Texas Republican Proposes Putting Secession On State’s Presidential Primary Ballot

texas-lone-star-lunaticsMany residents of Texas have flirted with the idea of secession, probably since the state initially joined the Union all the way back in 1845. In recent years, conservatives have been pushing the concept again and are arguing that secession is legal.

Obviously, secession is out of the question as the short-lived Confederacy found out 150 years ago. That hasn’t stopped a lot of conservatives from continuing to propose the idea, as well as a lot of misinformed liberals who happily applaud letting members of the Lone Star State carry through on their threats.

The latest round of derp comes from a Texas GOP committee member who wants to put up a resolution at the party’s meeting next month.

Via Chron.com:

Tanya Robertson, State Republican Executive Committee member for Senate District 11, which covers parts of Harris, Galveston and Brazoria counties, said she’ll present the resolution at the committee’s December 4 meeting in Austin, and that she already has support from a few other members.

“There’s been a big groundswell of Texans that are getting into the Texas independence issue,” she said, citing conversations she’s had with constituents. “I believe conservatives in Texas should have a choice to voice their opinion.”

Texas GOP chairman Tom Mechler said Tuesday that many resolutions are presented each year for consideration on the primary ballot, but that he did not believe sufficient support existed within the SREC to approve the secession item. (Source)

The important thing to note is that while the state chairman says it won’t get the support to make it to the primary ballot, this is an ongoing issue right-wing members of the Texas GOP use to rile up their base. There is a very real movement by some secessionists who argue that they are allowed to leave the Union, as well as a number of websites like Texas Secede! that argue it is legal under the Texas Constitution.

Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has even weighed in on the issue, and stated that not only was secession from the Union not an option for states like Texas, but that the matter was decided by the Civil War.

So why does secession come up over and over again? Why would Texas Republican officials like Tanya Robertson propose this when even conservative Supreme Court justices have said it was a dead issue?

The answer is because it riles up the base. Remember, Texas is the home state of Ted Cruz who has the network and funding to stay in the 2016 Republican presidential race beyond the state’s primary election in March. Putting this resolution out for a vote, even though it wouldn’t make it to the ballot, would help energize secessionists against the GOP establishment, and further the narrative that the already rigidly conservative Texas Republican Party isn’t radical enough.

Texas can not and will not secede from the United States. There are hundreds of years of history and precedents, along with common sense that will slap down that idiotic idea – but don’t tell that to anyone who is so wrapped up in political ideology that they’ll ignore the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions.


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  • Ole Man

    Tell ya what. Just as soon as President Obama invades, you can put it on the ballot.

    • Doug Robb

      Blithering moron

      • Ole Man

        ROFL! What does that make you? Believing that Texas was going to be invaded; and now wanting succession–pitiful and pathetic!

  • tweedtone

    Can we keep Austin in a quasi West Berlin kind of arrangement…?

    • tobyspeeks

      The Feds will gerrymander/annex Austin and all roads leading to the closest border with the U.S.A. Every Texan will be stripped of their passports too.

      • noah vail

        then we’ll have more of those “illegal immigrants” to deal with when they want to leave their new “wonderland” that didn’t turn out exactly as they predicted….i say we don’t allow any of those gun-totin “texas radicals” back into the U S of A, they might be terrorists…

  • Cemetery Girl

    While I agree that the idea of secession is idiotic and an issue decided 150 years ago, I’ll admit part of me wants them to go for it. Texas was Mexican territory. They won’t be recognized as a sovereign country. (The CSA couldn’t get much backing on that 150 years ago!) The amount of problems secession will cause will be big. I’m curious though, if Texas does secede do we get rid of Cruz? Will he try for President of Texas or would he flee?
    (And rest assured, a huge part of my attitude is just because I’m so sick of hearing that Texas should secede.)

    • The Cosmic Avenger

      I’d love to see them have to give up their Federally funded highways and schools…forget all the other things that OUR money paid for, just those two alone would drive Texas back into the early 20th century. Almost exactly 1/3 (33.28%) of Texas’s budget comes from the Federal government, so even if they “export” oil, they’d still quickly become a third-world country.

      • ratherdrive

        Schools? Texas has schools?

  • ratherdrive

    For Texas to secede legally, all the other 49 States would have to agree.

    Anybody see a problem with getting that to happen? 🙂

    • noah vail

      nope !