The 5 Traits I’ve Noticed Nearly All Donald Trump Supporters Have in Common

The other day I was talking politics with a friend who normally doesn’t bring up the topic a whole lot. Out of nowhere she texted me, saying, “I can’t take this Donald Trump sh*t anymore! It’s madness!”

Curious as to what sparked this random, obviously angry message, I asked her what happened. That’s when I found out she had just lost a friend (a Donald Trump supporter) who had finally pushed her too far by posting things on Facebook that she could no longer ignore. Then she told me she had actually lost several friends over the past year for that very same reason — a story I’ve heard from many people over the course of Trump’s campaign.

After a few back and forth messages, we started to discuss the character traits of Trump supporters. Now I don’t mean the bigotry, homophobia, racism, sexism or any of that stuff that’s been discussed countless times before. I’m talking about certain traits that nearly everyone I know who supports Trump shares.

While there are more than 5, to keep this from becoming a novel, I wanted to go over some of the most common traits I notice among Donald Trump supporters.

1. They’re not very well-educated: I thought I’d start with this one since it’s widely known that Trump does very well with people (white people, in particular) who have a high school education or less. Not to say that a college degree is the only metric by which intelligence is measured, but it does say something that the biggest con man to ever run for president in modern political history, someone whose bullshit is so easy to spot it’s mind-boggling to me that more people don’t recognize it, is a superstar to the least educated among us.

Practically everyone I know with a college degree (even my Republican friends) cannot stand Trump. Yet nearly every (white) friend I have whose level of education is high school or less, is a big-time Trump supporter.

2. They have delusional visions about how wealthy they might be: This might just be me, but I find a lot of Trump supporters who seem to think that the only reason why they’re not rolling in money, living in some giant house, is because this nation hasn’t been led by someone like Donald Trump. Again, people with practically no education or skills to warrant a very high level of income who honestly believe — to their core — that the only thing standing between them and being part of the “2%” is our “stupid government.”

That makes Trump the perfect candidate for them considering he’s a con man selling them the myth that if they support him, he’s going to make all their dreams come true.

3. They really don’t know a damn thing about politics: I’ve joked that if I created a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no knowledge of how politics or government works and 10 being very well-versed in politics and how government works, nearly every person I know who supports Trump would fall near 1.

I’ve been amazed how people I’ve known for years, who’ve never said a word about politics or even shared anything on social media politically related, suddenly think they’re “experts” about government because of a few memes they’ve found on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m not joking, if I handed out a simple five-question quiz with the following questions:

  • How many branches of government are there?
  • How many members are there in the House and Senate?
  • Who’s third in line for the presidency?
  • Describe the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.
  • What are the term limits for the president, representatives and senators?

If I asked those questions to all of my Trump-supporting friends (and most Trump supporters I’ve dealt with), I’d be shocked if any of them got more than one question correct without having to look any of the information up online.

4. They’re highly misinformed about nearly everything and extremely gullible: Now I don’t mean just politically, I mean in general. These are many of the same people who I’ve caught sharing obviously fake/satire “news” because they thought it was real, buy into “lose weight quickly” diet rip-offs they see on shows like Dr. Oz, or share these Facebook clickbait scams where you’ll see a picture of a child who appears to have cancer captioned with something like, “Each share raises $1 to save my life.”

Not to sound rude, but many of them are just highly naive people, easily swayed by whatever sounds good. They hear something that appeals to them, and without thinking or looking into it, it becomes “fact” for them. They tend to lack common sense.

5. They think they’re a whole lot smarter than what they actually are and tend to be extremely stubborn, if not outright arrogant: Look, I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am by no means a genius. But we all know people who think they’re extremely intelligent — when, in fact, they’re not very bright. That doesn’t make them bad people, it just makes them some of the worst people with which to attempt to have any sort of reasonable debate.

I refer to this as “stupid smart.” By that I mean, they’re not very factually knowledgeable about much, but they think they are. These are folks who always think their friends, co-workers, bosses or family members are the dumb ones… while they’re the one who knows everything. It’s the co-worker who’s actually not very good at their job who spends most of their time complaining about how everyone else is terrible at theirs.

They frequently make matter-of-fact statements with such unwavering conviction behind what they’re saying that, even if you provide evidence to debunk something they’ve said (be it political or non-political), they’ll almost never admit that they were wrong.

In their minds, what they believe is right because that’s what they want to believe is right — and that’s all there is to it. When you get right down to it, it’s the perfect foundation for someone to support a presidential candidate who seems to operate in some alternate form of reality where even using audio or video evidence proving he said or did something he claims he didn’t say or do, isn’t valid proof that he’s lying.

Again, while there are plenty of more I could have added to the list, for the sake of time, I’ll wrap it up here.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know if you’ve found certain traits you see in many supporters of Donald Trump.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Sysiphus55

    as much as I agree with what you’ve written …. there is something you haven’t noticed, one glaring thing you haven’t noticed because, you’ve equated simple with stupid and frustration with bigotry …. I’m sure ‘your heart’s in the right place’ but the way you wrote about, to paraphrase you, ‘the typical Trump supporter’ took practically NO account of the fact that most people and American’s to a fault, in general are simple and unnuanced … They express themselves in uncomplicated terms; love their God, appreciate their neighbors, care for their family’s and enjoy garages, games and guns… They want their lives, easily digestible and are TYPICALLY kind and caring…. ON A ‘One On One’ BASIS. The five points you described, I believe, are the ‘virulent’ Trump supporters, but there’s A whole Lot of, thoroughly disenchanted Americans feeling disenfranchised from ever achieving the “American Dream” and they, just like me, have only the VAGUEST inkling how we got here… SOOO there’s Frustration and Anger towards the ‘Status Quo’… which Hillary represents in SPADES …and a desire to have some one deliver a SIMPLE message, an uncomplicated message that for ‘conservative’ (not evil or stupid) minds will both be ‘digestible’ and fit their desired reality…. The tone of your post seemed bread from arrogance and dripping in condescension … you’ve proven you’re ‘way smarter’ … how about being a bit kinder and at least as decent as most of these ‘supporters’ are one on one and away from the Trump rally’s and the Trump gatherings that really DO tend to bring out the worst in what he represents

    • whattheheak

      Well stated. However much they feel that way though he’s not the answer. They are voting against their own self interests. His answers to their frustration are just wrong. In every way.

    • therealjeaniebeanie

      I feel your heart-felt expression, and it is kind of you to look for a positive way to explain what’s going on. Rump supporters (I cannot type his name anymore; I just can’t) of course are not all exactly alike, though it is possible to draw some conclusions as this post did. A close friend of mine supports him — despite all the horrible things he says, which she does not agree with. None of our circle of friends can understand why she supports him. She does have an unjustified hatred of Hillary and is not likely to look at the facts with an open mind. She is LGBTQ-friendly, she is a feminist (whether or not she adopts that label), she is a good person in so many ways, yet because she has this irrational disdain for Hillary because of reading very inaccurate things about her, she supports Rump by default. (I don’t understand why she doesn’t support Gary Johnson, as she is a libertarian.) She’s very anti-tax and somehow has bought into Rump’s claims that he is a good businessman and therefore capable of being a great president. It’s still a mystery to me. HOWEVER, most Rump supporters I’ve interacted with on line do not exemplify my friend’s many virtues (against racism, homophobia and sexism, for starters), but seem to relish Rump for exactly his bad character and behavior. Go figure.

    • Box1Car

      Many Americans have seen their livelihoods stripped away by those who have sent Factory Jobs overseas to avail the Cheap Slave Labor Presto Corp left for China early 2000s ($14/hr jobs became $14/wk) NOT a Typo> $14 PER WEEK and that’s a 60hr week~ 25c/hr JEEZ can anyone wonder WHY PPL R disenfranchised

      • Tom

        The jobs left for HIGHER profits that globalization allowed. China and India now can produce quality products CHEAPER than in the USA with real incomes.

        Why would a company not do this since they are forced by shareholders to keep increasing profits.

        Are you willing to take a $14 a WEEK job? Hell no! So there is NOTHING Trump can do to bring those jobs back.

        Same with those supposed ‘illegals’ stealing your jobs. You arent going to pick fruit or veggies for $5.00 an hour.

        Instead of whining, MOVE, GET TRAINING for the real jobs,vand learn to compete. Those simple low tech jobs just aren’t coming back.

        And trade sanctions will hurt the USA. China and India are the power houses of industry. We are not the only provider like 40 years ago, so we can’t bully the world go it alone…

        Move on…

      • Zallen Jones

        Tom, you are spot on!

      • Zallen Jones

        You are aware that most of the companies/owners CEO’s that send jobs overseas and take away good American jobs are Republican leaning? You can disagree but statistically its true.
        Once again poorer red states voting against their own best interests completely unaware how the modern world actually functions!

      • Lets_Think_Again

        Yes, “Many Americans have seen their livelihoods stripped away by those who have sent Factory Jobs overseas to avail the Cheap Slave Labor”. But many of this same Americans voted for the Republican policies,starting with Reagan, that let companies do it — indeed, positively encouraged it.

      • whirl3d

        Though it is true that jobs left for higher profits elsewhere, the thing that you have to understand is that not only are those jobs not coming back because Americans are not willing to work for pennies, but also because now machinery can do the work of a hundred men and the cost for the machinery gets written off in taxes. If you doubt that manufacturing jobs are being lost to automation more than to cheap slave labor, just consider whether a robot is gonna complain if you work it 24 hours a day 7 days a week and never let it leave it’s work. Of course not. And in case you doubt this still, just look at Carrier. They chose not to take their manufacturing to Mexico and saved a TON of money in taxes, presumably to hire 700 employees in Indiana. But the CEO has already publicly declared that he plans to upgrade the plant and fully automate it, thereby eliminating more than 700 jobs. Quit buying into the hype about lost jobs to China, India, etc. Those jobs are gone, but one day even their slave labor rates won’t be able to compete with fully automated factories here in the states.

    • jksteiner1974

      I think the person described is seen as the ‘typical trump supporter’ because they’re the ones who are vocal and out in the open. For every one of them, there’s got to be several trump supporters who don’t fit the description in this piece and they are not out in the open about their support for Trump. For me, the obvious question is why aren’t they vocal about it? Why would they lie on a poll or otherwise avoid telling people that they voted for Trump? What are they ashamed of?

      • Sharon Gray

        Having fun reading the circular firing squad responses to Clifton’s obviously far-left blog. Trump supporters are not ashamed of supporting Trump; they are afraid of being demonized by the vehement Left (i.e.: Saul Alinsky-ish) and cannot fathom a presidency led by the corrupt Clintons.

    • Zallen Jones

      You are obviously clueless as to the small percentage of the population that actually supported Trump. You can win in the electoral college with that small percentage.His victory was extremely slim actually, and there are a shitload of us that don’t fit your description in this country, especially those of us that use reason and logic and take the time and energy to fact check.

      • whirl3d

        Great, someone who claims to support Trump, but doesn’t fit into the mold of the most virulent supporters. I am psyched to make your acquaintance and I would like to ask you a serious question that I have never received a credible or rational answer to: Without discussing anything but the merits of Donald Trump (that means, nothing about Hillary, Barack, the establishment, etc., can you please explain to me how you find him to be an acceptable president? I need to understand how this shitload of people who don’t fit into this stereotype could use reason and logic to support him based on his merits. I respectfully and eagerly await your reply. Though I must say that I have asked this question more than 30 times from various sources of Trump support and never once has anyone come close to answering the question. I can say that every time I have asked, my character has been drug through the mud, I have been insulted and told that I was stupid and uninformed. I trust that your reply will be different.

    • pittardm

      In response to “. . .how about being a bit kinder and at least as decent as most of these ‘supporters’ are one on one . . . ,” I would say that I’d love to. However, I haven’t found that these traits are common even one-on-one with his supporters. Typically, when I ask someone (even kindly in an effort to understand) about their support of him, I get yelled at, called names (e.g., libtard, stupid, unpatriotic), my whole family is insulted, and so forth. I just can’t take it after awhile.

  • whattheheak

    Add insulting. If you question why they support Txxxp and you have a good response to their reason even friends will insult you. I once told someone that she swore too much on Facebook and that people couldn’t focus on the point of her post when she did that. .(pro Txxxp posts). She sent me a private message called me an over educated c word and then blocked me. She was a friend since kindergarten nearly 60 years.

    • Progressive Republican

      Some years ago, I congratulated a lady who had a “Support those who served: not those who misled them” bumper sticker. Around 2006 or so, I believe.

      She told me that that sticker had cost her numerous longtime friends.

      Pretty sad.

      • Marc Thomson

        The same folks “Boo-ed” a service member at the front lines in Afghanistan when he asked a question at the Republican debate about same-sex marriage.

      • Progressive Republican

        I remember that.

        Truly an embarrassment to America.

      • Lets_Think_Again

        Hate, poisoning public life. Truly evil.

      • Lets_Think_Again

        Yes, it’s sad: but better to find out who the foul crazies are, then not — even when it’s been hidden by a thin veneer of civility for a long time.

      • Progressive Republican


    • Lets_Think_Again

      Hard to deal with I know — but better to find out who the foul crazies are, even when it’s been hidden by a thin veneer of civility for decades.

  • atalex

    There’s actually a scientific term for no. 5 — the Dunning Krueger Effect. Basically, the dumber you are, the more likely you are to overestimate your own intelligence.

    • twitch56

      too dumb to know their stupid

      • Progressive Republican


      • Howard Kramer

        Do you know the difference in their and they’re? Not only are you stupid, you’re ignorant!

      • janchup

        that’s “they are…”

      • BlessRheart

        They’re, or in your case, you’re

      • RickMeister

        if you’re stupid, you can’t know that, or find out.

      • ShibumiMC

        Ya wanna try “they’re”?

    • Box1Car

      So you’re saying most posts on this thread R “Dunning Kruegers”?

      Figures, as there is NO scientific evidence YET that there is ANY intelligent life in the Universe, certainly don’t see it on planet Earth unless Reigious Beheadings count as a form of intelligence, (limited planet, so someone has to go, hence let the great DIE OFF begin)

      • Gene Somerman

        Beem me up Scottie there is no intelligent life on thyis planet. By the way I used there,their, and they’re correctly here.

      • Lets_Think_Again

        Yes, you did. It’s encouraging to see that pockets of civilization survive amid the far-right plague.

    • tman418


      Dumb people are very sure of themselves, whereas our smartest people are full of doubts!

      It just proves that the more you know, the more you realize what you DON’T know!

      • Carolyn Webb

        Trump says he loves the uneducated people. The reason why is obvious

      • bloodangel

        Again, sort of like Trump

    • RickMeister

      it’s frequently wrong, never in doubt.

    • bloodangel

      Sort of like Trump

    • Khandrola
    • Gene Somerman

      Although many Presidents have had that “I don’t make mistakes” over-confidence the two that come to mind is Richard Nixon and Donal.d Trump. There are other in my life-time one of the worst was Lyndon Johnson.
      These three are mixed in education level, and intelligence all came from wealth and/or power and abused or bungled their jobs as President.

      • Kyle

        LBJ came from neither wealth or power.

  • This writer is insulting to me, a college educated woman who supports Donald Trump. The writer definitely doesn’t hid his libersl bias!

    • Progressive Republican

      A ‘college educated woman’ who writes, The writer definitely doesn’t hid his libersl bias!?


      • Box1Car

        S/b which great college “ejucatud U”> musta’ been Trump U

      • Progressive Republican

        Yet another victim of Pres. Ronnie’s “Let’s-defund-public-education-to-create-generations-of -Americans-stupid-enough-to-vote-GOP” pogrom.

    • Muffy Failla

      I agree. I am a college educated small business owner with a daughter who has her Masters….We all voted, gleefully and with great hope, for Donald Trump to save this country. I am sick of the liberals who try to convince everyone that we are uneducated rednecks. When Trump won, I was overcome with joy, and the knowledge that the corrupt politicians, the incredibly biased media, AND the likes of Miley Cyrus and Katie Perry COULD NOT fool the rest of us!

      • Zallen Jones

        Boy are you in for a surprise! Have you noticed how he is already filling the swamp and not draining it?

      • Muffy Failla

        If you are talking his latest appointments, I could not be happier. It shows he knows EXACTLY what he needs, and what will build a strong cabinet for success with his agenda, especially his first 100 days. I hope he is so successful, and turns this ship around so quickly, that he is re-elected in a landslide by both parties in 2020.

      • Franky Cee

        Oh Muffy, give it a break. You don’t know anything and your stupidity has allowed a sociopath to become president. Good work. We will all suffer because of people like you.

      • Muffy Failla

        Lol Franky. I am sorry you might have to now pass a drug test to get your food stamps….I won’t be suffering at all, in fact, my investments have never seen better days, a forecast that America will be strong again.

      • whirl3d

        Don’t feed the Trolls. She only gets more powerful when you egg her on. Seriously, leave her and that tacky wig alone. Don’t point out that all those investments haven’t help her hide that tacky baldspot. It’ll just make her more smug.

      • miketothad

        You’re clearly undereducated in civics.

      • James Murray

        Masters in what? Theology? LOL

      • James Murray

        Underwater Basket Weaving? hehe

      • Muffy Failla

        James, you are such a funny guy! My daughter has her Masters in Medical Management, which has placed her in a 6 figure career, and she is under 30. We, conservatives are not stupid whiners. We don’t need puppies to pet when the election doesn’t go our way. We don’t need to be coddled. We work hard, we pay our taxes, we invest for our futures, and we don’t ever expect a liberal whiner to be of any use to us!

      • James Murray

        LOL Somehow, I find it difficult to take a ‘Muffy’ seriously regardless. But that’s my trouble.

        And who the hell asked about your daughter? Am I talking to her? No.

        I could give a shit how much you make. That’s hardly any judge of character. Just look at our new President. 😉

        You think the more you make the better person you are? Seriously? How tiny is your world?

      • Muffy Failla

        oh James, funny and yet, so sensitive…need a puppy right now?

      • James Murray

        Sensitive? hahahaha This is FUN for me.
        Slapping around righties. 😀

        You’re quite the target too… don’t break so easy…

        Good. 😉

      • James Murray

        But I DO love puppies. 😉

      • James Murray

        and for the record; management is what people do when they aren’t capable of doing any ACTUAL productive work. 😉 More an obstacle, than an asset half the time. hehe

        What’s worse with that is; they THINK they’re critically important and oh so smart. LOL

      • Lets_Think_Again


      • Sharon Jane

        So, how do you feel about your vote now? He’s a total embarrassment to the States.

      • Lets_Think_Again

        College, huh? Must have been Trump U.

    • Lets_Think_Again

      Some college !! Where they don’t teach spelling.

  • Jeremy Miller

    Wow!!! Reading these posts just further proves how condescending and hateful the left really is. You suggest Trump supporters share certain traits. While some of the precise traits you’re claiming they share, your conversations here suggest you portray those same traits. I hope you polled hundreds of people to gather enough fact to present your ideas and not simply several passers by? Or maybe, God forbid, Facebook..? I myself only have a high school education… And work as a tradesman. I make a modest living and don’t claim to be more than I am. I don’t jest that leftist are misinformed or unintelligent. I surely don’t dislike you for your beliefs and stances. We all live in this world together and will ALWAYS disagree. I have an average knowledge of politics, but a far cry more than a general stupidity on most things. But there’s been one giant thing I just can’t wrap my head around… How the left can elect a would be criminal, in so many ways, into office. And the way you think Trumps policies are dangerous to the American people..? While Hillarys plans are much better..? I think YOU are the misinformed!!! Awesome… Good talk…

    • Unbelievable and it’s only been 11 days we have 4 more years of this Bull 8hit!

      Trump Supporters and enabler’s, is this what you wanted? Demand a Recount and disqualification for collusion to rig the election with Putin, James Comey , and Wikileaks. #NotMyPresident

      • David

        Dannyboi2++I don’t think you would seriously want a recount. Then, you will know for sure how many skeletons there really are in the count. I get a kick out of the towns, especially, that show 120% to 140% of the popular vote to democratic candidates. I have to admit that is a skill the republicans can’t do.

      • Xerxes

        Yeah, that would be a great theory except that the whole “120% of the popular vote” story was thoroughly debunked.

      • Lets_Think_Again

        All just another Big Lie from the Putin/Trump disinformation and propaganda machine.

      • Victor Amoroso

        4 more years? Try eight. Loving everyday with President Trump.

    • Deeliberate

      “A would be criminal”? You don’t know anything about the law or the justice system, either–just like most drumpf followers. You must be so happy that the fraudster just settled the lawsuit against him for his Peeping Don “University” scam for $25 Million when he convinced his suckers that he never settles the thousands of lawsuits he’s named in.

    • Priscilla Jean Lane

      Yes, Jeremy Miller, I agree with U. The Left Wing Progressive Democrat’s, are coming across very Condescending, and not willing to “compromise”. Seems like when the shoe is on the other foot, it is a whole different story. I am college educated with a Professional Degree. But, I am very tired of being “put down”, if I don’t think like certain people think. If I take a different point of view on some of these issues for the “Working Class & Working Class Retired Senior”. It just amazes me that “they can’t seem to LET IT GO”!!! hee hee

      • whirl3d

        Priscilla Jean Lane, I hear what you are saying and I apologize that you have been “put down” for choosing to support Trump. I think that the approach a lot of left-wingers are taking is terrible and counter-productive. But I have to say that I find it extremely difficult to understand how anyone with a college education and the capacity to think for themselves (as you have obviously demonstrated) could support Trump. Repeatedly since before the election to now, I have asked educated Trump supporter after educated Trump supporter to please explain and support the reasons why they not only approve of Trump, but that they approve so much that they are willing to look past all of the lies and all of the terrible things he has done/is doing. If you would be so kind as to just offer a couple of reasons that don’t involve Hillary Clinton, Barack O’bama, Bill Clinton, etc; reasons that have logical rational references and support (other than, of course, Breitbart, Fox, etc.), I would really appreciate it. You see, I did not support Hillary Clinton and I feel betrayed by the Democratic party considering how they treated Bernie Sanders. So please don’t think that I am a prototype liberal Hillary supporter and try to undermine my genuine request with character assassinations based on false presumptions. If you can provide logical, sound, supported reasons why it is okay that Trump has done all that he has done and that he is going to be good for America, it could be a first step towards finding some middle ground.

      • Priscilla Jean Lane

        I am sorry that U did not understand where I was coming from. U find it difficult to understand how an educated person like myself could support Trump. I did not say that I supported Trump. But, I am a Retired Senior who has been voting since 1968. I take the Middle Ground and becoming more of an Independent. Since, we have him, might as well “give him a chance”. The Political Types have not been able to Lead very well in my book. Why not give a Businessman a chance. But, I do not like “giving away the country store”, either! We have a lot of “U OWE ME” attitudes and “Everyone deserves this or that”!! I believe in “good hard work” for what U obtain in life! I am a “registered Democratic”, but, not happy with the “Socialist” motion that the Party is moving. That is all I am saying. I see both sides, and we have a lot of people acting like “spoiled brats”. If U don’t like something, they need to get involved in the “grass roots” and make a change at that level. Instead of Protesting, Bullying, and being Disrespectful. I feel we could show to the World a better Level of Human Behavior and Citizenship. But, what do U expect when “Chaos Management Theory” is being taught and let’s “keep everything in Chaos or Changing”!!! God’s Peace!

      • whirl3d

        Ms.Lane, while I would like to say that I respect that you have been voting for longer than I have been alive, I feel compelled to reiterate that if you were as informed as you claim to be educated, you would be equally as outraged as the people you are so quick to judge. Your reply is so full of contradictions that I cannot give you credit just for being old and retired. You claim that you believe in hard work, yet Trump has never had to work hard for anything. The fact that you can think that it’s okay to “give him a chance” is indicative of the kind of apathy that got us here. Republicans have been found guilty of illegal gerrymandering in several states.Other states refuse to recount the physical ballots because the electronic voting machines went down in 81% of the poorest counties in one state. All of the votes from those counties have been illegally discounted. I could go on for page after page of reasons why you should be as outraged as I am about the idea of “giving him a chance”. Even your argument about Chaos Management Theory shows how little you understand about the Trump team and specifically the well articulated goals of Steve Bannon, the primary voice in Trump’s decision-making. Steve Bannon wants chaos in the country–he want’s to take down the government and this is reason enough to be fearful of any president who listens to this kind of hate-mongering and anti-establishment rhetoric. You are old enough to at least have heard stories about other regimes that destabilize governments to justify cracking down on the people to stop the chaos. This is how Putin got into power. And Putin, like Trump, repeatedly uses disinformation to keep people confused and uninformed about the truth. Do you really think that this warrants “giving him a try?”. With all due respect, you are either willfully ignorant about what is going on with this presidency, or you just don’t understand. This country wasn’t founded on God’s peace, for crying out loud. It was founded on outrage and if you don’t feel outrage now, you should consider to whom you show your allegiance.

      • Priscilla Jean Lane

        Well, I guess U told me off !! The “condescending attitude” of the Progressive’s, really is amazing!! But, that is your opinion, and U have every right to it. Also, you are very good at your “rhetoric” and have “your argument” done to a “T”. You lump me as a Trump supporter. I never said that I was. I am just trying to see “both sides”. So, “Cool Down” and “Get off your High Horse”, and maybe find a way so that “Everyone Wins”, instead of being “outraged and angry”. We need better “Leadership All The Way Around”. Use your potential for the betterment of this country. I have a right to my opinion, but, you Progressive’s will “bully” anyone who does not believe the way you believe. But, “Karma is…..”, so, be careful, is all that I am saying! I wish you well. End of discussion. You will have to learn the hard way about life, I guess!! Peace!!

    • Sharon Jane

      The Right elected a true blue, up to his hair plugs in corruption criminal. A criminal whose dangerous policies are turning your country into a horror show.

      There’s really no comparison.

  • Jeremy Miller

    Wow!!! Reading these posts just further proves how condescending and hateful the left really is. You suggest Trump supporters share certain traits. While some of the precise traits you’re claiming they share, your conversations here suggest you portray those same traits. I hope you polled hundreds of people to gather enough fact to present your ideas and not simply several passers by? Or maybe, God forbid, Facebook..? I myself only have a high school education… And work as a tradesman. I make a modest living and don’t claim to be more than I am. I don’t jest that leftist are misinformed or unintelligent. I surely don’t dislike you for your beliefs and stances. We all live in this world together and will ALWAYS disagree. I have an average knowledge of politics, but a far cry more than a general stupidity on most things. But there’s been one giant thing I just can’t wrap my head around… How the left can elect a would be criminal, in so many ways, into office. And the way you think Trumps policies are dangerous to the American people..? While Hillarys plans are much better..? I think YOU are the misinformed!!! Awesome… Good talk…

  • littleblacksnake

    I lost one friend to Trump. She’s the one with a college degree. She was forced into retirement a few years ago by a university president who came from a business background. She was also a military brat.

    I’ve worked for the library system in a local government for 25 years. I only have a high school diploma, because I married young and had to work after 10 years of marriage because of divorce. I only went to school to learn job skills, but having to care for 4 children, never went any further in my formal education.

    She unfriended or blocked me after I answered he question as to why people were afraid and upset over Trump’s win. I wasn’t rude in my answer.

    • she wasn’t a friend! #NotMyPresident

    • David

      Sorry to hear of your misfortune, but, It wasn’t Trump’s fault you lost that friend. No more than it was your fault Hillary mishandled her State Department e-mails.

      • littleblacksnake

        I never said it was Trump’s fault. I was responding to the article.

      • Dolores Mazzara Abolghasemi

        Oh the e-mails. That was so much more important than Trumps conflict of interests, bankruptcies, rape charges, bigotry, racism, homophobia, assaults on women, his lying 24/7 and his collusion with Putin.

  • Fallacy of composition. Absolutely foolish and exactly the stereotyping that unified people against supporting HRC.

    • yeah to the tune of 63.5 million votes 1.5 million more than Racist Bigoted White Trash Trump! STFU and eat my Shorts!
      Unbelievable and it’s only been 11 days we have 4 more years of this 8hit!

      Trump Supporters and enabler’s, is this what you wanted? Demand a Recount and disqualification for collusion to rig the election with Putin, James Comey , and Wikileaks. #NotMyPresident

  • janchup

    They have no idea what they just elected.

    • Muffy Failla

      They know exactly what they did not elect! One of the most corrupt and inept politicians this country has ever seen. Now the stock market is responding to a very positive prediction on job growth. Stick that in your ear, libs!

      • BlessRheart

        The beauty of Trump is he IS NOT a politician. That is why he was elected. Lady Clinton was the most corrupt politician in history

      • Disappointed

        Based on what? What actual proof what conviction?What accusation made by a judicial body? Accusations made by partisan right-wing conservative Republicans is not proof. Wild accusations by Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly are far from the truth. Accusations made by Rush Limbaugh are just laughable. Just name one thing that she has been convicted of.? The assassination of Sec. Clinton’s character by the right wing demagogues began long before she decided to run for president. Look at the wing nut that showed up at the pizza place in D.C.trying to investigate some weird right wing conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Facts and the truth of things Is still a valued commodity. Despite what Mr. Trump says…….lol

      • whirl3d

        Don’t feed the trolls.

      • Victor Amoroso

        Bimbo eruptions.

      • Lets_Think_Again

        You say that “Trump is not a politician’. That’s absurd. Did you somehow miss the fact that he ran for president? …and was trying to do it for many years previously. That makes him a politician. A very ignorant and incompetent politician, but still a politician.

      • Brian

        Okay, you’ve proven you’re an idiot. Now run along.

      • gail17

        Is that really your picture Muffy?

      • Perry Thompson

        #5 for you…

      • bloodangel

        Muffy, is that your name or what you have between your legs?

    • Carolyn Webb

      I think they DO KNOW. They elected Trump not in spite of his maliciousness towards people who are not White “Christian”!heterosexual belligerent Nationalist Americans but BECAUSE of it! The white belligerent nationalist people in this country have the same mind set as the white working class people of Germany in 1933

      • Pat Cannon

        when people show you who they are, believe them.Maya Angelou, says it all.

      • Coffae

        Just read your post, but think we should coin your term, “White Belligerent Nationalist People.”

      • Lets_Think_Again

        Except its not REALLY ‘nationalist’ — it’s really White Supremacist … a.k.a. Nazi.

      • wishi_d

        No, Nationalist is correct. “America First” is their mantra, and by that, of course, they mean white America. The Nazi party was a Nationalist Party—National Socialist Party.

      • Xerxes

        The Germans in ’33 were a lot more desperate than any Trump supporter has any right to claim being. Their economy was totally collapsing.

      • Carolyn Webb

        The Trump supporters are just as malicious as the Hitler supporters of 1933 Germany. History is repeating itself

    • Stan John

      Time for you to take the Canada challenge.

  • Ginny Adorador

    This is the result of the “dumbing down” of America started by Regan. Sad but oh so true

    • Muffy Failla

      It’s “Reagan” but I am sure you were not “dumbed down” by him…

      • Dolores Mazzara Abolghasemi

        Yeah we know it’s Reagan, but we like to call him Raygun in honor of his Starwars project and his distruction of the American Middle-class!

      • whirl3d

        Is that the best you got Muffy? Spelling Nazi Badge awarded. I would put it right next to your “Trump Supporter” button on your jean jacket. Don’t cover the airbrushed eagle though…that tear is something special. Keep on Trollin’ on!

  • Muffy Failla

    I read this article, although some of the bigger words, I just couldn’t make out. I love the generalizations, the hate speak and the need to elevate oneself by putting down others. I especially enjoyed reading the comments. One of them really hit the nail on the head: by “Twitch56″, she writes: ” too dumb to know their stupid”…..perhaps Twitch56 should consider 4th grade again, as that is where I “lernt how to rite reel good”. By the way, I have never seen so much hatefulness coming from one group (literally half the country) towards another (the other half) in my own lifetime (b1960) For those who call themselves “the tolerant ones”, the liberals and the liberal media should be ashamed.

    • Why Liberal’s? Unbelievable and it’s only been 11 days we have 4 more years of this 8hit!

      Trump Supporters and enabler’s, is this what you wanted? Demand a Recount and disqualification for collusion to rig the election with Putin, James Comey , and Wikileaks. #NotMyPresident

      • Muffy Failla

        Are you asking why liberals should be ashamed? How about this article? It is the Crown Jewel of hatefulness, and putting half the country into a shallow box of uneducated, racist, homophobic, misogynists. How hateful is that? I am amazed that the majority actually saw thru the liberals’ hate mongering, the biased media, and the likes of Miley Cyrus, telling us what is good for us! Thank you America!

      • Carol Morabito

        How in the world did you get racist, homophobic, and misogynistic out of the article. Over-reacting much?

      • Muffy Failla

        True, this article only mentioned uneducated, delusional, no knowledge of politics, highly misinformed, and extremely stubborn. I have been labeled racist, homophobic, misogynistic and deplorable so often that I just went overboard. My apologies.

      • Zallen Jones

        No apology needed, but what Allen wrote is the absolute truth about a segment of our population, sad but true. In fact almost all the fake news stories that were created mostly for click bait profits were geared toward Trump supporters, and they bought almost all of it. Don’t take my word for it, I just read interviews with some of the major fake news writers that created that garbage and they said they could not actually believe the gullibility of Trump supporters. They now say they feel horrible as they were sure Clinton would win, hated Trump and they were making a lot of money and having fun making up one crazy story after another. When they were asked why they didn’t gear them towards Democrats and Clinton supporters as well, they all said, because they do actual fact checking.

      • sj60640

        Well said, Zallen — I have to wonder what kind of sources Ms. Failla prefers, given her perspective and wildly defensive comments. It seems she just wants to live a conservative lifestyle and hasn’t figured out that to this president she’s just a rube, a means to seize power for himself. Maybe when the Republicans take away her health care (and/or make it increasingly expensive), or her daughter’s position is downsized/outsourced thanks to the GOP “war on science” she’ll begin to realize what she’s done? Perhaps not — maybe even then she’ll defend him — it happens. smh.

      • Lets_Think_Again

        The ludicrously-named ‘Muffy’ has a pathologically creative — indeed, fevered — imagination.

    • Zallen Jones

      “By the way, I have never seen so much hatefulness coming from one group (literally half the country) towards another (the other half) in my own lifetime” So you never watched and Trump campaign rallies?

      • Muffy Failla

        I saw an awful lot of hatefulness and attacks from protesters at the Trump rallies. Remember if you only get your news from the liberal media, you will see one thing, broadcasted thousands of times, while they hide the truth from you. Another reason for the dumbing down of America in our media driven society. No research, just believe what the keep telling you.

      • your selective perception is truly fascinating.

  • Russ

    I love my friends and family enough not to let what or who they voted for tear us apart…time will tell whether the next four years will be a blessing or a curse….but considering who Trump wants as his cabinet…I am a bit worried for our country.

    • David

      I agree. All true Americans are worried for our country. But, considering what has happened to our country in the last 8 years, and considering how our government’s infra-structure has been damaged, we know that first must be repaired by those who know how it was made to work. We may be apprehensive of certain people, but, we know they know how to fix it and make it work as before. Trust is a habit we hope we can do again.

      • Russ

        I don’t know about that David, seeing who he is choosing for his cabinet, I can clearly see this country is in for a lot more turmoil than just pissed off democrats…but having lived for a very long time…I’m willing to wait and see how this next four years unfolds

  • BG (unintelligible yelling)

    On the money.

  • 54StarryNights

    They also have no critical thinking/reasoning skills. This contributes to item 4 on the list. There’s nothing that alerts them to evaluate and investigate anything they read, hear, or see for veracity.

  • Richard Bruns

    Allen Clifton –

    Stunningly insightful analysis … and you’re right … you could write a novel on the subject.

    Here’s a couple that should be added at the top of your list:

    1) Most Trump supporters are incapable of responding to any Trump criticism without swearing;

    2) Most Trump supporters are incapable of responding to any Trump criticism without calling the critic obscene names;

    3) Most Trump supporters are incapable of responding to any Trump criticism without calling Hillary Clinton obscene names, a criminal and a variety of things;

    4) Most Trump supporters hurl accusations about a variety of people and/or subjects but never provide facts, evidence or any support whatsoever of their accusations … because they can’t … they are either unaware that what they are passing on are lies … or they don’t care.

    5) Most Trump supporters have no idea that the merde that will soon hit the fan … Dumping Social Security, Medicare, the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifteenth Amendment … to start … will affect them. The probable lost of National Parks and other public lands to privatization … will affect them as well as Democrats and other Americans.

    SO! Thanks for the article. If one in a thousand Trump supporters reads it and gloms on to the fact that everyone is in trouble, it’s a start. A small start, but a start.

  • BlessRheart

    Progressives have had 8 years to make this country great, with George Soros funding your president and your candidate. It doesn’t work, it has never worked and it won’t work in the future. The world isn’t free, and no one owes you a thing. Helicopter parents who took care of everything for you did you no favors. This is the real world, so put on your big boy/girl pants and move on. We all had to when the idiot in the White House got elected.

  • Michael Rath

    You must have a very small, narrow minded circle of friends Alan. I know a lot of people who voted for Trump and they don’t fit any of your five points. The majority of them have college degrees and I couldn’t believe they would vote Trump. I personally voted for Gary Johnson and tried to turn these people from Trump to Johnson, but they were to dead set against Hillary and didn’t trust that their votes for a third-party candidate would make a difference. I blame you and all the other media pundits who refused to mention Gary Johnson as a viable alternative and missed entirely the reason we were against the elitists within the Democratic party. You only have yourselves to blame for Trump.

  • i see a lot of people arguing that they are college educated and blah blah. First: this is the internet i can claim to be a rocket scientist if i wanted to. Therefore, you can state your merits all you want. I’m still going to assume you are lying

    Second: every news outlet has reported that the majority of trumps support was uneducated white people. so all you’ve done was show me that you don’t understand the term majority

    third trump was born rich. people like that can never take care of the john every man because they only know their own lavish life.

    I can go on and on but the election already happened and all we can do now is wait and see. I can only hope that when the country is in shambles you’ll at least know it was your fault.

    • whirl3d

      I would like to point out a couple of things in your comment. First of all, if you don’t believe anyone on the internet, why waste our time and yours. Did the internet go down under your bridge or do you just make a habit of trolling the threads of people you don’t trust and that you think you are superior to?

      Second: I do my best never to tell someone they are wrong or ignorant. But I have to say that nobody, except possibly the liar in chief, has ever claimed that Trump won by a majority of votes. So you must not be insulting us about that definition of majority…It must be that the majority of his supporters are uneducated white people. This is how you can rightfully claim that the majority of trump supporters are uneducated white people: You look at all of the precincts setup by the republicans to give them a clear advantage by manipulating the poorest counties in America with the least access to public or private education and you total the number of voters who voted for Trump. Now compare that to the large metropolitan areas where the vast majority of US Citizens live and where there is often access to education. These people did not vote for Trump. Therefore it is a simple truth that the majority of Trump Supporters were poor rural Americans with little access to education.

      One of the beautiful things about our “fake news” and the lies that they all have told against Trump is that you are at liberty to check the facts yourself. Had you done that in this instance, it would have been more obvious who doesn’t understand the term “majority” HINT: It’s you oh judgmental one…you.

      And need I point out that people MUCH richer than Trump have spent their entire fortunes on developments for clean water in Africa (Bill & Melinda Gates). In fact, behind every single philanthropic venture, you will find a rich dude that has graciously stepped out of their luxury long enough to sign the check to help the average “Joe American”.

      But I will say that I do appreciate your constraint by choosing not to go on and on about this topic which from your current posts would indicate that you not only know nothing about, but that you also lack the logic skills to evaluate the information and determine the truth for yourself.

      And as this country falls to shambles, rest assured that people who can’t spell, can’t write, don’t understand basic concepts, who write as though the world answered to them, and who express basic contempt for a subject yet still feel inclined to add their Trumpian 2cents–these people will not be the ones to blame.

  • Carolyn Webb

    The Trump supporters have the same mentality as the German working class people of 1933 whose jobs and standard of living were destroyed by economic down turn.

    The real reasons why the American workers who used to have good jobs, especially in the world of MANUFACTURING no longer have them is, because, starting when REAGAN got in he de-regulated the safety nets that protected American jobs by weakening labor unions, encouraging big business to lay off their VALUED, SENIOR LONG TERM Faithful workers between ages 40-60, at a time in their lives when it’s hard for them to find new jobs and they are at the same time TOO YOU G for safety net job pensions and SOCIAL SECURITY that they paid I to all these years! Many of these older workers became HOMELESS as a result.

    Then the corporations used the huge tax breaks REAGAN and BOTH BUSHES gave them to DESTROY American manufacturing plants a d rebuild them in ASIA where foreign workers could manufacture their goods for lower than American wages and as. Result millions more American workers were slammed into horrible POVERTY! Slum living and Homelessness!

    But the Trump supporters instead are told by not only TRUMP but by the whole NOW FASCIST POST REAGAN Republican Party that their jobs and decent living standards were stolen from them by Non White peoples both domestic and immigrants, people who are not believers of cruel medieval fundamentalist Christian churches, (the kind of churches that demonized democrats, women who use birth control as well as having safe medical abortions) and demonize scientific evidence of climate change and evolution.

    And these TRUMP (and all 21st century republican FASCIST) supporters never question anything! They fall for it hook, line and sinker!

    When FUEHRER TRUMP and his brown shirted Re-THUG-Licans say they will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN what they mean is that they will TURN the USA into the same nightmare Germany was in 1933-1945

    • Dolores Mazzara Abolghasemi

      with a difference, the Germans were going thru a great economic depression they were hungry and desperate, By the looks of Trump supporters, hunger is not their problem.

      • Carolyn Webb

        Come to think of it you are right Delores. The Trump supporters unlike the hungry starving skinny Germans who supported HITLER are mostly a bunch of FAT ASS PIGS who stuff their faces with UN-HEALTHY FAST FOOD bought at Republican PIG PENS like McDonalds!

      • Carolyn Webb

        You are right Delores. The Germans who supported Hitler were really starving in the literal sense of the word but the TRUMP supporters are for the most part a bunch of FAT ASS OBESE PIGS who constantly stuff their faces with UN-HEALTHY fattening GRUB from REPUBLICAN PIG PEN CHAIN GREASY SPOON EATERIES like McDONALDS!

        The Fattening Unhealthy fast food does make them VICIOUS as well as STUPID!

      • Gene Somerman

        For 99% of us we are headed to an economic downtern and loss of our freedoms. He must be stopped and removed from office for thye sake of this country which was and is still barely ours.

    • Gene Somerman

      The most serious fact, not withstanding those listed above is that like the Nixon Administration the Trump Administration is violating the laws of this country especially the Constitution of the United States. We are headed to a Hitler type dictatorship just as Germany did in the 1930’s and early 1940’s and we are well on our way. Hail Trump (he said sarcasticlly)

      • Carolyn Webb

        Niixon was a saint compared to TRUMP & Co. At least Nixon never shipped Anerican manufacturing jobs overseas, and Nixon never forced Anti birth control and anti abortion laws on women and Never tried to ram Evangelical “Christian” cruel fundamentalist anti-science and anti education laws on people.

        Even though Nixon was a bit crooked I would rather see 100 NIXONS in the White House than one CRAZY DONALD!

        Yes, we are headed for the same nightmare that Germany was in 1933-1945

      • Lets_Think_Again

        Very true what you say, Carol Webb — and utterly horrifying.

      • Carolyn Webb

        Quality education is lacking in the USA. That is why the new FUEHRER is in the white house

      • Carolyn Webb

        Quality education, especially in history is lacking in the USA. That is why FUEHRER TRUMP is in the oval office

      • Carolyn Webb

        Right on

  • andromeda

    Had a FB “discussion” with a young woman from Arkansas who was wondering why the women’s march was taking place when women are free and have no problems voting, getting credit, having a job, driving, etc. SHE had those freedoms… I tried to be polite, I hooked her up to the Wiki page explaining how women have been fighting for the rights she has right now, for over 100 yrs. Uneducated, and, not willing/lazy or unable to realize there is a universe of info at your fingertips on the web. Look stuff up. Don’t be willingly stupid.

  • Benjamin Edge

    Evidence shows that if you fall for one conspiracy theory, you are more likely to fall for multiple conspiracy theories. Relates to number 4.

    • whirl3d

      Except of course when they are no longer “theories” but rather just plain conspiracies. I wonder, if you were a believer in a conspiracy theory that turned out to be true, does that make you more or less likely to find other actual conspiracies obscured by the clever defamation of being just a theory? If you ask me, that sounds a lot like another conspiracy–do I have it? lol

  • RickMeister

    President Obama said, being POTUS doesn’t change you, it magnifies you.
    What are Trump’s worst instincts that will be magnified?
    I think we are only beginning to see them.
    Michele Obama said, being POTUS reveals you.

  • babaganoosh52

    Trump put the Con in Conservatives.

  • Pat hayner

    They don’t read. And there are exceptions to all the above.

  • ShibumiMC

    They believe every problem has a simple solution: no matter how complex it is. That;’s why El Trumpo thought he could wave a wand and “fix’ heath care. A total idiot.That mentality comes directly from the radio shock jocks who spew this shit day after day. They are of limited education and intelligence and they sell the Simple Idea thing to the gullible – very successfully. So who do you blame – the sender or the receiver? I don’t know.

  • Nadine Sullivan Michel

    His supporters are really cult members, his campaign was pure psychological trickery. I still think he only ran to win a bet.

  • NudeTruth

    Is this where all the liberals come together to get collectively angry and shake their preverbal fists in the air to keep from crying all day that their corrupt sack of garbage of a candidate was crushed by the American people electing Trump.

    The Love the American way Trump(ed) your Hate, but that’s okay kiddos you will be dragged kicking and screaming for the next 8 years of America first!

    Pitiful self-loathers I swear. lol

    • whirl3d

      Funny how you actually meet all of the attributes listed in the original article. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the perfect example of the five traits you will find in a Trump Supporter: Thanks, NudeTruth

  • Clare Elliott

    be all this as it may…dont these folks know the difference between right and wrong?

  • feistychic

    One more thing: They are loyal, to a fault. They completely lack the ability to 1) admit Cheeto is seriously flawed and a traitor, and 2) admit they were wrong to vote for him. They will still be lavishing him with undying love as he is dragged away in handcuffs, and then they will threaten an insurrection.

  • Kreskin

    I tried having an intelligent conversation with one once, by working hard at not getting angry, ignoring all his insults, his superiority complex, and his inability to stay on topic long enough to make one single logical argument.

    One of his points was that “Everybody knows climate change is a liberal fabrication.” I asked him to provide just one legitimate source for that argument. He kept trying to change the subject, but I wouldn’t let him. “No no, back to climate change being a liberal fabrication, just one credible supporting source.”

    He left.

    • Carolyn Webb

      If climate change happens the right wing Fascists will go down like everyone else. Their GOP “God” will NOT save them and neither will their money

    • Carolyn Webb

      If climate change happens the right wing FASCISTS will go down like everything else. Their “God” and money will NOT save them

    • Carolyn Webb

      Climate change would at least level the playing field by getting rid of the damned re-PIG-licans

  • Carolyn Webb

    If Climate change happens the right wing will go down same as all else. Their “God” will not save them

  • Carole Anderson

    It is my observation that christians may be predisposed to support trumplethinskin because they think their god is good (despite evidence to the contrary)

    • Carolyn Webb

      They are stupid. They buy the snake oil

    • Carolyn Webb

      The republican “Christians” are stupid. They bought the snake oil

  • Victor Amoroso

    “As a progressive, we believe in facts…” I am trying to not to laugh my ass off, but really guys, really? This is beyond belief. I would think that this guy is satire, but after reading several of his articles, it just isn’t possible. Liberals and progressives really are this deluded. Trump 2020 is in the bag.