Texas Congressman on Shutdown: Veterans Could Have Afforded to “Make a Small Sacrifice”

farenthold2While Congress is filled with worthless politicians, few are as worthless as Texas Representative Blake Farenthold from Corpus Christi.  How this man was ever elected to office is baffling.  I’m not saying a Republican defeating a Democrat in Texas is shocking, but are you telling me there were no more qualified or slightly less disgusting Republicans in the entire district?

A great example of what I mean came in a recent interview he did where he not only proved his stupidity, but he put on full display his inability to grasp reality.

Farenthold was asked about the shutdown and how he seems to have lost the votes of some of his constituents, like the veterans who faced the possibility of not receiving their disability checks next month due to the government shutdown.

And his answer was nothing short of pathetic:

“I feel like my mandate when I was elected was to go reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and increase freedom, and freedom isn’t free, and sometimes you have to make a small sacrifice to move forward with what you’re after.”

Basically to those veterans who feared not getting their checks next month had the government shutdown continued—too bad.  They should have been prepared to make sacrifices so that the tea party could continue to push for an unobtainable goal.

Our veterans have made enough sacrifices and it’s disgusting for someone like this buffoon to insinuate that those who feared not getting their disability checks in November didn’t have a right to be upset.  That they should have been prepared to make “sacrifices” so Ted Cruz could set up his 2016 presidential campaign “defund Obamacare.”

Oh, but it gets better.  When he was asked about polls that showed Americans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with government, he went on to blame…

Wait for it…

Benghazi and the NSA “scandals.”

He claimed that he hadn’t heard many Americans tell him they opposed the shutdown, and that it was clear to him the dissatisfaction comes from other issues in Washington besides the shutdown.

Even though most polls showed a spike in dissatisfaction in government following the government shutdown—it has no impact on numbers.

And of course he used the right-wing talking point that Democrats and President Obama wouldn’t budge on negotiations.  Again, why would they?  There was a deal in the House to keep the government open, but it was his party that refused to let that bill come up for a vote — even though it clearly would have passed.

Had John Boehner allowed that bill to be voted on, our government would have never been shut down.

So claiming that President Obama and Democrats should have negotiated with the Republicans that were taking our government hostage is completely asinine.

Rep. Farenthold should be ashamed of himself and anyone who voted for him should be embarrassed that they did so.  Luckily, polls are indicating he doesn’t appear to be headed for re-election.  And even with that good news, his last day in office still can’t come soon enough.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • intheknow

    He looks like he could stand a few sacrifices too, on the dinner table.

    • Ram Garcia

      And breakfast and lunch!!!

    • Brett Tulloss

      About a week’s worth of sacrificing all three meals would help him get skinnier and avoid Type 2 diabetes.

      • Nancy

        Diabeetus? 🙂

      • LLCisyouandme

        Down there it’s expressed as “I got the sugar.”

    • Nancy

      Sometimes I just need a visual to understand the true meaning of a word. Now I understand “Derp”

    • Melissa

      I was going to say that but you beat me to it!

  • Ram Garcia

    To run for office as a Tea Turd all you need is to breathe and do what they tell you to do….Obviously this guy is over qualified or possibly being stupid is helpful in filling their needs…….

  • SLC

    I saw the interview with him by Chris Matthews, this guy is such a joke and not a funny kind.

  • Ram Garcia

    Probably was saying “Hell I’m not going to get out done by that Texas Senator, Ted Cruz… I can be just ad ignorant if not more!!”..

  • diana218

    I think our veterans have sacrificed enough for this country. This fat joker, should try sacrificing at least 2 snacks a day, send the money to charity, he’d probably be able to feed a family of four for a week, just by skipping 2 snacks a day. What a moron.

  • ARealHousewifeInOC

    i can’t even stomach reposting this fat f#ck!

  • Raymond Davis

    Last time I saw a face like that it had an apple in it’s mouth

    • ErrolKuhn

      Love it!

    • suomi

      Klasse! I love the remark, too!

  • lisa

    He could have made a few sacrifices and missed a few meals himself…what a dumbass…

  • Shri 108 maharaj

    Pure pork. Even touching this thing is against Jewish and Islamic law. If this thing is married, I pity the spouse. I really feel sorry for the constituents who voted for this. Oink oink.

    • Ram Garcia

      yes, he’s married and has 2 kids…probably real skinny too cause this guy hits the trough ahead of everyone….

    • intheknow

      His wife is probably a trophy wife, the kind that would marry anything for a name and money.

  • James Worcester

    This fat ass moron seems to forget that Veterans VOTE!

  • Wesley Smart

    If I said what I truly feel about this piece of shit, I would probably get a visit from the FBI or the Secret Service.

  • freethefearful

    Hey, Texans, as a fellow Texan, please quit voting for these absurd, dangerous, foolish clowns!

    • Ben

      The problem is your state is filled with jackasses like this guy. Check out Ted Cruz.

      • locotx

        We know we’re trying to fix that right now.

      • Kyle Walker

        It’s all about proportionality. Texas as a bigger state has more room to hold nut jobs as opposed to a smaller state like New Jersey. There are wackos all across the country and world, it’s just since we’re a bigger state, we have a larger proportion.

    • Howard Calderon

      That’s because we are constantly disenfranchised. Lets see how Wendy Davis turns out.

    • sally

      Pols like this make all Texans look like mean-spirited goofballs. That can’t be the reality down there. Aren’t there any nice guys and girls in Texas?

      • Roger Barton

        Yes, there are. There are plenty of otherwise “nice” Texans who nevertheless vote turds like this into office, even though they themselves would give you the shirt off their back. There are also lots of “nice” Texans who vote for the other side, understand science, and are embarrassed as hell to be associated with politicians like Cruz, Perry, Gohmert, and Farenthold, but they’ve been gerrymandered so badly that it’s hard for them to win at the polls.

        We don’t have that excuse up here in Oklahoma, though… we could take our state back from the red wingnuts if we’d just show up and vote!

  • Nicholas A Kocal

    What a fuck wad douche bag loser. Freedom isn’t free, that means PAY YOUR TAXES.

    • Richard Verdejo

      OR….serve your community/country in some fashion.
      Sadly, he may think that what HE is doing as a US Representative is ‘serving the nation’….nothing could be farther from reality.

  • Diana Reichardt

    Another real winner!!! Things just keep getting better.

  • Robbie Yarber

    It’s evident he doesn’t take advantage of those Congressional gyms.

  • Genie Christie Long

    Sadly, many Texans do not like to vote, and they have horribly short memories. I hope the anger and disillusionment with this man continues, but November 2014 is a long long time away from now.

  • Cory

    This guy is an #asstoad.

  • Ram Garcia

    I bet he has no idea where the gym is at but definitely knows where the cafeteria is….

    • Jamma12345


  • xistentialz

    My favorite part of this was when Farenthold, refusing to bargain with Luke Skywalker, tossed Luke into the Rancor pit. Oh wait… that was Jabba the Hut. Well, I’m sure you can understand my confusion, as there are similarities in both appearance and in political bargaining style.

    • YellerKitty

      … or as I call him, “Bubba the Hutt …

  • Secular_Humanist

    What is it with this shrinking government mandate? Who will benefit and what will be cut? Why is freedom not free? Whose freedom is it they are talking about? What about MY freedom?
    Government is a good thing (well, it was until the tea party came along), without it we have anarchy (tea party style). There is more to government than taxes and “hand-outs!”
    When republicans in Washington say the government is broken – they ARE the government and THEY broke it!
    Why was it possible for (strange) tea party candidates to be elected? Why didn’t clear thinking people (Texans) vote in the primaries and therefore let the fringe get the cake???

  • RB

    All I keep hearing is a smaller government and less spending. Most of our taxes go to these stupid idiot politicians that complain and do NOTHING but try to shut down the government because they are self centered spoiled children who have been rich all of their lives and do not know what working people go through to try to make ends meet each month. Let us also remember for those of you who want services from any form of government it costs money to provide the services. You do not get any services that all of us depend on for free. And for any elected official to try to cut ANYTHING at all to our Veterans is despicable! What makes John Boehner and other Republican/Tea Party politicians think that they are God and can just shut down the US Government. They are CRAZY individuals to try to shut down our government that all of us depend on.

  • Dena Trupiano

    Heck with that, this guy needs to sacrifice his job! What in the world is going on with all the stupid TX politicians? Can’t you guys elect even 1 decent person? This guy really knows how to lower the bar.

  • Prytani

    He looks like he should be practicing what he preaches….but non of them do they disgust me…and it really does baffle me…….who votes for these trolls?????

  • boomer49

    what an odious fat fuck he is

  • lobo214

    This ass needs to make some sacrifices; or perhaps be sacrificed.

  • mojones1

    Come on Texas. Really? Guys like this have no business making decisions that affect the rest of us. Do you not have any sane people who are willing to run for office?

  • nominalize

    “He claimed that he hadn’t heard many Americans tell him they opposed the shutdown”

    It’s easy not to hear when you refuse to listen.

    • B A Dragon

      Can’t hear good when you are chewing!

  • thomasbone63

    When the people in Texas go to the polls to elect an individual to represent them in Washington, what the hell are they thinking about when they go in the booth to select someone? Is this the best Texas has to offer? This is a vile, disgusting individual. Men and Women go to foreign lands to risk their lives and that was not enough for this pig? I hope the people of Texas make this term his last. I’m sure there’s someone more qualified and sensitive.

    • Randelamerican

      The problem is straight ticket voters, especially Republicans. It’s not about candidates for most of them, it’s about Red or Blue. The Democrats in Texas have been successfully painted as predominately poor moochers and people of color. As our population turns more brown than white the fear of disenfranchisement among the old white males goes up exponentially and they are usually Republican in Texas. They push this fear as protecting traditional Texas values. It’s appalling really. So the average Republican voter votes straight ticket without even bothering to explore whom they are voting for.

      • thomasbone63

        Do you think its changing a little? The representatives that Texas sent to Washington is really the bottom of the barrel. That one who looks like a fat frog is embarrassment. I hope the lady that’s running for Governor wins the election. I’ve contributed to her campaign.

      • Randelamerican

        I think it is changing. The Republicans have pissed off a bunch of people here. Our problem remains to get out the vote. Wendy Davis is a sign of positive change in Texas politics. Additionally, more Democrats are stepping up to challenge the Red establishment in counties across the state.

      • Recoloniser

        I think you’re right, actually more than you think. It’s not just Texas or even the US. It’s the whole of the Western world.

        I was around when the pendulum of political sentiment reached its extreme left-hand side position in the 1970s and started to swing back to the right in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Now, I have this uncanny feeling that we’re seeing the pendulum hovering in its most right-hand side position. Maybe it has already started its swing-back. Such things can only be determined with hindsight.

        In any case I get the idea that the tenor of the political debate in the West is changing. Ideas that were anathema 15 years ago, such as ethics in public life and social justice are being voiced openly and defended vigorously. The untrammelled reign of free markets is being pulled into doubt by Nobel-prize winning economists.

        Perhaps we will be able to say with Goethe: “From here and from today a new era of world history begins and you, gentlemen, can say that you were there at its birth.”

    • Melissa

      The problem is they aren’t thinking. I live in Texas but I didn’t vote in Texas. I moved here after elections. It scares me that some of these people even breathe but god they have a position that makes decisions for others! Where is gods green earth did they come from. I think you have to take a proficiency test and score 90% before you can hold a position in office. If you can’t pass you can’t run!

      • thomasbone63

        That’s just voter suppression. Another republican tactic to throw the election.

  • cravin moorehead

    Farenthold is the illegitimate son of Louie Ghomert and Virginia Foxx.

    Just look at the intelligence in his face. It just oozes out, doesn’t it?

  • Ellen H.

    He reminds me of Napoleon from Animal Farm. All he needs is a pair of pointy pink ears to complete the picture.

    • Josh


  • Skropk1

    “Freedom isn’t free” but I want to reduce government oversight of private corporations and lower taxes so you have no services… how is that freedom at all?

    It’s new feudalism, don’t teach the serfs to read!

  • Ben

    What he really needs is a punch in his smug ugly face.

    • Pipercat

      Have you ever punched jello?

  • Edward Tilton

    Veterans voted to sacrifice your fat butt

  • kevin

    he was in the movie “ghost busters” as the villainous manifestation, Stay-Puf, the tax cutting, rampaging, giant, angry marshmallow.

  • lindy

    mr farenthold looks a lot like Tweedle Dumb, makes you want to look around for Tweedle Dee. and he’s just as BACK ASSWARD and confused as they were,talking in riddles, etc. !!!

  • Turn Ky Blue

    I will never understand how ANY Vet could vote republican; they send us to fight & die, then screw us like hell. The #GOP can Kiss My Gritts

  • Robert P Bloch

    this fat fuck never served day in the military. Who is he to deny any vet from receiving what they earned. God help the USA from these inept morons.

  • locotx

    “Mommy says tonight if I’m a good boy, we get to have Jell-O”

  • Cora

    Well, those veterans elected Jabba the Hut to represent them. “People get the government they deserve.” They also get the representatives they elect. But hey…he’s republican, so he must be all right!

  • Recoloniser

    My heartfelt commiserations go out to Texas and all Texans, even the ones who voted for this guy. They must have had a particularly bad sort of day when they filled in their ballot paper.

    Never too late to repent, tho’ …

  • BBunsen

    “…anyone who voted for him should be embarrassed that they did so.”

    I would say that Rick Perry being governor for 14 years is solid evidence that it is impossible to embarrass a Texan.

  • BBunsen

    This is another legislator who is willing to force others to make small sacrifices to move the country forward, while he makes none.

  • Alicia McKeen

    Seriously, Farthold, you stupid fuck? You have no clue what is going on, do you ? You aren’t qualified enough to even be called douchebag.

  • Regan McNeil

    “It’s funny because he’s so fat!!” -Mr. Chow, The Hangover.

  • Tommy Chamberlain

    I would not be surprised if he is repeating what his constituents want him to say. The echo chambers are everywhere. As a veteran, I can’t really say here what I would like to tell him to his face.

  • justjane

    Oink, Oink!

  • Rebecca Kleitz

    This guys sister was busted for METH. I tried to post a link, but this site wouldn’t let me, apparently.
    Just Google it.
    What’s really funny is that SHE is a corpulent swine, as well.
    They must make some pretty heavy duty fat down there in Texass–cos I’ve NEVER seen a fat meth head before……

  • GamerUK

    I’m still wondering how the Democrats would have been able to negotiate to re-open Government when on October 1st 2013 the Republicans introduced an amendment to House Rule 22, clause 4 that ensured ONLY the Majority leader or their designee could forward a motion to dispose any amendment (House resolution 368)

  • Carol Jenkins O’Neill

    Why do I doubt that he served in any branch of the Armed Forces. This sentiment along with those of the neo-con hawks show just how shallow these people are.

  • Cj Getlikemelosers Smith

    I think Twinkie has made plenty of sacrifices for your fat ass. Maybe that’s why they went into temporary Bankruptcy. You took their money and their Twinkies fat fuck.

  • Dave

    Has he eaten all of the veterans in his district…?

  • gemma liar


  • pdw50

    lardy, lardy, lardy! (Not mis-spelled Christian values

  • Frank Verde

    Please stop insulting overweight and dumb people by comparing them to Farenthold!

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    They did make a sacrifice, asshat!

  • rockit robb

    These knotheads that want “smaller government” eliminate their seats then it would truly be s smaller government unless they mean congress with smaller brains

  • Rick Marion

    I am a veteran. Fortunately one who has survived my career to write this note. I will make the same sacrifices that congress makes for its careers, health care plans, and other perks. Oh but only if I were asked to sacrifice in that manner!

  • skwcw2001 .

    let his ass come to any va hospital with me and announce over the speaker that we need to sacrifice more, or let him try and get care at a va hospital.