Texas Gun Activist: Lawmakers Who Voted Against Open Carry Should be Arrested and ‘Hung’

Kory Watkins (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Kory Watkins (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

I’ve reached a point with gun nuts (especially open carry advocates) where all I can really do anymore is laugh and pity them. What kind of sad, pathetic life must someone lead to be so paranoid that they feel they need a gun with them at all times?

And on top of that, these people dedicate much of their life fighting for the right to openly carry their guns. Honestly, what sane individual cares deeply enough about being able to openly carry a gun, to the point where obsessing about it isn’t out of the question?

When I see these open carry advocates, the first two things I think are:

  1. Mentally unstable
  2. Insecure

Most intelligent gun owners I know all believe concealed carry is more than enough. Nearly every single one of them agrees that openly carrying a weapon simply makes you the first target of a would-be criminal. After all, if an armed criminal walks into a store with 10 people inside, and only one is openly carrying a gun, who do you think they’re going to shoot first? Besides, in a world of open carry, a criminal and a non-criminal look exactly the same up until the point where the gun is used to commit a crime.

That being said, well-known gun idiot Kory Watkins once again proved what a babbling fool he is after he posted on Facebook about his feelings that any Texas lawmaker who voted against open carry should be arrested, then possibly “hung” for their treasonous crimes:

I'm calling for the arrest of every elected official in Texas that voted against open carry. They should be arrested,…

Posted by Kory Watkins on Thursday, May 28, 2015

The funny thing about Watkins is, even many pro-gun groups think he’s crackpot. In fact, several gun advocacy groups and websites I’ve come across have pointed to his inflammatory, and often threatening, rhetoric as the reason why open carry has yet to pass in Texas.

You see, right now a sticking point is an amendment that would prevent police officers from seeking identification from individuals who are openly carrying guns, to ensure that they’re legally allowed to do so. It’s an amendment backed by most law enforcement officials, but opposed by some who feel it might be used to racially profile.

Naturally, Watkins and his band of fools oppose allowing cops to seek identification from those who are openly carrying.

Why, you ask?

Well, because people like Watkins aren’t really “open carry advocates,” they’re anti-government, anti-authority radicals. While many liberals have been pulled into the “anti-cop” rhetoric as of late, most seem completely unaware that organizations like Cop Block aren’t groups advocating for police accountability. They’re really radical anti-government groups who use “police accountability” as a way to dupe people into supporting them. I’ve seen several times where Cop Block supported Watkins and has often supported open carry rallies and anti-government events.

Take for instance Watkins’ group. What they often do is go around harassing police officers, hoping to get a rise out of one of them, that way they can take that video, post it on YouTube, then use it to help push their agenda that cops are out of control and don’t care about the law.

Just take a look at this video:

I would like to point out if you look closely at the video, you can see Watkins’ partner in all of this, Joseph Tye, wearing a Cop Block shirt.

Then there’s always posts such as this where Cop Block directly calls Watkins an “outstanding activist.”

Not only that, but these people are frequently hostile, aggressive and use a bullying mentality to try to get what they want. There’s been several times where Watkins has called for some kind of violent revolution against elected lawmakers simply because he doesn’t agree with them. Never mind these politicians are elected by the American people and can be replaced, through elections, if they’re not doing what those citizens want – that’s not good enough for Watkins.

What he wants, and has essentially advocated for, is some sort of totalitarian style of government where people like him handpick who serves in our government. If someone is elected with whom he disagrees – arrest them and hang them for treason! Because that’s basically what his latest Facebook post says.

In his mind, elections apparently mean nothing. You know, those elections that were established by the Constitution he claims to love so much.

In my opinion, Kory Watkins is nothing more than a bottom-feeding, anti-government sociopath. He panders to the most ignorant, small-minded and foolish among us and has built himself a solid following amongst those who pride themselves on proving nearly every single day just how paranoid, irrational and ridiculous they really are.

Though at the end of the day, because Watkins is such an arrogant jackass, Texans might lose the right to open carry for at least two more years.

Don’t take my word on that – you can ask the extremely pro-gun groups that do support open carry, yet can’t stand Watkins either. I guess in Watkins’ warped mind, these pro-gun/pro-open carry groups are just too liberal as well.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    Enemies of the second amendment should be arrested and hung. Why would anyone object to the obvious? The right to protect ourselves and our property and our liberty is certainly more important than Global Warming or any of the other favored Progressive causes that elicit the same kind of response from the Left.

    • Bill_Clement

      Well, I think you won the, “Stupidest Post of the Day” Award.

      • I-RIGHT-I

        That goes to the guy who demands that those not taken in by the global warming scam should be put in prison. That was you wasn’t it?

  • jim1310

    As a former Texan, I’ll translate. He meant hanged.

  • miLadyM

    Well you were completely wrong, Texas has open carry. despite people like you trying to cry about it 🙂

  • Judy Rae Jackson

    Korey Watkins is an unemployed bum who needs to shut his face & get a job. He is a moocher of the absolute worst sort & it IS only a matter of time before someone shoots him. When that day happens, I am buying a round of drinks to celebrate. Watkins makes responsible gun owners look bad, but his time is coming.

  • noah vail

    When I see these open carry advocates, the first two things I think are: Mentally unstable Insecure

    you forgot the third thing…lack of an operating male appendage

    • stormkite

      Oh, they operate. They take them apart and f/o/n/d/l/e/ clean them every chance they get. The exopenis is in perfect working order, and the bigger the better.

  • paulsack

    This “American” says,
    “I’m calling for the arrest of every elected official in Texas that voted against open carry. They should be arrested,…”
    SO in Texas, if you don’t vote the way this fascist wants, you get arrested? Such a patriotic American.
    Someday he will get shot while ‘Protecting” himself,,, and that will be a good day for the rest of us.