The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week

facepalm1This is the sixth installment in our weekly fact-check series “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week.” For last week’s article, see here. The other remaining articles are linked at the bottom of this page.

For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, the idea behind the countdown is to spotlight the dumbest, most absurd, or downright horrible conservative memes that are floating around on social media. We also discuss the Facebook page or other social media accounts associated with them, as many of these images are used to advertise a website, petition, or political cause.

Again, if you are new here, this is the brief synopsis: Have you ever received those email forwards that tell you how people are putting HIV-loaded syringes on gas pump handles or that if you forward within 10 minutes, you will meet the person of your dreams? Yeah, it is that kind of rubbish designed to prey on the gullible or pull on your heartstrings – and in this case, it’s in the form of conservative memes.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to the countdown.

5. Number five comes from the Facebook page Iowa Gun Owners, which represents the website that proclaims itself “Iowa’s Only No Compromise Gun Lobby.”

Image via the page "Iowa Gun Owners" on Facebook.

Image via the page “Iowa Gun Owners” on Facebook.

First of all, most people on the left do not want guns banned, they want some restrictions which would make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to get their hands on guns. In fact, nine out of ten Americans support expanded background checks, but the gun lobby has repeated the “liberals want to take all your guns away” mantra over and over again while reminding moderately conservative legislators that they will be primaried if they vote against the will of the NRA.

Second, comparing restrictions on guns to banning free speech is ridiculous and the “misuse” of a gun is as well. A gun is designed to kill animals or human beings either as an offensive or defensive weapon. Misusing a gun would mean using a gun as a hammer to drive nails and unless you’re in a combat situation, a 30 round magazine honestly doesn’t have any practical civilian use. Libel and slander are not protected under the 1st Amendment and you can be sued in civil court or even prosecuted by the government in some extreme cases like inciting panic or calls to violence. Many people think that the 1st and 2nd Amendments are limitless, but even Antonin Scalia has admitted that some gun control laws are permitted under the 2nd Amendment.

4. Number four this week comes from Australia where they’ve got their own version of the Tea Party and related xenophobia. This image was used by an Australian politician as part of an anti-burqa campaign, according to Mother Jones.

Image via

Image via

Malalai Kakar was a police officer in Afghanistan. She was also a mother of six, a feminist, and a fearsome threat to the Taliban, who gunned her down in 2008. You would know some of Kakar’s story if you’d come across Lana Šlezic’s captivating photography of women in Afghanistan in Mother Jones and other publications. But the right-wing Britain First party recently co-opted a photo of Kakar—taken in 2005 just before she headed out on a raid to free a kidnap victim—using it as propaganda in the online “ban the burka” campaign.” (Source)

I’m not a fan of the burqa for non-xenophobic reasons, but if you’re going to use an image to promote your campaign, at least do some research as to who appears in it before spreading it around the internet so you don’t look stupid.

3. This one comes from Britain First, a hate group that I compare to the KKK and it also is tied in to Neo-Nazis. Like the United States, Australia and other places, the United Kingdom has their fair share of Islamophobic jackwagons. Britain First is the biggest hate group Facebook page in the UK that I am aware of, which makes it especially funny that they uploaded this.


This picture has been shared around in a number of places and I am not sure of the original creator of it (sure wasn’t Britain first) but I find it funny that it was shared by Britain First. Perhaps they didn’t know that this pilot is also a Muslim, or maybe they didn’t think their followers were bright enough to figure it out. Typical boneheads either way.

2. Looks like we’re on an international kick this week as our number two in the countdown comes from Britain First’s allies, the EDL (English Defence League).


You can find the same sentiments on many similar pages here in the United States, especially on the far right. It was especially nasty this week after the story broke that a Muslim convert beheaded a former co-worker in Oklahoma and was attempting to kill another before being shot by a company official who was also a reserve deputy. The media made a big deal out of it because, you know, murder by decapitation is all over the news right now and they had an absolute field day with it when it happened here in the United States.

I’m really not a fan of any religion, but singling out Muslims only for hateful speech or violent actions is ridiculous. While we should all oppose extremism, painting all members of a religious or political group with one broad stroke is idiotic, and not helpful. I’m looking at you as well, liberals.

1. This week’s number one isn’t a meme, but it’s something that I found utterly disturbing. Here is a picture of Michele Bachmann playing with a couple of plastic Star Wars lightsabers, along with this description from her: “There I was enjoying a meeting with the 6th District Angels in Adoption family, when all of a sudden a lightsaber duel broke out.”

Michele Bachmann playing with Star Wars light sabers.

Michele Bachmann playing with Star Wars lightsabers.

Here’s what some of her fans wrote:

Help us Michele Bachmann, you are our only hope!

Just when I thought I couldn’t like you any more than I already do…I find out you play with lightsabres… You got my vote! …we could really use A NEW HOPE right about now!

Great. Now Obama’s going to want light saber control…

Careful -the Left will accuse you of child abuse!

God Bless, you I HAD to share this article as I brings back memories of all the heat you wrongfully took for exposing Rick Perry’s “Government Injections” in the 2012 Primaries. THANK YOU ! (link to anti-vaccine nutty site not included)

Thanks, Michele Bachmann and your dipshit fans for ruining Star Wars for the rest of us. I wonder if she sits up at night with lightsabers, pretending she’s fighting President Obama for the fate of a Christian galaxy and Jesus?

And that’s it for this week. Join us next time for 5 more of the dumbest, most ridiculous conservative memes that we’ve found floating around social media. As always, remember that just because they put something on the internet, that doesn’t mean it’s true, or intelligent. Just ask all those people who made a career of working for Fox News.

Would you like to nominate a meme for me to debunk or feature in an upcoming list? Visit my Facebook page and leave me a message with a link to one you want to see addressed – you may just see it here. Thanks to all of the tips from our fans that help make writing this weekly column easier, and a lot of fun.


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