The 5 Biggest Losers From the Embarrassing Roy Moore Debacle in Alabama

When Donald Trump and most of the Republican Party decided to go all-in on Roy Moore, they took one of the biggest gambles in political history. Shockingly, the party of “family values” figured that getting Moore’s vote was worth trying to elect a credibly accused child predator to the United States Senate.

They lost.

However, there was clearly much more at stake during this election than just winning or losing a seat in the Senate. For many, this wasn’t about politics as much as it was about rejecting someone who, by many accounts, spent a large part of his 30s stalking and preying upon teenage girls, sexually abusing several of them.

So, in looking back at this debacle for Republicans, I thought I’d run down who I think are the biggest losers other than Roy Moore from last night.

5. The GOP/RNC: While neither put their full backing behind Moore, they also didn’t reject him, either. In fact, the RNC resumed funding his campaign a little over a week before election day, weeks after they had pulled their support. By and large, Republicans took the cowardly approach in saying that they would “let the people of Alabama decide.” That was nothing more than both the Republican party and the RNC trying to keep some distance from Moore, while also refusing to simply condemn him outright as a candidate.

4. Evangelical Christians: As if this group of hypocrites hadn’t already been exposed as frauds after backing Trump, we can now add “supported a child molester” to the list of horrific things these fake “Christian conservatives” will support just as long as an “R” is next to the candidate’s name. While I’m sure they’re still going to try, there’s absolutely no way these con artists can claim they care about morals, ethics, or any sort of family values after enthusiastically supporting Roy Moore. Not that they really could beforebut they damn sure can’t now.

3. The conservative media: Just like Trump and all of the Republicans who backed Moore, history’s going to remember that the vast majority of the conservative media did everything it could to support, defend, and help elect someone who had been credibly accused by multiple women of sexually abusing them when they were in their teens. Not that someone like Fox News’ Sean Hannity has any shame left to begin with, but he’s part of the entire group of conservatives who will forever be remembered as the people who tried to help a credibly accused child molester win an election.

2. Donald Trump: It was embarrassing enough for this “president” when he backed Luther Strange during the GOP primary against Moore, only for him to lose. Then for Moore to lose despite Trump going all-in for him the last two weeks, that’s even more humiliating. Especially when you consider that just a few weeks ago Democrats scored several big victories, particularly in New Jersey and Virginia, despite Trump’s efforts to defeat them. Tuesday night’s defeat serves as another example of how weak and ineffective Trump’s influence is over his own party.

1. Steve Bannon: If you ask me, without a doubt, the “king of Breitbart” was the biggest loser Tuesday night. Not only was he pushing for Moore to become our next senator, but for all intents and purposes, this was Bannon’s first big push to “attack the establishment” following his year as one of Trump’s top go-to strategists. This was going to be Bannon’s big moment to elect Moore, give a big middle finger to people like Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Paul Ryan, and establish himself as the “kingmaker” among the GOP — and he failed, spectacularly.

Not only did his influence likely help Moore defeat Strange during the GOP’s primary, someone who would have likely cruised to an easy victory over Doug Jones, but in doing so he forced most of the party to reluctantly embrace and support Moore — a candidate many of them already felt was unfit to serve long before the allegations that he’s a child molester surfaced.

It’s obvious Bannon wants to make himself the most influential person over the Republican Party. This was his big moment to build on the momentum he had built himself following the election of Trump last year to prove that he could make or break any candidate who doesn’t bow down to him.

Except his candidate lost in one of the deepest red states in the country.

So, instead of the Alabama election making him the “kingmaker” that Bannon so desperately wants to be, he’s now going to be attacked by very powerful Republicans as someone who’s pushing for radical candidates that are going to tear apart the GOP, while helping elect Democrats.

My prediction is we’re about to see a full-on “civil war” among the GOP between Bannon and “the GOP establishment” that could very well rip the party in two.

While there are clearly more losers from Tuesday night’s election, I feel that these were the 5 biggest following Doug Jones’ historic win to become our country’s next United States senator from Alabama.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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