Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Thinks Obama’s Invading One Day, Begs Him For Help The Next

greg-abbott-obamaIt’s not really a big secret that Republicans are absolute hypocrites when it comes to many things. They’re the “small government, fiscally conservative Americans” who haven’t had a president from their party balance the budget in over 50 years (no, not even the “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan) and Republicans are huge fans of expanding government whenever it suits their ideology.

But it’s their anti-government rhetoric that always fascinates me the most. Many conservatives don’t just dislike the government, they hate the government. Living in Texas, I’ve encountered plenty of conservatives who really believe the federal government is behind practically everything negative. They’re almost always the loudest and proudest to declare that they don’t need the federal government because it’s useless and inefficient; ironically, this is often said by many people living off Social Security and Medicare.

But all that rhetoric seems to go right out the window the moment disaster strikes. When unfortunate events happen, suddenly the Republicans running these states and the conservatives living in them are huge fans of the federal government. Whether a hurricane strikes South Carolina, tornadoes rip up Alabama or floods wash away big parts of Texas and Oklahoma – Republicans are always there with their hand out asking for help and money from the federal government. You know, the very same federal government they constantly vilify and bash.

So it wasn’t a big surprise when Texas Governor Greg Abbott almost instantly went begging to the Obama administration for help following the worst floods his state has ever experienced. You know, the same governor who recently ordered the Texas Guard to monitor the activity of the U.S. military out of suspicion that the very same Obama administration might be preparing an invasion of his state.

Amazing, isn’t it? Abbott perpetuates this idea (as do most Republicans) that President Obama is some underhanded, anti-American shady character who’s so untrustworthy that he might be planning to invade Texas and declare martial law – then goes groveling to that same individual for all the help he can get following historic flooding in his state.

We all know that this is nothing new. Republicans often like to brag about how much they don’t need the federal government, then go running to it nearly every time they need to be bailed out on something.

And the most amazing part of all of this is, if President Obama said “no,” Republicans in Texas would be throwing a fit right now. The same Republicans who’ve based a large part of their careers on saying “we don’t need the federal government to do anything for us.”

Sadly, no matter how much help the president sends Texas to help it recover from these devastating floods, nothing is going to change. Republicans in this state will still try to vilify the federal government and many of the conservatives in the state will still insist that “they don’t need the government to do anything for them.”

That is, until the next disaster strikes, then they’ll be some of the first people looking to the federal government to come in and bail them out of whatever mess their state might be in.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • It’s just another President Obama ploy to grab all the guns. If the President can direct a hurricane at the GOP convention, a simple flood should be no problem at all.

  • Gail BrownEyedredskinsforlife

    Jade Helm was a disguise for this.

  • Clintoris

    I believe Texas is entitled to as many tax dollars as any other state.Look at how much has been spent on illegal invaders in the country already.

    • Michael Davolio

      Really? You want to talk about entitlements??? How about we look at how many federal dollars were spent to clean up after an explosion in Texas that never would have happened if the plant had been inspected, as it should have? The feds will help pay to clean up after this flood, but will Texas put any money into future flood prevention? Fat chance!

      • Raymond Lopez

        Michael…try to get your facts straight…I know its hard for progressives!

      • Michael Davolio

        Really, Raymond? What did I get wrong? Did the federal government not help to pay for the clean-up after the explosion that would never have happened if the plant had been inspected? What part of that is wrong, Raymond? Or is it simply that “get your facts straight” is the knee-jerk conservative reaction whenever you’re faced with actual facts?

      • Bill Via

        Michael Texas is fortunate to have the water since so many California companies and people are leaving California in droves to escape a state totally overwhelmed with liberal failures.

      • Jeff Anspach

        Yes, CA is such a failure that it has 10% of the nations population and is the WORLD’s 6th largest economy, home to silicon valley, yahoo, google, facebook, and on and on….yes, a true liberal failure.

      • Michael Davolio

        Sorry, Bill, but you might want to note that those leaving California are moving “in droves” to places like Oregon and Washington, other liberal states. You see, they prefer to live in states that don’t take as much from the federal government as the Red states do.

      • stormkite

        Suspect it’s less to do with money from the feds and more to do with going places where “you’re not from around here, are you?” isn’t the preamble to “Why’n’cha go back there before we shoot your ass…”

    • Michael Davolio

      Oh, and nice screen name. Can you spell s-e-x-i-s-t?

    • bill

      I believe you need to re think that

    • If y’all are so independent and oil-rich, build a wall with your own money, bootstrappers. We aren’t yer daddy, cowgirl.

  • GimmeSomeTruth

    How quickly we forget that the GOP majority denied help to the victims of hurricane Sandy. Now, they’re asking for help. Scott Walker also asked the Obama Administration for help with the propane crisis last winter. Victims of hurricane Katrina also were left in the dark by the Bush Administration. When the shoe is in the other foot, they think nothing of it. When they wear the same shoes, it’s beg, beg ,beg….. I’ll be waiting for Faux News(?) to put the blame of those acts of God on Obama.

    • Tad_Kimball

      Please bring in the FEMA camps, then take the ammosexuals guns away, then make us gay marry the illegals and make abortions mandatory….snark

    • Alice_JStevens

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    • stormkite

      Already true. Most Louisiana Republicultists blame Obama for the Katrina debacle.

      Of course he was able to go back half a century and forge his own birth certificate and put birth announcements in the Honolulu newspapers, so who knows? Maybe there’s something in it….

  • Jason Jermaine Smith

    Lmao. IOKIYAR.

  • bill

    return them to Mex.

  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    Texas should change its nickname from the Lonestar state to the welfare state I guess. This is just another example of the failure of GOP leadership to plan for the future. They want to be left alone, but then can’t help themselves to come crying to Uncle Sugar for help when something happens. They have the collective mentality of a 6 year old. It might be time to require every registered republican asking for federal assistance to apologize in writing (if they are able to write) to our President for being hypocrites and general a-holes, denounce this libertardian cancer in their ranks, agree to be a part of the United States once again and force their leadership to do the same.

    • stormkite

      Texas has a several billion dollar “Rainy Day Fund” for disaster relief. You have to wonder what kind of rainy day it takes.

  • noah vail

    play to our liberal, humanitarian side when you’re in trouble then turn on us like mad rats as soon as your crisis is over…that the repuklican way

  • Bruce Wayne

    If you want real news, you won’t get it here. The clowns at forward progressives can only give their agenda and would not know news if it was slapped across their faces. Failures.