The Bizarre Religious Motivation Behind Our Support For Israel

netanyahuAlmost since the founding of the State of Israel, the United States has been their strongest ally. Not only have we backed them politically in the United Nations, but we have provided the IDF material and financial support in the billions every year since the 1980’s.

A lot of people will look at this and say, “Why wouldn’t we support them, they’re surrounded by Arab countries?” Alternatively, skeptical members of the left would figure that this is a great way for our defense industry to make some extra money outside of our already bloated military budget.

Both ideas have merit, but there’s another more bizarre and troubling motive behind it which I wrote about 18 months ago on my blog during the GOP primaries. There is a very powerful bloc of Christian fundamentalists who have virtually taken over the Republican Party, and these same people also believe in the “end times prophecy.” Take a moment to Google the aforementioned phrase and instantly, you’ll be transported to a myriad of absolutely loony fundamentalist Christian sites that will make “Coast to Coast AM” seem almost sane in comparison.

So what is the connection between Christians who believe in a weird interpretation of a text written by a guy in a cave years after Jesus died, and our decades-old support of Israel? Ready for it? It’s because they believe that in order for their “End Times” prophecy to come to fruition, there must be a final battle between good and evil near the Golan Heights in present day Israel.

If that wasn’t already bizarre enough, many of them believe only 144,000 Jews will make it into their version of Heaven, which is only 1/4 of the current Jewish population of Brooklyn, NY.

A lot of Jews I know, members of my own family included, find this hilariously crazy and rather insulting at the same time. Personally, it creeps me the hell out that there are some folks out there who have a master plan in which many of my people have to die in order for Jesus to come back.

While I am not opposed to Israel being able to defend itself against massive onslaughts as it did in a number of wars since 1948, I do have a serious issue with new conflicts being egged on and funded by a coalition of defense industry insiders, the religious right and the plethora of “nuke ’em all” armchair patriots.

My uncle and cousin were crew members on one of the ships that attempted to transport Jewish refugees out of Europe after WWII in 1947. While they wanted a safe place for our people, especially after the horrors of the Holocaust, I don’t think they foresaw a future in which a Jewish state was used as a pawn in a polygamous marriage involving “Christian” fundies, the military industrial complex and the politicians who service the latter.

And so now, we have John McCain sneaking into Syria to meet with rebels who probably don’t have Israel’s best interests in mind and Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann predicting that “We are in the last days.” They anxiously await the next flare up of violence in the Middle East, many of them hoping that the next rocket attack from Gaza incites the “Final Battle” leading into a kingdom led by Christ.

If that doesn’t scare you, regardless of your religious views, I don’t know what the hell would.


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