Thanks To President Obama, Unemployment Just Did Something It Hasn’t Done In 30 Years

president-obama-smiling-5What would it take before Republicans finally admitted that the economy has been successful under President Obama? On the surface, it seems like a pretty straightforward question. And, in fact, the answer is fairly simple. Not because of the straightforwardness of the question itself, but because of the mindset of those it targets.

Oh, and by the way, it will never happen is the answer to that question.

News could come out that unemployment was 4.7 percent; wages were at 40-year-highs; GDP was growing at its best rate in decades; and unemployment claims were at record lows… and Republicans would still claim that this president has been a failure economically.

It’s like I’ve said before, if President Obama were a Republican, with the exact type of economic rebound we’ve seen since the 2008 crash, the GOP would be building him up as an American legend. They would be talking about him much in the same way they do Ronald Reagan.

Especially after the economy just did something that it hasn’t done since “Saint” Reagan lived in the White House.

In 2014, this nation saw something that it hadn’t seen since 1984 – a drop in unemployment for every single state in the United States.

Every. Single. One.

And in many of these states it wasn’t just a slight drop in unemployment, it was a 1-2 (or even more in some) percent decline. That is quite simply a tremendous reduction in unemployment for a single calendar year.

But we all know how this game is played. State legislatures will take credit for any positive economic growth in their state, while blaming Washington for any of the negative information that might exist. Especially when it comes to Republicans.

Except, what’s more logical:

  • 50 different governors and state legislatures all just happened to create positive economic environments within each of their states culminating in one of the best economic years in United States history. – or –
  • One president’s economic policies have had a positive impact on the country as a whole.

Considering that all of this growth began about a year after President Obama took office, on the heels of the worst economic crash in almost a century, I’ll go ahead and let everyone decide for themselves which of those two options best answers that question.

Oh, but I know what most conservatives reading this will say, “What about wage stagnation!?” Listen, wage stagnation has been an issue since Reagan was elected and shoved “trickle-down” economics down all of our throats. Anyone who supports the ridiculous “tax cuts create jobs” propaganda, then says we have a problem with stagnant wages for middle class Americans, is simply admitting that trickle-down economics is a failure.

But instead of embracing such positive economic news as a sign that this country is finally approaching a full recovery after such a disastrous economic crash, most Republicans will do their best to either laughably try to take credit for it, or attack it because they would really rather have this country fail than see President Obama succeed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • GimmeSomeTruth

    Conservatism and lunacy are synonymous.

  • TryNoth

    What boring propaganda for the Democrats. Sure you can point to the fact that the OFFICIAL unemployment figures are down slightly. But you completely ignore that most of those people working at working at McDonalds or Target.

    With Obama in charge the quality of jobs has just continued to decrease. And the number of people who have dropped out of employment and are now just suckling at the government welfare teat has never been higher.

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    • batmandame

      You are either deceived or a deceiver. (Let’s assume it’s the former). so I take it you support the president’s plan to make Community College free for everybody? so you must also support a minimum wage hike for those people at McDonalds in target?so you support people staying on their parents health care as long as they are in school through mid twenties and making that care affordable? So why are you fighting the Affordable Care Act, minimum wage increases, attempts to address income inequality, and attempts to make sure that everyone who was willing to work hard can find a decent living in America? Why are you a Republican? Why are you fighting these things?

      • Jim Bean

        He’s absolutely right. And providing free college when there are no jobs for the further-educated people it would produce makes about as much sense as trying to fix a car that won’t start by changing the tires.

      • ConcernedCitizen2321

        An educated citizenry is the core of a nation. It’s doesn’t have to be tied to a job. Smarter base population = better country.

      • Michael E

        You know what?I just changed my tires…..and the car started!…Praise the Lord!

      • Jim Bean

        That’s the beauty of being a Liberal. Reality is just a state of mind.

      • ConcernedCitizen2321

        You realize how behind we are to the rest of the world, right? Go travel to Europe and see how much more advanced the rest of the First World is on us. Sweden: Paid college, healthcare. Norway: Paid retirement.

        Snap out of it. The world is changing.

      • Jim Bean

        They are broke, live in 900 sq ft flats, have rationed/prioritized health care, can’t sue doctors for unlimited amounts of money, pay twice as much for a gallon of gasoline, etc. These are generalizations. If you want pin point accuracy do your own leg work. The point is, all the stuff you think is “Free” in other countries is NOT free. Not there or anywhere. Nor is it paid for by ‘someone else.’

      • TryNoth

        Of course I don’t support the government taxing working families more in order to subsidize community college. It will only devalue community college and turn it into an additional two years of high school that everyone will have to attend because everyone attends and it will be worth nothing.

        I also don’t support a minimum wage hike for fast food workers or retail. That’s only going to result in a loss of jobs as small businesses are forced to fire people or close because they can no longer afford to pay employees.

        What the hell are you talking about? I don’t support socialized healthcare. I certainly don’t support the “Affordable Care Act”, a piece of legislation that for the first time in history forces people to buy a service/product from a giant corporation (insurance) or be punished with a fine/tax by the government if you don’t. We used to call this sort of government collusion with private companies fascism but I guess now we call it “progress”.

      • Sam Mortensen

        Haha! The first time in history huh? Do you drive a car? Do you not pay for car insurance? Do you have kids? Do they not ride in a car seat or booster? Do you own a private well? Is your water safe to drink? Shall I continue referencing things with legislation attached to them that require a service/product to be bought or face a fine/tax? I can do it all day!

    • wendy

      GREED is OFFICIALLY the reason for wage stagnation. POTUS cannot change that because then accusations of socialism get thrown in to th equation. What employees pay workers are their decision

      • TryNoth

        So wrong. If employers could just choose what to pay workers they would pay them minimum wage and nothing more.

        Employers pay workers what they are worth on the market as dictated by the forces of supply and demand. And any “wage stagnation” that is happening is happening because jobs are moving overseas due to a better supply of workers. The middle class is forming and growing in China and India and the rest of the world. Isn’t this what you leftists wanted? Global wage equality? Well you’re gonna get it now. But it means american wages need to decrease in order to equalize with global wages.

      • strayaway

        Don’t forget to include that wage stagnation, in addition to jobs being sent abroad, is also caused by lower wage aliens, both legal and illegal, being brought in to undercut US wages. Obama’s attempt to fast track the TPP won’t help increase wages either. Bill Gates, for one, is cutting thousands of US middle class Microsoft jobs while spending heavily to lobby for a higher quota of foreign IT workers as supported by the Senate passed amnesty bill.

      • wendy

        Employers pay workers what they are worth? And greed is not an issue? And women always get paid for same work as men…
        Tax breaks are job creators, livible wages are job killers.
        Now I get it

  • Jim Bean

    Obama rightly deserves the credit. The percentage of people active in the workforce is at a 36 year low due to his policies. When people become so discouraged that they quit looking for work they cease to be counted in the unemployment numbers creating the illusion the unemployment is much lower than it actually is.

  • wendy

    Welfare is higher because these days people WITH jobs still cannot afford to live :/

  • Jessica Ajagha

    You better not give that nigger the glory (white folks). This is too funny you will never admit this man has had nothing but a positive impact on American I don’t agree with all his methods and policies, but you have to hand it to him he’s doing his thang. I have been going through hell since I graduated from high school (Bush Administration). Now for the past couple 9f years things have been looking up. I’m married to a wonderful guy and we are looking to buy our new home. (Obama Administration ).

  • Tacjam4

    This is silly Liberal propaganda! The Labor Participation rate (number of Americans who are actually working, for the idiots) is what matters. The U.S. Is at 62% the lowest since the 1970’s. Don’t be stupid, give credit when it’s due, but not when it’s manipulated to seem good when in reality it isn’t.

    • Sam Mortensen

      Yea, cuz all the baby boomers are retiring. Everyone knows that! But because the unemployment rate doesn’t coincide with your narrative, you change the narrative to Labor Participation. Haha! When an entire generation, nicknamed by how marn damn babies were popping out, all reach retirement age….labor participation is going to drop. Nice try though.