Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Insults Members Of Our Military With Ridiculous Rant (Video)

louie-gohmertIn what sounds like a story straight from The Onion or The National Report, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) stated that he opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because apparently all gay soldiers want to do is lay around and get massages all day.

I’ve listened to his comments, and even read a transcript of them, and I still can’t find a proper way to actually describe them. So I’ll just let his outrageous ignorance speak for itself:

I’ve had people say, “Hey, you know, there’s nothing wrong with gays in the military. Look at the Greeks.” Well, you know, they did have people come along who they loved that was the same sex and would give them massages before they went into battle. But you know what, it’s a different kind of fighting, it’s a different kind of war and if you’re sitting around getting massages all day ready to go into the big, planned battle, then you’re not going to last very long. It’s guerrilla fighting. You are going to be ultimately vulnerable to terrorism and, you know, if that’s what you start doing in the military like the Greeks did, as people have said, “Louie, you have got to understand, you don’t even know your history.” Oh, yes, I do. I know exactly. It’s not a good idea.

The main thing I get from this ridiculous diatribe is the utter and hateful disrespect he showed toward gay men and women serving in our military. He’s more or less saying that he doesn’t believe homosexuals serving in our military are capable of doing their job – because they’re too obsessed with “gay things.”

These are men and women who have risked their lives for this country (and some still are risking their lives overseas). Yet this disgusting pile of garbage has the gall to sit there and show such utter disdain and disrespect for them? Anyone who’s ever voted (or will vote) for this bottom-feeder should be ashamed of themselves.

But this all just ties in with the normal everyday hypocrisy show by so many on the right. Sure, they’ll profess their supposed “love and admiration” for our men and women in uniform – while showing nothing but absolute contempt toward those brave men and women who happen to be homosexual.

I guess to people like Gohmert, and those conservatives who support him and these anti-gay beliefs, the acts of bravery shown by gay members of our military don’t matter. Their courage means nothing and their sacrifices aren’t as selfless just because of their sexual orientation.

It’s an absolute embarrassment that this jackass is a representative of our government.

Watch his comments below via Right Wing Watch:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • sara

    Obviously somebody is “obsessed with ‘gay things,'” but it’s not the soldiers.

    • Richard Mcgee

      Usually that kind of rant comes from somebody with latent homosexual feelings

      • Fernando

        If louie is a “latent homosexual”, I want to go straight! Louie is very sexually frustrated! His hand is tired!

      • marecek21

        “Hey, look over there!” is the usual feint used by people hiding something.

  • Butchstudley

    Sounds like the Coach’s argument – no sex before the big game?

  • cravin moorehead

    Louie was getting a huge chubby while he was talking the Greeks.

    Good thing it was a radio show.

    He kept one hand under the table during the entire interview.

    Someone, PLEASE, pass him a handy wipe.

    • FuzzyBunnyFeet

      Your avatar picture is the proper response to your pointless post.

      • Fernando

        sorry fuzzy, but craven was correct. Stop tying to defend the defenseless.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        How would either of you know? Were either of you in the studio or control room?

      • cravin moorehead

        Well, Fuzz, if I ever need an expert on “Jerk offs”, I’ll now know that you are the man to see.

        Fuzzy, NEVER bring a knife to a gun fight.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        “Fuzzy, NEVER bring a knife to a gun fight.”

        Oh yeah. You have so put me in my place.

      • cravin moorehead

        As is yours.

        Thank you.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        “Oh Fuzzy. Did you ever realize that YOUR avatar picture is the proper response to YOUR pointless post.”

        How very original.

    • Beavis

      “Handy,” heh heh!

    • Larry Wasnesky

      Louie is a big chubby.

  • Auntie_Entity

    I remember being told pretty close to the same thing when I joined the Navy, that women couldn’t be effective members of any branch because we would be spending too much time on our makeup and hair. *snort*

  • gatorfan

    He’s got as much brains as his namesake Gomer (Gohmert) Pyle. “Well Goo-lleee!”

  • Stephen Barlow

    He needs to be gang raped by the most out of the closet Marines, Seals and Rangers this cuntry can muster. I mean just viciously staked out like in “General’s Daughter” until he orgasms his balls dry! Then have the rape leaked on Gay porn sites worldwide, his face grimacing in joy and his lips coated in words like “DEEPER, HARDER, FASTER MORE!!!” “Gimme some Navy dic*!”

    Just like in ‘X-Men’ where they mutated the hate speech Senator into a water logged mutant, only Gohmert will burst from a whole platoon of joyjuice squirted up his throat and down his bowels.

    Better yet, dose him with Molly (on a 72 hour patch like Fentanyl) and turn him loose @ a gay pride parade.

    • FuzzyBunnyFeet

      How disgustingly hateful.

      • Stephen Barlow

        But it would be an epiphany for him.

      • John

        There really was no excuse for what you said. I disagree with what Representative Gohmert said, but I would never wish any harm to come to him.


      • Stephen Barlow


  • Daniel Waltimire

    What us more disturbing than this hateful, bigoted, half-wit (and yes I know but he has an ivy league law degree) and the fact that he was elected in the first place is the fact that his constituents keep reelecting the vicious clown. Is there something in the water in Texas? Then again this idiot used to be a Texas superior court judge. Maybe they figure its better to keep the fool in the do nothing congress and off the bench.

    • peterk

      There is no water in Texas ……. severe drought !

    • cravin moorehead

      Louie is the poster boy for the term “Legacy Admission.”

      Remember, George W. Bush was admitted into Harvard.

      If you held a gun to Georges’ head, and told him that to stay alive, he would have to say something intelligent, he couldn’t form a complete sentence.

  • Kim Serrahn

    Gomer opened his mouth and inserted foot ………..again.

  • Mikki Solodow

    Does make one wonder about the huge mess of straight rape going on in the military. Seems like daily there are reports coming from women who have been raped by their comrades in arms. Does not really seem to be a “gay thing” at all that is a problem except to idiots like this guy.

    • Stephen Barlow

      GOhmert applauds and sanctifies THAT!

  • LUCY


  • Shelly McPhaul

    Amazing how an individual so ignorant can be in a position to impact the policy of this country.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      AND that there are SO MANY gullible twits who believe anything that someone like him spouts!!

  • Nick Wride

    What an ignorant, hateful POS. But, he is from TexASS.

  • GenerallyConfused

    His whole statement made no sense, not really.

  • tired-of-it-all

    Ironically, the author seems to imply that all in the GOP are “anti-gay”, yet the author seems to ignore that there are many in the Democrat party who are also “anti-gay”.

    One group chooses to be honest and open about their feelings, yet the other group chooses to be silent on the matter.

    So, which group is right – the one that is open and honest or the one who leaves the impression of support through their silence?

    • Fernando

      sorry tired, the article was about loony louie, and if most of other reuglycans are caught in the same net, it’s because they are in the same gene pool!

    • marecek21

      Well, if the “dishonest” group actually passes policies that protect LGBT people from discrimination, then I’ll take the dishonesty.

      But, in any case, you are just SO FULL OF SHIT it is coming our your ears.

      • tired-of-it-all

        Exactly the response I would have expected from a liberal!!

  • Fernando

    It sounds as if louie is not getting any at home, and is OBSESSED with envy with those that are getting some!

  • Joe

    Coming from an asshole, you wouldn’t want to fuck anyway!

  • Weedbay Guy

    When he gets hit and is laying on the battlefield bleeding to death he won’t care if the comrade that picks him up and carries him off is gay or straight.

    • LateNightLarry

      Won’t care if that comrade in arms is black, brown, red, or any other color or religion… just get his sorry @$$ to the medics… Of course, he will never be laying on the battlefield bleeding out because he’s to chicken hawk to serve.

  • RayWes

    Louie Gohmert know history like the back of his ass.
    And like his mouth, only bullshit comes out.

  • Donna LaPorte

    You are so right Sara…

  • Larry Wasnesky

    When he opens that mouth he is a giant embarrassment to the entire south.

  • BentDemocrat

    Brainless twit.

  • RootyPoooooh

    This guy was a JAG desk jockey during his time in the Army. If anyone is getting massages, pedicures, and extended bath house sessions with intoxicated men, it would be JAG fruits. This guy has been on the working end of a penis, and he knows it.

  • LateNightLarry

    Did this dickwad ever serve in the military, or is just another chicken hawk along the lines of Ted Nugent, George W. Bush, and Dickless Cheney? My thought is he never served and actively avoided military service.

  • Bah

    Retarded. Can’t our men and women at least get massages AFTER battle?

  • OldCowboy

    We have two major Army installations in Texas. Surely one of them can produce a patriotic soldier willing to impose a 2nd Amendment solution on Loonie Gohmert.

  • JanMutcher

    Is it the heat in Texas or what?

  • OpenMinded

    As a straight man, there are times that I wouldn’t mind laying around getting massages all day, and a few days that I’ve done just that. I can’t believe A) that people can still be so… blatantly ignorant about their fellow man, and B) that people would actually elect someone this overly discriminatory into office. Well, maybe I can believe it, but I wish I couldn’t. Isn’t our country supposed to be better than this?

    • Maurice

      Can we at least agree that there was probably a lot more to Mr. Gohmert’s dialogue than what this video or Mr. Clifton’s article address? Being a liberal, Mr. Clifton couldn’t say anything positive about Mr. Gohmert, even if it was true. That’s just how partisan politics works, so you don’t need to completely trash Mr. Gohmert just because he was made to look bad in one liberal article.

      After all, Obama has looked bad in numerous articles, many of which were specifically about him completely disrespecting members of our military, and you still fully support him!

      While we’re speaking of hypocrites, I found another of your “interesting” comments in another thread. When Edward pointed out
      one of your many errors, you said “Oh, yep, there is a typo! Glad you caught it! Try not to be so condescending when you catch a mistake next time, though. Makes you sound like a a$$.” You might
      consider taking your own advice on that! You know how it makes you look, but you just can’t stop. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to appear to be an ellipsis a$$…! You’re the king of condescension! Aren’t YOU supposed to be better than that?

      You said “…there are times that I wouldn’t mind laying around getting massages all day, and a few days that I’ve done just that.”
      I can understand a degenerate adolescent like you being proud of such behavior. A parent can teach a child the right way to behave, but they can’t possibly be with you every day of your life. They eventually had to let you go and trust that they had raised you the right way. They had to believe that when you were tested,
      you’d make the right decisions, even without them being there to help you. Unfortunately for your parents, you have your
      own ideas of what’s right and wrong, and you have far more interest in self-satisfaction than in doing what’s right.

      I drank a little alcohol when I first got away from my parents, but I never stooped so low as to lay around getting massages, although I’m sure they were an option, if that’s what I had been looking for.
      But don’t beat yourself up. I know you’re 26 years old, but I was probably a very mature 21 year old when I got my chance.

      From your recent comments on other threads, about your thirst for knowledge and your supposed relentless researching of 2+2=4, until no stone is left unturned, I have to wonder how you ever had the time for such a superfluous, self-indulgent, non-thought provoking, non-educational activity as getting a massage.

      From my experience with homosexuals in the military, I at least partially agree with Mr. Gohmert. Homosexuals couldn’t be depended upon during combat situations. It’s nothing personal; just an observation from one who’s been in that situation. EVERY soldier deserves others who will have HIS OR HER BACK when the chips are down.

      • OpenMinded

        When, exactly, has Obama completely disrespected our military? Also, I find it awfully finny that since I like to relax every once in a while, which includes both massages AND alcohol, I’m a “degenerate adolescent”. You really need to learn how to relax. There is not one thing wrong with enjoying a massage, and in fact, on more than one occasion, I’ve been recommended massages by doctors because of various back injuries. As far as your statement “…I have to wonder how you ever had the time for such a superfluous, self-indulgent, non-thought provoking, non-educational activity as getting a massage”, its called time management. This is how I also continue to work to earn a living while studying various cultures, religions, and furthering my quest for knowledge. Believe it or not, I also enjoy time with both of my parents, who think I’m doing rather well in the world. Sorry if you don’t agree with them, but seeing as they actually know me, and aren’t insane ultra-conservatives (though they have both supported various conservative candidates in the past… as have I, for that matter), I think I’ll put more stock in their opinions than yours.

        And for the record, I doubt you could really be counted on in a combat situation. You just don’t seem stable enough to be counted on in any situation, much less a combat one.

      • Maurice

        Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was a decorated and well-respected flight surgeon who had been deployed with the US army six times before the time he refused deployment until he was satisfied that his deployment orders were authorized by someone who legally had the right to do so. He wasn’t a coward! He didn’t flatly refuse to deploy! He refused deployment until a certain condition was satisfied; a condition that should have been satisfied before Obama was ever allowed to run for office.

        Lt. Col. Lakins has clearly demonstrated more courage and integrity than Obama ever has! He had the courage to stand up for what he felt was right. There was, and still is a considerable amount of doubt about Obama’s eligibility. The American people deserve to KNOW that our commander in chief is legally qualified to hold that office. Lt. Col. Lakins thought he saw a way to get the proof that he, and the American people deserved, but he didn’t realize that Chicago style thug tactics and every other dirty trick in the book would be unleashed against him.

        Lt. Col. Lakins wanted Obama to show that he was legally eligible to hold the office of president;
        something he should have been legally bound to do long before that. I’m sure that after he had received the assurance he sought, Lt. Col. Lakins would have gladly deployed. Obama was the one who caused the delay. Just as he had refused to give proof of his eligibility to the American people, he then refused to give to an honorable man
        of integrity who asked him for it. The coward, who had no legal credibility, who in fact had to relinquish his law license, set out to destroy he who was honorable, and the politically correct imbeciles in this country stood behind him. Lt. Col. Lakins wasn’t even allowed to present a defense on his own behalf. That’s WAY beyond disrespect for
        our military!

        Obama could have made one phone call and had our Marine out of that prison in Mexico, but he hasn’t. He isn’t concerned at all with our military!

        You have no idea about a combat situation! You just want to lash out at me because you’re so inadequate. My comrades knew I had their backs and in return, they had mine. That was mutual respect IN THE REAL WORLD! You support the slaughter of innocent children, and you insinuate that I’M unstable? Delude yourself much?

        I find it “finny” that you would think I don’t know how to relax and enjoy myself. I have a workshop with lots of tools, a pool table, a Ping-Pong table, a large yard and 80 acres of woods as my playground. I can hike the trails, hunt, go fishing, swim in my pond, have a wiener roast with friends or anything else I want to do.

        You have back injuries? That must be an “interesting” story! Now it’s “prescribed” that you get massages instead of actually having to do anything. How sweet! There’s at least one other thing you say there’s “nothing wrong with,” but then you tersely refuse to be identified with that group.

        You want us to believe you’re like Captain America, in a relentless quest to learn all there is to learn, about everything. Except you still don’t know all there is to know about that 2+2=4 thing and you’re still working with the theory that Muslims are a peaceful people. I would think you would feel like you were letting the world down, if you took time off to get a massage, and time management is very overrated in such cases.

        If your parents know what your agendas are, and they still think you’re doing fine, then I guess they must be degenerates too. If that’s the case, they didn’t sufficiently prepare you for the real world. That’s probably why you’re so critical of others and feel like you have to tear everybody down. You’re especially critical of people who have actually served our country; denying that we could possibly be competent in something that you have never been able to do. The military already has enough
        chicken-crap! They don’t need you! But you don’t want to serve such an evil country anyhow. The US is guilty of not meeting YOUR standards! The US is the best OVERALL country in the world, but YOU aren’t happy with us. When are YOU going to do anything beneficial for your country and your other than degenerate countrymen?

      • OpenMinded

        You’re like a broken record. I’m just going to ignore the idiotic rant you went on about Lakins. As to your little jibe about me “supporting the slaughter of innocent children”, if you’ll remember, I spoke out against the slaughter of innocent children multiple times. Most of those posts upset you, because the innocent children being slaughtered were in Palestine, so by speaking out against their slaughter, you decided I was truly in support of murder? Care to explain that to me? I’m glad you can find ways to relax, but don’t understand why you are so against any other ways of relaxation than what you enjoy. My back injury isn’t an interesting story at all. I was working in a warehouse, and slipped while carrying a decently heavy box. Landed wrong, and pinched a nerve. With regular stretching and exercise, its normally not a problem, but occasionally my back gets incredibly tight, and instead of taking pain pills, I prefer massages and visits to the chiropractor. There isn’t anything wrong with being homosexual, though I’m not one. Wasn’t built that way, though I have many friends who were. Just because I support equal rights doesn’t make me homosexual, which is something else I’ve had to tell you many, many times. You really need to get over this whole “the great question of what happens after death is just as simple as a basic math problem” thing. And, speaking as an avid Marvel fan for most of my life, Captain America? Really? Out of all the super heros that actively seek new knowledge all the time (Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Dr. Stephen Strange, and Bruce Banner, just to name a few), you go with a hero who refuses to learn? I don’t know if that was actually a very clever dig at me, or you just have no idea about comic book heros. Also, time management is never overrated. Its sad that you feel the need to attack people you’ve had zero interaction with, simply because they don’t hate me? Keep in mind, as I’ve told you before, my father served in the Navy (along with a cousin. Two uncles, and both Grandfathers in the Army. Second cousin in the Marines.) and he, and the rest of my family, are all of pretty much the same mind on politics. And I was more than competent enough to be in the military. For 3 years, I received nonstop phone calls, emails, and snail-mail letters, begging me to sign up. Offering me a fast track to being an officer. But I had, and have, better things to do.

      • Maurice

        You asked when Obama had ever completely disrespected our military, and I told you! I guess you choose to ignore my comments because you can’t refute them. You can’t even bring yourself to discuss a truly honorable man!

        I could also have mentioned our Marine who’s in jail in Mexico. Obama could have made one phone call and had him released, BUT HE DIDN’T! That’s
        more disrespect for our military!

        It’s also disrespecting our military, for Obama to purge it of all who say they will not fire upon American citizens.

        It’s disrespectful of Obama to want our military to obey him INSTEAD OF OUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS! No other president in the history of our country has ever been so vain or brazen
        as to even suggest such a thing. What’s his REAL agenda?

        It’s completely ignorant and disrespectful of our military for Obama to cut off funds for equipment and training they need for their own safety.

        During all that’s going on with Ebola, Obama is allowing many who are infected, to come here for treatment; that’s not good if you’re really trying to protect the people of this country, and prevent spreading the disease even further. Obama has already sent 540 troops to Africa to help set up Ebola clinics and he could possibly send as many as 4000 more. Have these troops been adequately trained to protect themselves from Ebola, while treating those who have it? Do they have the proper equipment and drugs in sufficient quantities to protect themselves from Ebola? If they contract Ebola, will they be allowed to come back to the US for treatment? I’ve heard not! This is even more disrespect for our military and disregard for their health and wellbeing. Obama doesn’t have anybody’s back but his own. He’s like you; he’s a chicken shi*!

        You only remember a twisted version of the truth, concerning the slaughter of innocent children. The only “innocent children” you were at all concerned with were the Palestinian youths who willingly participated in the attacks on Israel. Once they participated in acts of war, they became “enemy combatants,” or soldiers. They willingly gave up their status as “innocent children!” However, it is known that the Israeli children who were slaughtered did NOT participate in the retaliation against Palestine. That’s a huge difference that you refuse to acknowledge or you’re just too stupid to understand.

        You’ve told me many times about “equal rights,” but your idea is to give people who continually engage in abominable acts the same rights as normal people. It’s like you keep telling me “The devil is good! The devil is good! The devil is good!” It doesn’t matter how many times you tell me that; it’s ALWAYS A LIE! I’ll NEVER believe it! So don’t try to make me out
        as the “rube” that can’t understand anything!

        You’re dreaming and making things up again. The
        literal math problem “2+2=4” is all I’ve been referring to. You said you wouldn’t just accept that; you would continue to study and research until you had learned everything about 2+2=4. Now you’re likening it to “’the great question of what happens after death is just as simple as a basic math problem’ thing.” I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I don’t want any!

        Hey Comic Boy! I really don’t know anything
        about your comic book “super heroes.” Honestly, I wasn’t being clever when I picked that name, but it sounds like I got lucky and picked one, who you say, refuses to learn! That fits you perfectly! I liked comic books when I was just a kid, but I’m an adult now. Please don’t try to tell me how much you learn about the real world, from reading and studying your
        little comic books. They’re FANTASY! (Priceless! I couldn’t make up things and have them make
        you look any more juvenile than you just did!
        And you’re the one who is always telling us what we should do! Priceless indeed!)

        Time management IS overrated. You can never
        manufacture new time and you can never recover any time that you piddled away while you were studying your comic books.

        I didn’t attack anyone! I simply made a statement about your parents, based upon what you had told me. Are you saying you’re not a credible witness? I hate the fact that you seem to stick up for
        everything that’s evil, but I DON’T hate YOU! No matter how many of your relatives were in the military, that doesn’t give YOU any credibility.

        Knowing how un-American and pro-muslim you are, if you and all of your relatives have pretty much the same mind on politics, that tells me you’re probably all traitors. I’m just going by what you have told me!

        The military BEGGED you to sign up? HA! They told the crippled, cross-eyed idiot who lived around the block from you the same things. They’re like politicians; they’ll say anything to get you in, but once you’re in, you’re theirs! And you were flattered by that! You’ve been reading too many comic books Rube!

      • OpenMinded

        You need to stop being so hateful. You need to learn to accept others, even if they are different from you. And you seriously need to find a new obsession. You can insult me all you want, but insulting my family is a step to far. Consider the last you’ll be hearing from me. And I’d much prefer it if you’d leave me be as well. We don’t agree, and we never will. No more needs to be said.

      • Maurice

        Obviously, hatefulness is like beauty; it’s in the eye of the beholder. I’m not being hateful; I’m just calling a snake, a snake! Are you mad because I popped your little balloon? Awww! Poor baby!

        The vast majority of people in this world are very different than me, but I get along with most of them just fine. “Most people” are civilized and don’t believe in murdering innocent people. Nor do I! But you see no difference between people who are truly innocent and others who are aggressive and follow a holy book that tells them to lie, maim, enslave and murder their fellow men. I gladly accept “most people” because they represent that which is good. I reject YOU, because you represent all things evil.

        “Most people” are honest. I attempt to be honest. I’m sure it’s the best policy. But you lie and twist everything that anybody says. You attempt to deceive others into accepting your abominable lifestyle. You attempt to deceive others into accepting Muslims as a kind, peace-loving people, when in truth, their holy book tells them to murder, and we have seen them do it many times, without any mercy or compassion. On this issue also, I accept “most people” because they represent that which is good.
        I reject YOU, because you do that which is pleasing to Satan!

        “Most people” are helpful. I try to be helpful to everyone. But you criticize others and run everybody down. You’re very condescending and you make many accusations that aren’t true. You twist the words of others and attempt to confuse the issues. You attempt to shame people into supporting an abominable lifestyle on the pretext that it’s supporting “equal rights.” I accept “most people” on this issue, because they and I agree that we should help our fellow man. But I reject you because you represent
        evil, in that you would have us to return to the confusion of the tower of Babel.

        “Most people” at least attempt to be good. I’m human, so I have plenty of faults, but I try to be good. You seem proud to represent all things that are abominable and murderous! You never learn to be compassionate to anyone, except for murderers and those who choose to continue living an abominable lifestyle. You criticize and belittle others who are much better examples of kindness and acceptance than you are. I choose to accept “most people” who at least attempt to be good and I reject you because of your evil ways. You say you have a thirst to study and learn, but you only come up with more evil words against good people.

        Your words in these posts are repetitions of lies and deceit. You have no understanding of anything that’s
        good and wholesome. You pretend righteous indignation and refuse to answer anything that you can’t refute. You’re a spoiled, childish brat who I would like to buy for what you’re worth, and sell for what you think you’re worth. At 26 years of age, you think you have all the answers, but in reality, you’re an idiot who is bent on doing evil.

        I suspect that your “comic books” aren’t comical at all. They seem to be your source for ignorance and
        vile behavior.

        You flatter yourself! I’m not obsessed with you; you’re my entertainment! You told me that I should learn to relax and enjoy myself, didn’t you?

        Thank you so much for your permission to insult you all I want. You may have noticed that I had been rather shy about that before. Insulting your family is a step “to” far? I think you mean “too” far. You’re the one who told me that your mother is a bitc*. Nothing I’ve said has been nearly as bad as that! She carried
        you to term instead of having you murdered in her womb. She fed you, loved you, changed your diapers, and cared for you in every way you needed her, but you’re so ungrateful as to say she’s a bitc*! I don’t know anything about her, except for what you have told me.

        You’re right! We will never agree! I don’t lie about muslims being a peaceful people or support their agenda at every turn, and I never will! I have no desire to practice an abominable lifestyle or support those who do. If you don’t like my comments, nobody is forcing you to continue to post on this board. Go away and I won’t bother you anymore. But you won’t do that. You really get off on telling lies and saying
        ignorant and rude things to other posters who all know much better than you, how this country and this world should be run.

        If you choose to stay, I really wish you’d refrain from whining and crying about me telling the truth about you.

  • theoldsheepherder

    This is tame compared to his embarrassing Fort Hood speech. In it he claimed, “… every soldier in the Army should be steering his own battle wagon hisself, not lettin’ others grab the tongue of yer wagon cause it’ll steer you to defeat and shame.”