Texas Officially Loses It, Bans Tampons and Diabetic Supplies from Senate Chamber, Guns OK

handitoverI don’t even know where to start with this pathetic display of nonsense from the Texas Legislature and Department of Public Safety. It seems so much like something ripped from The Onion, but sadly, it’s not.

The Texas Department of Public Safety forced women to hand over their tampons and pads before entering the Senate chamber today. Not only that, but they were also forcing diabetics to hand over sugar packets and other diabetes supplies which are lifelines when dealing with low blood glucose levels.

And the kicker — those with concealed handgun licenses who wanted to enter the Senate chamber were not only allowed to keep their handguns, but they were allowed to bypass the long lines and enter through a “special” CHL (concealed handgun license) line.

Priorities, Texas style. 

BurntOrangeReport.com had the scoop with their live blog of the day’s events as they watched everything unfold.

Let’s get one thing straight first off before we tackle the rest of this unbelievable jackassery. If I were showing up to an event like this and they told me I would have to dispose of my daughter’s diabetic supplies before gaining entry, I would have educated the idiots in charge at the Texas DPS on the law. The fact is, federal law prohibits discrimination against diabetics and also prohibits forcing them to go without the supplies they need to survive — whether it be on an airplane, at an event such as a concert or inside a government building. Try to take my daughter’s diabetes supplies — I dare you.

From my cold, dead hands. 

And then we have them confiscating feminine needs products, which apparently Texas State Senator Kirk Watson was able to put an end to late this afternoon. Too late — the Texas Legislature is now the laughing stock of the world, with #tampongate trending on Twitter and classic graphics such as this circulating the internet:








So to summarize, the Texas Department of Public Safety was hard at work confiscating dangerous and deadly maxi-pads and tampons, as well as scary diabetic supplies, while Jimbob with his two teeth and his Ruger .380 was allowed immediate access to the Senate chamber. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like they’ve been transported on a first class ride to the Twilight Zone.

It’s a story so sickeningly shocking that it really makes you question humanity and how we got to this point. Kudos to everybody who showed up and had to deal with this nonsense first hand just to make their presence and feelings known, and shame on the morons who put these “rules” in place to start with. For anybody who was forced to hand over diabetes supplies and necessities, I’d encourage you to get in touch with the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-DIABETES and let them know ASAP.

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
Be sure to check out his archives on Forward Progressives for more of his viewpoints.
Thomas Barr


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  • maxiemom

    I don’t think these people are human. They certainly aren’t rational.

    Republicans are vile, heartless scum. If my mother (a diabetic) walked into that place and something happened to her because they’d taken her supplies, etc, they’d better hope I wasn’t the kind of crackpot that votes for them, because I’d be likely to grab the gun belonging to the guy next to me and blow someone’s head off. That’s how much sense this makes. NONE.

    Can you say ‘lawsuit’? These idiot legislators probably opened themselves up for a beauty.

    • John Keegan

      Demonizing them accomplishes nothing. They are human. Woefully, all too weak and self-servingly human.

      • Hunter Cares

        They’ve demonized themselves. How dare you excuse their vile behavior because “they are human.” Being human has nothing to do with it. Being jackasses does.

      • KristineAz

        Ahh, such refreshing bigotry.

        Though I’m sure you’ll find a creative way to justify it. It’s still bigotry. And hate. And ignorance.

        All the things you accuse that evil group of people to be.

        What’s the old adage about pointing one finger at someone else gets you three fingers pointed at yourself? Seems appropriate.

      • Suzie Kidnap

        right… because taking granny rags away from women while allowing anyone to walk in with a gun, is such a rational, adult thing to do.

        whatevs, babe.

        the people responsible for this have shown their hand, and we will never , ever forget.

        texas stands to be the butt of late night jokes and people asking themselves WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? for a long, long time. if people forget it, we’ll be lucky.

        but, you keep defending it, because



      • Matt

        There’s a difference between being intolerant of people who are irrationally cruel to people for no good reason, and actually being irrationally cruel to people for no good reason.

        You’re basically saying that people who hate neo-Nazis and the KKK are bigots. Not *all* Republicans are bigoted assholes, but the entire party is responsible for their politicians.

      • lissener

        u r dum

      • gallifreygirl2007

        @kristineaz nice icon lol 🙂

      • Cherylln

        Great hate of people who are destroyers is natural and not bigotry. WHO are you anyway?

      • KishinD

        Bigotry is hating someone for what they are, not for what they do. They weren’t born jackasses.

      • JamieHaman

        What’s your point John? That they are not responsible for the way they behave, and should get a free pass on this insanity? I hope they get the fire sued out of them, and Lose Big!

        Otherwise, I’ll have to believe that bunch are afraid of tampons and pads.

      • Sam Edwards

        The point is that we need to take the high road. Once both sides see “the other” as sub-human, it is a short distance to outright violence. We may pray for their shit-streaked souls, but they are holders of human dignity in their own right.

      • SophieCT

        I’d say this latest action soundly puts them in the subhuman category.

      • phoper

        that’s right, and a tampon is no match for a gun

      • Suzie Kidnap

        and exactly what message does confiscating tampons send?

        that texas women are simply bleeding animals?

        put the onus where it belongs.

        no one forced them to take freaking TAMPONS away from women who need them. they thought that up all by themselves.

        it’s all over the news.

        texas may never live this down.

      • Sam Edwards

        Yeah it boggles the mind. They’re doing the Onion’s work for them. There are usually electoral consequences for this kind of ridiculousness. I live in hope.

      • KishinD

        Electoral consequences…
        Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be hell finding a new crop of corporate shills who’ll pose as ideologues for the sake of power.

        You can get rid of the elected officials, but we can’t get rid of the unelected officials that fund and groom new candidates for election.

      • Baaly

        It’s another demeaning affront on women and the sick, is what it is. The only thing (the tampon confiscation) is set to do is embarrass women.

        And the reps keep wondering why they are losing the female vote…….

      • KishinD

        And yet, they still have the balls to say that the GOP’s war on women is a leftist fabrication.

        They’ll say it again, even after this.

        I’m somewhat envious of the people who believe they’ve got such a firm grip on The Truth that they’ve lost all interest in comparing “Truth” to reality. They get all of that conviction, without having to muddle through countless hours of evidence, thought, and effort.

        The world would be saved a lot of trouble if such people displayed the intellectual humility that they’ve earned, instead of the ideological arrogance that they haven’t.

      • Gregory Sloan

        Again none of you liberals are even talking about the shit & piss that people brought in jars. Liberal hypocrisy. Both sides are fucking nuts

      • Baaly

        That’s because we can ALL agree that the only place pee and poop should be is in the lav.

      • Cherylln


      • Cherylln

        And what was the message was made by taking away diabetic supplies?

      • Take the high road? Have you paid ANY attention to GOP politics at the federal, state or local level in the past 20 years?

      • JamieHaman

        Point to you. Decency is good.

        Now, when some group of men you never met is telling you how to run your body, your life, and that you must have a child you a) don’t want, b) cannot afford, c) is grossly physically or mentally deformed, d) that may cause you and yours to be homeless, e) that may just kill you or cause you to have a stroke (ugh)

        When that group of men is telling you that your unborn child is more important than you are, then talk to me about THEM seeing my sisters and daughters as human beings, with the right to make the decisions about their own bodies and lives.


    • KristineAz

      How enjoyable. It is such an incredibly tolerant person who labels an entire group of people as all exactly the same. So helpful.

      • SophieCT

        How about we applaud the ones who stood up for the right thing. Oh, we did!

      • maxiemom


        Only idiots like YOU vote these vile things into office, giving them the power to behave in an utterly inhuman, vile, intolerant, and despicable way.

        Start voting for and nominating human beings again and there will be no problems.

      • Phil

        I’m done, maxiemom. You are without hope. Please for God’s sake, Satan’s sake or at least for your children’s sake quit listening to the media and learn to think for yourself.

      • maxiemom

        Look, you troll.

        I DO think for myself, unlike you.

        YOU are the kind of pig who thinks THIS kind of crap is fine.

        Go back to whatever sewer you crawled out of, please.

        I’m tired of seeing responses from NO ONE but you.

      • Hello.

        Don’t bother with the trolls, they’ll die off if you ignore them.

      • maxiemom

        One can only hope.

      • Phlogiston

        agreed KristineAz…that’s why it is so tiring that the GOP does it everyday…here’s your tampon

      • Randy Rasmussen

        It’s the “liberal” way.

    • NOT Heartless

      Just a little harsh. I think it is wrong to take all those items away but not
      all of us are vile heartless scum…Just like not all dems are baby killers…. just sayin’

      • Woman Rage

        Fuck you NOT Heartless. The fact that you would stoop low and try making this a comparison game is pathetic. The majority of voters in that event were republicans. As for the idiots who came up with the idea of confiscating tampons and diabetic supplies were republicans you moron.

      • Emma Lea

        Woah. Cool your jets! NOT Heartless was completely respectful, and you were not. No one is going to take you seriously or enjoy your company if you go around calling people morons rather than formulating an argument. Beyond that, what he said wasn’t even rude.

      • Cherylln

        Because calling anybody a killer is NOT rude? I am with woman rage and not you.

      • Randy Rasmussen

        You’re a typcal “liberal” . Thanks for being true to form.

    • Cody La Vergne

      Except for the violent part of your post, I completely agree. Republicans (yes the entire group because they enable one another) have completely lost it and have no place in American politics anymore. They don’t believe in freedom and they don’t believe in the Constitution as they demonstrate time and again. It’s time for them to fade into history.

      • Gregory Sloan

        Hahahahaha drink more of your Obama-Aid homie

      • Cherylln

        the kool aide thing is out dated and does not mean what you think it does.

      • katibee

        Flavor-aide. It was flavor-aide.

      • Phil

        Are you really that naive? They both lie. Don’t be a puppet, think for yourself. Research for yourself. Don’t listen to the media for either side.

      • maxiemom

        Hey, I didn’t say I would grab the gun, but these wackjobs they so blithely let pass through the doors probably would.

      • Democats and Demodog

        Your name is punny today!

      • against OBAMMA

        Maxiemom that’s not what you said and I quote ” I’d ” you were referring to the line before the “I’d” should of said “they will” but that why your a liberal you say one thing but when called on it you lie & change the meaning… like your leader captain of all lairs The B.O. says it all…. most people who like the B.O. are not business owners because we business owners are having to pay for all the freeloader who done want to work…. go to work earn your own money & stop taking form us… I already give 50% to help those in need But i will not give Money to people who don’t want to be more then just a sponge…. or should I say a MAXIE pad…

      • maxiemom

        You are a sexist idiot, and YES, that is what I said:

        “they’d better hope I wasn’t the kind of crackpot that votes for them because I’d be likely to grab the gun belonging to the guy next to me and blow someone’s head off.”

        Apparently, besides being a sexist idiot, you are also unable to read and digest English.

        Obviously I am not the ‘kind of crackpot who votes for them., nor am I ‘likely to grab the gun belonging to the guy next to me’.

        I just love stupid, uneducated teaturds.

      • OBAMA sucks

        you must be looking in your mirror again

      • Phil

        It’s impressive. You are the epitome of ignorance bred by the media.

      • maxiemom

        Uh, no, alas, I gain my info from MANY sources.

        You, however, are obviously from a very lean and recessed gene pool.

      • cjhutch

        It’s that “trickle-down economics. Except the trickle in his case, and Elvis’s, is someone pissing in their general pool.

      • cjhutch

        She makes infinitely more sense than you do.

      • Pat

        Um ya, and your wonderful GOP/Republicans never lie. Uh-huh, yea, sure!!!!!!!!!!

      • Randy Rasmussen

        Sure they do.. The difference is, they usually do it on purpose, not as a natural reflex like the Dems do

      • Bobbie McMillan

        Obviously your business doesn’t require you to be literate.
        “If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother.” Deuteronomy 15:7

      • henry

        to ‘against Obama”, your business, I presume, is a charter school where they teach your horrible grammar, spelling and lack of logic or facts. Figures.
        As Bugs Bunny would say about you: “what a maroon”

      • WTF are you even trying to say? You lost me at “I’d you were referring to the line before the I’d should of said…” huh??? Come back when you can speak English please.

      • Phil

        Again, display your ignorance for all to see.

      • maxiemom

        Just how many times do you respond to someone’s post until you get the attention you want?

        I’m tired of these notifications that YOU answered this one.


      • Baaly

        Every day I think that they can’t get anymore outlandish; and every day I’m shocked at the new levels of insanity they get to.

      • elvis

        almost like passing a healthcare law without even reading it, what a bunch of dumbasses.

        oh, wait… i was thinking of someone else.

      • Baaly

        What in the name of hell are you talking about?

      • Randy Rasmussen

        Really ?

      • Baaly

        Yes, REALLY.

        Straw men and topic jumping. The hallmark of the trolls.

      • Randy Rasmussen

        You missed the ( very accurate ) point, clearly. I’m not surprised.

      • Baaly

        So, you want me to tear down the straw man and argue why Baucus didn’t read the whole bill, despite having written most of it. Okay..not worth my time.

      • benosborn

        No, seriously, did you sleep through the entirety of your schooling or did you just never go?

      • Bryant Gooz Guzman

        Cody it’s funny that in today’s standards Republicans act more like JFK and his democratic predecessors while the Democrats act more like Republicans back in the day. If you don’t believe me look it up.

      • maxiemom

        Sure, I can just imagine today’s race baiting, other race hating Republicans trying to get a civil rights bill through.

        I can also imagine them sending federal troops to desegregate The University of Alabama.

        Let’s see, imagine it: Republicans founding the Peace Corps. Oh, yeh, that’s a REAL picture.

        And Republicans planning to pull out of a war the way he was planning to pull out of Vietnam? Happens all the time.

        Federal funding for education, medical care for the elderly, economic aid to rural areas and government intervention to halt the recession? Of course Republicans are all for those!!!

        Need I go on?

        In short, as usual, you are full of it.

      • Phil

        I’m not Republican. You should educate yourself. I’m not talking about school I’m talking about life. That’s what matters. Please, for the sake of America and for yourself, educate yourself and stop listening to the media.

    • Bryant Gooz Guzman

      Everything is so much more dramatic with “what if’s.” Lady my father is a diabetic and he was not there so nothing happened to him. Leave it at that. As for what you would do, with all of the respect that is due to you. YOU WOULD NOT HAVE DONE A GOD DAMN THING WITH THE PERSON’S GUN.

      • maxiemom

        Another freaking teaturd who can’t read.

        Let me ATTEMPT this again:

        “If..something happened to her (Mom) because they’d taken her supplies, etc, they’d better hope I wasn’t the kind of crackpot that votes for them, because I’d be likely to grab the gun belonging to the guy next to me and blow someone’s head off.”

        Excuse me, but when I’m calling Republicans “vile, heartless scum”, I am certainly NOT the kind of person who votes for them, am I?

        So, since I obviously have to explain this to you, I am NOT the kind of person who is going to grab someone’s gun.

        You need to go back to school and learn to read, and while you’re at it, get an ACTUAL education. Yours has obviously been sorely lacking.

      • KishinD

        Your phrasing in that post was ripe for misunderstanding, especially by people with the intellectual depth of a parrot.

      • jenb128

        Parrots are actually quite intelligent. Please don’t insult them like that! 😉

      • KishinD

        They can only become as smart as a six year old kid, and the Gooz has at least that.

        Completely off-topic, I want humans to start developing easy to use animal-to-human translators. Culturally, we’ve grossly underestimated our companions on this island Earth. We can learn to speak with dolphins, whales, most other hominids, and a wide variety of birds… maybe even octopi, they’re quite clever. If we’re going to start respecting our fellow animals, we’ve got to see them as conscious beings, and the easiest way to do that is to talk with them.

        …although, maybe we should work at being able to talk with all other humans, first. Who’s up for Rosetta Stone’s Esperanto? Let’s make Zamenhof’s dream come true, and achieve world peace through his made-up words.

    • Randy Rasmussen

      Oh please.. Republicana are bad, Rinos in particular are scum, and “liberalism” is a cancer that has been killing this country for the last 40 years. I was a Democrat until the party became the malignant, festering “liberal” infected partuy it is today.

      • maxiemom

        If you think the people who brought you this are only ‘bad’, you have a very warped sense of good.

    • Phil

      You are ignorant. I’m neither left or right, both sides are equally insane. Therefore, to choose one makes you as looney as the other. Stand in the middle, use YOUR head, not the one the media puts on you and make decisions from data gathered in a responsible manner…that is not via the media. For you to respond such, obviously, shows your ignorance.

      • maxiemom

        For you to sit there and be neutral to THIS shows what an ignorant ass you are.

      • I have to agree with the “Stand in the middle, use YOUR head…” part since it actually makes sense but I don’t see how anyone can support this kind of behavior from the Texas legislature. It’s vile and disgusting.

      • KishinD

        Equally authoritarian, maybe, but not equally insane.

    • dynamitewoman


      • maxiemom

        Maybe because Republicans did it?

        Or was that too easy?

        Do you honestly think Democrats would stop diabetics from carrying supplies or women from carrying feminine products inside the chamber?

        If so, think again.

      • Only if there was some kind of incident where a bunch of school children were killed with feminine products and diabetic supplies. Even then it’s unlikely though.

      • KishinD

        Because Republicans display this kind of absurdity almost every single week, if you’re paying attention. They’ve claimed the lion’s share of stupid, rash, anti-populist decisions.

        I think both parties are terrible and this country needs to stop fooling itself into thinking that republics can function as representative governments… but even so, Democrats look like saints compared to their counterparts.

  • Lori


  • kathimc63

    I would have given them EVERY maxi pad and tampon, even the ones I was currently using. But then again, I get a little crazy when someone tries to tell me what I can and can’t do with MY body. We women are funny that way.

    • tv2

      It would have taught them a good lesson if women would have handed their used tampons over. Perhaps the next time the bastards would have been more careful what they ask for.

      • Jose R.

        would that qualify as assault though?

      • Miles Bader

        In Texas it’s probably safer to just shoot them…

      • Ralph Siegler

        with a biohazardous material. could also say something about PMS vs. terrorism, but my wife will hit me

      • Kim Serrahn

        And if she didn’t I would 😉

    • Janice Woods

      I’m with you, sister.

    • Rusti

      Amen to that one!

    • Baaly

      With you there Kathimc63 🙂

      • srsmith

        Stick your hands between your legs (a dress helps), yank it out and hand it over!

      • Baaly

        I think that qualifies for a ‘too much info’ label there srsmith ^^.

      • tijeffe

        That’s a great idea, srsmith. That’s what these idiots are asking for; let them have them.

      • whattheheck

        not really. what qualifies as ‘too much’ of anything is the stupid asshat that came up with the policy to begin with. If I were a woman and had to deal with that, I’d tank it out and put it right in their stupid ass hands.

        Actually, probably not… having worked security before, the guy taking the tampons/pads would not be the dumbass that made the policy anyway, they just have to enforce it or lose their means of providing for their family. On the flipside, if the guy was an asshole about it, yeah, slap a wet one right in his hand.

      • Baaly

        Yeah, you’re right whattheheck.

      • Bob

        Yes, the employee is not the lawmaker, but the government is responsible for creating a “hostile work environment” and such is actionable under sexual harassment laws. “When I took this job it was great, but now in order to keep my job I have to take used tampons from women at any time of day without proper medical waste disposal equipment.”, says the plaintiff…

      • BelleStarr

        That would have been beautiful.

    • elvis

      I’m sure the child you may or may not be carrying in your body is thankful that you are so willing to kill them if it doesn’t fit into your plans. Aparently none of you all all ever took biology in school and have no idea when life begins. I guess you should be thankful your mother didn’t find you to inconvenient.

      • Pat

        Elvis: Calm down…………………. they are talking about tampons, not a baby. Sheeeeesh.

      • benosborn

        You seem to believe he is aware of the difference.

      • Emily M Wright

        I really was trying to figure out how the topic switched from tampons and diabetes to abortion…smh…those repugs certainly have a one track mind…

      • Bobbie McMillan

        Obviously you never took Biology either. Why don’t we legislate your semen? Why shouldn’t it be criminal every time you masturbate? After all you are killing many would be children. Even your bible says it is a sin for you to masturbate. Why don’t we require you to have a license to procreate based on the length of your pecker? Too short and you won’t be allowed to breed. And of course the legislature will determine if your willie is too short. All for the children you understand.

      • Oline Wright

        actually the on instance I recall from the bible where god killed at least one man for spilling his seed so that his brother’s widow would not have a child by him I believe that it was for the disobedience to god rather than the spilling his seed. I mean if he had impregnated her then masturbated late I don’t think he would have been killed.

      • mattdamon

        What’s funny about that story is that it never actually happened… because the bible is pure fiction.

      • Robert Kendall

        Maybe that story was, but you might qwant to talk to soem real historians. Sennacherib’s army did die almost completley form disease and that, for one thign, is in the Bible.

      • jcgadfly

        And the Spider-Man comics are set in New York – is the Wall-Crawler real? Your logic says yes.

      • Areckx

        yes, questions?

      • jcgadfly

        Not for me – talk to the theist above me.

      • jimv1983

        Lots of fiction uses truth as a base for the story. Take the movie Titanic for example. The sinking of the Titanic was a historical event. It actually happened. The story between the specific characters the movie focuses on is pure fiction.

      • BelleStarr

        And the legislatures would be women only.

      • D. R. Chazan

        Women who haven’t got diabetes, apparently.

      • Captainius Vermillion

        I understand the point your trying to make, but nothing you typed actually makes sense

      • Jill Lacious

        Actually, Bobbie McMillan’s ideas makes as much sense as the idiots who pass all the dumb, insulting laws that try to control a woman’s body.

      • Sky

        And you think taking Tampons ,telling me what to do with my body , telling me I can’t get an abortion and anything these asses come up makes sense ? It does make since what Bobbie McMillian says ! And I agree with her ,you want to play you’re going to play our way ! We will make it mandatory that before you play ; we will require an ID ,DNA results, Family History, Family criminal background report , medical History report and references from at least 5 of your past relationships and require a signature that you will fully support me and the Child until the Child is 25 and pay for our health care and any body repairs. All Males will also be required to deposit their sperm into a sperm bank bank once a week to prove that you have not masturbated during the week and if there is a positive result you will be charged with murder for all of the sperms you flushed or wiped away . Makes sense to me !

      • dover

        i would vote for it why even tho im a guy easy lots of less dum ass men that and over 100% of the men makeing the laws would no long be able to get marred or even find girlfriends and would like get charged with murder in less then a month

      • Captainius Vermillion

        You’ve compared male masturbation to an abortion and said something pointless about the length of penises. Go home, you’re drunk.

      • Anonymous Reason

        Because semen is only one part of the biological factor that goes into creating a life, the other is an ovary. When the two meet and they begin developing into a life, then it is no longer just YOUR body, it is a body within a body. No one is regulating your ovaries, they are telling you that after a certain point life begins. As a female biology graduate, I consider life beginning around the time the organs are developing and are functional which is around one month. Needless to say, there isn’t a real reason for abortion unless the mothers life is in jeopardy. You can always give a child up for adoption and you always have the plan B pill which will work up to 7 days after conception. In this country we allow for later term abortion, as in the child is nearly able to live without the mother which means it is nearly fully developed, has a heartbeat, it dreams, it moves, it feels, and we are still allowed to kill it, but after it has exited the vagina, BOOM its murder, or if you kill a pregnant woman it is a double homicide. You cannot have it both ways, I am sorry.

      • Lindsay Rose Moore

        “you always have the plan B pill which will work up to 7 days after conception”

        Seriously?! No. And you’re a lady, which makes this even worse. Get your facts straight, “female biology graduate.” This is not how Plan B works. Plan B prevents a potentially fertilized egg from implanting itself in the uterine wall, and it only works for approximately 72 hours after unprotected sex. This is information you should know in case you ever need to take it. PLAN B DOESN’T TERMINATE PREGNANCIES.

        You can’t expect people to take your archaic position seriously when you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

      • smspirate

        Hear, hear!!!!!! HOORAY! Thank Goodness for sanity!

      • Jai James


      • realistcynic

        Even if you took planned b, there always the off chance it doesn’t work. Nothing is 100%. I’d rather have the option to plan a pregnancy then have an unwanted child. Adoption isn’t an easy process. It’s expensive and exclusive. Most of these children end up in foster care. Some kids get dumped at hospitals because the mothers are desperate or are facing some sort of fucked up adversity. Honestly it’s nobodies business but my own. If you want to debate morality then let’s debate about the state of poverty, public assistance, healthcare, education, jobs… all of these play a huge role in why most women would even consider abortion. It’s not some black and white cookie cutter dilema that can be solved with a fucking pill or a bible.

      • max67

        So true.

      • Dallas Ware

        wow! well put. blunt brutal honesty. if this were a facebook status i’d hit the like button

      • ashley!!

        nooooo it works up to 5 days I believe BUT its most effective when taken up 72 hours after the incident. maybe you should get your facts straight before you start bitching

      • KishinD

        I consider the beginning of life (for legal purposes) to be when the child could survive outside the womb with normal care. Usually 5-6 months.

        Having sex does not and should not express a willingness to conceive a child and bear it to term. Even if you consider it a human from the moment of conception, it’s a human that has attached itself to the mother, possibly without her consent, and it will dominate her life for nearly a year (at minimum).

        Imagine waking up one day with a person surgically attached to you. They’re using your kidneys while they wait a year for a transplant, and if you insist on detaching them, they’ll die. Meanwhile, lawmakers debate over whose rights are more important: the right of the kidney failure to live, or your right to live according to your will and consent.

        Well, I think it should be pretty damnobvious. The person who’s invaded your body has no right to use it without your express and informed consent, even if they were attached to you without choosing it, even if that person hasn’t been born yet.

        To argue otherwise is to denigrate the cornerstone of liberty, which is relationships based on mutual consent. You’d have to argue that sex is always a consent to a 9-month biological contract, or that a desperate man has the right to take from a fortunate man.

      • rumorasit

        The fetus is technically a parasite. “The placenta functions as an immunological barrier between the mother and the fetus, creating an immunologically privileged site. For this purpose, it uses several mechanisms:

        -It secretes Neurokinin B containing phosphocholine molecules. This is the same mechanism used by parasitic nematodes to avoid detection by the immune system of their host.”

        If the body didn’t do what it does to fool itself in to seeing the fetus as not “other” the human race would die out very quickly.

      • jimv1983

        A parasite is of a DIFFERENT SPECIES and providers no benefit to the host species. A pregnancy is of the SAME species and benefits the species by keeping it alive.

        You are an idiot!

      • Lawyer/Biologist

        The law is only guided by biology. Life has different meanings depending on the context. When trying to balance the right of the woman to control her body and the right of the fetus to live, we consider life beginning at a later date. That is legal life. Not biological life. in the case of a murder of a pregnant woman, we are not balancing the interest of the woman against the interest of the fetus to live. As a result, the legal life converges with the biological life and the two are treated the same. You need to understand that law defines words differently depending on the context. Even such words as fundamental as “life”.

      • Robert Kendall

        True enough.

      • jimv1983

        That is the problem.

      • Jill Lacious

        And, after forcing a woman against her will to carry a clump of cells that may or may not eventually become a viable human being, conservatives can elect to kill the poor thing by restricting food and health care, or by passing laws that essentially set it up as target practice for idiot men who threaten mayhem unless their constitutional rights are protected.

      • jimv1983

        Clump of cells? Biologically speaking you are also just a clump of cells. Only difference is you are a BIGGER clump. Human + alive = human life. At the moment of conception that “clump of cells” is fully human (all 46 chromosomes are present) and it is alive (contains all the characteristics of life). Therefore it is human and alive. It is a human life. That isn’t my opinion it’s basic biology. A woman that has an abortion is making a life and death decision for a life that is not her own. You can try and justify that all you want but it is what it is.

      • Jill Lacious

        You see a man standing on a bridge. In one hand, he is holding a 2 month old baby by the ankles. In the other hand he is holding a petri dish that contains 4 zygotes (that’s four clumps of cells that could become embryos, then fetuses, then babies, if implanted into a woman). The man is dangling both over the water, threatening to drop them. You are able to save either the 2 month old screaming baby, or the dish containing 4 fertilized eggs. Which do you immediately rush to save? The answer reveals what you already know, whether you wish to admit it or not.

      • jimv1983

        Of course I would choose the 2 month old baby but the baby could feel pain and likely already has people that are emotionality attached to it. However, that doesn’t mean they are not all innocent human life that deserve to live. If possible I would save all 5 innocent human lives.

        Your question is no different than asking if I would choose between the 2 month old and a 5 year old. Would you choose the 5 year old over the 2 month old on just the fact that the 5 year old is more physically and mentally developed? An innocent human life is an innocent human life regardless of its level of physical and mental development.

        Also, in case you want to attack me on “religious beliefs” as many people do you should know I’m an atheist so religion has NOTHING to do with it. This is based on valuing innocent human life and allowing that life to choose for itself.

      • Jill Lacious

        This went right over your head, didn’t it? You refuse to see your hypocrisy even when it stares you in the face. You frankly admitted that you would let four (of what you consider human beings) die to save one human being. Illogical.

        And you claim to be an atheist when it is obvious you are not. Your god is potential life. You worship potential life and hold it sacred and above an actual human being who contemplates her own existence and struggles to make her own decisions regarding her own body.

      • Kalacirya

        The other is an ovum, you genius. The ovary is the organ, the ovum is an egg. Open up a textbook sometime.

      • PeedroPaula

        Semen isn’t the issue either; it’s the sperm contained in the semen.

      • Kalacirya

        Anonymous Reason seems to be about as well educated on human biology as that legislator from Texas that thinks that rape kits stop pregnancies because they clean ladies out.

      • Shayna

        Late term abortions are always because of something dreadfully wrong with the fetus, like no brain developing at all. It is an agonizing decision and the only opinion that matters is between a woman and her doctor. Your opinion is of no consequence whatsoever.

      • Jasmine Howell

        Hello Mr. “Anonymous reason.” You made an error is your post– that the semen meets an “ovary”– I think the word you are looking for is “egg.” Ovaries produce eggs.

        If sperm ever actually met an ovary, you can bet that is actually a good case for an abortion. A pregnancy in the fallopian tube near the ovary would certainly result in a rupture and the death of the mother.

        So you were wrong on the biology and wrong about your conclusions. Maybe you should beg God for more humility before Him, and accept that in His divine Plan some decisions are meant for others to make.

      • smspirate

        Thanks for adding the part about when sperm meets ovary – I was so irritated by that semen-ovary comparison I never even got to the next point – which you made nicely. Thanks!

      • Christopher Thomas

        you’re a “female biology graduate” and it appears clear that you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

        I seriously hope you never become a doctor…..although with your current intellect, I don’t think I should worry about that becoming a reality.

      • smspirate

        If you are such a great “biology graduate” then why would you compare “semen” with an “ovary?” One is a fluid, the other is an organ. Semen and EGGS – you know – OVUM – those are the equivalents you’re searching for here my little bio wizard – you are a troll with an axe to grind and trying to call it science.

      • PeedroPaula

        Sperm and ova, not semen. Semen is strictly a delivery vehicle.

      • p4rtyp01s0n

        Adoption is an alternative to parenting–not to being pregnant.
        I don’t know why you would so easily relinquish the rights to your own body, clearly I won’t be able to change your mind over the internet, but I just hope for your sake that you never need the medical services you would so callously deny to other women.

      • jimv1983

        It isn’t their own body. It is the body of the new life.

      • jimir42

        Shouldn’t a biology graduate know the difference between an ovary and an ovum?

      • Itabliss

        I highly doubt you are a biology graduate since you don’t understand the difference between an ovary and an egg. Thanks for playing. Try again.

      • Anne2

        A zygote/fetus is basically a parasite until it is able to sustain life on it’s own outside of the womb, at about 28 weeks. It feeds off of it’s host and if the host dies, so does the zygote/fetus-IF you want to be very technical.

      • DB

        I agree with your point, but your numbers are not accurate. Eight years ago, when I had my son, the “cut off” for a viable preemie was 24 gestational weeks. Since that time, medical technology has improved somewhat, though I’m not sure how much, or what the current numbers are. However, they are at least as good as 24 weeks.

      • Guest

        DB, I don’t remember saying anything about medical intervention, I was talking about a NORMAL UN-assisted birth and it’s chances of surviving outside of the wound without intervention of anyone except the one giving birth. But…since you went there… then numbers of survival with assistance for a 24 week vs a 28 week according to a thesis from the US Library of Medicine…the difference is significant, 32-58% survival rate at 24 weeks vs
        94-98% at 28 weeks with medical intervention. These numbers are from a group of studies from
        multiple sources within the last 5 years. At best that is a 50-50 chance of survival even with medical intervention. Give thanks daily that your son was one of the lucky ones that survived.

      • jimv1983

        A parasite is of a different species and provides no benefit to the host.

        A pregnancy is of the SAME species and is a benefit to the species by keeping it alive.



      • Dallas Ware

        first off its sperm not the semen that creates life when it meets a womans egg not her ovary. as a biology grad you should know that… im a high school drop out and knew that. and describing it as a life within a life sounds parasitic. having paramitosis i believe all parasites should be destroyed

      • Kwagmire Wagner

        “the other is an ovary”

        You mean ova. You might want to go back and review your biology material.

      • ThePoppaJ

        Sooooo… in other words, fetuses are parasites and need to be flushed out.

        Gotcha. Thanks for that.

      • Anne2

        Thanks for acknowledging your lack of reading comprehension skills to the public…and your outstanding ability to confuse your own thoughts with mine. As not one word I said addressed a “need to be flushed out.” In nature, not all parasitic invasions are harmful ones, many have symbiotic relationships, and so maybe you should check your own mindset about the need to flush fetuses.

      • Claire Narbonne

        the “other part” is an ova (egg)…not the entire ovary. The ovary produces the egg.

      • Claire Narbonne

        Oops – I was thinking twins!
        Ovum = one egg
        Ova = two or more

      • V_ger

        *sigh* you need to go back to school and retake that biology class, darlin. Semen is the vehicle that carries the SPERM. The ovary is the factory that makes and stores the female eggs. When the SPERM and the EGG get together, they make a zygote. From there the zygote duplicates its cells and forms a fetus.

        Further, although adoption is an option, it is an enormously expensive, lengthy procedure for many couples which ultimately lead many to adopt over seas instead of right here at home in the USA. Most of those unadopted children often end up in foster care which is marginal at best often ending in abuse of the child.

        Birth control is the best answer over all, yet the GOP and Tea Party have worked hard to make birth control harder and harder to get under insurance thanks to Citizens United and the phony claims of religious rights of corporations and businesses. Wake up.

      • Alexandria Maguire

        It does not procreate directly (the ovary ) you mean a sperm and egg.

      • Robert Kendall

        Because those are just cells, dummy, not a conceptus. get some real learning.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        I never said they were life. But if you are going to legislate women’s reproductive system I think it only fair yours is too.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        and learning is a verb not a noun you get some real learning then.

      • asdf

        okay, i also propose restrictions on how big a girls vag can be.

        too loose, and my willie wont like it.

        okay, and you can’t have your period anymore because that’s killing potential life

      • Leo Forbes Knox

        The difference being that women don’t decide to have their period. It’s also not a thing that they can stop (Though damn I bet they wish it was! Oh and if they did, it also wouldn’t be your business by the way). On the other hand, you *could* choose to stop masturbating though.

        Sorry you are not a winner, please play again.

      • ShockedOne

        “Even your bible says it is a sin for you to masturbate.”
        Does it really? Name the book, chapter, and verse.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        I did name book chapter and verse of course you could always just google that

      • ShockedOne

        “I did name book chapter and verse…”
        If you did, you must have used invisible ink. Just as I thought, you are pulling things out of thin air.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        Genisis 38: 9_10

      • ShockedOne

        Nice try, but you are wrong. First of all Onan wasn’t masterbateing, but he was having sexual intercourse with his brothers wife. Knowing that it would be wrong to impregnate his brothers’ wife he pulled out early and spilled his seed upon the ground. For his adulterous actions Onan was slain.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        Interpret it all you want
        It’s all in how you read the works of fiction.

      • ShockedOne

        I see, so, bottom line you are naught more than a “Christianophobe” trying to disparage those of said faith. Have a blessed day.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        Silly christian. ROFL. Next you will be telling me there are no unicorns in the bible. Lol

      • Brian Frang

        Considering the aramaic word “re’em” refers to aurochs (an ancient ancestor of modern cattle),and the well-known fact that “unicorn” is only in English translations, starting with the KJV, because James wanted to pick a more recognizable animal,I’m gonna say, yeah, there’s no unicorns in the Bible.That’s why more recent translations use the word “ox” or “wild ox”.

      • jimv1983

        The sin wasn’t adultery. God “told” him to impregnate his sister-in-law. The sin (and reason he was put to death) was for not impregnating her but instead “spilling his seed”. That was the sin. Masturbation also results in “spilling your seed”.

      • jimv1983

        Genesis 38:8-10 is just one place. “Spilling your seed”, which happens as a result of masturbation, is a sin. I’m an atheist so I don’t believe any of that crap but it is there.

      • Drgulla

        What the hell has that got to do with taking away women’s tampons? Are you suggesting that menstruation is akin to abortion? I never knew a human could be quite that ignorant.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        What the hell are you talking about?

      • Drgulla

        It was meant in reply to the person who seemed very confused, suggesting that somehow taking away women’s tampons was a pro-life move because…I don’t know, I guess every time a woman menstruates that is akin to abortion? I believe that was actually Elvis, not you.

      • Bobbie McMillan

        ok Sorry .

      • jimv1983

        A fertilized egg is a complete human life. An unfertilized egg or sperm cell isn’t. A human life does not exist until all 46 chromosomes are present. If you paid attention in biology you would know that human life begins at conception and not before.

      • Elvis is a Douche

        Apparently, you didn’t do so well in English, either . . .

      • benosborn

        Did he sleep through the ENTIRETY of school or just not go at all?

      • Steve Wilds

        School is a liberal conspiracy to turn people into devil worshippers. Or something.

      • benosborn


      • Baaly

        The idea that life begins at conception is not biologically sound, nor is it theologically correct (Gen 2:7). You’re another one wrapped up in the warped theocratic stance of the GOP propaganda machine I guess.

        My advice to you is to take a biology class from a real school.

      • Lynn

        Amen. Biology also teaches us that all mammalian zygotes/fetuses have a similar cellular appearance up until the 6-8 weeks of development. The human fetus does not develop recognizable “human” features until approximately the 6-8 week of gestation.

      • Robert Kendall

        Big fat hairy deal.

      • max67

        Having gone thru two miscarriages at 3 mos., when arguing this topic with a young gentleman, I told him that the “fetus” looked like nothing more than a blood clot. He then accused me of not having respect for the life of that human being. Seriously!! I guess they’re trying to pass legislation that considers a miscarriage as an illegal abortion.

      • Baaly

        Max67, you’re absolutely right. Been there too and it does look like a blood clot.

        Wasn’t there talk previously about women getting in trouble for miscarriage, or has the insanity got to me and I’m imagining things?

      • kissyface

        i have had 7 miscarriages and i thought the fetus looked like a misshapen peanut

      • Baaly

        Absolutely spot on Lynn 🙂

      • Robert Kendall

        I’ve already done that. never took typing though.

      • jimv1983

        Wow. Your level of stupidity amazes me. Not biologically sound? What an idiot.

      • Liachami

        Hey, did you know that when you’re pregnant, it makes you produce more secretions and increases the chance of bladder leakage? So, how does one handle this?
        Da da! Pantiliners. (Also known as “maxi pads.” Also confiscated.)

        Enjoy the TMI you just earned. 😉

      • Chelsea Jack Anderson

        if she was presently using a tampon then she was on the rag, and since you took biology (or if you have ever had any sort of sex life), you would know that crimson waves are usually indicative of a child free womb. way to escalate a topic that was never broached upon to begin with, smart ass.

      • Oline Wright

        so which is more important to you the life of a fetus which may or may not come to term naturally or the life of an already completely self aware and capable person who has no desire for children and would do anything to not have one but has had the bad fortune to become pregnant either because she could not obtain birth control or the birth control method she used failed.
        Keep in mind that though society has slowly become more accepting of unwed mothers and the children of such there is still a stigma attached. And also keep in mind of the multiple deaths caused due to illegal abortions in the past.
        Pro choice btw does not necessarily mean pro abortion it means letting the woman make the decision of what happens with her own body. I chose not to have an abortion which each of my pregnancies. However had I been born into the family of the valedictorian of my senior class I might have made a totally different decision. the reason for this is that all the males of the family came down with muscular dystrophy which in the case of the valedictorian and his brother resulted in their early deaths. It apparently in the case of this family was carried in the genes of the females and was active as a disease in the males. Believe me when I say that it was not a good way to live even though they did stay as upbeat as possible.
        Added to that to those who think abortion equates to murder the bible when discussing Murder and the punishments thereof does make reference of what should happen to a person who strikes a pregnant woman in such a manner that she loses her child that person pays a sum of money. Oh and the life begins at conception people especially the females better hope you never have a miscarriage or stillbirth after all if you do might you then at the very least be guilty of manslaughter?

      • don’t believe everything

        You do not come down with Muscular Dystrophy. You are born with it. They may have developed M.S.
        If any of you had done research on this article, you would know why these things were banned! Shame on all of you for believing just what you read!

      • Amy Burke

        Shame on YOU, DBE, for not knowing the difference between MS & Muscular Dystrophy…

      • Emily M Wright

        There’s no reason for TAMPONS and MAXI-PADS and DIABETIC TOOLS to be confiscated except for intimidation purposes. The cowards was probably hoping it would turn some away…smh..

      • just wondering


      • Oline Wright

        I am going from memories from high school I helped one of the brothers get his classwork and carried the speaker system by which he attended class from class to class. I really don’t know much about his medical facts but I do recall them saying he had muscular dystrophy and that it affected the males of the family. I also know that both brothers died of complications related to this.
        I do under stand why the things were banned but frankly if a woman is needing those items then they are being unreasonable. I do think the idea of people considering throwing such things at people is stupid and pointless as well

      • ConcernedCarrie

        Miscarriage is devastating, and is just something that happens sometimes, and is nobody’s fault. Certainly the mother who has to go through this is not guilty of anything. Shame on you for taking the issue so lightly and using it as a rationalization for your agenda.

      • Oline Wright

        what Agenda? I am well aware that miscarriage has a devastating effect on the families it occurs in and was not treating it lightly. I have heard of various tale and my mother lost a child due to being punched in the stomach by her then husband way before she met my Dad and the loss still haunted her. My point is that the government really should have little ability to decide what a woman can and cannot do with her body.
        You assume that I have a agenda and I expect I do since every one does to some extent. I would like to eject some sanity into the discussions. Remember always pro-choice does not mean pro abortion. It means that we feel that such decisions should be left in the hands of the people more qualified to decide. the Doctors and the person whose body is involved. And before you start going on about who speaks for the child. Can you guarantee that child will come out healthy? can you Guarantee that child will survive the womb? can you guarantee that child will not die within 15 hours of its birth?
        Miscarriage does happen but so do illegal abortions when you start making those abortions illegal again you then open up that pathway again and people will die not just the unborn. And then like I said do you tend start doing a thorough exam on every woman who claims to have had a miscarriage to make sure she did not cause the unborn to be lost? It is within the realms of possibility considering that we are now being scanned and frisked at airports due to someone might be a terrorist.

      • What does this story have to do with potential abortion? I swear, I just try and try but I can’t think like a non-evolved Republican species no matter HOW much effort I put forth.

      • Rick D,

        Nothing. It has to do with intimidating and punishing females, most of whom were part of the filibuster.

        Like the death penalty, it’s just more empty justice from the White Men known as The Texas Lege.

        Can we get some Mexican Americans elected here, yo? Sick of these vagina sniffing crackers screwing up my home state.

      • Robert Kendall

        Lots of diabetics aren’t female. It seems like soem crackerfactorybrain decided these thigns psoed a dnager to the Senators’ physical safety.

      • Alexandria Maguire

        Do you have dyslexia?

      • Susan Weber

        Life begins with menstruation? You sir, need to take your medication and stop trolling.

      • Baaly

        Susan, that ‘concept’ was passed around by the ridiculous right last year. Actually, the Arizona has the H.B 2036 bill which recognizes the “start of the unborn child’s life to be the first day of the mother’s last menstrual period” (how biologically unsound is that?).

      • D. R. Chazan

        Excuse me but what does “when life begins” have anything to do with keeping your blood sugar levels in balance? It also doesn’t apply to being allowed to carry feminine hygiene products either. Face it – this is about as idiotic a rule as any that has ever been in the history of mankind, and there is absolutely nothing you can say to make it sound even the least bit reasonable.

      • Rick D,

        but GUNS!

      • Robert Kendall

        The “reasoning” wasn’t mentioned in the article but i think it had soemthign to do with the dnager tmapons and sugar packets posed to the saftey of the Senators. And I’ve bot this bridge for sale….

      • Sterling

        Apparently you never learned to spell apparently.

      • KishinD

        Outlawing abortions doesn’t make them stop.
        It just makes them stop being safe.

      • edgymakated

        you just need to shut up while you THINK you are ahead….I don’t think I’d want to embarrass myself anymore than you already have…..

        ……..^ignorant fucktard…

      • ProtocolDroid

        You are a very silly and/or dumb person. You should reconsider all things you say before saying them from this point onwards for fear of spreading ultimate stupidity towards humanity.

      • Jill Lacious

        It’s not a child, Elvis, it’s a clump of cells. And, even if it were a child, as long as it’s using my body, I get to decide what goes on.

        Finally, until you can be forced to grow something inside of you against your will, just stfu. Your opinion carries no value and has no weight whatsoever, as far as women are concerned, you trolling POS.

      • cjhutch

        WELL DONE, JILL!

      • maxiemom

        Evidently YOU never took biology in class, or at least paid attention.

        Life begins when you take your first breath, not before.

      • me

        oh please, you can be inconvenient to someone after being born. My mother did find me to be inconvenient to her after I was born. She treated me like a 3rd class citizen. She called me horrific names and belittled me in front of people. She even spread veracious rumors about me after she left my dad. This is why women should have a choice!

      • Nobody important

        i personally disagree with abortion but that does not give me the right to tell someone else what to do with their lives. That is the problem everybody thinks they have the right to tell women what they can or can’t do.. STILL!!! This is the 21st century not the 18th. We are not chattel nor do we need govt telling us what we can with our bodies. I see no legislation against men and their bodies. Why us? men frequently walk away from their gifts from God by the way.

      • C

        To inconvenient? TO INCONVINIENT WHAT?? HELLO? Why’d you stop typing??

      • C

        This would have been better if I spelled “inconvenient” correctly… awkward. Oh well.

      • CP

        You clearly have never taken biology either. As a developmental biologist I can tell you that life certainly does not begin at the time of conception. There’s still a lot of debate about the exact moment life begins, but I can almost guarantee that it’s not when you think it does.

      • Is This Real Life

        Wait what? Isn’t this about tampons and diabetic supplies that were barred from the Senate Chamber? I fail to see how your comment contributes at all to any of the content in this story, let alone if you are responding to kathimc63’s comment about giving them all her tampons, even the ones she’s using. While it is a little cheeky (I thought it was funny, personally) and possibly gross to the delicate senses of some, it hardly warrants an all out pro-life attack. She was talking about periods there, not anything else. I guess I am just confused where your comment came from. Maybe you read something in here that I didn’t.

      • ElvisIsDead

        Elvis is dead, you should be too.

      • Bernadette Fisher

        How did the fact that Texas legislature will allow guns in but not tampons turn into a debate on abortion?? Typical response to start blowing smoke to distract from the real issue. Because you have no intelligent response to the absurdity that tampons are more dangerous than guns you turn the topic of the conversation over to abortion. Focus on the stupidity of the topic of the article and stop trying to make every conversation an opportunity to push your own agenda.

      • Unfortunately, your mother didn’t find you inconvenient.

      • cjhutch

        Actually, Elvis and his inane remarks are an excellent argument for retroactive abortion. If only………sigh……..

      • bronson

        this is about them taking away medicine and feminine hygiene tools but letting firearm carriers b-line their way straight inside basically voiding out the statement they are taking said items for safety so why are you breaking the law and taking them?
        so go troll somewhere else elvis or stop fitting in someones plans would be a better option you inconvenient mindless skin sac

      • bronson



      • Kwagmire Wagner

        Apparently whatever Biology you have taken has excluded many key factors including the debate on when life begins. Please educate yourself on both sides of this subject before posting again.

      • Samantha Kay Ratley

        you sir, are an idiot.

    • David

      Please Please please just let me know when all the women get together and decide to do this. That would be something I couldn’t miss.

    • Lagos

      I’m guessing that if people weren’t bringing in bottles of urine and feces they wouldn’t need to worry about feminists throwing used tampons at people. Still shouldn’t confiscate them, and I’m sure everyone will be all like “LOLZ THEN DON’T TELL WOMEN WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR BODIES” (As if that were what this was all about, versus a simple dispute over when life begins and when a human life overrules the convenience of another). On the other hand, I’m sure those same people would LOVE to justify people throwing urine and feces bottles at pro-choice protesters.

    • Kwagmire Wagner

      You mean, what you can and cannot do with your feminine hygiene products. Nobody prevented a vagina, uterus or ovary from entry.

      Still a funny answer and still absolutely ridiculous that this event ever took place. I like your sentiment.

  • Mary Beerman

    What was the reasoning behind the confiscation? Have they gone mad?

    • JM

      They could be thrown at senators

      • tigerkitten36

        That’s been a thing? Women have been throwing tampons and maxi pads at senators? I haven’t heard that on the news.

        So they confiscate my supply of tampons so then I have to purchase them in the ladies room once I pass the metal detector?? Well played.

        This is just another example of the hatred they have for women. Makes me wonder what their wives and mistresses think.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Tampons and pads don’t set off metal detectors. Nor do they hurt or even cause a bruise if you’re hit with one. (One of my boys thought they were “missiles”) This is nothing more than a tactic to make the building unfriendly towards women

      • Suzie Kidnap

        texas, where men are men and women are bleeding mammals

      • For the sake of accuracy and context, tampons and maxipads are not made available in restrooms at the capital. Several friends were down there today and *they checked*.

      • Baaly

        Well, I hope the dems make the gop clean up the leaky mess. No one’s mentioning the fact that not changing a tampon frequent not only leads to potential, and embarrassing, leaks, but can also lead to TSS.

        What’s next? I know they are going all biblical on us, so is it that we have to remove ourselves from society for a while and take ritual baths before we re-enter?

      • Gregory Sloan

        Yeah they also had urine & feces in jars. Liberal protesters are the worse.

      • Baaly

        And a gun can’t be shot at one of them?

        Yes, tampons are fffaaaarrrr more dangerous than a concealed and potentially loaded weapon.

        Well played GOP.

      • redheadedfemme

        Well, even if they were, so what? A maxipad can’t hurt anybody, and it would have reminded those MALE senators exactly what they were doing to women.

  • JamieHaman

    Obviously the thing for women to do is get their license to carry, and go to the Texas Legislature. THEN they can carry in their sugar supplies, and tampons etc. This is insane. Where is channel 5 news for this?

  • Roland Olson

    Do women need to insert tampons at a moments notice?….I carry a roll of candy…not packets of sugar I steal from restaurants. I don’t know what’s more classy…throwing tampons or confiscating them….I’ll get back to ya

    • Tanis

      Well, depending on the woman’s flow she’ll need to change often. And it’s not even that, the woman’s rights are being taken away. It’s not right. How would a man feel if his porn was taken away?? Hmmmm? Yeeeah, then that’d be an outrage, right? lol.

      • Nancy Richard Colburn

        Tanis, the fact that you have to explain menstruation says a lot about the intellect of “Republican man.” My mind has been blown by Roland.

      • Cemetery Girl

        There is a huge difference between porn and a menstrual cycle. Denying access unless women surrender hygiene supplies needed for a biological function that they have zero control over is ridiculous. There is no threat from tampons or pads. The only reasonable explanation for such a measure is to try to limit access by women. Porn, you can leave that at home. “Ladies, leave your uterus and uterus supplies at home” is discrimination.

      • Tanis

        Maybe I didn’t write it good enough… what I meant was, men try to dominate woman by telling them to fork over their feminine products…. yes, men watch their porn at home… but since the discovery of smart phones, they’ll watch it anywhere and have it on them at all times, as a woman can have her feminine products on her at all times if she sole fucking wishes.. but dominance wants to take that RIGHT away from woman, so if a woman took a mans right to watch porn from his smart phone from his pocket into his free hand, that’d be jwust twerribles!

    • Jolie Bible

      Um…Roland? You’re single, aren’t you? Yes, sweetie. Women need to insert tampons “at a moments notice”. You try standing in a puddle of blood and tell me how much you like it. That was an absolutely RIDICULOUS comment, and I am ashamed that anyone was ignorant enough to say it.

      • Tanis

        I like you! You rock!

      • laura jackson

        hahahaaa!! You tell this dum dum Jolie! How stupid can you be? Clearly he isn’t getting any!

    • Nancy Richard Colburn

      Roland what does that even mean? How old are you?

    • invisigoth

      Dear Troll, erm Roland – can you cite an event in the Texas Legislature where women have thrown tampons or pads at the representatives? And to say that the packets of sugar are “stolen?” WTF – how’s that living in your mom’s basement thing working out for you?

      • Well, there WAS that trend in Detroit of throwing octopi on the ice at Redwings games…but I’d hardly expect a Texas Republican to know about that. They’re probably only barely aware of the Dallas Stars.

    • Amanda

      If you really need to know… personally, my flow is extremely heavy and as soon as my tampon has, er, run its course, I need to change it right away or I’ll leak everywhere. So yes, I do need to insert it at a moment’s notice. Do you understand now or do you need more details? (;

    • Ashley Gilmore

      I have a funny feeling someone failed biology…

  • Larry Dillon

    Conservatism isn’t an ideology, its a sickness. A deep dark dementia.

    • Renee Hicks

      LOVE this analogy Larry!

    • ProtocolDroid

      Conservatism seems to perfectly go hand in hand with narrow mindedness, ignorance, sheltered upbringing, racism, sexism, homophobia, poor wealth distribution, massive multinational corporate entities, environmental negligence and destruction… basically everything wrong with the world.

    • Thom Burke

      It wasn’t always that way, but it definitely has become that in recent years. This is the end-product of the Reagan Revolution.

    • Rolishe

      Stop, you sound foolish trying to lay blame on a political stance that is defined as the preservation of the most best social attributes. Not that it matters to give semantics to someone who’s a part of the political polarity which makes US democracy so sick.

      Like it or not, there’s a lot of ages and stances that makes up the voting body and our societies ideally believe in compromising. Otherwise just what the hell is this but a sophist’s free-for-all?

  • Epic Markell Joshua

    Good ol’ texas

  • Tanis

    Are they trying to prove some sort of dominance?? Taking a woman’s feminine hygiene products away? That’s insane! Sorry, but I have to say this…. Fucking men.. pigs! Not all men are, just these assholes, so don’t yell at me. LOL

    • Sam Edwards

      I think you nailed it. Its about dominance.

      • Tanis

        No need to be sarcastic (Usual male trait against females). But it’s ok, the higher gender forgives you. 😀

  • Raven

    Is this whole article a joke, because its weird that the person would have to name call throughout the piece. Sounds like comedy central instead of any truth. Get back to me when you can write a proper piece of journalism. Geesh.

    • Wendy Emlinger

      Nope, no joke kiddo, just Texas politicians being their usual idiotic selves. In Texas, everything is bigger, even stupidity! 🙂

  • Riderz

    A woman who votes GOP needs to hand over her “Woman card” In my opinion…

  • Ricky Isenberg

    So because someone has a concealed carry permit they’re automatically a 2 toothed hillbilly? Its ridiculous they were taking these items, but generalizing people like that doesn’t make you any better. I have all my teeth, im no hillbilly. Sorry to disappoint you.

    • Gary

      Your a disappointment to society and your family.

      • Ricky Isenberg

        Lol right. Im not the one belittling people over the Internet. Exactly how am i a disappointment for pointing out that the author generalized gun owners as two toothed hillbillies?

      • Ricky Isenberg

        If anyones a disappointment to society its you, saying something like that because i expressed my opinion.

    • Ashley Gilmore

      I don’t think it intentionally generalized gun owners, just tried to point out that someone like that could bring a gun (with no real reason to have one in the building) and yet women and diabetics who have no choice but to bring these (harmless) items were not allowed.

  • Mama

    Thank God I’m not in Texas. I’m a diabetic female…

    • Detra Sheppard


  • PHT

    I believe it was so they couldn’t be thrown or used as a weapon. How silly!! But anyone can carry a gun into the Senate chamber?? This is the most ridiculous thing these idiots have done!!!

  • amazedbutnotsurprised

    sure would be a handy dandy thing to know WHICH knuckle-dragger suggested it in the first place, wouldn’t it? Rick Perry we already know about, but I am confident – dare I say it – that there are MORE LIKE HIM lurking in the shadows of Texas “State” “Government…

    • I wonder if it’s the same representative who called Wendy Davis a “terrorist” during her filibuster. And we still haven’t heard exactly who that was, although numerous members of the house know. They just haven’t called him out by name.

  • Ed Shafer

    I think the ladies should make sure all those tampons and maxis were very well used before handing them over.

  • The Un-Texan Texan

    They want to keep us pregnant and barefoot…not menstruating in suits and high heels.

  • Daniel Rollins

    Thanks for classifying every CHL holder as “Jimbob with two teeth” You are just as bad as everyone else…

  • invisigoth

    I’m seriously considering putting up a FB page with the names of all the legislators in Texas who voted for this misogynistic bill and let women send them their used sanitary items.

    What say you?

    • Nancy Richard Colburn

      MIght be against US postal guidelines as it is blood and blood is hazardous. LOL.

      • invisigoth

        If you put it in a ziploc bag, I think you’d be OK

      • Sam Edwards

        Yeah, I mean its legal to send 23andMe your mouth swabs for their DNA analysis, so…. I know it is definitely not ok to mail your poops tho.

      • Tom

        Sam you are wrong (for what ever reason we are discussing this) you can send your ‘poops’ in the mail, i just had to do this one with Kaiser.

      • Sam Edwards

        That is the best news I- or anyone else here- has had all day.

    • Cherylln

      I will do it just post the FB page up and I will gladly mail feminine products.

    • D. R. Chazan

      GO for it! ASAP!

    • cjhutch

      I love this idea! ROTFLMFAO!

  • Gary

    When will people start doing to the Republican government like they do to bad leaders in countries like Egypt? We need to start showing our government we are serious. A few might die but they will get the point finally. I’m gettintrg real tired of hearing about the George Zimmerman trial. Why won’t the media report what is really going on?

  • Christina Taulbee DeLaigle

    What I would like to know is “Did they take those items that were already being used as well? Those would seem to be more important than the ones in packages because they would “leave a trail”, or a “stain”. Sorry to be so specific, but I know a lot of you have thought of that.

    • KristineAz

      Yes, they also confiscated used feminine products. Along with bottles of urine and jars of feces, as well as glitter and confetti.

      • invisigoth


      • ProveIt

        Prove it. You’ve made this claim four times now without citing a source. Prove that PSD confiscated bottles of urine and feces, or else STFU.

      • Wait, what? I’m on your side here but WHO was carrying around bottles of urine, feces, glitter and confetti???? People really DO that? Are you okay????

  • The Un-Texan Texan

    Another attempt to discriminate against women and minorities, who are disproportionately affect by diabetes.

    • KristineAz

      Who were they discriminating against when they confiscated bottles of urine and feces? And the glitter and confetti?

      • Baaly

        Glitter and confetti? Who do you think the narrow minded folks who love to stereotype are discriminating against?

  • Sandy

    I don’t understand the diabetes part (as in, why they did it). The tampons and pads part seems to be just “no women allowed” thing. (Though I use a cup so, haha, not going to get me!)

  • KristineAz

    Confiscating sealed tampon packages is ridiculous. The DPS overreacted. (Note: It wasn’t Republicans standing there taking items, it was the DPS, notice the difference?)

    “Officers told CNN they had also confiscated used feminine products, as well as bottles of urine and feces.”

    • Sandy

      Who gave the DPS its orders?

      • KristineAz

        Probably the rules of decorum approved in January. By the whole Legislator.

        Just a guess though.

  • OOF

    Tampons don’t hurt senators, PEOPLE hurt senators. Remember, Texas???

  • KristineAz

    …and more, “Paint, glitter and confetti also were taken”

    • Because the temptation to glitterbomb the bigots is just overwhelming. Truly, it is, because I suspect that after this bill passes the agenda will be 1) banning contraception and 2) rewriting the sodomy laws to pass constitutional muster.

      • lallor

        What about throwing feces, urine, used tampons, and bricks? All of these items were confiscated from people attempting to disrupt this hearing. These people are even worse than Pro-Life displaying pictures with aborted fetuses.

  • jeanne

    How utterly laughable, but sad. Not being from Texas I curious, what exactly was the logic behind the ban?

    • Menstruating women are unclean. It’s in the Bible. And the Koran. Trust me, that’s their chain of…well, “thought” is inaccurate…chain of cause and effect?

  • 0311/0322

    Can we just give texas back to mexico

    • KishinD

      or a forced secession.

  • Pat

    Wendy Davis………………………..Texas needs you again!!!!!!!

  • firedrake

    Apparently, someone was afraid they’d toss tampons and napkins at the legislators. Not unreasonable, I fear. On the other hand, diabetic supplies?

    • apathia

      not being able to regularly change a tampon/pad can cause a woman to become ill. It is unreasonable to force that on her.

      • firedrake

        Good point.

  • Fighting4Home

    Coming from a handgun owner, I find it ironic that they have the CHL line. Not so concealed is their handgun anymore is it.

    And coming from a conservative, blah blah blah you can give me heat whatever. We have the same thoughts about you progressives, liberals, its all the same thing. Just mentioning all the hate on these comments, cause you guys are supposed to be the tolerable ones (or so you guys think).

    Yeah, I’m from Texas and I’m a conservative and that tampon/pads/diabetes fiasco was a dumb,stupid, whatever you wanna call it move. Thanks for calling all us Texans stupid.

    Btw, there are conservatives that will listen to you thank you very much. We may not agree with you but we don’t call you stupid, only the people that go public and call you liberals/progressives stupid are stupid. We have respect for you guys but many of you progressives lock yourselves in a bubble and just think we hate you all because we disagree with Youtube, for example, a bunch of videos supporting progressive views have comments disabled.

    Not saying all progressives/ liberals are jerks, but from the people i’ve met and what i see on these comments, that’s all I see.

    • Megan Provost

      Maybe stop calling us heathens, sluts and whores, satan, baby-murderers.. Then we’ll stop calling you stupid.

    • If you think you’ve got the right to carry a handgun, then this hippie has the right to know who around her is packing some goddam heat. “Concealed” carry laws are for pussies.

  • francie49

    I BELEIVE YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO PRY THOSE BABIES FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS OR PRIVATE PARTS TO GET MY SUPPLY. Suggest sending your used ones to the TexASS legislature. Sure they would want the,

  • sunshinerose

    Are these people serious? Haven’t they ever read the Americans with Disabilities Act or any of the federal legislation regarding women’s rights? Wow – it is true, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!

  • Shelley Caster Ross

    Seems to me that the women and diabetics should go out and buy guns and get their permits to carry concealed weapons. How do you think it’d feel being hit with that instead of a tampon? If they’re so afraid of having tampons thrown at them then it’s time to rethink what you’ve done to anger these women. And for those saying they should take away mens porn, I have a better idea. Take away their GUNS. That’ll puss them off. I was born and raised in Texas. Proudly moved out of Texas the week I turned 18 too. Not all Texans are this stupid though. Apparently you have to be in politics to be this kind of ignorant!!!

    • Detra Sheppard

      Exactly Shelley! What the hell have you done to be afraid of the possibility of women throwing tampons at you???

  • Rusti

    These people have taken stupidity to a new low. No wonder people are losing respect for our government! Unbelievable!

  • Laurie

    Just stay at the event and bleed all over the seats. Why not?

  • Sandra Chung

    When I first saw this headline, I thought it was an article from “The Onion”. After reading this, a few times, just to make sure it wasn’t from “The Onion” my first thought was “the lunatics are running the asylum”. Second rather irreverent thought was “Maybe they consider tampons a ‘concealed carry’?”

    But denying diabetics their items? Are they trying to publicly kill someone? Or will the excuse be “Well the diabetics can just stay home”, totally disregarding that this would be discrimination? I wonder how many of those members of the Texas state senate are diabetics and forced to keep their supplies elsewhere?

  • Phenoy

    I guess this is Sharia law, Texas style.

  • Cody La Vergne

    It’s Texas…what did you expect?

  • gallifreygirl2007

    holy frakking crap…. man Texas is SUCH a waste of land….

  • Gregory Sloan

    Hahahahaha you liberals crack me up. I noticed this story didnt tell about the crazy liberal pro-choice people that were stopped at the check point with jars of urine & feces. Yeah don’t agree with someone throw urine & feces at them, liberal logic at its finest.

    • Baaly

      You so missed the point of this report.

      We’re talking about the fact that essential items, such as sanitary pads, tampons and diabetic aids were taken from people who essentially need them. Diabetics NEED insulin and sugar with them at all times as they can die without direct and immediate access to those. Menstruating women (or any woman who could start their flow) NEED items such as tampons and pads because, without them, we’re going to end up a bloody mess. It is unhygienic, unsanitary and down right embarrassing to be sans period related protection when Aunt Flo comes to pay her monthly visit. (Sheesh, I can’t get my head around HAVING to explain this).

      Carrying around pee and poop is neither sanitary or essential. Again, we’re talking about having access to ESSENTIAL items. Please wrap your head around that as that is the point. To bring up the jars of poo-poo and pee-pee is irrelevant.

      • lallor

        It’s not irrelevant when the intention of many people at this hearing was to throw USED tampons and other unsanitary items at other people. Instead of discussing this in a mature matter, these people attempted to sneak in bricks, urine, feces, and bags of hundreds of tampons.

        The problem is that these people are the reason why they put this in place. They’re the reason why this temporary guideline has been put in place. Unfortunately, the audience that want to display their opinion in a mature manner are affected by this as well. We really shouldn’t be blaming the legislature from putting this in place, blame the troublemakers.

      • Baaly

        You’re also missing the point here. The article refers to the fact that tampons and sanitary pads, again essential items for feminine hygiene, were confiscated from women. In addition to this, there are no dispensary machines within the building to facilitate the needs for sanitary protection.

        IF it were a case that they were confiscating bags of used tampons, then obviously that is the correct thing to do. However, to confiscate ALL sanitary items is not only cruel, but also an irrational affront to women. That is the point.

      • lallor

        Although i do think it is ridiculous that they are banning diabetic supplies, that’s a serious health risk.

  • PaminIndy


  • PaminIndy


  • Marcus Scottus

    Ugh. Right-wingers.

  • Donna Rowe

    I can just hear David Letterman tonight…..

    • Baaly

      I’m waiting for Bill Maher to get on this one.

  • skoty

    I woulda handed over my used tpons too! Im a guy, grooooss!!

  • John Hernlund

    Hey, it’s Texas, what do you expect? We should have allowed them to secede.

  • Dale Sams

    “while Jimbob with his two teeth ”
    Hey hey hey…let’s not get into ugly stereotypes.

  • wildabean22

    Let Texas secede… right after all the menstruating women stain the chairs they sat in for this event. Morons.

  • raspoutin

    I thought it was USA here, not an obscurantist country that applies char’ia… Maybe I was wrong…

  • julianenglish

    If you want my tampon, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead vagina. Oh, wait. I don’t have one of those. Im a guy. Nevermind.

  • Bryant Gooz Guzman

    Not that i care or anything but there is a way to tell the news without poking fun of Texas citizens. Saying things like “while Jimbob with his two teeth and his Ruger .380 was allowed immediate access to the Senate chamber.” Not every Texas citizen is a red-neck with bad oral hygiene. Texas DPS made a mistake, and part of it has been corrected. Bringing it up was the correct thing to do. However we as American citizens should not be stereotypical when talking about other citizens of the U.S. I mean not everyone from New York is a shady Wall Street banker or Crack peddling minority living in the projects. As a news reporter the author should stray from using stereotypes when reporting the news. That is all I have to say go back to your Southern Bashing

    • KishinD

      It’s just so much fun to mess with Texas.

    • I happen to like selling my crack while living in the projects. It makes me feel more like a New Yorker. 😛

      (If nobody caught on, I don’t actually sell crack or live in the projects but am a New Yorker)

  • katibee

    I agree with what you said 100% and am, too, outraged. However, this: “while Jimbob with his two teeth and his Ruger .380 was allowed immediate access to the Senate chamber.” was an unnecessary, classist cheap shot. I don’t think that’s particularly progressive.

  • Laura Miller Zepeda


  • HypocriteMuch?

    You might get somewhere if you didn’t label every gun owner as JimBob with two teeth. Very ForwardProgressive of you.

  • tijeffe

    Texas has turned into a rotting, gangrenous pile of vile stinking flesh that seriously needs to be amputated before it kills the rest of the United States. Most of the ignorant, sociopathic legislature should be incarcerated in mental institutions by the Texas Dept. of Public Safety for the welfare of all citizens of Texas. They don’t reflect well on the morons who elected them, either.

  • Frazzalicious

    While “Jim Bob and his two teeth” was unnecessary and offensive, I absolutely agree that this is nuts and bolts. I support the right to own and carry a weapon, but OH MY WORD what they hell with the tampons and diabetic supplies?!

    • Maddie Marie

      As someone who needs those both (I’m a teenage girl and a type one diabetic), I can’t even imagine what good that would do. I’m so angered by this…

  • Women
    can only have “cycles” when the GOP says it is okay…sorry, this
    appears to be an inopportune time for them since they are busy trying to
    “rig” the 2016 elections…takes them a little while to get the brain
    engaged to “think”

  • Tamara Musick Sookchan

    Oh for the love of God, I can’t even respond to the level of idiocy, hypocrisy, and misogyny shown in our Texas Senate today.

  • Bobbie McMillan

    They did it expecting that women would be outraged and refuse to enter rather than give up their tampons. Just another example of being totally out of touch with reality.

  • Jim Bob?

  • Randy Rasmussen

    The story was fine as is, until at the bottom of the page. The ad for Hilary Clinton for President ???!! REALLY ?? If you’re stupid enough to vote for that murdering bitch, you shouldnt at ALL mind a lack of tampons in the Chamber. Talk about killing any credibilty….

  • Linda-Michigan

    I just want to know how many get together in the wee hours of the morning, after a few dozen beers, martinis, or joints smoked and come up with these idiotic ideas. Do they then get the whole group drugged or drunk to vote YES on their proposals. NO person totally stone cold sober, and drug free would NOT think this is the dumbest thing Texas has ever done.

  • Richard Nikodemus DeCampa

    Sounds like they only wanted certain people in there to speak about any issue…the redneck type obviously…woman weren’t wanted to speak their piece

  • Adam

    Wow 2 teeth and a ruger .380…really? the rednecks with only two teeth don’t usually have the money to pay for a CHL much less the hand gun. They usually have cheap shotguns and/or rifles they inherited from their family members, what an uninformed bigot. If a comment based on moronic stereotypes of the color of someones skin had been used instead of an anti-redneck version heads would roll, people would be fired and the national press would still be talking about the tragedy of it a month from now. These dual standards need to stop. Bigotry is still wrong when used against white folks or poor folks or even rednecks and ignorant, uncaring people like this idiot T. Barr need to be called to heel on this B.S. so it stops.

  • Oline Wright

    I think if I was carrying tampons or supplies for such or at my age to make sure I down wet myself I would tell them I would hand over my supplies as soon as they sign a paper agreeing that should I damage my clothing even if it is temporary damage due to urine leakage or blood they will supply me with a complete change of clothing from a store of my choice to replace that which was soiled by their demanding I give up my supplies.

  • Hoping for equality for all

    I really wish there wasn’t such a predjucial comment in this article. Folks who can’t afford dental care are also victims of this system and ridiculing poor people simplifies the much more complex reality of who holds power in our country.

  • marinell fidler

    I’m really sorry I live in a state where the men who run it are so ignorant and stupud and have the ego of a bull!!!

  • comonsence

    Does any one actually belive this. And no guns are not allowed at any time unless you are law inforcement

  • Phenix

    Thank goodness someone had some sense – I have always been fearful of the evil tampon. I hope those good ole boys took them out back of the senate building and blew them all to pieces. – Shaking my head in wonder – who did you people elect in that state? This is frighteningly beyond the ridiculous.

  • Sarah

    So you were there & know this for a fact? Somehow I’m sure this is not the whole story but of course, you pick what you like, as all journalists do & report it.

  • SkylerZio

    Careful, this isn’t the story you should be watching, but this is the story they want you to watch.

  • AB

    I live in Austin, and the word of a plan by protesters to throw these items, among many other disgusting items, caused them to take them from people going to the hearings. As far as concealed weapons, no weapons are allowed in Government buildings, even if you hold a CCL, unless you’re an officer of the peace. I just love how the media in general will greatly distort the facts!

  • David

    Leave it to progressives to report the full story as usual.. Why did they ban these items? Because Pro-Choice activists who decided to poorly represent the freedom movement had brought used tampons, feces, and urine to throw at the legislature if they passed the bill.

    • ToastyFlake

      Thanks progressive guy!

  • bobster1985

    Oh, bloody hell!

  • Basic truth

    There is absolutely no truth to the rumor about the diabetic supplies being confiscated. Local news and newspapers have confirmed that only the tampons and maxi pads were taken, along with 18 jars of urine and/or feces. Later, the feminine product ban was lifted.

  • FredC1968

    Save us from the dreaded assault tampon.

  • proud Texan

    how about this for jackassery, how about you report on the complete story instead of this bullshit excuse for one.

  • benosborn

    I’d wonder when Florida will enact similar BS but I doubt they know about it, since they banned all technology there recently by accident.

  • PhilA

    What could DPS’s reasoning possibly be?

  • Vicky Quinones

    oh yeah…I would have dropped my drawers right there and pulled that sucker out and threw it bloody and all on the table…yeah…I am with the writer on this…We are definitely in the twilight zone…lol

  • Jay

    Texas Wingnuts have lost it I think…

  • Brown Sugar

    I am for gun rights, but this is crazy. My Dad had diabetes , I seen him go into stupors. This angers me so much. To do this to diabetics is WRONG ! And for what ? I don’t understand what they are afraid of with the tampons & pads or the sugar packets, seriously, this makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

  • Bobby Buechler

    Wait this is real?!? WTF??

  • Greg

    They’re as bad as the hopelessly ineffective, purely reactionary TSA..

    “Durrr. the last successful protest here was made buh people who, uhhh, were carryin’ tampons n’ maxipads! Oh yeah, an one of ’em wuz diabeterk! Let’s ban their stuffs so they can’t block anutther one of our asshattery bills!”

  • Ambisextrius

    Do the ass-hats in Texas wan’t to make a sandy high violence theocratic situation where anyone who is not a christian man is a second class citizen? Because they can move to the middle east, Its already there.

  • milo rosenblum

    It would’ve been pretty cool if a bunch of sisters bled all over the legislature ala Ani Difranco’s Blood in the Boardroom…that would freak out the old cunts who run things.

  • Anonymous Reason

    You are aware that this was something suggested because they did confiscate 18 jars suspected to contain feces and three bottles of suspected paint, One
    bottle believed to contain urine also was taken, as well as
    “significant quantities” of glitter, confetti and feminine hygiene
    products, though an aide to Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, said
    confiscation of feminine products was discontinued at the senator’s
    request. Sooo they didn’t actually enforce the feminine hygiene products. People are so eager to believe anything without all the facts as long as it gives them an excuse to hate.

    • Yet they still let guns go buy. That’s my problem with it.

      “No, you can’t take the tampons it, you might disrupt the senator. Oh, you’ve got a concealed handgun license. Sure, just come on in with your handgun.”

      It’s hypocrisy at its finest. Then again, the abortion activists don’t seem violent enough to kill someone with a gun.

  • *sigh*

    Katiemc63. I completely understand what your saying. I mean, how dare they tell you to give up your tampons! Those are your body! Those are not wads of cotton and string. THAT IS A HUMAN SOUL!

  • DontBlameAlex

    Maybe I am being a conspiracy theorist here, but doesn’t this feel like backlash against women and diabetics so that people are less able to filibuster for long amounts of time?

    • ToastyFlake

      As long as they don’t start throwing kittens; then they’ve gone too far.

  • banzaibob

    The actual story is that feminine hygiene items were taken because protesters were set to disrupt the senate by throwing said items. Are you sickening animals suggesting that throwing tampons and such is a legitimate form of discourse?

  • karmicfighter

    Quickest way to divide and conquer is to infuriate the liberal media with outrageous legislation focused in an area about which people already possess a high degree of prejudice. This article plays right into their hands, as do all the idiots blindly joining in with the twittery. As the home of dissent against the American wing of the New World Order, Texas is top of the hit list.

    • give thought a chance

      You really have no clue how silly you sound. even if we take your statement on the existence of the ever spooky NEW WORLD ORDER as true, the idea that Texas is a center of dissent against it is even more laughable. Texas, and conservatives generally, do everything in their power to strengthen, protect, empower, and enable corporations to do as they please..If anything like a NWO did exist, then the first thing they would seek would be protection and power for corporations, since the kind of people supposedly behind such a NWO are the same who own and profit from large corporations (supposedly wealth and power are the goals of the NWO I imagine). BTW, I don’t believe in this shady NWO conspiracy, but my point is simply that if such a thing existed then Texas is on forefront of empowering it by weakening consumer and environmental protections and doing everything possible to increase corporate profits even if it is to the detriment of citizens and society as a whole.

  • Angry Voter

    Everyone in office should be sterilized, stripped of their citizenship and sold to 3rd world dictatorships.

  • Janet Williams

    You all were throwing this stuff at them. Is that correct?

    • ToastyFlake

      I’ve never even owned a tampon, much less thrown one. Where did you get this wild idea?

      • Janet Williams

        Actually, the news stories said that what was confiscated were bags and bottles of feces and urine. Plus some tampons.
        Why do YOU think protesters would bring bags of feces and urine?

  • stgoster

    I’m thinking there is more to the story, , liberals tend to twist things around, the story sounds too made up.

  • JG

    Was completly with you until your portrayal of gun owners as “Jim Bob with two teeth.” You were doing a fine job of making your point until then. Was unnecessary and alienated half your audience.

  • Mike

    The answer is women with carry permits. The sound of (unloaded) guns cocking when voting starts should change their minds.

  • Uncle Scratchie

    this story is so full of bogus……….these articles were taken from abortion activists, among other gross items I will not mention….read the story for yourself………

  • Mark

    Darn CHL Holders with their State and Federal Background checks. I mean how many jars of feces did they take from CHL holders?

  • Doug Ragan

    “As protesters came to the Capitol building in Austin on Friday, bottles of urine and feces, and even tampons were confiscated by state troopers as they tried to prevent anything from disrupting the debate.”


    You can defend your rights and support what you believe in without attacking those who have successfully defended their own rights. Just because I own a gun and have a concealed carry permit does not mean that my name is Jimbob and I only have ‘two teeth.”

  • Me

    Wow, just wow. First you make Pizza a vegetable, now this. What the hell America? Surely there must be someone with half a brain cell that you can vote for. (Admitedly UK isnt much better though)

  • MarkGoyette

    I would think the banning of masturbation would make them the laughing stock, but this just proves how sheer stupidity rules down there.

  • IsaacM50

    I think they should go a little further actually…like pacemakers…they are electronic and may be recording sensitive level data within the chambers…. ummm…whoops, maybe I shouldn’t provide more idiotic things, they might like them…lol ..everything’s bigger in Texas…even the idiocy

  • mkraken

    Remember the GOP

  • Colleen Sullivan

    I don’t get why they are banning tampons…..what does that have to do with anything?

    • Bob

      That’s the OP’s fault.
      He did bother to explain the ban decision.
      He just went straight for the drama.

      • bob

        EDIT: did = didn’t

  • wtf is wrong with America

    • Bob

      Well for starters:
      It’s full of bloggers who don’t know how to write well-informed blog posting. There is no explanation as to WHY the ban was put in place.
      It bit more explanation (newsworthiness) rather than drama would be nice.

  • mb

    Beyond the fact that banning tampons, maxi pads, and sugar is both useless, horrifying, and frankly, reads like a very, very strange recipe, what I am baffled by is this: there are people who were allowed to BRING GUNS INTO THE SENATE CHAMBER where an incredibly charged and volatile debate was going to take place. They. Brought. Guns. I couldn’t have brought a tampon into that room, but someone could bring a pistol? Let me tell you, the statistics on people who shoot in self defense vs people who shoot out of anger would make me, as an extremely Liberal, socialist thinking woman, who actually likes having sex sometimes (I know, sorry not sorry, GOP), incredibly uncomfortable.

  • Bobbie McMillan

    Notice how all these “experts” can’t get their science straight but are quick to state, “I consider, I think, etc.”.
    As if what they think is somehow set in stone tablets for the rest of us to follow. Yes, I knew my original arguments about regulating semen didn’t make sense. Neither does what the legislature is doing. Cherry picking the bible also is something they love to do. Guess it’s only allowed when you support their wild ass views. A Storm is Coming.

  • blkdoggy421

    The word ‘brain damaged ‘ comes to mind on this decision.

  • red_zone

    You wanna piss a woman off? Take her tampons. See what happens.

  • Jimbob Threetooth.

    “While Jimbob with his two teeth and a .380” Thanks for the dispassionate portrayal of men. It is much more likely to be a 9mm or .45, by the way. You are a sexist, anti-southern asshole..Doesn’t change the fact that you are correct about the diabetes supplies, but there was no need to denigrate or stereotype others the way you have. Piss off.

  • Dan

    “Jimbob with his two teeth” is racist and close-minded and doesn’t help the cause of tolerance and understanding that you are probably trying to promote.

  • Many of us gun toters have ALL our teeth! That is just an inflammatory statement and is not doing anything but divisive. Now would you please give any reasoning for this apparent ignorance by the legislature!

  • moonshine

    was there last night. In 1836 a group of texans fought a battle
    against a tyrant. they lost but their courage becam an inspiration and
    the result was texas independence.
    the GOP’s actions in the aborion debate in texas will serve as a rallying cry
    for the left . the first battle of the second texas revolution has
    begin. this time the result will be the retaking of texas form the texas
    taliban also know as the GOP

  • Texifornian

    This article leaves out the glaringly obvious — people planned on throwing them at legislators. WIth that in mind it is not shocking that these things were confiscated. No one needs to walk in with piles of tampons anywhere. I really wish you’d write a fair picture of a situation instead of trying to make something dramatic and attention-grabbing that is also misleading.

  • Lex Davenport

    It is interesting how this topic went from being about tampons to abortion. Totally funny all round. Just on the topic of abortion in certain circumstances it is acceptable ie if it contraception failed and pregnancy was noted early, in the event of rape, if the child may be severely handicapped or deformed or the mothers life is at risk. I guess it would be ok if it was a once off accident. However I don’t think abortions should be a method of contraception, ie if you plan to have sex and not want to have kids then you need to ensure that you take all precautions to prevent pregnancy. I also find it disgraceful that women think that if it is in her body she will control it or determin what happens to it, talking as if a potential child is a belonging, a posession. These women need to realise that a child is a privalige.

    • redheadedfemme

      A child is a privilege only to those who want to, and are prepared to, have one. To me, it would be an unwanted burden that I would immediately get rid of.

      And yes, since it is my body you have nothing to say about it.

  • Peter Horak

    That’s what happens, when people don’t show up to vote, thus letting republican bozos run the state. Either people wise up, or they lose. Get ready for 16 hour work day, 6 days a week, for $1.50 per hour.

  • MeissnerFlux .

    “why” is conveniently missing. Apparently facts don’t matter. Protestors
    threatened to hurl objects (tampons) at legislators during
    deliberations…so objects were being confiscated. Act like children,
    get treated like children.

  • smspirate

    Doesn’t this strike anyone as amazingly similar to the bible’s mandates that a menstruating woman is “unclean” and should hide herself? I would file the biggest lawsuit I could find for making entry into the chambers contingent on RELIGIOUS views and affiliations…

  • No Name

    I find it ironic that my post from last night conveniently is not on here…..didn’t like what I had to say so it gets deleted……GROW UP

  • bob

    The reason why I hate blog postings like this so much is it doesn’t give the whole story. Given, I’m certain that if the full details were explained it wouldn’t change my mind that this legislative decision is completely stupid. But regardless, why do you bother to post a fact without an explanation behind it to give more context?

    Example: “The Senate banned tampons and diabetic medicines because ….” Then at least I could have a better understanding of where they were coming from.

    The way you make it sound, they just all woke up one day and said “Let’s just make up a random law”

    Be a responsible blogger and give the whole story.


  • KW

    You do know they were banning tampons and pads because women were bringing in excessive amounts to use as a protesting tool. I agree with what they did by taking them away, however, I DO NOT agree with the bill passed.

  • Bob

    Thank you!
    You did exactly what the OP did not!
    See my previous comment about giving more context around a story.

  • Damon Somers

    You are stupid to think this has anything to do with gun rights. And why is it always “one eyed jimbo redneck” if they have a gun? This is such a good chance for you to spread your fascist communist agenda isn’t it?

  • Arbite

    Did someone try to throw a used tampon at one of the Senators? O talk about doing so online? Usually for people to get the idea they have to have some sort of spark. And for folks like that it has to be a big spark to get their limited attention.

  • Aarti Sharma

    What utter morons! You would rather we stain your seats than wear a pad? Use your common sense.

  • Paul

    “…while Jimbob with his two teeth and his Ruger .380…” Wow, how much more prejudice can you be?

  • Damon Somers

    oh you work for CNN, i see why you are using this as left wing right wing propaganda now. You suck CNN!

  • lolzy


  • Reggie

    If you want your article writing to be taken more seriously, I’d recommend removing the personal emotion and perhaps adding in the motives of the group you’re writing about.

  • datstewpidyo

    wear a suit made of pads and tampons and condoms and sugar packets

  • brian j Sulpizio

    thanks for the article. i think your invocation of “jimbob” was a little out of line, though. i thought we were hating on the texas senate for unreasonably axing diabetics and women to hand over essential equipment, not hating on concealed carriers and drawing comparisons between gun ownership, tooth-deficiency, and double-first-naming. this kind of crass caricature continues to do no good for anyone; it stifles meaningful conversation between people with opposing viewpoints. a person’s brain, containing a fully-formed idea of the kind of repulsive human being you invent with “jimbob,” more readily rejects significant nuances of argument, either feeling too superior to jimbob to entertain his thoughts, or too close to jimbob, possessing any of the three traits you give him, to suffer through your self-satisfied tone and think about what you really have to say.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    Do anyone need further proof of Republican hatred towards the sick and women after reading this?

  • iwannabeapirate

    I think that these idiots have been inhailing the texas dust for to long.

  • Jen

    Can we give Texas back to Mexico?

  • Funtimes

    Pathetic, repuplicans trying to hold on to their dying party with every bloody tampon they can get. Sad It use to be such a great party. If they focused on SOMETHING other than trying to Fight off abortion and gay marriage maybe somebody would vote for them other than the damn bible belt. Republican stand: against everthing the democrates want. honestly they are a bunch of old fart narcs. TIME FOR CHANGE!

  • Brooke Michelle

    I would have gone to Costco and gotten a few giant cases, and happily dumped them all over.

  • just wondering

    How many ” real men ” conveniently forget where they have spread their “seed” when confronted with the proof 9 months later?!? They don’t seem to mind spreading it around to begin with though!! It’s only after the fact that it’s their bigger head speaks and says women should do this or that with their bodies, but, “I should be able to do what I want with whoever I want and I am not paying to play” They don’t want to be told or hear that…but I AM TELLING YOU LADIES WHAT I WILL ALLOW YOU TO DO WITH YOUR BODIES, BECAUSE APPARENTLY THEY KNOW BETTER. That is happening all around the world now and I guess they DEFINITELY know what is best for US!!

  • AJames

    Of course there is only one way to know for sure if a woman (or a man for that matter- ahem) is actually carrying a tampon. Mandatory ultrasound!

  • Monteen McCord

    Why do you save used tampons? For when your vampire friends come to tea…

  • G

    Makes you question humanity? This is a ridiculous chain of events, but give me a break. Be careful with the hyperbole, you might hurt yourself.

  • jeff

    According to the Austin American-Statesmen, in addition to large quantities of tampons and sanitary napkins (much more than necessary for personal use), the DPS also confiscated jars of glitter, bottles of lotion, pieces of brick and other objects that the rabble was apparently planning to throw from the gallery. Nothing was said in the paper about confiscation of diabetic supplies, so presumably that part is not factual. If it was, you can bet the paper would have run the story.

  • Kari

    I would have pulled my tampon out and handed it to them. Jackasses!

  • jutholmes

    We should not only let them secede, we should kick them the fuck out. That ass backwards state doesn’t deserve a dime of federal funding.

  • TBSchemer

    Stop harassing legislators BY THROWING USED TAMPONS AT THEM and perhaps you’ll be treated like a civilized human.

  • Evan

    I agree this is insane, but I’m sick of articles that just complain and don’t give any context. They don’t mention once in here why they were banning these products. I don’t support this decision, but I also don’t support getting so angry at something that has absolutely no context. Take a step back and actually educate yourselves. And again to be clear I don’t support these bans, I’m just asking why.

  • eat my kaka!

    I would of handed over my bloody pads. some people r just plain STUPID ASSES!!!!!

  • Gerlinde Paterson

    Only in America you say? Yeap.

  • Murphy

    Tampons and needles can carry blood-borne pathogens, and can make people ill or dead by touching them. Guns do neither. gg, kids.

    • Jay Newton

      Did you forget that bullets come out of guns really really fast and that when they hit you they can completely ruin your life in an instant?
      What an ignorant comment!

  • Jay Newton

    Texas now thinks a vagina is more dangerous than a gun. This is 100% fact in that the owners of vaginas have the duty to VOTE THESE CORPORATE SHILLS OUT OF OFFICE!

    Ladies, don’t forget this in 2014 and 2016. You are nothing more than ants to these clowns and they have the magnifying glass.

    Smaller government indeed! So small they can fit into your uterus and take direct control of you!

  • Guest

    More evidence of the lack of proper education in TexASS

  • Deerobot

    I think it is hilarious. These are the things that could help with a filibuster. That is why they were banned. Pads, for obvious reasons for ladies, or to contain any (ahem) messes for either sex. the insuilin and other diabetic products to pump up the speaker for a 9 hour speech without passing out from lack of food.

  • TheLogical

    There is a concept called body autonomy. It’s generally considered a human right. Bodily autonomy means a person has control over who or what uses their body, for what, and for how long. It’s why you can’t be forced to donate blood, tissue, or organs. Even if you are dead. Even if you’d save or improve 20 lives. It’s why someone can’t touch you, have sex with you, or use your body in any way without your continuous consent.

    A fetus is using someone’s body parts. Therefore under bodily autonomy, it is there by permission, not by right. It needs a persons continuous consent. If they deny and withdraw their consent, the pregnant person has the right to remove them from that moment. A fetus is equal in this regard because if I need someone else’s body parts to live, they can also legally deny me their use.

    By saying a fetus has a right to someone’s body parts until it’s born, despite the pregnant person’s wishes, you are doing two things:

    1. Granting a fetus more rights to other people’s bodies than any born person.
    2. Awarding a pregnant person less rights to their body than a corpse.

  • Crono

    I’m not sure how this applies to the US chambers, but I seem to recall in Canada, that the way the law works within the house of commons is actually entirely different than outside it. (Just the physical building itself) So that’s why they may have been able to get away with it at all, though obviously not in the court of public opinion.

  • UncleFodder

    Wow, the one-sided ignorance of this story is staggaring. It’s interesting how you fail to mention the urine, feces and bricks attempted to pass the courthouse entrance. And concerning the CHL holders, did I miss the story of one of those opening fire with their firearm? Oh, wait, guess not since it DIDN’T HAPPEN. I’d more trust a CHL holder than any of you libtards anytime.

  • PhilWells

    I need a hand here. I’m not getting the reasoning, rational or not, for making people hand over feminine hygiene products and sugar. I can see the reason, even if federally prohibited, for wanting diabetic SYRINGES since they could be used to hurt someone, but I am missing even the mistaken intent in the TX legislature. Can someone clue me in? Tnx

  • annon

    I would simply say ….ummm okay…. let me bleed all over you instead. WTF?

  • Jo

    This cannot be true! Is it?

  • Anon

    Wow, I’ve been on this site for just a few hours and already I’m sick and tired of how off topic the comments get. Abortion? REALLY? Someone please scroll up and re-read this article and tell me I’m wrong.



    FOCUS DAMN IT!!!!!!

    Also, Elvis, just…..shut up. Your comments had nothing at all to do with this article.

  • Mama T

    Next it will be Grandma’s

  • Keith

    I think this is hilarious. Maybe all the people moving here en masse from failed socio-economic policies in their home states should take note; you’re welcome to come here but this is Texas. We are a conservative people with a strong belief in states rights. We don’t care for your attempts at turning us purple, through either social or economic policies. Sure, banning tampons was a little extreme but it gave a strong message, don’t mess with Texas. And regarding guns, come and take them. Or gtf out.

  • Majikthize

    Especially ironic coming from a bunch of douchebags.

  • jeff

    From the Texas DPS press release on their website: “During these inspections, DPS officers have thus far discovered one jar suspected to contain urine, 18 jars suspected to contain feces, and three bottles suspected to contain paint. All of these items – as well as significant quantities of feminine hygiene products, glitter and confetti possessed by individuals – were required to be discarded; otherwise those individuals were denied entry into the gallery.”

  • Matthew Foldenauer

    Way to misrepresent the issue. Protesters entering the chamber had brought feces, urine, and contaminated tampons with them to hurl at legislators. You make it sound as if they were working on a law requiring women to wade into the river to clean themselves during menstruation. Being deceitful about an issue is not an effective way to bolster your argument…but when has that ever stopped a liberal?

  • John Fung

    Why do the citizens of Texas put up with these idiots?

  • areckx

    Did they do this just to spur online debate? I call trolls… I’m diabetic and I’m sorry but if you have a hypoglycemic episode you NEED your supplies. It can happen anywhere, anytime, unprovoked, even if you just ate.

  • leftcoastinhabitant

    EVERY woman in Texas should refuse to have sex with her husband, boyfriend, or male partner until this nonsense stops. No sex in Texas. Ever. Until this stupid behavior is gone. Maybe there are women who like to stage Aristophanes’ play “Lysistrata” on the steps of the Texas Capitol (Spartan women refusing sex with Spartans to stop them from going to war).

  • Andria Payne-McKee

    I am speechless. The stupidty of that state is hilairous

  • alanalee

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    Foods such as almonds, avocados, walnuts, olives, pecans, and peanut
    and olive oils can help lower cholesterol levels. Consume them
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  • icedgreentea

    I’ve read several articles about this and I still don’t understand WHY anyone would think tampons, pads and sugar packets could do ANY harm? Diabetic needles — at least you can stab someone with those. Not that diabetics go around stabbing people with their needles (they’re usually much too expensive to waste). But what did someone think a person could DO with a tampon, pad or sugar packet?????

  • Shain Neumeier

    I can’t wait for the ADA lawsuit, but I hope that it doesn’t have to stem from a diabetic person having to go to the hospital or something.