The 10 Most Detestable Right-Wing Personalities

cruz-paul-bachmannWhile writing a few of my articles, I’ve talked about particular right-wing media personalities or politicians who I consider “the ones I detest the most.”  I strongly disagree with conservatives on most issues, but there are a select few who I absolutely cannot stand.  The ones who seem to go out of their way to prove that they simply don’t live in the same reality as the rest of us.

Well, this has inspired me to make a “Top 10 List” of sorts.  In the often brutal world of politics, it’s usually a good idea to take a step back and have a little fun every once and a while.

Now one rule I’m sticking to is to pick more well known right-wing media personalities or politicians.  There are plenty of “smaller scale” ones I could choose from, but that might take me all day and make this list much longer than just 10 individuals.  Because outside of the time it would take to do so, this list could be much longer than just 10 people.

So let’s get started!

10) Bill O’Reilly 

Now I know some might think he should be higher on the list, but he doesn’t really bother me that much.  It’s clear he uses his show to do things like sell books.  And while he does say offensive things, I can at least say that there have been times where he’s called Republicans out for being hypocrites — which is something you can’t say about many other conservative personalities.  Still, he’s an arrogant individual who clearly makes a lot of money pandering to the ignorance of tens of millions.

9) Michele Bachmann

I believe this woman is certifiably insane.  I can’t even take her seriously.  I’ve joked with a friend of mine that I want to visit the district that elected her just to meet the kind of individuals who would actually vote for this lunatic.  All she does is lie.  Her most updated Politifact scorecard has her at 75 percent of the 60 comments they’ve fact-checked on her rated “Mostly False” to “Pants on Fire.”  And of those 60, 27 percent of them have been considered “Pants on Fire,” meaning that they had absolutely no truth behind them whatsoever.  Now I haven’t dug into every single politician’s profile on that site, but I’ve never seen anyone (though Ted Cruz comes close) who’s been rated as lying as often as Michele Bachmann.  And her most recent disgusting tweet only added to my feelings of disgust toward her.

8) Rand Paul 

Maybe he should be higher on this list, but I just kind of see him as a bit of a joke.  He reminds me of that spoiled kid who only gained his level of success thanks to his dad (which he did) but try as he might — he’ll never be his dad.  And while I’m by no means a Ron Paul supporter, he’s much more genuine than his flakey “pander to the tea party” clown of a son.

7) Glenn Beck 

A couple of years ago he might have ranked higher on this list, but now thinking of Mr. Beck it’s just really kind of sad.  He went from a leading face on Fox News to being a sideshow that barely even makes the headlines anymore.  Though he still sees himself as some kind of “religious leader” and continues his obsession with comparing almost anything and everything he opposes to Nazis, his influence in the mainstream conservative community has been reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was.

6) Sean Hannity 

I would argue that he’s the most powerful influence on Fox News right now.  This guy is nothing more than a stooge for the Republican party.  Watching his show, I sometimes feel like I need to look for the strings, because he’s nothing more than a puppet for the GOP.  And while I can’t say anything about what this guy might be like when he’s off the air, his on the air personality is by far one of the most arrogant you’ll find anywhere.

5) Ann Coulter 

She might be the most vile human being on this list.  I mean, she’s so offensive that some conservatives have joked that she’s actually a liberal who pretends to be a conservative to make Republicans look bad.  When someone says that about you, you’re pretty damn nuts. This woman is always spewing some kind of racist, sexist, or bigoted comment that honestly leaves me wondering what the hell happened to her in her life to make her such a hateful, bitter human being.

4) Sarah Palin 

I know I’m not the only one who looks at Sarah Palin now thinking, “I can’t believe someone actually picked her to be a vice presidential candidate.”  That being said, she still has a good amount of influence over conservative voters and makes sure to get her name in the headlines pretty often despite going from Governor of Alaska and VP candidate to — star of a new outdoors show on a cable network 98 percent of Americans have probably never heard of.  But with every comment she proudly puts on display just how ignorant — and quite frankly stupid — she really is.

3) Ted Cruz 

In just about a year this man went from someone who most Americans had never heard of, to the face of tea party Republicans and a potential leading 2016 presidential candidate.  He’s done this by spending his entire time in the Senate making asinine claim after asinine claim, all for the sole purpose of pandering to the tea party voters.  And we all know he was the leading figure behind the embarrassing government shutdown last October that accomplished absolutely nothing.  Though he laughably denies that he wanted to shut down the government — even though he gave speeches weeks ahead of time urging Republicans to do just that if President Obama didn’t give into their blackmail.

2) Ted Nugent 

I can’t stand this man.  He’s a hypocrite, a blabbering idiot and I honestly believe he’s insane.  He calls himself a “patriot” yet refused to bathe for a month, and defecated on himself, just to avoid serving his country during the Vietnam War.  He often talks about “morals” in a society, yet he’s fathered five children out of wedlock and had a “relationship” with a 17-year old girl — when he was thirty.  Then he often goes off on racist rants (which he claims aren’t racist) attacking basically every race other than white.  Though he targets the African-American community most often.  When I think of repulsive human beings, Ted Nugent is one of the first people I think of.

1) Rush Limbaugh 

I apologize if I don’t take seriously the words of a cheating, lying, sexist, racist, drug addicted sociopath.  Because that’s basically what I believe Rush Limbaugh is.  His show is pure garbage.  It’s just him sitting there spewing whatever ignorance, lies and misinformation he can get his hands on to pander to the most ignorant people in our society.  Let’s be honest — if you listen to Rush Limbaugh and actually take him seriously, you’re pathetically ignorant.  This man represents what it is to be a “bottom feeder” in a society.  Nothing he says or does produces anything good.  Anyone who supports this guy should be ashamed of themselves because I’m ashamed for them.  I just don’t get how someone like Limbaugh is still on the air.  The fact that he’s a leading face of the “conservative movement” tells you all you need to know about the real “values” conservatives hold dear.

This list wasn’t easy.  There are so many other names that could be added to it, like John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott or Rick Perry — but these 10 (at least to me) are some of the right-wing personalities I detest the most.

Who can’t you stand?  Let me know via Twitter or in the comments section below.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • JJ5306

    I really like the list but I would have had to put BOEHNER ON IT But then the list would go on forever. Thank you for all you do.

    • timmmahhhh

      Boehner is actually pretty mild. He knows his party has gone full mental crackpot and can’t do anything about it if he doesn’t want to have #1 and #6 on the list above go off on him. Or have another person deserving of this this, the fucking little weasel Eric Cantor take over.

      • JJ5306


      • lindylou

        I agree on both Issa and Cantor, but maybe on a special Toxic Substance list. And how about another list altogether, the Cabal Of Total Numbskulls comprised of Gohmert as standard bearer and some of the recent crop of North and South Carolina candidates.

      • LL11

        Paul Ryan… every time I see his stupid face I just want to punch him. There is just something about that smug smile.

      • CM

        that’s exactly how i feel when i see him!

      • Byproxy73

        Every time I hear Ryan’s name, I picture him in a black cape rising up out of a coffin. He’s make a great vampire.

      • bpless

        Reminds me of George W. Bush’s smirk.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        The little weasel is out of the picture now but there are others we need to be wary of.

  • C J

    I like this list. A group of more ignorant, hate mongering individuals woul be hard to find. I am always amazed at how many fools believe the drivel these folks hand out. I live in Florida so Rick Scott and Marco Rubio would have to be on my list as two of the most ignorant liars this state has ever had to deal with.
    Love your articles. Keep writing. It’s hard to be a liberal in this part of the world so I enjoy the refreshing perspective you share

    • TOO EASY

      I live in CA, so the list would start with Pelosi. It’s hard to find a liberal in LA who’s actually liberal. Strange, huh?

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and its TOO EASY to spot a smallish temulent crybaby who ignores facts/ creates his own/ claims 2 be “sexiest (small) man alive”

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Who are you talking about? Pelosi, I don’t think, is a small man!

      • 1EdMeadows83

        And I’m sure you don’t claim to be Democratic, do you?

    • 1EdMeadows83

      Rubio and Scott are not idiots. They are very smart and know exactly what they are doing. They just don’t care who gets hurt or left behind.

  • Bob H

    It’s a very good list.
    Maybe you should have done more than just 10?
    I can think of one, the generic Republican voter. Poor to lower middle class, that votes against his/her better financial interests. They are putting themselves and this country in a terrible bind because they listen to the people on your list.

    • cjkolp

      The poor and lower middle class aren’t paying that much attention. They are not the backbone of the Tea Party. The people these characters draw support from is the gullible middle class who think they worked hard and made it all on their own and owe nothing to anyone. They are also “patriots” who pay no attention to world affairs. They haven’t changed their political views since 1970 and don’t want to learn anything new. Basically they are frightened of the future when it comes in the form of climate change and a growing minority population. They feel it is not their world any more. Fox News comforts them and tells them they are correct.

      • LL11

        You just described a number of people in my family.

      • cjkolp

        Most of us have family and neighbors in that category, good people for the most part, all wearing blinders.

      • LL11

        Agree; I just avoid all discussion about politics, even anything remotely political.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        and freely pour the spirits for them

      • cjkolp

        Idem. Anything for a peaceful life.

    • boB

      I don’t detest the generic Republican voter, I pity them. Most are being force fed propaganda and call it truth while seeming to be completely clueless as they vote against their own best interests.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        I agree they are pathetic but I don’t pity them. To do so would negate the damage they are doing to this country.

    • John M Moros

      absolutely…can’t be done in 10….remember issa….lets not forget the kocks…..rick scott…west….I could go on and on…so many have done such irreparable harm to this nation….top 10 list must be at least 20 and possibly 25!

  • Mainah

    Ted “Carnival” Cruz. Anyone who can look straight into a camera and say the shutdown was Obama/Reid shutdown … and don’t even get me started on his “fauxbuster” where he read “Green Eggs and Ham”. Either he didn’t get the irony or is one sick bastard.

  • Jim Copley

    While I too despise Glen Beck, his influence is highly limited to the ultra-right wing-nuts. I’d have given his spot to the bobbsie twins Steve King (IA) and Louise Gohmert (sp?, TX) who with Bachman lead the charge of the tea party.

  • Pipercat

    Where’s Alex or does he rate a special category?

  • saltcay

    I agree that every one of the people on this list are abhorrent, but I think there should be separate lists for media people and political people. While the media people may have the popular influence,it is the politicians that make policy, set budgets, create laws. The politicians can do the most harm.

  • Brian Daniels

    If “The Nuge” didn’t have the right wing nut jobs behind him, he’d be playing Cat Scratch Fever at the openings of Taco Bell.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “He reminds me of that spoiled kid who only gained his level of success thanks to his dad (which he did) but try as he might – he’ll never be his dad.”

    In other words, he’s the second coming of George W. Bush?

    • polliwogg

      Well, he thinks he is.

  • Bob H

    The article and all these posts forgot about Darrell Issa.
    He has wasted how much taxpayer money on false investigations of Democrats in the House?

    • jschool

      I agree! I believe he is the most dangerous man in America because he flies under the radar of most people.

    • Roland Duca

      Darrel Issa is a piece of shiiiiiiit. He is from California. It should be easier to defeat this politician in an election. I wonder why.

  • Cynthia Padley

    I agree with your choices !! Although I believe that each and every one of those people could qualify for the # 1 spot and it wouldn’t matter , they are all bat-shit crazy !!

  • One other person notes that this list, while totally accurate, should be split into the Top Ten Media Asswipes and the Top Ten Political Asswipes. That would free up the political list to include Gohmert, (Tx) Rick Perry, Rubio, Scott, Cantor, Bobby Jindal and Boehner. Then your Media list could include Phil Robertson, Pat Robertson, Nancy Grace and Huckabee. Then the lists would be complete. The media list are just mouths…but the politicians, they make laws. You should be worried about them.

  • DavidHP1

    Let’s not forget Paul Ryan, Alex Jones, Ayn Rand (even though she is gone, her influence lives on in these right wing nuts)

  • PghBill

    You forgot Rick Sanctimonious, former PA senator from Virginia.

  • John A

    Jim Inhofe is so blatantly a shill for Big Oil. The only reason this idiot keeps getting re-elected is the people of Oklahoma are even bigger idiots.,

  • Jonathan Charles Gee

    Can we replace Ted Nugent, nobody takes him seriously anyway. I think Nancy Grace should take his place.

  • Alice Stewart

    How can Cantor not be on this list? What about Walker, or FL gov. Lord Voldemort? Or the flippin’ twin Koch turds, for f##ksakes? The Kochs shoulda’ been número uno! This should just be the top 20, ya’ know?

  • Fred

    I think that Rush Limbaugh is a closet liberal that is making a fortune pandering to incredibly stupid people. You can’t be really as homophobic as he appears and hire an openly gay man to perform at your wedding. No one can really believe what he makes millions by spewing.To really believe the things he says you would have to be incredibly stupid. While he may be a vile human being, he is not stupid.

    • David Cutler

      “You can’t be really as homophobic as he appears and hire an openly gay man to perform at your wedding.” Another option is that he is not homophobic. “Homophobe!” and “Racist!” are thrown around too casually, just because of policy differences.

  • Kevin Daugherty

    Our governor here in Texas surely would make the top 20 RICK PERRY. Talk about an empty suit….

    • Cara

      All hat and no cattle?

      • Pipercat

        Plenty of cattle, you can see the residue everywhere…

  • Michael Ryland

    I’m not sure who I would take off the list, but I would have to put Rick “Frothy” Santorum. He would run neck and neck with Coulter for “most vile human being on the list”.

  • Louis Newton

    The Koch brothers would be in serious contention for inclusion. But, this is a pretty accurate list.

    • Anthonij

      The Koch brothers should be at the top of the list, imho.

    • Kathy Bannister

      I would say they might top the list. The Koch brothers have done more to dismantle the constitution and bill of rights than the rest of these “winners” put together.

    • Billy Banegas

      Yup, the Koch Brothers scare me because the have sooo much money to spend, they should be near the top of the list.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    George W. Bush, with Cheney right behind. They used 9/11 to launch a war that had nothing to do with 9/11 and everything to do with Iraqi oil. 40,000 Americans dead or damaged, 125,000+ Iraqis dead, trillions of dollar wasted. All so Cheney’s oil exec pals could get their mitts on Iraqi oil and the great “Decider” could be a war president like Daddy. Vile, criminal behavior. Mass murder. For which they will never be held to account.

    • 1EdMeadows83

      I have to agree with Cathryn. President Dick Cheney and his hand puppet. George W. Bush, have done more to damage this country than any individual since King George III.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        I don’t know about that———-
        MARILYN LANGE screwed it up for 99% of women after she hit the scene

      • 1EdMeadows83

        I admit I had to look up Marilyn Lange and am surprised that you think she’s a danger to women just because she exposed her boobs in Playboy.

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    michelle “no tits & hating her life because of THAT” malkin in on my top FIVE list: creeping up MUST be huck(ster)abee….

  • Matt Smallwood

    I’m surprised that Louie Gohmert didn’t make the list. Saying he ran for Congress to make sure welfare moms don’t get food stamps is a pretty mean and non productive way of running government.

  • AlbertCat

    I don’t detest any of these people. That would waste too much energy on them.

  • ShyJuan Clemons

    Michelle Malkin is without a doubt one of THE most rabid detestable lil runts I have ever seen in my life! She deserves a place on this list.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      agreed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but please respect her as if U ( or I) had her paucity of boobs u would be pissed off at life also!

      • ShyJuan Clemons

        LOL that was great!

  • Omar Spence

    I’d extend it to 15 just to include John Bhoener, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Louis Gohmert and Marco Rubio

  • scut fargus

    You sound like the typical tolerant liberal.

    • lindylou

      Nothing like a little whiff of that uber conservative sulpher.

  • scut fargus

    I was also impressed as to how many quotes you used to back up your anger.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    The only surprise for me was that the author could actually narrow it down to 10. I don’t think I could narrowed it down to any less than 100….ssmdh

  • MLR

    First of all, how can you stand to watch Fox “News” Allen? I personally felt like I sinned the few times I did watch. I couldn’t stand it! They say it’s better to not be informed than to be misinformed. As for your list, you’re spot on, especially lunatic #5 and lunatic #9. It’s sad that these women use their platform to display an amazingly large amount of ignorance instead of using it for something positive. My least favorite is Marco Rubiio because he is such a fake and there’s no substance to him. He walked away from his own immigration bill to pander to his base. It’s a shame that he won’t do anything to help Dreamers who were brought to this country as children and now risk being deported to a country they know nothing about, not even the language. You would think that being the son of immigrants who came here for a better life that he would be more understanding and compassionate.

  • timmmahhhh

    Roger Ailes belongs here. Heis the pure evil who consciously and knowingly gives all of the above scum their own TV network to propagate their hateful lies.

  • Happy Liberal

    Excellent list! Well written and entirely accurate. But you forgot Grover Norquist, whom I akin to an insidious cancer working its way through our government. I think he at least deserved an honorable mention.

  • strayaway

    Quick list of 10 Republicans who are more likely to be corrupt, wage wars, bring on the police state, bankrupt our Country, and/or give advantage to the 1%. Peter King, Carl Rove, W. Bush, McCain, Huckabee, Priebus, Scott Walker, Cheney, Bill Kristol, Santorum.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      very good!!

      • strayaway

        Ha, we agree on something! It must be the dawning of the age of Aquarius or, alternatively, my clock gets it right twice a day.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lets roll the dice! whats ur opinion of the (extreme) rightwings views that the capture of the (main) Benghazi attack architect is a conspiracy to help Hillary “sell books” and distract FROM the ‘coverup’?

      • strayaway

        It’s a minority position and nonsense. I don’t even mention Benghazi except to note that Benghazi is blowback, one of many bad results, from the decision to bomb Libya and set up a new government there. People making a big fuss over Benghazi are focusing on a result while ignoring its cause. Every congress person who was supportive or silent on the Executive ordered attack on Libya is partly responsible for Benghazi.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        I even read that backwards and sideways::::::::::::::
        didn’t see YOUR opinion ( which is YOUR opinion) upon that which I asked.
        Im fixing my broken clock

  • MsJoanne

    Where you have Bachmann, that could easily have been a triple crown of derp: Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert. Three elected officials who all lie, are clearly mentally troubled, and all managed to get elected. More than once.

  • Len Day

    In argument after argument I’ve had online with pig ignorant people on the right, who’ve called me ‘Liberal’ as if it’s an insult, I have had to remind them that the word ‘Liberal’ comes from the Latin ‘Liber’ which means ‘Free’. So in effect, anyone who’s anti Liberal is anti Freedom.
    Great list, by the way!

    • David Cutler

      Except that these days “liberals” support the force of government to accomplish their goals, which is anything but pro-freedom. Following the Constitution is about as free as we can get while still having a government to handle the FEW things best handled by a central government.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        would that include EQUALITY and EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL americans???

  • lindylou

    Tough choices. I wouldn’t put Bachmann on the list as she is on her way out, but where to? we don’t know. She, and Palin (who did bring a lot of women voters who probably didn’t ever vote before to the polls) are nothing more than repositories for Tea Party slogans. Unfortunately, whoever filed those nuggets forgot which folder they belong in so what comes out rarely has any context. Actually, I would start a special column for exposing the “Scotts”. There isn’t one in public life at the moment that I know of who is worth spit.

  • dianiline

    These are good people and you shouldn’t malign them just because you have policy differences with them.

    You can put me on your list of people to hate. I’m so sad for you, it must be painful to be a hater.

    • buck

      Are you saying it is wrong to dislike lies, and liars? The people on the list do not give these statements as opinions, they state them as facts and anyone who checks them soon finds out they are not facts but are just lies. For example when Issa asked for a list of groups that had been targeted by the IRS he was completely and knowingly dishonest. In his request he asked for a list of all CONSERVATIVE GROUPS THAT HAD BEEN TARGETED BY THE IRS. This is the list he received. He then claimed that the IRS had only targeted conservative groups and used this list as proof. When asked for a list of ALL GROUPS TARGETED by the IRS the list contained as many [or perhaps more] liberal groups than conservative groups and that the IRS had actually refused tax exempt status to more liberal groups than conservative. It is this deliberate distorting of the truth that all on the list do almost daily which made me and many others leave the Republican party.

  • Jenny

    I agree with everything you said about each of these individuals but I would probably put Allen West on this list instead of Glenn Beck since his star seems to be fading now that he is no longer on Faux News.

  • dianiline

    These are good people with whom you happen to disagree. I’m sorry you have to hate people and demean them when they have the nerve to disagree with you. Look to yourself; try to change your mean hateful ways.

  • DonRice

    Michelle Malkin

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      check my rant about her up above

  • Geri Southard

    Agree 100%, but I didn’t see McConnell on your list….but there are so many, there isn’t room for all, I guess!

  • LL11

    Good list but Ann Coulter is number 1; you were right when you called her the most vile being on the list. But it’s debatable she’s actually “human”.

  • Rolaine Mcgruder

    the head holy roller of the 700 Club Pat Robertson.

  • ronchristman

    Poor list, too incomplete. Your mistake was trying to pick 10 who had reached the detestable level. You probably should have tried to pick the 10 right wing politicians, media types, or “leaders” who didn’t qualify for the detestable list. Two problems with that. 1. You wouldn’t be able to come up with 10 who weren’t detestable and 2. Right wingers vie daily to reach the top of the most detestable list. . . You wouldn’t be able to keep up with their efforts!

  • Gary Menten

    Why settle at 10? You left out Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, Mitch McConnell, Darrell Issa, Donald Trump, John Boehner, Orly Taitz, Luis Gohmert, Todd Aiken, Karl Rove, Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Pat Buchannan, Mike Huckabee, Pat Robertson, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Roy Moore, Dinesh D’Sousza….

  • Sunny Ray

    I’m sorry but what’s the point of this article? is that constructive? You are just playing the same game as your enemies, hatred, and brings you closer to them. Changing your “list” names by left-wing personalities and there you have a Bill O’Reilly speech. While I care (not sure anymore…) about your opinion about serious issues, Why would I care about people you hate? Do you want me to hate them too??
    “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
    O. Wilde. That is what should be the guide line for someone like you who is read by many people, instead of spreading hate.
    Remember, hate is what keeps this country so divided and stagnant.

  • Charles Vincent

    And their left wing counterparts
    10)Chris Matthews
    9)Nancy Pelosi
    8)Harry Reid/Dianne Feinstein
    7)Mark Morford
    6)Ted Rall
    5)Rachel Maddow
    4)Andrew Cuomo
    3)Dick Durbin
    2)Eddie Vedder/Dixie Chicks
    1)Piers Morgan

  • Stephen Barlow

    cruz and Paul should be 1 and 2, because their ideas may become law and pollute America for the next several generations to come. Palin, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh are just bobbleheads in the clown car, Bachmann is a none entity since she BRIBED her Iowa Caucus victory and ‘The Nuge’ is well… of even less importance.

    Only Cruz and Paul can make law.

  • John M Moros

    my top ten list of detestable republicans had to be 20 persons long….couldn’t do it in 10….

  • CM

    how could you forget paul ryan?? he has to be tied with dick cheney for most despicable politician!

  • Shaye L. Johnson

    Paul Ryan deserves a spot

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    You forgot Louie Gohmert.

  • Joe Whitfield

    Great list…the only thing I would have changed is replaced Rand Paul with Darrell Issa. And Ted Cruz would have been my number 1…absolutely detest that man!

  • Darla

    Honorable Mention (or one of the Top Ten at the state level) — Stacy Campfield of TN. Backer of the Don’t Say Gay bill and wanted to base eligibility for food stamps on school children’s grades. Despicable doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  • Jim Copley

    I’d drop Glen, he’s off his meds and has little sway except the extreme crazies and add STEVE KING, mr. cantaloupes for calves, has led the charge with Bachmann.

  • John Eckhardt

    Great list. If you are a Federal Employee then I think Darrell Issa deserves a mention. If you are on (or will soon be on) Social Security and Medicare, then Paul Ryan is right up there.

  • Edmund Moore

    Here in Pa, we have Corporate Tom Corbett an Unrepresentative Metcalfe

  • Aloanstar

    Ralph Reed….pretty detestable guy for a very long time.

  • Gene Schell

    Few years ago Hannity was at Reagan library doing an interview. At one point the subject of Ok. bombing came up and the crowd began clapping, and this moron says Oh we have Timothy McViegh fans good. It used to be on you tube, maybe still is, made me ill.

  • mickey

    rick sanatorium

  • Don Gugliuzza

    Scott Walker

  • Bob S

    I have to add darth Cheny and Paul Ryan

  • Tamaracboy

    The list needs to be extended to include Eric Cantor, he’s truly EVIL

  • elliej

    Allen West and Newt Gingrich should have been there somewhere.

  • 1EdMeadows83

    I think no list of despicable Republicans could be complete without the addition of Louie Gohmert or Blake Farenthold, both from Texas (where else?)

  • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

    you forgot the ultra-unhappy Michelle ” no tits & hating het life because of that” malkin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    she is so pissed off at life; even when she is ‘smiling’ shes ranting vitriol

  • oldwhiteguy

    Trying to force rank this crowd is like comparing stomach cramps to diarrhea. It’s all sort of the same continuous process. The American right is currently little more than a money-making scam. That’s why Sarah quit her day job. It’s a traveling medicine show selling snake oil to frightened, angry white people. They really don’t care about winning elections (Cruz knows he’ll never be president). It’s about ratings, book sales and speeches. And beyond that, it’s about tax breaks for the rich. And alongside all that, it’s about selling viagra gold coins and reverse mortgages. This is the America that won’t face change, talking amongst themselves and justifying their own existence. Sad.

  • Jimmy Miller

    Oh please! Any 10 Most Detestable list that has Bill O’Reilly on it and not Rick Scott, Darrell Issa, or Marco Rubio is a fluff piece.

  • Clavell Jackson

    Great list. It is scary that these people are taken seriously.

  • Clavell Jackson

    The scary people on the list are the politicians. The media figures are just entertainers doing what they do for money. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh don’t believe in the hate they are selling. They just say outrageous things so they can sell more ad space or merchandise. Limbaugh condemns homosexuality but goes down to the Dominican Republic to have sex with boys.

    People like Michelle Bachmann on the other hand have real power. Bachmann serves on the Intelligence Committee for God’s sake!

  • mudshark12

    Mitch McConnell gets my vote for 10 Most Despicable because of all the legislation he’s filibustered over the years. And let’s not forget Eric Cantor or John Boehner while we are at it. The list really should be the “25 Most Despicable” because it seems like they are having a weekly contest all about saying the most offensive/stupid/selfish statement. They’ve been very consistent about this and it’s become their mission to out-dumb each other.

  • Sallie Sanders

    little bobby jindal

  • Pas Argenio

    You have to know the history.
    When Nixon signed the creation of the EPA, clean air & water acts and Rachael Carson got DDT banned, the wealthy/libertarian/anti-red coalition was born. Coors & Koch and later Arab & Russian oil money joined in. They were particularly effective using courts/lawsuits to undo election results (Lewinski scandal) and eviscerated Al Gore & Jeb Bush gave Fla to his brother. The FCC quashed the “fairness doctrine” in 1987 (Reagan knew media) and right-wing talk was born. Is it any wonder that the reddest states have long driving distances and only conservative radio?

  • 1daver1

    Melt snowflakes! You lost!

  • illynois95

    I used to be like Brian from Family Guy. I would listen to whatever the left wing media told me and if they said someone was a racist right wing nut i would agree without looking into the content of that person for myself. I used to strongly dislike Ted Cruz, then I actually watched some of his speeches and was blown away at how much I had missed the mark on his actual views. I used to hate Ann Coulter until I got more mature and realized that nearly everything she says has a level of inconvenient truth to it, lefties just try to diminish the credibility of factual statistics by calling the messenger racist if they aren’t fond of the results being broadcast. I haven’t listened to very much Rush, but I’ve seen his interviews from the ’90s and don’t think he’s as unreasonable as they claim unless he has significantly deteriorated in quality since then, he had the sense of humor to make the Family Guy appearance and laugh at himself and show that its okay to be friendly with people from the other side of the aisle, a sentiment I rarely see from the left anymore.

  • illynois95

    Oh, and Rand Paul has the best understanding of economics of any presidential candidate from the 2016 election season from the major parties, especially anybody from the Dems.

  • Karen Riner

    I would add Alex Jones from “InfoWars” to the list for sure. I’d say he is about as BS crazy as Coulter. Sadly, Dems and Indys are missing something basic here, I believe. The Republican Party, we were “used to” has been stolen, hijacked, inflitrated and usurped by the Tea Party, who could not start their own party on their best day, so they resorted to stealing the Republican Party and twisting it into something sick. Then the Libitarians twisted common decency out of the GOP, squeezing the last few drops of Patriotic Blood & Sanity from it’s life lines, as well. And, yes, the GOP itself is to blame, they are cowardly & weak, we all know this…but my point is…the GOP has now morphed into a seriously dangerous entity. The damage has now been done. We can’t reverse it. Knowing this, can we really trust a two party system any longer? More frightening…KNOWING ALL OF THIS, back on Election Day 2016, which is where we were all aware of what was going on, where were our numbers? How could we not have saved ourselves from this doom, that was certain to envelope our country & now has? Voter lists were & are being “cleansed”, “bleached” by right wing electeds then & now. With the gerrymandering and the bleaching…we are never going to come back. Are we moving toward another civil war? Certainly feels like it.

  • 330capt

    Allen, at the end of your life all you’ll look back on is fear filled hate. What a waste of air, carbon and opportunity. Even if all you say is true (and I’m sure it isn’t)…so what? Grow up. Dare to live a life of happiness without blaming others for your fear driven anger and hate. Enjoy life…be happy…it feels better that living the life you must in order to write such drivel as above.