The Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives on Key Issues

liberalconservative1They say two things in life are certain–death and taxes.  Well, I’d like to add a third–Liberals and conservatives will rarely agree on anything.

Now I’ll be honest, I love people who think differently than I do.  I love a good debate that gets two people discussing issues in a way they might not have thought about before.  To me it’s just a good, healthy conversation.  How else are we ever going to grow, or evolve, as individuals if we never challenge ourselves by discussing (and at times embracing) ideas that differ from those which we comfortably know.

Where my problem lies is with ignorance.  If you follow my page Right Off A Cliff you know that we often talk about perspective.  The ability to view an issue with an outside perspective is something I often see lacking in people.

This has never been more prevalent than in some of my debates with conservatives over the years.  Now I’m the first to admit liberals aren’t innocent in being ethnocentric with their views, but they tend to make up about 30% of liberal voters—not the majority.  With conservatives it seems to be the opposite.  Their “radical base” seems to comprise about 70% of conservative voters with the other 30% making up what I call moderate Republicans, and what other Republicans call a R.I.N.O (Republican In Name Only)—meaning, they might vote Republican, but they’re not a true Republican.

Let’s take a look at a few issues facing our country, and tell me if you see the difference between the liberal response and the conservative one.


Liberal Response:  I believe in a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body.  While I don’t really like abortions, and wish they were rarely done, I support the right for a woman to choose for herself.  It should be a choice between the woman and her doctor, not strangers and politicians.  The choice isn’t about liking what abortions are, instead it’s about supporting the rights of women—and that’s why I’m pro-choice.

Conservative Response: Abortion is murder!  Life begins at conception!  You’re a baby killer!  Rape should be seen as a blessing from God and we shouldn’t punish the child!  We must protect life!

Gun Reform

Liberal response: While I support the Second Amendment, it was written during a different time in our society.  Guns weren’t as advanced as they are now, nor was our society as evolved.  I fully support the right for Americans to own guns, but we need to ensure certain dangerous weapons are not being sold.  It’s time we embrace universal background checks that help to prevent criminals from buying weapons, limit magazine capacity and ban certain military style semi-automatic weapons that seem to be most often used in these mass killings.  With sensible gun regulations gun owners will still have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of guns for self defense and hunting.

Conservative response: The Second Amendment shall not be infringed!  You can have my guns when you take them from my cold dead hands.  The government just wants to take away our guns to take power away from its citizens.  You can’t limit magazine size to 10 rounds, what if 5 people break into my home?  10 rounds wouldn’t be sufficient.  Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  If guns kill people, then spoons make people fat.  When you disarm a society, you’re openly embracing fascism.  Every dictator had one thing in common, they disarmed their citizens!  If you take away our guns, prepare for the next revolution!


Liberal response: Every person has the right to believe how they want.  From Christians, to Muslims, to Atheists in this country we are allowed to live our lives free of any one particular set of religious beliefs.  Our freedom of, or from, religion is one of the key values that gave this country our freedom.  Religion should be kept out of politics.  Even within the same religion, often people disagree on key issues.  It’s best if religion is practiced privately by individuals and not forced publicly into our laws.  Many of our Founding Fathers were Deist, not Christian, and the word “Christianity” is found no where in our Constitution.  Even in our Pledge of Allegiance, which wasn’t written by our Founding Fathers, the phrase “under God” wasn’t added until 1954 in response to communism.

Conservative response: This is a Christian nation.  We are given rights from God!  I don’t care that the word Christianity isn’t in our Constitution, it’s obvious that they never believed in any other religion.  As our pledge says, “One nation under GOD!”  God being in our pledge proves the Founding Fathers thought this nation should be Christian.

Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage

Liberal response: Freedom for all means freedom for all.  As this country was founded on the freedom of religion, to base laws on religion is unconstitutional.  The LGBT community deserves the same rights, and protections, under the law as everyone else.  If two people love each other, there’s no legal standing as to why their desire for marriage should be denied.  Being gay is as much a choice as being straight.

Conservative response: Homosexuality is a sin.  God will reign down misery on the United States if gays are allowed to marry.  If two men/women are allowed to marry, does that mean people can then marry a horse or a rock?  Homosexuality is a choice, these people chose to be gay.  Homosexuality threatens traditional marriage, the family and our moral structure as a society!

Welfare Reform

Liberal Response: Social safety nets are vital for our society.  We need programs that help those who do need help.  While there are abusers of the system, which does costs tax payers millions every year, those abuses pale in comparison to those by the top 1% and the hundreds of billions they avoid paying in taxes by manipulating our tax code every year.  It’s time we invest more money into the departments which identify fraud in our welfare system so that we can better ensure the funds being distributed are going to people who need them, not people who are abusing them.

Conservative response: People on welfare are just looking for a handout.  They just want people like me to bust my ass to pay for their lazy habits.  They would rather live off the government then get out and work for a living.  It’s not my responsibility to pay for those who are too pathetic to get a job.  Welfare is socialism!  Get off your ass you bunch of bums and get a job.  Stop looking to others to help you–help yourself!  We’re all given the same equal opportunities in life, it’s not my responsibility to bail you out.

The Role of Government

Liberal Response: While government is not always the best option, it does often serve a good purpose.  The role of government is to protect the people.  While some issues may be debatable as to how far the government should reach into our personal lives, the private sector is often just as, if not more, corrupt.  The government is far from perfect, but services such as public roads, public schools, waste disposal, clean water, traffic signals, law enforcement, emergency services, our military, public universities, Pell grants, Interstate Highways—and other programs that are similar, show that government can be a vital support structure in all of our every day lives.

Conservative response: Government is evil!  Government never does anything right.  I’ve never relied on government.  Government has never done anything for me, it’s too inefficient.  Those who support government support tyranny!  Government should be small—except when I want a ban on same-sex marriage, abortion, restrictions on women’s health, a definition of a national religion, laws that require an ID to vote and rules that restrict where Muslims can build their places of worship.  Government is the enemy of freedom!

Do you see the difference?

Conservatives deal with absolutes based upon what they believe.  If they believe something, everyone else should as well.  If they oppose something, so should everyone else.

Liberals might not always agree with one another, and yes they have their radicals who believe in absolutes based upon their own beliefs as well, but the majority of them tend to see a bigger picture on most issues.  They often embrace individual differences and seek reasonable solutions to key issues.

A liberal sees an issue and thinks, “I personally might not agree with it, but it’s not my right to tell others how to live their lives.  We need laws that protect people from others who wish to restrict their rights based on individual personal beliefs.”

A conservative sees an issue and thinks, “I personally disagree with it, and everyone else should as well.  We need laws that prevent this issue and stop people from having rights to it based on my own personal beliefs.”

And that’s the difference.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Melania Gulley

    They only see what they want to see. Given the choice. No one would have a choice on anything unless they were Christian and Republican.. its black and white and no grey.. life is hardly ever all black or all white. Logic and critical thinking is lost to most people on the right

  • Conservatism used to mean: let’s leave things the way they are, change should only be made with reason and purpose. What it has become since Ronald Reagan became president has mainly been: let’s make things the way We want, any opposition is Liberal. A few years back, thanks to men like Rush Limbaugh, and wacko friends like Glenn Beck conservatism is now actually a fringe philosophy that is difficult to put your finger on. It is actually falling apart due to these peoples input. Obstructionist views are now the way. This Government is at a turning point it seems to me. Your analysis is fairly accurate.

    • ttoe

      No, it’s just that things have “progressed” so far from where the founding fathers designed, it only seems that way. Back then Conservatives didn’t want to change a lot more in the direction we were headed.

      Now that we changed anyway in that direction, they want to pull back towards what we were.

      That’s what’s happening now. But this nation is rejecting Christ, so I imagine that the left will eventually dominate this nation until we’ve become an autocracy.

      One of the key points the political leadership of the former USSR had for overthrowing Democracy in this nation was to get people to reject Christianity. And as that happens, we have “progressed” further and further away from our founding ideals while “progressing” further and further towards the ideals of Communitistic autocratic leadership.

      • Thom Cameron

        ttoe what liberals reject is YOUR ideal if Jesus or Christianity. “Keep your God out of My Government” That is the liberal viewpoint.

      • cjmarley

        Our country was not based on Christianity. Those who left their homes over the ocean came here to get away from religious tyranny so that we could have freedom of religion. They wanted that all people have the right to choose their religion or religious beliefs as opposed to what the government says they have to worship. But that is the very direction that the conservatives want to push things…the ability to tell us what religion we should be practicing. If you’re not a Christian then you are not an American right? How easy it has become for the far-right to ignore what “freedom” is really supposed to mean for our country. It doesn’t mean freedom from any government at all (otherwise why would our founders have even started a government?). It means freedom of our personal choices within the boundaries of how it affects those around us. I have the right to choose to protect my home with a gun, but it does not give me the right to go out with my gun and just shoot someone. I have the right to choose what I can do to my own body but not the right to tell my neighbor what they can do with theirs. I have the right to attain a home of my own and live in it but I do not have the right to just walk into yours and claim it as my own.

        And yes…keep your god out of OUR government because our government is for ALL people…even those who are not Christians.

      • ttoe

        No, they wanted that everyone should have freedom to serve their God as they deemed fit so long as it did not encroach on the rights of others.

        That did no limit God to being only outside of government. It limited government so that government could not force or favor a certain religion. It was never meant to limit the individuals within government from expressing their beliefs, or to ban communities from having public expressions of their beliefs.

        That was a later advent by Atheists who decided that the term “Separationg of Church and State” meant more than the actual wording chosen by the Founding Fathers of this nation, which was entirely different.

        The progression from the time of the Revolution proves that expression of religion was never even a thought to be banned in public places. And indeed, the wording “Separation of Church and State” is not a new phrase. It was a phrase talked about by our very Founding Fathers, word for word, they knew the phrase, yet chose not to put it, but instead chose, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

        We love to use that first part and forget the second part because “Separation of Church and State” seems to go so well with that first part, but not so much with the second part.

      • ttoe

        The ideal, and the real reason behind the First Amendment was not to restrict or another word, infringe upon religion, but was to hold faithful to the older wisdom that all ideas have merit and must be allowed their due course.

        This means that religious expression and religious tolerance come hand-in-hand. You can’t say you have religious tolerance when you reject all religion. No, you’re not having religious tolerance at all. In fact, you’re practicing religious intolerance because you reject any notion that does not agree with you, or in this day, with Atheism.

        That is not tolerance at all. But that’s proven again again as we progressively infringe upon Christianity. Fascinating how that one religion gets hit with all the despisment of religion. Interesting how Christianity, a faith that actually does preach peace and tolerance gets more blame, more attacked, and more hated than any other in a world of far more violent and intolerant faiths.

        You think Buddhists are peaceful? Buddhists rounded up Christians and imprisoned and murdered them. Hindus have done the same, as well as Islam. In fact, of all the evils you all like to blame Christianity for throughout history, it pales in comparison to what Atheists have done under the flag of national Atheism, interestingly using the very same arguments as you do, only in differing words.

        And in the end, what do all these faiths have to show for their superiority, well, lets see, Autocracies and democracies constantly struggling with autocratic take-overs for all others where Christianity has not been. As for the nations that embraced Christianity, well, they make up what we know as the free world. The Christian nations founded the free world. Christians, the Puritans, were the people who ran this nation in it’s founding. Often considered some of the most strict to the Bible Christians in history, the Puritans, were the dominating force in this nation from it’s early days. Yet, we became the freest nation in the world.

        This is what history has demonstrated. These ideals never amounted to a whole lot until Christians got hold of them and somehow got this odd notion that the ideals of freedom and Democracy were somehow divined by God Himself. Perhaps it’s because of how so many of them line up with exactly the principles spelled out in the Bible.

        But you all continue to believe that somehow religion is the answer because that’s what people believe who ignore reality, who ignore the truth, who are creating for themselves a more progressed ideal that doesn’t care about God, and are destined for destruction and an oppression they won’t break free from until Christians come back to power again . . . just as history has seemed to indicate what happens in the inevitable end.

        Remember who it is that is advocating an equal expression of religion and who it is advocating no expression of religion, and lets see who side ends up leading to oppression and who’s side has already led to a greater freedom all across the world.

      • Michelle Rhoades

        This may shock the Hell out of you, but the majority of Democrats are actually Christian. We just don’t believe in the supply-side Jesus you do. Our Christ is the Jesus of the Bible who help the poor, turned the other cheek, And admonished us not to judge others, but to love all our neighbors. Our Jewish, Muslim, Gay, Black, Etc. neighbors.

      • ttoe

        Yeah, but not at the expense of others. You don’t love your neighbors by hating your other neighbors. You don’t make laws that pretend to make things better for the certain people while making things worse for others.

        Just because you want to force people to acknowledge a marriage as legitimate even though the same God you all say you serve says it’s an abomination doesn’t make you right. It makes you wrong because not only are you taking away the rights of those who disagree, but you are forcing them to defy their God in places where such cases, they must preside over.

        That’s no more freedom when Hitler was telling people that he was making them more free by rounding up the Jews into concentration camps.

        Just because you all pretend it’s freedom doesn’t mean that it is. Just because you all pretend that it’s out of love doesn’t mean that it is.

        It’s not for equality or love that you treat black people like the special kid in class who needs to be coddled and careful that you don’t say the wrong words, that needs to be given extra credit for doing nothing so that he doesn’t feel stupid as his grades fall. Black people are not the special kids. They don’t need all your love and affection. They need to be like everyone else so that they can actually be equal.

        Do you call it love that the vast majority of black Americans are stuck in financial dependency upon government. Oh, I see, you’re told to believe that it’s the Republicans fault that the vast majority of black Americans live in financial generational dependence upon Democrats, because Republicans like that black Americans are afraid to vote Republican because they’re threatened with what they might lose, that make any sense to you?

        And for all the love you have of the Jewish people, why were half of you at the convention yelling that Jerusalem shouldn’t be the Capital of Israel?

        We on the right haven’t been doing that. We actually think that the Jews deserve their place in the Middle East.

        As for you all on the left. I’m guessing that it’s okay that a person is forced to violate their conscience before God because that’s what freedom of religion is all about right, that’s what love for your fellow man is all about right?

        You know, leaders in the past have felt that forcing people to violate their conscience before God was okay too, and it never ended very well, even when it was the church leadership doing it, it still never ended very good, but guess why they all say they’re doing it. for their love of the their fellow man. Love is the mantra of the corrupt, and the expression of those not corrupt.

        You do realize that nobody in the world gives more of their money to those in need than does all those big businesses that you say love Republicans.

        Oh yeah, speaking of big businesses, you remember the collapse, yeah that happened because of the spending habits of big businesses that were giving hundreds of thousands more money to Democrats like Obama and Bill Clinton than they ever gave to Republicans, and why, do you believe they gave all that much more money to Democrats because of how much they loved their Republicans?

  • Joseph Hollcraft

    Rachel, you took the radical republican view and called it the view of republicans, and you took the moderate liberal view and called it the view of liberals. It would have been more even handed if you did 4 categories per point instead of just the two. 2 for radicals, 2 for moderates. It only would have made a difference in entitlements and gun control, but still. I think your conclusion is spot on in any case. Republicans try to legislate based on their personal views and the belief that they are right. Liberals tend to legislate based on the ideas of personal freedom. It’s odd that the republicans use the idea of freedom as one of their core rallying cries when they detest it so much. And it’s fucked up that they don’t seem to realize how much they detest it.

  • Joseph Hollcraft

    Whoops, thought Rachel Maddow wrote this. Sorry Allen.

  • I hate to blind side anyone, but Liberals and Conservatives can agree in real-life, everyday, on business decisions and what is right and wrong. Our methods to fix problems are what separates us. But I know that we put politics aside in our lives, at times for the better good. We need to find common ground and begin at that point.

    • Sandy Higham

      You said they agree with liberals on business. That I dont find true. If they did they wouldnt attack unions, & would want workers to have a liveable wage. they would not want to destroy the economy as they are now. That is why we have to have ck & balances for corporations so they dont pollute air or water, etc. They dont do it on the own. They wouldnt destroy companies & move them OS then hide money if OS accounts so they dont have to pay taxes. The R. Congress wouldnt have give a 20% tax break to co. they have companies OS, but refused to put an amendment in that instead give this break to companies returning to the US.

  • Sherry

    I totally agree with everything you wrote, but I feel that the topic of the environment is just as important and polarizing as the others. Also, if you brought all of the topics down to the basics, money, greed and selfishness is the core problem.

  • dewitkate

    And then there are Libertarians who while espousing the idea of anarchy which should allow everyone the freedom to make up their own mind (sounds liberal) somehow end up in the conservative camp because they don’t want any government.

    The current government with Obama seems like a moderate conservative government because of the compromises he has to make with the radical conservatives in order to get any legislation through. We need more liberals in government right now.

    BTW watch the Australian elections. The conservative party, misleadingly named The Liberals, are doing everything they can to knock off the current moderate govenment. The actual liberal government that was there from 2007 to 2010 got knocked off by moderates in its own party. (I need a new word for liberal since the conservatives have misused it in Australia.

    • GeezerPhd

      Liberalism and conservatism used to mean different things. Liberalism once meant democracy rather than autocracy and freedom from government control – the sorts of things found in the Bill of Rights (all 10) more or less. Modern liberalism is the reverse – centralized authority (federal rather than state and local), paternalistic government, thought crimes, etc., which were once associated with monarchies, guilds, royal monopolies, official religions, and so on. Those were once understood to be conservative, and which the Australian party opposed.

  • Tracey Pedigo

    I was excited when I came across this article…and then disappointed when I read it. I’m a conservative…don’t start throwing things at me…and I like to think I’m also open-minded. I have tried in vain to have meaningful conversations with a handful of liberals/progressives, but it doesn’t get very far. Defenses go up quickly and attacks soon follow (not mine, I’m pretty benign). The author’s characterization of the conservative point of view is far removed from the conservatives I know. And, frankly, I’ve never had a liberal explain their stance as well as the author did at the beginning of this article. I’m going to keep trying, though, because I do want to understand our differences, and where we can agree.

    • Diana P

      Couldn’t agree more about the excitement and following disappointment. I clicked on this thinking I’d be reading an intelligent review of the different viewpoints, not just an over-arching bias view that Republicans are gun-toting, Bible-thumping people without common sense or the ability to make a point without using !!!! This is article was completely insulting.

      • SteveCampsOut

        It’s a shame you can’t tell the difference between “Conservative” and “Republican”! They aren’t the same thing all the time! Republicans that want to restrict a woman’s right to choose, are NOT conservative! Republicans that want to restrict a race or minority’s right to vote, is NOT Conservative! A Republican that wants to bail out big banks, companies, drug makers, CEO’s and the rich but lay the cost of government on the poor, is NOT a Conservative!

      • Thom Cameron

        So, Steve are you saying you are what ?
        And on those points you agree with us?
        You agree with the womans right?
        You don’t support voter ID’s
        You don’t believe in bailouts?
        And you believe tax loop holes should be closed?

      • ttoe

        No, he sounds like he’s attributing the wrongs of the Democrats to the Republicans. Everything he named up there is what Democrats are doing and Republicans are opposing except the abortion thing. That he didn’t reverse, Republicans do not support a woman’s right to choose to murder her child simply because her child happens to still be dependent upon the womb environment, and I can’t see how any conscionable person of sound mind could possibly support such a thing.

        You might as well say that murdering your newborn is okay, or that murdering your 2 year old is okay. You know, a human mind isn’t even developed past that of an animals before the age of speech. Did you realize that?

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        You really don’t know much about abortion for all your ranting, do you?

        The laws on abortion are based on viability. Once the conceptus can survive without being a parasite on the host’s body, that’s when abortion is ruled illegal.

        If the conceptus is still a parasite, you have no say. Problem solved.

      • miketheorganist

        It might help you to see our position abit more clearly if you ask ourself whether YOUR life has been worth living, especially if you are born after 1973.

      • ttoe

        Yeah, restricting the rights of a woman to choose to murder her unborn child, yeah, that’s right, and I won’t apologize for having common sense and the common decency to regard a human being as a human being rather than some lump of tissue with a random assortment of the father and mother’s DNA.

        You know, there were a lot of people like you, who for their own reasons, felt that restricting the right of the king or dictator to choose regarding their own citizens, the doctors to choose regarding the disabled or otherwise genetically “inferior” was a grotesque wrong, that restricting the right of the white person to choose regarding the black person was a grotesque wrong and a violation of their personal liberties.

        Just because the law says that it’s okay to murder the innocent at a certain person’s whim, just because the law refuses to progress to recognizing a person as a person regardless of their current stage of development doesn’t make the victim any less human, the murderer any less wrong, or the action any less murder.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        Well, it’s obvious from this that you murdered your own brain….but abortion isn’t murder, legally, morally, ethically, or even in xtianity, if you actually bother to read your book. You’re just a cafeteria xtian who wants to control others’ lives and feel good about it without having to consider your position and the real harm to real women it causes.

      • Moe Syzlak

        For the complainers about the article forgot to add racist and the majority recipients of social program assistance to describe the base of the republican party. Of course I’m sure you guys aren’t like that haha. BS…every republican I know is full of paranoia, hate, faux christianity and tries to suck the life out of every person on this planet. This is an incredibly intelligent review of the different viewpoints.

        Of course this article insults you. It’s a liberal site that you visited. You actually expected it to say nice things about republicans. I agree, nice things aren’t said here about republicans but that does not make what is said here untrue. If you don’t agree with the statements made about republicans and are insulted…maybe it’s time you reexamined your priorities and joined the progressives and actual patriots who actually love the country.

        Seriously, don’t come to a liberal site expecting for us to say favorable things about republicans. Sorry, just isn’t going to happen. You guys have lots of work to do. For the most part, progressives have productive lives and not much time to troll like you poor guys.

        Sorry for such a long rant but I do have to go for no. Since I’m a progressive…I have to go spend my EBT card, smoke some crack and help out with an abortion.

        I will pray for you.

      • Keith

        Fortunately for Conservative / Republicans, Obama and the Democrats own the Record for the Worst Recovery since the Great Depression.
        Wealth Redistribution is an Epic Fail.
        Workforce Participation is at its Lowest Point since Carter, both by the way are Democrats, and that makes Obama and the Democrats the Biggest Saps since Carter.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        The only way you can support these delusions is with the same ‘stats’ that had Karl Rove believing that Mitt Romney would win the presidency. Any honest look at the state of the country shows all of these to be incorrect, if not outright lies.

      • Keith

        Obama’s “economic recovery” DESTROYED in just 9 charts

        Written by Allen West on September 30, 2015

        Tavis Smiley: In The Era of Obama Blacks Have Lost Ground In Every Major Economic Category
        January 15, 2016


        Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? V2

        Sorry, This Is Still The Worst Economic Recovery Ever
        Dec 31, 2015

      • celena mclaren

        But even though you aren’t even recognizing the social advancements made for this country..oh right they don’t apply to you so they don’t matter…..

      • Pamela

        See…HAHAHAHAHA! Poor “guest”. Ironic!

      • Pamela

        Totally agree Diana P. Liberals really embarrass themselves. Keeps me laughing!

    • Thom Cameron

      OK Tracey
      Lets make a list
      just one thing your open mind might agree with us on?

    • leftwingthom

      News flash, we can’t agree on anything.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        I *vehemently* DISAGREE!!!! 😉

    • cjmarley

      I very much enjoy conservatives who can be open minded in a debate…unfortunately they are becoming a minority as time goes by. And they are the ones being labeled as Rhino’s. I do believe that conservative view point they are using in the article should be called the tea party point of view though since these hard lines really took hold there and has been spreading out in the the pubs ever since.

      • ttoe

        The same is proven about the left, and even more so the left because while I see people on the right always considering what people on the left say, I rarely ever see it the other way around.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        Oh, we consider it…then dismiss it because it’s devaluing real people in the name of a murderous ideology, xtianity.

    • Kerry Watkins

      You have to admit, SOMETHING (Tea Party) happened to your party and they snuck in under your noses squealing JOB JOB JOB but you (we) got a bunch of sophomoric ignoramuses and laws regulating vaginas. restricting voting and destroying the middle class. That did not happen in the Democratic Party. It happened to you Republicans. And frankly, we haven’t seen much movement on your collective part as reasonable Republicans to end this absurdity. You get what you vote for. You should have researched these fools a little harder and not just fallen for the lip service.

      • Dan Wilson

        No one has regulated a vagina. We think it is common sense that if a “fetus”, as you call it, is VIABLE after 28 weeks, then it is a living human, afforded all the rights as other humans, which include not getting killed. Restricting voting? Uh… we ask that you have a valid ID, and be a citizen and a legal resident. Too much to ask? Destroying the middle class? Not hardly. 6 million have LOST their insurance policies because of Obamacare, and rates are up 91% here in GA, and up 40% in liberal CA. So, please stop the bs spin and be intellectually honest with your portrayals. 🙂

      • Moe Syzlak

        Mr ignorant of the constitution, you responded to a comment regarding Cruz ans and Paul favoring a dictatorship. Thank you for your response calling these fools and tools constitutionalists. Refresh my memory but which law was upheld by the conservative scotus. Oh yeah, it was the ACA. So if Cruz and Paul were true constitutionalists wouldn’t they back their conservative judges? This alone shows your ignorance of the constitution and how government is supposed to work. As for Cruz and Paul favoring a dictatorship, show me where they haven’t displayed a ‘my way or the highway’ stance to everything the pres and dems have proposed? SHOW YOUR CARDS SIR!!! I’m calling you. If they weren’t in favor of a dictatorship, they would on occasion offee compromise which no republisacks have EVER. Tis factual that the gop is nothing but obstruction, disrespectful of the office of the potus and ignorance of the constitution. Your party is finished and you know it. Wave goodbye sir because you, your false god (not the Christian God aka Jesus Christ) and guns are done. By the way, the gop opposition to reasonable gun law is support for a dictatorship. You guys support a massive military and spending negates your ability to rebel if the need ever arises. Tell me how your AR15 will stand up against an Abrams or B2? Also, if you favor limited government, how can you support a massive and now imperialist military thanks to your buddy GW? Show those cards again good sir because you are being called.

        Lastly, I’m a disabled veteran who still works and I own my own business that suffered under GW but has thrived since 2010. Just a quick question; have you served or are you a typical gop chickenhawk? If you served, I thank you. That’s as much respect as I can offer you.

        Merry Christmas from a liberal (yes we support ands love our Lord the way you guys will NEVER understand).


        Pope Moe Syzlak IX

      • ttoe

        No, because they disagree with the conservative justice.

        We on the right, unlike you on the left, do not suffer so from a group-think mentality. That freedom of thought allows us to disagree with our fellow conservatives. We disagree with that justice. We feel that he’s not supporting the Constitution by upholding the mandate under Congress’s ability to tax.

        We feel that it is not covered under Congress’s ability to tax just like making some random fee for breathing air is not Constitutional under Congress’s ability to tax.

        Perhaps if you weren’t so brainwashed into believing that we on the right have to believe this or that, then perhaps you could have an open mind to consider the merits of our arguments instead of just trying to find holes to poke that don’t actually exist.

        Perhaps is the vast majority of leftwing supporters were not just as brainwashed as yourself and understood what freedom of thought actually meant instead of just blindly believing that you all are some how more free to think as you all believe the same thing on just about every controversial issue, almost verbatim, perhaps then you all wouldn’t be so easily told what to believe, and you all would be like us conservatives, believing what you do for reasons rather than just because you’re led to believe it.

      • Moe Syzlak

        WHAT??? We suffer from group thinking
        mentality? Are you high or just stupid? You ‘conservatives’ act and move just
        like the Borg from Star Trek and it is so freaking obvious by the total
        obstruction to the TWICE DEMOCRATICALLY elected president and every democratic
        idea proposed. In fact, your guys in congress are so messed up in group
        mentality, that you have two factions of group thinking that your party is at
        war between group that can’t decide which of the two is more stupid. It’s
        hysterical for us but thank you for your support for the ’14 and ’16 elections.
        FYI, we liberal/progressives do something that you guys don’t. We finish high
        school (I’m sure you consider 6th grade your senior year), generally go to
        college after that and many of us, unlike conservatives, have the guts to serve
        in the military. So you see, by furthering our education, we learn to think
        independently as opposed to members and your bee hive drone like behavior.

        One parting shot and I’m not going to respond to your foolish response(s) because
        you honestly have offered nothing more than Fox News BS talking points just
        like the rest of your collective. I can’t even believe I wasted my time arguing
        with someone who obviously has no more than a middle school education.

        Here are a couple of quotes that fit you and yours perfectly and I’m sure you’ve
        seen them before because they describe you guys perfectly.

        Arguing with conservatives is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good I am at
        chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over all the pieces, crap on the
        board, and strut around the table looking victorious.


        Arguing with conservatives is like playing chess with a six year old. No matter whether you
        let them win, or kick their ass, at some point they’ll throw a tantrum, toss
        the board in the air, and storm out of the room crying.

        I will pray for you.

        I hate you guys very much.


        Pope Moe Syzlak IX

      • Moe Syzlak

        Oh one more thing, this is a progressive site so you are one of those ‘trolls.’ You know, the immature and ignorant fools who visit sites that oppose their views and try to start arguments. Basically, you guys are insecure about your ‘man parts’ so you have to try and pick a losing fight to make up for it…I’ll bet you’re so insecure you drive a huge, jacked up, fuel guzzling truck.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        Well, I don’t agree with this one, but going where you don’t agree and speaking isn’t really trolling if facts are being presented…facts that can stand scrutiny.

        Not saying Ttoe’s can…but, y’know…trolling is just being purposely disagreeable.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        Uh, did you even bother to read your first sentence? “WE don’t suffer from groupthink” !!?!!??

        Which side has a group that is *proud* of their cognomen of ‘dittohead’??…c’mon, you can figure it out if you try.

        The Left is well known for not being particularly strong due to a plethora of opinions…the term ‘herding cats’ is commonly used. Not so much on the right these days.

      • miketheorganist

        Well Dan, let’s see … four clearly saw that it violated the Commerce Clause, and four felt that social justice concerns outweigh the laws that govern the government. That left Roberts, who had been humiliated by Obama at the State of the Union speech for correctly deciding Citizens United. Roberts found the law constitutional AND unconstitutional simultaneously, but was looking at the 2012 election coming up, in which the Democrats would have made the Court Issue #1 if he found correctly. Even Justice Kennedy saw it violated the commerce clause. But, as we see with the Justice Department, so with the court, Roberts wrote an opinion based on politics and his own survival, finding the penalties to be taxes after the Democrat lawyers argued they were not. This gave us a big “Never Mind” on constitutionality. And one more thing. It takes two to compromise, and the left is nothing if not intransigent, especially if involves the budget.

      • Moe Syzlak

        Apologies for typos… I’m working out while responding.

      • ttoe

        I’d argue with you that even if the child’s brain is undeveloped, it doesn’t matter because the child is still developing. Once conception has happened, there is nothing to be done, a person is developing there.

        If you are killed before your brain develops, you are not any less killed simply because your brain happens to be undeveloped at the time. Certainly, I ‘d guess you felt no pain, but pain is not the answer as to what’s right and wrong. Principle is. And the basic fundamental principle is that a person is started at the moment of conception and must develop from a single-cell.

        If you go and kill that person, even as they are a single cell, they’re not any less dead because you did it then rather than a year later. The person’s life is still terminated by the willful act of another without due justice, without provocation.

        I guarantee to you Dan Wilson, that after your conception in your mother’s womb, had you died for any reason, whether intentional or otherwise, you would not be here right now telling us your opinion, and you would never be anywhere telling anyone your opinion. Why, because you were conceived, and then your life was taken. There will never be another you. Maybe your dead single-cell body can be cloned, but that won’t be you, it will be your clone, the closest representation of what you would have been had your life not been snuffed out back when you were but a single cell.

        Abortion doesn’t have to mean death. It only means death to the left. We on the right are better than that, we are actual representatives of real progression, not regression pretending to be progression. If a woman has a complication in pregnancy that can mean her life if her child stays within her womb, that does not mean that we kill that child. It means we do what all medical professionals are to do for anyone in such a dire situation. We do whatever we can to keep both people alive. As our technology progresses, that guarantee would be better and better earlier and earlier. But because the left has infected us with their choice that humans are not humans before a certain stage of development, we think that abortion is a procedure instead of a tragic case where parents should never lose a child and are inspired to make it better by making something that a child could survive in or someway of transferring the child to another more suitable environment to be carried till term.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        it’s not a child, or a baby, until after delivery.

        You’re trying to be tricky with terms, lying for what you believe your jebus religion says. Read your book, and you’ll see NOT ONE word against abortion, which is why your leaders have lied to you, calling it murder, and convincing you so you’ll spread that poisonous lie.

      • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

        after viability abortion is illegal.

        before that the conceptus is a parasite…deal with it.

        Oh, by the way, what’s your stance on long-term, effective contraception controlled by women so men can’t refuse/defeat it? The Pill, IUDs, Norplant, etc? And don’t try to trot out the tired lies that such medicines are harmful to women…that’s all long since been debunked.

    • j

      I’m a liberal, and I didn’t quite agree with his interpretation. But it looks like he’s trying to show the more extreme to highlight the difference better.

    • newsnotopinion

      Then you are no conservative.

  • ripchavez

    allen, you genius, you’ve done it again! thank god the american left has you to incisively consider conservative thought and then just DESTROY the very fair-minded picture you drew of those knuckle-dragging, bible-thumping, mouth-breathing, gun-toting idiots. you are doing a great service lending your obviously considerable intellect to the progressive cause. i’m quite sure that you will soon be one of the democratic party’s brightest stars and that there is no chance you will ever just be a delusional, self-important nothing screaming at nobody about your deep insight and for some reason taking great pride in the fact that you managed to found a facebook page.

  • Louise Billings

    I like this article….and for the most part I think it is fairly accurate…. I like to think of myself as a Progressive. I live in Nebraska which has many Conservatives….and frankly, many of them seem to think the way described in this article.

  • Brad

    “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.” — Winston Churchill

    • Peter Shorts, MSW

      said the rich, powerful, old, white man.

      • Robert Jones

        Hit them damn books boy and you’ll be smarter than anyone! LAZYAZZ!

  • Paul McCarthy

    Of course written from the perspective of a Liberal, the article, of course outlines Liberals as morally superior, and accomodating and Conservatives as a bunch of stalwart buffons.
    The most particular differences between Liberals and Conservatives (I am a conservative Libertarian) are three key factors. Conservatives cannot seem to abide by the live and live creedo. Liberals can only abide by the live and let live creedo if you agree with their viewpoint. If they can’t get you to change your mind, they will have the courts do it for you (mainly because they know anything they espouse-held to a ballot vote, loses every time) Conservatism approaches an issue logically, feelings aside, letting an issue stand on the facts of the matter. Liberalism approaches a problem emotionally, selects the facts that will support their point, and stomp around like little children when they don’t get their way. Conservatism espouses the idea that some principles are timeless-there are some things that will never be right. Liberalism espouses the idea that principles change with the times and what is acceptable to the crowd that agrees with them.

  • James A

    This article is a farce. Let me show you the opposing points:
    “…but we need to ensure certain dangerous weapons are not being sold. It’s time we embrace universal background checks that help to prevent criminals from buying weapons, limit magazine capacity and ban certain military style semi-automatic weapons that seem to be most often used in these mass killings. With sensible gun regulations gun owners will still have access to hundreds,”
    Then goes on to say:
    “Freedom for all means freedom for all.”
    And even better yet:
    “Conservatives deal with absolutes based upon what they believe. If they believe something, everyone else should as well. If they oppose something, so should everyone else.”
    And best of all:
    “A conservative sees an issue and thinks, “I personally disagree with it, and everyone else should as well. We need laws that prevent this issue and stop people from having rights to it based on my own personal beliefs.””
    So which is it? You paint conservatives with a broad brush, then turn around and have the gall to say the exact same things about different topics.
    When will you learn? Freedom for all means ALL freedoms for all- not just the ones you believe in. Every American should be allowed to own ANY gun, marry ANY person, practice ANY religion. Think about it this way: if we need to ban certain types of weapons based on people feeling uncomfortable about them, we need to ban certain types of marriage based on people feeling uncomfortable about them.

  • As a Conservative, I’m qualified to respond. 🙂 Abortion is murder; the rest of the line is nonsense. Gun reform: Liberals do not support the 2nd amendment; it’s a lie. I agree with pretty much all of the Conservative position except the “5 people breaking in”… the 2nd Amendment is more about protecting us from the govt; times have not changed. Religion: There is no freedom from religion; there is the Establishment Clause. As for “under God”; I’ve never once heard anybody use that as an example from the Founders… it is well known that this phrase was added in the 50’s. Homosexuality: If God didn’t want homosexuals, he’d quit making them. I support legal rights for same sex couples. However if you put 11 men in red uniforms around 4 bases and a pitchers mound; call it whatever you want, but it’s not baseball. Welfare reform: Conservatives are fine with a hand up; we just don’t want it to be a way of life. Democrats on the other hand encourage it as a way of life as that ensures they’ll get ever more dependent Democrat voters (which is the same reason they won’t stop illegal immigration; they’re patient and can wait 18 years for the dependent anchor babies to start voting Democrat). If you have a problem with the tax code; take it up with the guys who wrote it; not the guys who follow it. Role of Govt: The Founders set it up as limited and we’ve gotten away from that. The govt should provide defense, infrastructure and education. The private sector creates wealth; govt hinders wealth. Though the writer was rational, he pretty well missed the body of Conservative thought (in fairness, he captured some of the fringe) as he is what he accuses Conservatives of being… absolutely correct in all he says. Oh… and a note about me… I consider myself Tea Party (which is about limited govt. and reduced spending; the rest of what you hear is Liberal nonsense) and work in upper middle management for an evil corporation (that pays it’s taxes, lives sustainability and is even zero waste to landfill). I’m a Christian but rarely go to church and my wife of 29 years and I have raised three great college educated self sufficient Republicans.

    • I respect your positions and appreciate your respectful candor in stating them, as I can see you have indeed put intelligent thought into them, but with respect also, you are rather misinformed and kind of blind about both Democrats and your own party. The ‘nonsense’ is based on facts; please don’t dismiss it out of hand, and unfortunately, the ‘fringe’ makes up the vast majority of the vocal and visible parts of the conservative movement, including most of the elected members of the party.

      Several (not all) of your statements about gun reform, welfare, and the economy are factually incorrect and frankly insulting, as well as sounding quite ignorant – I apologise, but as I said, you appear to be intelligent and thoughtful, it just sounds like you have some blind spots and assumptions that are just not true, especially about what liberals actually think and are motivated by, in the same comment in which you accuse us of doing the same. I am trying to do you the same favour in return of replying honestly and in frankness with respect, so I apologise if it sounds otherwise.

      I am also a Christian, conservatively so even if my political views are liberal, so we do agree on some things. But specifically I have to say, I have many many times heard, growing up in a fundamentalist home in the heart of the midwest, nearly everyone claim that the ‘under God’ bit is both original to the pledge and proof that the Founders intended us to be a Christian nation. That it was added in the ’50’s is most certainly not common knowledge, not in my area and my parents circles anyway, not in fundamentalist circles in general, and nowhere online that I’ve run into conservative thinkers. I personally never heard it until I was in my mid-20’s, and when I did I was utterly and completely shocked. It shook my entire worldview – that’s how entrenched that particular point is in the vast majority of the non-college educated conservative thought.

      • ttoe

        That’s because as children when we recited the pledge, we just assumed it was something from our founding days. It really doesn’t matter though because it was from back in a day when we were more closely in a place that our founding fathers had designed.

        We really didn’t have this issue of getting away from the founding ideals until after Republican and Democrat supporters shifted in who was considered liberal and who was conservative.

        It wasn’t until after Republican supporters decided that government was big enough and started becoming more for conserving what we had, that all men did have equal rights now both in law and in society. It was the Democrat supporters who wanted to take it even further than MLK Jr did and start making special concessions for people based on their race.

        While Democrat supporters were the conservative ones, we didn’t have this danger because Republican supporters simply were not willing to support government getting too powerful. However, for some reason, once the Democrat supporters became the liberals, now it’s like we’re in danger of making an inevitable autocracy out of one of our political parties one day.

        It’s literally like the Democrat supporters in this nation have always been the emotional and foolish ones who can be bought, brainwashed, or taken on some emotional hyped up crusade against something they themselves have difficulty defining.

      • pinkminx

        The “under God” was added to the pledge when Dwight Eisenhower was President. It was NOT ORIGINAL to the pledge.This article was very well written and factual.His comments about Democrats are right on as are the ones about Conservatives. Yes, there are fanatics in both parties, Liberals and Conservatives. The Christian Coalition supports the Republicans, Conservatives and that organization is very fanatical as are the Fundamentalists. In order for this country to survive, ALL PEOPLE OF ALL BELIEFS MUST COME TOGETHER AS ONE!!!!! OTHERWISE, THIS COUNTRY WILL GO THE WAY OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE.We, the people are driving the train!!!!

      • Mr. White


      • cjmarley

        Oh that was really helpful

      • Kathy Ruth

        Not to mention misspelled!

      • Moe Syzlak


    • Thom Cameron

      you should have that tattoo’d on your chest. Idiot

    • Moe Syzlak

      Mr Ogborn, I applaud your opinion but you are incorrect in comparing the the author to conservatives. This article is factual and SUBJECTIVE and the author isn’t in a position to destroy the country. The current crop of conservatives, apart from you, do want the president to fail at everything and want the country to fail. In fact, the current crop of conservatives such as ted cruz and rand paul would support and republican dictator in a second. Having said that, the author is writing to a liberal base (this is a liberal/progressive site hence the name ‘Forward Progressives’). While I agree with you and I reject the idea that all conservatives think and act the same way just as the same can be said for all progressives, my conservative friends are cut from the same mold. I live in the south by the way so it’s extreme and I’m a minority…kind of like a rare gem haha. They hate the black president with all their being and oppose the very conservative ideas that conservatives used to favor.

      You are reasonable sir I have to say and you do sound like you actually support the initial tea party principles and thank you for that. Please influence your friends who claim to be conservatives and tea party that the principles are very simple and don’t extend beyond limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market economics. So the radicals on your side have no place among reasonable men like yourself.

      Best wishes and yes Merry Christmas from a liberal.

      • Dan Wilson

        To state that Rand Paul or Ted Cruz would support a Conservative dictator totally shows your political bigotry AND your ignorance. Constitutionalists would NOT support a dictator, and the REASON we oppose Obama is because of his outright LIES, deception, and FAILED POLICIES. Not ONE Republican voted for Obamacare. Not ONE Democrat voted against it. It’s the Democrat’s baby, 100%, and it is failing miserably, and it has proved Obama is a flat out LIAR. Defend the indefensible if you must, but at least use some kind of facts, instead of just speaking ignorant claims that are absurdly inaccurate. Merry Christmas to you too.

      • Terp82CS

        Please explain then why Mitt Romney has publicly declared that the ACA (Obamacare) exists because he (Romney) started it in Massachusetts.

        The only reason the Republican party members oppose it is because it came up and was passed during President Obama’s term. I don’t know what frosts the so-called conservatives more – it passed under a Democrat or it passed while a Black man is in the White House. Either alternative is despicable.

  • Allen, you have no clue what conservitives think and again are clue less about christians. You hate us so much you refuse to listen.

    • Speaking as a theologically conservative sociopolitically liberal Christian, you are full of shit. All of those conservative responses are direct quotes from things that prominent tea partiers or conservative politicians have said on the record, as well as many of the neo-con/Fox News talking points.

      I used to be a very conservative republican, until I bloody well educated myself and learned the actual facts about the actual issues, whereupon I did a 180 on most, not all, of my positions because the liberal views were actually more in line with my personal beliefs *as a Christian* – and if you follow the things that Jesus ACTUALLY SAID, he was advocating the principles which are the basis of liberal values, like respecting all persons, not just the ones you approve of, loving and serving and helping the needy. I am not a liberal in spite of my faith, I am a liberal because of it. And for the record, I believe the Bible is 100% inerrant but not necessarily 100% ‘literal’, by which all y’all mean ‘interpreted the way I think it should be.’

      • ttoe

        LOL, sure you just keep telling yourself that. You obviously have no clue what conservatives really think either.

        Sure, the blogster touched on some main ideas, but he really is clueless as to what Conservatives actually believe, and apparently so are you.

      • Too bad for you I grew up in a super-fundy cult and still live with members of my family who are ultra conservative and loud about it, in detail. Trust me, I know what they think.

      • GeezerPhd

        Every side has its obnoxious partisans that embarrass the more
        thoughtful members, and living with arrogant, opinionated types of whatever persuasion is enough to make any of us bitter. Sorry you have to suffer them.

      • Thom Cameron

        The sad thing is ttoe you speak as if Conservatives are 1 person with 1 thought. Like they have been brainwashed and are in a trance. That would explain the regurgitation of the same bs be each one of you. Not an original cognitive thought among the lot of you.

      • Kathy Ruth

        I wish you’d tell that to the conservatives I know, then, because what’s in this article is EXACTLY what they believe!

      • ttoe

        No, what’s in the article is what you’ve been told to believe they believe.

      • ttoe

        If you really want to know what a conservative believes, then ask them the hard questions. But of course, I’m Christian Right, so we tend to favor compassion more than others.

        You also have to realize that unlike you all on the left, we on the right don’t typically agree on every key detail.

        We actually differ quite a lot because unlike the left, we are typically accustomed to having our own opinions, where as most on the left are pretty much in consensus, which isn’t an indicator of free-thought. It’s actually an indicator of a group-think mentality where dissent is discouraged or rejected.

        We on the right may believe strongly what we believe, but we tolerate other’s opinions, even if we disagree. On the left, they may not voice their disagreement, but if a law is presented that forces you to agree, they’ll support it in a heartbeat.

        Think about it, who do you trust more, the man who tells you what he believes and disagrees with readily and openly, or the man who stays silent like he agrees, but will then later be okay with forcing you to agree with him?

        We don’t stay as silent, and we are blunt because we firmly believe our position. The left uses nice words to placate and provide the illusion of support for your opinion, but their actions always prove the reality that they’re pretending and that if given the chance to force you to agree with their opinion, they will typically support that kind of move.

        And why, I’ll tell you with the liberal’s favorite mantra:
        “When people won’t do right on their own, they have to be forced to do right.” I’ve heard differing versions of that statement out of many a liberal’s mouths.

        And this is why they’re so comfortable forcing people to do what they believe is right.

        You might goad a conservative into accepting this statement off-guard, but I guarantee the typical conservative is talking about obvious things like murder and mayhem, not things like forcing you to accept their opinion regarding God and our origins. Despite what you may be told to believe, the conservatives are not trying to remove evolution from schools, well some might have such a goal in mind, but the majority of them are wanting to have the fact that evolution is a theory to remain that way, and that God is as equal a theory worth it’s due consideration.

    • sandra1947

      Then John you need to quiet the loud mouths in your party who do say those things and it can be proved that they said these things. Turn on the TV and listen to Bachman, Goemert, Ryan, any number of these so called Representatives in government and that’s what they are saying.

      • Kathy Ruth

        Really, I agree. You’d think they didn’t know about the internet and video recording and such things!

  • This may be the worst thought out article I’ve ever seen. I love how the Liberal response is this cool headed, even keeled notion of fairness and every conservative response is Yosemite Sam screeching and complete hyperbole to the most extreme. Case in point – you can’t find a single conservative anywhere on planet Earth who would ever say something as absurd as “rape is a blessing from God.” Sheesh. For a guy who claims to enjoy meaningful debate, he offers none in this article, just hyperbolic stereotypes and misinformation. FAIL.

    • I know it’s in bad form to reply to your own post, but before someone says “that was stated by a Tea Party guy” I’ll state that you “might” find one yutz who said something stupid, but for the author to use the broad brush as the “conservative response” is utterly irresponsible and disingenuous.

      • ttoe

        The Tea Party is a great group with the ideas of bringing this nation back towards the founding ideals of this nation. They’re maligned and ridiculed in leftist media, everyone but Fox News, because they are an unapologetic supporter of our founding ideals who is relentless in their opposition of the left.

      • Thom Cameron

        ttoe has drank
        no, snorted the kool aid straight from the package

      • ttoe

        No, I’ve actually learned about what they believe in.

      • ttoe

        And like everything the left disagrees with, the left has looked far and wide, scratched up anything and everything they possibly could, mutated it beyond recognition, and even flat out lied in their relentless effort to manipulate the public into ignoring the Tea Party and anyone who supports the right in this nation.

      • Thom Cameron

        No ttoe I pretty much understood that he was talking about the pee party from the start and I saw nothing distorted about it. And the last thing we want is the pee party ignored. We want people to see and know of all the idiotic and heartless things they say and believe in.

      • ttoe

        And for some, this tactic always works.

      • Sheila Kotze

        List for ya… Todd Akin of Missouri, If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

        The one I quoted from the post earlier.. Richard Mourdock, Life is that gift from God that I think even if life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen”

        Rick Santorum: “I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you… rape victims should make the best of a bad situation.” – January, 2012

        Joe Walsh.. an abortion is no longer necessary to save the life of the mother. He stated, “there is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing”

        John Koster.. “Incest is so rare, I mean, it’s so rare…But the rape thing — you know, I know a woman who was raped and kept the child, gave it up for adoption, and she doesn’t regret it.”

        I think it’s more than one “yutz”.. and that’s not even scratching the surfice really..

    • ttoe

      He’s a liberal, what do you expect. No one in all the world is less a liberal than a U.S. liberal, who’s open-mindedness tolerates nothing that contradicts him, and his love of open debate tolerates no dissension.

      • Thom Cameron

        Ttoe you just perfectly described a Right wing t bagger

      • ttoe

        Sure, just keep saying these things because saying it makes it true.

        I say that a liberal is not a liberal because everything I see a liberal do is not liberal, from trying to force people to provide birth control to others at their own cost, not the others, even when they believe that such a thing is sinful against God.

        I see liberals always trying to make laws to force those that disagree to accept the liberal opinion. I see them indoctrinating. I was a recipient of that indoctrination as I was taught conservative principles growing up, and I’m a rather honest type, so when the teacher said critical thinking assignment, free-thought opinions, I took her/him at their word. I learned that if you don’t agree with the teacher’s leftwing views, it’s best to just let them believe what they want and be happy that everyone is smart enough to think for themselves, but apparently, as I’ve learned, quite a few are not willing to think for themselves.

    • HockeyJockey

      Heehee, You just made Clifton’s case in point.

    • katie

      I believe both Rick Santorum and Todd Akin both said things close to rape being a blessing from god. Rick Santorum said women should “make the best out of bad situation” and “accept that gift from god” and Todd Akin said “at that point, if god has chosen to bless this person with a life, you don’t kill it.”

      And honestly, this sounds like pretty much every conservative I know. Especially about how they want smaller government…except when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, voter restrictions, immigration, and religion.

    • Grace

      Actually several leading GOP members and Republican politians have (maybe not in the direct words above) said that rape is like the weather, just lay back and take it and that babies that are the result of rape are gifts from God. The author is paraphrasing a tad but “rape as a gift from God” is a Republican argument against rational abortion laws.

  • ttoe

    That may what you liberals say about guns, but it’s not what your leaders are fighting for, and considering how you support your leaders regardless of whether they change their positions on things once they get into office, your leaders are pretty much going to take the 2nd amendment away if we Conservatives allowed you to dictate U.S. gun ownership policy.

    • Sheila Kotze

      I have a thought… READ the actual BILL…. Before you say such uninformed stupid things… YES>> the actual bill.. you know bills are made public and you can see who voted what for each bill.. shocking what a little research will get you..

  • ttoe

    The only people who make laws to force people to accept their views are liberals.

    Let us list them,
    No one made a law banning homosexuality or contracts wherein they commit to themselves for life. But the left does seek to make a law that forces me to accept that union just as they do. Indeed, the left has even gone so far as to force me to accept homosexuality in my church leadership.

    No one is trying to make a law to ban students from having a homosexual teacher, but laws already have been made by the left to force me to allow homosexual teachers to teach my children.

    No one is trying to make a law to only teach creation. But laws have already been made to only teach evolution.

    No one is trying to make a law that a person can’t demonstrate their atheism, their Buddhism, their whateverism, but laws have already been made to keep people from demonstrating their Christianity.

    No one is trying to make a law that bans birth control. But laws have already been made to force people who are religiously opposed to it to not only condone it, but to provide it for free at cost.

    No one is trying to make a law that forces people to carry or own guns. But many many liberals are trying to force people to not carry or own guns.

    Need I go on?

    Oh wait, here’s one for the liberals.

    No one is trying to force people to get an abortion, although a lot of pressure is put upon young women to do so by places like Planned Parenthood. However, many many conservatives are indeed trying to force women not to have abortions. There you go liberals, here’s one example where conservatives are trying to force people by law to adhere to their opinion.

    And to that i say, I’m sorry that you can’t understand this, but you will never enligten me as to why a woman should have any right whatsoever to murder her own child, regardless of the stage of development that child happens to be in.

    • No one is trying? Are you fucking serious? YES, people are trying that. Almost all of those, in fact. Most of them here in Kansas, but nearly all of them in one state or another, Republicans ARE ACTUALLY TRYING THOSE THINGS.

      Also, you’re an asshole. I’m done here.

      • Robert Jones

        Do you even reside in the United States… legally?

      • Kagi Soracia

        I was born in Indiana. To white parents, if that’s what you mean. Jackass.

    • Griffin

      Kagi said it– almost everything you said doesn’t really happen, has actually happened. In fact, its pretty well-documented that even birth control has come back into the debate, which for most is considered a pretty basic right.

      I’m sorry for your out-of-touch facts. It has nothing to do with being conservative, you’re just clearly uninformed.

    • poppaDavid

      I am old enough to remember when the Sodomy laws DID ban homosexuality. When the anti-miscegenation laws DID ban interracial marriage. When the Loyalty laws DID ban socialists. When it was required by law that non-Christians recite Christian prayers. When laws DID ban all forms of birth control. None of those laws were put in place by liberals.

      I also have read sufficient History to know that laws DID require the teaching of Biblical creation and a ban on evolution.

      Abortion is serious business and the issue is a serious question. Some people hold that a fertilized egg is a human being. About half of all fertilized eggs are aborted by natural causes. That makes “act of God” the largest cause of abortions, with human abortion a much smaller player. Do you have the same anger towards a God who performs abortions as you do to humans?

    • leftwingthom

      Actually, I’m pretty sure there are bills at the state level in many states that are trying to do almost all of those things. And as for the not forcing anyone to express atheism, buddhism, what have you, that’s only because there doesn’t need to be a law about it- conservatives just accept it as the norm. Conservatives are perpetually under the impression that it’s still 1955, when obviously everybody in the country was Christian. So what do we need laws for? There are no such things as atheists, buddhists, or muslims! And if there were, we’d run them out of town with our pitchforks, or in today’s case, our M16s! Idiot.

      • ttoe

        Yeah, everything looks better on your side when you generalize and make broad assumptions. It helps you to ignore the reality of what the left is when you just shrug it off and generalize how the right is worse.

        As for state bills, even Federal bills, no doubt because that’s their right as U.S. citizens. The left does it too even about ridiculous things like allowing the woman the right to choose to have an after-birth abortion in which they kill the newborn, which Obama and the vast majority of Democrats support for newborns that actually survive abortion.

        I’ll give them this though, at least they’re not hypocrites. They don’t pretend that just because the child is on the inside of the womb, that somehow makes them magically different than being on the outside.

        And indeed, those who shared today’s conservative mindset from Lincoln to MLK Jr, to today when we’re called conservatives instead of liberals because we refuse to take things too far, giving government too much power, yes we have a long history of ostracizing and socially rejecting those who practice things like homosexuality, and even some state laws have infringed upon the rights of such people to practice in private their disgusting practice, but in the end, we never really made laws that prohibited them from practicing their freedom within the privacy of their own homes, well ones that weren’t already on the books, we’ve never made laws that would forbid the liberal from expressing and making their opinion known.

        However, now that today’s liberals have taken the reigns of liberalism from us conservatives, they’ve decided to do all of that in their favor.

        You all think it’s progress, but what’s actually happening is you all are setting yourselves up for failure because this mentality you all have that it’s okay to deprive another of rights simply because they disagree is not progress, it’s actually quite the opposite, it’s the an elitist attitude that thinks those in charge are the ones who should be given the responsibility of protecting us and distributing our freedoms. It’s a mentality that defies the notion that inalienable rights are divinely given and none have the right to take them away.

        Only you all don’t see that reality because right now, the only people seeking to take away anothers rights are those who support leftist ideologies, the ideologies that people like yourself think should be forced upon others. You’re fascism that masquerades as liberalism, when it finally succeeds in gaining the power to do so, will not only bite the conservatives, it will bite everyone.

        The vast majority of you all will suddenly find yourselves at odds with the very mentality you all were okay with when directed at those who disagreed with you. Then, when it is also directed at you all because government that you have given so much power too has become too powerful to be accountable to you, suddenly, only too late, you will realize the thing that conservatives today have been trying to tell you ever since you all took the reigns of liberalism from us, that you’re mentality, you’re efforts, all your work is going to end in disaster for all who love freedom because government has proven in almost all occasions that it simply cannot be trusted not to become corrupted and attempt to usurp the rights of the people governed.

        Indeed, some liberals have already succumbed to the rational that we could never defend against such a corrupt government anyway, and have already given up the fight before the fight has ever even begun.

        I call them the rational and logical liberals because at least they can admit to themselves the reality of liberalism, and have simply decided, for whatever reason, that today’s liberal ideology is worth the risk.

  • GeezerPhd

    A scintillating example of straw-man argumentation. Yep, there are goobers on the right who say such things, but goobers don’t play favorites. They inhabit the whole left-right spectrum. Long ago someone told me a fair person will address the very best arguments the other side has to offer. The author clearly despises more than he understands and so fails the fairness test.

  • clearly

    .this wasn’t written by a liberal or anything lol

  • Greg

    Reading this has got to kill brain cells. Most bias bunch of garage I gave ever come across! The author shows their bias right away and all credibility for a fair and true comparison is lost. So we are left with a llberal view which contradicts just about everything that is said.don’t quit your day job or should I say get one.

  • Jim

    Conservatives: This article is a little biased. Anyone of average intelligence should be able to see how the conservative responses are exaggerated to seem outlandish.

    Liberal: Shut up you racist! I want everything for free and the government should force you to do what I want since I want to seem like I’m taking the moral high ground by accepting your ideas as a valid alternative while at the same time supporting policies that directly contradict your way of life as a passive aggressive attack in my ongoing culture war!

    • leftwingthom

      Yeah, cause conservatives don’t do the same shit at all.

  • Robert Jones

    In all honesty, I stopped reading when you stated, “Conservative Response: Abortion is murder! Life begins at conception! You’re a baby killer! Rape should be seen as a blessing from God and we shouldn’t punish the child! We must protect life!”
    I’ve never heard a conservative say “rape should be seen as a blessing from God.”
    I can understand how you can conclude such a tumultuous idea, from the words spoken by a Christian conservative, but it is clear, you are simply mocking conservatives with some of their religious beliefs. Something clearly uncalled for.
    Marines were called baby killers after Vietnam. Perhaps if you actually experienced war yourself, you’d understand that any child pointing a weapon at you is going to experience a world of hell.

    • Guest

      My dad, also a marine, served in Iraq, and being put in a situation where he would’ve had to kill a child was his greatest fear. That said, calling a marine a “baby killer” is just as wrong as calling a woman who had an abortion a “baby killer”.

  • SthrnBrn

    I was hoping for a well thought out debate on the differences between liberalism and conservatism, but I was sadly disappointed. The writing is sophomoric and the argument allegedly presented is childish. If nothing else, Mr. Clifton is fine representative of the decay of our education system.

  • Paul Shene

    With spokespeople like Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and the various others who skew the conservative point to absurdity, the above statements are what people see as the conservative view.

    The conservative view can and should be better communicated, and there are different shades of conservative. Unfortunately the ones grabbing the airtime are the people that need to be in a padded room and medicated.

  • Kyle Williams

    You speak with no respect at all for the people who express different opinions than your own. Your entire article is immediately aggressive and puts your own opinion above others as if it were right, which is exactly what you accuse conservatives of doing.

  • Kyle Williams

    Also it’s been shown that conservatives are less likely to remove you as a friend on social networks than liberals are for supporting a different opinion than their own.

    • cjmarley

      I for one have no problem with different view points. However I did remove a fb friend who did when she started calling liberals “sheeple” and “libtard”. That is just demeaning and uncalled for. She failed to recognize that she was calling her own friends those insulting names.

      • Kyle Williams

        Well that is just blatant name calling and has no place in civilized discussions.

  • Jacob Daniels

    This article is 100% true and spot on.

  • Lisa B Hawkes

    As a proud progressive, I think I could respect the point the author was making if the conservative viewpoints were quotes from actual conservatives instead of hyperbole of the author’s own making. There should be plenty of real examples out there on the interwebs.

    • cjmarley

      Unfortunately…there really are examples out there that fit. I’ll say right away I know not all conservatives are that extreme. But we are seeing more and more following the extremist tea party as time goes by. And I can tell you the very thought of Cruz making it into the White House scares the crap out of me. He’s on the far right of extreme.

  • Sheila Kotze

    I can’t believe the people on here talking about how Republicans or Conservatives never say stuff like that.. or they have never heard any that they know say stuff like that.. FOR GOODNESS SAKE.. are you kidding me.. READ!! Watch the interviews.. you know.. look stuff up.. you can put in pretty much any response offered in this article and find quotes that match.. if not perfectly.. pretty close.. and if no republican you know says stuff like that.. well good for them.. but NOT what the article is about. This stuff is EVERY where.. I made a list in response to another poster, just on 1 of the topics.. yes a LIST>> of exact quotes… Most of what is written here isn’t even debated or argued by actual Republicans even on your own sites or news outlets or otherwise.. 1 because it’s true and they are on video or don’t deny the quotes.. 2 they are proud of saying it, they stand by it and make it very known that it’s how they feel or what they believe. So I don’t understand WTH those of you saying it’s not true is talking about? Maybe do a little research..REAL research.. not Fox news or scanning a few head line here or there.. get out of the bubble.

  • Doug Hicton

    Yes, I see a few differences. For one thing, apparently Conservatives like to use exclamation marks a lot.

    And it’s “God will RAIN down…”, not “reign down”.

  • mfshort34

    Am I the only one noticing the conservative posts seem to be denying that the conservative viewpoints in the article are common, and those who believe otherwise are wrong and foolish? Forget newspapers, internet and tv- I see and hear these conservative responses on a daily basis from random people I interact with in my life. So what if (in your life) you don’t see these responses from conservatives. Myself and others do. Typical conservative ideology: “I don’t know you, live thousands of miles from you and know nothing of your life. I don’t think these are common responses and you’re a fool for thinking they are.” Who are you to tell me I’m wrong when describing my daily life? If YOU haven’t heard these responses that doesn’t mean no one else has.

    I think seeing all the conservative responses bundled together, in print, looks bad. That’s why the defensive reaction has been, “Well these are responses from the extreme right. This doesn’t represent the norm.” For many of us it does.

  • Jay

    It’s obvious you’re anti conservative, being a conservative myself you make it seem as if we live in the 19th century and are unaware of controversial issues. Both sides aren’t always right but both aren’t always wrong. Conservatives basic belief is the individual can do what liberals want the government provide. Which enables a society dependent on a government. If that happens you lose economic growth because now the government does what once the tax payer did.

  • Lee Johnson

    You fail the ideological Turing test. Sneering at the other point of view isn’t helping you understand conservatives. But it does make you popular around here.

    Part of being a grownup is understanding that other people don’t disagree with you because they are stupid, irrational, or evil. They have reasons.

    Nonetheless, this is valuable as insight into what some progressives think conservatives think.

  • Richard

    I had never seen this column before but hearing your preface of how open-minded you are and how you love differing viewpoints made me certain you were exactly the opposite, an extreme Liberal. Why do you bother preaching to the choir? Obviously you are unable to see your own loaded emotional responses that try to show Liberals in the best light starting with the dictionary definition that no longer applies to them. Reading your loaded answers clearly shows how opinionated you are. It’s a shame your opinions are based on emotion rather than facts, thinking and evidence but then a Liberal by definition lacks the ability to think rationally. You certainly are getting exactly what you deserve with a Socialist President.

  • Donald John

    It is imposable to take the definition of a two sided coin from one of the sides. In your eagerness to defame the other side of the coin you have lost any validity that this article might have had. As matter of fact you have done your side of the coin a great injustice by representing them as a pompous ass.

  • leftwingthom

    Look, before the conservatives on here all jump down my throat and say I proved their point, let me just say that while I agree with this articles assessment of most conservatives, it isn’t for lack of education on the issue. I’m a very politically-aware person, and I wouldn’t be spouting my opinions unless I had personal experiences to back them up. I do believe there was a time when conservatives were like-minded, calm and caring individuals, but ever since a black guy who ran way further to the left than he is got elected, the radicals have come out in droves and totally taken over.

    Obama spoke in my town some years ago about the benefits of his health care plan, and I went to a rally where one side of the street were supporters, the other side were tea baggers. Needless to say, those people had to be the least intelligent pieces of slime I’ve ever seen. Other more moderate republicans would have agreed with me. They were shouting out accusations with no attempt to back them up with logic, one guy had a sign that said “Send the Czar back to Russia”, and when i corrected him on his incorrect history, he told me to get a job. All the intelligent conversation and reason was coming from the left. And that has been the case ever since. Liberals are just plain smarter than conservatives, as studies have shown. So sad, but so true.

  • Citizen

    the single most bias and close minded-opinionated article I have ever wasted my time reading

  • Mr. White

    1. Liberals hate this Country and its Constitution. That’s why they want to “Change” the greatest nation on the earth.
    2. I can hear your leftest slant after the first line of reading.
    3. You probably support socialist ideology, just as Obama does. He after all has a very long list of acquaintances that are card carrying communist.
    4. Yep, if you try to take my guns. I will kill you. Its not your choice to limit my freedom for an irrational fear of an object that has to be used by a person to commit a crime. Apparently statistics don’t matter to you either. In 2012, more framing hammers killed people than assault rifles. So.. lets ban hammers first.
    5. I understand you want “fairness” in life. You want poor to be rich, and the rich to be poor. You support redistribution of wealth, because the earners are somehow evil, and got more opportunity than others. You want to take from the richest (punishing innovators) and give to the poor (embracing failure) which is a textbook line from the communist manifesto.

    So, you liberals (not to be confused with Libertarian) are just a bunch of goddamn Communist under a new name. You are very good at putting a mask on your intentions. Always under the guise of helping someone…. You do the most to hurt this country…

    • cjmarley

      1) You are an ignorant fool to think that liberals hate this country and it’s constitution. We just refuse to pick and choose parts of it to fit our philosophy.

      3) Socialism and communism are two different things.

      4) How about we ban doctors too? You are 64 times more likely to be killed by your doctor than by someone wielding a gun. There are also more deaths related to high school football than guns. Can we just outlaw that as well? TP’s would like prefer to think that liberals want to take away all their guns and that is not the case at all. We want to see more responsible gun ownership which instead of getting better seems to be at a decline. Why is it wrong to want stricter background checks? If you have nothing to hide then they should not be a problem.

      5) By no means do we want the poor to be rich or the rich to be poor. We DO want the rich to actually pay the same percentage of taxes that the poor pay. Why should the working poor be paying anywhere up to 25% of their income to taxes. The rich get a higher tax bracket but also see more loopholes and deductions. Why is that? Their income is only taxable for social security up to a $113,700. Income after that is not. Explain how that is putting their fair share into the system?

      Being rich does not always make one an innovator just like being poor does not always mean one is a failure. Shit happens. We were living on comfortable middle-class income…until my husband died of cancer. Not so middle-class anymore. How is that my failure? GM workers in my town were doing pretty well for themselves…until they shut the plant down. How is that their failure? Same goes for the steel plant workers who found themselves out of work when the plant shut down? So many pubs fail to recognize that not all poor have spent all their lives being poor. And let’s not forget the military vets who find themselves without homes or disabled and unable to work. And yes…even some active military families of lower ranking troops. Many of them just lost their food stamp benefits all in thanks to the conservatives push to get rid of food stamp benefits. How is that their failure?

      6) Free healthcare has worked in other countries but it would destroy ours right? And again…that is not communism. The ACA is actually modeled after the same concepts found any several european countries such as Germany and Switzerland (which are democracies) where they too have compulsory insurance. And let’s not forget who started the actual framework for the ACA in the U.S. Y’alls sweetheart Mitt. It was similar to a conservative proposal in previous years but now is only bad because Obama supported it.

      I keep seeing remarks of how Obama is tearing our country apart. I disagree…we are doing it to ourselves.

  • Klip

    You can definitely tell it was a liberal who wrote this. Nice way to make the conservatives look bad

  • Monte M.Turner

    That is wrong on so many levels, I would take them one by one but my head won’t stop spinning!!

  • Colletta

    This author is so obviously “liberal”; saying that they’re open minded but also insulting all conservative views, how does that work?!?!

  • Jeff Dumas


  • Moe Syzlak

    First of all, I’m a big hippie, liberal, progressive pussy. I’m also a disabled Navy veteran from the first JUSTIFIABLE Gulf War. I’m a former public and private school PE and Health teacher and now a small business owner who pays taxes and doesn’t search for loopholes, appreciates social programs such as social security, medicare, medicaid, SOCIALIZED military, police, firefighters, education, etc and I hate unregulated free markets.

    Having introduced myself what I love most is the fact that conservatives/ tea partiers, republicans, whatever moniker they choose at the moment, etc…come to this site titled FORWARD PROGRESSIVES expecting it to be objective, unbiased, favorable and sympathetic to their paranoia and opinions. I don’t want to call them trolls because a couple actually seem sincere and aren’t completely paranoid and hateful and I actually an agree with them on a couple of things.

    With that said, if you are conservative my advice to you is don’t visit a progressive site expecting it to say what you want to hear. You are in a HUGE minority on this site and your argument will be ripped to pieces by fact and reason. I live in the confederacy and I know what it’s like to have a minority opinion, right or wrong (100% right in my case) that it’s pointless to argue with a majority. Even if you are able to present an actual fact based point you will be worn down by the sheer numbers and it sucks. I don’t post politics on facebook because all my illiterate conservative friends can onlly respond hatefully and with a link to fox, drudge, newsmax, the blaze, etc.

    Best wishes and Merry Christmas from a progressive.

    Love Pope,

    Moe Syzlak IX

  • Bingo

    Note: ‘Keep your God out of our Government’ is an American agenda. It is written in the constitution. It is not a rejection of Christianity- it is a separation. Now, when anybody says ‘you have abandoned Christ’ or ‘You (liberals) are against/don’t want/want to destroy, etc Christianity- I’ll tell you this… what you believe has no basis in reality. A non Christian is just that, a person who is being or believing something else. Being a Christian is valid. Being anything else is valid. People, Americans neither owe nor are responsible for anything towards Christians or Christianity. One does not need to be a liberal to understand or know this. It is a simple and observable truth. It just happens that people of many different bents understand that, many of them religious themselves or not. And far more liberals understand it than conservatives. There is another simply, easily perceived truth, that liberals understand better than conservatives too; it is that Conservatives, Christians and Republicans are self destructing and or greatly reducing their influence and effectiveness simply by being incapable of recognizing that a human does not have to be a Christian nor follow the beliefs of the Bible to be a valuable, ethical and morally responsible citizen or human being.

    The article is correct.

  • Dan Wilson

    I think this is an extremely biased and stereotypical article. I see MUCH more hate speech and vitriol coming from the left, which, rather than back up their arguments with facts, tend to name call, stereotype, and slander, rather than debate. The political bigotry flows like a river from the left.

  • Sir DK

    actually suffering through some of this “author’s” material I conclude
    that this is a poorly written article bashing conservative crazies into a
    tiny labeled box while glorifying the liberal self-righteous who think
    they are the saviors of mankind. Allen Clifton, you fail sir and are a
    disgrace to journalism; both parties are full of shit that nobody wants
    to smell lol.

  • Sir DK

    I choose to be a liberative or a converseral…yeah one of those lol

  • Moe Syzlak

    I love conservative trolls. Where would we be without them? I know we should take the high road and turn the other cheek but my gosh, how can you not use their opinions and talking points as a dart board that is a giant bus eye. This is a progressive site and they think they will be validated here? These immature and ignorant fools visit liberal sites that oppose their views just to try and start arguments and throw out their Borg like talking points we hear over and over. They are simply insecure about their small ‘man parts’ so they have to try and pick a losing fight to make up for it…I’ll bet most are so insecure they drive huge, jacked up, fuel guzzling trucks.

  • JPE

    That is quite disingenuous.

    Abortion: L: I believe in a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body, well not really. She is harming herself if she is a prostitute, so I won’t let her do that. Also, the fact that she made a choice in having unprotected sex that led to her getting pregnant in the first place was not a choice, it was oppression, so it doesn’t count.
    C: Essentially accurate with the first sentence. Stop there.

    Guns: L: I trust the government with guns, but since I have never used one in my life, they make a loud noise and scare me, I don’t trust anyone else with one. Make sure every important place has a no gun sign because when a psychopath sees the sign, he will go somewhere else. If we make more guns illegal, then crime will go down, because if a criminal cannot get the gun he wanted, he won’t bother committing the crime.

    C: When someone is robbing your store, you call someone to bring a gun. Most policemen are outstanding individuals, but they cannot be everywhere, so when seconds count, he is only minutes away. Even so, the Supremes said we do not have a right to police protection, therefore, they also said we do have the right to protect ourselves. And most importantly, do not take away my rights when the enemy is a criminal or psychopath. I am not a criminal or a psychopath, stop treating me like I am. Let me have the tools to defend myself. One other thing, I am a member of the militia, and you may be too. The meaning in 1791 was not restricted to time in service, but included most everyone.

    Religion: L: I don’t believe in religion and I don’t want to be reminded of it. People are free to practice, just don’t let me see it. Happy Ramadhan.
    C: Merry CHRISTmas.

    You get the idea.

  • James Malenicka

    Funny, this is an EXTREMELY offensive article to conservatives… Yet, I believe you have the right to say whatever the heck you want. However, if a conservative posted something equally as offensive to liberals, that person should lose his job and be shamed…..

    I think the problem is conservatives are too tolerant to the lies of liberals…. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another civil war in 50 years against liberals and conservatives…. just a thought

  • Greg

    I expected something much better than this from a political science major. His writings on conservative beliefs are very extreme and twisted. His writings on liberal beliefs are also twisted, of course to his bias. For a person with a so-called degree I expected less bashing and more intellectual discussion. For instance, conservatives do not necessarily believe we are a Christian nation. The First Amendment states that we are not a Christian nation. It also does not state “separation of church and state.” Ronald Reagan never believed that “Government was evil” nor that it “never did anything right” and you can’t get much more conservative than him. To make these kind of statements about his opposing views is absurd and extremely unprofessional. I don’t believe he has been “educated” in Political Science he has been “indoctrinated” into an ideology. What a shame! We need better thinking and professionalism than this man can offer.

  • Gabi Raines

    I, too, was, at first glance, excited when I came across this article. I was extremely let down by the time I had finished reading it. I am seventeen years old and have been in love with politics since the age of twelve. At this young age, even I can see the importance of upholding our forefather’s ideas for government. I am, therefore, a conservative. We, as conservatives, tend to have this stereotype that we are extreme and hateful but I would like to correct the record by saying that true conservatives are God-fearing, country-loving Americans that do not wish to watch our fellow brothers and sisters throw away the freedom our forefathers, ancestors, politicians, and military men have given their own sweat, blood, and tears for. I admire every person that will have the guts to stand up and give their opinions; voicing our opinions is the first step to getting things done, but I can not read this post and then exit off of it pouting and angry. I will personally tell you that I am a conservative. A true conservative. I think gay marriage is wrong and despised by God, but I believe we should treat gay people with kindness and I do hate to admit it, but the government should not tell a person they can not be gay. I will always believe God should be the center of America, but I do not believe the government should force anyone to believe the way I do. Freedom of religion is an important religion; I deem it neccessary. I believe abortion is absolutely despicable; it’s murder of an innocent child that can not protect itself. But I do not judge a woman for the thought crossing her mind, especially in extreme situations. I do think this is one area that the government should step in on. If we can protect a twenty year old from murder, why can’t we protect a twenty week old still in the womb from murder? These beliefs are such that describe conservatives. I will forever cling to them. If these certain beliefs make me a bigot and a cruel, indescent human being, please explain to me how Liberalism and Communism are so different, and how they are not the prime example of hatred and the desire for power.

  • Nick Radant

    I really like the Liberal views presented in this article and i agree with them wholeheartedly. That being said, I was disappointed that the Conservative views were more representative of the radicals than of the party as a whole and the manner in which they were presented were not at all objective.

  • Michael Horvath

    And that’s bullshit because a true liberal does not want government interference. A true liberal believes the rights of the individual supersedes the government regulation and it is not warranted or desired by a true liberal. Some of the most profound liberals in America were the founding fathers who escaped tyranny and government persecution to create the American experiment. Clearly you and your sources would lead you away from liberty and rights to make you a subject of modern tyranny and government persecution. You are one of the sheep and you will happily be lead to slaughter like a good little sheep and you will take your kids and their kids with you. You claim not to know the difference and I accept that because you study nothing in this regard and I do. In, fact I study with college professors that respect my opinion. Ignorance is bliss and you can avoid knowing what is going to happen to you by ignoring the facts. I expect Nashville will offer many experiences regarding the police state and government interference. Go happily and enjoy the benefits you think will be so wonderful and soon see that I was right when it eventually hits home. I will simply say I told you so.

    Written to my separated wife quoting this crap as an example of the contrived differences between a modern re-defined liberal and a conservative. Progressives are sheep who do not think for themselves and they buy in to all this bull to feel politically correct and illuminated when in fact, they are so completely opposite of their desired position. Progressives call black white. They present evil as good. They lie constantly and are practiced in deception but lies are eventually exposed to the light of day. This is why this high level take over of the American government is coming face to face with intelligent and passive resistance. We know this path is leading us to the destruction of the American way which is the goal of the real leaders of this movement called progressives. Good always triumphs over evil. So it is written and so shall be!

  • luis arroyo

    I cant believe how the author of this article completely favors liberals over conservatives. Horrible article. If you are looking for an article that is neutral and dosent favor a side, look somewhere else. Please educate yourself before writing an article like this.

  • chaosmusic321

    Shouldnt an article of this topic be unbiased. Im neither conservative or liberal however, every site I have visted has favored one or the other, shouldnt it just give facts if it claims to only give facts. If it is truly unopinionated shouldn’t be advertised that way.

  • Averageguyvet

    I am a conservative liberal. I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am not a Tea Party Nut or anything else you want to put a label on. I am an American Veteran (Disabled) and I am a Patriot. I choose no party because they both have one single agenda. That agenda is what is best for the party or individual.

    I am not implying that every single Democrat or Republican is evil and out for themselves because that is just insane right? It is not like our elected Democrats and Republicans vote for bills that they swore they would never vote for because their constituents didn’t want it right (Healthcare Plan had a 60%+ disapproval rating)? But then again they voted for what we needed because these career politicians who we continue to reelect regardless of how they vote have our best interests in mind….Right?

    We are given 2 (TWO) mainstream choices to vote for each election. These choices are Democrats or Republicans. Yes we have a primary and so on and so on but at the end of the day these parties throw in a bunch of nuts and we pick one for our country to vote on. In the end they know who the final two will be and probably have a very good idea on who will actually be elected. It is win win for these career politicians regardless of who we vote in. That is as long as we limit ourselves to voting based on the parties alone.

    I think this country is more than ready for a wake up call. STOP voting for Democrats and Republicans based solely on the fact that they are Republican or Democrat. START looking at all of the candidates that are available to vote for. START looking into their voting records and so on. STOP thinking your party is the only one that can be right and START thinking that it is NOT working to think that way anymore.


  • winrobaaa7

    This is pure BS. The attributes you assign to conservatives being closed minded and needing Everyone to believe only what you believe is actually a liberal’s belief and mantra. Conservatives are much closer to libertarians in that they ascribe responsibility to the individual and put individual freedoms above the collective. The exact opposite of liberal’s view which are anti individual liberty. There is a reason many liberals celebrate communist societies. They prefer more government control. You obviously have not had any formal education in political science or history.

  • n1234

    im a conservative and I don’t agree on many of these things, rape is a blessing??? who said that?

  • Cameron

    I realize this is a liberal site and all, but i think you should have touched on death penalty. If liberals are so okay with murdering an unborn child, why are you so against killing a man that was proven guilty of killing another human being. We adopted modern government back in the 1200s and 1300s from the Italian City-States, where executions and killings in public were common. This was exercised for a long time. Whats so wrong with that? Nothing. And for it being a liberal site, it should still be respectful to that of Conservatives regarding intelligence, because i know some very ignorant liberals that have no idea how to state their view points and sound scholarly. This post goes to show ignorance within itself. Highly Disappointed i tried to use this page for a resource for my paper.

  • D bran

    How about this. Why are liberal’s afraid of facts? They respond to opinion. Ever liberal I know will not read facts. Strange group.

  • A.Alexander

    The liberals` lightness in their helplessness to comprehend the collapce of all doctrine of the Left in power during the 20 century.Instead we hear the ridiculouse justifications.

  • Damian Mastnick

    What childish, ignorant commie garbage. And was this supposed to be funny?

  • Richard Guth

    That wasn’t even a nice try of being open minded.

  • Yes Cruz

    Pat Roy is a b0ss dude I’m only 15 lol and you make so much sense we need to have extra gun rights too so we don’t get blown up by Isis