Texas School District Refusing to Put Senior Picture of Transgender Teen in Yearbook

jeydonHonestly, I don’t think a day goes by anymore where I don’t ask myself, “Just what in the hell is wrong with people?”  It never ceases to amaze me how stupid, petty, hateful and ignorant many people can be.

A perfect example of this comes from deep south Texas where the La Feria School District has apparently told a high school senior that their yearbook picture will not be published — because the student identifies as a male.

You see, Jeydon Loredo is transgender.

Upon learning that Jeydon had decided to wear a tuxedo, like all the other male students at the school, he was then told that his picture would not be published in the yearbook.

“I had been waiting all day to take the picture and so when I found out… it was just really upsetting to me. I was so upset, I wasn’t even going to take it,” said Loredo.

The school district has said that the photo would not meet “community standards.”

Please, can someone define for me exactly what in the hell are “community standards?”  You’re telling me people being who they are, who they feel like they were born to be, don’t meet the standards of the community?  It seems to me this district is failing to meet the standards of treating people with humanity and equality.

Oh, but it gets worse.  According to Jeydon’s mother, the superintendent told her that he would be allowed to have his picture in the yearbook if he decided to come back wearing a dress or some kind of blouse.

So not only is this school district singling out this poor student because they don’t agree with how Jeydon identifies his own gender, but they further want to humiliate him by saying he can have his picture in the yearbook if he wears female clothing.

This is despicable.  Who the hell do these people in this school district think they are?  What gives them the right to tell someone who they should or shouldn’t be, or how they should or shouldn’t feel?

These people actually think it’s in the best interest of the student to force them to dress like a female, when they identify themselves as a male?  Please, tell me how that makes any damn sense.

All Jeydon wants is for people to remember him for who he is, saying, “I just want to be in the yearbook to be remembered years down the road because people are going to forget their classmates, and that’s going to be the only way to remember each other… so that’s all I want.”

Let the kid be who he is.  It’s not this school districts right, job or responsibility to define who someone is or isn’t.

And I just love how the school district is refusing to comment on this issue by claiming “student confidentiality.”  It’s the student and his parents who are making this issue public.  So don’t give me the cop-out answer of “student confidentiality” as an excuse why they won’t comment on this issue.  The fact of the matter is their only real defense is they don’t like it — and that’s all.

It’s nothing more than pure ignorance.

So with that being said, I would encourage everyone reading this to contact the superintendent of this school district.  Let him know that you support the rights of Jeydon and you oppose this school district’s blatant ignorance and discrimination:

Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Rey Villarreal
(956) 797-8300

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Klae A. Klevenger

    Transgender is not an expression of sexuality, it’s an expression of gender. Other than that, great article.

    • lindylou

      Yes, but it is also an expression of self.

      • Klae A. Klevenger

        Transgender – denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not
        conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.

        While this is an expression of self, this is not an expression of sexuality. A transgender person may have any sexual orientation.

  • Doug Cool

    Why is it always Texas, Florida, Arizona, or North Carolina that create these type of hate and discontent situations?????

    • regressive rightwing trash

      vote regressive white trash old republican,,,,, (NOTE: Im a 55 yr old white guy in south FLA-and I HATEhateHATE FOX “news” and all the scumbags who “think” its truthful)

      • Lynda Williams

        Um, I understand how you feel when it comes to FOX “news,” oh person-who-hides-behind-a-rude-pseudonym-instead-of-using-his-real-name, but as a 61-yr-old white Libertarian woman in Central CA, I would like you to know that my decidedly NOT scumbag mother believes FOX “news” is truthful. She’s 85, I love her dearly, and there is no convincing her otherwise. I repeat, she is not now, nor has she ever been, a SCUMBAG. Nor are a majority of the millions of those whom you just put in that box. Please don’t paint everyone who disagrees with you or does not share your point of view with the nasty brush, or you risk dumping that same can of paint over your own head.

      • lindylou

        You can love your dear 85 year old mother, but still try to inform her that there are ways to become more informed, and a better person as well. I am a dear little 69 year old white woman who would never take Fox’s blibbertyblab at face value. Accepting the easily slipped in inaccuracies and lies from the rightwing press is just taking the easy way out.

      • Lynda Williams

        Evidently you missed my point. My mother is not a scumbag, regardless of who she chooses to trust, and neither is anyone else whose point of view differs from our own. regressive rightwing trash was extremely out of line with his broad-brushed attack, and I simply called him on it.

        You don’t know me or my mother, what she knows or how we interact. She’s surprisingly well-informed and broad-minded in spite of her primary news source. We could all take a lesson.

        Your sarcasm was unwarranted, and your instruction unnecessary. We all have a very long way to go to become a better person than she. Your uninformed and unkind personal characterization surprises me even though I don’t know you, either, as I strongly suspect you’re a much better, much nicer person than the framing of your response implies.

      • lindylou

        I wasn’t being sarcastic. I am sure your sweet old mother bakes pies for all the neighbors. Now THAT was sarcasm.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        I didn’t write the above infantile stuff,,,,,,,,,,,,, no idea how that got my username on it

      • lindylou

        Your evil twin.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        no one specifically called ur mumsey a scumbag. So get over it U thin skinned crybaby. I stand by my broad brushed painting of white trash SCUMBAGS who only watch FOX “news” and speak write accordingly. anyone who believes FOX “news” has opinions of balanced value is not a scumbag. they are imbeciles and crybabies who need to stay in line so they aren’t mocked at the church they attend ( Baptist regressive white trash jeeeesus freaks)

      • lindylou

        I just now revisited this conversation, and have decided that mumsy is indeed a scumbag. She would be right there in the front lines with posters telling gays and atheists they will go to Hell.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        will U marry meeeeeeeeeeee???

      • regressive rightwing trash

        attention idiot,,,,, ur mom is NOT a scumbag– however she is a closed minded coelacanth who has an equally oligophrenial daughter who wont at least let her ( make her) watch msnbc or cnn so she can at least see some balance. Im very aware of what FOX “news” is doing. I attempt to edify those who are neutral by simply showing BOTH sides. I would NOT be a responsible adult if I didn’t f*cking TRY——- I see u wont try: ergo– U are not( in my book) responsible enough nor do U truly love enough to stop the spread of bavardage and U instead allow ur mom 2 stay ignorant

      • izzyboo

        Are you going to be a judgmental idiot all your life, RRT? Your use of words of more than two syllables is noted, and acknowledged as an attempt to bolster your opinion with the appearance of erudition.

        However, there is more to being erudite and educated than the ability to insert long words into a rant.
        QED, I think.

    • Lynda Williams

      Actually, you probably only notice it when it’s TX, FL, AZ, or NC. It happens everywhere. *soft smile*

    • Loubies

      Oh please don’t leave us in South Carolina out!

    • regressive rightwing trash

      read my name here— that’s why! white trash republican regressive bible toters

    • equalrightsnow

      whoa, stop. i’m in north carolina, and i just called la feria school system, asked to speak to rey villareal and was told he wasn’t available and would i like to leave a message. i said “i’m calling all the way from north carolina about not letting jayden loredo in the yearbook because she chooses to dress as a male, and i want you to get your heads out of your asses. she said thank you and hung up. don’t let the dumb republicans here in north carolina fool u into thinking that all of us are like them.

  • Kathryn

    From the little I know, transgender is not some whim that someone chooses but is a genuine condition where some of the wires in the genes didn’t come out right. One of my granddaughters was born with Trisomy 9p which means that the 9th chromosome on her DNA is “off”. It is not something that can be fixed. This is probably not the best description of transgender, etc. but I think you can get the point. This child (they are all children to this grandma) has more than enough with which he must contend without his school throwing out arbitrary and isolating restrictions. It is hard enough being a so-called “normal” teen. None of them need us to add on ridiculous and cruel walls. Shame on all of those who are making life harder for this boy and his family!

    • Shadow Laviolette

      I was explaining to a younger co-worker the other day that if people can be born with imperfect arms, legs, heads, hearts and other body parts, why is it unreasonable to think that some people are born with imperfect genitalia as well? Trans gendered means that their gender was mis-identified at birth. That is all. it is just harder to diagnose like many diseases that are decided by elimination.
      My hope is that some day, gender will be decided by DNA testing, not physical external appearance and that finding that you are not the gender originally assigned will be easier to correct legally

      • Guest

        Gender is not defined by DNA. That is sex. A person can be born with male genitalia, have a Y chromosome (which is DNA by the way), and still identify as female.

        Gender is a social construct and is not rooted in biology.

        Although your heart is in the right place, please learn basic principles of biology, and make sure you understand the terms “gender” & “sex” before you try to explain it to others.

        If you want to combat the ignorance and hate toward the transgendered community, you yourself cannot be ignorant.

  • DD

    Everybody should REFUSE to purchase the yearbook. The Superintendent should be fired for setting such a bad example of leadership.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    im a total liberal; totally for equal rights- this being said I draw MY line at a surgically altered human who WANT 2 be “something else” ( note: I hate hate hate non medical BOOOOOB–JOBS) If U are BORN a male than BE male; if BORN female then BE female. If U are a guy who sexes men then that’s totally OK,,,if a woman who wants female sex partners then that’s cooool also. NO surgeries to cutoff/add on / etc parts and take a TON of man made DRUGS to be a wanna be…..its just more scumbag shady doctors promising “happiness” through THEIR sh*tty surgery ( ever notice they require U spend MORE for MORE surgery???) so they( doctors) can acquire a seeing eye ferrari??? Im so tired of this crap. if its NEEDED for health- that’s OK; if U are so mentally distraught and such a wanna be ( SEE: booooob–jobs) then just kill urself- U will anyway. don’t come screaming to me because U are so broken inside. Grow up and learn to luv what U have–

    • 67Shelby05

      You are missing the whole point of the article. Transgender does not
      mean transsexual. Transgender just means what they gender they believe
      they are or should be. It does not usually mean that they had any kind
      of surgery. Transsexual usually is used to describe someone who has
      undergone physical changes/surgeries for them to match their gender.
      Gender is one of the first things discovered during adolescence.
      Anyways, you sound very hypocritical for a liberal. It is no worse than
      all of the ridiculous pills prescribed for “supposed” behavioral
      disorders in children. I think doctors make more off of pharmaceutical
      companies than they do surgeries to “cut off/add on” parts. This student could very well be a lesbian who dresses and acts as a boy, that would be transgender. Either way, no matter what this student does with his/her gender role should not have any affect on the picture being in the yearbook

      • Sherri G

        I was gonna “like” your comment until you added the part about “pills” for “supposed” behavioral disorders in children. I have Adult ADD…my 22, 20 have ADD (22 outgrew the “H” by his teens) and 14 year old, who also has high functioning asbergers, oppositional defiant disorder, sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities, sleep disorders and migraines. I also have 3 nieces and nephews with ADD or ADHD.

        ADD/ADHD is a REAL neurobiological disorder in the frontal lobe caused by a low level of particular amino acids/proteins involved in neural pathway connections and impulse control. I have both personal and professional backgrounds in the study of this disorder and HATE when people blow them off as fake, over-exaggerated or whatever. Please do some research before opening your mouth.
        Mom of 5, with 4 of us having a “so called behavioral disorder”

      • Loubies

        As a teacher who has students with this disorder, I agree wholeheartedly. This is real.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        I didn’t DIS agree with the notion of a photo/ etc,,,,and I agree with the kids getting F*CKED by pill addiction instead of just playing a lot outside and eating better and having GOOD parenting. also-I stand FIRMLY on my anathemal view of USELESS ( see: cosmetic) surgery because some crybabies wanna be Raquel welch or Marilyn lange ( GOOGLE her). Im not hypocriticval,,,im just tired of EVERYTHING being sooooo easily ” fixed” ( SEE: screwed up worse) by having a dollar, If I IS a lesbian acting as a boy just be a lesbian and act as a woman who likes women,,,, why TRY to be what U are NOT>>????????

      • real_world_truth

        It is fairly obvious from your previous comments that you will either ignore what I have to say or deny the truth of it, but here it is. Being transgender has nothing to do with sexual orientation. The fact is that a transgender person has been born with the physical characteristics of one gender and the sense of self of the opposite gender. In other words, a male child who identifies as female or a female child who identifies as male. You are confusing sexual orientation with gender identity.

    • Sherri G

      I have an older distant cousin (my grandma’s cousin in Ontario)
      who had a gene mutation causing him/her to be born with BOTH genitalia….they chopped off his penis and tried to force him to be a girl with hormones. He went insane before he was 20 and lived the rest of his life in an asylum on the East Coast. IF genes are screwed up, it doesn’t matter what genitalia you are born with because the rest of you will decide differently!!!!

      • regressive rightwing trash

        ask Jamie leigh Curtis about that,,,,then get back to me

      • TCC

        There is no evidence to suggest that Jamie Lee Curtis is intersex or transgender.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        u might wanna READ her BIO b4 U make that idiotic claim- I love her and her sexy look: she was born a hermaphrodite…had the vestiges of male genitalia removed thus she developed breasts/ etc,,,,,,,,,but she cannot bear children. I still think she is a fox

      • Klae A. Klevenger

        This is an Intersex condition. Much different than Transgender.

    • Shadow Laviolette

      Most trans gendered people are not CHOOSING to change genders, it is not a matter of just wanting to be something you are not. in their heads, their minds, their psyche is of the opposite sex from what they were identified as at birth. It is a birth defect, not a choice.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        until that is proven U are not correct,,,,, and who are U to call anything a birth “defect”????

      • Shadow Laviolette

        Who am I to call it a birth defect? How about someone with an immediate family member with said BIRTH DEFECT whose doctor described it as such. it HAS been proven, that is why it is listed in the DSM-5 as “Gender Dysphoria”.

        It Has been proven, I am correct, and it IS a defect.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        im not arguing its existence,,,,,,,,,,,,,Im aghast at the word DEFECT———– its as disgusting as the word invalid to describe someone physically handicapped. so try to think before U write again U imbecile–

      • Shadow Laviolette

        Wow, YOU must get offended easily then. Amazing with your vast vocabulary that the best YOU can do is call people names. You are a troll. I don’t care what YOU say is your opinion, I know that I live with trans people in my daily life. I know what they feel like, I know that for them, it is not a vanity issue (such as boob jobs are) it is WHO they are. YOU, on the other hand, seem to enjoy lurking in the vast shadows of internet anonymity to try to provoke others into flame wars.

        I feel pity for you that you are filled with so much directed rage and hatred that you can ONLY express it to strangers who will never know you in person.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        6’3 210 athletic lbs with NO tattoos,,,NO chemical consumption,,,,, troll? Im willing 2 wager that you are either micromastial and/or steatopygous. That,,,my good “woman” qualifies as TROLL. Im apologetic towards U that U didn’t understand my entry- please excuuuuse my ostensible stoooopidity in NOT recognizing thy “testarudo” tendency. If this is what U “think” stimulates a flame war on the internet–or anywhere else– U indeed are a lachrymose virago best NOT getting me started in a REAL scathing rhetorical verbosity with you or any other seemingly Unarmed “human”

      • Klae A. Klevenger

        I feel sorry for your family who you consider to have a defect.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        amen klae

      • Klae A. Klevenger

        Funny thing is, when you’re right they just ignore you because they can’t prove you wrong. Shadow Laviolette is some sorry person who has to pick on their family and call them defected. It’s disgusting.

      • Klae A. Klevenger

        Shadow Laviolette
        You know nothing.
        Dysphoria the state of feeling unwell or unhappy. Nope there is no word DEFECT in that definition so let us look up Gender Dysphoria DSM-5. Would you look at that DSM-5 is a section SEPARATE from Sexual Dysfunction and Paraphilic Disorder. Oh so it’s not a DEFECT which is a shortcoming, imperfection, or lack or something. It is not a Disease it is not a Defect. It is state of being. I hope you don’t treat your immediate family member as if they lack something or they have some part of them that makes it impossible to live their life, other than the bullying from people who are too closed minded. If you do, you are pathetic.

        a shortcoming, imperfection, or lack

    • Bunny Blake

      Surgery and hormones are complicated issues for transgender people. All “transgender” means is that the person’s gender, the way their mind is wired, does not match their birth sex. Some transgender people seek out surgery or hormones, others just want to dress/act/live in a way which does not match their birth sex, to be addressed using the name and the pronouns that feel right to them. In some cases people are pressured into hormones/therapy because the state won’t grant them official gender reassignment status (new birth certificate, ID, etc.) otherwise. And there are other transgender people still who can’t afford surgery/hormones (it is frequently hard for visibly transgender people to find work), who either make do without, or take risky black market hormones.

      So yeah, it’s a complicated and emotional issue. I might not always understand or agree with somebody else’s choices but that’s okay. I figure that if someone makes an informed decision, if surgery or hormones helps them live a life that’s happier / healthier / more comfortable in their own skin, that’s great.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        and if it doesn’t?????? they waste money and then feel worse

      • Shadow Laviolette

        Or they get insulted by people with strong opinions who know nothing of what it is like to be them.

        If the WORST that happens is they waste money, no ones problem but theirs. I know NO ONE, and I know quite a few, who has Gender Dysphoria who feels WORSE for having treatment for it.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        if U read my initial comment it attacks scuzbuckets who get BOOOOB–JOBS as a “remedy” for the micromastial nature gave them,,,,while I do understand I do NOT agree- and Im in a business where–for 25 yrs–im surrounded by that surgery so I am indeed an expert ( in relation to common folks) on the avoidance of wanna bes who get plastic boobs to TRY ( and fail) to fool men. as for the other surgeries U are correct: I don’t walk in their shoes; ergo I do not judge

    • lindylou

      You might want to get your pot from a more reputable dealer.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        hey flatchested / overweight skankbag———— no drugs or alcohol or nicotine or caffeine here: just a very athletic self employed chef living a great life— sorry U are so anatomically incorrect that REAL men mock your steatopygous and/or micromastial ( ?pseudomastial??) body,,,,,, that’s what U get for being rigid

      • lindylou

        Have fun looking that up?

      • regressive rightwing trash

        hey skank,,,,,,,,,,,my lexiphanic vocab has been in place for decades

      • Austin Gag

        but apparently your grammar has never been in place

      • regressive rightwing trash

        any any anytime U wish2 meet me and have a polite but wagered verbal discourse ( we each put up 50K cash and agree upon a topic and mediator) U let me know. I love in south FLA and will travel 2 meet U once the funds are in escrow and the agreed mediator is in place. Until then ” abraza me culo bugarito”…………………… and donnnn’ U beeee bringin’ my dead gramma into play :))

  • Mr Smith

    It just dawned on me why the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) failed to be passed. When the debate was raging I couldn’t understand why women couldn’t get a constitutionally protected equality. This is why… They weren’t so much trying to hamper the rights of women as they were trying to hamper the rights of people like Jeydon. Despite that the 1st amendment of the constitution still protects Jeydon and opens the school district up to a lawsuit for violating “his” constitutional right to the freedom of expression. Because they do not agree with his choice does not give them the right to exclude him from what he is entitled.

  • angel

    Would they have said the same thing about a child in a wheelchair? You can only have your picture in the yearbook if you ‘choose’ to not sit in your wheelchair? How about…you can have your picture if you ‘choose’ to wear your prostethic arm/leg? Or…you can have your picture if you ‘choose’ to remove your braces, glasses, hearing aids……this is ridiculous and bullying and shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

  • Lana Moore

    Texas, the home of the free……… NOT!

  • lindylou

    The school district has said that the photo would not meet “community standards.” Then, who would choose to live in this Village Of the Damned?

    • regressive rightwing trash

      if I was able to garner my usual income and nit had a tropic climate and beach ( I live in FT.L all my life) I would live there just to have those creepy rightwing scumbags hate me also,,I do enjoy stirring a spoiled kettle

      • lindylou

        I have dedicated my life to pushing back against all the creeps, starting with the vile republican “religious” ranters.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        then I guess I LUVVVVV YOU

  • chcurtis

    These days, it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear tuxedos, or dresses that look like tuxedoes on the top. It would be great if a significant number of female students at that school went in for their photos in tuxes or dress-tuxes. The photos are head shots, so the dress part wouldn’t show.

  • Danyne

    Can’t even believe this is news worthy. Real issues are out there and you are arguing about a picture in a yearbook?

  • DW

    The family took action and the school is now allowing Jeydon in the yearbook wearing a tuxedo. Unbelievable they had to go through those measures to get a sorry old man to step down on his personal beliefs. Congrats Jeydon on not being afraid to express yourself even if it doesn’t follow “community standards”