Texas is Proposing a Plan to Make Gun Shows Dangerous and Even More Ridiculous

M&R PhotographyI’ve been to a couple of gun shows, and they’re definitely an interesting experience.  I didn’t go to buy a gun, but just out of curiosity as to what type of people go to these events.  And let me tell you, if you like to “people watch,” guns shows are a great place to do that.

Nothing like being surrounded by a massive group of people, 60-70 percent of whom honestly believe that they can overthrow the United States government with whatever guns they’re about to purchase.

I’m not saying everyone who goes to gun shows is a raving gun fanatic, but they do bring out the gun nuts in huge packs.

Well, Texas is proposing an idea that would make some gun shows even more ridiculous and possibly even dangerous.

They want to sell alcohol at them.

Because what could go wrong, right?  Alcohol, large groups of people, wall-to-wall semi-automatic weapons… nope, nothing could possibly go wrong.

But don’t worry, there would be rules.  At these events, firearms being shown for sale would have to be disabled and not readily convertible for use.  Also, anyone consuming alcohol wouldn’t be allowed to take their purchased guns with them.

Which begs the question, “What the hell is the point?”  Just for the sake of making money off of alcohol sales?  Is that really worth risking mixing alcohol and a giant room full of firearms?

Can’t both sides of the gun debate at least come together on the simple, rational belief that guns and alcohol should never mix – especially in public?  I guess that’s too much to ask for.

For evidence of just how ridiculous this proposal is, the Texas affiliate of the National Rifle Association doesn’t even support it.

Alice Tripp, the group’s legislative director, said of the proposal, “Who would buy a gun at a gun show where you couldn’t take possession of it?”

“Nobody is interested in selling alcohol at a gun show,” Tripp added.

And while her and I probably disagree on 98 percent of everything related to guns, I agree with what she said.  I can’t see many people being interested in having alcohol at a gun show.  And it makes absolutely no sense to sell alcohol at a gun show, then tell someone that they can’t bring anything home with them from that event – because of the alcohol they were sold.

Just don’t sell the alcohol!

Outside of “because we can make money,” I’m really curious to hear what kind of “arguments” people are going to make for an absurd plan that even an affiliate of the NRA opposes.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cargapalitos

    What if there were an accident and they all started shooting each other because they all felt threated by the guy next to them with a gun shouting at them to put the gun down….watch the upcoming movie.

  • Even without the alcohol, gun shows can erupt into Three Stooges with firearms.

    The gun nut world was embarrassed during the Gun Appreciation Day event when 3 of the gun shows had accidental shootings (for a total of 5 people injured).

    If the firearms and alcohol project goes forward, perhaps they could organize a Drunken Mob With Guns Appreciation Day.

  • Michael Siever

    Can we go ahead and preemptively add Texans to the list of Darwin Award recipients?

  • Marc Masnor

    What an idiotic story and even more idiotic comments. Weapons at gun shows not only don’t have ammunition, they are generally made temporarily inoperable with nylon ties applied to every weapon that enters the building. Why not comment on concession beer sales at car dealers, car shows, boat shows, home and garden shows, NASCAR, etc. The rare accidents that happen are the result of people not following the rules and not following appropriate safety procedures before entering the gun show. The same lack of responsibility that results in those accidents applies to every other activity where accidents are avoidable.

    • Pipercat

      Yeah, drunken boat operators are becoming a menace at RV and Leisure shows these days!

    • Luke

      Good point. Nylon ties. Nobody could possibly thwart such a fool proof mechanism.

      If you’re honestly saying you think drunk people surrounded by firearms is a good idea, then I have no idea how to react.

      • Marc Masnor

        I very carefully said temporarily inoperable. The point of the nylon ties is to help reduce accidents. Your response is inappropriate.

        I don’t think anyone should ever be drunk. Regardless of the situation. I was pointing out the ludicrousness of the scenarios of the story and comments.

      • Luke

        Sorry, the lead-in of “What an idiotic story and even more idiotic comments.” didn’t pave the way for what I would consider careful commentary.

        The truth of the matter is that this is just another stupid extension of the “gun rights” discussion whereby if anyone suggests that maybe we ought not mix booze and guns, they are ostracized and ridiculed.

        In fairness – my feelings are different from a lot of other people. I feel that when handling a tool designed to rip holes through flesh, a person should be sober, competent, and responsible. A gun show is not comicon. It’s not a party.

        Overall though – as a Texan myself… Why do we want our names on stupid crap like this? We have countless real problems to deal with and we have people wasting energy to be sure that while they are getting their fix of gun porn, they can also have a few Jack and Cokes… That’s the priority?

    • Richard Mcgee

      Go to table one . Buy gun. Table two buy ammo.table three buy knife.
      Cut strap. Load gun kill as many as possible until stopped by good guy

      • Pipercat

        Sorry, the “good guy” is horking in the shitter due to drinking 15 lukewarm Bud lights; which by the way, cost him 75 bucks!

      • Marc Masnor

        Your scenario is plausible. I wonder why it doesn’t happen? It may have happened somewhere. Do you know?

    • GunBiggerThanDick

      Marc, typical straw man argument you used (Straight from the NRA Handbook for dummies) to run around the concerning issue being presented.

      • Marc Masnor

        I’ve been called worse, by better. There was no rational issue in the story. Only an irrational rant.

    • Richard Mcgee

      You do realize that you cannot drive a Nascar auto weather you are drinking or not

      • Marc Masnor

        I don’t understand your comment, but my point was that as spectators people can drink a beer at all kinds of events. Having a beer at a gun show is no different than having a beer at a ballgame, airshow, or car race. The guns aren’t loaded. No one is shooting. The people there are selling, buying, and mostly shopping. There is ample security. There are a lot of knowledgeable and responsible people that would prevent anyone that appeared under the influence from loading a weapon. Yes there are accidental firearm discharges at gun shows. They are very rare.

  • Pipercat

    Drinks? I think somebody was stoned when this proposal was introduced!

  • Luke

    What’s crazier is that now I’ll be called a sissie commie lib-tard for thinking that people getting drunk at a gun show is a bad thing.

    It’s like they just push the line of crazy further and further out so that what was once considered crazy no longer is.

    • Frank LaDonna

      Well, just a thought…….. if a mass shooting arises, from drinking, at the show…….. they will only hurt their own kind…… and would only help squarch the shows all together.

  • Sondra Rene Eisenman

    that is crazy- Texas won’t legalize marijuana- not even for medical purposes and yet they will sell alcohol with guns- man this state is becoming more and more assbackwards.

  • Nemisis

    This is natures way of thinning the herd.

  • Michael Doyle

    The writer makes some valid points, but he lost me at, “And while her and I probably disagree on 98 percent of everything related to guns, I agree with what she said.”

    I’m not normally a grammar nazi with commenters to posts like this, but with the writer of it, I have no issue pointing out such things.

  • allinfun

    Look at the positive side of this…lots of gun nuts, lots of alcohol, a few short tempers flare and ….bang bang bang…a few less live gun nuts. There COULD be a positive side to this.

  • Emery Beck

    You know the only reason the NRA opposes this law is because they want people to be able to take their purchases with them after they drink. Without that one stipulation, they are perfectly fine with the law.

  • Nancy

    What I wonder is will there be blood tests to see who is drinking alcohol?

  • MarkB701

    So….you are worried someone will get drunk and start shooting? Why? It’s not a ball game, bar or a fair. I understand not liking guns or people who like guns. But I cannot share the concern. And how many sober people at a gun show are ready and able to bring such a rare event to a swift conclusion? Let’s see what happens in Texas for a while and if the sky falls then you were right to be worried.

  • Charles Vincent

    The first two sentences in the article you linked blow you’re fear mongering diatribe out of existence.
    “A proposal to allow alcohol sales at guns shows in Texas got a mostly unfavorable reaction at a gun show in Houston on Saturday, with some in attendance calling it a bad idea.

    The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission on Friday announced it is considering the proposal, provided that at such events live ammunition isn’t allowed or buyers can’t take possession of their weapons.”

    Way to completely misrepresent something Allen.

    • Sandy Greer

      You stole my line, Charles Vincent! 😉

      I’ve never been to a gun show. And don’t care for the idea of guns in bars. But it’s hard for me to Manufacture Outrage over this. Because I, too, followed, and read, Clifton’s blue link.

      And I am left with two questions:

      1) If the guns aren’t loaded – How do they fire?

      2) How stupid does Clifton think we are – to fall for this crap?

      • strayaway

        Sandy, you should go to one for the cultural experience if nothing else. I went to one once in the hope of distributing campaign literature. My impressions include: it was pretty much set up like a flea market with vendors having tables full of merchandise. Some tables had nothing but rifles. Some tables had ammo, targets, duck calls, sights, literature, or whatever. The vendors and public were about 85% male, tended to be 45 and older, and almost all white as was that locale.There was a lot of conversation. I would characterize the crowd as guys who would not look unremarkable if they were fishing from a boat or who attend baseball games. There was no hatred toward any politician exhibited. The show I went to had strict rules. I could not distribute my brochures without a vendor’s permit. However, a couple of vendors gladly took my brochures and placed them on their tables.

      • Sandy Greer

        Cultural experience. Good one! 😀

        I could, and have, walked into a gun shop, unaccompanied. Where I can deal with one man, no distractions – and get the individual attention I need to feel comfortable.

        But I’d be a fish out of water at a gun show, I’m afraid. 😉

      • strayaway

        Sandy, Nothing to worry about, Go with a friend and share your experience. Attire: anywhere in between wearing your Obama button and camo. The top few lines of photos at “Women at firing ranges” as found on Google Images suggests everyday attire. If you get hungry, someone should be selling beef jerky or survival food. Don’t drink any beer though because it might reduce your inhibitions and you would be sorry later when you came home with a sack full of guns.

      • Sandy Greer

        See why I like you, strayaway? I just can’t help myself.

        Maybe I could go with my two brothers-in-law. One likes to fish, and one likes baseball.

        Definitely no beer for me, though. My inhibitions are the only thing standing between me and – absolute ruin. 😀

  • Shane Gibson

    poor libtards. I wonder if anyone can name the last time alcohol was linked to a mass shooting in a room full of armed merchants

    • Luke

      Wait, so all the merchants at these shows are carrying loaded weapons? Just a pack of heros waiting to jump into action I guess…

      Yeah – that’s a perfectly safe environment to be serving alcohol. Carry on.

    • Richard Mcgee

      Well in a gun show there would be no legally armed merchant’s

      • Shane Gibson

        what a liberal answer! obviously its foreign to you to know that in America everyone is legally armed except felons. but if you want to take it a step further: NO MERCHANT DEALS FIREARMS IN PUBLIC WITHOUT A LICENSE!!!!!!! dipshit!

      • Richard Mcgee

        you are such a pantload do you know that in a gun show it is not legal to carry concealed or open a loaded and unsecured weapon
        You want to start throwing names around you sh,t head conservative anti America unpatriotic piece of crap

      • Shane Gibson

        and of course your response makes no sense unless you are referencing where you live in libtardville. you can stay there. you don’t know anything about CCW so have no argument. ill be at a show tonight and this weekend with many guns. I enjoy it every year. safest place on earth. conservative and unpatriotic: combined make the most liberal, contradictory title ever coined lol. thanks for the compliment by the way. I don’t usually brag about it but I do carry quite a load in my pants lol. ill let you know how shot up I get at the shows

      • Shane Gibson

        man I was surrounded by guns tonight. it was scary! I had to arm wrestle the sherrif cause he wanted the gun I won. won the match too. then it happened: had to draw my gun….. she was impressed with my pantload lol

      • Shane Gibson

        well I survived yesterday too. and people were actually shooting their guns at this show! I felt sorry for one man cause he had no ammo to try out his gun so I gave him a handful! its great to see someone so happy

  • Stephen Barlow

    NOthing like a drunken guns & ammo orgy!!!