The Duck Dynasty Controversy is the Dumbest Controversy of the Year

robertson-duckOver the last few days, it seems like every other post I’ve seen on social media has been about the asinine statements made by the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty TV show, Phil Robertson. To be fair, we’ve done quite a number of articles (this is my second, and last) on it as well, in order to lend a little sense to the hysteria. But the way people blew up Facebook and Twitter over this non-story is mind-boggling.

This entire time I’ve been thinking to myself, “how completely idiotic is this whole blown out of proportion controversy? How could people be this upset about a freaking reality TV show?” An old white guy from heavily Baptist North Louisiana (one of the most conservative areas in the country) made a homophobic statement which was actually extremely tame compared to some of the comments I see made by Facebook users on our local TV stations, and suddenly America loses their damn minds? You knew this guy was very religious and conservative, yet you’re surprised he had backwards views on race and sexuality?

The guy is a cast member on a TV show about a bunch of fake rednecks who somehow manage to run a business while chopping watermelons with a samurai sword, going golfing, and playing around in the woods. Seriously, unless he publicly came out as a member of the KKK and endorsed it, none of this should be any surprise to anyone who has ever watched the show.

I’ll admit though that most of the outrage has been from the hard right, which has been a constant source of amusement for me since these are the same idiots who sent death threats to the Dixie Chicks for criticizing George Bush. And let’s not forget, they also constantly complain about “First Amendment rights” which they obviously have no understanding of. Not only has the far right gone nuts over the fact that an employer “suspended” someone on a silly reality show, but some of the smarter ones who know this is just a viral outrage have been cashing in. The Facebook page “Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty” has almost 1.7 million “likes.” The page promotes the website and career of its founder, Wayne Dupree.

The…whole… quacking… thing… is… a… manufactured …outrage. Let’s be honest – when Sarah Palin throws herself into the mix of a media story that has absolutely nothing to do with her, you can safely bet the whole thing is bogus. Even the conservative talk show host Andy Dean, who I listen to a couple of nights a week, admitted that it was a stupid controversy for all parties involved.

So why does the media cover it? Again, ratings and web traffic. Because nearly 1.7 million Americans are stupid enough to “like” a Facebook page that was created to in order to leverage a completely unhinged outrage over a f-ing reality show, to further the media career of a previously unknown conservative writer and his website. Because more Americans will “like and share” a Facebook image falsely claiming the Constitutional rights of a Louisiana redneck TV star were violated, than they will “like and share” this story about Utah’s historic step towards marriage equality, or this one about a Muslim imam saving a Jewish synagogue. Because as the saying goes, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” And that’s a fact, Jack.


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  • geminijeanna

    The Duck Dynasty Controversy is the Dumbest Controversy of the Year
    December 22, 2013 By Manny Schewitz – first I was not able to comment on your article. So I will comment here. You Manny Schewitz are the idiot – not your fellow Americans. This debate is not about a reality tv show – it is about TOLERENCE and the lack of those with different views accepting that sometimes you must agree to disagree. You called his comments asinine – so obviously you don’t agree with him. I don’t agree with him either. But I respect his right to say it and even to believe it. I respect A&E’s right to run their business as they see fit. Yes, many have chosen to support whatever side their personal beliefs are on – but many of us are simply asking for TOLERENCE and the ability for people to agree to disagree. I like the show – it’s funny. I do not support Phil’s personal views. But I practice Tolerence. The world gets boring when we can see only shiny happy people that all agree. And it is not mind boggling at all – millions of people watch the show – so millions of people posted about it. Add to that – millions that agree with or disagree with his views and the posts blow up even more. Your article is clear that you despise rednecks, “backward values” and reality tv. But, my comment to you – is relax, get real yourself and realize 1) it is JUST a reality show that millions enjoy and 2) learn to be tolerant and accepting of those with views different than yours. Your article was trival, weak, more personal opinion than fact and the lamest article of the year as it completely missed the mark.

    • FGFM

      Try Sanka.

      • geminijeanna

        I do not drink coffee.

    • SLP

      Tolerance. FYI

    • Jason

      The point of this article flew far above your head.

      • geminijeanna

        no it did not – I just don’t buy into the Author’s bias

    • You’re asking for tolerance of intolerance. “He may think that your people are disease ridden vermin, but you should be totally cool with that!”. It’s asinine on soooo many levels.

      • Guest

        Did he say get rid of the people he didn’t agree with or spew any hatred towards them? Then you explain where his intolerance was…

      • Leviticus 18:22 and especially 20:13 are certifiable Hate Speech. Anyone who claims their “view” of the lgbtqi community is “biblical” implicitly endorses the genocide of my people.

      • geminijeanna

        That is what Tolerence is…..not being cool with it – but allowing everyone to think and say what they wish.

      • Tolerance is not a virtue in and of itself. One shouldn’t tolerate people shooting at you. One shouldn’t tolerate someone raping you. And one shouldn’t tolerate bigotry, particularly of the sort that tends to lead towards some of the most vulnerable members of society getting killed.

      • Jim Bean

        And your definition of ‘tolerance’ demands that one at least pretend to support something even when they don’t. And that, itself, is a pretty good example of INtolerance.

      • I don’t demand that anyone pretend to do anything. If you want to express your inner bigot you go right ahead. Just don’t cry about it when people who think you’re an asshole no longer want anything to do with you.

      • Jim Bean

        I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone of the shallow nature you describe.

      • Ah, yes it’s shallow not to see the inner beauty inherent in abject irrational prejudice.

        Asshole 101: if I’m an asshole, it’s anyone’s fault but mine.

      • Jim Bean

        This particular prejudice is neither abject nor irrational. Its rooted in the scientific evidence that the male/female genitalia were specifically designed to interface with each other and that its the only way procreation naturally occurs and the species survives. Its a prejudice naturally and spontaneously arrived at by trillions of human beings over thousands of years of human history.
        Now, you can try the argument that mother nature designed genitalia specifically for entertainment purposes and that procreation was an unintended accidental coincidence but that’s never worked on me before.
        Or, you can wade into the argument that people have sexual relations for other reasons, in various other formats. But that just brings us back to the basic question which is, “Is Auntie Warhol the singular authority who gets to decide which format we must all accept and do we become ‘irrationally prejudiced, bigoted, assholes’, if we reject Auntie’s proclamations and do something really reckless, like . . . . Oh, I don’t know . . . . .decide for ourselves?”
        Your choice.

      • Sue Roediger

        Your comment ” male/female genitalia were specifically designed to interface with each other and that its the only way procreation naturally occurs and the species survives” is true, but even in male/female intercourse there are other possibilities that are pleasurable and are often done. Sex is not just for procreation. And just as you are “attracted” to what ever person appeals to you – so are gays and lesbians “attracted” to who appeals to them.

      • Jim Bean

        The balance of my comment spoke to that. I’m not debating what’s right or what’s wrong sexually. I’m debating about who gets to say ‘my opinion is correct and you’re opinion is wrong and therefore you’re a bigot and I’m a saint.’

      • And there it comes. Sure doesn’t take much to draw the bigotry out of a bigot.

        It’s an irrational prejudice because what other people do or don’t do with their junk is none of your damn business. It’s the fact that you believe you’re entitled to even *have* an opinion about whose love lives are “valid” or not that makes you a fascist, a creep, and generally not worth the time it takes to spit on you.

      • strayaway

        It isn’t anyone’s business unless they are made stakeholders by having to pay for things like welfare for fatherless children and long term health problems resulting from the use of “their junk” as you so delicately put it. Then, third parties become stakeholders with a say in the matter. At least they should have a say since they were dragged into resolving the consequences of others’ behaviors. It seems like you are pontificating as to whether Jim Bean is entitled to voice his opinion and not the other way around. Jim Bean, for his part, seems the better mannered of the two of you. Do I get to vote on who seems like more of a fascist?

      • No, you don’t. But am very curious about all these fatherless children being created by gay sex.

      • strayaway

        Phil Robinson did not limit his comments to gay sex. He equated having sex with multiple women as another form of sin. Also, you wrote, “It’s an irrational prejudice because what other people do or don’t do with their junk is none of your damn business.” without specifying gay sex. So based on those two bits of information, my response wasn’t limited to gay sex and responded to why the consequences of other’s behaviors are other peoples’ business.

        If you won’t allow me to vote on which of you comes off as personally more fascist, you will have to guess.

        -Anyone who hasn’t seen it should look the Daily Mail’s follow up interview with Phil Robinson titled
        “Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson breaks his silence”.

        It’s a hoot. Meanwhile the senate including all but three Democrats and 12 Republicans voted to extend the NDAA and made it easier to impose an embargo on Iran. No one cares about that so that’s why we should talk instead about duck guys.

      • Yes, silly me for thinking that you would be responding to the topic at hand. Of *course* you meant something else. Because Philly Boy’s opinion on sluts is totally what this is all about.

      • strayaway

        Actually, the article we are responding to says, “how completely idiotic is this whole blown out of proportion controversy? How could people be this upset about a freaking reality TV show?” and Phil said referred to these “sins”; “”bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.” He equated three categories. But carry on about your opinion. It makes for fun.

    • Punkandglamour

      Nope this doesn’t have a thing to do with tolerance. This is a dispute between an Employer and their right to terminate employment when someone has violated a clause in their contract. Has nothing to do about rights. Nothing to do about anyones views other than Phils and A&E and their parent company Disney.

      Thanks to the media Phil may never get his job back. Disney owns ESPN, an employer notorious for suspending and firing people for conduct unbecoming. Some guy got fired from ESPN for calling a player a “cornball brother” earlier this year. Now that it’s become a big deal and Phil has refused to apologize etc I expect them to pull the rights of the show, and just show it in syndication. No more new seasons. There are more than enough rednecks to film in America. Thy can find another show to fill the slot.

      • Jim Bean

        If there was a clause in the contract that linked religion to conditions of employment, they clearly violated federal law and Phil’s civil rights. Their FCC license should be revoked. Don’t you agree?

      • Sue Roediger

        I would bet there is a clause about not creating controversy. I worked of a church-based social work agency and I would have been let go if I had made public (newspaper or TV) remarks in support of equal rights for gays. They would have said my behavior reflected on them.

      • strayaway

        Everyone assumes that there is such a clause but no one has produced it. If there was, Phil might have violated a contractual condition of employment. I was wondering about Title 3 of the Civil rights Act of 1961 which protects religious civil rights like other parts of that Act protect the right of blacks to be served in restaurants. If religious freedom is only for one hour on Sunday and has no relationship with the 1st Amendment the rest of the week, it is a pretty shallow freedom sort of like designated “free speech zones”. Still, if there was such a provision in the contract and it was freely entered into by Mr. Robertson, then under contract law, A&E can fire him.

      • Jim Bean

        I can’t help but wonder whether your respect for, and impulse to protect, the prerogatives of networks was on similar display during the Rush/Fluke flap?

  • Conservative Old White Redneck

    Mr. Schewitz, I started to read your comments with an open mind. At first they actually made some sense and interested me. Right up to the point where you started the name calling; Fake Rednecks, Old White Guy. At this point it became apparent that you too are biased and, in your own way, are doing the same thing you so vehemently espouse against. Nice try, but no cigar. If you are going to rant against something I suggest you refrain from behaving exactly like what you are ranting against. Just my 2 cents.

    • Jason

      It’s about the media covering this bullshit when stuff is actually happening in the real world. Not about freedom of speech. If you’re going to criticize, find out what the article is saying…You don’t get it.

      • Conservative Old White Redneck

        Jason, in fact I DO get it. The pretext was good, this trivial rubbish is useless. But, when one resorts to name calling, no matter how great the message was intended to be, the message gets lost. Facts and opinions are good, name calling and bias are not. I suppose my redneck upbringing did not allow an appropriate verbiage in my first post. Peace

      • Paul

        It causes my bile to rise dangerously, but I must agree with Conservative Old White Redneck. His (her?) position on this one is quite reasonable.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go lie down.

      • Conservative Old White Redneck

        I have to ask, Paul. Is the bile rising because you and I, an old redneck (male) agree? It is all good, we all should be able to intelligently discuss ideals, even though we may not agree, and give each other respect. The second personal attacks are made, that is not possible. Again, 2 cents worth from an old white boy.

      • strayaway

        While the press has been busy covering this story , other things have been happening in the news. The defense authorization bill passed. While we were all focused on Phil Robertson, the Senate snuck in a measure 84-15 ( 3 of the 15 were Democrats) to extend the NDAA thus allowing the government to arrest and hold Americans without warrants… or is it with warrants from secret courts? Also, Senator Reid managed to work in some language allowing the US to expand sanctions on Iranian oil without a committee hearing.

    • jim

      I wonder how people can not understand that “redneck” and ” whitetrash” or any number of terms ive head applied to this guy are themselves racist terms.

      • Guest

        Yes, actually more bigoted than the statements he made about gays. Expressing your religious beliefs about a group of people may not be a great thing but I never heard him say anything hateful towards them, it’s not like he called them fags or queers or something derogatory….

      • OpinionsMatter

        Try this for hateful. Here’s what he said about gays on a recently discovered videotape: “They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant God-haters. They are heartless. They are faithless. They are senseless. They are truthless. They invent ways of doing evil.”

        If that’s not hateful, I don’t know what is.

      • Jim Bean


      • Bill Atwell

        Comparing them to terrorist and saying it leads to bestiality what planet are you from when that isn’t hate mongering, the mere fact of comparing them to terrorist implies they should be hunted down and killed. Are really as much a moron as he is? He used his religious beliefs to justify is own fears but he also picked and choose what bible verses to quote, in the same book Leviticus it says not to touch a pig, not to have unkempt hair and in exodus it has guidelines for selling your daughters into slavery, He’s a damn hypocrite as well as totally ignorant like most religious right people who pick and choose their sins. and if you say what he said about Gays and blacks is less racist then calling him white trash (he referred to himself that way) you sir or Madame are true blue racist as well as totally misguided.

      • Payton Blake

        In other venues, he’s said they, as a whole, had “murder in their hearts.”

      • Punkandglamour

        He calls himself white trash, he actually did so in the GQ interview that got him in trouble. He is an admitted white trash redneck and quite proud of it.

        Nice try making Phil into a victim though.

      • Conservative Old White Redneck

        Personally, I do not think Phil is a “victim” per se. And I support A&E’s right to fire him. What, at least for me. is at the crux of all of this is my choice to watch or not watch a given network without being labeled. I choose to not watch A&E for personal reasons, just as I will not watch CNN or MSNBC. Yes, the Robertson clan are wealthy, yes they are rednecks despite wealth, and yes they are “white trash”. I hope you are not condemning them because they found a product in demand and acquired wealth because of it. A&E can do what they want, as can the Robertsons, and you and I. My objection is being vilified because of my beliefs when they do not coincide with my more liberal friends’ beliefs or strangers’ beliefs. By repeating these labels, the real intent of the post has become obscured. Let us old rednecks live like we were raised, and you do the same. Just quit the name calling and vitriol.

      • Richard Madrid

        Oh I get it, ultra-conservatives are allowed to viliffy gays and blacks for their beliefs and lifestyle but no one is allowed to comment on yours. Makes perfect sense.

      • Conservative Old White Redneck

        Not at all what I said, Richard. Vilification should not be a part of any side. Phil said some things that offend me, an ultraconservative, but I do not condemn him. Likewise, the comments of this site’s management offend me, but I do not vilify them.If I express disagreement, that is not vilifying. The second I start labeling and name calling it is.Go ahead and call him for what you see him as, but please do not extend those views to me, whom you have not heard do anything but disagree.

      • Some black people also call themselves niggers, that doesn’t give the rest of us a golden ticket to do the same.

        Common sense would serve here.

      • Opinionsmatter

        In the same GQ interview, Robertson referred to himself as white trash. “The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks because we’re white trash.”

    • Punkandglamour

      Erm, The Robertson clan is disgustingly rich. They’ve been rich for decades thanks to the duck calls thy manufacture and sell. He calls them fake rednecks because generally rednecks are poor.

      Phil is in his 70’s… and is a white man.

      These are not biases, these are facts.

      • Conservative Old White Redneck

        Brittany, I believe you are misinformed on rednecks. We are defined in my dictionary as “a working-class white person, esp. a politically reactionary one from a rural area”. Does the fact that they are wealthy disgust you? Using the term old white man can take on several contexts. In this case, I believe it was intended in a derogatory manner. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I think not. Regardless, perception is reality.

      • Payton Blake

        Being wealthy and owning your own business isn’t “working class.”

      • Andre Machado

        if your perception is reality does that mean the son of sam really talked to dogs possessed by the devil? why is your perception more valid? also most working class people are not wealthy, thats why they work. the robertsons have passed working class, they just like having that perception out there because it is marketable.

      • Conservative Old White Redneck

        I think that Melissa Couch expresses it best;”We are offended far too much–so much so that we can no longer have disagreements without getting mean or condemning someone for thinking a bit differently than we believe should be the case. As a country, we’ve gone so far on the tolerance scale that we’ve magically become intolerant. We’re a nation of reactionary revanchist provocateurs who can’t handle dissent. We have no balance, no acceptance, not even free speech, really. Sure, you can say what you like, but be prepared–consequences are swift and lasting, if the majority doesn’t like what you say. We are a nation that is becoming more and more entrenched in the fine print; you can do this, and this, and this, but with a thousand caveats and exceptions to the rule.

        It has reached a level of ridiculousness where we feel the need to condemn those who disagree or say things we don’t like. We’re very tolerant of every opinion, except for those opinions we deem ‘backwards’ or ‘not progressive’ or ‘antiquated.’ Perhaps there are brilliant minds out there who have something amazing to say, but by the bullying of a drama-crazed culture are too afraid to speak up. We are creating fear, stirring up hatred, and doing it in the name of tolerance. How backwards is that?”

      • Jim Bean

        One bias surfaced. Rednecks aren’t ‘generally poor’. They just aren’t generally wealthy.

      • Andre Machado

        that’s fair. i think the refer to them as fake due to the many pics of them golfing and looking like yuppies before the show was on tv.

    • Mark Strange

      Last time I check he is an old white guy and they are fake rednecks.

      “Rednecks” are a term for old southern workers, farmers, ranchers. Not all southerners act like idiots. These people play dress up for a TV show and run around like a unfunny version of the clampetts, all the while they’re just pretend.

      “Old” is a term used for the aged. 67 is pretty aged.


      “White” is a terms used for Caucasians.

      Why is being descriptive “name calling”?

      • Conservative Old White Redneck

        My dictionary defines redneck as “a working-class white person, esp. a politically reactionary one from a rural area”. Yes he is old, as am I. And their attire and actions are part of the personae that has made the show so popular. It is not so much what words are used, but whether they appear to be derogatory. To each his own, but do not expect people to stand by in silence when they are being attacked. I expect the gay community to strike back as well as try to get the program pulled. Likewise, we “rednecks” are going to strike back when we are categorized as backward, backwoods hillbillies. It is what it is.

      • Mark Strange

        “Fake Rednecks” is an insult to people trying to be redneck and failing to do so. Real Rednecks are not fake red necks. Try not to be included in something that isn’t aimed at you. These “Fakes” are the reason for the stereotype. I’m born and raised in Oklahoma, my mother raised chickens and goats and turkeys and dogs and cats and had a personal farm (tiny but it was hers) where she grew tomatoes, potatoes, Herbs, peppers, AND Lettuces. Their is nothing wrong with that life style. You don’t have to be stupid to be that. If you’re not a fake redneck then this article doesn’t insult you.

    • Jim Bean

      Fake Rednecks and Old White Guy are powerful indicators but the real ‘tell’ was when he described Phil’s views as ‘backwards’ thus revealing he is very conscious of how vastly inferior they are to him.

    • Ron Webb

      Great now go back to banging your sister COWR.

  • Jason

    It’s saddening to know that Americans (U.S.A.) don’t want to care about what’s going on in the world. Just cover everything up with dumb media.

  • Pipercat

    I agree Manny, this whole thing is “ducked up!”

  • David

    I wish I could “somehow” manage to acquire a net worth of 75 million. That is quite an accomplishment for someone you consider completely lacking.

  • Mark Strange

    I Agree. I hate his philosophy, but it’s his and the last time I check he never killed anyone or beat anyone or even hinted that you should. He isn’t militant from the last I checked. He isn’t in your face with it, he went through many episodes of the show without spilling his hate, he only did it when asked. His sermon was about Gods judgment and since God doesn’t exist it’s an empty threat as far as I’m concerned + it was in the right setting to express ones views. Its his right to express himself, I mean we have had less outrage by actual members of KKK. It’s our right to not like him and say so. It’s A&E’s right to suspend him. Everyone expressed their freedom and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it legally. Nothing can be done. Welcome to America folks. People still have rights even if they are wrong.

    • Conservative Old White Redneck

      Well put, Mark.

    • Aimee Barfield

      He sure as fire did beat two people (a man and a woman) in the state of Arkansas, not because of their race or sexuality but because that’s who is he is. Even after ‘renewing his faith in Christ’, he says he doesn’t give much thought to them.

      • Mark Strange

        This is the first I heard of that. I don’t follow him too closely. If it is true I’m sorry those people got beat. But in context I meant killing or beating just because of their race or sexuality. Some people hit people because they are assholes. Why did he beat them? Was there a reason? An article would be nice.

  • Jim Bean

    Its not dumb when you see it for what it is – a symptom of an alarming social disease – part of the Left-wings campaign to maliciously harm, in any real and meaningful way possible, anyone who won’t at least pretend to support their arbitrary social proclamations. Its an anti-social and uncivilized movement that threatens everyone’s liberties – including their own. I don’t recall FP ever calling the Limbaugh/Fluke controversy a dumb one. It seems the controversies only become dumb and insignificant at the point where the Left sees itself being poisoned by its own brew.

  • Bill Atwell

    You are right about it being a non issue and no one should be surprised by comments made by someone of his character or lack of. My problem was all the people who ran out to support this ass making pictures posting on my news feed and honestly, the vast majority didn’t even read his interview, all they knew is he voiced out against gays and quoted archaic Leviticus. Then when some of these jokers when confronted with what was really said by Qucker Phil, resorted to things like, your just a fag. I am not surprised by the fools comments, I was surprised by the very vocal very load very ignorant support this fool got. Granted a very vocal minority but myself I will defend the LGBT community, the Black community, I will not defend the white trash community.

  • Rangerhits

    The guy is not a “fake redneck.” He is a genuine redneck who has made a lot of money buy selling stuff to other rednecks and other people who glorify and think that the redneck lifestyle is funny.

    • Sue Roediger

      He also thinks that all the people watch in admiration- when most watch to laugh at them

  • Marilyn

    I’m one of those ” So Called Christian”. I live by the bible. What other people do I careless. Just as long as I’m doing the right thing its all good. Phil was asked a question and I believe it was a set up. He answered the questioned. You folks need to get over it because we can say whatever we want.

  • rossbro

    Fake rednecks? How about inbred idiots? That’s closer to the truth.

  • Ruby Zeigler

    Who is judging who now.

  • Conservative Old White Redneck

    I just got this off of a national network web site. It is apparently written by a gay man, unnamed, in response to the whole brouhaha. Nothing intended other than for informational purposes:
    I’m gay, and I’m not offended in the slightest. He said homosexuality is a sin. So what? That’s what Christianity teaches,, and for that matter, it’s what every other major world religion teaches. He didn’t suggest anyone should stick a boot up my ass, or threaten any other harm like Alec Baldwin did.

    To the contrary, he said he loves his fellow sinners and that it’s God’s job to judge. VERY similar in substance, if not delicacy, to what TIME magazine’s
    Man of the Year, Pope Francis, said.

    As out lesbian and former NOW leader, Tammy Bruce just tweeted:”The gay civil rights effort was about making sure we weren’t punished for being who we are. Time the left applies that same value·to others.’

    The problem that my fellow homosexuals on the left have is that they haven’t ACTUALLY come to terms with what it means to be gay, because that means coming to terms with the fact that, as yet, nobody knows what causes homosexuality .

    Science doesn’t know. We’ve mapped the entire human genome and nobody has found a gay gene. Sure, there are oodles of studies and theories, but nothing even remotely conclusive. This
    means ALL other explanations for sexual orientation are just as faith based as the religious ones.

    Is it genetic? Is it environmental? Or is it one manifestation of a sinful nature that Christians believe ALL human beings suffer from and manifest in different ways?

    Without proof, ALL those explanations are faith based. And THAT is what this outrage is all about: a tolerant Christian who believes I am a sinner,
    like he is, but loves & tolerates me nonetheless, vs INTOLERANT
    leftists who want to permanently silence anyone who disagrees with their world view. ·

    Shame on A&E. Give this peaceful, tolerant Christian back his show and shame on the intolerant left for trying to silence those who disagree
    with them! I did NOT fight for MY right to be tolerated so that you could be
    intolerant of others.


  • Michael Barke

    Yes it was a dumb controversy. Heres the problem. YOU HAVE 7 ARTICLES ON YOUR FEED ABOUT IT!

  • raggedcompany

    I think it’s kind of funny that supporters think boycotting A&E will make them bring Mr. Robertson back when there’s a real possibility that such a sharp decline in viewers could get the show canceled altogether. When shows don’t get ratings, they get taken off the air.
    It’s not like “reality” TV is so difficult and expensive to produce that they can’t just pull some other exaggerated stereotype from obscurity and follow them around with a camera for a couple months.