Texas Republicans Waste Millions on Special Sessions, One Thinks Wendy Davis Should Pay Up

wendydavis11It has come to my attention through a variety of news sources that the Texas GOP, specifically state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, wants Senator Wendy Davis to pay for the costs of holding yet another special session. In case you were living in the Alaskan tundra or completely turned off all news sources for the past couple of months, the Texas GOP has been launching an all-out war on women’s reproductive health recently. Now, they’re heading into a third special session called by Gov. Rick Perry which will commence this coming Monday. You see, instead of taking care of real government business, they jammed in anti-choice legislation during the first and second sessions.

The original cause for the first special session, according to ThinkProgress.org, was to pass a transportation bill. Instead of getting that done, they decided to try to pass some of the most restrictive abortion regulations in the country — which had absolutely nothing to do with transportation. At approximately $800,000 per special session, it is clear that fiscal responsibility means nothing to Texas Republican legislators when it comes to passing unconstitutional bills that will very likely cost them even more to defend in the federal court system. From ThinkProgress:

“I am upset at the cost,” Capriglione said. “I think we need to remember why we are having this extra special session. One state senator, in an effort to capture national attention, forced this special session. I firmly believe that Sen. Wendy Davis should reimburse the taxpayers for the entire cost of the second special session. I am sure that she has raised enough money at her Washington, D.C., fundraiser to cover the cost.”

No Rep. Capriglione, you could have accomplished passing the fiscal business in the regular or even the first special session, but your party instead decided to throw a bone to the religious right and put as many women’s healthcare clinics out of business as you possibly could. The party that complains about regulations on corporations is on the verge of spending almost $2.5 million on special sessions which have largely focused on regulating medical facilities — and women’s bodies. Now you have the cajones to ask that Senator Davis, who (unlike your cronies in the US Senate) performed an actual filibuster, pay for the session in which you rammed through unconstitutional legislation — and then introduced even more? You talk about being the party of fiscal responsibility and smaller government, but you’ve already spent over a million taxpayer dollars forcing unconstitutional regulations upon medical businesses and women’s reproductive choices? Seriously?

The actions of the Texas GOP in 2013 have done two things. First of all, they’ve shown the country what we could expect to see under a completely Republican controlled federal government. Second, they’ve alienated moderate voters and hastened the demise of their own party. And they have nobody to blame but themselves.


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  • maxiemom

    Okay, then the Republicans in congress should have to pay cost of the 40 votes to repeal Obamacare at the very LEAST.

  • ricklee228

    I am not even going to waste my time in reading this garbage! After last night the GOP vote to jump through the same damn hoop they have had Congress jumping through regarding The Affordable Health Care Act. They have lost this stupid legal battle 5 times and just want to do it again. I want the GOP paying back every damn penny wasted on their assault on President Obama’s much need Health Care Act. Until they do they have nothing of value to say….damn idiots, every single one of them. Just like monkeys in a bunch, oh that’s right, that’s called a CONGRESS!!!!!!

  • FedUp

    Texas is just folling the lead of the federal government with regards to procrastination. I recall a very enoyable radio address from President Obama near the end of last year when he basically told the Senate and Congress to grow up, do your job, and stop kicking the can down the road. Now Texas needs to hear this.
    Better yet, how about we get someone’s sweet granny to go into the sessions and tell them all they should be ashamed of themselves for not doing the jobs they were elected to do!

  • Cemetery Girl

    Is this supposed to be some sort of threat? If you fight our legislation we will bill you? Sadly, that’s probably the next step. Allow Republicans to do as they wish or they will want to bill you for fighting their legislation (regardless of public, AKA tax payer, opinion of the legislation.)

  • Rey Fox

    The sheer unmitigated gall…

  • Pipercat

    Just shows to go ya, free speech is alive and well! Even the frivolous kind; exercised by elected officials!!

  • Gene Roman

    Republicans are perfect examples of why dropping your baby on it’s head is a no-no.