Texas Tea Party Candidate for Congress does Reddit “AMA” – Brutal Hilarity Ensues

matt-mccallThere are a lot of funny things that happen on social media, but perhaps none so droll, tongue-in-cheek and even sometimes esoteric as you find daily on Reddit. Yesterday, a Tea Party candidate by the name of Matt McCall who is hoping to primary the incumbent conservative Congressman Lamar Smith (TX-21) decided to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with the title “I am (SOPA-Opponent) Matt McCall, I am Running against Lamar Smith in the Republican Primary in TX-21. AMA!

While it would seem politically smart for you to introduce yourself as being an opponent of something most Reddit users hate, it would have also perhaps been smart for your campaign manager to research what they were about to get you into. People on Reddit tend to be pretty left-libertarian from my experiences and although they may not be be fans of SOPA (a bill his primary opponent introduced) or CISPA, they damn sure do not like fundamentalist Christians posing in libertarian clothing – which if you look at his website, it’s pretty obvious that he is. There are a few references to things a lot of Progressives, Liberals, Libertarians and even some conservatives despise on the page that states where he stands on the issues. Dismantling the Department of Homeland Security, auditing the Federal Reserve (a big one for the Ron Paul crowd) and repealing the Patriot Act – they’re all there in the “Issues” section of his site.

Here’s Mr. McCall on a couple of issues where he contradicts himself on tyranny. He claims that guns are to protect us from tyranny, and then supports tyranny when it comes to taking away women’s reproductive rights:

Second Amendment

We must work to expand gun rights at every turn. I believe in the constancy of the human nature and the Second Amendment was meant to arm WE THE PEOPLE to defend against the Tyranny of the majority. The second Amendment is not about hunting or protecting your family from robbers.  It is about tyranny and its avoidance.  So far it has worked out pretty well for us.


Life starts at conception and should be protected under the law. I will fight for the rights of the unborn at every given opportunity. Not every citizen in America is a Christian.  Yet as one, I am struck with the fact that to be one is to be a sinner in need of mercy, which I am in the particular.  I believe that the Republican Party should be the party of mercy on this subject.  I am completely against abortion and would like to eliminate it.  While working in that direction we should have mercy, not only on the unborn, but on the women as well. And we should work to protect them from those who would scar them emotionally and physically for the rest of their lives.

Now you can see why other Redditors unleashed hell on him with comments like these:

“Matt McCall,

In a previous comment, you said you wanted to keep the government “out of our bedrooms.” Yet immediately following that statement, within the same comment you said marriage is between a man and a woman.

Would you like to take a moment to explain this comment and defend your position?”

“Do we have any verification on this guy? This looks like it’s all a carefully orchestrated ruse. Some of the grammar on here is just so bad that I can’t believe an actual campaign is behind this.”

“This is a TERRIFIC AMA. “The kids on Reddit, they hate SOPA! They hate Obama! Matt, it’ll be a cakewalk!””

“Oh my god, watching this AMA crash and burn has made my crappy day so much better.”

You won’t be able to see his name next to his replies other than “deleted” where the username was, because one of his staffers (Chase Mitchell) ended up deleting his Reddit account as shown here in a Facebook exchange.

However, you can find all of the comments (including the ones I was not able to publish in this article) in the highlights here in /r/subredditdrama on Reddit. Feel free to enjoy. Oh and Mr. McCall also has an open “Endorse Me” section on his site, and a Facebook page that’s open for comments. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you!


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