to put conditions on the respect they show towards those who volunteer to defend this country is simply revolting.

I want to apologize again for my language.  This story just set me off and I felt the need to use vulgar words to adequately describe the vulgar behavior by the disgusting individuals controlling these states.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Guest

    Well said

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    I agree. Do they not see their own hypocrisy? Truly disgusting.

  • Pat

    We have to keep moving forward in trying to end the hatred and bigotry that many feel towards people in same-sex relationships. We have come a long way in recent years but we still have a long way to go. I hope to live to see the day when ALL 50 States legalize same-sex marriage, and these individuals have ALL the same rights everyone else has.

  • oneloneokie

    In the case of Oklahoma the hypocrisy is “off the charts” given that our governor is a known adulteress. According to my interpretation of the Law of Moses “Ho’s” don’t make into Heaven either. Just saying…

  • Ram Garcia

    These are the same idiots who will be praising our veterans on this day…But only on this day….They forget about them unless there’s a photo op that can help their moronic cause….

  • robinhunter

    Perhaps it is time to close all the armed service bases in these states, since protecting the country conflicts with those states’ decision to make one form of religion a part of their governance.

    • Collean

      Yes. Close all military bases in those states. That will make their lumpy beds a bit harder to deal with.

    • Aubra Adam Cole

      So what you’re saying is, even though there are a lot of people who are pro gay marriage in these states, that we should close all the bases so that when a natural disaster strikes there isn’t even a National Guard to help the citizens who need help regardless of political beliefs… “This state’s representative is anti-gay so fuck everyone from that state…” Honestly I don’t what’s worse, those trying to cut the benefits of gay/lesbian soldiers, or you and the people who like your comment that are just as hypocritical…

  • Darkthunder

    These same assholes who wish to prevent gays from serving in the military, or receiving the same benefits that straight people get, are the same people who will never EVER put on a uniform and serve in the military themselves. They will never willingly put themselves in the line of fire, to protect others. Fucking hypocrites, I tell ya.

    • Leslie Todd

      They are trying to undermine America in any way they can and they don’t care who they hurt .
      Do we want these people in the White House …EVER ? …

  • Frank Elliott

    the United States of Redneck America…..

    • CherMoe

      Twist that around just a bit, and it makes total sense …. how about “The United Redneck States of America?” Throw that in with the United Corporate States of America, and we’ve got quite a problem.

  • Marty Cox

    Unfeeling hypocrites!

  • Michael Brown

    “You might oppose same-sex marriage. You might think homosexuality is
    a sin. You might even believe homosexuality is a disease. Those are
    all just personal beliefs we’re allowed to have in a free country, no
    matter how foolish or ignorant they are…But here’s the thing about freedom — having freedom does not give someone the right to discriminate.” That’s the takeaway right there. Regardless of what you personally believe, to restrict someone else’s freedoms based on a personal belief — usually one that’s been PROVEN morally wrong — is just evil and contrary to the Golden Rule.

    • Kenneth C. Fingeret

      Hello Michael Brown, The one that these “things” worship. “He who has the GOLD makes the Rules”.

      • Collean

        Yeah, but how much gold will they have if the military bases are shut down/moved.

  • Echo Moon

    if these states find it so disgusting to follow federal law?? maybe these states should lose ALL federal funding and lose ALL say and voting rights in the federal halls of washington????

  • regressive rightwing trash

    im sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but where O where are all the regressive white trash rightwing Christians who pollute these pages with FOX “news”-esque comments???? where are all of U shitbag small dicked scum????

    • Christopher Marx

      They’re out “honoring” the Veterans today. They’ll be back tomorrow, I’m sure. After they plunder more out of the VA and cut more SNAP benefits to veterans and military families

      • G. W. Markle

        Regrettably, Remembrance Day has degraded to the point where our veterans are merely props in a propaganda campaign, paraded about to promote and sell the ideologue of the glory of war and sacrifice. They’ve become nothing more than puppets for the Military Industrial Complex and the
        Shareholders Of War. Heroes and martyrs make the best salesmen.

      • Michael Case

        As a retired, disabled Air Force NCO, I wish I could disagree with this. But I can’t. This is what being in the military is. Being button men for the state.

  • brad

    this makes me think of an approach I’ve used with homophobic people that go on and on and on about how horrible homosexuality is. I simply ask them, would they allow a homosexual to save their life.

  • Ed

    Cut any federal aid these states get to support of the national guard in those states. PERIOD!!

  • reallyred

    I’m fairly certain that “national” pertains to nation. If National Guard is a state agency, shouldn’t they be “State Guard”?

  • Leslie Todd

    This is what you call living with a ” Failed Ideology ” nothing but Jealousy , Hatred , and Revenge ………….purely evil ..

  • Collean

    Why can’t they apply for these benefits online? Or call a 1800 number?

  • Marty Cox

    This is just appalling…emptiness in the bottom of my stomach, frozen in amazement….how can they do this??? How can they be hit back hard!?!

  • Marty Cox

    Somebody suggest what can be done about this travesty!!!

  • Marty Cox

    REading others suggestions..why couldn’t there be threats to close the bases down? That would cause enough economic hardships to put pressure on the local powers right on up the line!?

  • idontgiveaflyingfuq

    Let’s all be online politicians, advocates and demonstrators, make a comment by sitting on our fat asses and basically do nothing but whine and force our invalid opinion on others. Good stuff people, that’s really making a change in this nation that is no longer a great nation.

  • Robyn Ryan

    Outrage is the only thing that will save us. Rage on.