Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Makes Possibly the Most Absurd Comments Concerning Ebola Yet (Audio)

louie-gohmertIt takes a special level of stupidity to render me speechless. But that’s exactly what happened after I ran across Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s comments about Ebola, the two nurses who unfortunately caught it and proven medical science.

While speaking with Glenn Beck, Gohmert said that these two female nurses catching Ebola is all part of the Democrats’ war on women.

No, this isn’t satire. He actually said that.

“You know, it’s a shame that the CDC head, Frieden, is apparently the commander of the Democrats’ new war on women nurses,” Gohmert said. “Because, goodnight, they set them up, and then they throw them under the bus.”

“The idiot comes out and says that clearly she had violated protocol,” he continued. “At least in football, they have to tell you what you violated.”

Let’s look at the facts about this “Ebola outbreak.” Let me start off by clarifying, there is no Ebola outbreak in the United States. 

We’ve had three people diagnosed with the virus in this country – three. Two who were directly working with the now deceased Thomas Duncan. Absolutely nobody he was in contact with prior to being isolated has shown any signs of having the virus.

Then, out of the numerous doctors and nurses who were in and out over the nearly two weeks Duncan was being treated, only two have been diagnosed with Ebola. Now, everyone who was involved in treating Mr. Duncan is still in the “observation window” for the virus. But as it stands now, only two health care workers have tested positive.

The CDC has maintained since the very beginning that people shouldn’t panic because Ebola doesn’t spread very easily and it’s almost impossible that we would see any kind of outbreak like what’s going on in Africa. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen.

Again, nobody Duncan was in contact with prior to being isolated caught the virus and only two of the workers involved in treating him when the virus was at its worst have tested positive.

So, logic would then dictate that somewhere along the way, these two nurses did something wrong (most likely inadvertently) that led to them catching Ebola. That’s not bashing them, or calling them incompetent – that’s just common sense. It was probably something small that they missed, or didn’t do properly.

And the CDC pointing this out, based on scientific facts about Ebola, isn’t “throwing these nurses under the bus.”

I’ve maintained from the very beginning that much of these issues are caused by incompetence at that hospital. To know that Thomas Duncan walked into this hospital, they knew he was from West Africa, and yet nobody who saw him thought to test for Ebola is incompetence on a level I can’t even fathom. I’m by no means a medical expert, but if someone walked up to me sick, then told me they were recently in West Africa, the first thing I would have tested for was Ebola.

So I have my suspicions that this hospital knew how to properly deal with Ebola, when some of the people working there didn’t even think to test for Ebola when a West African male came in with nearly every symptom of the virus.

But Gohmert’s pathetic comments are nothing more than a ridiculous attempt to politicize this situation. Of course many other politicians have already been doing that, but these comments were especially absurd. To go as far as to try to make this about a “war on women” is absolutely laughable.

Then again, when it comes to members of our Congress, Louie Gohmert is one of the biggest jokes there is.

Listen to his comments via The Blaze

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • TaxPaying American Voter

    This is why America knows a lot of Texans are downright stupid. It will take Wendy Davis as Governor to educate the next generation of Texans so this special kind of stupid from breeding. Wow! Between this guy, Greg abbot, Ted cruz and rick perry, anyone reading this would have a losing argument to the contrary.

    • Stephen Barlow

      She won’t change the old GOP guard that hangs out at The fish camp Rick Perry loving named “Niggerhead”. Without a Democratic Legislature, which in Texas will NOT happen in her lifetime, she will only be able to VETO voter suppression and abortion restrictions. Maybe get more money into schools and less on the football fields. 35% of all State Education funding is for Sports and 80% of THAT is for male sports. 70% of that is for football.

  • gatorfan

    Based on 2011 figures, in the United States approximately:
    779,109 people died of cardiovascular disease
    126,538 died in accidents
    53,826 died of pneumonia and the flu
    84,974 died from Alzheimer’s
    39,518 died from suicide
    23,111 died from Parkinson’s
    8,553 died from gunshots
    7,683 died of HIV
    3,009 people died of malnutrition (in the freakin’ United States!)
    931 died in childbirth
    539 people died of tuberculosis
    45 people died from syphillis
    3 people died from malaria (Again…this is in the USA).

    In 2014 in the USA, exactly 1 person has died from ebola.

    Any guess on which issue the media and Congress are calling a “crises” and freaking out over?

    • Pat

      According to statistics, since the ONE Ebola patient died 8 days ago, 2312 Americans were shot and 256 Americans died of gunshot wounds…

      • gatorfan

        “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” – The Wizard

    • Rainylady

      What about the 600 thousand people that have died from aids since 1983. The negligent response from the Reagan admin. How quickly we forget . Of course the pharma companies still charge outrageous money to keep people alive. What’s wrong with these so called government leaders.

      • Yea right AIDS is all Reagan’s fault. Was he suppose to cut off the gay sex in this country, as well as, all the drug use. What a loon.

      • Larry Wasnesky

        First your an ignorant ass, It has never has been the gay disease, just ignorant people used that term. The first cases of AIDS in the United Sataes were in 1981. By 1987, there were 41,027 dead from AIDS and 71,176 diaganosed with AIDS. April 2,1987 was the very FIRST time Ronald Regan even said the word AIDS,in public. Don’t forget this was going on since 1981 It took Ronald Regan 6 years to say a word about it, while 41,000 died. Regan was a coward at the highest level.

        A few comments from people in the Regan administration and Falwell who said that “AIDS is the wrath of God upon homosexuals.” Reagan’s communications
        director Pat
        Buchanan argued
        that AIDS is “nature’s revenge on gay men.”

        could have chosen to end the homophobic rhetoric that flowed from so many in his
        administration. Dr. C. Everett Koop, Reagan’s surgeon general, has said that
        because of “intradepartmental politics” he was cut out of all AIDS discussions
        for the first five years of the Reagan administration. The reason, he explained,
        was “because transmission of AIDS was understood to be primarily in the
        homosexual population and in those who abused intravenous drugs.” The
        president’s advisers, Koop said, “took the stand, ‘They are only getting what
        they justly deserve.’ ”

        Yes Saint Ronald Regan and the people he surrounded himself with at their best, hateful and ignorant. He totally ignored AIDS for 6 years while thousands died, and you fools bitch about Obama not doing enough with 1 dead from Ebola and 2 who have it and 2 who are cured. Stinking hypocrites.

      • Typical STUPID LIBERAL RESPONSE. It is funny that you think our government should be the ones who must save the undesirable in our culture. I’m guessing you’re one of the undesirables.

      • Larry Wasnesky

        Am I one of the undesirables? I am 60, married to my wife for 32 years faithfully,served my country,paid my own way, I am middle class, Does that count as an undesirable? What in your tiny narrow little mind is an undesirable? Gay? Black? poor? etc… You people are bitching at the goverment to do something about ebola right now? why? Regan was ok ignoring AIDS for 6 years while thousands died because republicans thought it was the gay plague which it was/is not. What you call undesirables I call people who need our help and we volunteer to help the less fortuunate. You probably run around calling yourself a Christian as you spew your hate at people and things that make you uncomfortable.”Stupid liberal” very far from being stupid and I have no problem being called a liberal, I am not a selfish, hateful person so I could not be a conservative. As far as stupid take a good look in the mirror. I gather from your words that you are an ignorant, selfish,hateful, un-informed little tea partier. People like you who drink the tea are the true undiresables in the country. Good luck with that.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Who are the undesirables? Was Rock Hudson undesirable? Up until his death his homosexuality was concealed, so as soon as the news came out was he undesirable? Was Ryan White undesirable? He was a child, he didn’t even live to become an adult, but was his need for a blood transfusion something that made him undesirable, thus needing to be weeded out? Being liberal has not formed my views in HIV/AIDS, but I think growing up in the 80’s did. I was young enough to be open minded. I didn’t have a really solid awareness of before AIDS (and things like shooting drugs or the sexualized nature of the 70’s weren’t on my radar either), and I grew up hearing about the disease. I was young during an era where news reports talked about people dying from it, campaigns were launched trying to educate people of the facts on how it is spread, and the announcements of drugs that can slow the progression. The existence of the disease in the world is nothing more than a fact to me. I would no more consider it a means of wiping out “undesirables” than I would of cancer.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I’m not a Reagan fan, but he wasn’t alone in not caring. I acknowledge that it did take a few years for scientists to understand the disease, but it was labeled for years as a gay disease or a drug user disease (although mostly gay). Even when news of Ryan White having HIV from a blood transfusion hit he faced years of being treated as “deserving it” because that was the mindset. To get HIV/AIDS you did something “bad” and you caught it. Reagan’s lack of concern mirrored much of the country. Ryan White helped change attitudes, but it was slow. There are still some that feel that anyone with the disease deserves it as a punishment, but that isn’t the prevailing attitude. Most of the country had no interest, not just Reagan.

    • Cemetery Girl

      Let’s talk about maternal mortality. Roughly 11 out of 100,000 chilbirths result in the death of the mother. There are 40 other countries that rank better than us. Yet we consider childbirth in this country pretty risk free. Since so many other countries have better survival rates, we have room for improvement. People are losing their minds over a slight risk, and we have so much room for improvement elsewhere.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Some people would argue that ALL births end in the death of the mother, but women seem to like worrying about toe squirmy, whining stinkbags of joy. In those Ebola ridden, famine infested, war torn, drug zone180 countries that rank BELOW America… a woman’s WORHT is almost strictly in her ability to bear children.

        they HAVE no educational possiblities, no aspirations other than popping out another fetus into infancy. Sad but true. Redistribute the world’s wealth and watch the #’s change.

      • Cemetery Girl

        And there are some in this country that would like to see women here brought back to only being valuable for their ability to pop out children. We are approaching 100 years of women being able to vote (nationally), yet there are still some people that will argue that the biggest mistake this country ever made was allowing women to vote. If the view grows, with the right support it would be possible to take women back more than a century. Considering the desire to hinder access to birth control and the desire to close clinics (which despite what some claim actually do more than just preform abortions), the possibility is legitimate.

      • Stephen Barlow

        THe possibility is more accurately described as REMOTE. But as long as we do NOT fight for EQUALITY on a daily basis, for all those the WHITE HIERARCHY attacks on a daily basis… women rick the loss through voter suppression laws like those in Texas, of their real power, through the ballot box.

      • Cemetery Girl

        It is remote, but like you said voting is the key. When we elect people that don’t believe in the validity of rape claims, that don’t support laws against domestic violence, that don’t support wage equality, that want to hinder access to birth control, and that are shutting down clinics that women use, then we’re on that road.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Then we NEED to be out in the streets and the media supporting the Wendy Davis’, the Nunns and Grimes…

        We NEED a Constitutional Convention to hammer all this out for the 21st Century, but first we need to overcome gerrymandering and voter suppression. the SCOTUS rulings AGAINST Texas and Wisconsin are strong points for new suits against NC and the other states that might draft new ID laws modeled after NC.

        I personally think “50 Bullets That Changed America” would be a great title for a death row memoir, don’t you? Too bad My eyesight’s shot and I cant hit a deer @ 700 yards anymore. Know anyone who is yard saleing a souvienier RPG from the Iraq?

        4 SCOTUS, 6 Senate, 12 house and 24 media. Plus 4 misses @ 90% accuracy. hehehe

    • Stephen Barlow

      BEcause it’s an African Jungle Disease!!!!

    • Every outbreak starts with one person.

      Now that the CDC screwed up and let the nurse get on a plane the bug is out. With only one case they have already lost control from what I see. When we start getting people who cross the borders with the intent to spread this the problems, things will get out of control quickly.

      It’s just a matter of time.

      • Cat Marcuri

        When you can show me two patients with it, I will agree that you can justifiably posit a third and more. But to take ONE patient and then claim that an outbreak has started is nothing more than panic mongering.

      • It’s only a matter of time. The more we keep importing it, the better the odds. ALL epidemics start with ONE person.

      • We only have a few dozen beds at most in the country to keep this safe. Once they are overrun it will likely get out of control. If it could be stopped then why is it still a problem in several nations now? Those nations are FAR less mobile than we are.

      • Larry Wasnesky

        “Now that the CDC screwed up and let that nurse get on a plane the bug is out” I seriously doubt that anyone on the plane was touching the nurse’s urine, poop, throw up or blood. It is not an airborne disease.

      • It may not be yet, but let it spread around this nation of antibiotic dependends, and we’ll see how long that takes. We’ve had several cases already in just a few weeks. It IS coming here, unless we CLOSE the borders, and restrict travel.

      • Larry Wasnesky

        Sorry but, We lose around 36,000 people a year from the flu amd after effects of the flu, Where is the panic over that. So far we have one dead,and two (I believe) who have ebola right now and the nurse in New Jersey whose test’s came back negative. Yes it should be taken seriously, but some people are in a major panic about it and I don’t understand that. Ebola is not easy to catch. you have to have direct contact with someone’s urine, fecal matter. throw up, blood, basically body fluids. Ebola is not an airborne disease.

        Of course it does not help when our media makes it sound like the end of the world but, that is how our news media acts now, with the gotcha moments, shock. exaggeration, depends on how their ratings are for that month.News. It is not news anymore, it’s entertainment, and the so called cable news shows leads the pack. You never hear that Mrs. Smith from NJ has the flu or died from the flu died Why is that? Probably not as dramatic or scary as the word “Ebola”.

    • Larry Wasnesky

      They are having ebola hearings already. Republicans have wasted well over 150 million dolars for their Darrell Issa witch hunts so far and have not proved a damn thing. We could have used that wasted money for ebola research and treatment, or to help the poor. It was embarrassing to watch republicans on the attack, lookiing for that gotcha moment as usual. They could care less about the people who were/are sick.They continue to have one goal only and that is to take our President down even at the expense of hurting the entire country.Very nasty people.

  • jooooo

    As Gohmert and Stockman prove, you don’t have to be particularly bright to enter Congress. You just need to come from a gerrymandered district where the opposition party has no sound organization. Bachmann proved the same thing. So did Palin in Alaska in the governor’s race. Congress has dozens of people like this, and the more they say, the more likely they will be noticed — and notoriety will keep them in office.

    • Avatar

      After all that’s so Texas.

  • Avatar

    Two Elephants came into secret chamber to formula the short list for 2014 elections and they wrote;

    1. Bad Economy

    2. Too high taxes

    3. Ebola

    4. ISIL

    5. Ebola & ISIL

    6. Quarantine Texas


    One elephant ask other, “what are we missing here?”

    Other one replied; Benghazi!


    “Sounds about right!”

    “Oh change that #6 from Texas to Mexico, alright? We wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of Ted Cruz, he’s one scary useful dude.”

    • Stephen Barlow


  • Pat

    Although you are right on every point… you are still arguing an obvious, willful, knowing and pathetic LIAR with facts… Everyone knows he’s lying and making stuff up…. even those who believe him. But they just don’t care one bit because anything fueling hatred is good for them, even lies.

    There are no words to describe the sad state of what the United States now call “politics”. It’s beyond pro wrestling fake. It’s plain nauseating to watch.

    • Stephen Barlow

      I think Gohmert and many other Redpubliturds actually believe their own Bullshi* the same way most Germans WANTED to and eventually DID believe they were the Master Race and that Gassing and Baking Jews was just the Natural order of things.

      The REDS show the same blindness to anything but the party line, the only difference is that in 21st Century America, no one is going to either Siberian Labor Camps nor Nazi Concentration Camps for NOT believing the COMPLETELY manufactured anti government Redpubliturd fantasy.

      Which refutes almost ALL of the “COMPLETELY manufactured anti government fantasy” down to the last word.

      The two biggest flaws in a rant like Gohmert’s are “how?” and “WHY???” He has answers for neither. Stockman, Cruz, the whole GOP shebang don’t either. In Germany they have Monuments to the Holocaust EVERYWHERE. They NEVER want to forget.

      We need National Park Service plaques erected wherever this nonsense was perpetrated.

      “Here on October 4th, 2013, Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann patronized American Military Veterans for photo ops.On this spot she made spurrious accusations that the President and hot her beloved Tea Party had shut the Government down specifically to deny Veteran’s the right to visit Monuments to them and their fallen fellow troops.”

      “On this spot, Senator Ted Cruz lied about being mainly responsible for the Government shutdown that wasted $24 Billion taxpayer dollars and denied Federal Services to the entire country for 16 days.”

      “On October 17th, 2014, Representative Louis Gohmert humiliated himself with a racist rant blaming then president obama for a massive outbreak of 5 cases of EVD on American soil as part of a secret plan to take over the world and be the Emperor of Earth.”

      And parents will have to explain this part of American History to their children just as German parents must explain Hitler, Himmler and Goering to their offspring.

      • Cat Marcuri

        Good idea! And we can start “Hysterical Marker” tours for families to go on, and tour guides to clearly explain the errors these jokers made.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Complete with roadside memorials to Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights under Amendments 1,4,6,8,9,10,and 23. Not to mention Article One, Sections 3,4 &5, WOmen’s Health RIGHTS, VOTING RIGHTS and don’t forget to CElebrate Open Carry, DYG and Free Murders for White Folk is they kill a minority!!!!

  • BoiseBoy

    British response to British troops and Naval hospital ship being sent to Sierra Leone to help in the fight against Ebola:

    “Well done, troops, jolly good.”

    Dumbarse FoxBot response to American troops being sent to help:

    “What? Sending soldiers in to help? This is a conspiracy. Doesn’t this administration know that real, patriotic Fox-loving ‘Merkins kill people, not help them?” So Lame.

  • katherine norton malek

    Politicians & radio talk show hosts as medical experts? It takes a special brand of STUPID to put any credence on statements from them regarding a complex medical issue, including Rand Paul (former opthamologist) – all taking ebola & turning it into a political platform, spreading misinformation to further their political aspirations, touting themselves as more knowledgeable than Drs., the CDC and/or WHO. Next time you get the Flu, by all means, write to your congressman and call Howard Stern for treatment. Where has all common sense gone?

    • BoiseBoy

      It flew out the window with the Fairness Doctrine.

    • Fox specializes in attracting “a special brand of stupid.”

      • BendExPat

        Unfortunately, even CNN isn’t immune to infectious stupdidity. This was exhibited when a CNN host asked the head of the CDC his thoughts on a statement, made by one Donald Trump, regarding the Ebola “crisis”. Yeah, let’s ask a real Doctor, with years of medical experience, about the opinion of a billionaire property mogul, and all around failure of a human being. Like anyone should care?

      • dedegold

        CNN is sinking lower by the minute.

      • buricco

        CNN sees Fox Noobs’ ratings and wants them, so it mindlessly follows them off a cliff.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Rand Paul, the SELF ACCREDITED, one of a kind, not state licensed Opthamological student POSING as a Doctor.
      At least he is more of a Doctor that Laura Schlesinger of the Dr. Laura scam…(that people STILL paid to see and bought her books to read after her fraud was exposed!!) WHy was she never prosecuted for multiple counts of fraud?

  • Capt Dave

    You just can’t fix Stupid.

  • Feb thirteen

    Teabaggers will never be happy until there is anarchy against our first black President

    • Elizabeth

      They’re certainly trying hard enough….hope their efforts are in vain!

  • Georgia RN

    The only issue that I have with this article is that, again, it assumes that the nurses “did something wrong”……which is a big assumption. RNs know the gravity of the disease. Those nurses very well may have done everything CORRECT by their hospitals current isolation protocols AT THE TIME. Most hospitals are not prepared for isolation at the level that Ebola requires. As a 20-year nurse I know that to be a fact. I have never worked in a hospital, including the one that I work at now, that is prepared for an Ebola infected patient to walk through the door. It is a level of isolation that we rarely see. Those two infected nurses and the other 70-odd healthcare givers that took care of Mr. Duncan may have actually done everything correctly with the information, protocols and equipment that they had available at the time and still got infected. Let us PLEASE stop blaming the infected nurses and look at the healthcare system and the system’s preparedness for this disease. Can we do that?

    • RJR

      I agree that this isn’t the nurses’ fault. It is the hospital administrators’ fault.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I don’t agree with that either. At least NOT in the matter of protocols (even though the CDC is ALWAYS ready to help if asked)

        I DO blame then for POLICY discrimination against the best treatment of the uninsured and perhaps even against people of color. But that can all be dealt with AFTER the important CARE of their own employees is successful.

        I BET that they bill Nurse Pham’s insurance for everything and what her insurance doesn’t cover will come out of her severance pay. She probably doesn’t want to work there after this anyway.

    • Cemetery Girl

      This is part of the problem, right now there at two main trains of thought: blame the nurses or it must be airborn. This is a type of virus that few hospitals would be prepared for. These poor nurses didn’t want to get sick.

    • Stephen Barlow

      SOMETHING went WRONG. TERRIBLY WRONG. and Nurse Pham did admit wiping her face with a hand after removing a glove. I get your defense of an ‘innocent’ mistake, but a mistake, by definition, is something done wrong.

      To ME it’s not an issue of blame, but more of an explanation we can use to better the protocols. A LESSON if you will.

  • mickey

    only lasted 22 seconds, then had to shut it off


    Behold the IQ of the typical Christian Republican.

  • Ivan Renko

    3 Things Obama Inherited from Bush:

    1. An Ebola Free United States
    2. An ISIS Free Baghdad
    3. A Russian Free Crimea

    • Sandy Greer

      I’ll bite.

      1) I wouldn’t fault him Ebola. Doubtful even Isolationism can keep disease at bay.

      2) Possible to make the case here.

      3) I’m not an Isolationist. But disapprove of Neocons. As such – would not lay this at his feet.

    • Stephen Barlow

      hahaahha And:

      1) an imploding economy
      2)skyrocketing health costs
      3)a Congress that could actually pass a bill.

      then eople like you backstabbed him in 2010 and blame him for YOUR voting errors in back to back elections

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      that’s it?
      wow– im voting republican in 2014/2016 so we can get back2 those incredibly beneficial republican federal policies (see: 2000-2008) which made us so much better for ALL americans
      ” Baghdad”??????

    • Larry Wasnesky

      There are 2 people with ebola in the entire USA, Get a grip. The Flu kills 36,000 a year, why are you not freaking out about that?…. ISIS is not in Baghdad and there would be no ISIS in Iraq if we had not invaded and occupied for no reaosn in the first place.. ISIS was formed in 2006. President Obama was Senator Obama then. in 2003 as a Senator, Obama voted against going to war in Iraq. Guess he knew better. Bush never did a damn thing when Russia invaded Georgia, and they are not Russian free still. Obama did not send 185,000 innocent people to their death in Iraq for a lie. Paybacks for Daddy Bush? The list goes on and on.

  • lindylou

    Gohmert isn’t dumb. He has chosen to take the “low road” because it’s easy and he has lots of traveling companions.

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      tell gohmert ebola –if treated properly– can re grow scalp hair

  • imapayne

    What they are neglecting to admit is it takes an act of congress and congress is not in session. Just like they left so they didn’t have to deal with the ISIS issue. Louie is saying it’s the federal governments job to deal with all this. Louie IS the federal government. What an A$$!!!

  • Sam

    PATRICK M. ANDENDALL has determine 67% of the GOP is incapable of rational thinking.
    Now all you hear is Republicans fear-mongering about Ebola,
    But remember that they’ve cut $1.55 billion from the budget of the National Institute of Health, $300 million from the Center for Disease Control, and slashed global health programs by $411 million in recent years.

    Its like duck taping your hands and feet together and throwing you in the river then say swim for it

    Bottom line here is
    The GOP’s anti-government crusade has hampered our ability to face the Ebola challenge.“
    Beck is out of his mind if he thinks it only takes Christians volunteers to fight Ebola for free,,
    Especially when wing nuts are trying to stop traffic form returning.
    Rick Perry even said stopping air traffic is not the answer.

  • Sam

    they both criticizes efforts of the president to help because it’s not an emergency.
    ,Then they make an about face contradicting their own words in a need to stop all traffic because of Ebola.
    hey are both talking out of both sides of faces

    • Elizabeth

      It’s one of those things they do best!!!

  • Harry McMerkin

    This is no more outrageous than the Democrats blaming Ebola on phantom CDC funding cuts.

  • plenty

    I’m embarrassed for Louie Gohmert’s display of Ignorance.