The 5 Craziest Ebola Conspiracy Stories

Have A PintYou can turn to almost any news channel or Facebook page and almost inevitably, there’s one Ebola-related story after another. From respected sources like the BBC or NPR, to the most wacko blogspam conspiracy sites, everyone is covering the Ebola news. After all, it is a hot story and everyone one wants in on their share of the ratings or web traffic. The conspiracy sites like Alex Jones’s Infowars and the far right are calling it a plot by their favorite villains to do anything from institute martial law, put people in FEMA camps, create mandatory vaccinations, and/or wipe out the world’s population.

As wacky as some of these stories are, the responses to them are even more bizarre, and disturbing. The fact that there are so many people out there that actually believe in some of these utterly insane conspiracy stories that make The Mind Unleashed look like a reasonable website is troubling, to say the least. While believing in things like the world is controlled by Jewish bankers, that vaccines cause autism or that the government is spraying mind control substances from commercial jetliners at 30,000 feet isn’t confined to one side of the political spectrum, conservatives have really flipped the hell out over Ebola.

Their responses have ranged from the accusations on Fox News that President Obama isn’t taking the crisis seriously, to the really far-flung stories from lunatic bloggers that this is part of a conspiracy to depopulate the world and impose a United Nations secret plan. Since part of my job involves spending a lot of time online and reading news stories, I’ve come across a lot of really crazy articles and comments on Facebook that reaffirm my belief that our country is suffering from a serious mental health crisis. Here’s the five craziest Ebola-related stories and comments that I have gathered for you to shake your head and laugh at.

5. There are quite a few certifiably insane right-wing pages out there that cater to the crowd that listens to Coast To Coast AM and believes Obama is a secret Muslim named Barry Soetoro sent to destroy America. They’re a pretty special bunch, and one website called “The Liberty Beacon” has finally uncovered the vast conspiracy behind Ebola, if you’re gullible enough believe them and also buy into their story that the federal government is ready to let ISIS kill 200 million Americans. Here’s their conspiracy about Ebola:

Ask yourself: If Ebola really was spread from person to person, instead of controlled spread through vaccination – then WHY would the CDC and the US Government continue to allow flights in and out of these countries with absolutely no regulation, Or At All? We have got to start thinking and sharing information globally because they do not give the true perspective of the people who live here in West Africa. They are lying for their own benefit and there aren’t enough voices out there with a platform to help share our reality. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, paralyzed and disabled by these and other “new” vaccines all over the world and we are finally becoming aware of it. Now what will we do with all this information? (Source)

If you read entire article, and some of the other ones on their website, it’s enough to make your head hurt trying to perform the same mental gymnastics that they do.

4. I came across this one in the comments section of a Facebook page for a Louisiana TV station (no, not KATC this time). I’m pretty sure that you can go onto any website or Facebook page that has an article about the Ebola outbreak in Africa and you’ll find at least one person just as badly in need of mental help as Diane here.


Diane is just one of many people who buy into the “Obama is going to kill us all” conspiracy spiel that has been going on for the last almost six years. You know, if he was the horrible, brutal dictator that they keep telling us he is, don’t you think he would have done that by now? Diane isn’t alone, there are thousands, if not millions of other people out there that believe these same crazy Ebola conspiracy stories – and there are plenty of folks out there that are catering to their delusions, for profit.

3. You might ask why I read what these obvious hucksters churn out regularly for their gullible, scared and delusional followers. The reason is that for every crisis, there’s always some people trying to cash in. Take for example this website which is promoting a checklist of essential survival products, all of which come from their online store or Amazon affiliates. This is a very real, and profitable niche market that folks who don’t even believe in conspiracy nonsense or prepper culture are trying profit from.

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  • Stephen Barlow

    I must be one of those freaks to. I Do NOT believe either the Bush nor Obama Administrations when they advertise germ warfare as BIODEFENSE on the budget. It DOES make sense that Reagan would test some of the “perfect” killer bug on villages in Africa. Central America is too close to home. They are remote, journalists are few and far between, medical care is scare to none so the ‘natural’ cycle of the bug could be observed. the perfect bug would be one that decimates @ 40% or more, is short lived and contracted through close contact. Meaning that the territory abandoned by the enemy, either through desertion or decimation can be claimed by the US Forces within a month without a fight. Bugs are cheap, but most bugs DON’T DIE as quickly as Ebola. The visual terror of Ebola deaths are crippling. How hard would you fight for a dictator with bayonets @ your back while you foxhole buddy is exsanguinating next to you? Puking/dysentery all over your shoes?

    Ebola is all that and more. It’s not airborne so a wind change won’t kill your own troops and just like flinging plague victims over the siege walls of medival towns in the 14th Century… The walking corpses SPREAD more and more of the disease BEFORE the real awful part of the death phase kicks in. in other words, troops in a chowline with a slight fever can infect the whole army if they are THE COOK!!!

    Just look at how Reagan believed the Central Americans should be treated. he PAID for the Death Squads, armed and supplied them and allowed their drug sales in America. Sure he busted Noriega, because Noriega wouldn’t play ball, the same way Chavez said Fuck you to Bush. but Bush’s paratroop drop failed to assassinate Hugo and America almost had another bay of Pigs, but Bush had full media lockdown on his Op.

    I think the current epidemic is an accident stemming from experiments on unsuspecting remote villagers on the African Continent. WHY are we sending in Marines to set up Medical Aid stations but NOT using the 23 state of the art viral creating “Research labs” the DOD funds where they have Level 5 protections and completely trained and equipped staff to help the victims survive?

    Because the 2 + 2 = DAMN WE GOT CAUGHT factor is too great to risk as close as South America.

    • wawoo

      What a screed of paranoid crazy on your part. Do you ever leave your home?

      • Stephen Barlow

        It’s not paranoia friend. It’s knowing the kind of people Ronald Reagan was. he invaded an Island to cover up the FAILURE to safeguard American Troops in Lebannon. He put DRUG DEALERS in charge of Central America by selling WEAPONS to the guys who KIDNAPPED 54 Americans and held them hostage for 16 months to do it!!!!! He stabbed his ally Saddam Hussein in the BACK while doing it and he put mental patients out on the street with NO RECOURSE, then mandated sentences to lock them up in PRISON where they get only minimal prescription help.

        I know that GHWBush was a CIA Director for decades, worked closely with Nixon as he tried to corrupt and election, watched as he FAILED to end a war against a maliciously vicious dictator who had GASSED his own people. I know that his poster child Dubya murdered 10,000 American citizens, 7700 of them volunteers troops, by MANUFACTURING DOCUMENTATION TO FRAUDULENTLY ‘prove’ A LIE ABOUT WMD and subsequently bankrupted the American Government. I know Dubya believes in TORTURE, BELIEVES in stealing from the poor to give to the rich, BELIEVES that War For jerusalem is a MUST for jesus to return to earth, BELIEVES that the Constitution only applies to Corporations, BELIEVES in Corporate Personhood, BELIEVES that only the GOP should have a vote and has not problem DICTATING TO AMERICA without EVER having legally won a single Federal Election.

        I know all THREE believe that the 99% SHOULD be PAWNS for the rich to get richer off of. They believe the environment is to be pillaged not preserved, that cops should have carte blanche militarization, that Racism is the inalienable right of WHITE people, that illegal immigration is a fiscal necessity to American agriculture, that foodstamps, minimum wage, child labor laws and the right to collective bargaining are almost criminal acts because they reduce campaign contributions.

        Knowing these people, it makes perfect sense that they would EXPERIMENT on humans in foreign jungles the way the Army experimented on American troops with LSD in the 50’s and 60’s, and used Veterans in VA Hospitals in drug trials WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. and That they promote perpetual illnesses to make perpetual profits which is WHY pharmaceutical medicine gets so many tax dodges while the sick get to pay for more and more expensive drugs that they never really benefit from.

        The POINT of long term pharmaceutical therapy is long term profit/cash flow. Working to CURE High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease has always been secondary to putting 50% of the nation on MAINTENANCE DRUGS. Ask your self this: “IF prescription drugs are so complex to administer and dangerous to misuse, WHY was it imperative for Big Pharma to DIRECT MARKET to the PATIENTS?”

        Seriously. 30% of the EXPENSE of medicine, the PRICE of medication, is the ADVERTISING EXPENSE, which is not only PAID FOR by the purchase price but ALSO written off of Business Income Taxes and offset by PERSONAL INCOME TAXES of the very patients who are paying 30% (+taxes) EXTRA for medicines that only MAINTAIN their ILLNESSES!!

        NO, I am not paranoid. I am just educated on the Republican Agenda and have followed it for 40 years. Ever since Nixon sat down with Edward Kaiser in 1971 and and the TWO of THEM decided that the future of American Healthcare was the HMO and limited, minimal actual theraputic healing and maximizing profit for healthcare administration and insurers was more important than the Health of Women and Children.

        I know how these creatures think and while people like you who FAIL to understand what you read annoy Me, I welcome your snark as an opportunity to educate you to Republican realities and alert you to the reality that you TOO could be a target of the Patriot Act this very second.

        As far as the RIGH WING MEDIA ASSAULT on the President as the sole person responsible for the alleged “GREAT EBOLA EPIDEMIC” OF less than 20 non Africans world wide… Why has not one netwoek or even one correspondnet or journalist mentioned that campaigning, photo ops and sound bites are more important for ALL CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES than actually showing p and doingtheir jobs to COMBAT IT. They AL have some snark to dispense, but not a minute of their $176/hour (+ benefits of $3 million/year) time to DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT THEMSELVES.

        As far as the hysteria and terrorism fomented by Fox and their ilk, (NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC…) I think it is abominable.

        As far as what YOU misunderstood about how I FEEL about the Ebola issue… I have ZERO FEAR of it. I am 16 circles of the Kevin Bacon of Ebola and 500 Shades of Grey away from the possibility of infection. I am an American citizen, but My mother was a Catholic nun named Agnes and My brother is Jesus Christ on My Father’s side. It’s not quite Alien DNA in my blood, but it’s the next best thing.

    • Sean Jones

      I hope you seek the professional help you so desperately need

      • Stephen Barlow

        Dude, I AM professional help. See ABOVE ^

  • Ben in LA

    From a shared status update on Facebook:

    “Ebola propaganda, scare the people, enforce martial law. Then, take
    their guns and go for a third term because there can be no election for a
    president during martial law. I’m really kinda thinking about Hitler,
    if you do some research, that’s how he did it. Any thoughts? Just
    putting it out there. If you don’t agree, that’s quite ok. Let me know
    your thoughts, I’m all ears. God help us!”


    • Michelle Rhoades

      I have three distinct groups of friends on FB. My school friends, my work friends and my fannish friends. The scifi friends all post really intelligent articles from trustworthy soutces. My high school friends (i graduated a long time ago from a small town high school) post this same kind of crazy right-wing conspiracy crap. I have fun sharing the intelligent stuff debunking their crap and watching their heads explode. It makes my day and hopefully at least one of them will wake up.

    • After seeing just how pathetic that our CDC has done to this point, I would give it less than 6 months to be in several cities. In 2 years there could be an outbreak across the country, which could be used to implement marshal law.

      The main reason they are not banning travel, is to give cover for all those who are crossing the border illegally. These people are the ones who will spread their infections intentionally. They will not be looking to go to the hospital for help, but to infect as many as they can here.

      The people of ISIS have already promised this is going to happen, and thanks to Obama’s failures at the borders they will get through. He has most of our border patrol people playing babysitter now. This is not a question of if, but when it’s going to happen.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I know junkies who are not this deluded when they go cold turkey.

        Not one SPECK of your garbage is true. if it is, then you must have SOME smidgen of proof?

    • RayandFannie Esparza

      Have a friend named Ben in LA.. But he has a healthy brain…

      • javadavis

        You do realize that most of Ben in LA’s post is a quote, right? At which he is SHDH? Read again with your healthy brain.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Hitler never declared marital law. he just implemented is While Chamberlain proclaimed PEACE in OUR TIME.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Swore THAT was the Texas Republican Platform… DUH!! SORRY.

      the RED platform is “Give EVERYONE GUNS, make it a crime to NOT be strapped and NO murders can occur when one man is standing on the ground. This does not apply to FEMALE Domestic Violence victims, Any person of color, or Non NRA members.”

      I mean arming 12 year old boys to the teeth!!!! Justifying murder! THAT REALLY sounds like hitler!

  • Pipercat

    Monsanto is secretly combining a virus and bacteria to create……….

    The Eboli organism!!!!!!!! They haven’t figured out how to market the beastie, but all in the fullness of time!!!

    • Stephen Barlow

      if it’s such a secret, how do YOU know about it? Unless YOU are their Android.

      • Pipercat

        It’s not a secret, it’s a joke… C’mon Stephen, really? Eboli?? Learn to have fun, with puns…

      • Stephen Barlow

        PHEW!!!! Good thing being funny isn’t a prerequisite for a joke.

        Oh Puns of Fun about guns and nuns by the ton son.

      • Pipercat

        Well tell ya what, you stick to the screeds and I’ll keep to my one liners!

      • Stephen Barlow

        What’s a screed? other than a concrete tool or a screen printing tool?

      • Pipercat

        Look below…

      • Stephen Barlow

        I see My feet, knees, an incredibly bulky muscles and a thin scar where I donated My heart to science 14 years ago. I don’t qualify for the “Zombie Certificate” because I am allergic to brains on a plate, with or without catsup (ketchup is for Texans. What do you expect from a herd of critters who put SUGAR in BBQ sauce?). But as heartless as I am in more ways than one… I am NOT a Zombie.

      • Pipercat

        Somehow, I have the feeling you have a fish named Eric.

      • Stephen Barlow


        All 7 are named “Dil” “Do” “Har” “Der” “Fas” “Ter” and “Mor”.

      • Stephen Barlow

        you MISSED the pointy part…


        I DON’t name dinner.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I have a fish named dinner, twice a week.

    • javadavis

      They will patent it, and then anyone who catches ebola will be charged with using their patent.

      • Pipercat

        … and for the treatment!

  • Matthew Reece

    In a surprising bit of wisdom from Fox News, Shepard Smith had an excellent 4-minute segment rebuking the media for Ebola fearmongering. It is worth looking up and watching.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Shep spoke out AGAINST his NETWORK EXECUTIVES DIRECT ORDERS to foment more fear AND accuse the President as being PERSONALLY Responsible???? This MUST be an alternative universe!!!!

    • EMH

      The same Fox News that this author references as one of the many promoting fear for profit over Ebola? If they were so terrible, why would Fox let him continue speaking for so many years? Hmm.

      • Matthew Reece

        He could be the only sane man, there to disguise the fact that most of the rest of the channel is crap.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Sigh. Yep, seen all this nonsense. The newer thing I’ve been seeing (and really just from people in Northeast Ohio) is the complete flip from “the government is going to use Ebola as an excuse to put the population in camps” to “OMG, why doesn’t the government take anyone that has been exposed to Ebola in any way and put them in some camp to protect the rest of us??” Fear is a powerful thing.

    • Stephen Barlow

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!! it’s sadly funny, that ONLY both sides of the coin are possible in America. NO ONE in Spain, France, Britain or Germany (where they have one or more active Ebola patients) is disasterizing, most likely because there are VERY FEW Evangelical END TIMES Christians to perpetuate crap like this.

  • Chris

    Monsanto actually produces more than seeds. We get our foam for our fire trucks from Monsanto

    • Stephen Barlow

      Monsanto, like most mega Corporations, has 100+ subsidiaries that produce everything from Mesothelioma to Menningitis. A list of their Offshore Shell Corps might run into the 1000’s.

  • Jeff

    And the same folks screaming about vaccines being nothing but a big pharma plot and causing autism and making you sterile are screaming that big pharma needs to come up with an Ebola vaccine.

    • Stephen Barlow

      That IS so laughable, because it is sooo true!

  • strayaway

    The World Health Organization recommends that health care workers and cleaning staff who have used personal protective equipment and followed all the safety rules when dealing with an Ebola patient be considered “close contacts” and monitored for 21 days. Instead, we have such people flying with fevers and taking cruises. Ivory Coast has sealed its border with neighboring infected Guinea and Liberia. Ivory Coast has zero cases of ebola. We have three cases stemming from someone who lied to travel to the US. Another man lied to travel by plane from Liberia to Nigeria. Eight deaths resulted from his entry in Nigeria. He had planned a trip to Minnesota but became sick in the Lagos airport. Nigeria instituted an awesome response and monitored over 850 contacts after interviewing 18,000 people tracking these 850 down. Unlike the US, Nigeria is now ebola free. It had a Bill Gates funded Polio tracking team that shifted gears and spearheaded its search for ebola contacts. 25 countries and a number of airlines including Air France, Korean Air, and British Air have suspended flights or are prohibiting entrance from infected countries.

    Our CDC is playing catch-up introducing new stricter protocols. It’s trying. The old protocols almost everyone here thought were just fine a couple of weeks ago were not it seems. The President was said to be upset with the state of things and is jumping on CDC to get up to speed. Well, maybe. Visa costs were reduced to encourage Liberians to come here prior to the ebola outbreak. This incentive is still in place allowing Mr. Duncan, for one, to save some money. Also, President Obama, using his phone and pen this week issued an executive order allowing citizens of those infected countries to stay here indefinitely even if they have overstayed their visas, work here legally, and with faster visa processing time. Sometimes crime pays. What an incentive for any other Liberians to plan a trip. Presently, about 150 fly to the US from infected countries every week.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Ivory Coast is like Rhode Island is to Connecticut. Not an OCEAN AWAY on another continent like Liberia and the US.

      And UNLIKE Bill Gates, Obama has been DEFUNDED for HHS, which RUNS the CDC. WHY are the DOD germ warfare troops not working on this 24/7? They most likely corrupted this bug out of a test tube in the name of “BioDefense!!”