The Dalai Lama Appears on Fox News, Brilliantly Destroys Donald Trump’s Ignorance (Video)

When it comes to Donald Trump the presidential candidate, the Orlando shooting has sort of been the “tipping point” where he’s gone from ridiculous absurdity to damn near insanity. Since the very moment Trump sent out a tweet regarding the shooting, he’s blatantly tried to exploit this tragedy to push his usual bigoted anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant rhetoric he knows tens of millions of conservatives will eat right up.

What’s been so asinine about all of this rhetoric from Trump is the fact that the psychopath who killed 49 people in Orlando was a natural born American citizen. All of this “ban Muslims” bullsh*t he’s been pushing since this tragedy happened doesn’t make any sense. Then again, when has Trump ever seemed to care about things like facts, reality or being truthful?

Well, during an interview with Fox News’ Brett Baier, the Dalai Lama absolutely destroyed the stupidity that often emanates from Trump’s mouth and is supported by the millions of mindless sheep who support him.

“You’re in essence a refugee,” Baier said. “You have now in Tibet an immigration issue with Chinese coming into Tibet to work. So when you hear about the U.S. grappling with that issue, what do you think from your perspective? Some politicians in the US are making the same arguments about immigration and border security and you know, limiting the number of people coming in.”

“All white Americans come from outside,” the Dalai Lama said. “So I think if the several millions or hundred million come from outside, then you have to think seriously. A few millions, easily into this country. No problem.”

I’m sorry, but I had to laugh at how Baier seemed to be trying to lure the Dalai Lama into saying something against immigration by bringing up issues in Tibet, only to have the question completely flipped around on him, with the Dalai Lama essentially saying these anti-immigrant Americans are whining about something that’s not even a problem.

The Dalai Lama was then asked about the Orlando shooting and his thoughts on Islamic extremism.

“The very word ‘Muslim terrorist,’ that, I think is wrong,” he said. “Terrorist is a terrorist. They are not strictly speaking, strictly speaking, they are not practicing religion. The general, genuine Muslim practitioner, wonderful people. And Islam, teach this practice of love. And they pray to Allah, Allah consider you see, is love.”


The Dalai Lama essentially made the same point President Obama has made concerning why he won’t label these people “radical Islamic terrorists.” In his eyes, he does not view these people as true Muslims, just people who distort the faith for their own perverse reasons. As the Dalai Lama said, these people are terrorists – period.

Unless we’re going to label people like the crazy person who shot up Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs a “Christian terrorist” (which Republicans certainly didn’t do – even though he specially used lines taken directly from GOP talking points), then we shouldn’t pick and choose when we want to cite religion when describing these terrorists. Putting aside the number of victims, both shootings were carried out by an unstable person who cited their religion as the reason why they did what they did. Yet, Republicans only labeled one mass murderer as a “religious terrorist,” while they simply dismissed the other as some random crazy person with a gun.

Oh, unless you’re Ted Cruz, who tried to claim that the Planned Parenthood shooter was actually a left-wing extremist. No, seriously — that happened.

But the Dalai Lama’s comments were brilliant. Not only did he trash the paranoid attitude many Republicans have about immigration, but he completely destroyed the conservative obsession about the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” by pointing out that these terrorists are simply that — terrorists. It doesn’t matter what word or words you place in front of “terrorist/terrorism,” a fanatic is a fanatic, period.

Watch his comments below via Fox News (comments begin after the 5:00 mark):

Allen Clifton

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