The GOP Doesn’t Want to Create Jobs, and Here’s Why

boehnercantorpicFor all of their talk about “creating jobs” and strengthening the economy, the GOP is doing little more than taking a leak on our shoes and telling us it’s raining. “We’re trying to create jobs, but Obama and the Senate won’t approve our bill,” says John Boehner as he and the rest of the “do nothing except vote for another meaningless repeal of Obamacare” Congress head off for another vacation. Have they proposed anything that would actually get people to work, perhaps doing something like fixing our crumbling infrastructure or making us energy independent? Nope, not even close.

Somehow, even though the stock market and corporate coffers are at record highs, they actually want us to believe that only by further cutting taxes and regulations will we ever see that mythical “trickle-down” flow of money from the rich.

If the con of “trickle-down” economics was actually true, we’d be drowning in jobs right now, but we’re not. If you’re a member of the 1%, the economy is working great for you right now. If you own a lot of investments and have places offshore to squirrel your money away from the reaches of the IRS, you’re far better off than us, the 99%.

Let’s face it, they don’t want to create an economy where there are jobs for every qualified applicant. For the people they actually represent, the current situation is ideal. They’re paying low taxes, getting government handouts and forcing their employees to work harder for less. They have absolutely zero incentive to create American jobs unless demand for a product or service becomes so high they have no other choice than to hire more people.

They also have an interest in keeping unemployment at a level that forces people to take jobs they may not want, and for less pay than they would get in a job market like we had before the recession in 2007.

When you look at it, every proposal from the current do-nothing Congress (and the one before it) has done nothing to put people back to work, instead focusing on fattening the pockets of their corporate sponsors and masters.

On top of that, you know those politicians who are screaming about “socialism” and how Obama is killing the economy? Their corporate contributors have been enjoying record profits since the President saved Detroit and prevented the recession from becoming a depression. They’ve received bailouts, tax breaks and subsidies all while hoarding money and refusing to create new jobs unless they absolutely have to.  If that isn’t economic treason, I’m not sure what is.


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  • hegesias

    I’ve been saying this for four years now. If Obama would tell it like it is instead of just blaming Repubes for general obstruction, we might get somewhere. But he doesn’t want to ruffle elite feathers.

    • I’m sorry, did you read the same article? how do you turn that around to blame Obama? True RETHUGLICAN fashion, hear the truth. Then duck and spin and BLAME OBAMA…This, THIS is what’s wrong in America. No matter, just blame Obama, NOT THE DO NOTHING REPUBLICAN CONGRESS! No, lets worry about our guns, letting them gays marry and making GOD KING. Asshats!

      • rich

        Last time I looked the Republicans only control the house and the Democrats control the senate.

      • dubya13

        sadly, it only takes 39 to control what the senate passes

      • Sieben Stern

        not in the world of the perpetual filibuster.

      • Susan

        You’re not that bright, are you rich?

      • And even more specific, in 2006-2008 the DEMs controlled both houses and in 2008-2010 the DEMs held the presidency; and both houses and the US went form a recovery to a recession ????

      • jdubhub68

        Not exactly, and you are ignoring policies that were put in place 2001-2003 (Bush Tax Cuts, two unfunded wars, unfunded Medicare Part D) that are still having a negative impact today. The Dems didn’t have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for the whole two years, more like two months and not all consecutive at that. The 110th Congress from 2007-2009 saw a record spike in filibusters and cloture votes because of Republican obstructionism and that was before President Obama was even inaugurated. It got worse in the 111th.

      • Steve Pehnec

        Not really. With Dem. Senators in hospital and otherwise out of commission, they never had a true 60% majority in the Senate.

      • Guest

        you are the reason this country has become the way it is, nothing like stupid, ignorant,uneducated ,inbred racists living in there own self delusional world… go back to the world of faux news where you belong

      • You sound like an MSNBC lemming who has nothing to say so you just call everyone you don’t agree with a racist and ignorant; etc.!

      • russel heim

        The only racists I see are the people such as those on MSNBC that refer to racism every time they open their mouth! How can you call someone who voted for Romney a racist just because they voted for Romney? Anyone who makes blanket statements like that are the real racists as they see nothing but racism in their lives!!

      • louis

        OK, why would someone vote for romney ( a known racist, homophobe, poor hating piece of shit) if they didnt share his views and ideals? because you obviously do. if you voted for romney, then you must agree with him right? sounds logical too me. you know whats funny (to me) these poor, black gay, whatever people that everyone has forgotten about or despises are going to the only ones who will eventually fix this mess. either through violence (sign me up for the rupert murdoch lynch mob please), or through flat force of numbers of some kind. remember these people have become conditioned to violence and hatred. It will be very easy for us to hurt the people who have hurt us. just ask any jew who fought in ww2

      • dubya13

        if you read what hegesias said, (not just the article referenced), you might notice that the post was actually critical of republicans. yes, it was critical of obama too…for not calling shenanigans or “telling it like it is”. obama has tried too hard to appeal to “both sides”, he needs to pick himself up and fight tooth and nail against the idiots opposing him for being him, and work with the folks opposing him for real reasons, to create real solutions

    • Pelu Maad

      What makes you think Obama knows anything about how average Americans live?

      • he didn’t grow up rich–he worked for it with the help of his mother and grandparents

      • Pelu Maad

        He didn’t grow up poor in a Honolulu ghetto….He had two grandparents who were bank employees and two parents with PhDs….It’s disturbing to me that he grew up in Hawaii and seems totally unfamiliar with Hawaiian culture. He’s taking a lot of criticism from the nutjob right for White House parties….but I’ve never heard of Hawaiian musicians performing. Sarah Palin said she loved her time in college in Hawaii, except there were just too many Hawaiians…..Does the president have a similar attitude? (sorry…I lost the thread)

      • sean kogutz

        Maybe he don’t do Hawaiian tradition because he’s not Hawaiian he grew up as a white man like I did and my mixed son is growing up as a white man .just because your from a certain state your saying he should practice a traditional Hawaiian hoopla lol

      • Pelu Maad

        We agree…growing up as a white man, Obama looked down on native Hawaiians….just like Sarah Palin.

      • glogrrl

        His grandfather was unemployed and his grandmother worked in a bank. He lived there for about 8 years or so and then moved to the mainland to attend College. I wouldn’t say he was a native Hawaiian. As to Sarah Palin, she left because she didn’t like all those “brown” people.

  • People need to understand that the Great Republican Quest for Cheap Labor is the number one priority of the GOP

    • yeah now that they failed at making Obama a 1 term President

      • Edward 89169

        The President is not a sovereign – he is ONE PART of the three-part system – Congress – Which is mainly republiCON – is so upset that President Obama won a second term that they’ve doubled/tripled/quadrupled their efforts to take back the President’s seat – Unfortunately for them, they are are making it impossible for the average (sane) American to not want them in control –
        But, of course, if you’re one of those self-deprecating women who want the GOP to tell you how you have to live and have no choices for your body – If you want to live in a country where only 1% of the population has wealth (Oops, already there) – Then, I suggest you read the works of Karl Marx – Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex. (Karl Marx) –
        While Obama is trying to promote a better country – the GOP is trying to subjugate women – Now – who is REALLY trying to make this a Socialist or Communist country?
        Go watch Fox News, honey – President Obama just said that breathing air will help the economy – (By my calculations, you should suffocate in five minutes trying to prove him wrong) –

      • Joyce Meredith

        Completely agree. Could not have said it better myself.

      • Tim Troy

        libtarded dummacrats had congress for 2 years and got nothing done and you still want to blame the GOP? yall are really that stupid. lean left regressives lean left

  • MarkH

    What happened to the American Dream? Why aren’t all the boats rising at the same rate as the stock market?

    • Zoe Midyett

      Because we don’t make anything here anymore, except hamburgers and bankers.

  • The Rethuglicans are doing this as part of their plan to curry favor with that bastion of evil, Paul Ryan. All of this slides right into his plan of “Austerity”, folks. He was the author of that plan in other countries, as well, and look what it did to them. Their economies failed – Hit the rocks like lead balloons. Don’t believe me? Google or Bing it. Seriously, folks, if we, the people, don’t wake up and do SOMETHING, the Republicans are going to take this country away from us, right from under our noses, and we’ll have no one but ourselves to blame. This article explains just one more small, but important step in their plan. Don’t call me paranoid – look up Paul Ryan’s Austerity Plan, and how it works. Look at how it worked in other countries. You’ll see it in motion here.

  • The author is correct…creating jobs w good wages is the very last thing GOP big donors want. They love this jobs’ environment: no new jobs and people scrambling for the crumb jobs then having to accept 3rd world wages, low wage jobs where workers have to seek the old hated govt handouts (food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance), then big donors get their GOP mouthpieces to go on the airwaves and blame Obama for not creating jobs.

    It’s a win, win for republican party for that’s how they won in 2010. While Obama is doing what he can, he’s not put in his ‘war room’ team to spread the message on what, who, where the fault lies. ‘Occupy’ tried to spotlight the problem, but they got crushed by big business infiltrators wrecking havoc who wants status quo.

    We need your war room activated, Mr. President. You need to debunk all these lies told, and to get your agenda passed in Congress. Once you and team start telling the true story on where the fault lies, we’ll see all those negative (lies, distortions) dominoes fall.

    • Steve Pehnec

      Right. Conservatives fear change, especially when making so much money. But… Those with functioning brains know where the fault lies already… War Room Team? I wish. But HOPE is fading fast. I fear this President has exactly… Nuthin’.

  • Christopher Kaczmarek

    Saved Detroit??? Is that Detroit is under the control of an emergency finical manager? Obama sucks and he lied on legalizing marijuana, he lied about the fast n furious, he lied about Benghazi, American lives were lost due to his inaction. He must be impeached. And I say this as a lifelong straight ticket voting Democratic voter.

    • Chris H

      You want to blame Obama for Detroit???? Come on! Nobody can help Detroit except Detroiters. I was born and raised there and Detroit has been in serious trouble since the 60’s. It’s a shame because it was a great place to live until then. The auto company bailout helped the suburbs tho……oh, and you really need to calm down and think rationally. So just whom would YOU put in charge?

    • Almost 4,000 American soldiers lost their lives in the Iraq war that was ILLEGAL! Started under FALSE PRETENSES! And where is your passion for those who were sent to die for Bush’s war? Why shouldn’t he stand trial for his treason? Or the 60 Americans who died abroad in embassies and consolates under his watch? I guess because he is a white, rich American republican from good ol Texas he gets a pass on what he has done and Obama get hung out to dry for 4 death’s under his watch due to him beeing a democrat who happens to be black and considered to be Muslim because of his name and where his daddy is from. Weather you want to believe it or not, Obama has done more good for this country than any one of the republicans and thisiincludes the past administration.

      • Remember the Iraq war happened with the blessing of the Clinton’s who were aware of the Clinton Intel which was the one that blew up an aspirin factory thinking it was an ammunitions factory and wouldn’t allow the CIA and the FBI to share info.- kind of like what happened in Boston! Bush was appraised by the CIA that the WMDs in Iraq was a slam dunk; other intel agencies in the world also said there were WMD’s in Iraq; The DEMS who were in charge of the intel in the USA thought there were WMD’s in Iraq; Sadam had used chemical weapons to kill 100,000 kurds previously; Sadam thought he had chemical weapons; there was a convoy of trucks that left Iraq just before the invasion carrying ( foodstuffs???); Sadam limited the areas that he inspectors could search and wouldn’t allow UN inspectors in these areas?; and so on! We invaded because there was a possibility that there were other issues that needed to be addressed; also there were Al Queda training camps in the north of Iraq! Had Sadam done something that would have created massive casualties, Bush would have been the bad guy and he reacted according to intel that was available provided by Clinton!!!!!!!

      • Pelu Maad

        LOL…..amazing rationalizations….

      • russel heim

        It is nice one can say nothing which reflects what he knows? IF you don’t agree with my statements inform me as to what you are lacking in knowledge of and I can reply to your inquiries? The reality is the Iraq war was a result of the Clinton administration destroying our intel.; that the FBI and the CIA weren’t allowed to communicate even though a number of the 911 terrorists were on both he FBI and the CIA watch lists; that the CIA director told Bush the WMD’s were a slam dunk; that Saddam wouldn’t allow the UN people into certain areas of IRAQ to do their checking and investigating; there were Al Queda reps in IRAQ ; that Hillary and Wild Bill were standing alongside Bush when the invasion was announced; etc. Even Sadam thought he had WMDs I believe it was stated as he may have been delusional but to sated that Bush was the cause of the Iraq war without validating the govt was also complicit as Clinton called Sadam the most dangerous man alive is false and just a DEM talking point as the DEMS are attempting to delude themselves that Obama has been doing something besides working on his jump shot!

      • Pelu Maad

        Have you ever heard of PNAC? A “Pearl Harbor type event”? “Conservatism” is rotting your brain.

      • russel heim

        If you remember, all of the intel services in the world including the French and the US services stated that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction. Even the Clintons stood in line to invade Iraq and the Intel was based on Clinton intel ( the same ones that blew up the aspirin factory thinking it was a munitions plant to put things in perspective!).NO Obama is not being “hung out to dry due to the deaths, he is being investigated due to his lying to the people about the reason for the embassy issue as he attempted to hide the reason for political expediency? As usual the DEMs are so full of hate that anything anyone says is either racial or for a reason of hate and everyone forgets what is really going on in the world as BUSH did it; it is Bush’s fault even though the DEMS had the Congress for 2006-2008; the presidency and the Congress for 2008-2010 and Obama did nothing but party and run around the world apologizing for the US figuring that he would own the Congress and do what ever he wanted to do for the full two terms? people got tired of his hate and elected a GOP Congress and then he had to work with other people and he has lied to everyone which is the reason the GOP won’t work with him- see the sequester and the reason it is Obama’s sequester!

    • Sieben Stern

      so… if that’s what obama gets for what he’s done… can we hang bush for war crimes? 8D

      • LateNightLarry

        Why do you think King George and Dick Cheney never leave the United States for ANY reason…If they step outside the country, they will be served with legal papers and placed on trial at the World Court.

    • LateNightLarry

      And where were you when there were SIXTEEN embassies and consulates attacked, and more than sixty Americans killed under the reign of King George the Dumb.

    • Joyce Meredith

      Go back to sleep dude! This discussion is for grown-ups,

    • Pelu Maad

      Did you miss scheduled medication?

  • They make me sick,,,,,, and they got to go with nothing to fall on when they leave ,,if everybody would get a petition to sign it we could get rid of them all!

  • You are barking up the wrong tree. It’s people over 50 that screwed things up.

    • What the hell did people over 50 do that they should be blamed for? And if you say anything about social security being the problem you are nuts. We payed into that all our working lives so it’s our money the government was holding for us and now we get it back. Had the government kept their damn fingers out of the pie things would be just fine.

    • What no one actually addresses is that the issueis hat we have created a monster called retirement income! WE send our money to a retirement investor which is focused on giving the investor the highest percentage of its investment for the dollar ( this includes the return you get on your CD’s; insurance costs; checking accounts; IRA’s ; whatever? This means the companies that makes things have to have the highest return on their capital as possible or the retirement companies will just turn over the stocks as they do daily as they watch the market and see what he return on investment for each company and sometimes a couple of times per day turnover! This is why the companies are manufacturing overseas- costs and profit ratio! You as an investor demand it or you will get a new investment company! The really rich people aren’t the owners of the companies but the people who run the investment companies! I was in stock market in the 80’s and the daily turnover in stocks was around 100,00 shares; now it is millions of shares and that is not because the average investor is living on his computer watching he Index? It is because the investment companies that run your retirement portfolios are selling and buying at a record rate!!!!!

      • NellieJones

        To Russel Heim: ‘selling and buying at a record rate’ … and charging fees for every transaction.

      • russel heim

        I assumed you agreed with me and are just adding information ! I was just attempting to inform one of the reason that jobs are going overseas and this is something no one addresses as it isn’t politically expedient? Creating the blame game about partial truths doesn’t solve problems and although the PUBS aren’t doing much, according to the news this week, the DEMs are operating in the negative!

    • PsyProf

      You are so far off base. I am 60 years old, paid for my college education by working in the steel mill when few women were able to get in the door-no financial aid ever used by me-no government dollars ever! I have been teaching college for 25 years with no benefits, no retirement, no insurance and now the 3 colleges I teach for want to cut all of us part time faculty hours back so they will not have to give us health care after years of making money by paying us less than 6.25/hour for Master -degreed professionals. And we are the problem??? You need to turn off Fox, Glenn Beck and Lindbaugh and wake up! It’s the blatant greed from the 80’s generation, not the 60’s that have driven us into this bad economy and the corporate greed that keeps us here. Bush tried to sell us the old “education is the key” line, but there are more highly educated french fry servers today than any other occupation as there are no jobs!!! Now, it’s technical skills-but still no jobs and why? GREED, greed, greed and political, corporate corruption on top of ignorance. People who would rather be spoon fed hype rather than get off their butts and check out the facts for themselves!

  • You all need to get a life and realize that you are the problem not the solution and you can bad mouth the GOP all you want but the fact’s are Fact. So Bite me.

    • So what are the facts? Not the garbage told us by FOX news. We have a do noting Congress and Senate. We have big money controlling our legislative branch of government. We will not see job growth until our own economy is on par with every other cheap labor market in the world, If the rich continue to stay in power.

      We scream American pride but true American pride puts the American people in front of excessive personal riches. Once greed has entered the government sector it becomes a virus that needs to get destroyed. If if is not kept under control it will give a new birth to Communism like it did a century ago in Russia.

    • obadiahorthodox

      consider yourself bitten

  • Miguel

    I think you’re wrong. Republicans are highly motivated to create jobs — as long as those jobs are located in third-world countries.

    • LateNightLarry

      Republicans are highly motivated to create jobs — as long as those jobs are located in FOURTH-world countries at slave wages.

      There, fixed that for ya…

    • russel heim

      If you would pay attention the reason that jobs are going to the third world countries ahs nothing to do with the supposed 1% but those who have retirement accounts; CD’s; IRA’s; checking accounts; insurance policies; etc. that want the highest possible return for their investment with the lowest possible payout! When you buy your goods with non-American labels you force the companies to go abroad so they can compete for your dollar!

  • Dear American employers,

    I am an U.S. American citizen. I was born in this country in early 1972
    growing up poor, in poor neighborhoods, raised by a single parent. I was
    taught from a very early age that education is and always will be a way
    out of misery. Life was not easy and often it was a struggle for my
    mother to make ends meet and we often did get help from welfare. I
    started working in a restaurant when I was 14 years old not making much
    money but what I did earn I used for myself and often helped my mom. I
    eventually had to drop out of high school to support myself and
    struggled for 6 years completely lost until one day I realized that
    getting my G.E.D. and going to college was going to provide me with some
    sense of job security.

    I acquired my G.E.D., then moved to a technical college pursuing
    automotive as a degree taking out government loans in the belief that I
    would one day prosper and do well. I successfully completed my education
    and was in debt for over $20,000 at the time. It has now reached almost
    $30,000 due to interest and forbearance. I graduated college in 2000 in
    Advanced automotive technology, and have bounced from job to job due to
    lay offs and shops closing. I decided to go back to school in 2005 and
    try again and pursue computers and networking. Again, I successfully
    finished in 2007 and at first I did get job offers, but slowly the
    offers dried up. It would be weeks until I would find work sometimes
    going months and months I’d be without work. It has been now 6 years
    that I have been in and out of work and none of the I.T. jobs that I did
    have were permanent. They were all contractual.

    My resume is fully updated and posted on several employee websites. I
    have submitted it to hundreds and hundreds of employers and recruiters
    and while I have had some success with some good agents out there, they
    are far and few. Most have either turned me down, or have given my hopes
    up high only to never follow up or help me.

    What I want to know from you is : how is the economy supposed to recover
    when you employers are actively discriminating against people like me
    that through no fault of their own have been unemployed for a long time?

    Why are you not hiring people?

    Why are you not helping people like me? I want to work. I want to
    contribute. I am smart and I will do anything. I worked hard in college
    to earn my degrees.

    Don’t I deserve the same chances as everyone else?

    I have done nothing to deserve what has happened to me. I have no
    criminal record. I have never been involved in any offenses. Other than
    my college loans, I have no other debt. I’ve never done drugs, nor
    broken a law in my life.

    Why are you discriminating against me especially when all I want is to work and you refuse to hire me? I don’t understand.

    • Violette

      That, unfortunately, goes hand-in-hand with the fact that it is now an employers’ market and the are hundreds of applicants for each job. They find it easiest to do the first cut of people who are unemployed. They don’t want to spend time trying to determine if an applicant is jobless by their own fault and since they don’t really need to they don’t bother. Better to have any kind of job while you are looking for something better. It’s unfair and it sucks. Good luck! You deserve it.

  • This is the reason why civil disobedience is happening all over the country. This is why Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, and Wikileaks exist. The wealthy in this country are delusional in thinking that with technology they are going to control people. If history has shown in the past especially with what happened in France 300 years ago, the odds that people will rise up in anger and anarchy is very much real. The difference being is that in this country there are guns out on the streets. The rich have definitely overplayed their hand. I am fed up with being in and out of work for the past 5 years and knowing that employers are deliberately discriminating against me.

    • russel heim

      And the rich are wall street which includes Geitner; Holder; Obama and many of his pals. Remember the knock on the new Semnator from New Jersey is that he is too comfortable with WS and Hollywood money, so instead of blaming the GOP look at reality!

  • Had anyone been paying attention, in 2011, the House sent 30 jobs bills to the Senate of which “0” were voted on by the senate as Harry Reid would not allow any of them to get to the floor! The Senate has become the “pocket veto” for Obama as the DEMs do not want the PUBS to get any recognition for their attempts to help the people! Look at the debt ceiling bill where the Pubs sent two bills to the Senate and they wee ignored by the President? The PUBs allowed the revenue bill to be passed as Obama promised to work on the spending cuts after the election and passed the sequester bill to assure the cuts would be addressed? Obama changed his mind and thought the sequester would never happen; Obama didn’t want the spending cuts to be addressed and the PUBS wanted Obama to be true to his promise! Hence the sequester, not because the House wanted it, but because Obama required it and refused to address his promise!!!!!

    • LateNightLarry

      The Senate refused to vote on them because every one of the 30 “jobs” bills contained giveaways for the 1%… just like every other bill the RepublCLOWNS send to the Senate.

  • I’ve posted this before but it is worth repeating, because it is true!! If the Republician party does not truthfully cast corporations and their money aside and start working for americian citizens who put them in office they will in the near future end up in the same dead end as the Whigs!!!

    • William Donelson

      The GOP is sinking fast, and demographics will kill it entirely soon, so all the Repugs are grabbing at whatever they can steal before their ship sinks.

  • Teddi

    You people are absolutely clueless as to what creates jobs and opportunities.

    This is a sad statement on the effects of leftism.

    • johnny rotten

      Who do you think creates jobs? I’m a job creator because every dime I make goes into the economy. If I didn’t make money you wouldn’t either.

  • The Number 1 key for big business is to keep labor costs down by keeping demand for jobs down compared to the labor supply. In 2001, it was to open up the borders. Now its to “de-stimulate” the economy enough(like the sequesters) to prevent the supply demand curve for labor from giving any workers leverage with other jobs.

    And with the level of misinformation that stupid people believe (supply side economics and the global warming misinformation) and by sabotaging affordable education to keep smarter, harder working poor kids from competing against their spoiled rich kids, they will create their caste system if its not stopped.

  • Miguel

    If only Obama were white …

    • LateNightLarry

      He’d also have to be a RepubliCLOWN to get ANY cooperation from the Teabagger Taliban or the ReTHUGS.

    • Matthew Kaye

      Obama is White , one drop of White blood makes him White .

      • glogrrl

        I think you’ve got that backwards… drop of black blood makes him BLACK…..that’s how the radical righties would see it.

  • They will get very cheap labor now, passing to eliminate extended Employment benefits, when the lack of meaningful jobs are not there to be obtained. The workers will take what they can under the table, collect food stamps and get assistance , heat ,child care, power bills, educations, Health dept .
    They said it would save the Feds more than they spent, but there is no data to suggest that much less prove it.

  • Matthew Kaye

    This article is an opinion piece , I do not read any empiricle evidence stated to support the authors claims . Poorly written , and typical Liberla slander and hate speach . Keep hating Liberals , keep hating . Full sweep of House and Senate in 2014 , and a speedy Obama impeachment soon .

    • obadiahorthodox

      You Republicans will never learn.

      • CatR

        …to spell, apparently.

    • glogrrl

      And, are you going to impeach him for BPWB………..Being President While Black? I don’t think that’s a valid reason.

    • Joyce Meredith

      Hahahahahah!!!! Typical Republican! With all that needs to be fixed you (and republicans like you) can only focus on impeaching Obama? Seriously?

    • Pelu Maad

      empiricle…..authors….Liberla…..speach…..LOL….sloppy language leads to sloppy thinking…..Sloppy thinking leads to racist “conservatism”.

  • William Donelson

    Rant warning!

    The fight going on in congress and the media today is NOT really about The Deficit, it’s about how to break down American democracy and government, and to hinder regulation of the super-rich and big corporations.

    “Starve the Beast” has been the Republican cry for years now, and Cheney’s war in Iraq, while cutting taxes massively at the same time, was designed to do just this (and massively enrich his buddies). This deficit didn’t “just happen”, it was manufactured for the purpose of wrecking government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    Only the top 2% of Americans really benefit from austerity, and ONLY the 2%. Everyone else suffers, especially the poor (who spend government largess locally, thus benefitting the economy).

    The 2% invest the tax breaks we give them overseas, and then blow smoke (through their Republican poodles) at everyone about what we need to do in this country. It’s all lies, deflection and theft.

    Whatever a Republican tells you, you can bet it’s to hide the real agenda of his/her paymaster in the 2%.

  • obadiahorthodox

    Its time to make the GOP a permanent minority in the house and senate and reform the filibuster rules so that they can not hijack the process. It is time to elect true progressives who will look after the best interests of the nation and not the small minority who only have profits as their goal.

  • Dan Garrett

    Wanting our President to fail I would consider treasonous.

  • Howard Matthews

    Uuuuhhh and this is somehow news to you?

    Cheap labor and less people working means more profits for the corporations that own the white house. Period…now you can go write a novel
    politics is the scientific term for corruption and corruption is just the word corporations slurred by people too tired of their crap to talk clearly

  • Howard Matthews

    Of course they could make more money by hiring people and creating more jobs because then more people would have enough money to buy more of their products . . . . but I never said they were intelligent…just the opposite

  • idic5

    THe GOP does want to create jobs. In fact, they (along with democrats who were going for something else), just overwhelmingly passed in the senate a bill that would provide MILLIONS of jobs in America. But unfortunately for Americans, for the workers and the children who depend on the earnings from this work, the millions of jobs are not for Americans, but for Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, Europeans and other non-Americans in the form of guestworker visas.

    The Immigration Bill just passed by the senate provided for massive increases to the guestworker visa limits in all areas , from amusement parks and recreation to low skilled ag to construction to hi skilled IT and STEM work.

    The IT visa alone is to be TRIPLED in the senate version of the bill. We already have 800,000 such workers in America, mostly Indian, who have displaced Americans from good middle class IT jobs. Tripling this number would yield 2.4 million jobs to Indians within the next 5 years after the auto terms are applied. These are 2.4 millions lost jobs to Americans either in the form of actual displacement or in the form of lost opportunities to Americans.

    It is like offshoring , but the work is in America’s shores. In both cases, good American jobs are lost and it is one of the ways that the middle class has been been eviscerated over the last decades. H-1b visa abuse has been ramped up to this 800k number in the last decade, Tripling this will make our country that much closer to a Detroit outcome within the next decade

    Please ask your House members to remove the H-1b increases. At a minimum (since they are all in the employ of the very rich IT corporations) demand that they attach a minimum compensation for H-1bn jobs of the 75 th pctile , $100k. This might soften some of the damage done by h-1b visa abuse on our economy.

  • Quinn Stilletto

    Another overlooked fact is that unemployment creates a larger standing military to protect American interests abroad like Halliburton, Exon-Mobil, Monsanto and Coca Cola. In the 1970’s the illiteracy rate in the military was more than twice the national average. This phenomenon is a result of offering felons facing large jail sentences the option of military enlistment prior to trial as well as a substantially vigorous economy which supplied more job options. As the military became more high tech it required a broader spectrum of intelligence to execute it’s occupation of debtor nations. The best way to insure an educated military is to eliminate alternatives. Ancillary military benefits make service more attractive to individuals starting out in life independent of their parents. All they need to do is survive deployment.

    • Edward Kirby

      Please read my post up top.

  • Lawana

    Love the new slogan….DO NOTHING CONGRESS!

  • glogrrl

    “We’re trying to create jobs, but Obama and the Senate won’t approve our bill,”


  • Edward Kirby

    The biggest government jobs program in the history of the planet is about to have a significant downsizing.

    Technology often changes the face of war, and when it does, the victors are often the side that successfully adapt that technology, while the loser is the side that fights with the tactics of the last war. The most famous example of this is the Maginot Line, which the French built thinking that WW2 was going to be trench warfare like WW1. When the war came, the Germans just flew over the top of it.

    Our existing war machine consists mostly of Cold War-era technologies. The next war — as should be obvious to everyone now — will consist of cheap drones and (even cheaper) cyberwarfare. Every nation on earth will be able to make drones, and most currently are. Our next conflict will have our Abrams tanks being taken out with (what amounts to) an RPG with wings. Our best and most expensive aircraft will be disabled when they fly through a swarm of cheap drones. And so on.

    So the Pentagon will have to adapt to this new battlefield reality. And that reality will be able to get along with a lot less personnel. We currently have 1.5 million active duty personnel and 850,000 reserves (not to mention who-knows-how-many private contractors) and we will wind up needing a small fraction of that to conduct these new wars.

    We could wind up with as many as two million of those people out on the street looking for work as soon as 2020.

    Also coming is the Google driverless car paradigm. That will put as many as four million cabbies, truck drivers, etc. on the unemployment line as well. And that is also coming pretty damn soon. California is already adjusting its transportation laws to prepare for it.

    So its not like the GOP has to work that hard to keep the unemployment rate high; its going through the roof in a big surge on its own pretty soon anyway.

  • Walter Pewen

    This started the minute W was “chosen” for president by SCOTUS. They have no intention of creating jobs, that would mean upward mobility would start again and THAT they don’t want. He had no problem signing Medicare D. did not give a damn how to pay for it, just like the war. Their sole intent is piracy, they want to get every damn cent they can from what they can (Halliburton) then pay to fortify themselves in McMansions with private (or charter) schools for their kids. No environmental, economic. or social planning. Just fat me NOW-“Dick” Cheney is the archetype, says it all.

  • And Justice For All

    Fact is, Conservatives don’t want to pay for anything, if given a chance they would either settle for cheap labor and/or free labor, that is why we need not to give them that chance!

  • crab apples

    I have the political solution for NO MORE wrangling over economic “policy…It’s called a FLAT tax where NO individuals get any tax deductions of any kind and where businesses get NONE either. This is THE MOST LEVEL playing field ever envisioned in Amuuureeekisn-villages of IDIOTSzz..BUT, guess who would oppose this idea to the death? Just lawyers, brokerages & BIG Banks, real estate industry, accountants and anyone with a vested interest in the most archaic Tax Code on Earth.

    Call your Congressperson and tell them FLAT tax is the answer to NO MORE political wrangling on “the best policy directions”. devised by worthless SKUM-bag politicians in Washington D.C……

    If you want REAL details of this very simple , clean tax reform, I have it. Individuals would have a 12% rate and then businesses would have to meet the last passed Congressional budget tax revenue shortfall not covered by the individuals revenue. Simple and clean…

    A balanced budget from Congress would be mandated in LAW to make this work! ! ! ! If TAX revenues exceed expenditures, the businesses would get a gradual reduction in whatever rate for the following year, as they need to bridge the gap between individual tax revenues and the GAPING budgetary expenses of Congress ! ! Who’s on board with the level playing FIELD idea? Not very many I am willing to bet….NICE Try TEA timers….YOU will Lose yet again in 2016 without DOUBT…..