Texas School Board Member Comically “Apologizes” After Posting Incredibly Racist Christmas Message

Sometimes I sit back and just ask myself, “What the hell are people thinking?” That’s exactly the sentiment I felt when I ran across the story of a Hooks Independent School District board member, Chris Harris, who posted an incredibly racist message on his Facebook depicting a hooded Ku Klux Klan member with the caption “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” written on it.

In this day and age of social media being the quickest way for anyone to get into a lot of trouble with their employer, or the public at large, I just don’t understand why people continue to do stupid things like this.

Look, if someone wants to be a racist prick, that’s every bit their right as an American to be a racist prick in their private lives and deal with whatever consequences come their way. But to be openly racist, especially when you’re a member of a public school board, is simply unacceptable. Racism itself is bad enough, but add to it the stupidity of someone like Harris posting this on a public forum – that’s a true testament to the idiocy of this man.

But to his credit, he did issue an apology – that made very little sense. In it he claims this post was merely done out of frustration, saying, “On last Monday, I took to social media to express an inner frustration that I unfortunately verbalize in a distasteful and embarrassing manner.”

So, a post showing a member of the KKK captioned with “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” was a depiction of a frustration he felt. Okay, and how do you go about excusing that? Considering you don’t just “happen” to support the KKK or anything at all related to them. Someone doesn’t just wake up one day, frustrated with something race related and go straight to posting images of one of the most vile white supremacist groups in our nation’s history. I’m sorry, but his apology is b.s. He’s only apologizing because of the very public backlash he received following this post.

I would love for him to elaborate and let us all know what kind of “frustrations” he faced that pushed him to post something relating to a white supremacy group.

There are two kinds of apologies:

  • Where someone is legitimately sorry for something they did.
  • When someone is sorry because they got caught.

I fully believe Harris falls on the latter of those two. Especially after I visited his Facebook page and found that this guy is clearly a right-wing radical, with several posts such as:

  • This one professing that anyone seeing the image must “share it” to show their support in reciting our Pledge of Allegiance.
  • A George W. Bush internet meme.
  • Another one begging people to “save us from Obama and the stupid democrats.”
  • A post telling Sen. Harry Reid to “get the f*** out.”
  • This post related to Ferguson from back in October where he wrote, “I am going to tell you what if I was in charge there I give all those assholes one warning that there better not be any violence one time and one time only and if they didn’t listen I start mowing them down one (sic) the spot this shit has gone on long enough.”
  • A meme he shared stating that President Obama would have been impeached by now if he were white.
  • This “awesome” article he shared that comically declared Democrats were drafting a “new Constitution” so that we could elected President Obama for another term.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re shocked that someone who would post all of those ridiculous things on his Facebook page ended up posting a KKK-themed imagine expressing his desire for “a white Christmas.” Because it’s absolutely unheard of to hear about some right-wing conservative posting or saying something blatantly racist, right?

I don’t believe for a second he’s sorry for what he posted. The only reason he’s apologizing at all is because he’s now in a decent amount of trouble and is trying to do whatever damage control he can, hoping to save his job.

When I first came across this story I was going to chalk this up to a really bad decision and didn’t believe that the guy should be punished. But after going through his Facebook and seeing the nonsense he’s posted, some of which can easily be viewed as racist (showing he clearly has some underlying racial issues that go well beyond just this one KKK post), if this guy isn’t removed from the school board, the entire school district should be ashamed of themselves.

He has absolutely no business working for any kind of public school district, let alone sitting on the school board itself.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Sandra Mason

    the response of the school superintendent was, to me, even worse. his ‘wimpy’ excuse and denial of any responsibility to act or take a stand (“I work for them”) was sorry.

  • It’s the GOP vying to make it possible for President Obama to serve a third term so they can try to deny it to him.

  • Gary Smith

    Kick his ass right the fuck out.
    — A Middle Aged, white Texas veteran

    • Judy Rae Jackson

      Agreed. I am a middle aged, white Texas mom & IF this jackass was a part of my kid’s school system, I would have his head on a platter.

  • Macdoodle

    When a white man tells the truth about black people, he is a racist,
    when a black man tells the truth about black people he is an “Uncle
    Tom”? The truth hurts, and it really does not matter who says it.

    • Little Liberal Larry

      What truth is being spoken with a Klan pic saying “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”
      Explain the “truth” in that Aryan

    • Catherine Maisey

      hey there macdoodle…..I’m with Little Liberal Larry…hows about explaining that truth using the Klan for us…..

    • DavidD

      You woundn’t know what the truth was if it bit you on the ass and tapped it out in Morse code on your wedding tackle Mc Bigot.Doodle off .

    • PacoJo

      Macdoodle, you sound as stupid as Chris Harris. Actually, you sound far dumber because you’re backing up someones poor judgement and behavior. It must be a sad place to live … in your racist little world. Go read a book.

      • Rhonda Warmack Houston

        PacoJo, Now, You are speaking in a condescending manner which is a putdown, which may be to make you feel better. Poor judgement and clumping it all together with behavior is a far bigger error of judgement than telling someone that they are stupid because that throws GREATER doubt on to you and your reasoning which is the way in which racists and racism is given out to those who do not deserve it.

    • forpeace

      The truth is you are just as ignorant as Chris Harris because you are trying to justify his inappropriate behavior.

      The truth hurts, and I did say it, but I hope I didn’t hurt you that much!

    • Beamer Beamer

      What truth is that? Black people are inferior? Yep that would be racist.

      • Rhonda Warmack Houston

        Beamer Beamer, The truth is relative to whom ever is telling the truth, unless it is based on facts.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      Macdoodle, The manner in which you phrase this, means that the person speaking is speaking the truth (not opinon or what they want something to be, correct). Why would that bother you? What I believe you mean is that when a white man racistly tells something about another who is another color other than white, it shows great disrespect. So, it’s the manner in which one formulates the truth, making sure they have all the facts, and what they say is not based on putting someone down, so as to elevate themselves…

  • Nick Wride

    #1, it’s TexASS. #2, he’s a Republican. #3, he’s probably a member of the Klan.
    Nothing new to see here. It’s the same old TexASS, Republican, Christian conservatism.

    • DavidD

      Your less than witty puerile general statement about my natve state says a lot more about you thn it does about us.
      When these issues come up a coward likes you loves to pile on with a divide and conquer GOP meme to stir up shit for your own emotional gratification.
      Grow up or join the other side.You obviously are simpatico with their methods.

      • Nick Wride

        Your so-called state is seemingly full of nothing but ignorant, inbred, redneck, racist shitkickers. Very few decent Texans have the balls to come out and confront them. Silence is the same as acceptance.

      • Beamer Beamer

        So in other words you condone this behavior and celebrate it actually.

      • DavidD

        We probably have more democrats than either of your states and putting words in my mouth and passing that off as true is what trolls do,You are not progresive and it would probably best that both of you join the GOP since you both seem comfortable with their tactics.

      • DavidD

        No in your words.not mine.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      Nick Wride, Also he has been well indoctrinated with the Jim Crow law which came into affect 164 yrs ago.

  • Pam Roth

    You just cannto fix stupid….he was caught,and is only sorry because he wants to cover his backside.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      Pam Roth, That wasn’t stupid, that was showing his belief system concerning whites and non-whites and that not everyone is equal. Fixing this problem is acknowledging that the Jim Crow Laws still exist and that the social history of the South has not been addressed for the last 164 years and still has not been, but perpetuates these beliefs further and when they shared with the rest of the nation when we now have a black president, this mindset comes rolling forward and does not resound at all good for Texas.

  • GenerallyConfused

    And the saddest part here… you can keep everyone who isn’t a friend from seeing anything you post on FB. Most idiots can’t fathom doing that and announce their asinine posts and points of view to the entire world.

  • forpeace

    Chris Harris wrote “Last night I posted something meant as a joke and that I now realize it offended people and I realize it was very inappropriate but by no means is that what I intended.”

    How was that a joke?

    Ignorant people say and do things that are not appropriate.
    They say they are sorry only when they are caught.
    And they keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    I know there are so many good and intelligent people living in Texas, so what qualified him to be a Texas School Board Member?

    Always “think before you speak.”

    • Eg Kbbs

      And this guy is a school board member – responsible for setting the example for our children. And he doesn’t realize that the KKK/White Christmas idea has been used seriously for decades ?

      Not to mention, the KKK / white Christmas might have been somewhat witty the first thousand times. But by now it shows that he either doesn’t keep uup with society (well this is TX) or he is a total idiot that still thinks this is witty.

      • forpeace

        It is hard to believe he didn’t know anything about what you’ve mentioned.

        He is using those excuses to cover up his wrong doing.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      forpeace, This has to do with a belief system which has been around since the Jim Crow laws were put into play after the civil war.

      • forpeace

        Yes, I believe you are absolutely correct, Rhonda

  • Dot

    “I’m sorry I got caught.”

  • Cemetery Girl

    I think it’s great that he posted that. He blatently showed his discrimination. The district knows exactly what they’re going to get with him. Now the district has to decide if they want someone so openly close-minded to help steer the education of children. Better to decide based on his actual views than a fascade.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      Cemetery Girl, The community may KNOW what they will be getting now, but most I have to assume, may very much like his view of the world, who themselves have grown up with this same view, but when your children go and maybe leave Texas, if their view of other who are equal and have no respect for an official in office who may not be the same color as their skin, they will not be prepared for the real world and how to live within it.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Parents that approve of his views are going to teach their children those same views, causing their children to be underprepared for living in a society with anyone different. A sad reality. Hopefully, since enough parents did complain to warrant an apology, enough will care to elect someone else to the board.

  • FD Brian

    Idiots on school boards are not in the best interest of our children.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      FD Brian, Do you know any other word other than idiot ? and I’d put money on it, that you use the word stupid profusely too?..am I correct?

      • FD Brian

        idiot seems the be the nicest way to say it. I can use others as well. Do you have a preference? I’m happy to take suggestion, is moron okay? How about dip shit?

  • DavidD

    He will probably tell you he is not racist but pro white like all th lying facist non entities do now.In a society that has everyone is equal under the law he has no business setting any kind of public policy for the general populace.
    Don’t wait for a I’m a victim pity party resignation letter but fire,impeach or recall now and send this repulsive spud packing.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      DavidD. this is where YOU have to do your research, especially when the odds are that this official will be representing you and affect your children. How much time should be allowed to do this research?

      • DavidD

        I’m an old snort yaller dawg Democrat who to his shame once voted for a Republican.My mother asked me to because his mother was sick and he needed a job so I did.It was Todd Staples and I have regreted it ever since but what was I to do?
        You just can’t go against your kin if they don’t ask very often in such things.
        Watching what little I could stomache of the GOP did my research for me.

  • Guest

    Macdoodle, you sound as stupid as Chris Harris. Actually, you sound far dumber because you’re backing up someones poor behavior. It must be a sad place to live in your racist little world. Go read a book.

  • Beamer Beamer

    There is so much racist crap all over the internet I just refuse to read the comments on most articles. You can’t have a logical debate because of the racist diatribe.

    • Rhonda Warmack Houston

      Beamer Beamer, People will do what they are allowed to get away with…think about how small children learn what is acceptable to the community. One sets the form and then, I have found non-combatively state what I expect to whomever you chose to carry on a conversation.

  • rossbro

    Someone introduce him to an axe handle.

  • Jim Bean

    Some of what he says makes good sense. In particular;

    Another one begging people to “save us from Obama and the stupid democrats.”

    A post telling Sen. Harry Reid to “get the f*** out.”

    A meme he shared stating that President Obama would have been impeached by now if he were white.

    Especially the last one.

    • FD Brian

      the fact you defend this guy even to the slightest degree suggests to me you are an idiot.

      • Jim Bean

        I don’t doubt that. But I’ve never met anyone who never says anything that makes sense.

      • Not So Honest Abe

        Double negative—never never.

      • Jim Bean

        Grammar lesson: The ‘nevers’ in that sentence pertain to two different things. The first to whom I’ve met. The second to what anyone else says.

        You’ve heard the phrase ‘double negative.’ Now you at least know what it DOESN’T mean. You’re welcome.

  • The Reader

    It’s so “Texas”. There are good people in Texas so why do they keep allowing the badaxes to sprew the stuff that comes out of their very big state?

    • DavidD

      Because neither party are deemed by most people worth the trouble to support because they don’t represent thier intrest..Bat Shit Crazy or Republican Lite are our options.
      I vote every election but I’m rarely happy about it.
      The problem is not the people of Texas but in the political leadership of the two parties.

      • The Reader

        Don’t give up voting DavidD. I’m sure it’s frustrating, and I apologize for singling out your state. It’s really become more of a national virus

  • Rhonda Warmack Houston

    I have lived in Texas for 14 yrs after living many other places within my adult life via the military. This type of public behavior is a belief system learned from his parents and has been around for over 164 yrs since the civil war. This kind of language and belief system is learned and now because he is in public office his belief system is being shared with the rest of the culturally population who actually shares these beliefs. However, when this type of racism and Jim Crow type “of left over from the civil war” is seen and heard by the rest of the nation, it actually places his official where he truly is today…’lost back in the Jim Crow era’ when this area, which is still below the Mason-Dixon line, shows that most of these people who live here have not socially progressed and still hold beliefs that All WHO ARE AMERICANS ARE NOT EQUAL and they treat them that way, as an example of how these unequal American attempt to exercise their right to vote as well. Nothing has changed since 1865, here in Texas, Women vote on either one social issue or one emotional issue and sweep all the other issues which are important to themselves and their families under the rugs which allows those in high offices to do whatever they so desire. ( I was a grassroots caller for Wendy Davis) So, this type of show of racism and disrespect was for me, expected and a considered ‘normal’ manner in which this official to communicate. However, nationally, this man came across as what most within the rest of the nation, won’t want in their community, and this also provides the explanation of why there is so much racial and racism “still alive and well in Dixie”. You will notice that celebrations always center around the battles lost, campaigns and military heroics, but never interested in what those campaigns were fought over…what is talked about are battles but NEVER SOCIAL HISTORY within the civil war…and NEVER WAS IT SLAVERY which was the economic engine of the South which was the epicenter of Slavery. My granddaughter is growing up in this area and finds it difficult to speak about this. I am a navy veteran, with a BA in American history which was earned while on active duty (plus two other BAs and a masters) and I believe that Facts are important, and those who say what this official has said, who is supposed to have the confidence with the community, is giving back to those of his community, which is expected. However, nationally, what is shown via this officials words, is that Texas has NOT made any progress since the ending of that war between the states, 164 years ago and those of another color, other than white, are still not EQUAL.

  • Ellen H.

    It boggles my mind that anyone would still think something like that is funny or even appropriate in any way.